November 22nd, 2010

cabaret voltaire

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do you find yourself attracted to people who are significantly older than you, younger than you, or around the same age group as you?

about the same age as me
i don't discriminate with age

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Is there any truth behind the idea that standing on a hard stone/concrete surface is harder on your feet than standing on a wooden/dirt surface, even with a carpet? Is there any good way to "fix" that?

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other than dorming at school, have you ever had to share a room with someone else?
up until my mom bought our new house in march, i've always shared a room (and, at points, a bed) with my brother.

who is your favorite artist? pix encouraged!!
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First time... be gentle

These are probablly asked a lot, but I am a student of words and I always wonder:

What is your favorite word?
What is your favorite quote?
What is your favorite book, and your favorite that you had to read for class?

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Is it what you became?

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My roommate left the oven on from 5pm til midnight. She turned it off, but I'm paranoid that I need to check other stuff. Is my apartment going to burn down??

dk/dc what was the last stupid thing that someone you live with did?

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You wake up alone in a strange hotel room. You're completely naked. Before you start to panic, you remember that you were in Las Vegas for a friend's bachelor/bachelorette party, and you were drinking til you were blotto last night. As you're gathering up your stuff, you happen to notice a couple things. One, on your hand there's a ring that bears strong similarity to a wedding ring. Two, on the nightstand, there's a crumpled-up marriage license with your name on it. The other name is someone named Rev. Bob Jobbers. On the mini bar there's a note that says

'Dear spouse, I've gone out to purchase a pregnancy test. After last night, I started thinking of baby names. What do you think of Ezekiel for a boy and Ruth for a girl? I felt wholesome biblical names were the way to go, that way God will be more inclined to keep watching over them.

P.S. - I'd like to leave for Wyoming right after lunch. Mom said the nursery is ready, and I really want you to like your new home

Love, the father of your future children,

You have no idea what happened last night, and reverends and Wyoming don't ring a bell

So your new significant other is out. What do you do next?
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First Post!

What is a food that most people like but you find disgusting or refuse to eat?

I don't like cherries, white chocolate, or blueberries.
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I'm preparing an entire Thanksgiving dinner for about thirteen friends tomorrow - turkey and all the trimmings.  I'll be the only one doing the cooking and I was the one who bought all the ingredients.  The turkey I bought is twenty-two pounds and will not fit in my sink to defrost, so I put it into the (clean) bathtub, still wrapped up, obviously.  Now my roommate is crying about it being in my bathtub because he thinks somehow my clean bathtub will taint the turkey through its very thick wrapping.

Have you ever thawed a turkey in a bathtub?

What number do I call to get a whaaaambulance for my roommate?

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I really need to have a good cry and I can't seem to get the tears flowing. What do you do when you feel like being sad/crying? Will you recommend a song/video/poem/lyrics/story/picture that makes you sad/cry?

Thanks guys.
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Today I woke up late to pain in my left ankle and right knee, forgot my caffeine at home, then dropped my bowl of oatmeal (dry at least) on the floor at work.

Could you cheer me up by posting your favorite bad joke or funny picture (SFW)?
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How do you define 'working class' and 'middle class'? Is it different than how you define 'blue collar' and 'white collar'?

How would you describe your own family of origin?
How would you describe yourself/your family now?

I'm reading a book about 'working class academics' and it seemed to lump together working class, blue collar and first generation college students. I have always considered my family to be middle class, but blue collar.

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Ugh, TQC.

I have to talk to my boss today about me not getting paid (I thought that it was done in paychecks, but it's only done in either direct deposit or a paycard, and I apparently didn't sign up for either). I hate talking to my bosses about money but I haven't gotten paid yet and I've been working there for about five weeks. What can I do to be less anxious about it?

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Hi guys!

Could you recommend a mobile application for me to design? Sillier or stranger, the better! What would you love to have on your mobile phone?

For those who care, I'm likely aiming for Android but I could also do iOS or Windows Mobile

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I remember there was a community on lj about interior decorating and small spaces, you could ask questions about it, get advice and people would post pictures of their decorated spaces. I'm not sure but I think it was about decorating on a budget. Does anyone know any community like this? I can't seem to remember and tried looking for it but I probably have my key words wrong.

On another note; what are you currently reading?
I've finally begun Ragtime.
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weird situation advice time

I've been writing letters to a friend of mine who is in prison. To prevent my parents from finding out that I'm doing this, my friend had been sending his letters to me via his sister. A few weeks ago, I stopped receiving replies. I've now discovered his sister has moved and I'm assuming she's no longer acting as an intermediary between us.

Should I:

1.) continue sending him letters although he cannot write back?
2.) tell him to send the letters to me directly and deal with my parents?
3.) stop writing to him.
4.) something else?
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Why do people tailgate when there are warnings of freezing rain and black ice?

I'm baking things for Christmas gifts. So far, I plan to make shortbread cookies and brownies. What else should I make?
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I'm participating in a gift exchange at work. I drew the name of a new employee I don't really know and the only thing she wrote for suggestions is that she likes handmade stuff. Now I'm not particularly crafty but I am good at cooking/baking, however, I don't know what she likes and/or any allergies she might have.

What crafty thing should I make her?

What food thing should I make her?


Do you like granola?
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if you or our family bring side dishes with you to thanksgiving celebrations, do you cook them before then warm them up there?

do you hate snow or rain more?

is there a bar in your area that you're a regular at? what's it like?

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Because whatwasthatone failed me, maybe you guys could help.

Do you know this flash video series? It's an autobiographical series of three flash videos, but I can only really remember two. One was about as a kid the narrator and his brother would take apart old electronics and then eat the chips in hopes of gaining superpowers. The other was about how in his freshman year of high school, the narrator overdosed on cold medicine. I think the last one involved the narrator's first time on LSD, but I'm not really sure. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

DK/DC, will you post your favorite flash video?
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how do you define an internet troll? can it be anyone that starts shit, or do they actually have to believe (or not believe) what they're saying?

i.e. if someone posts "obama is a muslim" (to a predominately liberal site), are they a troll if they actually believe it or only if they are "doing it for the lolz"?


which of these things would you not mind eating if found in your thanksgiving stuffing? (may or may not be combined with some of the other things on this list.)

apple sausage
pinon nuts
cayenne pepper
*insert rant about not liking stuffing*
i am not american/am vegetarian/never stuff things in a turkey
oh suzer, i like something else not included on your extensive and thoughtful list here. I will add a comment with my wacky ingredient idea!

what do you call it?


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i'm catsitting for a friend. i have two cats of my own and a dog. all three are leaving my friend's cat alone. she's pretty much been under the bed in the office since yesterday when she was brought over. i'm worried about her! the food bowls and the litterbox are in the room next to her and i'm not sure if she's used the litterbox or eaten yet. (i don't think she's gone to the bathroom under the bed either) i brought her a little bowl of food and put it under the bed near her so hopefully she'll eat. is there anything else i can try? should i just leave her alone? i've never had this much trouble with a cat before. she's going to be with us for a week.
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What's the longest you've gone without having people come over to your house and why?

I haven't had anyone over since I moved back a few months ago because our house is full of crap.
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i'm bringing some already baked biscuits to a thing tonight. can i bring them in a crockpot to keep them warm? or will that somehow make them soggy or stale or something idk? how can i warm up my biscuits?

or should i just bring them cold?
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This one's for all you tech experts of tqc...

My ipod touch had a little accident today (it got knocked off the table, went flying across the room and landed hard). It still seems to be functioning well, but the screen is messed up. The glass on the outside didn't break, so I'm guessing it's an internal problem. I don't know much about the parts of electronics devices, so I don't know what broke and my description of the problem isn't bringing anything up on google (black spot covering half the screen and flickering screen). Can anyone here tell me what broke in my ipod and if it is even possible for it to be fixed? I know that my warranty doesn't cover accidental damage, but if it is fixable and won't be too expensive I want to get it fixed.

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If my biology lab is 1/3 of my biology grade and my lecture (~6 tests plus extra credit points) is the other 2/3, how do I figure out my overall grade? I'm bad at math. :(

We were given 7 extra credit questions to do, each worth 5 points. We can do them all, we can just do one, or we can just not do any. It's up to us. I have an A in lab and a mid-B in lecture. Should I even bother with the extra credit? They're all long essay questions and I don't feel like writing.

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1. For those of you who want kids: What are you looking forward to the most about parenthood?

2. For those of you who have kids: What's your favorite part about being a parent?

3. Everyone: What are some things your parents/guardians did for you that you loved when you were a child?

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So, TQC. I just today got a credit card that's meant for overdraft protection on my debit card. I can still use it like a regular credit card; I'm thinking of charging the Christmas gifts I buy for people to it, and any other Christmas/holidays-related expenses, and then destroying it. I have another credit card, but I try to use that one for work-related expenses (mostly transportation and lunch) only, to better manage my finanches. Should I do it? I just want to be able to buy people nice things without worrying about demolishing my paychecks.

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I have an under graduate degree, but now I am applying to get a bachelor of education as well (Elementary school teaching, wooo). I've worked at the same school for 5 years (hence why I now want to become an official teacher haha. I do love it). I am getting some of the teachers I have worked closely with to wite me reference letters. They asked what kinds of things they should include and I am not quite sure what to tell them.


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So, let's say you want to transfer to another college and all of your grades in the current semester are decent, but there's one class you don't think you're going to pull any better than a D in. You've made sure to pick this class for the next semester so you can get a better grade, and the school you want to transfer to only requires a 2.0 GPA and you have a 2.7, but you're still worried. What do you think the chances of you getting into this school for the next year are?
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Ink too deep

Best idea for a tramp stamp tattoo (among those listed)?

Text "Now serving #28"
Text, in Elvish "Speak 'friend' and enter"
Stick figure holding a fishing pole. The fishing line extends below the waistline and ends between the buttcheeks
An advancing fissure, like from an earthquake, extending all the way down to the buttcrack

Best idea for a bellybutton tattoo (among those listed)?
Solar eclipse, with the rays of the sun flickering behind it
A series of gaping bulletholes leading up to the bellybutton, as if someone shot you up with a machine gun. Each wound leaking blood, including your buttonhole
The O in LOL (two Ls on either side of your bellybutton)

Best idea for knuckle tattoos (among those listed)?

The 4 suites in a deck of cards. Same on each hand
CARPE (the E is on the thumb), DIEM
Faces of the 4 Beatles on one hand, the text CAN'T BUY ME LOVE (one word per knuckle) on the other, or A HARD DAY'S NIGHT
: )

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Question about writing APA essays:

When citing a research article that cites ANOTHER research article...are you actually even allowed to quote that part? If so would you do some kind of double citation? I can't figure this out.

Also, how much of the essay should be citations from research articles vs. things in your own words? Do you need to cite after information about something if you are not taking the sentence from a direct source? For example, in the first paragraph of my essay I have to explain ADHD. When I explain the symptoms do I need to cite books or research articles that contain this information even if I'm not directly quoting from them, or just put them in the bibliography? I have looked up and read the APA guide my teacher gave me but I'm still confused and don't want to end up being accused of plagiarizing anything for sourcing wrong.

Anyways if you want to talk about the last essay you wrote or next essay you have to write you can do that here too.

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In Home Alone when Kevin goes to the grocery store, why does the cashier ask him questions like where his mother is and why is he buying the things he's buying?

Why does she feel it's her business?
Take a Look

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What's the proper word for those charms with a picture (or drawing or whatever) encased in clear plastic, sort of like amber? They're usually square, sometimes reinforced with a thin metal frame.

I'm trying to figure out how to make such a thing, but I'm not sure what to Google.

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Does a Edit: person being able to dance make them more attractive to you, or do you not care?

I cant get over how sexy some guys on Americas Best Dance Crew are!

If you have an SO, does he know how to dance?
Mine does not :(
Mischievous Weir

Purple Vs. Green

So....  a Drazi walks into a bar and asks one thing - Purple or Green?

What do you say? 


(dk/dc:  Did Castle have a crazy, but plausible, conspiracy theory tonight?)
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zombie baby cede! :D

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What is the office etiquette for giving your boss x-mas gifts? Coworkers?

ETA: I am the activities supervisor // night nurse at a hospice center, if that makes any difference.

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I just started wearing the othra-evo patch yesterday and since then I've felt exhausted and have had zero appetite. I've been googling to see if this is a severe symptom or not and some pages seem to list it as a more serious symptom and others are more "oh hey this could happen."

Should I remove the patch until I'm able to talk to a doctor? Will it get better? IDK what exactly I should do :/ This is the first time I've ever been on any kind of bc.

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Your work place gives you a maximum of one "sick day" per month (and no it doesn't roll over if you don't use it). How often are you "sick"? Does this change if your boss calls you when you are "sick", his motive likely being to find out if you really are?
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TQC, if you were having chest pains and your heart was kind of racing*, how long would you take off of work? Upon your return to work, would you go about business as usual, or would you milk it a bit?

Do any of you have work issued laptops? Does your work provide the carrying case, or is it your own?

Please note, I have been to both the ER and the doctor and am not in danger of dying, so there is no need to plan my funeral yet

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does anyone here suffer from migraines?
my mom suffers from them, and they are just progressively getting worse, today she had to go to the hospital it was so bad.
its really scaring me, she looks like shes dying when she has one, she gets pale and her eyelid gets droopy.
no matter how many cat/mri scans/tests they do they can never find anything.
does anyone have a magically prescription/cure that worked for them/someone they know?
Derek - Today I am Feeling Blah

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This will probably be tl;dr for most of TQC's population.

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So, the questions then -
Would you be hurt/upset/offended if someone you had never met or interacted with in any capacity insulted you in a public forum like facebook or some other social networking website?

What can I do/read to cheer myself up while I'm stuck on this stupid bus? My cell reception keeps going in and out and my headphone jack on my netbook doesn't work, so I can't watch videos on my laptop, but if there are any funny websites people could recommend to me I'd be super grateful.

How would you expect your SO to react in a situation like the one I posted?

dk/dc: Have you ever built a gingerbread house, and do you have any pictures to share of it?
Doctor Who: Eleven (:o

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Poll #1648090 Russell Brand

Do you find Russell Brand attractive?

Not really.

Uhhh, lets turn this into an attractive people post.  
Will you post pictures of people you do find very attractive?