December 5th, 2010

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What are your favorite traditional holiday songs?
What are your favorite contemporary holiday songs?

I think my favorite contemporaries are Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song and Nicotine's cover of Don't They Know It's Christmas.

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I'm moving to Canada in a month and am in the process of (but trying not to) convincing myself that my relationship will fail because of it.

What is your worst quality in a relationship?
I'm needy and insecure... I always need reassurance that the person still cares.

What is your best quality in a relationship?
I'm a damn good girlfriend, especially at showing how I feel... I make gifts for no reason, give cards 'just because' and always tell him how I feel.

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Math anyone?

My friend and I are playing an online game and my friend is leading. He has 2,007,578 points and has been playing for 253 hours and 18 minutes, with a score per minute of 132. I have 1,095,981 points and have been playing for 127 hours and 12 minutes, with a score per minute of 143.

When will I catch up to him?

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My mom is deaf and recently started working a normal day shift at work so she's been really nervous about waking up on time. I told her that I would buy her an alarm clock for the hearing impaired.

Do I buy my mom the alarm clock shaped like a hot pink heart with rainbow numbers or get the plain one?

The plain one is less expensive, but has less good reviews.

-Basically is a pink heart alarm clock too tacky for my crazy mom?

What's your favorite kind of pizza?
Do you get it from a pizzeria or a chain?

Tank Girl

Any comic book fans out there? My friend loves them and has been reading Tank Girl online. I want to get a Tank Girl comic for her for Christmas but I don't know where to start. So, which Tank Girl comic would be best? Assume she hasn't read any of the printed comics.

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My partner and I just had huge arguement last night because I found out he had been replacing me with porn. (we hardly ever have sex due to his depression but he still gets his rocks off) We have already had the fight, sorted out the issues(sorta) and talked about it. And honestly I dont want to go through it here.

It is however his birthday and I am still angry at him, its now 11 in the morning and the shops are finally open on a sunday and the plan was while he is still in bed I go out get dishwasher pellets, buy some bacon and make him bacon and eggs as a surprise etc etc. But now I cannot be fucking bothered, I know it sounds so petty but I am still angry. Still hurt. And in my head I don't believe he deserves it. But at the same time...its his birthday, and I one of those people who do put a lot of importance on birthdays. And also...I know its only bacon and eggs and it doesnt matter in the big scheme of things but I am still so very angry about this all.


Am I being petty?
Do I have legit reason to still be angry?
And carry it over onto his birthday?
(Bearing in mind I am not very good at holding in negative emotions)

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I just moved into a new apartment about two weeks ago. Last week I noticed that my water smells kind of funny. It has a sweet kind of smell to it, but it doesn't really taste any different. Anyone know what this might be? I'm reporting it to management, but is there anything they can do about it?

ETA: I'm already using a Brita pitcher for drinking water, but that doesn't get rid of the smell. It comes from every faucet, not just the kitchen. So in the shower I can smell it too.

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I work security at a copper mine and a port-a-john is supplied for the needs of the security officers here at the gate.

I just went in there and noticed that there is hair and skin refuse in fair quantity stuck to the inside of the door at about waist height, across the width of the door and in decent quantity. I did not investigate the means by which these things adhere to the door. As far as I can tell, it's head hair.

What the hell are my co-workers doing in there?
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How can I get over my Robitussin hangover?
I didn't OD or try to ~get high~, I wanted my coughs to go away long enough to sleep, now I feel really weird. :/

Cough medicine hangover stories?
Have you ever tried any cough medicine that actually tasted good?
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i was just informed about green bay packer fans. most specifically about a guy who dresses like the pope and calls himself the pope of green bay and holds "mass" in the stadium parking lot.

why are football fans clinically insane?

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Collapse )

I can tell my parents totally hate it, lol. Have you ever gotten a haircut that you loved and your parents hated? When was the last time you got your hair cut?
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My daughter and mom-in-law like to have seasonal parties. We've had a Spring Fling and a failed Fall Ball(didn't happen)...My daughter is upset and wants to do it during the Winter now. Can anyone think of a good rhyme for this new Winter party?

What fun activities should we have at our snowless Snow Ball?
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1. Do you make your bed?

2. You have an exam this Thursday. You have nothing else to work on between now and then. When do you actually start putting effort into studying?

3. What's your favorite sound?

4. E-readers: want one? Have one? Do you think they are going to kill off paper-and-glue books for good?

5. Did you change your profile picture to a cartoon character, or do you think that's a dumb practice?

How to build up fitness

Okay, so I'm very unfit right now, have done almost no exercise for 6 months other than casual walking. I've joined a gym. Is it better to push myself and go 5 or 6 days a week, or to do things every second day (or less?) over there until I build myself up a bit? Like, right now I'm really sore from a pilates class, should I wait until I'm not sore, even though he said I'd probably be sore for a week?

How long do you think it'll be before I can feel results? (not worried about weight loss right now, just going for 'legs don't die after 15 minutes walking fast on a treadmill')

I want to make a playlist to listen to while I work out. What songs would be good for working out purposes? I like oldies stuff and 'happy' music. It'll need to be relatively fast paced for working out.

What do you think of pilates?
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Secret Santa

What would make a good gift under 10 dollars for a coworker? She's 18, and irritating. I tried and tried to think of something nice to say about her but I just can't do it. I need some sort of gift, though. itunes gift card? Jokey t-shirt? What should I get for her?
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My father says I have to take a class at the local community college spring semester, so I can get a job. My reply was 'lol no', because I think it would be time and money better spent going to a temp agency, applying to places I know are hiring, looking for volunteer positions in my chosen field and applying to grad school. However, he seems focused on this class thing and is annoyed at my refusal, still saying I have to do it and am going to do it. I’m annoyed at his interference in my plans. Am I being unreasonable? Is there some perk to spending money on a class in a career I have no interest in perusing in the long run in order to maybe get a job for less than two years?

EDIT: ok i'll take the class but my pride is totally smarting

At what age did your parents stop thinking they could tell you what to do?
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I can't seem to find it so I'm gonna ask.

I remember a little while ago finding out you can view posts in a community by user. How do you do this? I found out via this community and wish I had saved it :(

Since that was quick: What's the worst community in livejournal (I can't think of anything to ask D:)
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I am making pizza from scratch tomorrow night, and wanted to make the dough tonight.
I want to use whole wheat flour, and I found recipes for it... but most recipes call for some whole wheat, some white. why?
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Do you have a uniform or an identifying piece of clothing for where you work?
While wearing this identifying piece of clothing (like an apron), do customers ask you if you work at [your place of employment]?
Do you just want to say "No, I wear this for fun, I like to confuse people"?
Why can't the average customer read?

(Yes, yes, I wish and idk)

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Do you deduct anything on your taxes related to your job expenses?
If you donate money to charity, do you include it in your taxes or just forget it?

What are your favorite charities to donate to?
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i'm looking for the name/recipe of a christmas cookie i had when i was younger...
we called them "pillow cookies" but i'm pretty sure that's not the actual name. i believe they were made in a cookie press, and they had chocolate in the center of the "pillows". the dough outside was basically a sugar dough flavor, and they were usually decorated with red and green sugars. no chocolate was visible until you bit inside.

do you know this cookie?

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 I live in a suite. I don't really talk to my roommates in the other room. Anyway, they left this weekend, leaving their puppy behind (who has been crying and barking). They did not tell me and my other roommate they were leaving. Also, they gave their keys to two strangers who have come in 2AM last night to "check on the dog". Is this ok? Am I out there to be furious at this situation? I don't feel safe in my own place. 

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Are there any words you thought were "bad"/swear words when you were a kid, that totally aren't?

Ex.: My brother's friend in preschool thought "burst" was a bad word for some reason. When pressed for his rationale, he explained, "You know, like, 'I burst out of my skin.'" What he meant by this is beyond me.

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I am giving a big important presentation on Tuesday that I need to do to graduate college. Any tips on public speaking that would help in this situation? It doesn't really come naturally to me.

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In your opinion, what is the best under appreciated TV show?

For me it's Boston Legal all the way. SO GOOD. Funny, dark, cynical, hopeful, slapstick, intellectual, AMAZING.

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It looks like I'm up and moving across the country when I graduate in the spring. Last time I moved at all, I was 7 and it was only across town. I'll be moving with my mom and stepdad so it shouldn't be too bad but it'll still be a huge change for me. I'm excited, though. Have you ever done something like this? From where to where? How did that go? How do I best go about getting my stuff from Massachusetts to Arizona? Use this post to tell me about moves you've made in your lifetime.
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If someone told you they were going to show up to your house to pick something up between 5 and 6, when would you assume that they were not coming? You do not know this person.

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Okay so I have a very affectionate rat who loves to groom me and give me little rat kisses and it's really cute. But the other day I saw her sitting in her cage and in her little paws was a piece of poop and she was eating it and I was traumatized. Should I avoid her grooming/kisses and possibly offend her or just deal with it.gif and use sanitizer after? I've only seen her do it once but it probably still happens.

What is your least favorite day of the week?

I HATE SUNDAYS. WHY DOES EVERYTHING CLOSE AT 6? Or just closed all day, like Chick Fil A UGH.

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Person A is having a really, really hard time. Person A wants to talk to Person B, just to calm down. After no response, Person A cuts for the first time. Then Person A confides that they cut. Person B goes on a screaming rampage and says Person A should just die, is an attention whore, a slut, and should really just kill themself.

Who needs more help here, person A or person B? If your friend said they cut themself what would you do?

*edit: person B actually has incredible anger issues and is an alcoholic. last month person B admitted he/she was depressed/alcoholic and considering a coke habit. person A offered to pay for a few therapy sessions. person A has been considerably more stressed/depressed since person B's admission and unwillingness to actually get help.

These people obviously at one point dated and made each other worse. These people really need to stop talking to each other for real. Person A had an eating disorder, but has been healthy and generally non-depressed for three years.
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If I were planning to go to the Orlando theme parks/Wizarding world of harry potter for four days, how much money should I plan to bring for food and other day-to-day costs? Ie, everything after plane tickets, hotels, and tickets have been purchased.

Also, is there any time of year in which these parks are less psychotically busy?

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Would you let a friend use your Netflix account (instant play) if said friend does not live in the same city, watches a lot of things that you don't like and rates them high ratings which throws off the recommendations, and does not ever pay for it?
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I am starting college (finally, at age 23) in January (spring semester) and have just received notification that I'll be getting $8500 for the 2010/2011 award year. Does this mean that the money is for both spring term and fall 2011 term, or will I be eligible for more aid come the fall?

tl;dr what is your favorite dinner?

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there is a dilemma in my family and we don't know how to go about it. sorry for the long read but i'm trying to make it clear. your thoughts please.

a relative of mine has a tumor, but they don't know this. most of my relatives do not want to tell them because they think this person would stress out more and this could cause them more pain and possibly an earlier death.

the other side is to tell them this and them would be able to do all sorts of therapy..however the problem in this case is that with the type type of therapy that they would have to go through would also damage other organs that they already have some issues with (not to mention how much money that this would cost and i don't think we would be able to afford it, everyone is pretty sure that they will not go about to doing this) so in a way it would not help them because even with the small chance that it may get rid of this tumor it would in turn ruin their other organs and set them on the same path so to speak.
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doggy issues

Once I get paid next week, I'm going to make an appointment for the vet...but in the meantime, I need some help.

A couple of nights ago, I noticed my dog's left eye keeps shutting close with hard crusts around her eyes. I have been wetting a washing cloth with warm water and softening up the crusts and trying to get rid of them. Her eye would be fine but then a few hours later, it would shut close again. I also noticed the veiny part inside her left eye is dark pink while the right eye is normal...light pink. Also, the skin around her eye seems pinkish. What can it be? Could she have hurt it by accident while she was alone?

I'm not sure if she's in pain because when I'm trying to open her eye back up, she's not crying or anything. But she seems to squirm a lot. Is there anything else I can do to keep her eye open other than what I am doing now?
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Why sometimes do you just feel like you have to yawn and stretch really big? it feels so good but I want to know why you do it.

How much money should I allot off of each paycheck for gas? I work 5 days a week, so that's maybe ten miles round trip each day and maybe 20 miles of random driving around town a week. I get paid twice a week.
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In video games that require you to take a good path or an evil path, to what side do you tend? I am at a very big decision in Fable III, and I cannot bring myself to make the choice that would make my game easier, because I hate being evil.

dk/dc What is the most stressful game you've ever played?
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Hey, TQC!

A while back I posted a TQC update about cutting my hair really short, inspired by a TQC post and a picture of Emma Watson's short hair. I liked it for a hot minute, and have hated it since.

BUT! I found Collapse ) and it makes me much happier about my short 'do.

Will you show me pictures of similar head bands (and possibly places I can purchase them)?
I'm particularly interested in finding something similar with feathers, and not really into bows.

What would I call these if I wanted to search for them? "head bands" is way to broad and would result in a ton of stuff to sift through. Maybe "embellished head bands"?

DK/DC: Will you share pics of hair accessories/hats/etc that you have/love/want?

ETA: I'm totally shameless and can't help announcing that it's my TWENTY-SEVENTH BIRTHDAY! Yeeeeaaah.

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Its finals week and all study locations are packed. You finally find a spot. Its pretty decent - near an outlet & a big table (for like 8 people). You sit down and get settled into your work. A big group (say, 9 people) ask you politely if you would move because they're working on a group project and need the space.

What would you say? Would you move?

Eta: you don't see any other open spots in the immediate area
mum? dad?

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I just opened a US bank account, and I want to add it to Paypal. I believe it is a chequing account, but the only options for account type that Paypal gives me are "savings" and "current". Which one do I choose?

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My sister and I used to be bffs, but had a huge falling out in the summer. I haven't talked to her since August. I didn't want to be a complete asshole and not get her a Christmas gift so I got her something I know she'll really like and also got her bf something because there's no bad blood between us so I figured I'd do the right thing.

I was excited about giving these gifts until today when I got home to a Fbook message from my sister basically saying, "Don't bother getting my bf a gift. We will not be seeing you and you are not allowed to associate with him." I got really upset because I thought I was doing a nice thing and she made it seem like I was doing something wrong.

I have a few questions about this situation you most likely do not care about:

1) Was it bad form to buy them both Christmas gifts when we currently don't speak to each other?

2) Should I still give them their gifts? I mean, they're already bought and everything, but I don't want to piss anyone off =/

3) Should I tell my mom about the message? (My mom is always trying to get us to talk and yells at me for not talking to my sister, so if I told her it would basically be to prove to her I'm not the one with the grudge)


I'm not sure what's going on with my body.

Collapse )

Is it more likely that this is a weird period, a miscarriage, or something else all together?

I'm making a doctors appointment tomorrow but I wont be able to get in until Wednesday. Any insights are helpful.
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Ipod help

Is there a way transfer the music on my Ipod to my computer? My computer reconigzes the device and syncs with it but I'm not able to play music on my computer or make playlists or anything. Am I missing something?

Don't care?

Do you have snow where you live? Do you want to?

We have flurries but none of it is sticking. I feel that if it's going to be freezing out, it might as well snow and be pretty too!

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In my group of close friends, we don't really get each other Christmas presents because we all know we're broke. We just hang out and have fun and don't expect gifts. However, the other night, one of my friends mentioned he had already gotten me something for Christmas and he was trying to decide what to get everyone else.

Am I now supposed to get him something? I would have never known about it if he hadn't mentioned it, but now that I know, I feel pressured to get him something. I'm broke. If I do, should I just bake something? What do I bake?

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so is being hipster not like being a punk? you can say you're a hipster and still be a hipster, whereas you can't say you're a punk and be a punk? real punks don't call themselves punk, jsyk.
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UGH TQC!  The money that I thought I was going to be able to have access to doesn't look like it's going to work out.  Unless I want to drop out of school I have to come up with 5 grand by the first week of January,  Any ideas for fundraising?

srs and non srs answers welcome!

dk/dc?  Are there any celebs that you had a crush on as a kid that you look back on now and wonder what on earth you were thinking? who?

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tqc, i made a small scene (an argument that ended with me crying, not loudly, but noticeably) at one of my favorite restaurants. Can I ever go back? It is a tiny restaurant, only a few tables. I was so upset I didn't think to be embarrassed until now, hours later.
Have you ever broken down in a restaurant or other public place?