November 23rd, 2010


Still awake?

I'm currently making bread. But it's taking it's sweet time to rise.

It's right now 3:16 AM. I want to go to sleep so I can be semi functional for work tomorrow.

It's about half risen. Think it's okay to stick in the fridge, then pull it out at 8ish and finish in the morning, assuming I'd need to be to work by 10 or 10:30?

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Today boyfriend and I went to Walmart. On our way in, there was a woman wearing a tight, backward cardigan. Like the buttons going down the back (and clinging on for dear life).

I thought maybe it was a weird shirt until I saw the fabric on the sleeves puckering from bending the wrong way and marks where the tag was sewn in.

TQC, why?

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When you read a book that takes place in a different country do you "hear" the characters' narrative in the accent from their country?

A friend told me she hears the characters of an English book talk in English accents and my mind was blown, lol. I've never done that.

What is warmer?

It would be helpful if people who live in countries with cold climates could answer this. (or Canadians from Alberta, people from the Arctic, etc)

Would a sheepskin coat be warmer and better for snow and sleet, or would a jacket made with down feathers be warmer and better for snow, sleet, walking though snow etc?

Sorry if I upset any environmentalists, but I am fucking cold ALL THE TIME. I want to enjoy spending time outside in the winter, damn it!!!
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Happy Early Turkey Day!

So, I hope you Turkey Day is is awesome and filled with turkey!

What is a tradition for you on turkey day?
Do you hang with your relatives? Can you stand said relatives or do they get on your nerves immensely?
And new traditions that were put into effect within the past 3 years?

Um, I used to get together with my grandparents and extended family and we'd gab until the cows came home. Literally.
Not anymore. I moved two states away and, yeah. No family to speak of except for my dad and he's been getting on my nerves lately so. :/ I love my relatives, weird quirks and all. :)
Um, I prolly will be going w/ my dad to his girlfriend's brother's place for turkey day. Idk how that's going to turn out. I don't know if they even eat turkey! (There's a lot of vegans and vegetarians in their family.)
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Do you ever use the phrase "woke up on the wrong side of the bed"?

How often do you wake up grumpy? If not very often, do you consider yourself a morning person?

If you are grumpy often in the mornings, do you ever know what caused it?

Do you take it out on others? (ex. roommates, SO)

Do you have a cure-all for being grumpy, or do you just wait it out?

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how much did you change from the time you were 18 to 21?

what are some really cheesy songs?
i'm talking super cheese. i'm making a horribly sappy and puking-inducing playlist.

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i sign the lease for my new, gorgeous apartment tonight!

tqc, how does one NOT scratch fake hardwood floors? we have lots of heavy furniture - think hotel furniture. should i put fabric underneath it, or is that silly? do i even need to worry about scratching fake hardwood? i'm not sure what material it is.
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A really close friend is in hospital after an industrial accident. He's apparently got a lot of 2nd degree burns, and I'm honestly not sure how long it's going to take for him to come home.  Visiting the hospital tonight, so might get more of an update. Anyone know anything about recovery time? The great and wonderful wikipedia says three weeks but I'm very doubtful of that!

I want to make up a sort of care package for his boyfriend, and for when he does come home. Apart from silly documentaries (suggestions for which silly documentaries, anyone?), mac magazines, and some sort of food stuffs, can anyone give me some ideas of fun stuff to include?
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Does anyone have any good recommendations for a cheep-ish t-shirt printing place online? Not Cafe Press. I need a place that will let you print on the front and back of the shirt. There are a gazillion online to choose from!

For fun - if you're making a t-shirt for you and your family members to wear, what movie quote would you put on it?
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Don't you think 10am is a little early to be calling my work to describe your erection and make obscene comments to me? I don't turn on the "witty comebacks" section of my brain until 11am.

dk/dc Can you believe a set of 12 rolled strips of linen just cost my business $60? WTF?

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TQC, im planning a christmas party with my boyfriend! :D I need some party advice!
Should we serve a casual meal(like pizza), or just have hourderves out (pizza bagels, pigs in blankets etc)?
What Christmas movies should we play?
Should we play that "white elephant" game? Or something else?

3 questions, unrelated.

If you watch Hoarders...

Does it cause you to pause now at potlucks, etc?

Yesterday I saw a LOST poster on a telephone pole, it was for a bird.
Can a pet bird become a wild bird and flourish?

When you're walking over a steam grate or sewer, do you grip your keys/cell tighter?
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(no subject)

Do you use Netflix? What do you think of it?

Apparently the selection is limited but still worth it. My friend just started watching Rugrats again because it has the first 4 seasons and I'm thinking that just solidified my reasoning to get an account.
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What should be the first thing I make in it?

Who was the last really miserable and awful person you met? I went with my roommate to be a witness and help her fight a parking ticket and omg the man was SO terrible

How is your day going?
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What is this stuff?

What is it?

What the hell is that? I've never had that.
We eat this at Thanksgiving
We eat this at Christmas
I eat this often because it's fucking delicious
I call it something different from 'stuffing' or 'dressing' and I will comment with what I call it

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So I started volunteering at a lab but lately my schedule's been hectic and I've been having to cancel my plans with the lab last minute. How do I apologize? I feel like I fucked up their trust in me and that I should leave. What should I do? What should I say? I'm so sad.
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Underwater Photography

I'm going on a cruise in just under a month!! Sooo excited, but I'm trying to figure out my best option for my snorkeling photos that I'd like to take. We're going diving off of Grand Turk in a reef and then an area with lots and lots of stingrays. :D

I originally planned on just buying the disposable underwater cameras, but I hate not being able to review the pictures before I pay to develop them or make prints.

Does anyone have underwater casings for their point and shoot cameras? I have an Olympus FE-280 that I'd like to use underwater. Amazon is showing the hard cases at around $130, but I paid less than that for this camera when I bought it new a few years ago so I'd prefer not to do that (especially since I won't need the casing very often at all). I also found this case that has positive reviews, although there aren't very many. For $30, it seems worth a shot, but I wasn't sure if anyone else had something they'd tried that worked. We aren't going deep at all, so I don't think I need something super elaborate.

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Which annoys you more?

Om nom nom
Neither one annoys me.
They are equally annoying.
No opinion.

Comedy Central or MTV

Comedy Central
No TV for me!

Disney Channel or Nickelodeon?

Disney Channel
I don't like either one because I suck.

How would you classify your body?

I'm obese
I'm ripped
Something else in comments
Why do you care about my body?

Pawn Stars or Hoarders?

Pawn Stars
Neither one because I still suck.

Are you wearing a bra at the moment?


Will you name a food that begins with the letter T?


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Will you please list these in level of importance? It's completely up to you what you think "important" is. Interesting, relative to everyday life, essential to mankind and society.

Most important first, please.

1. Art
2. English [or other language!]
3. History
4. Math
5. Science
Muh Life.
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Okay so after this I took a 5 hour energy and put on some music. Now I'm ready to start sanding down the baseboards in my office. This brings about another question, of course.

SO reminded me our home was built in 1954-8 and the baseboards are original. Therefore they also have about 15 coats of poorly done paint. I had planned to sand them down with a palm sander and do them the color of the walls (which are average height) to make the room look taller. (yay!)

Problem: Possibility of lead paint.

I will wear an industrial face mask SO borrowed from work & keep open the window, but what are the chances I'll still die from breathing it in?

If you've done similar stuff, what happened?

The right answer is: "nothing. do ittttttttt."

[edit:] Well fuck none of those were the answer I wanted. I guess I'm just painting over it! Thank you TQC!!!

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How do you view higher education?

Is college/uni for learning or is it just for earning a degree and going to work? Does/did your attitude in class reflect this belief? How 'bout your work habits?

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Hey TQC, it's 1 PM and I don't have class until 5:35 because my 2:00-4:00 class was cancelled, so...

What should I do for 4 hours? (Pick up to 4 answers.)

finish proofreading an essay? (I just need to shorten it and reword some things.)
play Farmville on Facebook? (I think my crops are dead.)
play Frontierville on Facebook? (I need to finish my goals.)
play Treasure Isle on Facebook? (I need to finish my goals.)
clean out my Firefox bookmarks? (I have 700+.)
organize my files? (I have too many pictures. :C)
try to fix up my HP Mini? (I can't open/save anything, so I use my Pavilion instead.)
catch up on my LJ stuff? (There're 20 pages of unread stuff in my inbox, sobbbb.)
look at pictures of kittens? (Kittens are the best!)
watch shows on Youtube? (lolanime)
something else?

Edit: Looks like I'm fixing up my essay, catching up on LJ stuff, looking at pictures of kittens, and organizing files! And maybe organizing bookmarks if I have time. Thanks, TQC!

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where do you keep your cat's litter box?

mine is currently in the hallway bathroom in the bathtub. i hate it there because it renders the tub/shower combo useless (not like i use it anyway) and i am forced to keep the bathroom door open. i'm debating whether or not i should move it to this cubby/closet in the garage. it is behind a door in the garage so kitty wouldn't get run over or get loose outside when the garage door opens/closes. this cubby is positioned under the first half of my staircase, so i'd have to install a pet door in my livingroom so he can go from the house to the garage cubby thingy. i could install a door for around 30 bucks. pros include: stinky box being in the garage, not having to worry about the door being shut on him, not having to shuffle the littler box around when company is over. cons include: having a pet door installed on a wall in my livingroom and having to go into the garage then into the closet to scoop litter. is this a good or a bad idea?
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Okay, don't hate me plz (I've been a member for four or five years! You can't hate me!) I..want to do something nice for my coworkers for Thanksgiving. I'm going to bake some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies but I'm unsure of what other little items I could throw on the side to round it out. We're all in our twenties, early to mid, and we are all kind of goofy/fun. Ideas? Other than hookers, blow, or fuckin' raffes of course.

How's your week going so far? Plans?
What on your body hurts right now?

Help me with my first world problem!

Pretending that you own neither of these and the phone you currently have is a Blackberry Tour and you have an older generation iPod that still works fairly well, which would you rather receive as a Christmas present?

Poll #1648358 All I want for Xmas is....

I would prefer to get...

an iTouch
a Nintendo DSi

Please elaborate on the pros/cons of your choice. The person likes to play games so I'm not sure if it would be more practical to just get the iTouch because of the billion apps you can buy....

What Would TQC Do??

I just found an old college project of my ex-wife’s mixed in with some of my old textbooks that were in a box that has not been opened in years.  We don’t talk anymore and she never has mentioned this notebook or asked about it before. 

 Should I try to get it back to her or just trash it? 

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How often do you think you'll check/play on tqc over the Thanksgiving holiday?

If you're not celebrating Thanksgiving this week, there are other questions still available.

(no subject)

I'm bleaching a couple of strips of hair. I've had the bleach on for about 40 mins, and it's not quite as light as i'd like.
The bleach is still wet as i've had it in foils, but i'm assuming it's stopped developing, so it'd make as much different to take it off now as in 10 mins time, y/n?
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(no subject)

A relative of a family just had a heart attack and died while on his way to New York City to see the Rockettes (idk what a way to go) and the obituary in the paper today said there would be no funeral: just a viewing and burial. My ever curious mother asked why this was and found out the guy was an atheist. I found it odd the thought never occurred to me, but I guess no one I've ever known who died was an atheist or at least had expressed their atheism to their family.

If you have known an atheist who is currently deceased, did they have a religious funeral, a secular service or none at all?

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If you were making chicken parmigiana would you bake the chicken prior to assemblage or fry the cutlets?

I haven't had chicken parm in 20 years and for some reason I've got a craving for it. I have never made it so any advice?

If you like chicken parm, do you prefer it over pasta or on a sandwich?
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(no subject)

Sasquatch, Godzilla, King Kong, Lochness, Goblin, Ghoul, a zombie with no conscience.
Question, what do all these things have in common?

Will you post a question from lyrics, so the rest of us can guess the song?

(no subject)

You have to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner. What do you absolutely refuse to do?

Tear up 3 loaves of bread into tiny pieces for stuffing
Peel the potatoes
Wash the dishes
Pull the guts out of the bird & stuff it
Set the table
Bake pies
Host it at your house
I'll do whatever .It doesn't matter.
None of it. I'm lazy!

long question is long, and depressing

Who here knows about the newish rules regarding financial aid?

My friend was going to school and took out some student loans and mostly grants, and was making straight A's. During the middle of his 3rd semester, right before midterms, he found out his brother had died, and he was not able to take the midterms and took time off. His teachers understood and he recieved "Incompletes" for his grades.

Well, he basically sunk into an insane depression, he had just quit his job to continue school full-time so he can't get unemployment, but he was told by his financial aid counselor that he also did not qualify for financial aid anymore because he did not pass any classes that semester.

Now, I know people have been able to get back on aid even if they FAIL all their classes for a semester, they just have to have had a decent GPA at that point.
The financial aids counselor didn't even tell him that he could file an appeal, I was the one that eventually brought it up to him. He has been trying to get his brother's death certificate to file an appeal, but there has been problems with THAT due to him living in 2 different counties...or something?

So anyway, even if he files this appeal, it's been about a year at this point. Does he still have a chance to appeal or would he have to pay back ALL of his loans before getting new ones to go back to school?
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(no subject)

How do you feel about this?

(In Britain, a guy "jokingly" tweeted "Robin Hood Airport is closed. You've got a week ... otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high!" and was convicted as a result)

Should free speech be respected on the internet? Do you consider jokes/fake threats to fall under "free speech"?

(no subject)

Should I bake cookies and cupcakes even though then I will want to just eat them all, and I already ate gelato for lunch today (gingernut and cookie flavour omg)?

What did you eat for lunch?

If you do Christmas, have you started buying presents yet?

(no subject)

while taking a walk through the park, i walked through a swarm of super tiny flies.
They were practically invisible to me, and i was like woah and ew at the same time

What's something gross but fascinating at the same time to you?
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(no subject)

I bought this Too Faced set at Sephora today. The display ligloss had a doe-foot applicator, the one on the website shows a normal brush, and the one I got has a crazy looking frayed brush. I thought it would be okay but it makes it difficult to apply. I've seen people on youtube get similarly awful brushes with it.

Should I keep it and just use my own lip brush, or should I return it? Using a different brush would be annoying and inconvenient, but returning stuff makes me really anxious and nervous.

What is the last completely unnecessary item you bought for yourself?
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(no subject)

My gynocologist calls my house to say he needs to see me to discuss my results from my Pap Smear, now I'm freaking out, what could it be other than precancerous cells or STDs? Someone make me feel better
Eve ^^

(no subject)

Would you tell me about your ~very first kiss? I'm having a shitty-to-the-tenth-power day and wanna read some cute/funny/awkward stories.

Mine was in a movie theatre with my very first boyfriend ever and was very sweet, even though he eventually digi-volved to Pretentiousdouchemon.

(no subject)

For those of you who have tragus piercings/know anything about them..

What size jewelry (not gauge, but length) would you think fit the best? A friend gave me one of these in a 5/16 size but it was way too short.
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Are you eating turkey for Thanksgiving? I'm having roast beef, I freaking hate turkey.

Any plans for the long weekend? (If you're lucky enough to have one?)
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I'm thinking about transferring to a school in New York City after my freshman or sophomore year in college. Should I sell my car if I go? I'm not close enough where driving would be a cheaper option than flying, and my car's valued pretty high. I'm just assuming that you don't need a car in NYC and the money I would get from it would be a huge help. Excuse my naivete.

Semi-related: Pros/cons to dorm living? I'm not looking forward to it.

(no subject)

I am planning to find a new job in the beginning of 2011. I want to use some of the extra time I am saving by not commuting (~18 hours a week) by volunteering a few different places.

Will you tell me about any volunteer experiences you've had, what you did and what you liked/disliked about it?
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(no subject)

So my soon-to-be-ex-roommate is SOOO stupid, he's apparently SO over this one 'bitch' because he tried to 'track her down' and she didn't answer his calls and all that. (Not that she's ever fucked him, mind you). Stupid overconfident macho-madness~~~

I mean, if you had half a brain, would you realize that she's not into you?
Point 1: She's HIDING.
Point 2: She won't call you back or even ANSWER your calls.

I think a normal person would get the drift.

He's stupid / annoying for a lot more reasons, but this is just the reason tonight.
Oh yeah, he's 39.

dk/dc- Do you know anyone who is laughably / cringe worthy-ly annoying and stupid?
If so, stories.
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(no subject)

To men who like women:

How much does breast size matter to you?
Would it be a huge turn off if an otherwise beautiful girl with an awesome personality had barely anything?

AND women who like women!
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(no subject)

Women who like women:

What traits do you look for, physically and mentally, in another woman? Are you generally into women who are more "girly," or are you more into androgynous types, etc.?
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ugh, why?!

I live in an apartment building with my mom. The only people who have keys to our apartment other than us, are the superintendent and my uncle. My uncle comes over to drop stuff off for my mom once a month. The super comes over to check out leaks, pipes, etc. But he's only come over when someone was home, to my knowledge.

We have a feeling that someone is stealing our kitchen appliances items. We know for sure it's not my uncle because he lets us know that he used cups/dishes/whatnot when he stops over. We kinda have a feeling it's the superintendent, but I don't know why he would steal! He has a lot of money and there's an IKEA in the next town over!

I'm not going to set up a webcam or anything, but is there anything else that we can do so that we know for sure that someone is taking these items? :(
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(no subject)

So I'm a fairly dedicated horror movie buff. In that I love good horror movies, but ye' know at least 80% of the movies I do see are less than decent. I've gotten a list together of horror movies that appear interesting and not silly/horrifically stupid, and was curious to ask:

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I have to work 9:30am to 1:30 pm thursday then go back in at 12am to 9:30am friday. My relatives are visiting and I probably won't see them again for a year or two. I want to hang out with them but I need sleep before having to go back to work friday. Unless I drink a whole bunch of redbull or something. what would you do?

(no subject)

I went to the doctor exactly one week ago today. I wasn't sick, but I was switching Dr.'s and needed to change some of my medications. I've been feeling pretty shitty since Saturday (swollen glands, headache, sore throat, white spots on my tonsils, earache and a possible UTI). I'm pretty pissed my body couldn't have been ill when I went to the Dr since I can't afford to go a second time in a week.

What was the last thing your body did to piss you off?

(no subject)

i just wrote a huge test.

and i am freaking out, i didnt get to finish all the questions as well as i should have/wanted too.

and now i have to be anxious until i get my mark back. 
ugh, why did i decide to go back to school and do this to myself, i have too much anxiety for this shit.  plus i over analyze everything to death.

do you get worked up about school/grades/all that bullshit?