December 1st, 2010

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So my boyfriend just moved into a classmate of mine's apartment. She lives with her boyfriend, and they have one cat. The cat is adorable, but has caused a flea infestation. They sprang for a cheaper flea medicine, which did something but not all, and have sprays for the bed, the wall, and the floor. And yet, the flea problem isn't being taken care of.

I also have a cat, who is very healthy and currently flea free. Is it possible for my boyfriend to track fleas into my house to infect my animals? I also have a dog and a ferret. Is there something my classmate can do to kill all of the fleas?
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Have you ever had a parent, sibling, or close friend accidentally find your sex toys? How did they react? Was it embarrassing or just cool?

Have you ever found sex toys used by your parents?

This is inspired by the fact that I went home from Thanksgiving and left my vibrator there. My mom called me this evening to ask if I had "forgotten anything." It was super awkward, especially when she told me that she was going to sanitize it and then FedEx it back to my apartment.
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*Inspired by The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Your daughter is 13. She has decided that she wants a purity ring to signify that she is not having sex until she is at least 18. She wants you to take her to the jewelry store so that she can pick out the diamond ring of her choice.

Your reaction?

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I want to buy Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010. My question is if i buy this product can I load the software in English or Spanish or just English. Will I have to buy the Spanish version to get the Spanish desktop applications?

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if someone said you were "soft hearted" would you consider that a compliment?
theres no context really, he said it very matter of factly. literally, "you know, youre very soft-hearted"

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C/P from Planned Parenthood's website:

At this health center you can come in for appointments that do not require a medical exam. These appointments include starting on birth control, STD testing, and testing and treatment for urinary tract infections

So does this mean I can call PP and tell them that I want to go back on the pill and I can start without an exam?

Also, they say that payment will be based on a sliding scale based on income. The PP that I used to go to when I was in college never asked me any income based questions and just kinda charged me full price for bc and the exam. When is the appropriate time to bring up that I pretty much can't afford anything at the moment except the bare essentials for a couple months and my husband's substitute teacher income is spent on bills and rent before he even gets home on payday? I actually went off the pill because I couldn't afford it since I didn't know that they offer free or reduced services since I paid the full cost whenever I'd go in. I just can't take having a day or two each month where I'm completely useless due to cramps and other fun stuff that go along with my period.

Sorry for sounding so dumb :(
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Can you play any instruments? 

If so, did you start learning them when you were a child, or did you start as an adult?

If you could be in any current famous band what would it be?

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i've been checking on tracking updates everyday for the past week.  Yesterday morning my package left Houston but hadn't arrived anywhere yet. It said i'd receive the package today. I just checked again to see if it was still scheduled for today, and it says it arrived in my city yesterday at 11am, was out for delivery by 11:02 and delivered to my house at 1pm.

only problem? i didn't freaking get it! it's not on the front porch, it's not on the back porch.... it wouldn't fit in my mail box (super small mail box. i ordered a tv antenna and a converter box totaling nearly 100 bucks). Better yet, USPS doesn't list who signed for it. now i'll have to spend a good hour on the phone with the incompetant asshats.

what's the last thing that pissed you off?
Nabbed from pinkpaisley_art--Thank you!
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Video Camera Function

 I'm writing a story and I need to know if there are any video camera functions that could have double meanings / sexual connotations. I've already got one of the characters zooming in on a body part. But, basically, I need someone teaching someone else how to work a random function that causes the person holding the camera to roll her eyes. 

I hope that makes sense! Thank you!


Have you ever felt like you are growing less intelligent as time goes by?

I do. Lately I find myself misspelling simple words, having to think for awhile before I can correct it, entirely blanking on the word I need to finish my sentence, and I've been completely leaving out words in sentences that I type. I may just be tired and going crazy, but I don't think this is just tonight. I think it started when I entered law school...someone has to have an appropriate lawyer joke for that, please?

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What seasonal drink should I get at Starbucks today? I usually don't order coffee from them as it tastes burned to me; (usually just a Tazo Awake tea with one pump syrup) But I have been hearing great things.

If not seasonal, what drink do you order at Starbucks? What's so great about it?
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When you want to file a complaint about someone contracted out from a temp agency, do you get in contact with the agency or the person's temporary place of employment?

What's something frustrating that's happened to you recently?

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this guy smells like a certain brand of smokes, and a certain type of cologne (no idea which brands) and shit, he smells good.
i actually like the smell of smoke on people (well again, this certain brand)
what kind of unusual smells do you like?
should i ask him what kind of cigerettes he smokes/cologne he uses, or is that weird? (and knowing me, i'd tell him he smells good, bc of them)

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I have this problem with crying.
Whenever I talk to someone about something important to me, I start to cry. 
Especially when I'm talking to those in authority.  Its like I get so anxious, and it just comes out in that way.
Like yesterday I had to talk to my prof about a mark I got, and I almost started to cry.
I hate it, and I do everything I can possible to make myself stop, bc I know it looks ridiculous, but NOTHING WORKS, ever.  I literally cannot stop myself.  I don't do it on purpose, I hate it so much, bc I feel I can;t get my point across well enough while I'm blubbering like an idiot.
Does anyone else have this issue?  What do you do to stop yourself?
I definitely need to go on some sort of meds i think.  Ugh.

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What Beatles song do you think is most well-known by the general public, even by people who might have never even heard the name "The Beatles?" Like, if you said, "You know, they do (x)" somebody would be most likely to go, "Oh, I think I know that song" at least?
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Old age is a great excuse..

Collapse )Q part 1: I gave my grandmother a puzzle last year for Christmas.  At Thanksgiving this year, she gave it back to me, unopened, saying that she had no place to put it together (which is not true).  How would you feel about this?

Q part 2: I am hosting the family Christmas.  My grandmother has always spent our Christmas with us.  This year, she told my mother that she decided not to go and she would just stay home.  She hinted that she was a burden and I guess was kind of bitter about the whole thing.  My husband and I called her and personally invited her to go, assuring her that she was not a burden and that we wanted to have her down to see our new home.  She agreed and is now telling my mother that she wasn't going to go but that we *badgered and begged* her and that it was really important to us (my husband and I) to have her there.  I feel like she is constantly playing games and we are all getting tired of her childishness.  What would you do the next time she says she isn't going to a family event?
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More n00b apartment woes...

So this morning I walk out of my place to find two garnishing summons taped to the door. They're addressed to 2 different people, but both have the same judgment creditor's name/judgment creditor's attorney's name, as well as the same amounts owed.

There's no number on it to call anyone except the lawyer's info. (there is address info for the judgment debtor & garnishee)

Is this legit or some weird scam?

We just moved here, so it's entirely possible this info is for previous tenants.

I'm on hold w/ the court, hoping to talk to a human bean about this but who knows when that'll happen.

nvm it appears to be legit. now to convince the court to stop bothering us.

Have you ever been a victim of mistaken identity?

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"She said that living with me was bringing her down,
She would never be free when I was around" 

Is this a legitimate reason to leave a relationship in your opinion, or is it selfish?

(The only other thing we know about the situation is that she's leaving and "she don't care")

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I'm writing on behalf of my best friend.

She knows snooping is wrong, but she did it last night. She looked through her boyfriend's phone because lately, she's been uneasy about his relationship with a female classmate of his. In a text thread, she saw that he had written to his classmate: "Thanks for giving me all of those notes I missed. I'll repay you when we are both single ;)"

WTF? I'm so pissed for her, but she's not going to confront him about it. Am I overreacting, or is she underreacting?
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When I woke up this morning, one little tuft of hair near the front Collapse )

It went straight down and then about an inch from the end bent at a right angle. How did this happen?

I didn't sleep on it that way, I know, because I tossed and turned all night long.

non-srs encouraged

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since it's December 1st and it snowed(sigh) i figured it's the right time to bust out my favorite Christmas song, "Wonderful Christmas Time" by Paul McCartney, and ask:

what is your favorite holiday song?
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 Can anyone recommend some good dancey holiday music? I've already got Jingle Bell Rock, but I'm sure there's some newer stuff that fits the bill. 

What is your favourite Hyperbole and a Half post? Mine's probably Parp, although the Intelligence test for Special Dog was pretty hilarious.

I have an AT*T data connect dongle. If I stick it in one of the xbox usb ports, will I be able to use it to connect to the internet on the xbox? What about if I have a flash drive with files on it, like movies; will they be able to play on the xbox? 

I don't want to just start sticking stuff in it without knowing the consequences, cause the xbox isn't mine.
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What should I get my friend who's really into Monty Python?

I already gotten her Monty Python fluxx, and I saw that there's a version of monopoly that exists, Python-opoly, but everywhere I googled, the game is out of stock.

Or maybe I should just get like killer bunny slippers or a black knight doll with removeable limbs?

Any other ideas?

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Two choices for my 21 year old self:

1. I can go back to school and get any degree I want.  Live under my parents roof.  Work only in the summer.
2. Keep my well-paying job, get a house, do whatever the fuck I till I'm dead

Which would you chose?
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I am going to NEW YORK (staying in Manhattan and then Brooklyn) in 11 days. I'll be there until a few days before Christmas. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

It's for a class field trip. Did you ever have required field trips where you had to pay for everything (lodging, air fare, etc.)?

Vegan Help!

So I'm new to this whole vegan thing. 
Are there any soap & shampoo brands, toothpaste brands and deodorant brands that don't test on animals and are vegan?

ETA: I live in Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba specifically)

kind of a tie-in to my post from the other day/ VALIDATE ME TQC

At first I tried to shorten this and then I realized this is, sadly, about as cliffnotes as I could get with this situation and still give some details so that I could possibly get some good advice. It is pretty tl;dr/no 1 curr though

My roommate's boyfriend broke up with her roughly 2 months ago. She's still extremely upset about it. To make matters worse, we all work at the same place--her, her ex, her ex's new girlfriend/interest, and me. It is dramadramadramadrama.

Collapse )
How have you/a friend/some person you met once who told you their life story coped with a bad breakup?

Is it wrong if I want to go all stabbity because she keeps playing this goddamn song on loop for hours at a time while having pity parties in her room?
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Why do some girls feel the need to talk (yell) extra super loud when guys are around? I don't get it.
Do they want to be noticed?

IDK just pissed that these bitches who (do in fact) want to bang my bf are here. I don't really like them and just think they're slutty, but you know what, it's actually justified lmfao.

Uhhh, so are they just trying to get noticed so they can get laid, even if what they are saying is super dumb and doesn't have any relevancy to anything?

Seriously, I can't ask a question without you assholes thinking I'm a troll or a child?
He's some back story, the girl in question used to fuck my bf before we got together and has made it known that she still wants him.
Wank all you fucking want.

Sorry I asked.

Setting up an online store on a domain

I would like to set up an online store on a domain selling handcrafted items. Does anyone have experience with this? Or any website that any kind soul knows about that would help me? :)

I've wanted this for a long time, I just don't know where to start!

edit: hi guys :) i meant a website of my own. like (name).com. i know about etsy, but i felt like i would be happier with a website :P
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Synopsis: You own a condominium. You pay a mortgage plus about $300 a month in condo fees. The condo association insures ONLY the exterior and the plumbing connecting you to the two adjoining units. Everything from the studs in is your responsibility, according to the contract.

You and your neighbor have a slow drain, so you call the condo association to have a plumber sent out. The subcontracted plumber comes and uses a pressure device to clear the pipes of BOTH units. A week later your kitchen ceiling falls because the bathtub drain was improperly replaced. You need a new bathtub trap, sheetrock, taping, spraying and painting.

The repairs will cost $2000 . Who do you sue [edit:] mediate with to pay for the repairs?

A) The plumber, he screwed up.
B) The condo association, they subcontracted the plumber.
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Do you use any websites that have writing prompts you use, or photography (or painting!) prompts/themes you use for inspiration when you're lacking your own ideas? Can you recommend any?

For writing prompts, I'm more interested interested in finding something that gives me a certain character, situation, emotion, etc. to deal with (which I haven't found) but anything you use and like would be cool to hear about.

The general ones are easy enough to find online, but it's hard to find the really good/interesting ones, so- looking for recommendations. =)

dkdc: Are you feeling particularly inspired in any artistic/creative form right now?

I can't really do much atm, finals next week, but I'm sooo in the mood to write/paint/take pictures.

In the Heights tickets

 What's the best way to get 4 In the Heights tickets for anytime bw Dec 14 and Jan 14? Any favorite sites? (I know about TKTS booths of course, but we won't have time to stand in line for that long on the day of). 

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are there any websites where you can like put in bands you listen to and get recommendations?

i need new music.

how would you spell it, Teresa or Theresa?


inspired by a previous post

how old were you when you found out santa isn't real?
how did you find out?

i figured it out when i was in 2nd grade. when my sister was in 4th grade, someone told this one girl that santa isn't real. the girl cried, her parents wrote an angry letter demanding that the teacher and classmate apologize and tell her they were kidding. /coolstorybro
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TQC, I need a new computer. I've had nothing but Toshiba laptops since I could afford one, but to be honest, I'm getting tired of how fast their performance starts to dwindle. I use my laptop for work and am always taking it around to work and such, so battery life is important. I also play computer games, so a good graphics card would be nice, too.

Price is an issue, but let's assume for now that it's not. Could you recommend a laptop that you think would work well for me?

If not: what was the last thing you bought for yourself?

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How much would you tip a pizza delivery guy on a $16 check that includes a $2 delivery fee? He needs to drive about a mile to your house.

How many grocery stores are in the town you live in?
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Hey TQC!
Does anyone know what to call the lampshades on this lamp? or somewhere to buy them? or any leads outside of buying a new lamp? I have this lamp, and i love it, but one shade is completely broken, another is close, and a third has a crack. And I can't find a lampshade for it - or even some good search terms. Thanks!

Collapse )
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Chatting with FB and IM "friends"

For those of you who use FB chat and/or an instant messenger service of some kind:

-Do you ever initiate conversations with people you aren't good friends with, or with people you've grown distant from or don't know well?

-Do people ever initiate conversations with you who aren't good friends with you?
-If so, how do you feel when they do this?
-If not, how would you feel if someone did this?

I ask because I personally enjoy it when whoever starts up a conversation with me, especially since I don't have a lot of decent relationships, but I wonder if others feel similarly. Every so often I think about initiating conversations with people I'm not close to [anymore], but I doubt I'd be as well-received as they would be by me.

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I finalized plans to move into a new place at the end of the month, TQC! I'm exciteeeed. What am I going to forget to do: RE packing and moving, until the last minute?

Will you link me to cool bedsheets, pillows, curtains, lamps, and other various home decor things that you have/want/like?

What tasty dish should I make for New Roommate and myself on Jan 1st? He'll eat damn near anything as long as he doesn't have to make it himself.

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whats happened to shippo?

totally nonsrs.... put pink/blue on babies so the old lady at the grocery store knows its a boy/girl and the momma doesn't get all huffy....


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What are the differences between a train, a monorail and a tram?

Where do you live, and what kind of public transit is available in your area?

What do you use to get around the area you live in? (Car, public transit, walk, cycling, etc...)
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How often do you get hiccups? How long do they usually last?

What do you do when you get persistent hiccups in public? Does it embarrass you?

I left the mall today because I could not stop hiccuping, it embarrasses me a lot.

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At work today, I had a customer ask me if we could price match from a website that sold mostly PS3's, Wii's and Cell phones. Because it wasn't a local competitor I had to tell him we couldn't... BUTOMGTHOSEPRICESWERECRAZYCHEAP!

I walked away from my computer to do something and someone logged out of my account. Soooo I lost the website the guy told me about, which I was wanted to save for future xmas shopping...

Google has failed me. I hope you guys can help.

This websites address, was something along the lines of: ... but not quite. There is another letter somewhere in the bolded area. Or maybe its not a c? but another letter all together? but I do know there were 4 letters before the word group. and the layout is blue and white if that helps!

Dunno/Dont care/unrelated:

How do you manage your money?
I'm pretty bad at managing my own finances and could use some tips...

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TQC, come to my rescue!

My friend is looking for a white dress similar to this. (BETTER FITTING THO. Still drapey & backless) Any ideas where to find one? (she says she's scoured the internet and can't find anything)

(and no comments if you hate the dress. IDGAF, I just need your help! For great justice!)

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I've been dealing with a lot of health issues lately and have been in a lot of pain, to the point where pain killers aren't doing much.

What do you do when you are in pain and nothing is helping?

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Do you feel that you lead a generally exciting/adventure-filled existence? Will you tell me about a good day you had recently?

Now will you tell me about your good day in a different language?

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 My boyfriend mentioned wanting a shirt that says "Bitches don't know about my additional pylons"

(I don't's a Starcraft reference)

My question is: Should I make it myself or should I buy it online? I can't seem to find any online but I know I've seen them...

EDIT: I did find it online! Not sure why it didn't pop up before. Still...should I made it or buy it?



I am Australian and will be visiting America from March to Mid-May next year. I'm considering buying a car to drive across country as the cost of renting one is ridiculous.
Do you know if it is possible for a non-US resident to register and insure a car they purchase (most likely in California)?

I also remember someone telling me about a website once where people put up their listings for cars they needed driven from one place to another and other people drive for them. I can't seem to find it on Google though.
Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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TQC, where the hell did I put my iPod headphones?

I've already checked:

- both offices/computer rooms
- the charging station area
- all of the couches
- under the bed
- my wife's enormous handbag

and it's too cold to check the truck, so make it someplace not outside they are not in either vehicle we own, either