November 27th, 2010

I <3 TLV

Travel food

Anyone know of a place in Boston where I can get a vegan brunch tomorrow morning?

Any recommendations for a vegan-friendly place to eat lunch in Philly? If it's close to Sweet Freedom that's a big plus since we'll be stopping there.

Did you travel anywhere for Thanksgiving? If you did, where did you go and how did you get there?

Anxiety medication?

 Hey TQC.
So late into this past summer, I was told I have anxiety by a psychologist who got me started on seeing a therapist on my college's campus. Well, I've been seeing her for the past 5 months and honestly, it's not doing me hardly ANY good. I'm still having panic attacks, and overall, my anxiety has not lessened. Instead, it's been gradually worsening. I've also been having anxiety and depression symptoms for the past 6 years. I've been in and out of therapy before and it hasn't done much for me. I'm seriously beginning to consider medication, as I'm beginning to believe it's my only option and because I'm so desperate for a change -- I can't keep living my life like this. 

How should I bring this up with my therapist? For those of you who have been in a similar situation -- how did you obtain a prescription for meds? I'm not saying I NEED them (and no, I don't plan on abusing them), but I feel like it's an option I should at least explore or discuss.

Unfortunately, I don't see my therapist for another month, but I want to be prepared with how I might bring this up.

(no subject)

Marrying a guy for a year and then divorcing: smart or stupid?

here's some backstory:
this is my sister's plan. To marry her ex bf and divorce after a year. He came to her with the offer because he can make more money that way while he is overseas (he's in the reserves) He told her he would give her $750 a month for a year and he wouldn't try to have sex with her or anything. But he was a manipulative person and acted shitty to her. I don't think it's a good idea because no matter how good it sounds I don't think it will turn out well.

What do you think?
If this was your sister what would you do?

(no subject)

Google has failed me. So, TQC...

what are your favorite places online to get some good quotations?
Anything ranging from love to life to inspirational to depressing.

Addtionally, how do you deal with regret?

stupid question probably but oh well

So yesterday, my FWB (with who I am far too emotionally attached to and vice versa) came over for thanksgiving (around 1 pm and he stayed until 7 AM) and, basically, we couldn't keep our hands off each other for five seconds the entire time. For the first five hours (and every hour after dinner) we spent the time curled up on the couch, me in his lap and oftentimes with my face against his crotch.

And today my mom and I were at the table-well she was-talking about thanksgiving when she blurts out "so when did you and he become a couple?"
I couldn't keep the grin off my face. And my bright red face wasn't helping much.
So I said "no" but I could tell she didn't believe me. Then I amended it to "it's...complicated?"

So dear TQC, my question is: should I bring this up to him? That my mother's having suspicions? Thanks!

srs/nonsrs answers

(no subject)

How do you chill your brain out enough to sleep after a stressful day? Even better, how do you relax enough to sleep when you have a series of stressful days? Do you have a special trick/mantra/safe space?

Do you have a reusable water bottle? Have you ever seen a vending machine that dispenses filtered water for reusable water bottles? There used to be one at the main library on campus and I just saw today that they got rid of it. :\

i'm drunk so non-srs/lulzy answers are always appreciated.

is it OK if you're not over your ex if it's not getting in the way of you meeting or liking other guys/girls/whoever gets you off?

cuz i'm totes not over my ex or w/e he was but there's this guy i really like who i can really see myself with, at least for the time being, and not really care about this past guy. but i'm always worried i'm all screwed up and damaged, idk idk idk.


 I've decided that I want to learn how to knit. Or crochet. I don't really know.
Can somebody explain (in a simple way) the exact difference between knitting and crocheting? Is it just a method thing? I tried Googling but I got lots of information and I don't really know what projects are better for knitting or for crocheting. I am dumb, I'm sorry.

Is knitting hard? I want to know what I'm getting into.
How much yarn should I expect to need if I want to make a scarf? Or a hat?
Are hats hard? All I picture myself making is a shapeless blob baby.

Do you knit? Or crochet?
Will you post pictures of things you have knitted/crocheted? Or just knitted/crocheted things that you like?

Use this post to talk about things you've made, whether or not they're knitted/crocheted.
ps- I've already joined knitting  and I'm looking through a few of their tags.
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(no subject)

What's your guilty indulgence that you tow out to make you feel better when you're down?

I have a tub of cookies and cream ice cream in the freezer, which I'm actually not eating right now because of a cough, but the fact that I can chow down ice cream when I feel like it makes me feel lighted up. :)

(no subject)

Are you easily amused?

What are your plans today/this weekend?

What is weather like where you at and are your enjoying it?

Do you have movies you like to watch when you are sick or stuck at home?
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(no subject)

I'm certain the answer to my question is lurking somewhere very obvious on the Netflix site, but I'm totally unable to find it. If I activate a Netflix-ready device (such as a Wii), will I be able to watch all movies Netflix has available? Or will I still be limited to those available to "watch instantly?" Is there any real benefit at all, other than being able to see the movie on the full screen?

(no subject)

TQC, my dad just told me to "attack" my messy room "with a vengeance." I should outline a battle plan with soldiers and snipers, y/n? How do you motivate yourself to clean your room/living space?
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Xbox 360 question.

My boyfriend's 10 yr old son is interested in an xbox 360, so we're thinking of getting him one for christmas.

I was wondering is the 4gb xbox 360 good?
Are there any sizes bigger than this, and if so, does it make much of a difference?

If you could point me toward links, that'd be better.

How much is Xbox live if you get it for 1 year?


(no subject)

 For those of you in college or who have been in college previously, have you ever just not done a major assignment in a class?  Did you just take a low grade or take the class again?

I'm taking a history class this semester and have an instructor who fails so hard at teaching.  I have a 12-page paper due on Friday that I just don't want to do as I (and pretty much everyone else in the class) am already failing and I don't think it'll be worth my time at all.  I would probably take the class again, but at this point it looks like the class is being dropped due to budget cuts after this semester so I could take something better in its place.

(no subject)

 TQC, have you ever had someone tell you something that was incredibly ridiculous, but out of respect said nothing?

If you wanted to say something about it what would you have said?

If you said something, what did you say?

I had a friend tell me that we couldn't watch a horror movie/play horror video games at his house because it would let demons in.

I wasn't even going to argue with him and it wouldn't have mattered because he honestly believed it, but I did have a major WTF moment with my SO when we got home.
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(no subject)

Yay, another school question!

Will you describe your worst teacher?

This teacher isn't my worst ever but one of them this semester always posts lessons online and most of it is cited from Wikipedia. It's awful. At least use a test bank or publishers lessons, you lazy ass!
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Step into my office

So I'm quitting my job. My last day is this coming Wednesday, and I was wondering, what happens to all my unused vacation pay? Typically is that paid out on the last paycheck, or what happens to it?


What's your favorite kind of pizza?
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(no subject)

What's your favorite no-traditional Christmas song? Links/videos are great. (brought to you by Foxy Shazam's new cover of Heaven On Their Minds... I can't stop listening to it)

I just made brownies. Should I put chocolate frosting on them or leave them as-is?

How can I motivate myself to finish my homework before Monday? All I want to do is sleep for ever. :(
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Skittles Vodka.

I'm thinking of making Skittles vodka for my boyfriend's cousin for Christmas (I drew her name this year). I know she likes to drink, but I don't know if she would like it.

Do you like Skittles vodka?
Should I use the regular flavours, or the tropical ones?
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(no subject)

How should I spend the rest of today? I have no internet (I'm at the library right now), TV, money, or baking equipment (although I can do cookies, but I made a batch the other day too and I don't really want to get fat).
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(no subject)

Continuing the school question trend:

I'm currently working toward a bachelor's degree in Education, and I'm interested in getting my master's degree abroad. Have you ever done something like this/been an international student? Will you tell me about it?

dk/dc: What's your favorite kind of dessert?

(no subject)

Among people who make less than, say, $500,000 a year (so no celebrities or CEO's of major companies etc), what are some examples of people who you think are overpaid?

Who are some of the most underpaid people?

Are you underpaid, overpaid, or just about right?

(no subject)

I finally turned on my heater last night because I was tired of it being 50 degrees in my room. The air coming out of the heater smells vaguely like burning.

Is my heater going to explode?


1) Have you ever applied for a job you really didn't think you had a chance of getting? Do you think it's a waste of time to apply to a job you don't really have the experience in? Any success stories in this area?

I'm asking b/c I'm applying for jobs as a lawyer in fields I don't have experience in. Granted, I'm applying for my first post-graduate job so I really don't have much experience anyway. So I figure it's cool to apply for anything and everything lawyer-related.

2) Why is an English major not a Literature major? Is this a U.S. thing?

It bugs me. I was an English major in the U.S. and it seemed more logical to call it a Literature major.
ETA: I think it bugs me b/c English major makes me thing you studied the language of English, when you typically either studied writing or reading.

3) What's something random that bugs you?
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(no subject)

Anybody know any good sites to get scholarships for studying abroad or scholarships based off of GPA? Other than fastweb?

I'm confused -- aren't we supposed to apply for FAFSA during the winter? When do we start applying for the 2011-2012 year?

(no subject)

My best guy friend is taking the girl he's seeing on a date tonight. He wants to bring her a flower. What type should he bring, TQC?

What's your favorite type of flower?

dk/dc/hate nature: what time did you wake up today?

Help me!

 I don't know if this is allowed, but I am taking a research marketing class. My professor says I need 150 people to fill out my survey. I do not know 150 people, so I am freaking out! It will literally take less than 5 minutes, it is soo short. And it is on cell phones, soo that's fun right? Will you please take my survey?
DK/DC then don't take it and make me fail my class and cry.

Update: I have 160 now!! You guys are seriously the best. Thank you to everyone who helped!

(no subject)

Has anyone here gone back to meat after years of being a vegetarian?  How did you transition back?

Or just in general, what do you think the best plan would be for someone going back to meat?  What should I start with to get my tolerance back up?

It's a decision I've been thinking about for a few years now and there's been some stuff lately that's made me decide I want to go back now.  I've been a vegetarian for 14 years, but the last few years have really been out of habit more than anything.  I got some veggie enchiladas the other day with shrimp on top.  I ate two, but couldn't really eat the rest and gave them to my husband.  It wasn't really a bad experience, just a weird one.  It didn't really upset my stomach, but it's not like I ate that many either.  Should I keep trying seafood and work my way up to other meats? 

(no subject)

Okay, so I know we have a lot of people in TQC who are interested in crime, so I hoping someone could help me. Who are some notorious killers (serial or otherwise) who killed after experiencing delusions where they were convinced they knew and were talking to people (like celebrities) they, in fact, had never met or anything?

Old Game

I once played an old game, I think it was on the computer (it might have been on genesis though) that looked a lot like Samorost or Machinarium. It was point and click, too. It was back in the 90s, so it would have been an old game. Do any of you remember playing this game?

(no subject)

Do you ever choose icons based on a color theme? For example, my layout is yellow, so my icons have to have a yellow or peachy hue to them.

Does anybody know of any icon places that cater to colors? 

(no subject)

TQC photonuts: a friend gave me two rolls of black and white film for my birthday (one each of ISO 100 and 400). What should I take photos of first? The more ~hipstery~ and non-srs your answer the better.

We're going out again tonight for my friend's birthday, and I want to hit on hot people. Share with me your best pick-up lines, so I can test them out?

What do you want for Christmas?
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(no subject)

If you have a credit/debit card, do you have the number memorized?
What about your checking information (routing # and acct #)?

Every now and then I run into someone at work who does and it just seems weird to me.
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(no subject)

What are your plans for tonight?

What's for dinner?

A friend is turning 21 at midnight and a bunch of us are supposed to hang out until then, at which point non-minors will hit the bars, but nobody knows when this is starting so idk if I should eat now or wait because what if we go out to eat? Gah someone needs to be decisive!
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(no subject)

Small backstory: My mom bought a new car and it has a cord that hooks into an mp3 player. My mom doesn't have an mp3 player and she doesn't want to fill her car with CDs. So I bought her an mp3 player for Christmas and I was going to put her fav songs on it. BUT. Lately she's been walking around saying she's really in the mood for some showtunes. So I thought I'd download some and throw it on there as a surprise. Problem is, all the "showtunes"-like music that I listen to is the instrumental scores and stuff which I know she's not looking for.

What kind of show tunes should I download for my mom? She has season tickets to a theater in town and goes to shows all the time so she'd probably be down for just about anything.

Pls halp me with suggestions!
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(no subject)

Have you ever cried at work? Will you tell me the circumstances surrounding why? How did you feel afterwards? Brought to you by my breakdown at work today.  Oh God,...I'm so embarrassed.
My editing skills are on sucky mode today.

(no subject)

A question for the ladies: 

Have you ever had two periods in one month? 

My period has always been really weird and for most of my life nonexistent. I am switching over to a vegan lifestyle and I had a period this month on the 12th and I started one again yesterday. WTF? 

We're putting up the Christmas tree right now and we don't have any decorations! lol...
Should we trudge out into the cold and get some tonight and finish it or should we wait until after the weekend? 
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(no subject)

Has you/anyone you've known ever finished a degree, and then turn around and go back to school for something different?

How did it go for them? Were they upset with themselves for essentially wasting four years of their life?

I'm finishing up a B.Sc. in biochemistry this year, but I'm really hating the research lab and am considering going back and getting a degree in chemical engineering or something.

(no subject)

Tonight i'm going to a World War II themed party as an evacuee. I have a check gingham dress and will wear an identity card.

What else should I wear?

What should my identity card say? (I'm thinking witticisms)

Whats the best party theme you've been to?
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(no subject)


how often do you wash your bed sheets?

how often do you scoop the litter box? (if applicable)

do you use a new bath towel(s) every day or do you use the same one(s) for a while?

how often do you wash your jeans?

how often do you shower?
CV:did I break wind?

(no subject)

If you had $5 left on an itunes gift card what would you waste it on?

any ideas of fun stuff to do that doesn't cost alot of money?
My best friend is in town, we both don't have a lot of money and this town is really boring. We went driving around and danced like lunatics on the pier last time. I can't think of what to do this time.

If you had to send a winter care package to someone what would you include?
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(no subject)

What the hell do I buy for my 17 year old boy cousin for Christmas?  

He plays drums and most of my family have already covered all of the cool drum accessory options I could have had so they're all suggesting "video games".  The only problem is my other cousin is getting him Call of Duty: Black Ops already and my price range is $20 because my family is huge.  Shopping for him is making me feel old and out of touch. 

DC/DK:  Would you share with me some of your favorite places to shop online? 
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inspired by me going to london for the week! and liking pasta.

TQC, are you travelling anywhere on a plane, train or boat/ship (and car trips can count as well as long as they are like, 10+ hours or even better, multiple day roadtrips!) any time in the near future? to set a time limit on "the near future", let's say any time april 2011 at the very latest. ALTHOUGH if you happen to be going somewhere like, the first week of may and feel bitter about being excluded, i will be super kind and generous accept your stories as well.

if you WILL be travelling, where are you going and why? how long will you be staying there?

dk/dc/not travelling: what is your favourite type of pasta? not specifics with sauce and everything - just in general, linguine/penne/orzo etc.