December 7th, 2010



I want to buy my boyfriend a pocket knife for Christmas! He has one, uses it very frequently, but is frustrated at how crappy it is.

Any recommendations? Even just the Swiss Army Knife website has me completely overwhelmed. I want it to be a little bit unique/unusual, but usable.

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So let's say you're friends with someone, but on the verge of being more than just friends, and one day out of curiosity, you google them and find unequivocal evidence that they were arrested for a DUI (no one was hurt) about 2 and a half years ago. They've never brought it up. Would you ask them for an explanation? Is the fact that they even got a DUI a deal breaker?
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Artsy Stuff

I'm looking at creating an Etsy shop on the side for a little extra cash. For those who aren't familiar with it, it's similar to Amazon/Ebay, but purely for handcrafted or vintage goods or supplies. I've been brainstorming for a name for 2 months now, and nothing seems right. What would you name a shop?

Plan on selling accessories mainly, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, and simple necklaces. May also put some of my landscape photos up there available in different sizes. If I learn to crochet or knit, which I want to anyway, I'll add that too. It's kind of a shop of random things that I'm good at making.....I'm just not good at making a name for it.

So, TQC name my Etsy shop!

DK/DC: What, if any crafts, or artistic hobbies do you do? What would you like to do if you had the money/time/space/skills?

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I'm looking to buy a pair of noise-canceling headphones for under $60. From your experience, what is the best option?

The sound quality, although important, is not as relevant as blocking outside noise. I'm just kind of at a loss because there are a zillion pairs out there, and I want to make sure that they do the job.

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so this week i have two job interviews in new york (where i am trying to move). next week, though, i have an interview for an internship in dc (where i currently live). is it a bad idea to mention the fact that i'd ideally be taking a salaried job in the big apple and getting the hell out of here? would it be a good idea, so they know that i might not be available to accept the internship? or should i just keep my mouth shut unless i get an actual job offer?

eta lol i realize the last question is basically the exact same as the first but w/e
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Why do American Apparel ads look like they are really just 1970s porn? Their stuff is so ugly. What do you think? Do you wear any of it? How are pants with pleats, or body suits back in style?
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Question Club!
I need help!

I just slept through my Ecology final exam...

Do I:

a.) Run to class as fast as I can and take it during the time thats left. (keep in mind i didnt finish studying for it)

b.) Make up some awesome excuse as to why I wasn't there, email the professor and take it later? (what could i say!??)

c.) tell him the truth as to why i missed the exam,email him, and ask to take it as soon as possible and apologize.

I'm sorta freaking out right now, I was up all night studying and just slept through the first hour of it.  I haven't finished studying, so if I just left and went to it I'd be not fully ready for it. =[=[=[ 
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Question for Canadians:

Has anyone sent packages to the US recently? I sent 4 out to the USA on November 28 and paid for all of them to be Expediated (4-5 days), and I've been tracking them, not one of them has left Canada yet. I called Canada Post and they said that thery only have the same information that I have. Well what is the damn point in spending almost $20 per package to EXPEDIATE them?


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I want to get this shirt.

I have no idea how to go about ordering the right size.  I never order anything other than t-shirts online for this very reason.  I normally wear a medium/large, depending on style, but I don't know which size that would be or whether this company runs bigger or smaller.  My measurements don't really fall into a specific size.  
Should I order it by my waist or bust size?
If my measurements are estimated at 38-31-38 what size would you recommend I get?

What are some other sites or stores that have tops like this?

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1. How do you feel about slightly flirtatious, but innocent (as far as you know) banter between your boyfriend/girlfriend and one of their friends/acquaintances on Facebook?

(In my particular case: My bf posted a status about him having recently booked a trip to New Zealand. A girl comments on the status saying: "You'll be relatively close to Thailand. You need to come visit me like you have been saying you would for the past year! Otherwise I'll have to come to visit you ;)") - I trust my bf completely, and this is innocent, but still...ugh.

2. Speaking of Facebook, do you like the new profile? I haven't converted yet.

morning discussion post

Inspired by the recent trend of people wearing next-to-nothing through airport security...

which do/will you choose? a trip through the scanner or a full body pat/rub down?

If you choose the scanner, will you wear something special (undies made of tinfoil perhaps?) to hide your bits?

If you choose the pat down, will you wear (or not wear) something different than usual through security? If so, what is your intention behind this? To make a statement or to make the process quicker?

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My upstairs neighbors left their dog shut up in the apartment. He's been barking and whining constantly for the last hour. I feel SO bad for him. I'm sure he's hungry or needs to pee or thirsty or something.

What do I do?

I've gone up there and knocked on the door. Think the front office would be able to go get him or call them or something?

I've never heard this dog make a peep. They've had it since they moved in 9 months ago. I'm about to go upstairs and kick the dog since I'm a horrible person for caring about this dog who is annoying me.

Dog or cat?

Cat because dogs are annoying as hell.

Human contact or completely alone?

Alone. People are idiots.... almost like dogs.
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 For those of you who drink cola...

Pepsi or Coke? Is this distinction very important to you?

When you go to a restaurant, do you specify that you want that specific brand, or is any old cola good enough?

If you ONLY drink Coke/Pepsi, is the onus on you to ask "Do you have Coke products?" or your food service person to tell you "We only have Pepsi" when you say "Can I have a Coke?"

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i seriously dont know what to do and i am so upset.
i get severe anxiety at night and as result i have such a hard time falling asleep.
last night around 4:15am i texted my bf saying "i can't sleep"  he knows my issues and why i cant sleep.
i just felt lonely and sad, i dunno, i know it was kind of selfish of me to text him.  but i didnt think it was going to wake him.  he didnt respond to that text
this morning around 7am, i got 3 texts saying "how fucking inconsiderate you are, and now you have to wake up bc i guess thats how it works"
he proceeds to call me and chew me out swearing, belittling me, yelling at me like a child
apparenly the text woke him up, but he ended up falling back asleep.
i'm so mad and upset, i dont know if i should apologize or not.  or if i should not talk to him, or whatever.
what would you do?
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If someone has a giant hickey that can not be convincingly covered up, is it better to do a cover-up attempt to communicate to people they are aware of their shame, or is it better to just leave it uncovered?

I suddenly have a heap of bruises on my legs! Like seriously, 15 of them. How did they get there?! Non srs plz.
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My headache has been raging 10 days out of 14, by my estimate. I have no more aspirin and no car right now to get anything for it. Besides taking a hot shower and eating something, which I am about to do (I'm wondering if it's a hunger headache), what is your best advice for migraines/headaches?


What is your favorite acronym or abbreviation that you always misread? Mine, lately, is BN-SF, a sign on the road that I drive on quite frequently, and apparently it's actually for a train company, but I always read it as "Big Name Something Fan", as in instead of "Big Name _____ Fan", my brain adds in "something"
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facepalm, Kyon

Question from a pre-k kid:

Do students in the UK have a pledge of allegiance they have to say at school?

DK/DC/DKC What are your plans for the holidays, if you have any?

(We're doing Christmas morning @home and then driving to my aunt's for the big family superchristmas.)

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For all you photography buffs out there...

How do I get that effect where the background and foreground are "fuzzy" (or blurry) but the subject in the center is focused? Is there a simple way of explaining it?

I have a Canon 50D dslr btw.

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On Sunday the building managers told us that today they would be coming between 10-5 to look for damages as we're moving out at the end of the month. I have been cleaning non stop for the past two days. There are still a few things that need cleaning but I'm exhausted mentally and physically from doing so much work already. 

Should I clean the upstairs rooms (floors swept and washed mostly) or should I take a break, eat, watch a movie and hope they don't come until later? Will they even care about dusty floors?

All the other floors I washed on hands and knees yesterday and my ankles still hurt. :(
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I went into a Subway today and it was totally empty. 98% the times I've ever been into Subway there is hardly ever anyone in there. How has it managed to stay open for so long? It never seems like they get much business.

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My boyfriend said he wants gloves for Christmas, which sounds really boring to me, so I was thinking about buying him a pair of "tech gloves" so he can still use his Droid X while wearing them. Have any of you ever tried these? Do you think they're worth it?

Also I'm trying to decide if I should get him the Tavo Brand brand or the Agloves Brand. The Agloves brand is half the price and has great reviews but people are saying they're silvery and not very masculine. Should I shell out another $15 just to make sure they're not "glittery"?

Edit: I have bad grammar today
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Giftsmas time!

So, I bought my boyfriend a beer brewing kit for christmas. The problem is that it weighs roughly a billion pounds and we are flying out to his parents place for the holidays; ergo it is staying at home and I will give him the actual kit when we get back. HOWEVER, I still want to give him something to open christmas day, and I'm hoping I can be a little bit more creative than putting a picture of it in an envelope. Any ideas?
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Could you survive without meat? It wouldn't be too hard to be a vegetarian for a month, but what about for years?

I can't survive, I love meat way too much. I'd be willing to go vegetarian for a month, but I think by the 5th week I'll go insane.

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Inspired by this thread on ONTD re talking/texting during a movie.

Some people are so rude, y/n? What do you think is the rudest thing you do? I tend to like to eat with my hands :/ Like, I'll start off eating normally with a fork, but somehow my hands ALWAYS get involved. My friends CLAIM it's endearing, but I need to cut that shit out.

I think you can tell I'm in the middle of finals week by the amount of time I suddenly start spending on ONTD/TQC. What's your favorite method of procrastination?

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My brother was looking into buying a truck. It was a nice, newer F250 that was previously used by a guy that owns a landscaping company. The price was set by the KBB. However, the dude selling it wanted to draw up a contract to keep his landscaping company's advertising on the truck indefinitely. The price was not decreased in exchange for this advertising or anything.

I think this dude is a jackass, and my brother is not going to buy the vehicle.

My question is, can this guy even enforce this contract were someone to buy the vehicle? I mean, it would not be HIS vehicle anymore.

EDIT: It gets better, my brother is now telling me that the guy said that the truck was sold, but not the "detailing" (the advertising on the truck) wasn't being sold, so it cannot be altered! LOL
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I bought a bunch of glasses and stuff when I moved into this apartment in April. (Some of you may remember my "OMG MY ROOMMATES" posts from the months before that.) Well, I bought Ikea glasses and they are slowly starting to get broken, mostly by guests. I'm down to 4 champagne flutes, 5 wine glasses, 5 water glasses. My juice glasses are still a full set, and my non-Ikea rocks glasses are still fine.

At what point do you start actually replacing glasses, people? Should I wait till I'm down to even numbers?

And what should I replace them with? Should I go Ikea again, or should I start springing for better glasses, which have the advantage of being sold by the piece or pair rather than in "you wanted half a dozen, right?" sets?

And if you are bored by housewares questions, what is the one thing you really hope you get for Christmas this year?
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Have you ever been arrested?

Do you know anyone in jail or prison? For what?

If someone is sentenced to 1-3 years in prison, how much time do you think they will actually be in prison based on good behavior?
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What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the word 'colon'?

A punctuation mark consisting of two dots
Part of the digestive system and makes pooping possible

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the word 'semicolon'?

A punctuation mark consisting of a dot and a comma
All that Uncle Leon has left after he anally masturbated with a Roman candle

Which colon do you use more each week?

The punctuation variety
The anatomical variety

What insight will you leave with after taking this poll?

I never really realized those two definitions had the same spelling until now
There's only a fine line between pooping and punctuating
Never anally masturbate with fireworks
Nothing. fourcorners' polls are mindless timewasters
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What appliances do you have in your kitchen?
Fridge, stove/oven, microwave, toaster, blender, waffle maker, George Foreman grill, a hand mixer, & a slow cooker.

Which appliances would you like to have?
Kitchen Aid stand mixer, bread machine, and a juicer.

(no subject)

1. what's your tv situation? (cable? satellte? antenna? netflix? hulu? other? some combination of these things?)

2. how many channels do you get? (ignore this if you rely on netflix/hulu only)

3. if you pay, how much a month do you pay?

4. are you happy with your current tv situation?
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Adobe Illustrator question

is anyone here proficient enough with Illustrator that you could help me? I pressed some buttons on accident and this graph thing popped up - I can't get rid of it. notice the thing in the upper left corner that has a fake X out button that doesn't serve a purpose.


for everyone else, HOW YOU DOIN'?

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The US Government is formulating an aptitude test for the general population ages 18 and above that will determine whether people will be able to leave their homes. Failure of this test will restrict people to their homes indefinitely until they're re-tested at a later time TBD. The test will be available in all languages and Braille and special proctoring will be given for the functionally illiterate. What questions should be on this exam?

I expect much wank here. Son, do not disappoint.
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In this age of technology, I have decided to opt out of notifications from Facebook and e-mails from my bank and LJ because my BlackBerry was always going off. Now my BB rarely rings...

What notifications do you receive? To where: e-mail, phone, both, other?
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I am totally and completely freaked out right now. I have a ghost radar app for my ipod and it says words sometimes. Ghosts supposed to be trying to talk to me. It just started talking and it said "by", "attack", "Japanese", and "America".

This house is totes haunted by a WWII vet who knows it's Pearl Harbor day, y/y?

I used it at work the other day and the first thing it said was 'Leave". I've had weird encounters at work before. The electronic price display at the register fell over one day with no one near it and took out a bunch of stuff on the counter.

Do you believe in ghosts and/or other supernatural phenom?


Have you ever watched a television show or a film that had a huge inconsistency that bothered you?

I just started watching Psych on netflix and in the first three episodes the kid that plays the main character is played by at least three different child actors during his flashback scenes. I was like whut?! Does nobody realize that these kids look NOTHING alike!?

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I was supposed to be going to New York for New Year's with my boyfriend. We've now broken up and he's adamantly refusing to go, whether it's together, as friends, or just with us sharing the room but ignoring each other entirely aside from that.

It was me who booked the flights and the hotels, all of which are non-refundable so I'm going no matter what. None of my friends can come with me as it's short notice and expensive anyway (I'm in the UK) but my mum has sort of taken pity on me and offered to come if I want. I don't normally mind travelling on my own as I have no problem talking to random strangers but this feels slightly different, probably because it was meant to be with another person.

So TQC, should I go on my own or should I accept my mums offer?! This should not be as difficult a decision as it has become.

(no subject)

If an event is sponsored by Bacardi, that probably means there will be free booze at said event, right?

Anyone in the Atlanta area wanna go to 99x's Mistle Toe Jam tonight?

Alternatively, what is your cocktail of choice? The girlier/more complicated the better!

(no subject)

Who is the guy that proved that the volume of a cylinder is equal to the volume of a cylinder when it's tilted? It's extra credit on my math final if I know the name of the mathematician, plz help! thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

What's the last thing that made you think of a movie/tv character?

When I finally read about the Wikileaks story I went "oh, this will be on SVU and John Munch will be all over it." Weird?
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(no subject)

1. i write a column for the local newspaper about dating/relationship advice and this week my inquiry base is scarce, so i need topics. what kinds of dating/relationship questions would you ask a professional matchmaker? (i am a ghostwriter for one)

2. i'm trying to lose some weight (30 lbs) and am looking for a support buddy, or support buddies, preferably someone(s) in the same boat, trying to lose weight. my friends are mostly skinny freaks of nature. anyone interested in being email/text pals in times where resisting temptation is needed? haha
you can message me privately if you'd prefer.
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Does your job give you a Christmas gift or bonus?

If so, what is the coolest thing they've ever given you?

I've never worked somewhere that gave anything for Christmas, but this year at my job, I got...

Collapse )

I mean, that is a pretty sweet gift for a retail position, I think.
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My hair has been blue for a while, now I'm trying to put it back to a natural color. I have been washing it out and I used a color stripper, so it is pretty light blue and you can definitely see the blonde coming through. But it is still blue. I want to dye it red, like a nice light auburn. I used to dye it red over my natural color, which is dark brown, without bleaching and it came out fine. The color my hair is now is a lot lighter than my natural color but I'm still worried about dying red straight over the blue.

Hair gurus of TQC, what will happen if I dye the red over the faded blue? I could bleach it first but would that be worth it or would it just kill my hair? What should I do?

ETA: It was only a semi-perm blue dye but I think the brand I used holds a little better than manic panic. The last time I dyed it blue was about two months ago, but it only lasted about a month before it started to get faded and weird, and after the full two months it is a pretty awful color.

pics with the jolly fellow

Today, per usual, I was sitting in the school's lobby waiting for my 6 year old to get out of class. They have benches out there and it's usually full of parents waiting and sometimes chatting with each other. I was next to a woman who had a man to her right, they were conversing and he was showing her photos of his kids on his phone. He then told her this story:

He took the kids to the mall to see Santa. They sat on his lap and while they were getting situated, the helper/photographer was dealing with another customer. So while he waited for the helper, the dad snapped pics of his kids on Santa's lap with his phone. Once the helper was done with the other customer, the man told him that they just wanted to sit on Santa's lap and didn't need a photo.

He then started to tell the lady how he got away without paying and he'll just print the pics from his phone. He was being kinda of bragging about it.

Is this okay do you think?

I was amused by the whole thing really and as a parent I can understand that feeling of being nickel-and-dimed or doubt right robbed when trying to partake in fun activities for my kids. I doubt I would have done this though. But I'm not even sure if it's wrong.


Pet pictures with Santa?

Have you ever had your picture taken with Santa?

Did you think that was the real Santa?

Ever pee on his lap?
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(no subject)

Do Amtrak tickets get more expensive as you purchase them closer to the departure dates?

My husband and I are going from upstate NY to Penn Station in early January. It would be better for me if I could wait until I get the inevitable Christmas money from my grandfathers, but I don't want to end up paying more if I purchase them ten days before we leave, rather than right now.

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The current TV I have has a screen about the same size as my laptop. So I'd like a bigger one.

TV, that is.

What should I get?


1) Must be able to stand on its own, either on a TV stand or on the carpet if it's too big for the stand--I'm renting and don't want to damage the walls.

2) Cheaper is better, but I'm looking for the best deal more than the cheapest price (ie, I'm not gonna buy something just b/c it's the cheapest out there, unless it also offers good quality).

Thanks so much!

(no subject) family has been extremely broke lately, and it sucks, especially around the holidays. we can't even afford a christmas tree. what are some fun things i can do to cheer everyone up?

2.what are some of your favorite cheap but thoughtful gifts to give for the holidays?
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annoying flirting question ahoy

There's a (hot) guy in one of my classes who I occasionally make eye contact with in class, but yesterday he kinda smile-winked at me. Something similar happened again today.

Does he want to bone me or is he just friendly or what? It's fun to think about but I don't know if I'm being realistic or whatever.

DK/DC/2nutsforwords shut up: Do you watch any reality TV/competition shows? The second season of The Sing Off started yesterday and I'm pretty excited.

facebook is srs bsns guyz

1. At what point in your learning a language would you say that you speak the language? On Facebook there's a new thing on your profile where you can list the languages you speak, and a lot of my friends have added the languages that I know they took in high school, but which I know they aren't even close to fluent in.

2. What's the weirdest comment someone has ever left on something of yours on Facebook? Last night I posted a quote from National Treasures as my status (I was watching it) and some guy I kind of know replied with the entire quotes section from IMDB, spread out over four comments. I'm still kind of wtf-ing.

(no subject)

 shop at an awesome year-end sale (ahhh, all those clothes, bags and pretty, pretty shoes!) or pay for a concert and (possibly) die happy?

p.s it's the laneway musicfest btw! total sucker for pretty much most of the bands in the line-up.

p.p.s laneway it is!!! who's goinggg? 
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I remember the good old days when I could just hit the popcorn button on the microwave and my popcorn would be perfectly done.  But with newer models I've had, this doesn't happen anymore. >:| Does your microwave have a successful popcorn button?

I like hot sauce on my popcorn, or jalapeño seasoning, how do you like your popcorn?

(no subject)

 Pretend you are going to a wedding this weekend.
What songs would you LOVE to be played at the reception?
Like, would make you think "Oh my god, I can't believe they are playing this, that's so awesome!"
I'm looking for both dance-type songs and slow stuff.


(no subject)

My guinea pig keeps making a face as if she is trying to throw up and keeps sticking her foot in her mouth in a manner that makes me think something is stuck, but she wont let me look. What the hell is she doing?


Hey TQC! I'm on a nail polish and nail products kick.

Will you show me your favorite nail polishes?

What about your favorite nail products (like cuticle oils, cuticle cream, nail clippers, vitamins to make nails stronger, ANYTHING THAT WILL MAKE NAILS BETTTTTTER)?

I just painted my nails Collapse )

I'm in love with it!

(no subject)

For those of you that grew up celebrating Christmas, when did you find out about the Santa conspiracy?

For those of you that don't celebrate Christmas, what do you do that day?
I mean, nothing is open, and TV only plays Christmas stuff and The Wizard of Oz, what's there to do?

EDIT: To make 69love_songs happy, because she's purely just concerned with people in other countries who do not celebrate Christmas, and me being an exclusionary ass:

Do you live in a country that does not celebrate Christmas?
What do YOU do on December 25th?
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(no subject)


I want to cry, srsly. Today has been kinda crappy and I was all disappointed in people, but THANK YOU!

Who last lifted your spirits, TQC?
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TQC, I have a beautiful american shorthair/British Blue mix kitty and I would one day like to get her a friend/another feline for me to snuggle. However, I have very limited experience in introducing cats. If introductions don't go smoothly, when should the owner begin to suspect that it isn't just normal new-cats-being-bitchy-to-each-other behavior and is actually indicative that one of the cats just doesn't like others and should probably be an only cat?

(no subject)

do you think the Home Alone plots- a 9-10 year old kid left at home/getting on the wrong plane to the wrong city and unable to contact his family- would be at all feasible today, what with cellphones, smartphones, facebooks, twitters, tumblrs and blu-ray?
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(no subject)

TQC is a big dysfunctional family, so there must be someone here you'd like to get to know better. If not, you're welcome to go hang out in the kitchen while the rest of us enjoy my party, you know the tradition I started and we all love.

Will you tell us a little about yourself and note that doing so means you are open to being friended by people who would like to friend you?

(no subject)

What is the strangest thing you've eaten whilst under the influence?

Not into drugs? What is the most unusual* food stuff you've ever eaten?

*Unusual in your opinion... could be something from a culture different from your own, or just plain crazy and inedible....interpret as you will!

(no subject)

So I just finished watching the show Firefly for the first time, and apparently there are comic books that take place between the end of the show and the beginning of the movie, Serenity. Should I read the comic books first and then watch the movie, or watch then movie and go back and read the comic books?

If you don't care, what's your favorite show on TV right now?

What show has gotten really bad, but you keep watching out of loyalty?

(no subject)

Will you post a picture of your wedding/engagement ring?
Or a picture of a ring you would like as your engagement ring?

How much do you think your engagement ring should cost? If you are into that kind of thing.

(No super humungo expensive rings that you just want because you are a golddiggin ho)

(no subject)

Is there anyone in your life who likes to talk about how well off they are all the time?
Does it bother you? How do you deal with it if it does?

How's you're holiday shopping going?
I think I'm finished as of 5 minutes ago... finally!