November 26th, 2010


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My dog's currently being treated for an ear infection he picked up a couple of weeks ago, but was only spotted this week, from having a grass seed get stuck in his ear. He has to have ear drops twice daily, but no other medication. The first thing that made me notice something was wrong was the fact that he would get very warm and pant for a long time (as well as itching his ear, obviously) and switch where he was sitting every few minutes before settling with pressing his ear against the wall to keep it cool.
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ETA: He's been outside of his room for about 20 minutes now and he's fallen fast asleep on the tiles of the kitchen floor, so I think it must just be way too warm in his room. It doesn't seem to have bothered the other dog so maybe the heat is aggravating his ear infection? I'm going to try putting him to bed again now, but I would still appreciate information anyone has to offer about this.
ETA 2: My dog's allowed to stay in the kitchen now, which is much cooler for him, so hopefully he will be able to get some sleep now :)

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To those with experience, is it really worth it to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to a store by 4/5 am?
Like, are the sales really that good?? I'm debating whether or not I should go to bed now, or stay up till 3:30 and head to the mall at 4.

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How can I make a friend without being creepy about it? 

Backstory kind of: There's a girl in my child psych class that is freaking adorable (seriously, i almost have a girl crush on her) and I've talked to her a little bit (very very minimal amount) and I've added her on Facebook. We like a lot of the same stuff from what I see. I have a hard time making and keeping friends that are girls, so I don't want to come off creepy or anything. I have a lot of anxiety too.

She also lives 30 minutes away and works an hour and a half away on the weekends.

TQC, what can I do? Help me make a friend!

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OK, so if a guy I very rarely see in person (because I've moved far away since meeting him) repeatedly "likes" my photos on facebook, is he flirting with me? I'm asking because I really am bad with figuring out stuff like this.

To be more specific, the three photos he recently "liked" are all shots of just me...
a) in a bikini on the beach
b) wearing Minnie Mouse ears at Disneyworld.
c) wearing a pretty pink sundress.

Not sure if this changes anything, but these are all plain shots. I'm not looking at the camera in a 'come hither' way or anything like that.

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so clearly my family doesnt use store bought salad dressing very often, as i have found a ceaser dressing bottle with the expiry date of dec 2 2009. 
is it still good?  it doesnt smell bad, and theres no chunks in it.
figures the one time i am craving a ceaser salad. 

I want a new tattoo

Random suggestions needed for a new tattoo=]

Lately my life has been complete chaos and I've been so stressed out about it. 

I've been trying to accept chaos as a way to get to the peaceful frame of mind that I so desperately wish for. 
I've been playing with the idea of getting a tattoo to remind myself of this mentality. At first I was thinking just simply the word, "chaos". But now Im thinking that might look a bit silly?

So I was wondering if there are any creative ways to symbolize this mentality of accepting chaos?

Anyone have any suggestions?

Do you have a text tattoo? Would you post a picture?


Working Parents

Assuming the parents can afford it, do you think it's better for one parent to be a full-time parent than for both parents to work?

Do you think there's a connection between being a clingy, overprotective parent and being a stay-at-home parent?

Do you think stay-at-home parents are more likely to have post-partem depression than working parents?

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Would you invite a friend to your wedding if they were agaisnt the idea of marriage and quite loud in their opinion?

I have friend who was thinking of inviting but then i found out her opinion and now I am wondering if I still should. We are not close but she is still someone I like hanging out with.
I don't think I need someone who thinks my vows and the celebration is a joke at my wedding.

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Would you be more likely to use the stairs if they were giant piano keys?

(I stole this from BBC News, btw).

What are your thoughts on split infinitives?
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What's a good place to buy decent plus-sized gym wear? I wear plus-sized clothing.  I'm about a 1x. I'm looking for running clothes that wick sweat really good but that fat people like me could wear to the gym without feeling self-conscious.  

Also, are there any trustworthy online stores for women like me who want to begin running?

edit: Answered.  That was kind of a "duh" question. Let me think of a new question ... what's your favorite form of cardio?
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Free "celebrity" signed photographs

I want to get my boyfriend some signed "celebrity" photos for Christmas. Z list is fine.

He got me a signed Korby Banner photo last year and I feel like I owe him.

I've googled, obviously, but there's a LOT of information and I'm getting frustrated navigating it all.

So does anyone have any recc's? If it's anyone particularly awesome I suppose I'd be willing to pay a couple bucks but for Z list I feel I shouldn't have to.

Any ideas on celebrities? I want Jim Treliving from Dragon's Den but I don't think it's possible.

Asshole boss question

You live in one town and work in another. You're working the night shift. One night, due to a wicked snowstorm that has seen many drivers in the ditch, you're unable to get home. There's no one left in the office to ask to crash with as you work alone. There are hotels around, but you're broke. You spend the night in the office. Your boss finds out the next day and yells at you because there are safety issues to having someone sleep in the office.

In the above circumstances, is it OK to sleep in the office, or should you suck it up and go to a hotel?
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Shopping Help - Santa "Action" Figure

So, for the super shoppers out here, or those with more Google-fu than I, I need help!  :)  (Well, shopping help that is - mentally, I'm beyond repair...  *lol*)

Last night, as I'm getting ready to leave my parents' place, my mom tells me she wants some specific Hallmark Santa motion activated Santa figure for my father.

It's Santa with a plunger on one shoulder and he says, "Ho ho ho!  Someone's gotta go!" and now, my mother has not been able to find this anywhere since. 

Apparently, both my parents are in love with how silly this thing is and tasked me with finding it.  I've checked eBay, Google, Yahoo - no real hits. 

If anyone can help, virtual massage!

Edit for Question:  What was the worst thing you've ever had happen at Thanksgiving?
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How much do you generally judge someone based on their...



taste in entertainment? (books, movies, etc)



facebook page?

are you more likely to judge someone negatively for any of these qualities (eg. "she's a moron because she likes anime") or positively for any of these qualities? (eg. "I think he's awesome because he's wearing a cowboy hat in his profile picture)

how frequently do you accidently post TQC questions to your personal journal by accident?

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my friend is in a phone dilemma.
her contract just expired, so she wants a new phone.
She narrowed it down to the droid x and the droid 2.
she says she wants something fast.
which one should she get?

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1. Why does list books under electronics? :( (Actual paper-page books, not e-Books)
2. do you own any coloring books? If yes, how many & what kind?
3. Have your Major Family Holiday plans ever changed last minute? How many times have you changed plans for one MFH?

2. Yes, at least 6 of various cartoon characters, plus a geometric design one that I haven't done because it's really in need of colored pencils over crayons.

3. This year our Thanksgiving plans changed twice. First, I was going to my sister's, then we were going to my in-laws' and then we had Thanksgiving at home.
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Does anyone own a mini-trampoline? How do you like it? I kind of want to buy one to jump on while I'm watching tv and because they are fun. Any recommendations for what to get or what to avoid? I just want a cheap one, but not one that is going to fall apart quickly.

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TQC, will you tell me how I should do my makeup today? Mainly help me decide what eyeshadow color(s) I should wear. I'm stuck in a rut and always do neutrals and kind of want to use some of my more colorful stuff today. I have pretty much every color except yellow, and the red I have is more of a brick red than a true red.

What kind of eyeshadow do you wear? 

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I dont know if anyone remembers but last week at this time, I made a post about my pay cheque not coming through, and the bullshit my HR was putting me through.

Well once AGAIN, that has happened, and I did not get paid AGAIN.


what are some things that make you feel your life is a joke?

what are you having for lunch?, bc now i have to deal with the bs, i cant take my lunch.


1. You live in a condo/housing complex with a shared parking lot. Spaces are assigned and there are no other places to park. Your parking space neighbour frequently parks over their lines into yours. Ordinarily, it's not really a problem but it's getting to the point where you can't park in your space. You leave them a note asking them to please stay within their lines. They respond by continuing to park badly.

What do you do?

If you attempt to squeeze into your spot and their car gets scratched or otherwise damaged (mostly un-spitefully), are you at fault?

What's your next step in the campaign to use your parking space?

2. At your place of work, you and three other (ADULT) people are responsible for one specific chore. Let's say putting away the dishes (or whatever). You consistently do this chore alone because no one can be bothered to help unless you specifically ask each day. You're tired of asking (or nagging). You have a chat with these people. One person "helps" by doing half of the chore and leaving the remainder sitting for someone else to do it.

Is this help?
How do you respond?
If you're annoyed by this person doing half the work (when you've done it for weeks alone), what's your next step?

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What did you eat for Thanksgiving?

Turkey substitute/tofurkey
Green bean casserole
Cranberry sauce
Apple pie
Some other kind of pie
Mashed potatoes
I don't celebrate this holiday cause I'm not American
I didn't have any Thanksgiving food this year
Wait, yesterday was Thanksgiving?

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Herp derp, TQC. I went out and bought stuff to make cupcakes with for my BIRTHDAY PARTY today, but I forgot that we don't have vegetable oil or canola oil in the cupboards, and I only have 2 hours to get this shit done.

I do have a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, and canola-oil based margarine. Which one would be more advisable to use? (cake mix box says I only need 1/2 cup of oil anyway).

I bought a bag of mini-bite brownies, I want to cut them in half and put a piece in each cupcake. Good idea, awesome idea?

Should I wear jeans/t-shirt/cardigan out tonight, or wear one of my black dresses? I can't wear heels with either, the sidewalks are too slippery outside :(


Do you have an emergency kit in your vehicle?
Have you ever had to use it?

What should absolutely be in the kit? (I'm looking to buy one)

Can you recommend one?

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my boyfriend is a brat.
he doesnt have much money, much less dental insurance and he hasnt gone to the dentisit in years. 
i know he has cavities cause sometimes his mouth hurts, but he refuses to pay for a dental appt.
we have certain colleges that have a dental program, where the students have a clinic and they basically "practice" on people.  supervised by a licensed dentist. 
bc they are students, the appt costs extremely minimal.  (basically around $40 for a cleaning)
its very hard to get an appt, bc theres a waiting list, and its extremely hard to get in touch with an actual person in the clinic, they never answer their phones. i took it upon myself to figure out how to get him an appt, bc he would never take the initiative.
i finally got a hold of someone and somehow managed to get my bf an appt for wednesday evening.
he stayed home from work on monday this week, bc he was "tired"
so he doesnt want to leave work early for that appt.  and asked me to switch. 
i said i would try but again its so hard to get ahold of anyone,.  i asked him to ask his supervisor if it would be okay, and he refused to ask.  and i told him how hard it would be to switch appts, and he copped an attitude and said "well i guess i'll just piss off my employers then"
im so annoyed.
am i justified in my annoyance?

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What to watch?

So, I have my choice of things to work today:

Either continue forward with my X-Files rewatch, move on to Battle of the Planets DVD #2 and continue numbing my mind that way, or put in Farscape and get lost in the adventures of John Crichton and company? 

What's your pick? 

#1) X-Files (currently mid-way through S4)

#2) Battle of the Planets (aka G-Force, old, old, old school anime)

#3) Farscape!
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I know this is a long shot, but...

I have a Canon Rebel XT DSLR camera. I've had it for about 3 years and it's worked perfectly up until last night. I was out taking pictures and all of the sudden it wouldn't turn back on. I popped the battery out a few times, warmed it up, charged the battery overnight aaaaaaand nothing :( I have two batteries for this camera and neither seem to be working.

Does anyone have any clue what is wrong with my camera?

Black Friday Post

How do you feel about Black Friday?
What'd you get if you went out on Black Friday? Where? What? How much?
How early did you get there?
Do you think it's really worth it?
Do you do Cyber Monday? What do you usually buy if you do?

If you worked retail today, what did customers do that pissed you off the most?

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A ladies workout place that I used to go to just called me. They're offering a *sale*---3 months for $150- unlimited classes. They're not farty classes, but actual kick your ass, high impact stuff.

Should I do it? Or keep saying that I'll put that money towards a treadmill that I still didn't buy yet?

Do you get along with your Mom? How the hell do people become best friends with their parents?!

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Apparantly it will be cyber monday in the US?

So if I were to buy something and then get it sent down under I would be able to participate or is it ONLY for US residents?

(I know its not monday yet. Thats obvious sorry if the first sentance seemed confusing)

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sorry for breaking the rules, but this is urgent...
I was asked to format a hard drive, but after i rebooted, the bios won't load!
the boot dvd won't even be detected!
nothing but a black screen with that blinking underscore...
Will tech savy tqc help me so this computer won't die?
It's an HP pavillion dv6-2155dx
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I am a biology student hoping to get animal related jobs within the forseeable future. I currently volunteer at a turtle hospital and have listed this with my other volunteer experiences. I want to elaborate on that a bit so is it OK if I also put it with my professional experiences (i.e. paying jobs), or should I just leave paying jobs in that category?

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Anybody ever watch Alias? What'd you think? Never Been Kissed was on tv and I need to watch more Michael Vartan.

Would you recommend a show I can watch online that has good eye candy?
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Canvas on demand

I bought a Groupon for a 16" x 20" Canvas on Demand. I have to decide what photo to use by Wednesday. I have two photos of my dog that I really like. I like the first one because it's bright and colorful. I like the second one because it is kind of artistic looking (but it doesn't have much color, so it sort of seems like it would be a waste to use my full-color Groupon on it). So, TQC, which one do you think would make a better Canvas on Demand?

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My friend and I are ordering chinese for late dinner. what do you want me to get for you? what should i get for me?

Poll #1649807 What should I order?

What should I order?

chicken lo mein
sesame chicken + white rice (giant enough for leftovers)
sesame chicken dinner combo (smaller portions but with 2 crab rangoons!)
mongolian beef + white rice
nothing, they all sound awful. just have ice cream instead
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I'm considering setting up a blog for my crafting exploits. Which blogging site do you recommend? I'm looking for something with customizable layouts, possibly with the option to do HTML/CSS later on.
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My grandpa gave me $20 more than he meant to for my birthday. He will not miss $20. Should I tell him or just spend $20 extra on his Christmas presents?

I feel like it would be kind of rude to tell him because because I'm almost certain he would take it as "oh hey Grandpa, you can't even count!" or something like that.
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I just took two pumpkin pies out of the oven [I am an American and I drove to my grandma's nursing home to visit her for Thanksgiving yesterday, hence the making of the pumpkin pies and other traditional fixings today]. From what I understand, I am supposed to wait at least two hours for them to cool before eating them, yes? What will happen if I am too impatient to wait that long?

I will try to wait but they smell so good... I just want one piece, man.
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i was wondering about fridge cleaning.

can you use spray on multipurpose or wilt that my mood poisoned?

**ahh i meant using on multipurpose should be okay to clean a fridge, would it ruin the food?

not very well today for a nice change.
CV:did I break wind?

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Dearest TQC:
why does my scanner hate me?

where are those two seasons of south park that my boss lent to me? found them. they were right by my elbow. I've only been tearing my room apart for the past half hour.

what's the song that's stuck in your head right this moment?
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3-piece pjs?

My husband keeps the bedroom a little too warm and also likes really warm blankets and I am boiling every night, trying to sleep. I'm too cold with nothing on. If I wear a t-shirt or a nightshirt, my chest and stomach feel too hot and I wake up sweating. If I wear a cami, my shoulders and neck (which are out from under the blanket) are cold, and I wake up feeling sick. My dream pajamas would be a cami and cardigan/jacket both made of thin jersey/t-shirt knit (so my upper body can breathe without freezing), and shorts. I remember seeing a lot of pajamas like this a few years ago - now all I can find are cami/long pants with no jacket/cardigan. I found something sort of like it at Victoria's Secret, but it has their logo on the front (not really something I want) and it's way overpriced. Does anyone know where else I can find pajamas like these?

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inspired by the kitties post -- Can we try to out-cute each other by posting ridiculously cute pictures of kitties and puppies?

i got the rice + sesame chicken. next time i'll get some crab rangoons for you bbs. ok last post, i promise.