November 24th, 2010

Flaming Sikozu

Help me decide on a future career...

I'm pretty miserable at work right now and would like to look for another job, however I've only ever had this job and am not really sure what to look for.

I have good attention to detail, have a good level of common sense, am told I "manage up" well, have ok writing skills, am a very curious person and I like to learn new things, I pick things up best by doing them rather than reading a manual, am fairly patient and am pretty creative. I've studied art for 4 years and know my way around a computer relatively well. I've had my current job for 5 years, so can stick with things even if I'm not enjoying it every minute of the day.

I'm not good at sitting at one task for hours and hours; after about 3 hours I need to switch mental gears a bit. Am not good at repetitive, menial sorts of tasks; right now my job basically amount to sticking labels on books and I am literally bored to tears with it. I don't really like children much, or people in general for that matter. I'm very introverted and am much more of a follower than a leader.
I don't have a drivers license, didn't finish high school and have mild social anxiety.

I'm applying to go to university part-time next year but won't find out if I've gotten in for a couple of months. I am incredibly bored and unhappy with my life and job right now. I love traveling, sci-fi, action movies and art/design. I like to think and be challenged to use my mind. I don't want a mindless job.
My fantasy/ideal jobs would be working at the Jim Henson Creature Shop as either a puppet designer or builder, as a comic book writer or an editor.

What fields should I be looking into?
What would be a good job for me?
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(no subject)

In what city (in whatever country you live in) would you most like to live?

If it is different from where you are living now, what do you think is going to be different about it?


(no subject)

I'm thinking of starting a religious group that would be an offshoot of Catholicism, except that we'll worship the band the Kinks. Wanna join?

Want to participate in kinky sects with me?

(no subject)

I am making this baked beans recipe for Thanksgiving. I plan to cut the recipe in half, but I'm not sure if I should still bake it for an hour.

If I divide this recipe in half, should I bake it for the full hour or only thirty to forty-five minutes? Will I be able to check for thickness of the sauce immediately upon pulling it from the oven, or do I have to wait a bit for it to cool?

DK/DC: Have you recently watched any movies you liked as a child? What do you think of them now that you are an adult?

I found The Land Before Time on Netflix. It really bugs me how the reptiles all act like mammals! I am such a boring adult!
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(no subject)

Are there any songs that you instantly associate with a scene from a movie/tv show?

I can't hear "Stuck In The Middle With You" anymore, without thinking of Reservoir Dogs.

ETA: "I Get Around" and "Let My Love Open The Door" make me think of Look Who's Talking and "Bad Boys" makes me think of Three Men and a Baby.


I just got a craving for some fresh romaine lettuce with my dad's awesome home made salad dressing. What food are you craving right now or what was the last food you craved?

(no subject)

what's an appropriate, formal term for business-wise? is there a formal term for it?

do you own a camera?

do you prefer ballpoint pens, or gel pens?

would you ever eat a double-down sandwich?

(no subject)

1. does your bank email you when your "balance is low"? if so, how much is usually in your account when they notify you? i ask because i just got an email that my checking account balance is low. i have a little over $500 in there.

2. yesterday i talked about installing a cat door. well, i did it! what do you think? (pictures will be in a comment since i always find a way to fail at LJ cuts)

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What's one thing that you keep telling yourself you will no longer do but you keep finding yourself doing?  Mine involves correcting people's spelling mistakes.  I had stopped cold turkey for a while, but when an IRL friend's status updates recently revealed to me that she has no clue how to spell the word "wait" ("I can't waite for the weekend", "I can't believe I have to waite for Friday to get paid"), I wrote back: "J, don't hate me for doing this, but it's 'wait'."  Now a group of her FB friends are attacking me, and I wish I had never done anything at all.

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(no subject)

Have you ever been berry picking on a farm?

I am on an epic quest to acquire loganberries, and there is a farm I can pick them at, but berry picking sounds tedious. I should rope my friends in, Y/Y?

How do you feel about loganberries?
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(no subject)

I have been trying to get a job working in a library for quite a while. I want a page position; basically, I'll shelve books for my entire shift. Where I live, this job pays $16.67/hr.

A few months ago, I sent in an application to be placed in the applicants pool. If there's an opening at a library, they rifle through the pool to find candidates. I received confirmation that I was placed in the pool.

I also ended up taking a multiple choice exam that tested my knowledge about being a library page. My score ranked sixth on a list of several hundred.

I still haven't heard anything from the library.

My dad has a friend who knows a guy who works at the main library, and managed to get me his e-mail. I want to get in contact with this man because I think it might up my chances of getting a job as a page, but I don't know what to say.

What do I say in my e-mail, TQC? I am going to say most of the stuff that I said in this post, but would saying, "So I would appreciate any advice you have about getting hired," sound OK? Or does that sound too demanding? Any other advice?
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(no subject)

For Americans that celebrate holidays: What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish? What are you doing tomorrow?

For all others that celebrate holidays: What's your next holiday? What makes it special to you?

If you don't celebrate holidays: When a majority of others are celebrating, what do you do?

(no subject)

do you "sext" with your SO?  is that the right slang?  i dont even know.
why do i always have the urge to sext my bf when hes at work?  (its probably bc i know he'll get turned on, and he cant do anything about it, i'm terrible) 

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Inspired by the dream question below, do your dreams ever have music in them? What kind of music/what was the importance of the music in the dream?

Last night Drinking and Driving by Black Flag was in my dream. I can't recall why, but it's the first time I can remember music being featured.

(no subject)

For the Americans out there, how many of you are taking today off from work/class?    I'm stuck at work, but I get to leave at 2 instead of 5 at least.

Any fun plans aside from eating until your stomachs burst and waking up at the crack of dawn or sooner on Black Friday?  What about you non-Americans?   Do you like, hate, or not give a rat's ass about other people's holidays? 
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(no subject)

If you were in the Witness Protection Program and had to go on the lam, what would you change your name to, if you had to change it to some other name but you could pick anything? Basically, the FBI agent gives you a form and tells you can write whatever you want, but that it will be your name legally from now on. What would you write?

Would you ever change your name if you weren't in the Witness Protection Program / didn't have to for some other reason?

Are you planning on going shopping on Black Friday? What do you want to get?

(no subject)

what do you think of this commercial that the US governmentwas banned?

ETA: did you know that our country is in so much debt with China, that the INTEREST on the debt is enough to fund their military?

i apologize to anybody who was offended by this post. i did not think this would cause so much controversy/racist accusations.

i love how this post has almost 100 replies. jesus christ people. re-fucking-lax yourselves.

Boy troubles ahead.

So, I just got out of a really bad relationship.
It went on for 2 years.
I'm talking to this new guy and I have no idea how to act.
He asked me out on a date for Saturday.

Should I go y/n/no opinion?
I'm just really nervous.
I need the internet to make me feel gutsy.
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(no subject)

Help me, TQC! What's a word that means 'good with your hands' but not in a crafty kind of way. Like small children are often clumsy because they don't have this. Not 'hand-eye coordination' but similar.

Does this word even exist? Did I make up a word and then completely forget what it was?


Do you eat frozen meals? What's your favorite brand/meal?

(no subject)

Do you know what any of your holiday presents are going to be yet? Did you discover them on accident, snoop around to find them or did you just ask for one specific thing and know you are getting it?

Personally, I've always hated accidentally discovering presents. D:

(no subject)

Okay, so here's a question my supervisor and I were trying to find an answer to. Google-fu proved ineffective, as did the State Department; I checked the website and tried calling them up, but didn't get an answer. Clearly, the next logical step is to ask TQC:

Do the United States' trade embargoes on Cuba and Iran also apply to works of art?

If you don't know or care: have you done anything you're proud of recently (or would otherwise like to brag about)?


What is your ringtone? 
Do you use the ones that come with the phone or do you get them elsewhere? If elsewhere, where? 
How long do you keep the same one on your phone?
What do you think is the best/worst ringtone (or type of ringtone)? 
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(no subject)

I have decided that this will be the Christmas that I don't look at my post-kid body and think, "Who ARE you?"

Today is day one. I'm watching what I eat (goodbye, Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich and double-double) and committing to exercising every day.

Here's the sticky part: I have a Hostess lemon pie. They don't sell them in Canada, and my husband bought a handful of them for me when he was last in the U.S. I am loathe to throw it away because I don't like to waste food. My husband doesn't like them.

Do I eat it today and just get it out of the house already, or try to hold out until Christmas day (when I should reach my weight loss goal)?

(no subject)

Can you name me a song you would class as a "protest" song?

I'm making up a playlist entitled "Protest" for a writing/music website and that's the theme for this week. I've already got Pink's "Mr President" and John Lennon/Yoko Ono "Give Peace a Chance".
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TQC make my decisions for me

My boss told me that all he really needed me to do today was a project I finished before noon. It is now past two. He said I could cut out whenever since apparently no one else in the United States is working today. Unfortunately, if I leave early, I won’t get paid. I could use vacation time, but I had to use a few days of that for jury duty and I have two more scheduled soon for finals. I am getting full holiday pay for Thursday/Friday. I am not hosting Thanksgiving, but I am supposed to help my mom bake pies tonight.

Given these facts, should I cut out early or just stay until I’ve put in my 8 hours for the day?

ETA: I was just told that since I'm awesome, I can leave now AND I will get paid for the full day. Problem solved!

(no subject)

My Gmail ads keep trying to to tell me that using a bidet would cause me to stop using toilet paper, thereby SAVING THE ENTIRE FUCKING ENVIRONMENT.

Don't you still use toilet paper if you use a bidet? Unless you use, like, a buttdryer which seems to negate any energy saved by not using toilet paper?

Is there just some shit you won't give up in the name of being environmentally friendly? I like being able to wipe my booty, sorry.

(no subject)

Can you tell if someone has a crush on you?  Is it just a feeling you get or are there other signs that you look for?

*brought to you by my almost 14 year old daughter, who is convinced the almost 14 year old boy that keeps showing up at her locker to chat whenever she's there even though his locker is way down the hall isn't going out of his way to talk to her and can't actually *like* her, gawd.

(no subject)

I need a recommendation for an inexpensive but decent beer for tomorrow, I will need to serve 8 adults.

What should I get and how much should I get?

Think one of those mini kegs would be good?

Also, what kind of rum should I get for spiked cider?

Because the bodymod's forum intimidates me....

Do any of you get cysts on your earlobes, or other places on your head and face?

How much peach fuzz do you have on your face?

Do you think I could/should get my ear lobes pierced if I've had cysts there in the past? I am gingerly squeezing my lobes right now and I think there aren't any cysts there right now...but they don't feel completely unlumpy, and I would be embarrassed to be rejected at a piercing parlor.

(no subject)

Oh its been a while hasn't it TQC? I am currently in Seattle, stuck in because of a snow storm.
So what do you do when you can't leave your house?
Any activity in particular you enjoy by a fireplace?
What is your favorite kind of crummy weather?
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names in songs

What is a song (if any) that shares a name with an immediate family member of yours? If none come to mind, maybe one that shares a name with your SO or best friend?

This question is inspired by discovering two Franz Ferdinand songs, "Jacqueline" and "Michael".
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(no subject)

I'm doing Thanksgiving with friends tomorrow and none of us thought to plan ahead for the cooking part-- so what should we do? Any easy recipes you could throw my way? Nontraditional stuff is fine too.
-there are only 3 of us, so we don't need a whole turkey
-we are not picky eaters
-we are doing lunch so it can't require too much time since it's already 5 p.m. the night before

Do you usually enjoy the holidays, or are they typically "hellidays" for you?
hellidays. they're not totally terrible, but i'd just as soon not celebrate them in the end.

Dk/dc/sick of holiday stuff: what do you keep your thermostat set at when it's cold outside?
My roommates and I keep ours at 60 due to money reasons
I kill the bus driver.

(no subject)

Were there any toys that you REALLY REALLY wanted as a kid but never got? Remember what they were? =)

I just saw a commercial that reminded me. I used to really freaking want on of those "life size" barbies that you could share clothes with. I begged my parents for it every time we so much as drove by Toys R Us. I also wanted one of those little cars you could sit in and drive down the sidewalk. I certainly don't blame my parents for not getting these things for me. XD
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(no subject)

What program/software do use to compress/un-compress files (zip, rar etc)?
I had a 30 day free trial of Stuffit, which is now expired, and I'm wondering if I should buy it...
ETA I have a Mac, so mac-compatible suggestions are appreciated too :)

DK/DC have you seen houses with Xmas lights up yet? I haven't yet.
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(no subject)

Will you help me think of fantastic internet-related gifts?

When my bff and I buy gifts for each other we usually have a theme for them (like tourist junk, kitschy things, etc). Right now we're deciding on a theme and one possibility is "internet sensations." I'm always late on the meme bandwagon so I have no clue what I would buy.

So, what are some things I could buy for my friend that are related somehow to a popular internet sensation/meme/thing?

I'm pretty crafty so I could just make something but I also can't think of any good ideas there either.

(no subject)

My (ex)SO (I never know how to say that!!) and I of over a year and a half are really over.
Im kinda bummed. It wasnt working but ... still... I had hopes of change.
Therefore, its movie time.
What kind of light but really good movies have been out in the past year and a half?
Im going to watch sherlock holmes, and i've seen the BIG blockbuster movies, but what else?

Should I eat about a pound of chocolate?

(no subject)

Ladies of TQC: how often do you shave your legs?

Have you ever though about just saying "Fuck it" and not shaving them? Did you?

Members of TQC who like the ladies: unshaved legs are gross, y/n?

I stopped giving a fuck last month and haven't shaved mine. Once it got past the stubble stage it really didn't seem like a big deal.

DK/DC/Eww: when the weather gets colder, do you get crazy cravings for salty/starchy foods too?

Espirit d'escalier

Do you ever remember/discover an answer to something for TQC hours later, and then feel too lazy to dig up the original post? I just remembered "Carolina Drama" by the Raconteurs for the murder-ballad post. Yeah.

Do you run through old conversations and come up with better replies? Does it make you feel vindicated? I do, but it just frustrates me.
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(no subject)

Do you like winged eyeliner? How often do you wear your eyeliner winged?

How often do you fall down in public?

I fell flat on my face while carrying 2 cups of apple cider today in a parking lot. This is the second time this month that I've fallen on my face in front of a bunch of strangers.

(no subject)

what are some words you've heard friends mispronounce and it was funny?

...years ago, my (now)boyfriend said he was a male chauvenist, but he pronounced it like choo-venist, and then a month ago when he came over to my house he saw my bookshelf, with a van gogh book on it, and he's like "oh, van gogue" lol
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(no subject)

Not getting too into the big story, but Cop contact that was unjust, should we (lots of people) go to the precinct (a), the newspaper (b), a lawyer (c)?


Fashion Help

NEED FASHION ADVICE! Which clutch do I carry with this dress when I'm wearing it with these accessories. First is all black leather, second is a silver lame with gold hardware.

Collapse )

DK/DC What was the last thing you got dressed up for and when was that?

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(no subject)

I was sitting in the kitchen doing homework and my dog was in the living room. There's no one else in the house. Suddenly, my dog runs in and crawls on my lap and is shaking. He doesn't even shake when I take him to the vet or when paintings go flying off the walls of the house (he's usually very curious and runs to investigate).

What's causing my dog to be so scared?

(no subject)

I want a gaming console so I can watch Netflix instant watch on my tv. Which is the best deal? I really probably won't play it much, but I want to downgrade to the instant watch only plan and I'd like to still watch movies on my tv.

dk/dc: What's the worst grade you've ever gotten on a test?
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(no subject)

I need something entertaining to watch on Netflix streaming for ~45 minutes while I do a workout DVD. What do you suggest? (I've seen all the Pawn Stars and Hoarders they have :C)

(no subject)

If you could mash up any 2 holiday traditions which 2 holidays would you pick? and just how would this new holiday be celebrated?

I'd combine Halloween and the forth of July and it would be celebrated by children going door to door and getting bags of candy and fireworks which they would shoot off all night long staying energized by the candy sugar buzz.
SPN - Winchesters

(no subject)

Do you have any friends who send you annoying forwarding/chain texts or e-mails? Do you reply to them?

I have a young friend who sends me those cutesy ones usually once a week. I've told her they annoy me and not to feel bad if she doesn't get one sent back from me. But I still feel a bit guilty when I don't reply to one, considering how sometimes she's one of those emo kids. :/

What is something that gets on your nerves constantly?

(no subject)

I have decided to go shampoo free (using an apple cider vinegar and baking soda rinse) using the help of this blog:

Have you ever gone shampoo free?  How was it?  I'm a little nervous.

DK/DC:  What dish are you completely prepared to get down on tomorrow?  I'm ready for some sweet potatoes...

Kill Bill - Elle

(no subject)

Should I feel happy about the fact that I baked cookies for my coworkers that are working tomorrow and put little personal touches on the packages (like, dog treats for the one with a dog, tying curled ribbon on the bags, etc.)? I'm really not posting to be self-promoting, I actually feel like a creep. 

What things do you wish your coworkers would do for you?  
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(no subject)

Is it just me or is it really weird when your fb 'friends' (ie people you knew in HS but didn't talk to you/them) talk to you on the chat thing and then you awkwardly don't know what to say?

Happening now. idk what to do.
BTW he wasn't a crush or anything like that just like nothing.
He's telling me he joined the Navy.

I don't know what to do.

yep, it's about thanksgiving

Do you eat cranberry sauce? Which kind?

Lots of stores around here are opening on Thanksgiving Day. In a few years time stores will be open on Christmas Day and Easter too, y/y?

Do you remember blue laws? (Stores closed on Sundays)

Do you like sparkling cider?

Do you watch the parade on TV?

(no subject)

i'm putting my playlist together for my race tomorrow. so far i've got the rocky theme song and harder, better, faster, stronger and some other dancy songs. what are some more tunes that will make me feel like a fucking champ while i'm running in the fucking wind and cold tomorrow at 7 am?


A not well off(not rich) friend is starting up a mini buisness selling bracelets and hair pins, She is making a bit of money from it all and has got me to make up a fan page for it. I have no problem, I did not quite offer but all I said to her is that I can help. I am quite good at buisness pages and can help maintaning it as well.
She also wants buisness cards made up and good photos of her products and stuff.

I am however quite broke and I am bit annoyed that I did not ask for a form of payment as she wants quite bit done and it might take me a bit to get it all organised. (Images and the like). Including art for bisness cards.

I look at buisness page the same as website and some people pay so much for those, so should I expect something and if so how much? And how would I go about asking for it?

DNDK/ What is your favourite type of cheese?

(no subject)

Is it still abuse if it happened during childhood and you remember it with detail but you don't feel one way or another about it, and never did, even as it was happening?

Do you think it does affect you subconsciously?