December 6th, 2010


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What shows should I start downloading to watch over break?

I've already dl'd s1 of Vampire Diaries (so no True Blood). Shows I love: Dexter, Alias, HIMYM, Mad Men, West Wing, Sports Night, Modern Family, Community, The Good Wife, 90210 (the NEW one, yeah that's right), Chuck, Gilmore GIrls.



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Sugar-free brown sugar oatmeal (IDGI) was on sale the other day, at buy-one-get-one-free. I bought some and have been putting a little brown sugar in it so that it tastes like brown sugar and not artificial brown sugar flavor. My flatmate says I am silly and should have just bought the not-on-sale regular brown sugar oatmeal. I say I am being frugal.

Who is correct in this very important dispute?
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Is it common for places to have a minimum debit card purchase?

My favorite pizza place has always had a sign that said "$15 minimum credit purchase" but they have recently changed it to "$20 minimum credit/debit purchase" and I've never encountered a minimum debit purchase elsewhere.

Edit: I know why they do it, I was just wondering if this was common for debit, because in the past I've only seen it for credit. Even at the gas stations where credit is more cash/debit are always the same.

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okay tqc, i need some creative problem solving.

i plugged my super nintendo into my tv port using these:

however, when i went to remove the yellow one, the top half broke off inside the little port! there's no way to unscrew the ports or remove them from the tv and i have no idea how to get it out otherwise. do you have any suggestions for me?
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It's December 6th and I don't own one winter jacket (or sweatshirt or hoodie or..). How long do you reckon I can get by without one? Hooray Houston weather!

What are your favorite winter wardrobe items?
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If you have cats and a Christmas tree, are they scared of it? Were they scared of it when you first got it? Is it normal for a cat to be afraid of a Christmas tree?

My tree has been up for 4 days now and one of my cats is not pleased. He hid under the couch for at least 5 hours the day we got it, and he still won't go in the living room with it.

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are you embarrassed when your friends or acquaintances make fun of people by calling them hipsters? when will it finally fall completely out of fashion like making fun of emo?

are there trends when it comes to making fun of people? like online most people used to be really edgy and make fun of really pc people and now most people are really pc and make fun of edgy people. well not all of online but livejournal anyway.
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I have a question about religion.

A few weeks ago, a woman I know was talking about a time when her husband was sick with cancer. A priest put a cross above his bedroom door. When the husband's mother saw it, she raised hell. Took down the cross, threw it in the trash, and just went nuts because a sign of Catholicism would make her son go to hell.
Right now, I'm going through some old atheist posts on reddit, and just saw one written by an ex-pastor, who says he used to consider Catholics pagan heathens.

I understand the split between Protestants/Catholics, but why do some people react to Catholicism in this way?
When I was growing up, I always just thought it was another form of Christianity.
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What holiday gift would you give a coworker whose chief interests are hitting on girls he hasn't a chance with and drinking a bottle of Wild Irish Rose a night?

IMPORTANT: I need love the reaction video of the two girls watching the end of the Dr Who episode Utopia, where they're shrieking and such.

Did you change your Facebook picture this weekend?

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How do you guys deal with the loss of a pet? 
My dog died a year ago. A YEAR. and I still haven't gotten over it. He was my best friend & I still cry every time I talk about him.

I miss him so much :( 
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SOMETHING HAS GONE HORRIBLY WRONG. i'm working on a short paper for a spanish class, but after i enlarged the periods (shhh) i must've done something and now when i open the window i can't view the docuement, therefore i can't continue writing it or save it. i cannot close it. there is no way i'm rewriting the whole thing in spanish. what do i do to salvage my paper?

ETA: i tried doing ctrl+s but to no avail. :'(

ETA2: i closed it, but was able to recover it. sweet. so, what do your hands look like?

morning discussion post

Are you offended by the very sight of a Christmas tree in a public place? Do you think that anywhere a Christmas tree appears, there should be other religious symbols next to it (star of david, perhaps)? Why did Christmas become the subject of controversy? Aren't there bigger battles to be fought?
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On the train today, I was sitting down and a guy was standing in front of me holding onto the rail over my head. He was wearing a leather jacket that was perfectly worn and it looked oh-so-supple and it took just about everything in me not to reach out and caress it.

What would have been the best way to do so as to make the man inside not freak out?
Near the end I was leaning towards just touching it and whispering "Just let it happen..."

ALTERNATE QUESTION: I'm in my hot professors office right now. What's the best way to get him to bone me on his desk and/or against the bookshelf?

non-srs answers encouraged

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I was riding the bus back from class, and this woman was telling the bus driver about how the woman's daughter was late to school every day last week, and had to serve tardiness detentions, because (basically) the mother didn't remember that the kid's bus pass needed to be renewed, and the bus itself was late.

My question to you, TQC, is is this fair? Should the kid be punished for being a bus rider, and/or for having a scatterbrained mother? If this matters to your answer, we're in San Diego, CA.
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What was the last awkward/weird thing that happened to you?

We were about to leave from the grocery store and this middle-aged woman suddenly comes up to our car and opens the passenger door (where I was sitting). She said "OOPS!!" and ran off. Scared the bajeesus out of me.

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Do people often marry their own cousins in the south?

my bf is from Mississippi and I'm constantly giving him shit about it haha! He's always complaining that he's unable to make friends because of his accent (so he hides it!)
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The entire series of Lost will be streaming on Netflix starting the 8th. Should I invest myself in the show or not? I don't want to end up upset and angry at the ending like I hear most Lost fans were.

What's the last present you bought?
I bought my husband this gaming chair for Christmas.
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I bought a Duncan Hines Red velvet Cake mix. I want to make it for my nephew who cannot have eggs or dairy. The mix itself is dairy free, but it requires three eggs.

What can I use to replace the eggs, TQC?
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Inspired by an ex-roommate who had several mundane habits with bizarre reasoning.

Your toast is a little bit burnt, so you scrape the black bits off. Why do you do this?

A. Toast tastes better when it isn't burnt
B. Its what my parents did when I was little
C. Burnt toast causes cancer
D. comments

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A few weeks ago a woman my mother knows gave her two brown paper bags one with sweet potatoes in it and one with regular potatoes in it. I went to get the regular potatoes out of their bag today and found about 40 half smoked Capri cigarette butts in there. I checked the other bag but nothing was in there. How did these get in there and why?
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grasshoppers & hair

So I was rereading the little house books and when the Ingalls lived in....I think Minnesota, there were days when it apparently rained grasshoppers. Does that still happen? I would assume pesticides have cleared it up.

I part my hair on the side. When I cut it, should I have it parted where it is, or should it be parted in the middle?

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What is the weather like where you are? Are you happy with said weather? What is your favorite season?
Its snowing here, but just flurries, no accumulation. It's so cold though, I hate it :( My favorite season is Summer
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This is a menstrual question.

Girls only or guys that bleed too. :)

When you're on your period what is your preferred method of hygiene products?
Pad, tampon, or other?

How long do you last?
About a week from warning cramps to random spots.

How long did you go w/o a period? Reasons?
5 or 6 months. Training for cross country.
How do you deal w/ the naasty smell?
Lost of showers. :)
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Today my boyfriend was all "derkaderkaderka, I'ma go grocery shoppin' when I get off work." I asked him to come get me first because I didn't trust him to go do it by himself. He INSISTED he was capable of doing it. He has called me SEVEN times for help. AURGH!

What is something you would rather od yourself than have someone else do it?

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doesn't the existence of a quantity called "infinity" presuppose the fact that there MUST be a larger quantity, or bigger infinity?  

i mean, if things are infinitely divisible, doesn't that mean that there must always be more divisions?  infinity itself must be infinitely divisible...


ever been to a hospital as a patient?

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I'm having problems with AT&T's customer service for the first time ever, and I'm not sure how to handle this :\ If any of you have advice, I'd love to hear it.
Collapse )
So, what do I do now? Call their customer service back and ask for a manager? I didn't think they could just add on services without getting my permission, or without even informing me that they were adding them. I feel like I shouldn't have to pay for something that I never chose to add to the plan (and actually avoided adding)/something that they never told me was required. Or am I just being ridiculous, and I should shut up and pay the full bill?

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I have to take my hamster to the vet later because one of his fingers is all swollen & IDK what's going on. The vet's gonna magically make it better y/y? Without charging a fortune? He hates his travel box & freaks out in it & has been in it for a max of about 20 mins. Today's gonna be longer. How do I make sure he doesn't hate me after?? It's for his own good!

Dgaf about my poor little boy: What's in your handbag/purse right now? I want to know about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, even those two-month-old receipts for tampons. 
Friendship is the best (Coupling)

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So I have spent the last couple of months cleaning this guy's house to try and earn a bit of cash (not that he's paid me yet, but another story) and I've finally worked out what bothers me about it.

He has no bookshelves. I've only seen one book in the house that doesn't belong to his daughters. That weirds me out, how can you have a home with no books?

Which leads me to my question: What makes somewhere a home for you, tqc?
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my roommate has created this 'bag of spices' which she uses to carry between our house and her boyfriends. before this all our spices where in one cupboard. I'd noticed that a bunch were gone but couldn't remember if they were all mine or not. I peeked into the bag today and noticed my bay leaves (which I am positive are mine) in the bag. I sort of think some of the other things are mine too but am not 100%. what do I do when I talk to her about it? should I just get myself new spices and label them or something?

how is the weather like where you are?
do you like that healthy selects soup?

if I took you to ihop tonight what would you get?
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TQC, I'm bored. Will you suggest something I could make into a plushie?

The only two drawbacks are I don't have a printer, so it has to be something easy to draw (bc I can't draw that well!) & I only have blue, green, red, orange, & purple fabric to choose from.
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I am going to play Sims 3and I am too lazy to create my own because I have run out of ideas! What should I make my Sims look like (I have all the expansions) and what careers should I give them and what traits and names?

The wackier, the better, in my opinion. Right now, the only one I like is Insane, Inappropriate, Childish, Snob, and Clumsy.


What were you like when you were in middle/high school?
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Imagine if you are in the middle of a zombie outbreak with Romero-esque slow zombies. Thanks to natural immunity to the zombie virus, you're doing a pretty good job of surviving, and are running around in a mostly dead/undead city when you come across a couple of survivors being attacked by a crowd of zombies. Would you help them out?

Assuming you do, they then tell you that they've been looking for a lost relative. They'll come with you to safety if you give them a hand. Would you aid them or leave them?

What if they made some pretty unreasonable demands, like asking you to pay them or for you to carry some of the stuff they looted or to strip to your underwear? At what point would you still consider it ethical to leave them to die?
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I was just outside earlier in the bitter cold, and I saw a guy dressed like he was a tourist in Florida. He was wearing cargo shorts, a Tommy Bahamas-ish shirt, one of those hats with the strings you can tie together, and SOCKS AND SANDALS. What would possess any human being to dress like that, especially during the winter? No, he was not a polar bear.

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Cheapest place to get some decent winter coats? I'm in Florida and have never really even owned a heavy coat, but it is currently like 49 degrees and my thin cotton hoodie jacket just ain't doin it.
BUT I only have like 30 dollars to spend and I am going shoppin at lunch tomorrow.


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Help me decide what to do for New Year?

Go to my best friends uni house. His girlfriend will be there so I could end up being a 3rd wheel or it could be mega awkward if she gets jealous,

Go to London as I do every year, see lots of family but isn't particularly exciting,

or go to a friend from school's and see lots of people I went to school with. (both a good and bad thing)

What are you doing for new year?
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A friend of mine and I have feelings for each other, but we don't want a relationship. We have, however, started making out when we see each other.

What idea is worse than this?
What would be a fun solution?
ETA: How will this go terribly wrong?

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Do you agree with the phrase that a drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts?

We're doing a secret santa at work, I've heard of it but never been done it myself.  Any suggestions for prank/joke gifts?
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Could a petite girl wear a sweater dress like this if it's a petite-sized dress?

I'm tired of not being able to wear cute dresses & boots because I'm so short >:(

(and I didn't get to sew anything because I forgot all my chalk @ my parents' house, sooo yeah)
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[/PMS-y and sleep deprived]

 So TQC, it's finals week -- most wonderful time of the year!

So I haven't slept in 35+ hours and had two finals today that absolutely kicked my ass. I got home after finishing the second one at 7. So, I get in the living room to start working on my paper that's due tomorrow. Well, my awesome roommate (who should be studying for her own finals) decides it's a brilliant idea to invite her dude over and commandeer the living room to watch movies when I told her I'd be working on stuff downstairs b/c it's godawfully freezing upstairs and b/c I do not want to be anywhere near a bed or I will pass out.

So I basically got booted out of my own damn living room.
How pissed would you be in this situation? 

DK/DC: What's your favorite soda/carbonated beverage? 
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 So my boyfriend and I are going to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA for New Years. We're spending two days in SC and then the 30th and 31st in Savannah. What should we do?!

Have you ever been on a ghost tour? Specifically in Savannah? We both really want to go on one, I've only been on ones in St. Augustine, FL. 

Are you traveling anywhere for the holidays?
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I dropped my iPhone and now the lower half of the screen is dead, should I take it to a genius bar or will they not look at it because it was my own fault?
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I would like to move to a new state when I go for my Masters within two years (depending on the school when the start date would be, because I graduate within a year). I like places that are medium-large cities such as Chicago, but am also comfortable in "College Towns", and I really like winter. I'd prefer a school near the east coast, or Chicago, as I'm not really keen on the Midwest itself (from a small town in Indiana), and I'd also like the ability to come home within a day or two.

The only west cost location I'd consider is Seattle, as I have family members there.

Which city should I look into moving to?
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Have you ever had a bizarre celebrity crush?

Brought to you by my dubious attraction to Julian Assange, despite the fact that he's 1) fairly strange-looking, 2) potentially a rapist, and 3) more than likely a class A jerk in person. 
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so tonight i went to the beach with a few friends and was frolicking and whatnot in the water, when my legs started stinging like a mofo. so i ran out and saw that i had little spots all over and blood pouring down my legs. it was dark so obvs i have no idea what the ffff went down.

what attacked me, tqc?