November 29th, 2010

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Facebook-related question:

My friend just tagged me in some photos, and she said the album is set as viewable to friends only. If my own privacy setting is set so that friends can view all tagged photos of me, would my fb friends be able to see these recently tagged photos even if my friend's privacy setting for this album is 'friends only'? I'm assuming that they'd be able to see ONLY the photos I'm tagged in, but not the entire album, right?

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tqcers, it's gone midnight, I get up at 5, and I can't think right now where else to turn..

would anyone happen to know where I could get my hands on the Simian track 'The Way That I Live', from their second album, We Are Your Friends?

tracks keep going mysteriously missing from my itunes, and I need that full album for tomorrow :/

since getting my mac i haven't actually downloaded any music off the internet, so I'm at a loss for what to do right now!

sorry for the stupid question and thanks in advance for any advice!
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Are you friends with your parents on Facebook?

Why or why not?

If the answer is yes, have your parents ever done anything on Facebook to make you regret having them as a friend?

christmas gifts

What do you think is a good christmas present for a 28 year old guy?

(He's a drummer, single, has a physically demanding job and that's basically all I know about him. The gifts should be around 50 euros.)

Or, what would YOU like for christmas this year?

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Seeing/feeling an unborn baby move around in it's mother's stomach


I've only gained ~7 lbs. my entire pregnancy and I'm almost 34 weeks. I also have gestational diabetes. How much do you think my baby will weigh at birth?

5 lbs. or less
6 lbs.
7 lbs.
8 lbs.
9 lbs. or more
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If you have any siblings, where in the year are their birthdays?  Are they all spread out, or are they all in the same month?

My siblings and I are kind of spread, but all in the same part of the year.  My twin and I are October 18, my sister is December 19, and my brother is January 30.  EDIT:  the husband is August 6, and the baby is March 27.

But, my mom and her siblings are all in the same four days.  My one aunt is December 24, my mom is December 23, and my other aunt is December 27

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I had a sexual dream about one of my co workers last night, now I can't look at him the same today, and while he is talking to me I am thinking about the dream.  Hes also around 50 and married.
WTH and Thanks a lot, subconscious.

Have you ever had sexual dreams about co-workers?
Have you ever slept with a co-worker?

*and it doesnt help the cause when said co-worker says "how lovely" i look today.
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I'm applying for a marine biologist job in Tampa, FL.

I've never lived outside of California, where I grew up in San Francisco and lived for a few years in Santa Cruz. I've also spent a lot of time in LA.

Sooooo...can anyone explain what it's like to live in Tampa? Is there a lot of stuff to do? What's the general attitude of the people there? How's the food? Is it set up so it's really compact or is it more sprawling?

Yeah. Basically, if anyone can explain Tampa, FL to me while using references to cities and towns here in California, that would be coolio.


So, I joined a gym, one which has group classes. I went to a beginner class today, and it was really hard. I'm very unfit.

Is it better for me to have a rest and go back in say, two or three days, or, should I go tomorrow? On one hand I know I need to do it lots to start actually improving, but on the other if I'm exhausted and sore, I'll just hurt myself. Maybe I should go to the yoga class or something else that's mild, or go on one of the machines for a short while... even though I've not had my induction so I'm not sure how to use them yet.

If you go to a gym, how often do you go?
What do you do there for the most part?

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Will you use this and tell us what amazing fact in generates for you?

I got: Theodore Roosevelt was once shot at during a campaign rally in Wisconsin. The bullet penetrated his glasses case and a manuscript, just missing his right lung. Being an expert hunter he decided to stay and give his speech since he wasn’t coughing up blood. His speech lasted nearly an hour.

How awesome is Theodore Roosevelt?

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I hear you guys get this a lot this time of year, but I need your help. My friend asked that I get him something useful for Christmas, but he lives at home with his parents and makes $20-something dollars an hour. He buys video games on their launch dates, owns every system and buys DVDs the day they come out. He doesn't have bills, so if he needs anything like new clothes or whatever he can just go buy them.

What do you get for a person who has plenty of money and wants something he'll find useful?

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I desperately need to go through my clothes and organize them/give them away. 
Its such a daunting task, I get anxious just thinking about it.

What is something youre currently avoiding like the plague*?

*Besides the actual plague
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wtf: work troubles

I just started working at a store last Sunday. I worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Black Friday. The whole time I've been a pretty good worker, and I got compliments from some of the older people who worked there, saying that I was doing really well. Workers were set with goals of how much to sell during your shift and our goals were being tracked as we cashed people at the cash register. Every day I worked I went over my goal, with my biggest being 224% on Black Friday.

Now, I got my schedule for the next couple of weeks and saw that the shifts they assigned me were ALL clashing with my days for school. I pulled aside one of the managers on my floor and asked her if it would be okay to change the days. I told her my availability, and she seemed a little annoyed, saying that I was hired as night part time (why, I don't know), and that I needed to do a certain amount of closing shifts, but she'd "see what she can do." She wrote down my availabilities for the next two weeks and my phone number and said she'd call me if she needed me to work on Sunday, and to tell me my new schedule. It's now Monday, and she never called me. I went to our work website to check my schedule for this week, and suddenly my information--as in what department I work in and my schedules-- are not on the website. They were there before, and now they're gone (I get a message that said "Area Name Not On File", and when I look for my schedule it said it's not available for this week). I'm freaking out, because I'm worried that the discrepancy about my availability was more trouble than I thought it would be. I'm thinking maybe they fired me are are gonna call me to tell me soon. I've tried calling my manager but first I got busy signals, and then rings and her voicemail. I left her a message about wanting to know my schedule, so now all I have to do is wait for a phone call.

Am I fired, y'all? Or am I getting worked up about nothing? I'm telling myself to calm down and check back tomorrow but I can't help but think that this shadiness means I've been let go.

EDIT: I apparently freaked out over nothing. I just checked back, and the site was just down. My schedule and information just came back up, but now I have a new problem: No one changed my schedule. They still want me to come back and work all those days that clash with my class times for school. *le sigh* I have to still go to the store Wednesday and beg someone to change it. I feel like such a dingus, but that was seriously a suspicious situation. It looked like I was wiped from the system!

Thanks for helping me out, though!
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How to load a Staple Gun?

Soooo....  does anyone know how to load a freaking staple gun?

I bought yet another one yesterday and I bought the staples that were recommended for it, yet I can't get the staples to load this morning!  The stapler load arm won't go in unless I force it and then, it shoves the staples up and bends them all out of shape!

Am I doing something wrong?  I'm loading it the way you'd think it would load!
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grab bag

if you were say, 35 weeks pregnant and not working or going to school, what would you do all day?  (OK pple.  Pretend you want the baby AND you are covered on the $$ front)

if you were going to see a movie w/ your SO to kill some time and you were generally uninterested in the choices at the local theater, what would you go see?

do you send christmas cards out?
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People in the Netherlands: what is the writing - in Dutch - on the signs in disabled bays?
It translates to something like "take my parking spot, please take my disability"

dk/dc what is your most self-righteous cause? bonus points if you act on it passive aggressively.

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What's a weird ability you wish you had?
Inspired by an old MadTV clip of this guy who could customize the scent of his farts.

You're going to die, and you have one 160 character text to send. You can only send it to one person. What does it say and who's it to?

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Have you ever gotten the impression that a person doesn't like you even though there is no logical reason for it?   I get that vibe from one of my co-workers and there really is not justifiable reason that I can think of for it.   I feel that I am nice and respectful so I don't get it.   

Feel free to elaborate on your answer if you want.     
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Have you ever felt like you were living in a stereotypical movie? What happened to make it feel like that?

I think I'm in love with my best friend but I don't want to break my boyfriend's heart.

My sister is in a feud with her future mother-in-law, complete with MIL writing a 5 page hate letter to her.

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I have to write an academic book review. I've never done one before, and haven't been given any guidance.
Should I give a summary of each chapter and what is right/wrong with it as the main body of the text, or should I only include important chapters?

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Do you ever feel like your life is a secret soap opera? Like...are people around you involved in ridiculous love quadrangles and weird grudges that make you question what the fuck is going on at times?'s been a weird week at work, and all I can think of is it would make a great teaser for a soap episode.
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I am about to start researching and writing a paper on Aztec and Maya art. What should I listen to while I try to recover lost time and finish this paper in less than a day?

When was the last time you got yourself into a situation that was difficult to get out of?

You go out to get some Chinese food. What do you order?
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Birthday Plans!

What is your idea of a perfect birthday? My birthday is coming up, and I want to do something fun, but I have no idea what I want to do! What would you do on your birthday?
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Hey TQC. I have a hankering for some Xmas music. Can you recommend somewhere online that I can find some good streaming Xmas music?

Will you post a version of a xmas song you like?

i ain't into that!

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 Dr. TQC,

Today and yesterday I've been feeling super hungry and lightheaded. I'll eat a meal and then 30-40 minutes later I feel hungry again. My diet hasn't changed at all. I ate pork chops for lunch and had a 6'' sub later, if that means anything. What is up? IS THERE AN ALIEN INSIDE ME??

edit: 6 inches. not feet. that would be shocking.  
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So I'm an art student and for my personal project I'm looking at the beauty industry (in a negative slant) and branching out from that issues like westernization, identity, celebrity culture etc etc. I'm kind of stuck right now though, and was wondering if anyone knew of any articles/artists/issues/anything that would be good for me to look at?
I've already been looking at magazines like adbusters and have spent the day researching controversy within Mattel and the negative connotations of Barbie etc. The other thing is I need to do a lot of primary source drawing so any additional ideas of source materials to draw from would be great too.
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You're a musician facing a choice that could have a major impact on your future career.  You have two options:

1.)   Join an already established band, the project of a well-known lead singer.  Said singer was once a member of a famous band, but left due to "artistic differences".  This option has good connections and a higher chance of success.

2.)  Continue trying to push the band you're currently in.  These guys are your friends and you've been playing with them for years.   And as it stands now, you have more say in the creative direction and management of the band than you would in option one.

Which do you choose?

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do you ever get nauseous when thinking about food even though youre really hungry? im pretty sure im only nauseous because im hungry but i kind of dont want to eat because of that nausea.

when i go out to get something, what should i get? im thinking maybe chic fil a or subway.

SXSW 2011

I'm thinking about going to SXSW in March. Booking time off isn't a problem, nor is getting a flight from Saskatoon to Austin (still under $600 if I book early enough). I had a friend who lives there with his wife, and I can hang around with them and do some touristy stuff around the city on top of the music festival activities. I'd probably only be there for 3 or 4 days at the most anyway.

HOWEVER there's no way I can afford a $600+ pass/badge to see everything. Am I an idiot to think that I can just fly down there and catch some of the free shows? Is the wristband really worth it? Is this all just a dumb idea? :(

Have you been to SXSW before? What was it like for you?

DK/DC: What was your FIRST job?

Just Friends?

I'm doing a paper for my Gender Comm class and we have to do survey's and interviews and what not, so I decided to come ask you guys.

Do you think guys and girls can be JUST friends?

Please let me know if its ok to use your answers in my paper, you will remain anonymous.

Thanks so much!!

Edit: Yeh I get it, I'll get mocked, but really what better place to get answers by real people then the interwebs and not some google search. I need real responses by everyday people.
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Dear professor TQC,
I have a 6 page paper due tomorrow and i have to make some major improvements on it, but I'm totally stuck. Also, none of my friends will edit it b/c they have their own papers to deal with.
But, the main issue is that  I have two more block quotes than I'm allowed and some of my paragraphs start and end with stupid note-cards (which, btw, isn't allowed). My brain was shot on this paper two weeks ago. :(
Do you have any tips for paraphrasing quotes to make them say the same thing, but ... different? Or transitioning from one paragraph to another?
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LGBT people: are you out at work? If not, how do you deal with situations where people ask you questions with the assumption that you're straight and/or cis?

Everyone else: what's your favorite ice cream flavor(s)?
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will I finish my paper before tomorrow?

I want to order some clothes from this website and they have had 40% off everything since I last checked the site on Black Friday and it is still up today. will the sale probably end today? I'd rather wait until I get my paycheck to buy everything but I don't want to miss the sale.

how is your evening?
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Dear fashionable members of TQC,

My wardrobe does not have any brown on it. On accident I bought knee high dark brown boots, and have decided to keep them. What colors go well with these? Do black tights and a gray dress (or vice versa) go OK with brown boots (that's what I wear the most of) or should I keep different colors in mind when I go shopping?
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 I want to make a caramel sauce. I have no ice cream. What could I put my caramel sauce on?

Caramel or fudge? 

Edit: I eat enough when I make it off a spoon. It makes me feel like a fatty :(
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1a. Do you agree that Amish people make the best snacks?

1b. How is that Amish people are making snacks at all? Doesn't all of that factory equipment go against their beliefs? Or is it that these brands are just lying about being Amish?

2a. What was the last mess you made? (interpret however you want)

2b. Who had to clean it up?

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Hi TQC! My friend is writing a research paper and wants to use the image here in it. She can't figure out how to cite it in MLA format, because she can't find any info on it at all. Does anyone know how she could cite this? We can't figure it out, and she can't not cite it.

ETA: We both know how to cite images in general, it's just that there is no info on this image to cite, so we're not sure how to give credit for the image.

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For those who are up-to-date on the latest season of Dexter: IS THIS NOT SOME CRAZY FREAKY DEAKY SHIT GOING ON??????

All others, what TV show has the best writing? (past or present)
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My dad has been married three times. First to my mother. Second to a horrible selfish bimbo who only wanted him for his money even though he doesn't have any. And third to the awesome woman he is with now.

The question is: How do I refer to his second wife?

I usually say "my ex-stepmother", but it sounds so awkward. I want to always make the distinction between step-mothers, because I don't want people to get them confused. I totally wish my current step-mother was my mom, although without her kids as my siblings.

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So I'm working on scholarship applications and one asked: "What makes you different than most people?" Why do they always ask this question?!

Can you think of something that makes you different than most people?
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I'm food obsessed, obviously.

Is there a food that you love but don't eat because it's just not worth it (too bad for you, too hard to cook, too expensive?)
Is there a food that you love and will make the necessary sacrifices (nutrition, money, time, etc) to eat?
What about a food that you dislike but choke down because you know it's good for you?
Something that you won't eat no matter how awesome other people think it is?

For example, I frackin' love PopTarts, but they have a ridiculous amount of calories and sugar for 4 bites of food that I am still hungry after I eat.  On the other hand, homemade lasagna tastes better than being skinny feels.  I eat bananas, apples and oranges because I know they're good for me but I don't really like them.  And I don't care how "good for me" or "delicious" salmon is, I can't ever choke it down.

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I want to backback through Europe for at least 4-5 months with my boyfriend in the next few years. How much money do you think we should we have saved up? We plan to stay in hostels and we definitely aren't the fancy, travel-in-luxury type of people.

Any other backpacking/traveling tips?
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 Have you ever done a crash diet?  What did you eat, and did it work?

My dad wants me to eat nothing but Lipton Chicken and Rice, water, and a 6-inch Subway every third day because about twelve years ago he did it and lost 100lbs, even though he's gained it back since then.

He's trying to make it better by bribing me with clothes, but wth. Clothes suck.

If you won 150 million from the lottery, what would be the first thing you bought with it? I'd pay off my car but the first thing I'd buy would be a European vacation.

Would you survive without the internet? I doubt I would. Last night at work I was daydreaming about building a house if I won the lottery and I remembered seeing something about central vacuums and I was able to look it up right when I got home and read all about them. My mind would atrophy if I didn't have the internet to read about any little thing that popped into my head.
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Can we have that post where you post a picture of yourself with and without glasses, so everyone can comment and say what they think looks best?
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I just made brownies and realized I didn't have any vegetable oil so I used olive oil. They are going to taste awful, right?

I should have used applesauce :(

EDIT: They taste just fine! :)

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How do I fix this?

I was uncharacteristically angry and slammed a folded umbrella into the wall. I made a hole about 1 and 3/4 inch diameter. Now that I've calmed down I realize how absolutely silly I was, but knowing it was stupid doesn't make the hole fix itself. :(
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I am getting myself something somewhat expensive as a reward for doing something pretty big in my life. Because of the price, I can't get one in every color.

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I promise not to post about this bag again. I think.
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After looking at my favorite boardgames list on boardgamegeek, can you suggest a boardgame or few for me to look into?

PLEASE don't suggest the typical Hasbro-esque boring boardgames (Monopoly, Life, Clue, etc), I am more interested in mostly Eurogames.

Edit to add: Yes, I have played Settlers of Catan, the game of all games, but although it was good, it wasn't one of my top favorites. I've also played Fluxx as well.
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Would you be embarrassed or proud to be this girl?  I'm genuinely interested. 

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DGAF/DK:  What should you be doing right now that you absolutely do not want to do? 

I'm supposed to be done with these online homework modules for my math class but holy F, I do not want to do them.  
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i love the movie The Count of Monte Cristo. i also love books and i heard it was an amazing read. if i've seen the movie, is it worth to read the books? (kind of like asking if it is worth it to read harry potter... which is yes.)

also... BOOK RECS? making an xmas list. so far i have hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, lolita, and booky wook. i am not a fan of romance shit and twilight/true blood but i love books like the hunger games and hp.
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Have you ever done an apartment swap with someone? Someone in NY needs an LA apartment on the exact same days as my friends and I are going to NY. This is a bad idea, y?

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where do you live? is it snowing?

i live in london and it's not snowing. :( it's snowing back home though, up in north england. it's been snowing there for days! the weather says london will (finally) get it at midnight-3AM tonight :/
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 If the british word for suspenders is braces whats the british word for american braces?

I can't really google it without getting a crap ton of bad british teeth websites.

DK/DC: If you had a theme song what song would it be? Mine would be Bruno Mar's Lazy Song