December 3rd, 2010

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Do you ever want to slap girls who call other girls whores?

Or if you don't condone physical violence, something else to show that is inappropriate?
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This is a really strange question geared to only one person, but I remember there being a flight attendant in this community. Can you please reveal yourself? I'm looking into this as a career and would like to talk!

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My SO just started a new job and I guess it's affecting his sleep because he sleeps fine every other day except when he has to get up in the morning to go to work. Taking melatonin doesn't work, however advil pm does when he remembers to take it and going to the doctor isn't an option because his utter lack of health insurance. What should he do in order to sleep so I stop thinking about stabbing him in the face for waking me up all the time?

morning discussion post

first post of what will become a monday-friday morning tradition by me.

Do you think employers and/or apartment complexes should look at your credit score as a way to determine whether or not they'll hire you/rent to you? (and to clarify, by "should", i merely mean it in as a strong suggestion... not a mandatory law). Why or why not?
i say, old bean

oh no :(

so my friend's daughter caught the flu the other day. it passed to the both of the parents and eventually my sister caught it, which was yesterday. they all live together. i shared a cigarette with her (curses!) before knowing all of this..and since waking up this morning my stomach will not stop gurgling.

how likely is it that i'm going to become one with the porcelain goddess today?

has anyone around you caught the flu yet?

what are your plans for the next 2 hours?

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The more I hear of this Julian Assauge character, the more I wish to join in the righteous campaign to hack his document-vomiting website. Alas alack, I have no hacker skills. Could I pay someone to hack the new Swiss site on my behalf? Or would that be rackeetering or conspiracy?
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i work in a call center so i need my voice and every five to ten minutes my throat feels like it's on GD fire. i also almost fell over when i got out of bed this morning. it felt like all the weight in my head/body shifted to the left and i had to grab something.

i also feel like my head might be made of fur, and i have a minor nose bleed.

is staying home legit?

i feel really guilty because i missed a lot of work last week doing fun things.
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FD Lens to EOS

Does anyone know of a really good quality FD adapter for an EOS DSLR camera?  I want to get FD mount lens for my Canon 60D, but I am getting mixed reviews of certain adapters saying it distorts the quality of the image.

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I've come home for the weekend, managed to forget my only bank card with any money on it and suddenly owe loads of people money.
Is there a way I can get the card details somehow?
i.e. will a bank hand them out, or a website like paypal have the details stored I can access?

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So I have a job interview today. It's a float position, which basically means I'd be going and working at different medical clinics within the city wherever they need me (I'm a medical assistant). Before interviews, everyone always tell me "Make sure you ask questions!" but every single time, whenever they ask if I have any questions, I panic and say "Ummmm no."

What are some good questions that don't make it seem like I'm just asking random questions for the sake of asking them?

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I work at a store and have my 4th night shift in a row tonight (UGH). About an 2 hours before closing it gets REALLY slow. To make work fun for my co-workers and myself tonight, I'm going to take an item we sell, hide it somewhere in the store and have my co-workers hunt for it. What should the prize be for the winner? It's gotta be something under $5 cause I'm low on cash.

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For the last few mornings I have woken up with a headache. it isn't THAT bad and usually goes away about a half hour at the most once I'm up and around, even without pain meds.

I'm not super concerned at all, but just wondering if anyone knows what could be causing this?

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If you have a smart phone, what app can you not live without?
Is it hot that my gf’s sister told me what bra size my gf wears, or am I just a perv?
Do you use baby wipes to wipe your butt?
dk/dc – What fast food should I have for lunch?
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Flaming Reviews, Anyone?

For the writers out here: 

Have you ever gotten a flaming review that has left you shaking your head going, "What planet are they on?"

I got one the other day and I'm well, more amused and bemused than upset by it.  I've left it up on FFN as a testament to show how strange folks are and that I'm not afraid of receiving criticism (even if it's way out in left field!) for my work. 

I haven't responded to the bloke and I'm wondering - what would be some creative responses to this review? 
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I moved to St. Louis (county) in August. My parents cannot seem to understand St. Louis city and St. Louis county are two different places. My mother keeps telling me I'm going to walk out of my apartment and get shot some day...

What is the first thought that pops into your head when someone says "St. Louis"?
How do I convince them I'm not going to be murdered?

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If you have kids, is/was there any toys you asked people not to buy for your child(ren)?

When you were a kid were there any popular toys you were not allowed to have?

Do you think Toy Story is gender neutral?

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My dad is usually the easiest person for whom I Christmas shop. Until this year. He doesn't work outside the house (he watches my 6 month-old niece), and other than that just surfs the web, reads the paper, and acts in community theater.

He hasn't given me any ideas this year, and my sister and mom have nothing either.

I like getting people gifts they can use, rather than things that will just sit around.

Any ideas? I'd like to keep it to $20-30.
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Poll #1652691 This or that

Puppies or kittens?


Pizza or pasta?


Coke or Pepsi?


Ladies only. A one-eyed gynocologist with poor depth perception, or a dentist who thinks your whimpers are 'damn sexy' and likes to hear them?


Getting teabagged or getting Dutch ovened?

Dutch oven

Sitting on a department store Santa's lap and detecting an erection, or sitting on his lap and noticing that it smells like piss?

Boner-happy Claus
Piss-stained Claus

Motorboating Barbra Streissand or doing body shots off Betty White, with the salt on her navel?


Eating 2 deep-fried sticks of butter smothered in super rich fudge, or doing 10 lines of cocaine?


Getting a neck tattoo that says 'Palin for President 2012', or getting a tattoo on the back of your hand of your own head/face?


Have a mullet (with the sides buzz-cut), or lime-green pigtails (permanent dye)?

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Are there any places out on the net where I can stream a [pre-made] Christmas music playlist? (the older the music, the better) Pandora seems to think I want to listen to Bing Crosby, not exclusively his Christmas album.

Will you link me to them, instead of just saying yes, you pedantic people!
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so i quit drinking
what have you quit or will be quitting for your new years resolution or just because you feel like it?

what will u never give up?
-weed .. unless i have kids.... which isnt happening :)

weigh in on my pretty new netbook!

I'm getting the "Acer Aspire One AOD255-1134 10.1-Inch Netbook" for Xmas. I should ask for the one in aquamarine, y/n (see image below)?

Also, is anyone out there tech-savvy? Are these add-ons worth it?
1) Wintec Value 2GB DDR2 PC5300 SO-DIMM Netbook & Notebook Memory Modular with Bonus installation Kit (+$38.00)
2) Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 (Product Key Card) (+$105.00)
....or can I get the Office product key for free somewhere online?

Edit for DK/DC: How does your fam/friends do xmas gifts (if at all)? Within my family, we make very specific requests and we don't even bother to wait to use them lol, so we only have little stocking stuffer type gifts to open on xmas morning. With friends, a group of about 7 of us do Secret Santa! 
MLP - pinkie chicken

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So for dinner, we're making this lasagna with lasagna noodles, sauce, spinach leaves, cottage cheese and shredded mozzarella. You put it in the oven at 350, but the directions don't say for how long.

TQC, once you assemble all that into a lasagna pan, how long do you let it cook in the oven? I assume all we need to do is get it all to become melt-y and run together, but idek.
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What is your take on rebound sex? In your opinion, how soon is too soon?

With someone you don't know, or a close friend?

Edit: I just got out of a three year relationship, and I haven't had sex for a month, and my vibrator is boring.
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Would turkey chili or curry taste good? I'm craving both liek woah but we still have turkey left over from Thanksgiving and I just want to get rid of it already!

(will you share your favorite chili or curry recipes?)

Thanks, TQC!

Potentially dumb question

I bought these picture frames which hold a 3.5 X 3.5 photo, which is an odd size - I cannot find any photo printing store that sells prints in this size. I tried cutting a 4X6, but it just looks weird. Any suggestions (or do you know of a place that prints this size) or ideas?

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Should I go visit my friend Samantha?

Hanging out with people instead of being alone like a loser.

She lives an hour away and my car's brakes are making loud grinding noises.

Any interesting plans for the weekend?

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What are you doing on this fine Friday evening?
Writing the last paper for my seminar class. 

Weekend plans?
Go to the Gorges, some Christmas shopping, and then some studying. Fun!
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People of TQC, I need your help
how do you write 'happy birthday, old man!' in Hebrew, Hungarian and Romanian (Hebrew is the most important one)

and a clearly related question: Wikileaks, yay or nay?

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TQC, WTF is going on here? Have you ever had this happen before? Is is possible that this particular version of Photoshop is doing something wonky to my netbook? Is there anything I can do, short of moving everything to an external HD (which I'm in the process of doing as I type this) to free up more space? Or is there a known rogue virus that eats up your available space that alludes most popular AVs?
[Barry] Maybe this is all I'm good at.

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Do you think it's true that people hate/dislike/get angry at things they don't understand?

My cognitive psych professor is doing a sabbatical in Germany atm, so the class is handled by two TA's. I think they're doing a decent job, but apparently a group of classmates don't agree. One posted this on the discussion board:  "Fuck (name of professor) if he thinks he's doing a good job. I'm going into massive debt paying the University to give me an education and the professor goes on sabbatical and doesn't turn over the class to someone else? This professor is putting forth a pathetic effort and I don't want this kind of thing at my university." I've noticed that the ones that have been complaining that the professor isn't doing his job are the ones who also made a previous post saying they're failing the class.
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Why is Netflix crashing my browser? :( I don't even get an error message, it just quits when I try to watch stuff on the instant queue. I've tried Safari & Firefox and different shows/movies.

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I'm in Scotland and I work for a clothing store, called Bon Marche. I'm a part time sales assistant and I have worked there just over a year.

I was interviewed by my previous manager, who has since left the company. When she employed me, I had quite a bit of bright pink hair. People further up the chain of command made it clear they didn't like it but my manager fought my corner explaining that she had employed me with pink hair and as long as it was clean, neat and tidy there wasn't a problem.

However our new manager has been with us 6months or so and expressed her distaste for the color of my hair a while ago but agreed it was okay as long as I kept it looking tidy. I redid my roots and the pink that had faded, at the weekend and since it is fresh it is a bit brighter and more intense. Today she said to me that I had to 'deal with it' before my next shift (tomorrow) as it is not acceptable in the work environment and its also in the company handbook. (I have looked at the handbook and saw nothing to say I could not have 'unnatural hair colors'

I've had pink in my hair for years. I do not want to get rid of it but I don't want to lose my job.

Legally, could I lost my job if I don't deal with it? Any thoughts on the whole matter?

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What sites pay the most for used textbooks? I'd rather sell them all back to one place instead of individually listing them on amazon or ebay and my university's buyback prices are a joke.
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How loud is too loud? I can hear every (muffled) word coming from my upstairs' neighbor's TV/stereo, but I mean, it's just annoying. There's no point in asking them to turn it down or lodging a complaint, right? I'm just acting bratty, yes?

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Dr TQC, I come to you with two situations.

1) My dad's knee is incredibly swollen and painful to the point where he can't bend it OR stretch it out. He has an appointment with a doctor on Tuesday and I know that going to the ER would be pretty pointless because it's a non-urgent case. Motrin and Advil aren't doing anything for the pain and he has to be on his feet all day tomorrow for work. Any suggestions for him about how to manage it? He thinks it's gout but the only "bad" thing he ate lately was turkey, so I'm puzzled. I think it's arthritis but I'm not sure. What do you think?

2) My SO's stomach is often nauseous or hurts even when he hasn't eaten any offending foods (though it gets upset at the slightest hint of food having been past its prime). He's been in remission from cancer (off chemo) for about a year and a half. He also doesn't really eat on a regular basis (he just doesn't get hungry a lot of the time, and when he does, he eats a lot at once). What could explain the delicate stomach?

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All of a sudden my face is broken out around my jaw line, mostly bumps but a few pimples. Why do you think this is? I am a month on testosterone could it be hair follicles or am I just hoping it is?

Should I always refer to the judge as "your honor" or can I say ma'am/sir to them?

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What shampoo/conditioner would you recommend to someone who has shoulder length hair that is thick and has some waves and only washes it every other day?

I've been meaning to try something new...

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Someone who you've liked and respected expresses the opinion that he's OK with lesbians but doesn't want to be around homosexual men. How do you respond? Does it change your opinion of him?

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If you have a point and shoot digital camera that you love, can you please give me the name and model of it?

I have an amazing digital SLR but it's too bulky to bring out to places like parties and such. I need a new point and shoot that takes great pictures.