November 25th, 2010

merry christmas and happy holidays~

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Are any of you planning on having your parents live with you instead of putting them in a retirement home (or something of the like)?

I'm having my mom live with me once I'm out of college and get settled down. My sister wants to take her in too. My mom can just choose.

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Say that we become Facebook friends, and then you look through some of my pictures. I have no photos up that suggest that I'm a vain, attention-whore (you know what types of pictures these are). BUT, I do have one photo album that consists entirely of my professional headshots (about 40 photos).

Would you think I'm vain based on this one album? Be honest.
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I'm wanting to stay the night with my boyfriend Saturday night after work through Sunday. However, my parents are crazy, strict, nazi parents even at my age of 23. My usual plan is to say i'm "staying the night" with my sister but i think my dad is catching on and, i don't really have any other female friends i spend the night with.

What should i do? If i straight up tell them i'm staying at his house my dad will probably kick me out of the house. (this is coming from the man that says he'll kick me out for tattoos,piercings,and smoking)

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What the FUCK are the people above my apartment doing? Since 1am, they have been running up and down the hallway and stomping around like a goddamn t-rex all through their apartment. I can hear them opening and shutting the sliding closet doors, flopping down on the bed, tromping back and forth around their apartment and it sounds like they're dropping bowling balls above my bedroom. What could they possibly be doing at 4 am that requires this much noise? I can't get to sleep because as soon as they get quiet and I start to doze off, they do something loud and they scare the shit out of me. How long until I can start banging on the ceiling with a broom like a little old lady?

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what are your thoughts on boys with facial piercings? what about girls with facial piercings? in either case, what piercings, if any, do you think are attractive? (counting ears too)
i like most facial piercings on the right person, but i always find lip rings and helix piercings really sexy on guys. i also think tragus piercings are super cute

also, why am i still up at 4:30am and why don't i feel the need to go to sleep?
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How long is your commute to work or school? How early do you leave?

My drive to work is 23-30 minutes but I usually like to leave about an hour early. I worry that there will be traffic and I like to just sit there/check my emails/chat with co-workers for a little while before I actually start working.

Settle Down

In regards to the term "get married and settle down" what do you feel the "settle down" part refers to?

Starting a family?

Starting a career and buying a home?

Leading your life in a mature and responsible manner rather than being a wild, irresponsible party animal?

Something else?

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Is it overly harsh to break up with someone in your own home?
Should they be given the, 'we need to talk' warning?

ETA: The only time i'm able to do it it will be dark, and I have never been to his house.

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Will you reccommend a color of nail polish for me to try? I'll look into anything pretty much, but as I'm very pale with pink under-tones, anything with too much yellow or orange to it might not be particularly cute.

What time did you wake up today?

Dogs are weird

I have a little dog who is very scared of new people. Once she gets to know someone she lets them know she is cool with them by jumping up behind them (usually when they are sitting on the sofa) and rolling her entire body on their head and neck. She does this to me too :)

So, is she doing this to smell like them or to get them to smell like her? Any other reasons? Any weird shit your animals do?

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What sort of daily news sites (or even LJ communities centered around news) do you visit?

Do you consider yourself well-informed on/in world news?

Is it on or in? Ugh, I need coffee.

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I am thinking about doing a correspondence course to help me get a career.  There are 5 sections that I have to complete, and each one is 18 weeks long, so I will be at this for about 2 years.

How many of you have done a correspondence course?  What was it in?  How did you like it?  Did you find that it made it easier to work and do the schooling?

DK/DC-  What languages can you speak?  What language would you love to be able to speak?
I can really only speak English, and I can understand French if the person speaking it is talking slowly enough.  If I speak French, it comes out like a bad grammar, half-French/half-English mess.  I would love to learn Spanish.

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Okay, I posted about this like a month ago, but since today is Thanksgiving and I still haven't made up my mind, please help me decide, tqc!

I've been "invited" to my boyfriend's house for Thanksgiving dinner. He still lives with his parents. I say invite in quotes because I was never officially invited--his mom has just assumed that I will be there, even after she told my boyfriend I wasn't allowed in her house. She acts like she pretty much hates me and tries to create drama whenever she can. The other day, I had to get a CT scan and my boyfriend came with me. She called him and asked where he was, and whenever he said I was getting a CT scan, all she said was "Oh GOD." in a tone that was really rude. :\

So uh anyway. Do I go  tonight or not? My boyfriend is coming to my Thanksgiving and I honestly feel like it's only fair if I go to his tonight, as well. They don't eat until 7 pm, and we're eating at 2 pm. His dad is also ~forced~ not to like me because his mom doesn't. And there is absolutely no reason why I am hated and not welcome--she won't even give an explanation when my boyfriend asked. I am going to feel incredibly unwelcome, but at the same time, I know my boyfriend will be happy if I come. He says he understands if I don't want to, but I think deep down it would bother him. I also have a lot of anxiety and this will just shoot it through the roof.

If I don't go, what do I say? I won't be talking to his parents directly--it will be through my boyfriend.
If I do go, how the fuck do I get out of there ASAP? My boyfriend was supposed to be coming back to my house tonight afterward, which means that when I leave, he leaves, and all hell will break loose because his mom hates when he's with me. :\

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I made my very first Cheesecake ever for Thanksgiving, and it could have been a little bit sweeter, but other than that it was a success!

What is the last thing related to cooking that you're proud of?
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How many times would it take for a fairly dark brunette like myself to go blond? How expensive would it be? (Hair is between shoulder and back length, btw.)
What are some of your hair dying fiascos?

Also, if you could create a fashion law, what would it be?
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What are some silly things your family members would tell you when you were younger so you'd stop doing something?

ie. If you make that stupid face enough, it will stick forever.

My aunt used to tell me not to eat powdered juice crystals because I'd get worms. Years later, I learned in Biology that it would be impossible.. LOL.

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VLC has just decided it does not want to work on my system

What other good media players are out there that play everything...and are of course free?


EDIT: Resorting to quicktime untill I can get this fixed...UNF DO NOT WANT>

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Have you ever had a SO whose parents hated you? How did your SO handle it?
What happened? What was the outcome?

The post below reminds me of the lovely mom of an ex who wrote me an EIGHT PAGE letter about how much she hated me! YEAH! :D

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How did you do in school? What do you attribute this to?

After second grade I pretty much near-failed everything until my Freshman year of high school. After that I was maintaining a gpa between 3.8-4.1, and now in college my grades are really average. My motivation really fluctuates and my priorities seem ever-changing.
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Merry Thanksgiving!

When was the last time someone said something to you to get you to act your age when you were doing something harmless that was just for fun? (Poorly worded I know. Sorry.)

Um, Tuesday in my English class after we were done with learning for the day the teacher said we could study whatever we wanted because our finals are coming up. She wouldn't let anyone leave to go get stuff to work on from their lockers, so I had nothing to do. But I did have a large bag of sharpies and plenty of paper so I decided to draw some Christmas cards for people. She came around and said that I most likely wasn't acing all my classes and at the junior level it was immature and childish of me to color anyway and if I didn't get to work on something "mature" she would give me a detention. I explained to her that I had nothing to work on for school with me and she said that since I came unprepared she had to give me 3 nights of detention. I didn't get it though because my desk mate backed me up and said that she should give him the same punishment because he was coloring too, even though it was for advanced art class. So I got out of trouble, she still really made me mad.

What would you have done had she said something like that to you?
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Visa & Credit limit stuff

Hey guys, I recently got a letter from Visa offering to increase my credit limit because I'm a long-time customer, have a good history etc. At the moment, I really don't need a credit limit increase, but I'll probably want to increase my credit limit when I graduate in 2012 and start working. Anyway, in the letter they ask for my employer, work phone #, occupation, and income. The thing is, I am a full time student and I only work 5 hours a week, and hence my income from last year was a pathetic $5600, and only half of that was employment income (the other half was interest on savings).

So when they see my pathetic income, are they going to deny me the credit limit increase?? Are they actually going to contact my employer? Should I put down the # for corporate head office or the actual store where I work?

Any input is appreciated :)

DK/DC students, how many final exams do you have this semester? when are you done classes/exams before the winter/xmas break?

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How much is your cellphone bill each month?

I was paying $85 and managed to get it down to $50 and now I have unlimited minutes and texting instead of just 300 minutes and unlimited texting. How screwed up is that?

Also, what if anything will your New Year's resolution be?


Whenever I go to church, my favorite part is the music. I usually become so overwhelmed that I start welling up and choking back tears. I then try to hold it all back and subsequently lose out on the emotion and enjoyment of the singing/music.

Do you think I should just say fuck it and let it out as needed?
I mean, I wouldn't be wailing or anything, just weeping gently. LOL

Do you get emotional listening to music? Do you feel comfortable crying in public?
Do you cry at the movies?

Have you ever cried at work? What was the situation?

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What kind of digital camera do you have?
On a scale 1 - 10 10 being the best, how much do you like it?

My camera broke and I need another for Christmas and have no idea what kind to get. I had an Olympus not sure the model number and it was an okay camera.

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How in the world does this WORK?
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this actually doesn't work as awesomely as i thought it would have.
apparently, you insert a small plugin into the phone's jack, and then place it on the pad.
I thought it was wireless charging. :(

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Jobs are lacking in this part of town.  Are bartending classes worth it?  Have you ever taken any sort of training course for a job you were hoping to get?  How'd that work out for you?

DK/DC : Anything worth watching on basic cable today?
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My parents are going to Basel, Switzerland for the weekend and I was supposed to go with them.
(We live in Europe, so this is a short flight & a weekend trip)
However, I have the flu and feel crappy. My dad says he doesn't mind if I don't come, and that he won't lose much money.

Should I go anyway, or stay in bed and away from the cold climate of Switzerland to get better?
There will be other opportunities to go definitely, but I was looking forward to it.
I have to decide now because we would be leaving tomorrow at 6am.

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Sarah Palin mentions 'our North Korean allies'

They're our allies now? This is indeed something to be thankful for. I can't believe I missed that news break.

How did this miracle happen?
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I'm trying to find a dress for the holiday work party. The dress code is cocktail attire. Do you think this is appropriate, or too short/tight/club-y? When I tried it on it came to about mid-thigh. I'd be wearing one of those black short mini-sweater things and tights. Also trying to decide between two colors, haha. Oh, and the party is at a hotel on a Saturday night, not actually at work.

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Edit: Yeah, going with not appropriate. :p Thanks for everyone's input!
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Why do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star have the same tune?

What is your quirkiest habit and how long have you had it?

If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?

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What is the least amount of money I can give to someone for a restaurant gift card without it being sort of pointless?

My sister is trying to lose weight, should I just forgo the restaurant gift card and do a move theater one w/ a coupon for free babysitting? :/

Does anyone else start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving?

Tech Question

I've got a Blackberry Pearl and it's set up so that my emails to my AOL account are forwarded to my phone. I just deleted an email accidentally on my phone and it was selected "On Mailbox and Handheld."

Well, now I can't find the email on my AOL account, not even in the recently deleted folder.

Is it gone forever?

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My dad lost his job in 2008. He stopped getting his unemployment paychecks awhile back (6 months ago or so) so my parents been going through thier savings like woah. I bought them all the normal stuff I do for Christmas (PJs, Candles, Slippers, movies so on so forth) but I was also thinking of putting together a basket of some basic household stuff like laundry detergent, paper towels/plates/toilet paper, and some other stuff like that. Do you think it would be considered a kind thing to do or would they see it as me rubbing it in their face that I can afford those things and they can't?

We (bf and myself) got my dad a visa giftcard for his birthday (november 18) and so I wanted to do soemthing different for Christmas.

Also could you suggest some basic things like that to get them?

Forget it. What was your favorite thing you ate today Thanksgiving or not?

Cheesecake my boyfriends grandma made.

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 Can you control the subject of your dreams?

How do you learn to do this? 

I can't control it. Everyone who can tells me to just think about something as I'm falling asleep, and I will dream about that thing. If I am dreaming about it... I'm not remembering it. :(

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*Possible Harry Potter Book 7 Spoilers*

Is there an unsaid understanding that Harry and Hermoine had a little thing going on when they were on the lam and living in that tent together? Or am I sexualising things again?

On a similarly sexual note, is the New Directions from Glee deliberately supposed to sound like Nude Erections?

a few questions for you to ponder, only the first of which needs srs bsns answers.

i'm cooking dinner for my friend tomorrow night but i don't know what to cook. she's a vegetarian and i'm not, and i've fixed her all the vegetarian dishes i know/know how to make veggie.

1. what the fuck should i cook her? keep in mind i'm SUPER PICKY and only have like $5 to spend on ingredients tomorrow. i have like at least two pounds of potatoes ATM, too. i also have hives on the back of my left hand but i suppose that's irrelevant.

2. i met this guy for i swear to God a total of 4-8 minutes Sunday at 3 AM. he asked for my number and we've been texting ever since. WHAT'S HIS GAME?

3. how many times do i have to meet Spencer Krug before he remembers me? we've met 3 times ;___________________;
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My aunt gave me two Auntie Anne's at home pretzel baking kits. I should make some pretzles tonight, y/n? Do you think they will be delicious?

I need to be out of the house from around 9am to 3pm tomorrow. I have no interest in going shopping. Where should I go? I can't really go to someone's house and the area I'll be in is mostly full of malls and stores. Do you think the library will be crowded tomorrow?

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i had to go to the hospital today cuz of my asthma its so bad i need to quit smoking but i CANT. help? is it better to cold turkey it or wean off or get patches or what? im also addicted to the menthol in the cigarette prob more than the nicotine at least thats how i feel.
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Calling all movie lovers

I'm doing DIY gifts this Christmas, and for my best friend who I am always recommending movies to, I am making a kind of fun movie recommendation scrapbook.
I know I'll forget something obvious if I don't confer with complete strangers over the internet,
so here are the categories I'm including:

+ Romantic films for the days when you are in love with love
+ The best teen movies
+ The 80's & 90's: the overlooked decades.
+ Something to make you weep
+ The "I can't belive you haven't seen that film" films
+ Don't judge a book by it's movie: the rare successes of page to screen.
+ He's not just a pretty face: movies where eye candy actors actually act.

What films would you include in any of the categories above?
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Black Friday shopping in Manhattan: Worst idea ever Y/N?

On a scale of 1-10 how crazy would I have to be to attempt it?

Do you like to wear high heels? How high? Are you good at walking in them?