December 8th, 2010

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i know very little about computers, halp

My laptop finally died (a month before the warranty expired, conveniently enough), and rather than fix it, the place I got my warranty through just reimbursed me the original price.

It was a good two or three years old, so obviously I'm taking the opportunity to get something nice enough to play newer games. Right now I'm torn between two: one has an Intel Core i5 2.53GHz processor and a decent video card, and one has an Intel Core i7 1.6GHz processor with a better video card. They're within $20 of each other, so which is the better buy? i7 is bigger than i5, so I'm inclined towards that, but 2.53 is also bigger than 1.6. halp.

(If you've any other suggestions for computers, that'd be great, too. I have $700-$800ish to spend).

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Do you think 46 is too old to start a two-year nursing program? How about if you're in a lot of debt because you went through a Medical Assistant program instead of following your dream of Nursing?!

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My brother and I want to take a road trip, but not anywhere super far. We live in Florida and would like to travel to neighboring states (Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and maybe North Carolina). We wanted to do an amusement park (Six Flags was our #1 choice) but discovered they are all closed for the season. What are some other places/attractions in these states that are fun and worth visiting? What would you like to do/see if you went on this road trip?

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a facebook profile picture of a husband and wife, with the wife obviously hugely preggo, with the husband "feeding" the baby (her preggo belly) from his bottle of beer?   funny or tasteless? (this couple is 25ish, if it makes any difference)

do you know who bo burnham is?  well you should.  look him up.

should researchme stop eating these delicious fried potato snacks and go to friggin bed?

Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Have you ever had sangria before? I tried it for the first time Saturday and it was delicious.

Have any of you made sangria before? What do you put in it? I had it at Outback and they use Cabernet, brandy, apples, oranges, mangos, and pineapples, so I'm going to try and recreate it.

Is there anything that you can't stand, but really want to like? I really want to like wine, beer, and sushi, but wine and beer just taste nasty to me, and I can't stand the texture of nori.

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So I drank an entire bottle of wine by myself tonight. Have you ever done this? I'm finally going to bed. TQC was pretty enjoyable for me tonight. Thanks everyone!

DC: What time will you be going to bed tonight? 2AM ET for me!

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What do you think of the whole numbers game thing on Facebook?

For those who don't know what it is, people message you with a number and you make your status with that number telling that person what you think of them, so it's like anonymous to everyone else who reads the status.
Critic wait what?

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Can a hyperactive imaginary friend potentially give a child brain damage or permanent emotional trauma?

This stipulation was actually made by someone on another website, and so far people are agreeing with it for some reason. That same person also claimed that watching movies in which children have destructively hyperactive imaginary friends actually causes children to spontaneously develop imaginary friends who encourage the child to act the same way. TQC, will you restore my faith in humanity please? I ask this knowing that this may be one of the worst places to ask for this... But seriously, imaginary friend = brain damage? REALLY???

Also, is the term "brain damaged" even USED anymore? I feel like I haven't heard that since Bill Cosby in the 90's...

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Hypothetically speaking your boyfriend/girlfriend is sending texts to someone else of a sexual nature (I'm getting in the shower... come on in the door is unlocked. "Oh you're having a bad day? I know how to fix that a good blowjob") would you consider this cheating?

If it is cheating what valued posession of theirs do you break first?

All hypothetical... no way my boyfriend is that dumb *sigh*

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I just skidded the length of my front yard on my stomach (chasing a very, er, energetic puppy we're fostering) and I injured my foot in the process. It's swollen over the top and like, the tiniest bit black and blue. And it's throbbing. I took an oxy but it hasn't kicked it yet. My wife thinks should go to the hospital ASAP. I think she's overreacting and at worst, I sprained it. Plus we already have a million things to do today.

Should I listen to my wife and go to the emergency room, or should I wait and see the doctor if it gets worse over the next few days?

alright I'm going to the ER (the urgent care wing, specifically for sprains/strains/fractures) because you're right i took a painkiller and now i can't gauge the pain or if its getting worse. and i will tell them i took oxycontin although i think it's kinda obvious right now because it kicked in lol.

thank you wife oh i mean tqc :)
Happy Martha Jones

Raleigh, North Carolina

It seems that Raleigh, North Carolina is both gorgeous and has cheap homes.

Does anyone live there? What do you think of it?

Is it accessible and/or LGBT-friendly? Are people friendly in general?

What's the best thing about it?
The worst?

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Last night SO and I went to get some groceries and I bought some yogurt smoothie drinks, and as we got home I remembered I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee so I told him to please empty my bag. He interpreted that as "leave on counter all night." You think my yogurt drinks are still okay after sitting out 12 hours?
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Do you have an etsy store?
What kind of things do you sell?

Is there something similar to No More Tangles, but for adults? My hair gets so screwed up in the winter. I'll use No More Tangles if that's the best option, but I'd love something less... strawberry scented. Solved! So... show me your etsy stuff, I guess?
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So it's official. Some prick did steal my purse & so far went on a mad spending spree. Pricks. Already filed a report with my local PD, but I have to go to MD to report the actual incident. (you know except for the fact that my driver's license was stolen...)

But on a brighter note, Discover says I can buy a new purse for up to $100, send them the receipt, and they'll reimburse me.

Will you share some awesome purses under $100? I've never had a fancy purse before, so I consider this my chance!
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I'm supposed to do a big presentation (45 minutes!) with a classmate next week, but I'm having trouble working out what her email address is to get in contact with her about it. is there an email server (el-bee-3) Or something that might look like lb3 when written down?

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Today at the craft store I bought a half yard of blue flannel fabric with robots. I was going to make it into burp cloths to include in the Christmas present for my nephew, but do you have any better ideas for what I should turn this into?

I have beginner sewing skills, and a sewing machine that I hate using.
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Hey TQC!

I got a job at the university library for next year! They rang me up and said they'd email me more information about the job and the training days and such. I haven't gotten the email yet,  and it's been about two weeks. Should I email the woman who called me and ask her about it? I've had trouble sending emails to hotmail addresses with the university email account before. I'm slighty hesitant in case they haven't sent it yet, and slightly scared because I haven't even started the job yet and she's my boss and argh! D:

What was your first job? Did you like it? Anything crazy happen? My friend thinks I'll find a secret passage in my first week and get sucked into an Indiana Jones/National Treasure esque adventure

How's the weather around your place? The towns in my district are flooding, and it sounds like there's going to be more rain tonight, Wagga's getting the schools out early because of the storm coming
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I'm going to have my CT scan of my sinuses looked at and have an allergy skin test done in an hour. Has anyone had an allergy test? Did you have any bad reactions? I'm nervous D:

What was your outcome? What are you allergic to?

Poll for the straight ladies

Ladies, which of these informational tidbits could you overlook on the first date? Checking any option means that you'd agree to a second date. Assume the guy is good looking enough and nice overall otherwise

"This Thursday will be my first year being clean. If it weren't for rehab...and Jesus...I'd still be on that train to junkietown"
"Let's play 'who was your most awkward kiss?' I'll go first: my cub scout leader in second grade"
"Currently not working, but I know my band's going to make it big. The Fucking Badasses will be a household name, you'll see"
"I always like to instill a bit of honesty in any prospective relationship. I must tell you that 5 years ago, I had a sex change. I used to be named Sabrina"
"Well, I'm out of practice. I haven't been on a date in 7 years. Yeah, the last relationship lasted seven years and ended last month, but I'm totally ok with that"
"Stray cats are numerous and actively deplete the population of birds and mice in the city, and for this reason I'm strongly for a city-wide plan to exterminate all cats without collars. I have a bat"
"My last relationship ended because she was kind of a big whore, but that's ok, so was I. But I got that out of my system"
"I'm a DJ at a gay furry club. I'm not really into that stuff, but it's fun to watch"
"Someday we'll tell our kids how we met today. Oh, no pressure or anything haha. Though I do want 4"
"I bet I can guess what color underwear you're wearing. Is it...none?"
"I hope you're not the jealous sort. I have tattoos of everybody who's been important to me, including seven of my exes. It's all behind me, but it's good to know where I'm coming from"
"I'm really bad at names, so I think I'm going to give you a nickname until your name ingrains itself in my brain. How about Pickles?"
"Yeah, it's a bit ostentatious, my 'rubber' hand, but I couldn't afford the really good prosthetics. It does look pretty fake, doesn't it?"
"So, what kind of birth control are you on? Does it work pretty good? Oh, just curious"
"I'm...not gay or anything, but that guy to your left is pretty damn good looking. If I'd be my type. I really like his hair and jawline. But only if I was gay, of course. Hehehe"

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Do you ever think of a really good question and forget it by the time you go to post? (Guess who just did that.)

If you are in school, what classes are you taking and/or what is your major? (I am taking Lifespan Development, Social Psychology, Creative Writing, and American Family: Change and Diversity)

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Hello Question Club!

Does or has anyone here suffer from angular cheilitis? How severely do you get it? Do you have any solutions for dealing with it? I always get super uncomfortable and self conscious when it seems to come up, and lasts so long since i cant open my mouth without opening a wound :((

Inspired by the fact that one of my peers came up to me after my final and asked if I had herpes.

Edit: Dont click link if you are eating.
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This is kind of a stupid question...but do they make boots for short girls? My legs are real stumpy, so what is mid-calf on a regular person looks real dumb on me.

dk/dc: will you show off your fav pair of boots?
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What the hell do I want from Chick-fil-a tonight while I am studying with friends for our final exam tomorrow? Do I want one of those giant brownies?

What is your favorite food to eat while stressed out? Pictures appreciated.

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"I can't wait for the new _____________ CD to come out.  And I'm going to get tickets for the ___________ show the second they put them on sale."

I am writing a market research report on the entertainment industry, and I have to put the above words in the mouth of a 20-something music fan.

Which two bands should I put in the blanks?

They should be popular enough to be recognizable to anyone in the business -- but not an overly obvious act like Gaga or Bieber.  Also, the two bands should have enough in common that someone could be a huge fan of both.  Go!

I <3 TLV

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I'm looking for shampoo/conditioner recommendations for someone else (so I don't know what they've tried so far) - what would you suggest for someone with very long, very dry, hair, but that's also good for a scalp that's oily, flaky, and prone to acne? I'm actually thinking a version of no-poo might be best for this combination, but they're more in favor of traditional hair-washing.

And since lately I've just been using a random bottle of VO5 I found at my parent's house, what conditioner would you recommend for my hair? It's curly and a little on the dry side, but no major issues. (Bonus if it smells like lilac!)

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I'd like to discover some more youtube folks.

Are you subscribed to a channel that you watch regularly whenever they post? If so who? If not, what do you like to look up on youtube?

DK/DC: What's the last thing that made you super duper happy?

Weight Loss


have any of you lost a significant amount of weight? Would you be so kind to show me your before/after pictures? How'd you to it? And how much?

I'm trying so hard to keep my motivation, and I'm only halfway there!

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The other day I got three new nail polishes. I'm currently wearing the second of the three, but I'm really impatient to try on the third even though I've only been wearing this color since Sunday. Should I just change my nail polish or rock this for a couple more days?

Obviously this is the most important question I've ever asked you guys.

What makeup looks do you dislike?

Pencil-drawn eyesbrows, but that pretty much goes without saying. I'm also not generally a fan of blue eyeshadow.
what don't you fucking understand

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my friend and i had a big bust up not quite three weeks ago and i told her i needed some space. but despite that she's e-mailed me three times asking when i'm going to talk to her, if we're going to "be OK" and one today that started "i'm going to try one more time". and i answered her the first two times, first saying SPACE SPACE SPACE and the second saying we'd be fine(but seriously who asks that after a week?!)

what the hell part of "i need space" didn't she understand? is three weeks really that long?
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Dear TQC,

What happened to all of my spoons? I used to have a whole bunch and now I have four.

If you don't care about this life-altering dilemma, will you show me a picture of your favorite spoon?
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let's talk about mucus.

Ok so this may belong over at TMI but here we go.

I've been sick for the past 3 days and my MIL gave me some Mucinex to help break up the shit in my lungs so I don't end up with bronchitis like I normally do each winter. Well, I've never taken it before but she warned me that it would make my nose run like crazy and I would have a lot of phlegm because the point of the medicine was to break it up and drain it out.

Collapse )
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One of my courses requires us to do an online quiz through our course-website. There's a glitch in the quiz-program and some of my classmates are getting a perfect grade on the quiz even though they got a question wrong. This error did not happen to me. Should I e-mail the professor and tell him about the program glitch?

dk/dc: How stressed out do you get while studying for exams?

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Have you ever taken potassium supplements to help with muscle cramps?

Did it help?

The suggested use part says take one with a full glass of water or juice. Why does it say water or juice? Can I just take it with food do you think?

o tannebaum

ACK. How can I tell which of these tiny lights is the bad one that's keeping the whole string from lighting?

ETA: Yes, I am going to buy new lights tomorrow. I have wasted enough time on this pointless exercise.

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I'm trying to clean up our apartment (it's not even that big, there's just shit EVERYWHERE) because our friend is coming to visit us and I don't want him to think we're just a bunch of slovenly hillbillies. I mean, he already knows that we're hillbillies but I don't want him to think we're filthy too.

The only fucking task I've given my husband is to empty the dishwasher and cycle through the dishes in the sink. It hasn't gotten done and now we have almost no damn dishes. He's asleep on the couch even though he 'tried really hard not to take a nap'. I'm going to punch him.

How do I get him to help me clean?

I need some organizational tips. Does TQC have any good ones?

Our biggest issues are that we don't have enough storage space for clothes, there are usually multiple pairs of shoes in random places and paper everywhere. Open the mail and just toss it aside until there's a whole mountain. It's just piles. How do I get rid of the goddamn piles? I feel like I'm constantly throwing crap away but there's still endless amounts of piles.
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My dad just got offered a job in South Korea. (We live in England)
I am due to start law school in September in a city an hour away from home. He asked if I would live at home to look after the house whilst they are living abroad, and go to law school in my home city instead. They are two centres for the same school, so the quality is exactly the same.

A) Home city: The fees are higher in my home city, but I wouldn't have to pay rent. The commute to the school is significantly longer, but still not too bad (50 mins each way). There are less opportunities for a part time job in the area. This is still the cheaper option, since I would not have to rent. I have lived in this area for 15 years, and never been particularly fond of it.
EDIT for relevant point: I really loved this school, and the two reasons I chose not to go here was because rent is too expensive, and I didn't want to live with my parents, both of which would no longer be the case.

B) Away city: The fees are less, but I would have to rent an apartment. I was really looking forward to moving here and being in a new place for a new phase of my life. I would be closer to the school (15 mins), and live with other students (for me this is a good thing, as I will meet people). I would have to pay rent. I would be closer to jobs.

Should I go to law school in my home city, or move to the new city?
(My dad can rent out the house if I say no)

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Hey TQC, I need some opinions.

I'm volunteering at an animal shelter and also working on a Bachelors in Imaging (in a nutshell: Graphic Design, Web Design, etc.) and...

I'm kind of interesting in helping out with the web site and the newsletters because to be honest... they could use improvement. Clashing colors, ugly JPG artifacts, differing font styles and sizes, some terribly re-sized images (there's a comic in the newsletter but I can barely read the text), some spelling/grammatical errors, stuff like that.

How do I show interest without possibly coming off as saying "THIS SHIT SUCKS, LET A [SOON-TO-BE] PRO SHOW YOU HOW IT'S DONE"? I've dealt with people who can't take criticism before and it sucks when they think I'm just being mean/egotistical. ;c;

Do you think it'd be okay to make an improved version of [newsletter, website, whatever] and send that in as an example? I got bored a little bit ago and made a more condensed version of their adoption form (which they have online) that's 2 pages long instead of 3, for example. (I'm one of those freaks who thinks that making forms is fun.)

(And for anyone who's curious about my last shelter-related post, it was okay for me to use my college ID and my birth certificate together. Yay~)

DK/DC/TLDR: Can I see your pets? Tell me about 'em, TQC! If you don't have any, you can post a friend's or relative's pets. Any kind are allowed, not just cats and dogs! (I'll post some too~)
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How would you feel if your SO framed a picture of you to give to your parents for Christmas, without telling you first? Assume you have a good relationship with your parents.

ETA: It's just a picture of YOU, not of you and your SO.
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I have a question for Christians. How do you feel about non-Christians celebrating Christmas? For example, I'm a second-generation atheist with no more spiritual connection to Christianity than to Voodoo or Zoroastrianism. Yet we do the Christmas tree, stockings, presents, big family meal, etc. Do you feel like people like me are commandeering or warping your holiday? Do you know of other Christians who care one way or the other? Are we part of the "war on Christmas," or are we better than the scrooges who try not to acknowledge the holiday's existence at all?

For non-Christians (who live in Christian communities): What do you do on Christmas day? Do you mind when people wish you merry Christmas rather than happy holidays?
CV:did I break wind?

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Has anyone ever accidently pulled the brush off of your nail polish thing? I just did. In the middle of doing my nails! I had to clean it and it came off. How do you work around that?

What are some of your favorite alternatives to soda? I am trying to not drink as much soda and I drink a decent amount of water and tea. Anything else I should try?

Why isn't Hoarders motivating me to clean my room?
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Was there something you really, really wanted when you were younger but never got it for whatever reason? What was it? Have you bought it for yourself since or do you still want to buy it for yourself someday?

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are you one of those people who writes apology/i miss you/i'm still pissed at you emails or letters way after the fact of relevancy?

when was the last time you did it? why? to who?

or have you received one of those lately? do they annoy you or do you appreciate them?

i dont know, i think it kind of takes balls to admit how you feel when there's no reason to.

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Is anyone interested in a gently used vintage Minolta x-370 camera with three lenses, flash attachment, 2 roles of film, 2 straps, and a metal case with key?

If not, what should I sell it for?

EDIT: Putting in a brand new battery.

Anyone Cornish?

I'm trying to find how to pronounce St. Piran (well the latter part). Is it Peh-ran or Purr-an or....?
So if anyone is Cornish or at least English, please let me know how it is said.

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I have just realised that its been two months since a good friend commited suicide. It was different sort of grief, I was sad and it shocked me as I have not cried about her for at least a month. I still cannot over how long its been and that I still don't want to believe that she is gone...really really gone.

What are things are out there that you don't really want to believe just yet?

DNDC? Gifs, macros...please, ones to cheer me up?