November 19th, 2010

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Watching threesomes...

Is hot!
Doesn't really do anything for me
Grosses me out

Time of year you most look forward to?

My birthday
Christmas/whatever winter holiday you celebrate
The summer
When the leaves start to change and it gets chilly outside
New Years!
Tax refund time

I have/I am

Addiction issues
Borderline personality disorder
Some kind of eating disorder
Something else that I would like to share in comments

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Do you, like, date nut bread?

Did you know wookiee is spelled with two E's?

No, but I'm not going to admit that. OH CRAP.

dk/dc: You are MacGyver. You are trapped in a room. You have your Swiss army knife and whatever else you feel like making up, except a key. What's the most elaborate way you can come up with to get out?
glam barbie

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I must be living in a parallel universe. (This is not news, lol.)

I hear a lot of women say "There are not good men out there." Or, "All men are the same, girl."

...Who are these women and what population of men are they tapping into???? I find the men I've met in my 29 years to be good guys...most of them a great catch. Every now and then I'll come upon a "bad" man but you know...I come across some really "shitty" women way more often. I don't know...I'm being raw, hope I'm not offensive. But has anyone else noticed this? Maybe I'm not getting something.
Sue Dummy
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What shows (Past or present) do you think are overrated?

Glee, Modern Family (For the record I actually like watching Modern Family but I don't get the Hype. It has good jokes and story lines but it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo predictable. Like hit you in the face predictable, and I don't get why people don't seem to see this), Seinfeld (It's probably because I find the man annoying), Family guy.

Freinds and Threesomes


A friend of mine, whom i thought was joking, is apparently is rather serious in want me to have a threesome with himself and his girlfriend. I don't think he is unattractive, and I do fine his girlfriend to be adorable. The dynamic that bothers me is that I am a virgin and really don't quite know how i would react to this. If it did happen, what kind of things should I set down as ground rules?

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Last question tonight.

You're cuddling on the sofa with your dog (or cat, you demon loving freaks), and you realize, "hey, this delicious banana bread is making me thirsty". You get up to go get a glass of water.

Does your animal get up or move out of the way when they realize that you are moving?

Or do they lay on you, fight your getting up like they are a giant glob of dead weight, move into your spot while you're away, fight you sitting back down upon your return and steal the blankets?


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I went to the Doctor on Tuesday. She was all "OMGZ YOU ARE ON AMBIEN?!" And then changed me from Ambien to Trazodone. I took one around 8:30 PM (CST) and was still awake at 10:30 PM so I took another (she said it was likely I'd need two but to see if just one would work first). I probably fell asleep around 1 AM... and woke back up at 1:30 AM. It's 2:30 now.

I. Want. An. Effing. Ambien.

Since Trazodone is not actually a sleeping pill (it's an antidepressant used for sleep aids) is it ok if I take an Ambien? I want to sleep so bad. My body feels exhausted, but my brain is just like "nope."

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if you have a boyfriend, do you think they would consider themselves a feminist?

edit: what should i get my boyfriend's 5 year old niece for christmas? i'm thinking about a plush room doorbell thingie and something else. HELP.
i say, old bean

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is there anyone in your life who snores incredibly loud?
does it bother you?

what was the last thing you ate?
do you wish it had been something else?

how are you going to spend the next 3 hours?
B&W Face

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When is the last time you've actually jumped up and down, squealed, etc. out of sheer excitement?  What was it for?

JUST NOW.  I made this post over the summer and I just now received confirmation that it was deposited.  I am freaking out and crying and jumping and oh my god we don't have to starve anymore.  :')

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This is something I've been wondering about because it's happened in a few classes this semester:

Say you're taking a class and you've just been assigned a huge research project near the end of the semester.  The class is about a very specific topic, so it's likely that there's books in the library that more than one person is going to need.

You find a book that is crucial to your project.  You know you will be citing from it extensively and from many different parts of it, so it would be difficult to go photocopy absolutely everything you need from this book.  Another person from the class asks you if they could borrow that book because they think it'd be useful for their project as well.

Do you feel that the person who has the book is obligated to share it?  Or is it a case of "sucks for you, you should have started your research earlier"? 

I've been on both sides this semester and it's always a weird position, both ways.  Any horror stories about sharing (or needing to share) materials with classmates? 
tralfamadore ampersand

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I get my phone upgrade today! For those of you with Verizon serivce, what do you think is the best smartphone they offer? I'm looking at the HTC Incredible, but I don't know. Opinions?

For those of you who don't know or don't care, what cell phone do you have? What do you love about it? Hate? What would be your ultimate phone, regardless of which company offers it?
Muh Life.
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My b, my b.

k so during the extraordinarily craptastic week I've had, I backed in to someone in a parking lot. He said the car was a rental, so he was going to call the company and check to see if they wanted to put in a claim for the (1 inch!) scratch on the bumper. (My car is not "damaged" but the paint has some lines where the bumper bounced back out.) We exchanged info and he said he'd call me. Never did.

Do I call my insurance company and tell them there might (probably) be a claim made? Someone I asked said call them, two people said don't and one person said I should offer him money to not put in a claim. What do I do?
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Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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TQC car drivers:

Are you a considerate/attentive parker?

Meaning you make sure that you're within the painted lines of the parking space, not parked crooked, not too close to one side or the other, not in a "compact car only" space if you don't have a compact car, etc.

Do you have any parking pet peeves?

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Once again, I could explode.
I get paid week to week.
I send in my hours each Monday and get paid on Friday.
This Monday a girl in HR and said that the girl I usually send my hours to is away and to send it to "new girls" email.  I said sure, and said I will CC my hours to the girl I usually send my hours to, just in case.  She said great I'll check both emails soon,  I told her to call me if there was any trouble. 
Fast Forward to now:  I checked my bank and did not get paid (I get paid in the mornings)
I called girl and girl 2, and girl told me that she was away and no one checked her email, therefore no one got my hours and I didnt get paid. I explained to her what happened on Monday and that I sent my hours to BOTH of them.  and regardless girl 2 said she would check girls email anyway. 
She said "oh thats strange you should have got paid, but anyway you'll get two cheques next week!"
WTF  I expect my cheques every week and because of that I pay off bills a couple of days before pay day.  Which I did this week.  I have savings I could go into, but I REALLY REALLY don't like to, and really I never do.

What should I do?!
Insist they pay me today?
Suck it up and wait another week?

UPDATE: Girl called me back, and said that it went through on their end and it has something to do with my bank (??? even though Ive had direct deposit for months) Also I recieve each week, the list of employees who got paid, so i always check for my name on that list, and it isnt there, which means it DIDNT go through on their end.
Im going to lose my mind.

UPDATE 2: Girl called me back again, said now its bc I didnt submit my hours on time?  Even though I've submitted them later than when I submitted them this week before, and everyone who DID get paid submits their hours on Tuesday morning (I submitted mine Monday @ 1pm.)

What the motherfucking fuck.
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Can anyone who has ever applied to grad school and had to write a Statement of Purpose (or Statement of Intent or Personal Statement or whatever similar name it might have been called) tell me wtf they wrote about?

I've scoured the internet for advice and gotten a lot of contradictory information (one page had a list of words not to use and it was basically all the words you would want to use) and all the places I'm applying to just say 'idk make sure it's like 500 words or some shit AND IT'S VERY VERY IMPORTANT SO DON'T FUCK IT UP'. Also, I'm just nosy.
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I'm going to Chicago for New Years and staying with a friend there.  What should I do while in Chicago in general and what should I do to celebrate the new year?

Do you worry when you change your default icon that no one will recognize you or do you not care?


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Will you help me solve this job-related dilemma? 

I have no job experience and have applied to tons of jobs (pretty much everything that is open and I'm qualified for) and haven't heard back from a single person. There is a call center here in my town that is always hiring, and is especially hiring right now. They have a few "departments", one of which is an online representative (for AT&T and places like that) where you just type to people needing assistance. I don't really like talking on the phone/telemarketing, so if I were to apply to this place, I would apply for the online/web position. However, someone that works there says they are shutting down the web department in February, which means I would be transferred to the normal telemarketing section.

Should I go ahead and apply? I'm probably 98% sure I'll get an interview--this place is where a lot of high school kids go for their first jobs and stuff.
If I get hired, should I just work until they shut down the place, quit, and hope I can find another job? 

Other details: They have paid training for the first 3 weeks, then it's $10 an hour, $11 on the weekends. You work in shifts of 4 hours but you get to pick your hours and work as much as you want (without going over 40 hours probably) as long as you do the minimum (and I'm not sure what that is).

What should I do, TQC?



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welcome to my bar.
it is happy hour, and today's special is a shot, a well drink, a beer and a glass of wine ALL FOR A DOLLAR.
what will you have?
(in my hypothetical universe, you can't get sick from drinking or mixing drinks, btw)

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Which of these do you think is better advice for dealing with a foolish person?

"Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him."


"Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes."
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What do you think of this FB status?
"For those of you considering toys for XXXX for her birthday/Christmas, I would really appreciate less "made in china" plastic and more wooden, long lasting toys that encourage creative play."

Does your opinion change if it had followed this status less than a week before?
"So, a serious idea for a Christmas present for those of you who want to know, it's a bit early, but it would be a good present: Help paying for the damage to our car this weekend: Lock Column, and instillation, small panel on side of Driver's door, 4 tires, and a driver side mirror."

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I think I ruined my laptop. I restarted it and when it turned on, the screen was black. But when I plugged in an external monitor, I could see everything fine on that screen. But the laptop screen is still just black. Before I restarted it, the screen was fine, but the sound wasn't. Sometimes the sound stops working when it's been on too long. Before restarting it, I tried ending some processes in the task manager in a half-assed attempt to fix whatever was stopping the sound from working. I don't remember exactly what processes they were. Do you think that's what ruined my screen?

What's wrong with my laptop?

I called the support line and they're coming to pick up my laptop on Monday to replace the screen. But I'd really rather not go a whole week without my laptop. What would I do for an entire week?
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On the topic of storing food and recources just in case something crazy happens...

Unemployment is perpetually high, and our government is printing and spending so much money our dollar is becoming worthless.

Is it that unreasonable to be ready just in case?

In your opinion, do you feel reasonably secure that things will, in general, continue on just fine and no major implosion will happen?

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my dad wants to get me lasik surgery for christmas.

we are not close at all and my family is really broke so this is really weird and confusing.

what's his angle? should i accept?
dead zone johnny & sarah

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I just bought some Maine Blueberry wine and some Sparkling Maine Cranberry wine from a local winery to try to see which one I should bring for Thanksgiving dinner (or both if they're both fantastic).  Which one should I try first?
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I have a bunch of bacon in my fridge. What should I make with it? (besides plain cooked bacon) I don't really love bacon.

What is your christmas tree like? (fake, will you get a real one, do you have a color theme or just hang up a lot of different ornaments) my mom got me a new one this year, a fiber optic tree it looks so cool I can't wait to set it up!

if you had a crazy partying phase, when did you start growing out of it?

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Have you ever had labyrinthitis? Will you tell me about your experiences with it? Your first symptoms, any medication you had to take, how long it lasted, everything.

I'm in England. My best friend is in Australia. She's totally alone over there and was on a road trip when she had to stop to go to a doctor. She's now in hospital and will be there for a few days and nobody else knows she's there. I'd like to do something nice for her but anything I post probably won't get there in time and we're only in contact via text message. I think she has some internet access on her phone, but it's limited. I'm hoping to phone her at some point when I find out if she can receive phone calls and I've already told her several times that I love her and am thinking of her, but can any of you think of anything else I can do? With our contact being limited to text messages, I'm at a loss. She can receive picture messages and things off me, though.
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School! My application was just accepted at my local community college and I can register on December 4th. I am taking a basic graphic design/electronic imagery class & lab, but I want to do something else too.

I'm on disability right now for my bipolar and I really need to find a new career path because I would like to go back to the workforce, but the corporate office world is not healthy for me.

Should I take a beginning welding class? Just throw myself into something completely new and different? I might love it!

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Would you put a child on a leash?

The harness king guys, why would you put a collar on a child?

I would, depending on the child. I hate when parents let their kids run wild in the store I work at, especially when a leash with harness would stop that.

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Does this album cover creep anyone else out?

Back story: She was married to R Kelly when she was 15 and he was in his 30's. That is him in the background.

Do you find it creepy that he married a 15 year old?

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Should I have chicken ramen or a cheddar potatoes & broccoli lean cuisine? Those are pretty much my only options. Either one will probably leave me still hungry. Both together will make me sick.
debbie harry

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I don't have a car right now so my boyfriend usually picks me up and takes me home later, which is a 30 minute drive there and another 30 back. I'd like to offer him gas money but, i'm not sure how much would be a sufficient amount $10? $20?

How much money do you give your friends/SO's if they give you rides?

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Be my fashion consultants, TQC.

Women wearing suspenders: yea or nay? Are they cute, fugly, or "too butch" (which I wouldn't mind, TBH, I like doing the androgynous thing now and again)?

What sort of things do you think would they look good with, if at all? I have: high-waist wide leg black trousers, high-waist black skinny jeans, oodles of other jean styles, black pencil skirts, white oxford collar shirts, tight tank tops, v-neck t-shirts, loose-but-clingy tank tops, knee high Docs, 40s style high heels, plaid fake-Chucks, ballet flats, etc. etc.

DK/DC: What is your favourite kind of doughnut?
HP: Severus

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You have to name your child after one of your favorite characters, which one do you choose?

Which real life "villain" (define that as you wish) would you have liked to known personally?
Kill Bill - Elle
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When your life and the direction it's taking feels utterly and completely hopeless, and you're at a loss for even the most basic of answers as to ways to fix it, how do you cope? What do you do?
How do you manage feelings of inadequacy and failure?

How has your night been? What was the last meal you had out?


Can anyone recommend a reasonably neutral biography of Ronald Reagan?

I want to learn more about him without reading a Republican-lovefest or a Liberal-hatefest (I know Reagan tends to be polarizing). I want to avoid his autobiographical works and Edmund Morris' odd psuedo-biography.
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Did you snore?

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Okay, so, if you guzzle a bunch of caffeine in anticipation of staying up all night because you have this big project that has to be done by tomorrow...

And then you finish the project before 10 pm (oops)...

How do you get to sleep?