November 30th, 2010

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stemming from the wtf pregnant thread.

how many pregnancy tests have you/your SO taken in your lives since youve started having the sex?

me:  so many i cant even count, i pretty much take one every cycle bc i am CONVINCED i will get knocked up, hasnt happened yet,  *knock on wood 590459409 times*
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Guys: Boxer, briefs, thongs, commando?
Girl: Panties, boyshorts, thongs, commando?

These are your only options.

ETA: This was not a very well thought out question. Pick you're general chosen undergarment.

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Apparently I have an oral exam in my Spanish class tomorrow, but it's not like, in front of the class. We made appointments with our professor in her office. She didn't tell us what it was going to consist of.

Would you assume that you would be speaking outloud in Spanish, or would you assume that she will speak outloud and you just write things down, etc ?

Am I going to fail, TQC?
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Today is my mom's birthday!  She is a wonderful person and I love her very much.  I saw her like a week and a half ago (she flew out to see me) and I gave her her present then.  Is there anything else I can do, other than call her, to let her know how special she is?

How do you celebrate far away loved one's birthdays?

DK/DC:  3 celebrities that you think are very ugly?
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What is something awesome that happened to someone you know that you've been excited about lately? Does it ever let you down when your family doesn't get excited about potentially big things?

My cousin is a record rep for a newish label, and one of her groups that she is responsible for just got a single at number one on their genre's charts. Its a pretty big/exciting thing for her, and I'm really happy since she travels so much and works harder than pretty much anyone I know, but I told a bunch of family members today and they were all like "Ok? Cool, I guess?" and it disappointed me.

I am supposed to go into the doctor's office tomorrow to learn how to use a continuous glucose monitor that I've had sitting around the house for two years. The problem is...I can't find it. On a scale of 1-10, how pissed are they going to be when I call them at the crack of dawn and explain that I lost this device and don't see the point of commuting in super early when I don't have it?

The one receptionist...if I get her, I fully expect a reaction of around 8. She takes things personally. The other doesn't seem to care much though. I'm crossing my fingers that it is her.
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I know I should have paid better attention before now but....

I'm writing a paper for a class and the assignment sheet says "1750-2450 words (5-7 pages)" and now that I'm almost done with my argument and it stopped at 6 pages and ~1600 words, the word/page count on the assignment sheet seems off. 1750-2450 words would be more like 7-9 pages, right?

Since I'm not sure which is the intended goal, which should I aim for: the stated word count or the stated page count? Which would you do?
I'm thinking page count so that I can be done right now instead of +1 page or so from now :D

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I think my classmates are going to have a 5 year reunion soon. How should I handle the whole "I'm a dude now and go by male name/pronouns" thing? Tell everyone in advance? Tell them at the reunion? What?

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 My dogs stomach is making the LOUDEST noises. It's distracting and now I'm reallly worried. He's laying down now, so it's at a minimum. But when he gets up, it's like fireworks D: What do I do to help him? 

What did you procrastinate on yesterday? 

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You're doing an exchange semester in Germany and ask one of your professors about the assessment at the end of the semester. He tells you that most exchange students do a 25 minute oral exam at the end, but it really depends what your home university will recognize. The alternatives are a 10, 15, or 20 page essay or a written exam. You tell him that you'll ask your home university and let him know, but you're a little worried that they say they want you to do the written work instead.

Do you actually ask your home university? Or do you just tell him that the oral exam is fine? Why?

EDIT: wow! I'm kind of surprised at the answers but also not, since they pretty much come to the same conclusion that I did.

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I'm super sick (been-home-from-school-for-multiple-days sick) with some kind of awful sinus thing. I'm hungry but I can't think of anything I can eat that I'll actually be able to taste and enjoy, and the worst part is on Sunday my mom went out and bought a bunch of snacks and stuff she doesn't usually buy 8C

What can I eat that I'll be able to taste? Do you know any good nose-un-stuffing methods?

My older brother is also sick and instead of blowing his nose, he just keeps making disgusting blowing/sucking noises, no matter how many tissues I throw at him or politely remind him to use.

How could I murder him and make it look like an accident? 8|...jk

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I recently purchased an item from and was shipped yesterday.
they didn't tell me how long it would take to get to me (I live in England)
Has anyone ever bought something from warner brothers shop? How long did it take to get to you? Just out of curiosity what did you buy?

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tl;dr ahead but i need help :(

For the past 3 months I had been wearing the same pair of contact lenses, thinking they were monthly anyway, I kept pushing back my eye doctor appointment because it's been hard for me to get off campus. (stupid, I know).

To make matters worse, they ended up being bi-weekly lenses. I went to the eye doctor the other day and she said the outside of my eye looked unhealthy and oxygen-deprived so I needed to be careful, but everything else looked fine.

My question, is when I put my new contacts in (after a week without any lenses), I feel like I have an eyelash in my eye but there's nothing there. It kind of goes away when I take out my lenses, but the feeling still lingers.

What's going on, TQC?!

Probably tl;dr, but I need to ask about it.

Ok, so my mom was taken to the hospital on Sunday at 10:00 pm for breathing problems. My neighbor Laura has been driving me and my dad to the hospital and back, and taking me home from work. At first I was afraid of taking advantage of her, but she insists she wants to help and that I'm being silly. I've also been keeping her posted on how Mom is doing. Just now, she knocked on my door and offered to take me to Shoprite in case I needed something, which I don't, so I turned her down politely and thanked her for her concern 'cause I already have stuff in the house.

I want to do something for this lady cause I feel kind of bad asking her to drive me and my dad to the hospital that first night, especially when it was so late, and making her take time out of her day to drive me around (I don't drive). I apologized up and down for waking her up but she shrugged it off. So aside from just giving her gas money, which I intend to be generous with, what can I do for her? She likes to needlepoint, so I was thinking of making her something out of plastic canvas, which she was interested in when I told her about it.
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TQC, my glasses broke. :( I don't have vision insurance, but I found a pretty sweet deal that is going to probably require me to have the ugliest frames in the world.

Should I try to get something close to fashionable? I tend towards the blocky hipster frames, cos I think they are adorable and they frame my face well.


Should I get the ugliest fucking glasses ever? I mean, just freaking hideous, giant, 80s style coke bottle monstrosities, and attempt to pull them off as ironic?

As an aside, I am attempting to glue/tape my glasses together to get me through the day (pardon any spelling errors, I cannot even see the screen). On a scale of 1 to 10, how nerdy am I going to look?
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Gym A: Has ~10 classes a day, free with membership, in a HUGE open room. Membership fee is $42/mo for a year. Hours are not really compatible w/ schedule (I'm a restaurant mgr and pretty much my am - pm is taken up 5 days a week). Plus side of this gym is the classes.

Gym B: is 2 minutes away from home. Membership is $40/mo for a year (or if I can get mom to join, $35/mo). They have classes but the classroom is REALLY small. Their hours are 24/7. This gym is 1/8th of the size of gym A. Plus side of this gym is the 24/7 availability.

Which gym would you join?
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Can anybody recommend me a decent bubble bath? I'm looking for a good brand of bubble bath, aside from Lush:)

Who else in this fine group finds that their depression or anxiety WORSENS during these gray shitty months? Any good remedies?
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Maybe someone here can help this Yank out...

I'm applying to a job in England, and I have to fill out an application.

So, on the application, there's this grid where you write about your college education. In one column, you write in your college's name, then in the next one, you write in your major, and then the next column says, "Level" and the one next to that one says, "Grade."

What do these...columns mean? I'm assuming "grade" is like your GPA, but I don't know what "Level" is.

They're also asking for my National Insurance Number. Is that like my social security number? Should I put that or leave it blank?


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Hey TQC!

I just redid my doll body pattern...again. This is revision 11 of the current series.

What do you find yourself working and reworking over and over again obsessively? What is your ultimate goal?

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What was the last thing you diagnosed yourself with, courtesy of Dr. LJ and his pal Dr. Google?

I have determined that I have a swollen lymph node behind my ear.

Were they right or will you be suing for malpractice?
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TQC, why do I want to work for the store featured in Click?

It's a question on the application (okay, the question is: why do you want to apply here?) but I'm really bad at bullshitting. I want to apply there because I need a damn job and the registry lady kinda knows me and said she'd hold a place for my application.

How should I answer the other questions, "what didn't you like about your previous employers"?

because really I had no issue with my previous employers, except I didn't think one place trained me well enough.

plz halp, tqc!!

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Do you like brandy? What's your favorite drink to make with it?

I made egg nog with brandy last night and it was so good!

ETA: If you had a choice between homemade vanilla extract or homemade clementine jam, which would you want to receive as a Christmas present?

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i am supposed to interview for a full-time position in the office where i'm currently an intern. my interview is at 4, and it's on the same floor where i'm already working . the lady in HR gave me the phone number and office number of the woman i'm supposed to meet. should i call right before 4 and make sure she's expecting me, or just drop by her office a couple minutes before?

are you the kind of person who stresses about really minute things like this?

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The landlord recently kicked us out of the building that the restaurant I worked in what located in and now I have no job. It was mega sudden, I don't blame anyone, so whatever.

Because of this, I've put in applications at all the restaurants in the area only one of which was hiring. I haven't heard anything back from them. I know follow up calls can be a good idea, but my problem is...

most of the places weren't hiring anyway!

Should I still call them back or just wait until they need help?

Also, I really really really really want to work at Steak and Shake. I'm there ALL THE TIME. My best friend's boyfriend/my friend works there and he said they need help. He also says that the managers hate getting follow up calls because they're just annoying. How do I win my way into a serving job there?! Or I guess anywhere for that matter -_-

I've only had one other job and I had it for four years. I was really lucky with getting it, too, I didn't even have to fill out an application, so this is seriously all very, very new to me.
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Why does my upstairs neighbor think she has a right to know why my blinds are open?

I was working at my computer, and she shouted through the (closed) sliding glass door for me to shut my blinds. Pretending I couldn't tell what she said, I opened the door and asked if she said something. She responded by demanding why they were open. (Not wanting to start anything, I said it was so my plants could get sunlight).

Would you do something like that? Do you think it's any of her business?

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Dinner question!

I'm making turkey soup out of the leftover turkey we had. The white meat is very dry; would cooking it "low and slow" on the stovetop in a soup pot (with other soup ingredients) make it more tender? What can I do to make the meat more tender?
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What sorts of seemingly insignificant things contribute to your Sneaky Hate Spiral days?

For me:
- Lots of static electricity in the air
- Wind blowing my bangs out of whack
- Driving past a line of trees or something where you're passing alternately through shadows and BRIGHT SUNLIGHT very quickly
- Dropping things repeatedly on accident

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Are you surprised by the results you get from these things? This isn't to promote the link, I'm just curious because some of my results surprised me. It's a research project to see if people have hidden biases regarding race, sexuality, religion, etc. I generally think of myself as a very unbiased person but this website seems to think my subconscious is very biased )))=

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What was the last song you downloaded?

I am home alone (with my hamster) with a pile of work, a boyfriend who "isn't in the mood to talk" (bastard, how dare he) and no heating. I want chocolate. Is it worth risking the slippery ice, when I'm prone to slipping, to get some at the corner shop?!

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I remember a few days ago some people were talking about yoga, and I've recently started hatha yoga once a week. I'd love to do it more so I'm wondering if people have any DVD reccomendations?

DK/DC: What's your favourite type of tea and how do you take it?
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 Is it customary to be required photocopy the pages you've taken quote from/paraphrased in a research essay for a college level general English class? 

Edit: I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks this is ridic. My works cited is thorough and I have in-line citations where necessary. This is going to cost me so much money to photocopy, and Idek if I can find EVERY SINGLE resource I used because I had to get books shipped from other libraries to my branch. fuuuck me. 

Dk/dc do you like mince meat tarts? 
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Why am I such a damn procrastinator? My god! Does anyone else take online courses for school? I have excellent grades and participation in my classes that are on campus, and although I'm online all of the damn time, my participation is awful in my online course. I enjoy the textbook and content of the course, but participating in the discussions bores me.

Do you slack off more with online/correspondence courses than you do with on campus courses?

DK/DC: What are you favorite sports teams? I love my hometown teams: Cubs, Hawks, and Bears. I suppose I can throw the Bulls in there by default. Basketball is lower on the sports totem poll for me.
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For those of you with cats:  What type of cat litter do you use?   Can you recommend a good flushable litter?  Is flushable litter as good as or better than regular clumping litter?

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do you have any super blemish-y areas of your body that are not your face? what do you do about it?

how do you feel about your butt? like.. your naked butt... in front of other people.
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What are some songs that are titled with "Athena" or "Minerva" and/or have content related to Athena/Minerva? Any genre, with or without lyrics, is fine. Thanks!

So far, I have:

  • Metalium - Athena

  • Antique - Athena

  • The Olivia Tremor Control - Love Athena

  • Grey Skies Fallen - Athena

  • Donner Party - The Owl of Minerva

  • The Who - Athena

  • Abingdon Boys School - Athena

  • Ani DiFranco - Minerva -

  • Kashmir - Pallas Athena

  • David Bowie - Pallas Athena

  • Marry Me Jane - Athena

  • Deftones - Minerva

  • Almamegretta - Black Athena

  • Therion - Chain of Minerva

  • Saint Seiya - Athena no komoriuta ~Lullaby~

  • Old Man Gloom - Rape Athena

  • Hercules and Love Affair - Athene
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We just moved into our new place on Saturday. Yesterday I started to notice this loud and sudden chirping sound. It's just a single chirp, every hour or so and it seems to come from just outside our patio.

What the hell is making this chirping sound?!

Do you have any unexplained noises in your home?
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My neighbors are blasting music and slamming things around and screaming at each other.  It's pretty bad right now, and it's distracting me from writing my paper (really, it is, this isn't just another excuse). 
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how good of a kisser are you on a scale of one to ten, one being the worst and ten the best?

Mean: 7.51 Median: 8 Std. Dev 2.01

how good are you in bed on a scale of one to ten, one being worst and ten best?

Mean: 6.90 Median: 7 Std. Dev 2.37

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My friend is supposed to be having her baby tomorrow and I want to get her something but I don't have much in my budget. What would you get for her? With the exception of baby clothes because a girl we work with gave her a ton of baby clothes.

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I want to laugh at some classic TQC drama tonight, and yet seem to have trouble finding what i'm looking for in the archives of the _drama communities. Do any of you have a link to some of the past controversial opinion posts?

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How strict were/are your parents when it came to swearing?

How strict do you think is too strict when it comes to parenting?

Do you think parenting books are useful or just repackage rehashed common sense?