November 21st, 2010


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Do you lovely ladies use anything special to wash your makeup off?
I've always used stuff that wasn't waterproof, until recently and I'm having a really hard time getting this crap off :(

*Sensitive skin stuff is a plus!

If you wear glasses, how often do you tend to get a new pair? What about new lenses?

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Do I have to pay for weight watchers?
I wanna follow the program but I don't want to pay the kind of money they're asking if there are resources elsewhere I can use.

Have you ever done weight weighters? What was your experience? Did you lose any weight? Have a better lifestyle now because of it?
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Have you ever had days where you were really thirsty?

I'm experiencing that rn. I've been drinking everything I could find, water, juice, more water, Pepsi, water.... whyyyy am I still thirsty?
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I'm kinda drunk right now. except I need to read this pop psychology book for a book review I need to finish, and my inebriation makes it difficult to follow the words on a page because they keep getting blurry. is there anything i can do to "un-drunk" myself?

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i was reading Cosmo or something at work and it had this article that was like "10 Things We'll Never Understand About Guys" and one of them was "High-fiving their dog."

who doesn't understand that? who doesn't want to high five their dog?!

and WHY is my sister telling me about a completely pointless movie scene unrelated to anything happening in this apartment when i'm trying to watch the game?

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When was the last time you censored yourself on lj or facebook to not cause drama?

I use my fb for expressing whats in my head but I feel if I post it I will cause drama within my friends, but i hate that I cannot write what i want on my own fb

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 How can you cure a flu before it gets really serious? Some close friends of mine got the flu and I've been feeling mildly sick, but I worry I'll have to take days off school if I get what they have. :\

How do you stay motivated to keep up with schoolwork when you have to stay home due to sickness?
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Do you watch Dexter? Can anyone explain this scene to me?

(Spoiler alert?) I'm watching episode 5 of the new season when Angel is bursting into the hotel room where Maria and that other guy appear to be having an affair (to Angel). When Angel tries to stab the guy, Maria says "Angel, let him go, this is a sting!" What's a sting? Then she holds something up and Angel says, "you're wearing the wire?" I don't get it. ;_;

Episode is here if you want to see, scene is 38:40 in...
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this suuuuuper cute guy from Dubai asked for my number last night after singing my sister happy birthday in Kuyan. later he texted me telling us to have a good night and tell my sister happy birthday.

he was super cute and didn't get my creep signal beeping. should i text him back? lolol. i'm just afraid because i'm this geeky American girl and he's going to realize that i'm super geeky and poor(see, a lot of the young Middle Eastern kids around here are all from really rich families. they all live in the same neighborhood and go to this super fancy ESL college and you can tell by their fancy clothes who they are. they are quite fancy).

why do i over think everything?! hahaha. anyway, i'm going to get back to my Doctor Who.

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 What is a word for a shawl/scarf like item worn by boys as part of a school uniform? It think it's a rare, somewhat old fashioned word.

I remember it being used in an episode of Modern Family by the redhead once, and now I can't remember what it was and my google fu is failing <_< He'd misunderstood and then he was all 'well that could've been awkward'.

Vague enough for ya? :D

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I have a Macbook. I use TextEdit. Last night, I wrote a 3000 word short story, which I saved multiple times while in the process of writing it. When I was done, I added a picture to the document, and it told me I'd have to save it in a different format or something. So I did.

This morning, I opened up the document and it's empty. Like, there are a few words from a previous draft, but all of my work from last night is completely gone. I can't find the document anywhere else on my computer, in any other format. What did I do to make this happen? Did my computer screw up, or is it what I did by saving it in whatever other format that was? Will I be able to get it back? :O 
Flaming Sikozu

For a story I'm writing.

Gross questions, sorry.

If a person had one of their fingers severed how long would it take to heal?
If they don't have access to doctors/a hospital and can only use what they could get from a chemist how could they treat it and stop it from getting infected?
What would it look like after it has healed, would skin have grown back?

Is there a community here were people can ask these sorts of questions; information needed for stories/fiction?

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Ugh, the strap on my purse just broke! Where should I go to get a new one? Does the Coach outlet have any purses for ~$50 or less?

EDIT: Too lazy to join updates for this, but I went to the Kate Spade outlet since I found out my friend's fiancee was working there, and she gave me a great deal on a ladybug print purse!
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For you crafty folk of TQC, do you have any ideas on how to make lollipops for a Christmas tree top?  

A few years ago, my daughters were gone for a weekend and I surprised them with a pink sweets themed tree.  The tree was ruined last year in a flood, as were my lollipops.  Originally, I made them with dowel rods and styrofoam covered in glitter.  I want to redo them but I want to make them a bit sturdier.  Unfortunately, I'm drawing huge blanks.  And I know TQC has a wealth of creative people so I'm hoping someone has some ideas!

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What are some...interesting...headlines you've read?

Inspired by reading Closer magazine (I know, I've only got myself to blame) and seeing on page 47 'Mum Let Me Have Botox at 15' and on page 55 'My Parents Are Proud I Sleep With Men For Money'.

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I woke up from drunken shenanigans with a new contact in my phone named Hot Phil.

Should I delete it and pretend it never happened?
Call Hot Phil?
Change it to Phil?
Hot Phil isn't that hot, in case you're wondering.

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I'm making spaghetti for dinner. I have a package of ground turkey that I want to use up. Would it taste horrible if I just threw it in with the ground beef I put in the sauce? (I'm not making meatballs because I'm lazy haha)

What are YOU making/having for dinner?
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 If someone brought these to your big family Thanksgiving, would you be happy?

If not, what else should I bring to my boyfriend's family's house? It's the third Thanksgiving I'm spending with them, and they've got pie covered.

What are you looking most forward to this week?

EDIT: We will also be bringing wine.

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so i rented this textbook for a class and i'm turning it in early since the class is almost over and i got this notice that they must be postmarked by that date it is due, what does that mean?

how can i calm myself down before a big math test tomorrow?
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So. Clearly I need something to distract me further from homework. I would like to get into a new TV show. Netflix has Weeds, 30 Rock and Arrested Development on instant. Which one should I go with? I've heard good things about all three...

DK/DC: If you could remove one celebrity from existence (and sure, what the hell, go ahead and count politicians as celebrities) who would be the first to go?

Where you at, TQC?

What city/town/hamlet are you in right now? What's your favorite and least favorite thing(s) about it?

I'm in...DRUMROLL... Berkeley, CA. My favorite thing about it is the weather. It was shitty yesterday (lightning storm), but today it's crisp and sunny, and it's been warm more often than not all through November. My least favorite thing about it is the rampant homelessness problem. OR the middle class teenage fucks who like to sit on Telegraph Ave pretending they're homeless. Your turn!

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Are you one of those people on Facebook who likes loadsssssss of crap? Like "When it rains, I find the biggest puddle and fall over and die" crap like that? Why?
I like my favourite bands so I can get a heads up about new releases/tour dates, a few magazines I want to write for and a few of my favourite foods/drinks so I can see if any comps or offers are coming up. That's the only logical thing for me to like...

Are you pretty?
I ain't.

Anyone here got a tattoo of a platypus?
That's what I'm getting and I'm betting it will be unique (& have meaning to me), like a proper tattoo should be, especially 'cos I'm drawing it.


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What are some characteristics of stoner films/drug comedies?

I've tried a few Google searches but the only real results I keep getting are lists of "great stoner films" and stuff. I'm looking for characteristics.

So far I've got:
-heavy drug use
-drug use as the catalyst
-the main character ends up going on some sort of journey (usually related to getting more drugs)
-while on this journey the main character has to evade some sort of authority

What else?

Would you rather have sex with....?

Poll #1647425 Would you rather have sex with....?

Would you rather have sex with....?

Jeffery Tambor
Dr. Phil

Would you rather have sex with....?

Robin Williams after running a half marathon in hundred degree weather
A drunken Mel Gibson 5 minutes after some Orthadox Jews toiler papered his house

Would you rather have sex with....?

Michael Lohan
Joe Simpson

Would you rather have sex with....?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (threesome)
Michael Douglas (how he looks now) and Catherine Zeta Jones (threesome)

Would you rather have sex with....?

A Marilyn Monroe impersonator
An Audrey Hepburn impersonator

Would you rather have sex with....?

Heidi Montag
Lindsay Lohan

Would you rather have sex with....?

Fred and Wilma (threesome)
Barney and Betty (threesome)

Would you rather have sex with....?

The world's smallest Elvis impersonator
The world's oldest Elvis impersonator

Would you rather have sex with....?

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson (threesome)
David and Victoria Beckham (threesome)

Would you rather have sex with....?

Megan Fox
Katy Perry
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a group of us is sending off some shoeboxes packed with toiletries, candy, and toys to kids around the world through Operation Christmas Child. We can include a personal note- what's something short and sweet that a 4-9 year old girl would appreciate?

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I have a butternut squash and the instructions that came with it says just to cut it in half and bake it with some butter, but can I cube it up and bake it along with potatoes? I assume you can but sorry, I am a butternut squash noob
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Deleting Windows Movie Maker

I can't delete Windows Movie Maker. Every time I put it in the trash, a copy of it pops back up in the folder, complete with .dll files. I actually bought movie software, so I want to get rid of it. BUT HOW? IT KEEPS COMING BACK!
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Will you tell me about the first time you spent christmas with an SO's parents? Was it awkward? Funny? What did you buy them?

When my bf and I go to my dads to celebrate, should I ask/hint that my dad should buy my bf a present? They've only met eachother once in the year and a half we've been together; but still, I don't want to go and have a big gift exchange while my bf is completely left out. We'll be spending the actual christmas day with his parents and I'll be giving him his present there, and my mom's putting together a stocking for for him when we're at her place, but I suppose I could get him something else small.

Learning the guitar

Is it possible for ones hands to be too small to play the guitar? It realllly freakin hurts my hand like I'm giving myself carpal tunnel to be able to stretch and reach my fingers far enough to play some chords. I compared my hand size to the guy who was teaching me and my fingers only went up to his top knuckle (I'm not sure if thats what it's called??) ... they are almost an inch shorter! And some of the chords theres no way my fingers will just go there unless I use my other hand to stretch them out to reach the frets, and even then its really hard to keep them held out... Am I doomed??:(
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I just came back from a potluck meetup, so I was just wondering...

How many of you are on

If so, what are your favorite meetup group(s)?

And how many of you are on I'd use it more but there are never anything happening in my city.

(Yes, I know the question would only pertain to groups in your local area)

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Those of you who have had your period come late: do you usually find that the next month, it comes a bit earlier? 

I was 8 days late last month, and as a result, wasn't supposed to start until this coming Friday. Unfortunately, I'm 99% sure I just started. :(

turkey drama

My mother-in-law is going to make thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. Last Thursday she bought a frozen turkey and put it in our fridge so it could start to thaw. We're planning to cook it this Thursday. I mentioned it to my mom (who will not be there) and she freaked out, said a week in the fridge was way too long for a turkey.

The usda says our 12-pound turkey needs about 3 days to thaw, then can remain in the fridge for 1-2 days before we cook it. So yeah 7 days total is kinda stretching it.

but my husband and inlaws are acting insulted that I'd even question this, like, "we've been doing this for years we always thaw the turkey for a week what do you think we're going to do POISON EVERYONE?"

should I just shut my mouth, eat turkey, lie to my mother and say we threw it out because she's all convinced that it's a biohazard?

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I need new blags to follow, TQC. Will you post a link to your/your favourite Tumblr, if you have one?

What's the temperature outside where you are? It's -18 C here currently :(

Should I make a chocolate cake or a ~rainbow~ cake for my birthday party on Friday? What kind of wine should I buy?
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Say you've met this amazing awesome non-douchy guy/girl and you've gone out for a month and they broke it off because they have issues of their own that they need to sort out before they get into a relationship, would you wait for them? how long would you wait?

deets appreciated for anyone who has been or is in a similar situation.
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What's your soap opera name?
{First name = the name of the first pet you ever had (eg: Brutus), last name = street you grew up on minus the suffix (Main Street, last name = Main}.
eg: Brutus Main

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What was the last kinda pretty damn important thing you lost?

Do you ever go through phases where you like to drastically alter your appearance?
What was the last major physical/superficial change you made to yourself?

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i have some shake left at the bottom of my bag of weed, but i have no papers or blunt wraps. it's too loose to smoke out of my bowl or homemade gravity bong. i also don't have any cigs.

what can i roll this shit in, if anything, that will work well enough? i'd drive to the store, but.. i don't feel like it.

for the haters who gonna hate on my recreational activities, while i may disagree with your point of view, i will defend to the death your right to go fuck yourself.


what are your holiday plans?

for those of you who started college "later" in life, say, into your twenties, how was/is your experience? i just turned 23 and have just been officially accepted to a state university for spring semester. i will be entering as a freshman with all the babiezzz

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In your experience do you think it seems more common for couples to move in together before becoming engaged or married or to become engaged or married before moving in together?

Which do you think would be more ideal for yourself? / Which did you do?

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Picture the scene: It's a brisk, cool winter night. The sky is a rich, deep blue, dotted with stars. You are walking arm in arm with the one you love and you look up to the sky to see a perfectly round full moon. 'Oh look,' you whisper, snuggling into your lover's side, 'Isn't the moon beautiful tonight. It's so romantic.' Your lover grunts and replies 'Get off, I looked at it earlier.'

What's the least romantic thing someone has said/done to you?
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How do I get my mom to stop watching ridiculous Christmas movies?!

For some reason abcFamily and the Hallmark channel are showing nothing but Christmas movies. It's not even Thanksgiving! Apparently the cool thing to do is to show Christmas movies as part of a countdown of days until the countdown to Christmas.


Anyway, I refuse to watch super cheesy Christmas movies for the next 35 days. How can I get her to watch regular movies and wait at least three weeks before watching these holiday flicks?
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I know there are some TQC Pittsburghers, so I thought I'd ask...

Any recommendations for a nice/upscale restaurant for an anniversary date night? I don't mind splurging a little, but we're also not trying to spend $40 a plate. I've been looking downtown (I like looking at the Christmas lights :3 ) but I'm open to any neighborhood. 

dk/dc: What are your favorite names? (I know these posts are fairly common, but I love them)