December 2nd, 2010

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What was the last thing that was suprisingly enjoyable to you? Something that you expected to dislike/hate/not enjoy very much that turned out awesome?

I just watched Get Him To The Greek and it was a lot better than I was expecting! I had a similar experience with a Zumba class recently too lol.

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i have an interview for a job that i applied for in august (yeah...i know). because it's been sooo long, the ad's actually been taken down. it's totally fine to email my contact to ask for a copy of the job description, right?

if you watch antm, how do you feel about who won?
I AM HAPPY but i also thought it was glaringly obvious
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This question is more for the females, I guess.

Say your close family is spending the holiday at a cousin's house.  This cousin is very religious, to the point that his wife and daughters wear below the knee skirts and his sons wear slacks.  He also has 7 kids and counting. (isn't that a show on TLC? nvm)
The female relatives in your family that went to his house all wore skirts.

Would you wear a skirt out of respect for your cousin's religion/house rules or would you not wear a skirt because it seems anti-feminism and you're a atheist?
What if you SO said they wouldn't go with you to this relative's house if you wore a skirt?

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My boyfriend and I want to take a little weekend trip somewhere in a few weeks. We live in San Jose, CA so anywhere within 2-3 hours is good (except SF, as I am there 5 days a week for work).

Any suggestions?
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Are you single? What do you do with your time? Did you have an SO? Which do you like better?

I'm 22, I've been in 2 serious relationships over 7 years.

I finally made the decision that I need to find myself, and just be ME, not me + someone.

I'll probably be moving to the city soon, but what does TQC suggest I do now? srs/non srs... I need to laugh.
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TQC, I fucking hate PNC bank and their nonsense today bit the butter on the biscuit. What bank should I switch to after I go down to my branch and dramatically flounce from PNC?

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do/did your parents/siblings burp and fart infront of you?
do you parents burp/fart infront of each other?
do you infront of them?

this is the conversation of the day in my office.

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So, my boyfriends exgirlfriend has gone back to her douchey ways after a year. Apparently she is looking for a job/apartment/school and she keeps listing him as a refrence. The last time they spoke was December of last year. She is not allowed to contact me in anyway shape or form (Wahoo for no contact orders after she threatened my life).

How would you react? Does he call her and ask her to stop putting him down as a refrence? Does he just deal with the 10+ phone calls he is getting a day about her? Bah.
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Two Unrelated Questions

1. I've never had my wisdom teeth taken out so I've got no idea how the process works. But I've got one coming in. It doesn't hurt at all. The only reason I know it's there is because I had something stuck in my teeth and was using my tongue to try to get it out. I can feel it poking through my gum a bit. It's only the one tooth, too. So basically, is it something I need to get looked at if it doesn't hurt? Do your wisdom teeth HAVE to come out?

2. I just finished a Terry's Chocolate Orange. I remember years ago eating one that was raspberry. I can find sites that say the raspberry ones exist, but I can't find where to buy them. Do they still exist? Can I buy them somewhere?
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TQC, what did you do last night? Anything exciting?

Edit: WILL YOU POST USING HOLIDAY ICONS, PLEASE? If you don't have a holiday icon, maybe someone will be sweet and make one for you!
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May I please borrow $50?

Sure, if you leave a $50 deposit, five pieces of ID and one of your fingers as collateral and pay me interest at a rate of 12% per day
Is Monopoly money OK?
No, but I can lend you the employment section of the paper so you can bugger off and GET A JOB
Of course, darling. No rush to pay it back
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A horribly gross uncomfortable hypothetical situation set to a poll

You're at a hotel for some wedding reception. You've been feeling sick the past 24 hours, with explosive poops. You feel another movement coming and you quickly start looking for a bathroom. A bellhope tells you the nearest bathroom is on the second floor, so you're waiting for the elevator to arrive, impatiently. Suddenly, your most crush-worthy celebrity walks up next to you, also waiting to catch a ride, obviously staying in the hotel. You both get on board the lift, going to your separate locations, when the elevator stops between the first and second floor. A call to security informs you that the elevator may be out of commission for hours, but they have their best people working on it. The celebrity smiles at you and introduces him/herself. You smile back and feel the gurgle of impending bowel doom building up within you. You can't hold it in much longer. What do you do?

"Hi! I'm your biggest fan. You charm the crap out of me...literally. OMG, it's happening again...stand back"
"Since we're going to be stuck here for a bit, we should declare this corner as the bathroom. DIBS!"
"Oh my God, is that the Pope? (point to some spot over their shoulder). You then drop trou and squat down while his/her back is turned
"Please don't hate me, but I've been really sick and I hate myself for what I'm about to do. Know that this is THE most horrible moment in my life..."
"If you like poop humor, this is going to make your day..."
"Oh, this is going to seem crude now, but we can laugh about it to our grandkids when we say how we first met"
Converse normally while you stealthily crap yourself with ninja-like poise, then sniff and say "Do you smell that too? I think a septic line runs near here. What a wretched hotel"
When his/her head is turned, race over and punch him/her unconscious. The celebrity will be found later lying next to a big pile of poop but will have no memory of what transpired
"It's always been my dream to give you a lapdance. Here, sit on the floor while I squat over you..."
"You know how they say that you can fart around someone if you're comfortable around them? Well, let's say I feel REALLY REALLY comfortable around you"
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If you were a tutor for a group of elementary/middle school kids, how much would you ask for (per hr) if they wanted you to pick your salary?

I have a BA in English (it's a math and reading center - I'd be for the reading part obv) and a technical writing certificate, I have had little tutoring experience about which happened 4-5 years ago, and I'm working toward obtaining a teaching certificate.

The person referring me gets paid 10/hr, but she doesn't have her degree. If this helps any.

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After having a bit of an arugment on facebook about someone using the word "rape" to describe a movie...I was impressed with all the things I was saying from all the things I learnt on LJ,

I know we have done this before but lets have re cap

What things are you glad you have learnt on/from LJ?

OMG she just comapred the word "arsehole" to word "Rape"

*shakes head*
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Last night, my boyfriend hid behind the shower curtain and jumped out when I went in to use the restroom. It scared the living daylights out of me.

Does this sort of thing call for revenge, in your opinion? Everything I think to do in retaliation is either too obvious or too mean. It's mean to abandon someone at Kohl's right?
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Students of TQC, how late do you have to be for class before you decide to just not go? Does it depend on the length of the class? Non-students, apply this to whatever situation suits you.

I'm skipping my 12:15-3:00 class because I didn't finish my project until 1. I've seen people walk in that late before and the professor's pretty laid-back about it, but I'd still feel like an asshole waltzing in after 45 minutes so I'm just going to e-mail it to her.

Alternatively, what do you do when you just can't sleep? I don't think I've gotten more than two consecutive hours any night in the past week. It's making me feel sick and unfocused, which is getting me way behind at school (see above), which is stressing me out and further keeping me awake. Is there a way to break this cycle, or should I just buy a shit-ton of Monster and power through until the end of the semester? srs/non-srs/whatever you want bbs.
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My theme of choice for my music broadcast at my school radio this week is "end of the world". Can you share some songs you know/like that have to do with the end of the world?

My list so far:
Armageddon (CocoRosie)
Apocalypse Songe (St. Vincent)
End Of The World (X Japan)
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tqc, care to share any liquid damage computer stories? I had a slight juice spillage incident with my Macbook a couple of days ago. After leaving it to dry out and cleaning some of the keys, it seems to work fine, apart from the space bar being a bit sticky and not 'sitting' properly. I've read horror stories though about computers working fine initially and then playing up a few days/weeks later due to the liquid getting into other parts of the computer, is there any truth in them? Basically, do I need to get someone to open it up and look at it/clean it or will this not be necessary?
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I was raised to believe that you will not have a happy, successful, and fulfilled life without an education and solid career. I'm 20 years old and I can't make it through community college. I feel extremely stuck and unsure, and each day adds to the weight of the failure I'm experiencing. This isn't the end of the world, right?

What's really got you down?

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I have slept a total of 6 hours in the last 48 hours, and I'm so close to losing it.
How do you keep yourself up?
So far, I've had 3 coffees, a coke, 2 green teas and a red bull.  lol.   Nothing is helping, my eyes are blurry and heavy, I have a headache, I'm naseous, and I'm shaky (but its not caffiene shakes)
I have an hour and a half left of work.  Do I have another coffee, or fight through it?


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Are you employed? If so, what's your field?

If not, are you collecting unemployment? Are your friends/family taking your unemployment okay, or are they screaming BOOTSTRAPS!!!111 at you? How would/do you deflect people who are constantly hounding you to get a job?
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So my parents have decicded to take me to this concert that I've been asking (/begging, you know) them to take me to, as a grad present.  Considering that the concert is a province away from us,  this is a VERY BIG DEAL (especially to me, favourite band etc..).  The plan is to fly (!!!) out there and back, and stay with my step-mom's friends while we're there. 
Of course I am really really happy about this, but...   at the same time, I really really wanted to go to the concert by myself.  And... well, I would've wanted to drive there, to, or catch a Greyhound bus*,.  But the main problem is the first thing. 

Is there a way I can explain these things to them, and maybe have them agree, without being a prissy bitch?


There is a way: saying it to them, straight out.
There is a way, which I will further explain in a comment.
There's no way; you're lucky, deal with it.
There is no way, you're just a prissy bitch.
There's a way for one of the things, which I will explain in comments, but for the other one you're fucked.
I am judging you ALL OVER THE PLACE right now.

* Flying there and back feels to easy to me.  I wanted to feel like I'd earned seeing them (the band), and I realise that this is kind of an... I guess elitist or   ~hipster thing to do but I cannot shake it. 
I wanted to be alone because I'm a teenager and I wanted to mosh and it's kind of a right of passage and yeah. x__x

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Has anyone here ever been on Financial Aid Probation? From what they are saying it is financial aid for 1 more semester to make sure you can make an improvement(Which won't be a problem as I am only on probation due to "Incomplete" grades last year following a death in the family.

Does anyone know how student loans will be effected? Do you only qualify for grants or are loans included?

I am waiting on a reply back from my school's office but who knows how long that will take.

Obviously not procrastinating a paper :)

When you're working on a paper or a big project, can you work on it...?

Anywhere anytime, I can focus and be productive no matter what
I need specific circumstances (for example, only at the library, in a coffee shop, in your home) in order to be productive
Other in comments
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All day my hotmail inbox has been refreshing the page automatically. Now that I was signed out and signed back in, it's stopped doing it. How can I get it to work again?

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What's the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

- My dad sang "My name is poppa pop, say hi pop!" to the tune of "Polar Express" from the movie.

What's something you learned and was shocked by?

- Years ago, I learned the delicious taste of Dr. Pepper is from prunes!

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what is the name of a mythical animal in Australia, like a chupacabra but down under? or something? it's like a capybara or something but it jumps down on people from trees and attacks them.

someone from Australia was talking about it here once.
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I'm going to New York City for the first time for New Year's Eve. Staying in Times Square with a few friends. Does anyone know:

- If there are any grocery stores in/near Times Square? What are they called?
- Of any relatively cheap, "must try" restaurants in the area?
- The best place for NY-style cheesecake/pizza?
- Favourite cafes or shops? Best bookstore?


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Question about "Tangled."

Do you think Mother Gothel had any maternal feelings for Rapunzel?

I think she did. Partially because she gave Rapunzel all kinds of things to try and keep her happy. Of course, it might be that if Rapunzel was happier, the magic from her hair would be stronger. Really, it can be read either way.

But that's not all. Collapse )

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The dude from wikileaks.....champion of free speech or self appointed lunatic arbiter of justice? other??

please show your work. One worded answers will be dismissed by the board.

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The boss lady called for a very short staff meeting tomorrow morning, which she has never done (we have regular staff meetings, but never on short notice and for, assuming, only 15 minutes). We're caregivers.


srs/nonsrs answers

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Okay so...last year I bought my boyfriend "Kindegarden Cop" for Christmas, and this year I want to continue the Arnold tradition.

What, in your opinion, is the best Arnold comedy film? (regardless of whether or not it's supposed to be a comedy, lol)

I'm leaning towards Jingle All the Way but I do have a soft spot for Twins so IDK.

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Have you ever had someone you in no way, shape or form see as anyone other than a friend, have a crush on you? Why weren't/aren't you interested in them? How did you feel about it?

Is it shallow if the person is very nice, but he/she is just not your type?
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Is it inappropriate for a group of students to ask a professor out for an end of quarter drink?

Have you ever bought an end of quarter/holiday gift for a professor?

Ever had an inappropriate relationship with a teacher?

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does anyone here like country music (specifically new country?)
can you tell me good artists/bands/songs to look up?
i really like country, and i'm not ashamed, but i'm new to the genre, and don't know too many artists.
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 So if a guy who says he loves you, but you guys have had your issues in the past, tells you you're his second choice after a girl who he liked but slept with his best friend, and she is kind of a whore, what are you supposed to think about it? They're still really good friends, and I'm feeling hurt and jealous by him saying he settled for me =/ Justified or just too jealous?

ETA: That's what I thought at first, that I should leave him, but he wants to be with me, and at least he was honest with me. I'd rather him say something shitty and have it be true than him lie to me about it. No?

ETA: Does it also change anything if I love him back?
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Calling all Rotorua locals!

What are some places we should visit when I go down there with 3 other people? Malls, markets, eating places...?

We've pretty much decided what major tourist-y activities we want to do, but we want to try some non-touristy things that locals would know about.

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what do you think about this changing your profile picture to a cartoon character in awareness for child abuse thing on facebook?

i don't see anything wrong with a cause but it seems so trivial to do things like change your facebook picture. why not volunteer or donate money, you know, something that might make an actual impact? what's changing your facebook picture actually going to do?

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what was your last great food creation? i just put frozen yogurt, some skim milk, some chocolate instant bfast powder, and some peanut butter in a blender and drank it and it was supa good.

if you had 40 dollars to spend at walmart, what would you buy?

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Have you ever had a panic attack?
Will you tell me about a particularly bad one?

I have them a lot, but not super super bad. My boyfriend just had a really bad one I think, and he made me stay on the phone with him for 2 hours because he thought he was going to die. He wants to go to bed now and I'm really worried and now I'm afraid I'm going to have a panic attack from worrying about him. :\ lol
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Does anyone know the name of the learning disability where it's very difficult for someone to spell correctly, and they aren't aware of the spelling mistakes that they make? Like, there's no way for them to learn the correct spelling, they can't remember it, or something like that. I only remember this vaguely, hope someone knows what I'm talking about!
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poor judgment

I had a really gut-wrenching day at work in which I made my boss mad and was so stressed out by various things that I had a monster panic attack, during which I had to fake being totally chilled. I got a lot of work done but I feel like it wasn't enough.

Then I had a sort of stressful evening and I'm having some trouble coming down enough to get to bed and get some sleep.

Tomorrow, I'm going to regret eating a ton of Girl Scout cookies and drinking bourbon, right?

How can I prepare myself to face what will surely be a ROTTEN DAY FROM HELL?

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We burned a fire in the fire place earlier, a Duraflame log on top of two BioBricks (which are like pellets for a pellet stove but brick size). The bricks are still smoldering, but having the flu open is making it chilly in here. Is it safe to close the flu?

I've never gotten spam by txt b4

Today, I got a txt message:

From: 3239017858

Need a payday loan up to $1500? Visit for INSTANT approval, get the cash that YOU need in one hour!(2optout rply stop)

What should I do about it? Do you think I should reply or do something else about it?
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Why does my best friend always invite me out to her aunt's bar, but then not tell me when we're going? Like tonight, she was working on a research paper, and she said we'd meet around 10 and she'd text me when she was leaving. It's not 11:30 and I haven't heard anything from her. I've called her twice and sent her a text, and she hasn't responded.

Should I just stop saying I'll go out with her, since she keeps doing this?

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does any live in the toronto, ontario area and needs/wants/knows of someone who needs a roomate?
i am in desperate need of a place right now. 
and i'm pretty cool.  and i'll buy you presents. 
i'm a 25 yr old girl btw.
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body parts falling asleep

I think I'm about to violate TQC terms posting so close together but hey, I have had a rough day as I detailed below. And my tailbone is falling asleep b/c I've been sitting here too long. So:

When you sit too long in one spot, what body part falls asleep? Is it painful? Has anything amusing or dangerous happened to you when you had a still-sleeping body part and you tried to walk etc.?
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yes, more gift questions

what should i get my 2 year old autistic nephew for christmas?
he likes blocks, and will spend hours on end lining them up or making creations, but i feel like he might have a lot of blocks already. he also likes yo gabba gabba. nothing is jumping out at me.