November 20th, 2010

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So I'm making this drink tomorrow. The recipe is for a single drink, but I'm serving it to 12 people so the portion is huge and the original recipe says to shake the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and strain. I don't have one, and I doubt I have anything big enough to shake such a big portion in. Is the shaking & straining necessary? If it helps, the ingredients to be shaken are whiskey and apple cider.

Never mind, found the answer. Poll instead.

Do you like awkward humor? Yes No
ETA: OK, there is no reason this poll shouldn't be working and I don't have time to figure out why its not. Sorry this post is full of fail, use it for whatever, I need to go make some apple pecan bread.
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Do you have difficulty staying awake when you drink?
If so, do you believe this is your body's way of cutting you off before you do anything really stupid?

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When was the last time you were seriously scared about something?

Earlier tonight, I heard a gunshot somewhere in my neighborhood. It was followed by a car door slamming, then a woman screaming. Not fear-screaming, but she was screaming angry words that I couldn't understand. The car door slammed again, and then a third time. I ran downstairs, hysterical, but my parents didn't even hear it. I called my next-door neighbor (my BFF). She didn't hear it either.

It's been two hours, and I tried to distract myself by watching TV and asking about my pee-nausea, but it's not working. I'm still shaken up. I jump at every noise. What is your best method of calming down when something startles you? 

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if you received a million dollars under the stipulation that you had to immediately give it to a person or organization with whom you had no personal relationship, who or what would you give it to?
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Sanitary Security Question

For anyone who has been through the New Improved TSA screening, do the TSA folks change gloves between pat-downs? I don't want to be groped by someone wearing gloves that they just used to squeeze someone else's genitals.
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Hey, TQC, I have this really great red lipstick, but after wearing it for a while, it sort of...~feathers~ around the edges...Or, like, bleeds or something. Is there anything I can do that will stop this from happening? Like, is it just that my lips fail, or is it the lipstick, or is there some product I am not aware of that can prevent this?

Hapl me TQC. I want to wear this lipstick tonight, but not if it's going to feather.
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have any of you gotten 2 for 1 starbucks this weekend, without another person?

i'm a greedy guts and want to reheat or freeze the second drink, basically.


Quick!  What are you eating / what did you last eat?  

I'm eating a sammich with turkey and roast beef pickles onion and mayo and mustard, hummus with veggies and giant grapes.  Sadly my lunch has been the highlight of my day so far.
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TQC, it's rainy, I'm tired and in a bit of pain, and the only place I plan on going today is to forage for food if I get a call back from a friend wanting to do the same.

Should I do my homework that's not due till Tuesday, work on my book idea, work on my D&D campaign, play my DS or goof off on facebook? Or sometime else entirely? What something else should I do?

DK/DC: What's the weather like by you?

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Quick, guys, I need your help. My family's all here to watch the football game. What are some things I can shout at the screen to make it appear as though I understand and care about what's going on?

Besides "That'll move the chains!"

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Is is possible to have an allergy to just milk?

I mean I can eat cheeses, ice cream, cottage cheese, etc just fine but if I drink milk I get sick.

I've always gotten 2%

I can't afford anything like soy milk or Lactaid.

What can I do? Would testing out skim or 1% be a good idea?

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When was the last time you were rude to someone? 
Have you ever been asked for your ID at a movie theatre? How about while buying a video game/movie? 
Do you bring food/beverages from home to movie theatres? Have you ever been caught, or is it allowed where you live?

1. At the Harry Potter premier, I was kind of rude to the ticket guy because he told me to throw out my water bottle. I told him I was sick and needed to be drinking a lot of water (which is true!) and he suggested I buy a bottle there. So I stood there and chugged the rest of my water, but then I think he felt bad and told me to just go ahead and that there was a drinking fountain I could use to refill it.
2. Nope. I've been seeing rated R movies without a parent since I was in 6th grade and I've never been asked for an ID. D: 
3. Yes, obviously. I've never been caught while actually trying to conceal the shit from home.

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Hey fashion experts of TQC:

I have this brown, gray, and white checkered shirt dress that I want to wear today. It's too short to wear without anything under it, but I have some brown tights that match.

However, I don't have any brown shoes. I have black boots & different heels, and then some gray boots that have some red striping. :\

What do I do for shoes?!
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We have a tree on our property that produces Collapse ) which we've always called brains. Do you know what these actually are? The tree is average looking (I forgot to take a picture and it is cold!) and the things all start to drop around mid November. The smell is nice, maybe sort of floral/citrusy. The tree is in Central NJ.

What are some fun/interesting things I can do with them? There are at least 50 on the ground right now. I'm going to spray paint a few of them silver later and put them on the coffee table, which will probably look infinitely less awesome than I'm expecting.

Edit: Mystery solved, they are Osage-oranges. Thanks everyone!

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So a few weeks ago I posted about my Neverending Period. That was at 14 days; today marks the 40th day. I called my doctor at about 18 days, and she said it was normal for someone skipping the placebo week repeatedly and I should just wait it out. But now I'm starting to get really freaked out. Should I call her back? Has anyone else had this happen before, or heard of it happening? Diagnose me, Dr. TQC!
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sorry for another harry potter question

deathly hallows question: can anyone tell me, without giving spoilers, how far into the book the movie gets? perhaps by page or chapter? i don't have time to read the whole thing before i see it.

is the movie worth seeing twice? i told two (maybe three) friends i'd go (at different times). i'm not that into the movies in general :/


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You know how you can infuse vodka with fruit and stuff?

Is there a way to do that with gin or sambuca?

I have a bottle of gin and a bottle of sambuca that I will not drink and I'd like to do something with them.

Also, what can I do with creme de menthe if I don't drink minty drinks?
Spiked iced tea maybe? Or would that be nasty?

ETA: Okay, what flavor(s) should I infuse the gin with?

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 Dilemma: I have no corkscrew. I have a bottle of wine. I have been trying to open this wine bottle without a corkscrew for the past 2 hours. 
I have tried using a knife and I have tried putting a screw it and taking it out with the back of the hammer. 
You think they'll save you.

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What should I do tonight with the house to myself?

I basically live between two homes. My condo that I share with 5 roommates near the heart of noisy downtown Seattle, and the house I grew up in, which is 30 minutes out of Seattle, right next to a pleasant forest, in a secluded neighborhood. My parents are in Hawaii for the next week and I'm getting some much needed seclusion and want to take advantage of it. Any particular good movie(s) to watch by one's self? Cozy dinner ideas? Other ideas that I have not thought of?
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My friend is having a party an hour and a half away. I wasn't going to go because of toll and gas money but I found out that the bill I had to pay today is about $100 less than I originally thought so now I don't know.  Should I go? They said I could stay over if I wanted to.

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i've canceled my cable and am going to go the antenna route. however, i know NOTHING about this. i have an old boob-tube style tv. i believe it's from 2002. i also live in a 2 story house and the tv is on the first floor.

what do i need?

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this might be better suited to a hair community but i thought i'd try you guys first. i just got my hair dyed dark purple (with a permanent dye) a few days ago and when i washed it yesterday for the first time the dye bled out like i've never seen before. i've had red, brown, and black dye before and a little of it has always come out in the shower/on my towels the first time i washed it, but never this much. my white towel was turned almost entirely a (very pretty) lilac colour and there was a ton of purple in my tub that was hard to clean out, etc.

do you think this is going to happen more than once, ie. the next time i wash my hair too? is this normal for really pigmented dye? i don't want it to a) stain all my shit forever, since i had to throw out that one towel, or b) have all the colour wash out of my hair within a couple of washes
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If you do not have the right to consent to gratuitous screening procedures, because instead of flying you can always stay home, does it also follow curb cuts and ramps should not be provided because the disabled in wheelchairs could choose to stay home?

Is that what liberty means?

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Given that I won't find anyone to go with for ages yet, should I just watch the new Harry Potter online?
ETA: It's the whole organisation of booking tickets. I live in a very small town with only one cinema screen!

Abandonment Fears

1) Believe people will abandon you.
2) Keep people at a distance to minimize the emotional damage when they abandon you.
3) People abandon you because you keep them at a distance.
4) Fears of abandonment are "proven" to be true. Goto Step 1.

How do you break someone you know out of this vicious cycle?

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I've noticed my cat will lick the side of her water bowl instead of drinking from the middle. Does anyone elses cat do this?

Is my cat a freak?

What are some weird things your pet does?
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You have a 20+-year-old dog who was diagnosed with cancer almost 3 years ago. It's since metastasized almost everywhere. Over the last week, she's gone from fine to bad to worse, starting with limping and now at the point where you have to bring her food/water bowls to her and she has to be physically carried outside.

She's already undergone 2 surgeries to treat the cancer, and the doctor has suggested a third as a last-ditch effort to extend her life another 6 to 9 months, but there is a significant risk -- 40-50% -- she won't survive the procedure. Assume money isn't an issue at all, and she isn't experiencing much pain -- it's been managed with painkillers for the last 5 days and she shows absolutely no signs of pain/discomfort other than the obvious, related to her inability to walk around much without assistance.

Do you:

a) attempt the surgery, knowing the risks, but also knowing that she is likely not going to survive another week, with the hope that it might extend her life;
b) skip the surgery, continue her current regimen and give her the best few days you can until she's gone;
c) have her put down on Monday;
d) something else entirely?

Factor in that you've had this dog since you were 10 years old -- one of your birthday gifts was to adopt a dog -- and you've loved this dog since you picked her out and brought home as a 10-week-old puppy, and you can't even consider what life would like without her. She was the weak little runt that no one wanted and I have to stop this because I'm crying now.

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Is there a place I can buy a connector ring with a name on it? Or an online shop that can personalize one for me? My mom has mentioned over the past couple of months that she'd like one. Her name is Teresa, if that helps at all.

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Should I attempt to make myself something to eat (would probably end up being mac & cheese), or should I go to Taco Bell?  

How has your day been? 

Can you recommend me a book to read?  To give you an idea:  I am preferably looking for an epic fantasy series of some sort.  I already read Discworld books and I'm already reading George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series.  I also have Harry Potter covered, lol.  I'm not a fan of vampires, zombies, or werewolves. 

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Do you find it weird if you've been in a long term relationship and no longer have any contact with that person?

I was just looking through pictures of my ex and find it really weird that he's a total stranger now when we were so close. I haven't spoken to him in about a year and a half.

ETA: I don't mean because you miss them, just that you have no contact with someone who was a big part of your life.
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from a situation that's recently come about in my life.

Friend A bought tickets to a concert and invited Friend B to come along. Friend A did not ask for payment for the tickets, even thought Friend B offered. About a week before the concert, Friend A says he/she can't go to the concert.

If you were Friend A, would you still offer one or both tickets to Friend B, who is still able to go to the concert? If you were Friend B, would you ask Friend A if you could use a ticket even if you didn't pay for it?

Collapse )

dk/dc: what's the last song you got stuck in your head?
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 I am angry.

This guy I like who really likes me back is on FB 'cause that's the only way we can talk, and I've been waiting around all day for him to talk to me, since my mother doesn't really let me out of the house. 

So he's making posts but his chat is offline, and I'm mad that he isn't talking to me. So I commented on one of his wall posts, and he deleted the post. So now I'm pissed. He can at least have the decency to reply to me or to tell me he doesn't feel like talking to me. What the hell? We've liked each other in the past and he ended it after treating me kind of crappy, and now that he likes me again, I really don't want that again.

I feel like I shouldn't be angry with him for not wanting to talk or for deleting posts on his own wall, but I'm still really pissed about it and I wanna call him out. What should I do, TQC? Should I just deal with my anger, and leave it alone, or should I say something? Please be nice, I'm too sensitive for the internet =(

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Have you ever "broken up" with a therapist before? I'm thinking of telling my therapist that I can't afford her and don't really need her anymore the next time I go in. Will it be awkward?

What cheap, cute stocking stuffers should I get for my dad? He likes chocolates and junk food and wine, so I'm thinking of a really good bottle of wine and a box of Russell Stover and a few homemade popcorn balls.

I'm watching What Women Want. Do you actually self-narrate in your head?
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I'm doing my final thesis project, but unfortunately I've been having some problems getting along with some of the other members of the lab. Not as in fighting- essentially I said some stupid things back when I first started (most of my classes have been in structural biochemistry, the lab I was assigned to was an immunology lab, I guess I didn't know some of the things they considered 'basic'), and a couple of the bitchier lab techs have been treating me like shit/giving me the cold shoulder ever since. The lack of support has been really affecting the quality of work I'm doing, so I was considering baking something and brining it in as a sort of bribe to get them to like me/be willing to help me again.

Except for the last couple days, a few other members of the lab have been bringing in baking/sweets, and none of the times have they offered any to me. Which is fine, I don't think it was intentional, just a product of me not being in the lab full-time. Except now I'm worried that if I bring in baking, it will be seen as an expression of 'fine, if you won't share with me, I'll just bring my own!'. TQC, will it be awkward if I bring in cookies to share after others brought in things but never offered any to me?

I'm sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm really stressed about this whole lab situation and probably not thinking straight.

DK/DC: What are you hoping for for Christmas?
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ease my fears, or make them worse

i am pretty afraid of lizards, the little ones that you see scurrying around outside in places with warm climates (i've seen them in texas, where my dad lives, in the summer). i live in canada so i am fortunate enough to never see them up here, but next week i'm going to clearwater, florida with my boyfriend to visit his family, and i am afraid that they are going to be everywhere. my boyfriend says they are not too bad but i think he is either only telling me that to ease my fears, or is remembering incorrectly.

so my question is, does anyone know how common lizards are in the clearwater/tampa-ish area of florida at this time of year? like... are they noticeable, will i see several of them in a day do you think? do they GET INSIDE heaven forbid? am i going to step on one?

dk/dc, what are your phobias?

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The calorie question got me restaurants where you live list the calories at the end of the description? Where do you live?

I'm in New York and it's such a bummer to see sometimes :(

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Do you have any loved ones that are impossible to shop for? What have you gotten them in the past?

Christmas shopping for my best friend is seriously hard. For everything I pick up I can think of 10 million reasons she'd like it and 10 million reasons she wouldn't. I'm at a loss.
"I will completely X you tonight!!!!"

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Do you know anyone that has very unique or different marriage habits/structure than most people? Can you share what they are? If you're married, do you and your SO have anything that might be considered strange?

Have you ever known a couple that got married, but stayed living separate? Or had separate bedrooms? (Do you know if they're "happy/dedicated," or distant/separate?
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I am at bar with surrey_sucks. She wants to approach a guy but is nervous and wants to know if she should. So TQC, should she?

(There is only one right answer.)

EDIT: She is doing it. But I now alone at a table full of people I don't know because I am lame and have a BF.

EDIT 2: I walked home. I have no idea what is going on down there now.

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It's 11 PM, I should be doing homework/sleeping/something productive, but instead I'm being cranky. When I'm cranky I cook. I'm about to make some Puppy Chow and finishe Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea.

What do you do when you're cranky

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I cannot decide on a dress for my company's xmas party in a few weeks. D: What should I wear?

Collapse )

Alternatively, OMG GUYS, THE ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE IS UPON US! What is your weapon of choice? How long do you think you'll last? Will you fight till the end or kill yourself before the zombies get to you?