December 9th, 2010

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I was pulling out of my spot at work tonight and backed into my friend's car. There was no damage or anything and he laughed it off but I still feel like a huge dumbass for not paying more attention and everyone else saw it and it's ruined my whole night.

Would you tell me a story about a time you made a stupid mistake while you were driving?
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What do you think about heterosexual people pretending they're homosexual/bisexual/asexual for whatever reason?

Would you think the same about homosexual/bisexual/asexual people who pretend they are heterosexual for the same reason?

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Who in the blue hell in my house is bumpin' Kanye's new album SO LOUDLY AT 2AM that I can feel it rumble my mattress?!
Should I suck it up and enjoy this flawless, spot on, masterful work of music, etc. or should I go hunt her down and smother her with my pillow?

Are you at all interested/involved in politics? For those in the generation who grew up/are growing up with social media like Facebook and Twitter, do you think elections and smear campaigning are going to be more vicious and revealing in the coming decades because of up and coming generations inability to censor one's actions that they public display and have a tendency to totally overshare on?
Ex. Pictures of frat dudes with underage drinking and smoking "something" who pursue a political career? Anime aficionados/furries who post raunchy convention pictures?

Will this have any affect on the future of politics/campaigning?

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I need you to make two decisions for me without knowing any of the details. Can you do that? Okay go-

Yes or no?
Should or shouldn't?

EDIT: As suggested by ntensity , I'll spoil you all with deets in this post hits 20 comments.

EDIT2: ...Alright, that came much quicker than I expected lol. The yes or no was me wanting snap decisions on whether or not I should move across the country with my mom rather than sticking around New England with my dad. And the should or shouldn't is whether I'm going to ask my parents for a tattoo for Christmas instead of actual gifts to open.
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I am ridiculously hungry, TQC. The kitchen holds eggs, chocolate chip waffles, a stale donut, and a big cinnamon roll cake, along with orange juice and cherry limeade juice. What should I have for breakfast?

I'm gonna play WoW on my boyfriend's computer. Probably not hardcore, just when he's not on it and I feel like playing. I want something that's more defensive than offensive, and less up close in battle and more magic. What should I pick to start off with? ETA: zoram has convinced me to do Paladin. Because PONY.

Eiffel Tower
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Education help!

Is there anyone here who didn’t finish school?

I couldn’t because of illness and general school phobia/agoraphobia. The thing is though I can’t afford to be home tutored and no one’s accepting me as a private candidate. I feel pretty down on myself because my brothers about to take his a-levels and my friends are all going off to university.
To me distance/online learning seems ideal but I just don’t have the money for it :(
(I live in England by the way.)

Any advice?
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For 35k, would you...?

Poll #1655053 For $35,000, would you...? 3lbs of butter with a spoon within a 6 hour timespan?


...ride the subway for 6 hours wearing nothing but a smallish towel (only big enough to cover your naughty parts) and flip-flops? You can stand or sit but it looks like you've just climbed out of the shower


...crawl 100 yards through a sewage pipe wearing only that same skimpy towel from the previous question? The sewage level is 6" high. Unfortunately, the sewage pipe in question is only 2' high, so you'll have to get on your hands and knees


...take strong roofies and go to a party at the Jersey Shore house? You'll have to sign a waiver so you can't take legal action for whatever happens afterwards, and everybody at the party will know you're on roofies. Come what may!

85(85.0%) a part of a disgusting viral video like 2 girls 1 cup? They get a horse to poop in a pie pan, and through seamless film edit, it'll look like you're then gobbling it down like a pie eating champ, but in actuality you're gobbling up chocolate pie. You then sit up, your face covered in brown chocolate and you lick your mouth. The video, though, will make it look like you snacked on horse poop. The video will flood the media and tens of millions of people worldwide will see it, including people you know. You can explain what actually happened, but will they believe you?


...engage in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona while doused in the urine of a cow who's going through the bovine equivalent of 'in heat'? You'll have to run 2 blocks before ducking for cover to earn the money

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Are there any songs that make you laugh for whatever reason whenever you listen to them? Mine is Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful". I love it, but at the end when he goes all squeaky trying to hit those high notes, I start laughing. It never fails.

Do you like any fake bands? For instance, 2Gether, The Wonders from That Thing You Do, etc? I think 2Gether's "hit" "Breaking Up Is Hard Enough" is one of the best things I ever heard when I was in my teen years.

Do you have use a tag a lot and try to automatically tag? For instance, I'm a member of statements and I just tried to tag this entry with my tag from there. I've also tagged my own journal entries with tags from there without thinking.


Dear TQC

 A friend of mine is going on a date today. Hes just going to the girls place for grilled cheese and tomato soup but he is wondering if he should still bring her flowers?

Thank you!

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Hey TQC,
I got my first REAL christmas tree this year. It's a 7.5 ft Fraser. I've had one person tell me to add sugar to the water, another tell me aspirin. I def want to make it last as long as I can since I bought it mostly for the fragrance it leaves in my house. What is your take on this TQC? What do I add to the water?

Apologies if this has been asked before. I tried googling for the answer, but got too many different responses. What does the majority rule?

DK/DC: What is the most expensive thing you bought this year and have paid for in full? (Not counting things such as houses/cars that you are making payments on.) Are you getting enough use out of it to justify the cost?

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I'm at home today while painters work their magic on several rooms in my house. I am starving and have only odds and ends of food, nothing substantial for lunch. I can't leave. Would it be weird/rude to get Chinese delivered while they're here and working?
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daffy xmas

one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch, girl!

Poll #1655034 oh boy.

in your mind, which boy band is superior?

the Osmond Brothers
the Jackson 5
New Kids on the Block
Backstreet Boys
98 degrees
my fantasy band includes various members from some/each of these bands
some other band that you FAILED to mention, but i will straighten your ass out in comments.
oh suzer, idk, but goddam its good to see you polling again.
boys suck

which of the following statements is true for you?

i am going to have the GAYEST christmas ever!
i have put up a live tree.
i have put up a fake tree.
i have decorated my tree.
i have decked the goddam halls all over my goddam house.
i have decked the goddam halls all over my cube/office at work.
there are outdoor lights up at my home.
i wish there were outdoor lights up at my home.
i am going to use luminarias, hell yeah!
i have the cheesiest/tackiest decor ever.
i have really nice stuff to show off.
stockings are hung (lol, you said HUNG)
fuck the christmas spirit, yo /grinch
i leave all that shit to my parents/roommates.
oh suzer, im so not celebrating christmas because i am jewish/muslim/other

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After Bills' receiver Steve Johnson dropped a key pass in a loss to the Steelers, he blamed God in a Tweet. What information can one learn from this situation?

Sports players really shouldn't put so much belief in God helping them win a game. He won't take sides in something so petty as a game
The Steelers just prayed harder than Johnson and the Bills did. They should work harder on their prayer circles if they want to win instead of time-wasting practicing
Steve Johnson is being tested by God, much like Job
Steve Johnson isn't that sharp if his first reaction to the dropped pass isn't that he should have been better, but rather God failed him
God obviously had money riding on Pittsburgh in this game

One more...

Have you ever watched a documentary or other footage that was enough to make you change any of your eating habits, or to become vegetarian/vegan? (Such as Supersize Me or Food, Inc.)

Which documentary/video/etc do you think influenced you the most and why?

How about any that may have changed other habits of yours (such as the WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Prices, etc)? What were they and how did they affect you?
Jareth +As the world falls down

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So my nephew apparently got ahold of my contacts and lost them somewhere in the house. He likes to follow his mother into my bathroom and take things while she isn't paying attention. I have no other pairs and no glasses because I can't afford to call in my prescription right now, so I can't run all the errands I needed to today because I can't drive with my eyesight this awful. Also, my hip is in terrible awful pain and won't stop.

What's going wrong with your day or week so far? Baw with me, TQC.
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You are at the library, and there are three bathrooms on every floor.  Two are full of stalls; one for women, one for men, and the other is a single unisex restroom. You need to use a lavatory, which one do you use?

Alternatively, what did your last marathon consist of?

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TQC, I misread my work schedule and didn't think I was on for today when I actually was. I apologized profusely to my boss when I figured it out and called in, but I'm freaked out that I'm going to be written up for it. I've had a rough couple of weeks at my job and so I've been written up twice in the past two weeks, and if you get three write-ups, you're fired. Would you write up an employee who didn't come in for their shift if they had never called in sick or messed up the schedule before?

DK/DC: What's your favorite holiday cookie? Bonus points if I can make it without flour.
I kill the bus driver.

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What do you think of this video? Funny? Disgusting? Boring?

Collapse )

Some of my friends and I watched it yesterday, I thought it was funny, but a couple of my friends thought that it was really actually awful, in that it bothered them, which made me feel bad. D: Of course, after they said that, I saw, obviously, how it's kind of gruesome, sure, but I hadn't been taking it that seriously. It's just a cartoon.
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hypothetical situation:

you've been hanging out with/sleeping with someone for about a week. every time you're together, they put their arms around you/kiss you/hold your hand, etc. you ask them one night if they'd like to go on a date. their response: "this is as close as i get to dating."

your reaction/thoughts?

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So after moving into this apartment my vegetables won't stay crisp. Some are okay, but anything leafy like lettuce, celery, cucumber, broccoli goes limp within two days of spending time anywhere in the fridge. I've tried the "crisper" box on the bottom, on the shelves, on the doors. Nothing keeps them crisp.
What can I do about this? Is my fridge too cold? Too humid? I miss salad and sandwiches!!
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What is your favorite kind of Asian food? Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern of some kind? And your favorite dishes?

Wow, I'm making myself hungry.
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Soundtrack good, movie bad!

I'm looking for some recommendations for great movie soundtracks that accompany bad movies. In other words, the movie was terrible, but the soundtrack is excellent and everyone seems to like it.
What would you consider a prime candidate?
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In class today, we were talking about soda and I started talking about how eskimos/some aboriginal tribes drink a lot of soda, and have really bad teeth. Everybody was surprised and I began to question the legitimacy of idea where I heard it. I remember seeing a picture of an eskimo with really bad teeth due to decay from soda. After googling, it seems I somehow made this up. Does anyone have any idea what I may be thinking of?

What other impressions have you had, just to find out they were completely wrong?
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What would TQC do?

I moved into this new apartment a little less than 2 weeks ago. Our apartment overlooks this overgrown area, lots of underbrush, etc We've noticed at least 3 cats wandering/fighting/yowling around. They don't seem like your scrappy street cats, but I've seen them wandering around at night when I walk the dog. It's getting cold here (below freezing and all that)

Should I call animal control about it? A teenaged cat just strolled past my patio and I feel bad if the kitties don't have proper homes! But I don't know if they're just outdoor cats/belong to someone who lets them out all day and brings them in at night or whatever.

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my mom is sick.  not terminally sick or anything, but she gets crazy migraines and it really makes her sick, plus shes on all these medications, which have side effects which make her sick as well.

i feel so terrible for her and so sad, i cry almost everytime i talk to her.  shes completely 100% not my mom, if you know what i mean, like not herself.

and while i feel absolutely terrible, i also find myself resenting her sometimes and the fact that shes sick, and then i feel guilty about feeling that way.  its a vicious circle.  it makes me not want to go home to see her in such a state.  (well, i barely see her, bc shes in bed all the time)

i dont know what to do, or how to feel.

is this even normal?  does anyone else have similiar feelings/stories?
make me feel like im not the worst daughter in the word. ugh.
Rugby Beard

Holiday Question!

Me and my sister had a conversation earlier, and she said "you should post this on TQC!!" so here I go.

Do Jewish people born around Hanukkah have their birthdays overshadowed by Hanukkah celebrations? For example, get fewer presents, or have fewer people being able to attend their birthday parties because of other religious/family commitments?

Inspired by me bitching about how it sucks that my Bday is close to Xmas, so I get fewer presents and no one can ever come to my birthday party, and the fact that one of our friends, who is Jewish, is about to give birth.

Disclaimer: Pardon my ignorance, and I do not mean to offend anyone! I was just curious if "Hanukkah babies" get as screwed as "Christmas babies". Being a Christmas baby has really sucked for me :(

Feel free to use this post to bitch about getting screwed over by Xmas if your birthday is in Dec.

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When and how did you decide it was time to get out on your own two feet?
I'm 21 and I have no idea what I'm doing with my life, and I think I need to make that decision for myself soon.
I <3 TLV

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Is there any way to store shredded potatoes without them turning brown and gross?? I thought the container they were in was airtight, but less than 24 hours later they're black ew wtf >=(

[Edit: Also, does this color change mean they're inedible? Or are they still fine, just.... gross looking?]

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 Would you like to help me and vote for this photo so I can maybe get scholarship money?

now that I've got that tacky cheesewheel out of the way, the real question.  If you've attended/are attending college/university/whatever, did you apply for aid? How much did you get?

What's for lunch tomorrow?

Knives for a pro.

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So a friend and I went to a falafel place and ordered a sampler combo plate that included ful mudammas (fava beans with other stuff). Neither of us had ever had mideastern food before, and while from what we could tell everything else was excellent quality and tasted great, the ful mudammas smelled like poop to both of us. I normally like the smell of beans, but these were just nasty. Is that normal, or at least not unheard of? Is this seriously the stuff what Mr. Lecter liked so much?

"Hi. I'm the friend. To me it didn't smell weird at all but it tasted like manure smells in the countryside during summer."

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Why is it you can tell someone they're thin (as in too thin, sickly, not meant as a compliment) but you can't tell someone they're fat or that they've gotten fat?

Why is it ok to comment on someone's height when they're tall but not when they're short?

What are some other examples of this?

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my mom keeps getting me to get her updates so she can keep playing WOW every month so i have to do this thing on my card for her. the thing i wanted to know was how much is WOW a month and can i buy more time how much is it so i dont have to do this every month?

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My hair is about 4 inches below my shoulders, sitting about mid-boob. I want it to fall to about the smallest part of my waist so like, lower ribcage. I've been growing it out for about a year and I'm getting impatient even though last year it was at my chin, so that's a lot of growth in a year. My question is for anyone with extensions. How much do they run? I get annoyed with the clip in ones because my hair is pretty thick and the extensions aren't.

Have you ever had permanent extensions?

Did you like them? Hate them?

What's the price range for them?

How long did they last?

Eta: what are my options beyond clip-in that won't destroy my hair?
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Any contact lens wearers out there? I'm beginning to wear contacts for the first time, interchangably with glasses, and I'm starting to feel really discouraged. They're fine for the first three hours or so then they start to dry out. My eyes get super irritated, my vision blurs, and the contacts feel like sand. I've blinked them out a couple of times, even, and when I take them out they tend to break apart. I bought contact lens eyedrops that remove protein and relubricate but it doesn't seem to help. Agghh. Any insight?

What's really begun to piss you off lately?
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inspired by the good soundtrack/bad movie question a few posts down:

What's your favorite bad movie? Either so bad it's actually good or something you like that most people don't or that got bad reviews.

Mine is From Hell. omg it's embarrassing how many times I've watched it.

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A baby pig just ran off with my flip flops. What is the appropriate thing to do? I tried to get it back and it squealed, shrieked, and ran.

what was your last encounter with an animal besides your own pet?

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I bought a mock-Moleskin ruled journal on a whim today. What should I write or draw in it first? I have a bunch of brightly coloured felt pens at my disposal.

I'm getting my owl tattoo shaded and coloured tomorrow, homgsoexcited. Will you show off your tattoos with me in celebration?

Potato bacon soup for New Year's Eve post-drunk supper/New Year's Day leftover hangover food: best idea, or greatest idea?

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sorry this question is all quaint and domestic-y.

I'm thinking about getting one of those mandolin kitchen slicer thingies, you know, you rub the food on it and it makes little slices. I like making fried potatoes and I like tomatoes on everything. but I'm still debating whether I'd use it, I mean, my kitchen has very limited storage space so if I'm going to take in something like this it has to be worth the space.

do you have one? what kind? do you like it? use it?

what large kitchen tools do you have that are actually worth the space they take up? like, my lettuce spinner is big but it's priceless. my blender... on its way out.

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Do My Chemical Romance have any simple, distinctive icons? I thought it might be nice to make my little sister a card for Christmas and she's totally obsessed with the band. The only thing I can find on Google is their main logo. Doesn't need to be an official logo or the like though, just a symbol that a fan would recognize. Something from a CD cover, or something the lead singer has as a tattoo, or something?
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I can't seem to get something off of my mind.

Earlier today, while driving home, I came across a small child (between 1 and 1 1/2 years old) in the middle of the street. I pulled over. When I got out of my car, I started looking around for parents as I coaxed her over to the sidewalk. I sat down with her and talked to her about, "mama," hoping that she might point at her house or something, idk.

I sat there waiting for some panicked parents to come running out, but nothing happened. Another woman pulled over and asked if I needed to use her phone. I told her how I had found the baby, so she called the police. Maybe a minute or two later, another woman, the baby's grandmother apparently, rounded the corner with her two other grand children.

The grandmother didn't speak English, but her grandson told me that she had left the baby home alone because she was sleeping and would only be gone a few minutes to pick up the other children.

So of course, the police came, and I left. I know I did what anyone should/could do, but I can't stop worrying about the whole situation.

Do you think they took the baby from the home? Am I hopefully just making a mountain out of a molehill?
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TQC I just opened my Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra to discover some basic half vanilla half chocolate ice cream. Have you ever encountered mislabeled Ben & Jerry's?

Will you tell me about your last food related disappointment?
scruffy alien

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Do you play cards? What kind, numbered/lettered, or theme cards?
Such as Phase 10, apples to apples etc.
Yes. Both.

What about battle cards?
Such as Magic: the Gathering.
I have before.

If so ^^ do you own said magic cards? What color deck(s) do you have? Themes?

Is this a good idea for a deck of Magic cards?: white, blue, red, and theme is either protection or burn.
I ask b/c a friend of mine offered to make me a deck of my choice. B/c I have a limited knowledge of this kind of stuff I ask you guys. Maily b/c I trust you more that google. :)

Which is better: pie or cake?
I like pie more b/c it isn't as sickly sweet and I can pretend it's mildly healthy b/c it has fruit in it. :D
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I googled this, but there seem to be conflicting answers...

Can I wrap a package in Christmas paper and then mail it? It's a box full of presents, and I'd like to wrap it in plain-ish green paper, then put the address on a big white sticker then stick it on. I'll be doing self mailing so there will be another big white sticker with the address on it. I've only ever done plain brown paper, and sort of want to do something more Christmasy!
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I am participating in my school's secret gift exchange this year, but since it's my first year at this school, I don't really know people very well. The name I drew is of an older woman who I don't know very well, but I do know who she is. I decided to walk past her office a couple times today to see if she had anything that stood out  (like a hobby or favorite animals or something), but her office is pretty plain.

So, I don't want to just get the average gift card or mug full of candy. I want to be creative. Can you give me creative, appropriate gift ideas for a woman around her sixties who said she has no preference when it comes to gifts? 
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Do you eat the first and last slices (or 'heels') of a loaf of bread?

Some types of sliced bread don't come with them I guess, but I'm talking about bits at the end that are all crust. There seems to be some controversy as to whether they are edible, legitimate slices of bread.
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Is there a reason why The Office has a branch in Nashua, New Hampshire? Does anyone know what that reason is? Just seems like a really random place, especially since it's not even the capital or largest city in the state.

(no subject)

Let's have story time!
Will you share a story with us?

It can be anything!  Personal experience, something gross, funny, scary, something you've read...Let's get a big, fat, thread of entertainment going here!

(no subject)

 I've been getting some great inspiration from a lot of blogs. Most of them are targeted toward fashion and music and whatever else floats their boat. I want to start my own but I definitely don't want to get a "real" site yet. What are some good blogging sites that I can begin a blog with? I'm looking for one that is very flexible with layouts and has a sort of simple layout.


This will be a long shot, but I'm looking for a shirt online.. 

It's a black shirt, with a girl on it - wearing a gas mask, and holding a skull in each hand over her boobs (she isn't wearing a shirt).

Does anyone happen to know the website where this shirt is from?
(Thankies => )

I've tried searching for it just through google and I'm not having much luck.. I tried here:  but no luck.

If not - what online tshirt/clothes shops do you like to buy from ? (link)

(no subject)

TQC, will you tell me your annoyances with government agencies? Brought to you by the elderly care agency who've told my dad two separate times that they've found a nurse to help take care of my grandmother, only to have them not show up both times.
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tomorrow I'm having friends over for a casual dinner before we go out for the night. my one friend is making us a bunch of pizza. I said I'd make a big salad and breadsticks. is there anything else easy that I should make?

what is your favorite way to relax?

would you post the last picture you took? camera or phone or webcam or whatever.

(no subject)

You guys, somehow I was able to log on despite being at work.

Can we please keep everything sfw? jkjk.

How's life treating you these days?
Anything exciting that isn't Christmas related going on for you right now? 

(no subject)

is there somewhere like american apparel that is cheap and that i can shop in person? i need some bright ass neon leggings and tank tops and shit but i really don't want to pay $30 a piece for this stuff

(no subject)

Today I handed in the last assignments of my undergraduate career. I thought this would feel more adult, but all I want to do to celebrate is eat Lucky Charms and watch cartoons on Netflix.

What experiences did you think would make you feel "more adult" but didn't?

Also, what do/did/are you going to major in? What is the most interesting thing you've learned about this subject?

(no subject)

Can you suggest good stocking stuffers for me?
And gifts that would appeal to a wide variety of people? (that aren't gift cards or money)

What was the last song you listened to?
the last movie you watched?

(no subject)

Is it wrong to keep big secrets from a significant other? What if the other person is better off not knowing?  (Not cheating-wise secrets)

Do you have any big secrets? Is it stressful to keep the information inside?
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(no subject)

ok so we all know TQC has regulars, but there HAS to be a ton of people reading this site who aren't commenting or posting.  If you are reading this will you please check in (even if you would never regularly comment)?

Question 2: Have you ever visited the grave/memorial/place of death of a celebrity?  Who and where?