November 28th, 2010

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I want to get my mom a nice new purse for Christmas, but have NO idea where to begin looking.
What are some websites you guys have ordered nice purses from?

dk/dc: What's a great song you've discovered recently?

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My old boss of a small computer business friended me on facebook today. I came to work one day and the door was locked, he never answered his phone, & I never heard from or saw him again. This was over 3 years ago.

What could he possibly want from me?

DK/DC: Have you started decorating for christmas?

trivial life decision

So I am majorly failing a class (I'm talking I got a 31 on the last test). I foresaw difficulties in this class since it's a preparation for the actuarial exams, so I changed my registration to pass/fail early on. Theoretically, I could still pass, if I get a B or higher on the final, but I haven't been to class in well, forever, and the material is obviously difficult. My friends that have taken the class have chastised me for taking this class since it is so hard.

Since the class is pass/fail, I will get an F on my gpa. I have a pretty stellar gpa atm, so it would only lower me to a 3.5. I am graduating in the spring; this class is not required for my degree, I just needed an extra class for financial aid. I therefore cannot drop the class, it's too late in the semester, plus I would lose all my money.

So what should I do? Stop trying in this class completely and just take the F? Bust my ass to study ridiculous material and still possibly (probably) get the F? Some other option? I still have 3 other (important) classes to study & do work for, so it's not like I would be totally dropping everything.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Please tell me all about it.

If you read all this: WHY AREN'T YOU OUT HAVING FUN ON A SATURDAY NIGHT? But still help me thanks.
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1. Who would you like to look like?

2. Whose job would you like to have?

3. Whose talent would you like to have?

4. If you had to name one politician (from any country) as supreme ruler of your country, who would you pick?

5. If you had to adopt one celebrity (not necessarily a child) who would it be?

6. What play/musical/movie would you like to star in?

7. Have you ever written fanfic? If yes, how do you feel about it? How would you feel if the original creator read it?

8. If you could choose any school to go to, which would it be?

9. If you could remove one person from history, who would it be?

10. Are you boycotting anything right now? What?
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1. I belabor the point: I bought some Chivas Regal 12 yrs old for a coworker for secret santa. It had a pretty box, was exactly the price limit of the exchange, and I'm familiar with the name. How disappointed is he going to be by this gift? Shall I write an apologetic note to accompany it?

2. What would you need to do to prepare yourself for the theoretical collapse of your governmental structure?
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Dear TQC, I feel like getting my nerd on. I love watching shows about dinosaurs, astronomy, megafauna, and things about prehistory or early human culture in general. I also love specials about sea creatures. So, basically Science/Discovery channel type things. Now, I've seen pretty much everything that's been on in the last few years, but can you recommend me your favourite shows from these categories that you've seen? For the dinosaur ones, preferably ones that have CG that won't make my eyes bleed would be awesome.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

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When small animals (like rabbits and squirrels) cross the road and are almost hit by motor vehicles, do you think some of them die of heart attacks when they get to the other side because they are so scared?

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My water is shut off because a pipe outside my house froze and broke yesterday. I can't shower, wash my face, or brush my teeth. I have a pizza party thing with some family members I never see today, but I really don't want to go because I feel icky and I'm not going to put makeup on my unwashed face. The only reason I'm still thinking about going is because my mom doesn't want to go either, but she is, and I want to be there for her so she doesn't feel totally awkward. But I really don't want to go looking like this.

What would you do TQC?

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So I think someone might be buying me a car for Christmas.
When someone buys you a car, how do they give it to you? Like, do you have to go some place and sign papers? Or can they just hand you something like a pink slip? Or what?

Like, if I get a car on Christmas, can I drive back with it officially being mine? How does that work with insurance and such? (Since most places wouldn't be open)
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Photo Post!

Would you please post a photo that you like that you took?

If you don't have a photo to post, would you please post something that you wrote that you like?


 So, I'm not a big do-it-yourself'er, and my latest to-do item is hanging my curtains (6 months after moving in!!) ... but my walls are REALLY solid, and it seems that I bought a power drill for nothing :(  The screws won't go in, and I was wondering...

Can I <i>start</i> the hole in the wall with a hammer, then use the power drill? Is this something that y'all have done before? This is SO frustrating.
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Pretend we all live in a world where there are no holidays or summer vacations, so those don't play a factor in this question.

Which season is better?

Which is the best season?

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If you have a long, emotionally charged conversation with someone and they end it by saying 'I'm sorry you feel that way', would you interpret this as a sincere statement or a non-apology?
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Oh man, the threadless shirt I've been wanting for over a year has been reprinted, and they are having a $10 tees sale. With shipping, it's $14.99. Minus the sale, it'd be more like $23.99.

Should I do it and call it a Christmas present to myself? (I have under $100 in checking, but I have about $80 in another account for food until late December and $900 in savings as a precaution so I'm skint but not dead-skint. I'll be getting $75-100 around December 20th, and a bit more on Christmas).

You gonna get anything during this sale?
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I've been working a holiday job. Sort of. I've worked a total of three days since I started and the typical length of the shifts is 3-4 hours. Usually all I get in a week is a time in which I have to call an hour before my shift begins to see if I'm needed. They usually don't need me. So far, I've made about just about enough money to cover the gas money I've spent driving to the place.

It's totally okay if I just quit, right? I feel bad quitting the only job I have when I'm having trouble finding another.

Anyone else working a seasonal job? How's it goin'?

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I'm in a pretty decent amount of pain. I have Vicodin that was prescribed back in July for this specific pain, and I never used it all. I want to take one so badly right now but I have a ton of homework I have to do TODAY. Usually if I take a vicodin, I fall asleep.

I don't want to take it too late in the evening, because then I'll be up all night and I have to get up at 6:30 in the morning.

Should I take it now and fight sleep/weirdness and do all my homework? Or should i try and get it all done (it might take a while) and then take it and risk being up half the night later? Or, should I suck it up and just not take anything?

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If you have a job that actually pays you money, how much do you hate it? 1 being it is the best job on earth and I couldn't be happier.

Mean: 5.05 Median: 5 Std. Dev 2.15
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Dating issues.

So a little while back I met a girl through some mutual friends. When we met she pretty much instantly started flirting with questions. At one point she even ended up taking out her camera and taking a picture of both of us together. When I was leaving she asked for my number saying we should hang out again sometime. I should have asked her first but I am shy and she knows that.

So the next week we chat via text message and I ask her out to hang out with our mutual friends. She agrees and about an hour before we are due to meet up she texts me and says she isn't feeling good and can't make it. (This all happened in the same day, she agreed and then said she was not up for it in the same day) I said it was ok and didn't make a big deal about it. Then about a half hour later she asks if I wanted to see a movie so we agree on a time and date a few days later.

It was after this event that things really started to go down hill. I get a text early the day when we are due for the movie and she says something along the lines of "do you still want to see the movie?" I don't remember the exact phrasing but it did have a ring of insecurity to it. I sent her a reassuring text that I was looking forward to it, that I would see her tonight, etc.

We planned on meeting at the theater at a certain time and when I got there she wasn't there. I texted her that I was there and she had not even left the house yet, but ended up there 8-10 minutes later. I made no comment about the incident. We greeted each other with a warm hug. Then she insisted that she use her free vouchers for tickets and I didn't argue but I was willing to pay for both of us. We chatted before the movie started about 10-15 minutes and I felt like we had a lot in common and I am not usually this comfortable with woman. This was also my very first date ever.

Other than that 15 minutes of chit chat we didn't talk and I now believe movies make bad dates. We decided it was late and we both had class in the morning so we hugged goodbye and she said something along the lines of "we need to hang out more often." Which I took at face value as meaning I had a green light to ask her out for a 2nd date but boy was I wrong. It really turned to s__ after this.

So we texted back and forth the next week some initiated by her some by me and I asked her out for a walk in a local park that weekend. She said that sounded like a great idea and that it was on. Then the day it happened she told me she had car problems and couldn't make it. I told her something along the lines of no problem and hope your car gets up and running soon. Looking back I probably should have offered to pick her up and drive together but I am so new to this that it slipped my mind. That night she sent me a text asking me what I was doing. I said I was doing some homework and I asked if her car got fixed. She said it did and that she and a friend were coming back from a day in the city. It was a really weird conversation. At first I thought she was going to invite me somewhere with the "what are you doing" text and but she just proceeded to tell me what she did during the day we were suppose to meet up. I asked to let me know when she was free in the future because we both have busy school and work schedules. This was pretty much the last time we talked.

So I feel like I screwed up but I feel like I should have a break considering that she knew I was shy and new to dating. It is not like I am sleeping around and being a player. In short I have gave up on her but I would like some advice for how in the future I can actually make it to a second date. Does anyone also know what might be behind her antics of first being flirty and then being flaky when I start pursuing her?

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Have you every gotten scammed from buying something online?
What did you buy and where?

Does this eBay seller look super sketchy? Would you order from them?
The price is great but their page and info is... weird and I'm not sure where it's shipping from but I've heard eBay is good with refunding money.
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what's the most awkward/cheesy/romantically gross/cringe-worthy thing an s/o has ever done for you?

i was in a long distance relationship a few years ago and my gf at the time played nick lachey on her stereo and made me dance with her before i left the last time. she also wrote me numerous love songs that were really awful. i don't like people singing to me/for me it just makes me feel so weeeeird. she was by far the most cheesy person i've dated.

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i have no relationship with my father and i never really have. growing up he was just the guy that pulled out the belt/hand/whatever when i got in trouble and that's it really. he's a functional alcoholic and a bigot and just kind of an asshole in general.

lately, like in the last couple of months, i think he's been trying to redeem his relationship with me or something. he keeps asking me to go out and do things with him and trying to give me money and even offered to get me lasik surgery even though he can barely afford to pay the mortgage. i've been declining all of these things and i don't really want a relationship with him because he's still a dick and an alcoholic etc etc and overall i think it would be more pain than it's worth. but tbh this is the most effort he's ever put into being a father as far as i can remember and maybe i'm just reading too much into it but he seems kind of hurt whenever i say no and i'm starting to feel kind of bad for keeping him out of my life.

am i right for doing this or should i give him a chance?

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If those secured credit cards are supposed to look just like credit cards in every way, can they be used to rent a car just like a regular credit cards? (without the 500 dollar debit card only security deposit)?

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Ok, so you know how in books and stuff set in ye olden dayes, whenever somebody gets stabbed or something another character always shows up to put some kind of foul-smelling ointment on there and makes it heal faster? This stuff is almost always described in terms of its nasty smell.

Is this foul-smelling ointment stuff real, or is it just a literary trope? What would it be IRL?

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So say that there's a person who just came into the room and felt the need to sing "Hot in Herre" in a loud and terribly obnoxious voice. And that they ignored your requests to stop and instead picked up their guitar and started wailing a Backstreet Boys song. And that they are now singing that lovely tune about airplanes in the night sky being shooting stars because they could really use a wish now.

How would you respond at this point?

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Will you tell me about your experiences with regional/general anesthesia? I'm fairly certain I'm going to have to have it for the first time ever probably this week, and I think I'm being irrationally nervous about it. I'm freaking out about not waking up, something going wrong, etc. lol
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so my cat peed on my roommate's bed while i was away and it's my fault because somehow the door to her litterbox room got closed :(

besides washing his blankets and stuff, what can/should i do to make it up to my roommate?

eta: he told me it didn't permeate all the way to the mattress/sheets; just the comforter. i'm washing the comforter now.

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What things is a microwave really useful for?

Inspired by me setting up my kitchen perfectly then realising my microwave isn't here to heat my pasta sauce, which yes I know I can heat in a pot, but... tiiiiime.

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Why would anyone go through hazing to be in a fraternity/sorority? I used to think all that stuff was made up for TV, then I spent 5 years in college watching 7 people try to using the dining common while duct taped together, among other things.
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Will you tell me about where you're at right now?

I'm on the highway somewhere in the Texas panhandle listening to, "Spirit in the Sky." Which has me thinking about Hunter S. Thompson because this is what they played when they shot his ashes out of a cannon.
CV:did I break wind?

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What would you name two kittens that are male? One is long hair, one is short and they are both greyish tabbies.
I don't know much about their personalities because we just got them 10 minutes ago.

What was your favorite book as a kid?

What is your favorite comfort food?
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Do you think homemade quilts an acceptable Christmas-time gift for family? Roommates? Close dormmate friends? Best buddies from middle school?

DK/DC: Do you like the holidays? I personally do not. The only holiday I enjoy is Halloween and I would like it if people would quit treating me as messed up because I do not enjoy other holidays.

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Are there any restaurants you don't like but still go to regularly because you really like or LOVE one thing or two off of their menu?

I'm not a Subway fan at all but I love getting a Meatball Marinara sub with extra cheese and pepperoni(the Meatball Marinara is a $5.00 footlong but only comes out to about 6 bucks when I make these additions). With oil, vinegar, parmesan and oregano it tastes just like a pizza on a sandwich! I'm also partial to the Spicy Italian sub as well and I love their cookies. Everything else there is nasty to me.

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1) My mom wants me to help her get new make up and face cleanser/moisturizer. She has pretty normal skin(not too dry or wrinkly), but she wants to get rid of wrinkles and things. (she's early 50s) Is there anything you can recommend?

2)My boyfriend wants me to be friends with his sister. (I've only met her once and she lives in Germany so all I can do is IM and send messages on facebook.) The thing is she doesn't seem to want anything to do with me. I sent a message asking about anime I should watch because she LOVES anime. She sent a nice reply, but since then has been pretty cold. Should I keep trying to be her friend? If so, how? or should I just let it go for awhile? I'm lost on how to start a friendship with her. I think she already doesn't like me.
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What do you wear on an average day? Post pics if you like! :)

What are you looking forward to?

What's something you're really hoping for?

Wtf do I do when -- I feel a pimple coming but it hasn't come out yet? Anyway to kill the bitch before it surfaces? Fuckstickles :(

eta - Do you have any old family photos? Wanna post them here? Tell us a little about them.

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Is it possible to buy music from itunes (insert country that isn't your own)? I live in the US but I really want the new Gabriel Rios album and it's only available through itunes Europe. It says I only have access to the US itunes store. I can't find this album anywhere else online. What do I do?! :(

EDIT Okay, if this is breaking any rules let me know, but you can listen to the whole album here. Is it possible for me to rip the tunes from the site at least until I'm able to buy a copy?

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A follow-up question about my previous question regarding anesthesia:

I'm hoping and praying I can get it done tomorrow, but is this even possible? It wouldn't be done at a hospital--it's outpatient at my gynecologist's office. I think you have to fast before anesthesia, right? So if I don't eat/drink anything after midnight tonight, and call in the morning, would they possibly say it's alright? Do they have to do a lot to prepare?

I'm in a lot of pain and if I can't get the procedure with anesthesia tomorrow, then I have to do SOMETHING tomorrow. I can't wait until Tuesday.

Edit: yeah, it's general anesthesia.
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If Facebook was going to pay you $500 to create a new app for them, what would you come up with?

Are you getting anything for yourself for the holidays this year? If so, what do you have in mind?
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I don't quite know how to word this, so bear with me.
Our boiler never gets beyond the 'correct pressure when cold' setting, even when on full blast. The radiators only ever get lukewarm.
For the sake of the heating bill, are we best off having it full blast (which is only lukewarm) all day, or as we are which is on for 2 hours, off for two hours?
My concern at the moment is that we'll be paying as though it's on full blast all the time, when only getting a lukewarm house.
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SO I am watching the news and they are intervewing the "important people of the year"...KIM KARDASHIAN is "important"??? What did I miss?
Did she find Osama? Did she marry the Pope?? IDGI!!

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How do you usually cook a sausage? (Assume you don't have a barbeque, or give your first and second choices.) If you fry them do you add water after browning, boil them in water and then brown them, or omit any cooking in water?

My dad told me to bake them and that's what he usually does, but my grandparents and aunt were all for frying them. I went with baking for tonight. Do you cook them your way because you've determined it to be the best method, or just because?

ETA: I'm cooking raw Italian sausage, but however you make your favorite raw sausage. It doesn't seem like it would make a huge difference, but I was curious if anyone thinks theirs is the BEST way to make them.

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How do you feel about Las Vegas? Your favorite things to do there?

I'm only now realizing how fun gambling is. Blackjack and penny slots ftw. Also, the pool at the Venetian is my favorite place on the entire strip.

/written from the Vegas airport, on my way home after a lovely wknd of debauchery.
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My dad gave me the lighted plastic Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that he used to put up in front of our house when I was growing up. I'm worried that someone is going to steal them because they can. Can anyone help me think of ways to put them out and prevent silly kids from snagging them? :(

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Hey guys, I wanna buy my dad a new recliner for Christmas but i'm not exactly Richie Rich. Know of any good places to buy cheap furniture.
nb4 Ikea.

If not, have you done any Christmas shopping yet?
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 It's my birthday soon, and my gift to myself is making an extremely awesome birthday cake. What kind of wonderful and grand chocolate things should I do to this cake?

What is your favourite cake?

don't like cake? well, what do you like?

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In my family we do Secret Santa. This year I got my brother in law and I have no idea what to get him! 

He's 23. He skateboards. He's obsessed with horses. He's moving into his first house next year. 
He used to be really into being a pastry chef but has since decided it's not for him (usually I would get him baking things but he's not interested in it at all anymore). We met in an art class but he's not really into art anymore either. He's kind of indifferent about everything and doesn't get excited about anything. 

Based on this information what should I get him for Christmas? $30 limit. 
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what is the tastiest "improvised" thing you've ever made?

for example, i coated a chicken breast with taco seasoning, covered it in salsa and cheese, and baked it, and OMG delish. i wasn't sure how it'd turn out but will definitely be making this more often.

(no subject) you have any advice for flirting with really really shy people? I'm usually a very forward person but I feel like with people who are more shy I don't want to be as forward and scare them off.
2. What is your favorite kind of cookie?
Washing machine

Can we fix it?

Hello handypeople of tqc.

I have two possible ferret-escape issues with my new apartment, can you suggest ways of fixing them?

1. The clearance under the front door is too high.

2. So apparently the back of my stairwell is in the back yard of a pizza place. I know this because I can see through a hole into said yard. There is a plywood board attached behind the stairs that doesn't quite line up with the top floor.

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*Inspired by an episode of Titus*


Can you use a butterfly knife?
If no, have you ever been curious to try/learn?
If yes, how did you learn?
Did you catch on quick or hurt yourself a few times in the process?

Are you trained (professionally or not) to use any other weapons? If so, what?
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I want to ask a boy out to a midnight monster movie on Friday (which according to the Facebook event page, he's already going to anyway). How will I fuck this up?

ETA I've been talking to him for an hour on FB chat and still haven't worked up the balls to ask him oh god why am I so awkward :I

What's the trending topic on your FB feed right now? On mine, it was the Rough Riders losing to Montreal in the CFL Grey Cup game, but that's been beaten out by Leslie Nielsen :(

What are you excited for in December, that's not Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus/etc. or New Year's?
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How desperate does it look to offer to do training for free for a job?

At the aquarium where I volunteer, they're hiring in their library right now. I'd really like this job, and I'm kind of like, "Well, shit, I volunteer there already, why not offer to volunteer to do the training for this job, too?" But at the same time, I don't want to to come off as desperate.

I would just very much like this job, as I recently got hired as a swimming instructor and I hate it with every fiber of my being and want to quit, like, NOW, but I can't because I need the fucking money...
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Have you ever been the subject of a missed connection (i saw you) ad?

Have you written one?

Did it work out?

DK/DC: Good, free podcast recommendations?

DK/DC2: Gave you ever written to/called into an advice person?  Did they answer?

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I've a week to go until my SO is back for Christmas and I get so bored so easily. I work and am going to go to the gym as much as I can but in the in-betweenie hours when I'm waiting around with nothing to do I get so bored!

My question to you is... what do you guys resort to when you've exhausted all other options and HAVE to find a way to kill the bored-bug?

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What is/are something(s) that you think are super cool that you have?

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic 

Yes this is a signed calendar from David Bowie.


Got this just after Christma slast year. Oh it feels good to be awesome.

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Have you ever taken a spin/cycling class? What should I expect?

My personal trainer recommended them to me and told me it's a relatively fast way to lose weight, but he also told me it's HARD.

So what's your experience?

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If a British novel published in 2004 described a character as being "a dark girl", would you imagine them having dark skin, or having dark hair and eyebrows? I've seen the word used to describe both, and I'm kind of torn, since that's all it says about the character.

ETA: I'm pretty sure it's not talking about her personality, too. The sentence is something along the lines of "Tiffany was a dark girl with wicked eyebrows" or something like that. Very minor character. She's kind of a gossip queen figure in a YA chick-lit novel. I don't think she has a dark outlook on life.

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Is there a way on word to select certain parts of text and not have them included in the word count permanently, rather than just when they are not selected? Kind of like a header/footer but randomly dispersed.

Do you have certain music you listen to when studying/working?
I listened to Clannad all through college when I was doing essays and now associate their music with working. It gets me down to it...occasionally!
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ok so i'm really out of the loop in this one..... WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON IN NORTH KOREA? I searched google news but the pieces that came up were all follow ups.... so could be so kind as to educate me?

EDIT: so i was rly out of the loop apparently..... lol