December 4th, 2010

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 What was the last thing you ate that was so delicious, even though you've eaten it quite a few times before?

When I got off work honey roasted cashews were just so good today, i don't even know why, i eat them all the time!

Did you ever have a Nokia phone? 
Totes inspired by playing snake on facebook.

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If you ever really committed to a fashion/style/lifestyle, and have since left, do you still feel alittle bit part of loyal to it?

i.e. I was very much into all things gothic a long time ago, and still feel like a little part of me is a goth.
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okay this is such a long shot, but does anyone know where i can download some green roof trays (extensive system) as components for revit 2010? liveroof has them for download but they're for revit 2011 which i don't have. i just want to place components all the tutorials are for intensive I JUST WANT TRAYS DAMMIT

dk/dc (omg but if you know and don't care you are really mean i've been looking on the internet for so long): what computer programs do you know? do you know any cool 3d modeling programs? DISCUSS.

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i just discovered this website:
"One thing a lot of 90s kids still own to this day is a collection of VHS tapes — most of which are Disney movies. The stuff put out by Disney during the 90s is arguably the most memorable part of growing up for us. Some people watched all of them, some only saw certain ones, but we all had our favorites. And when it comes to the classic Disney ballads, WE ALL KNOW AT LEAST ONE BY HEART."

so tqc, what are your disney ballads????
mine are part of your world and reflection :')))))
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So, there are some stupid drunk assholes playing football, breaking glass bottles and being generally fucking loud and obnoxious. It's nearly 3 in the morning and they've been doing this since like 11.

I called the cops and the cop just showed up and was like "quit being a fucker go inside". They are not going inside.

Is it justifiable at this point to go outside and stab them?
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Kwanzaa danceable music? Looking for links to buy/download

SO does anybody have some links for ballroom/swing danceable Kwanzaa music? Rock-ish would do.

There's a corporate party, see, and Christmas swing/foxtrot/waltz/salsa/polka music was easy to find, and at least some Hanukkah music, but we came up empty looking for Kwanzaa music, other than some rather not danceable kid's songs and pretty cool drum pieces.

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I keep smelling a... smell. My cat is in bed with me, my husband is passed out. Did he seriously poop his pants in his sleep? It smells like raw people poop. Not cat.

Did he shit on my all white sheets?
National Leage Central Champs, Chicago Cubs

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Am I the only Chicago Cubs fan here? Is anyone else mourning the death of Ron Santo? I have been since I woke up this morning. Ron Santo was the biggest Cubs fan I've ever seen and an amazing advocate for juvenile diabetes. His on field talent in the 1960's and charitable nature will be missed, but celebrated forever.
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At midnight a stranger came up to our house and rang the doorbell. He had a large chocolate lab with him, and asked if we had lost a dog. We looked at the dog, and the stranger said, "oh not this dog." After a few questions he said kind of vaguely, "The lost dog's at my friend's house." It was just a really vague and odd moment. We told him no, we had not lost a dog, and closed the door. He seemed sober and relatively normal outside of the bizarre question.

There's a worry that he was casing our house.

What's your opinion? What are signs we could be looking for? Have you ever had a similar situation/worry? How did that turn out?

If they're looking for a time when our house is empty they're gonna be pretty frustrated, we all have different shifts for work, there's literally not a time when someone isn't awake and someone else isn't asleep, and we're all pretty stubbornly homebodies.... but that would only help if they were only after our stuff. :\
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Is it a shame?

All the russian internet is buzzing about this video since yesterday.

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Some say it's a shame, others think it was pretty brave to try to speak English with his accent.
I would really like to get to know some opinions from the other side.

What do you think about this? Is it cute, gross, shameful, hilarious or somehow else?
Is it understandable enough?
Do we have to blush for our minister of sport?
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TQC, I am going to walmart and I have four things on my list, but can only afford three because I only have $7. Which three of the four should I get?


Will you post an insignificant dilemma you are faced with right now, so that we can help you decide how to proceed?

Edit: I am back and I didn't really listen to anyone, haha. I bought Benadryl and wine, and then I realized I need $2 for parking on Monday, so I didn't get a third thing, haha. Oh well.

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Alright, TQC. I'm pretty sure we've all had this problem at least once:
You buy a box of individually wrapped snacks (in my case, it's some Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, because I am a responsible adult). One of the plastic wrappers is open/torn, but the box was sealed.

Do you eat it anyway, or toss it?


I hardly ever get answers when it comes to art, but a try anyway:

In the Outer Banks we always stop in a gallery in Duck Corolla that sells these AMAZING Disney paintings. I wanted to show a friend of mine, but I have no idea what the gallery is, who the artist is, or anything.

Any ideas?

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Will you tell me something petty that you're proud of?

Ages ago my friend was telling me about Twilight before any of the other books had come out yet.  I remember saying "Glitter vampires are stupid.  And Edward sounds like a dick."

Or how about a terrible food experience?

I wanted a glass of milk and after it plop-plop-ploped into my mug I realize it expired last month.  Eww.

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TQC: My parents have vacated our house for the weekend and left me to my own devices as far as feeding myself.

What delicious and forbidden things should I eat while they are gone?

Srs and nonsrs answers welcome.

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Whats the strangest question you've asked someone or thought to ask someone?

I once asked my friend who's first language is Spanish but speaks English 80% of the time did she think in Spanish and translate to English or were her thoughts in English because she was speaking English and what did English sound like in her head, was she translating everything as she went or did she just know?

Needless to say she didn't actually have an answer because according to her when she started thinking about it she started thinking in English but she couldn't tell if it was different from her day to day thinking prior to my question.
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dead formats etc.

So I've been offered a spot at a local college radio station. I don't even go to the college and I wouldn't be getting paid, but I think it would be fun / good for diversifying my kind of lacking resume. That said, I already have a pretty busy schedule (work, family, jazz guitar lessons) Should I do it?

*note* the spot on the radio station would be mine to do whatever I want with. Talk, play music, etc.

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TQC are there any beautiful, magical, gaudy as hell, holiday light displays around you?
Are they commercial/Civic or residential?
Do you have lights up? outside /inside?
blinking lights rule yes?

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So I already have this awesome and secure job that I love and managed to get without a degree because I was fortunate and aced the interview.

Anyway, I have a free pass through college. Actually, it is not only free, I would get PAID to go to college.

I think I want to go to become an ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter. Either that, or some other language. Spanish seems to make the most sense because knowing Spanish and English can be very beneficial in business, but I just don't know, it seems so boring I guess. haha. ASL is really enjoyable to me (I've only taken 1/2 a semester of classes) but I would forget it all quickly if I didn't use it enough, and I don't really know if I would. So in that way, Spanish makes more sense.

What do you think I should do? ASL or Spanish or some other language or some other degree?
Dr Horrible - pain
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Do you ever feel thankful for having shitty things?

Earlier I was chopping an onion and the knife slipped and I cut my finger. If I had good knives, I would have ended up in the ER, so I was never more happy to have shitty $40 knives from JCPenney. lol

If you don't care about this, will you tell me about your ideal bagel?
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I just purchased a french press and a new tea kettle. And I'm so excited!

What is the very last thing you purchased online?
Was there a high amount of excitement surrounding this purchase?

Have you started receiving Christmas cards yet?

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If a genie popped out of your computer right now and offered to send you back in time to any point in your life (to relive from that point on, with all memories intact), what age would you go back to?

I'd go back to senior fall semester of high school. That way, I wouldn't have to redo the SATs or my grades, and keep my college chances intact. But I'd get to date the boy who liked me but I was too chickenshit to do anything about, choose a different college, and live a life of bold adventure traveling the world for years before even considering grad school. Also, I'd audition for the lead in the spring musical, because I've finally gotten over my singing stage fright.

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How do you deal with a SO or friend who takes everything for granted?

Brought to you by an argument with my fiance. I pay for rent, which is over half my paycheck. He pays for a measly power and cable bill. He blames it on his crap part time job, but now he's out of school...he says he's looking for a real job. He's been going out with friends for the past 2 days. He thinks this is totally acceptable not helping me with rent. Should I just kick his ass and make him grow the fuck up?

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TQC should I:

- Go out to a "Trash the State"/recycling-themed music show with cheap beer and cheaper cover? I would have to go home and change into one of my ugly thrift store dresses first; OR

- Stop at the grocery store to get junk food on my way home, eat chips naked and watch bad 80s movies by myself?; OR

- Something else?

What colours go well with orange, besides blue and neutrals (black, grey, etc.)? I bought an orange purse with blue lining today, it's not ORANGE but rather a more pumpkiny/burnt orange colour.
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teh fuds

What's for dinner?

I'm making baked white fish, mushroom risotto and spaghetti squash. Too lazy to also make some greens, they'll just have to live with this.


Have you seen Carnivale? I'm currently obsessed with the soundtrack for it. Can you recommend anything else that has that kind of feel to it? A lot gypsy, bohemian, folky, preferably instrumental but not necessary.

Harry Potter: Douchbag


I need to watch a cheesy feel good film tonight. Help me chose.

What film should I watch tonight?

The Little Mermaid
Beauty & the Beast
Legally Blonde
Labyrinth (with David Bowie)
Spirited Away
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Lost Boys
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Kirsty Swanson Film)
Other cheesy film (answer in the comments)

Yes I know my taste in films sucks.
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I'm turning 27 at midnight, TQC!

Should I act my age and keep it semi classy with just a few glasses of wine?

Or should I party like I'm 21 (or, in my case, 23 was the climax of my partying career) with a bottle of Jameson to my face?

I'm leaning towards the whiskey because I'm feeling rather rebellious about this whole "being 27" business.

DK/DC: How much of your 21st birthday do you remember? Any disastrous/hilarious 21st birthday stories?

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What does one wear to a job interview at a daycare? A suit would probably be overdoing it, right? When I interviewed at my current one I wore a casual skirt and a niceish tshirt, but looking back, that doesn't seem nice enough.

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TQC, can you help me decide how I should approach this situation?

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If you don't know or don't care to read all of that, have any of you pet-sit before? How did you get the word out? Is it worth it, money-wise?

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I just came back to LJ after years of being away, probably because I am trying to avoid working on an important presentation for school right now. Therefore, all the LJ friends I used to have are now gone, so I have no journals to comment on/ have no real reason to update mine right now. Borrring.

Want to by my LJ friend?

A Few Things I Like:
TV shows such as Dexter, the Office, Simpsons, and many many more. You know, good shows.
Funny internet things like Geekologie and Hyperbole and a Half
Almost being done with college
Half Life (and Half Life 2)

2nd question: Was this post too forward?
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When you're making a big move (like out on your own for the first time), what do you do with all the stuff from your childhood that you want to keep, say, for your hypothetical children, but don't want to move around with? Do you give it to your parents to hold onto?

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I love natural disaster movies. Earthquakes, tornadoes, meteors, etc. The more epically terrible, the better. I'm addicted to the SyFy Channel when they do their disaster movie days.

What are your favorite disaster movies?
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You're driving along and you notice an animal which has be hurt (assumedly hit by a car), writhing around on the road. Would you swerve around it and continue on your way or try to help it?
Would your reaction be different depending on what kind of animal it is?
What if you were in a hurry?

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I have an idea to create some prints for my boyfriend for Christmas. He has this stuffed moose from when he was younger named Moosart (like Mozart) and I wanted to play off that. Beside that, so far I have Mooses , Moossolini, Moose Springsteen, and Colonel Moosetard. I'd prefer names that can have moose in them, but even if it's moose related, like antler(s) or hoof(ves), that would be fine, too!

Thanks for the help, everyone! :)

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Mine did finally text and let me know she was staying a friend's house the rest of the weekend, but I spent all day thinking about this.

If you have a room mate that you're not particularly close to, and she stops coming home, how long do you let her stay missing before you call the police?
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So I went on a date this evening..dinner and a movie. Got home, and he had emailed me "hope I didn't disrupt your viewing too badly. It took me awhile to stop shaking". What the hell? I didn't notice him shaking, but this email is totally weird right? (this is the same guy who uses my name a lot when writing/texting me) It was a pretty nice night until that email.
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I jsut finshed a huge birthday dinner for my fiance, I cooked:
HUGE Beef Korma with vegetables and lentils
Spicey salad
Banana, mando and coconut fruit salad
a whte chocolate layered mudcake with dark chocolate marbele with a chocolate sause layer inside thing(it was SO RICH)

I am dead and tired omg I need a red bull as we are about to go out to a local pub.

I had fun doing his all but now I need a strong drink and a red bull
When was the last time you put in SO MUCH effort for someone?
Was it worth it?
Did it end up bad or good or awesome?

DN?DC: What did you last have for dinner?