November 18th, 2010

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My mom has a work computer. She went to shut it down earlier this evening and it said it was gonna do updates and it would shut off automatically when it was done. No problem. Well the screen has had the same message showing for the past 4 hours. It should have shut down by now but it hasn't. There's no buttons or anything on screen, nothing to press, it just says it'll finish updates and shut down automatically.

What do I do? Do I just leave it alone and hope it shuts down eventually, or should I force it to shut down, or what?

I went to force it to shut down and it won't shut off. No matter how long I hold down the power button the screen doesn't change. Is there another way to shut it down at this point?
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Members of TQC, you have to get tattoos on your knuckles. Don't ask why; you just do. Accept it. Typically, people get a word or phrase 8 letters long. What are you getting?

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have you ever started a serious relationship with somebody you met in a bar?
were you very drunk when you met them, and how long did the relationship last?

(i met a really nice guy in a bar tonight after having 4 or 5 drinks and i'm already worried that we're doomed because it was a bar and i was tipsy and bolder than usual.)
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So, I'm on the training team of a restaurant and we have monthly meetings. At the meeting today, my manager asked us to all come up with a motto for ourselves for the upcoming year. The 2010 training team motto was "live the culture; influence others." This is really not my strong suit and I'm drawing a blank. I'd like to somehow include the word "echo" because it's kind of our company's catchphrase -- we say it constantly to each other in any kind of affirmative way. Is anyone here really good with words that may have some ideas for my motto?
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other than the country you live in now,
a) what's the best country to live in?
b) what's the worst country to live in?

feel free to tell us why
(and I am talking about actual countries, not fictional ones)
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How many tabs do you have open right now? I HAVE A TAB PROBLEM.

What is something you want to brag about? I've mentioned it in comments before but the other day I made homemade butter and it was the easiest thing and the MOST DELICIOUS and I can't stop drooling thinking about it.
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Current Musician Nicknames

Bruce Springsteen = The Boss
David Bowie = Thin White Duke
The Beatles = The Fab Four
Ozzie Osbourne = The Prince of Darkness

Are there are recent musicians (10-15 year range) that have solid nicknames like these? I can't think of any.
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Tights wearers of TQC... what's the answer to the line of squish that the waistband of most tights/pantyhose cause? Are bodystockings super porno or would that work? I like wearing dresses and thick tights in winter, but I always end up with that divided torso, so fug.
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Okay, so I want to record a TV show.

Way back in the time of VCRs, we'd just pop in a blank VHS and set the VCR to record the show, but now obviously we don't have VCRs anymore, is there any way to record a TV show? We don't have TIVO or anything like that, just regular Time Warner digital cable.
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Are there any words you really like or really dislike? What are they? Is there a reason or do you feel that way just because?

I love the word sartorial. Don't ask me why. I don't like the word damp, but it doesn't make me fly into a blind rage or anything.
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I am constantly sweating no matter what the temperature and the 6 or 7 most well known brands of deodarant don't work. I don't even smell at all. Are there any good super deodarants out there? What do I do??? I am ruining all my shirts, omg.

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Hey, TQC. I have to get a CT Scan on my sinuses without contrast on Monday. I also have to get allergy testing done on December 8th.

Has anyone had either? Can you tell me about it so I'm not so nervous?
Anyone else have shitty sinuses? :(

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So a week or two ago, my roommate brought home a stray kitty, and I decided to keep him. He's a boy kitty, entirely black, about 6 - 8 months old, very friendly and cuddly and pretty obnoxious. He gets into everything, especially places where I don't want him to be, tries to sit in my food, and so on.

What should I name this terrible cat?

The only name I've seriously entertained thus far is "Satan," but that may not go over well with some people. Ideas plz.

Edit: The names do not necessarily have to be related to the underworld, although I'm enjoying all of the ideas so far.

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baby ear piercing drama time

at what age do you think it's acceptable to pierce a BOY's ear(s)?

(inspired by a FB friend who has a 10 month old baby with a diamond in his left earlobe *correction. i just read the post and looked at the photos more. BOTH ears have been pierced*)
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Does anyone here other than me hate the holidays? Do the incessant ads on TV for love and gift giving make you sad and lonely? Does the thought of going to a crowded Thanksgiving or Christmas give you anxiety attacks?
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If you've experienced childbirth before, how would you briefly describe your overall experience with the labor and delivery?

Also, how old were you when you had your baby/babies? Just curious since they say that the younger you are, the easier and faster the delivery.
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When you go to the eye doctor, do they dilate your eyes? How about that puff of air test that's supposed to test the pressure in your eye? Do you hate those tests?

Should I get just contacts and get a full year's supply, or should I get 6 months of contacts and a cheap pair of glasses? (That would be paid for by my insurance, anything else would have to come out of pocket)

Is anything stressing you out right now? Is anything making you happy right now?
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Have you ever built your own computer?
If so, how easy/hard was it your first time? Did someone more knowledgeable in computers help you out? What sort of knowledge do you think someone should have before trying it on their own/following instructions on the intarwebs?

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people who make to-do lists, how much do you tend to put on your list?
i have this constant problem of making my list WAY too long, so that i can never actually complete everything on the list. then i just get defeated by the amount of things i am responsible for, and can't do anything!
how can i work on making my daily goals more manageable? how do you motivate yourself to do things you need to without the pressure of immediate deadlines?
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If you're the type to do so, what kind of holiday presents do you get for the animals in your life?

Question brought to you by my mom's dog chewing his squeaky Santa's face off last week. I think he knows that a new one will be soon in his possession.

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1. What kind of car do you have?
2. What's your car payment/month?
3. What do you pay for car insurance and with what company?
4. Where do you live?
5. Have you ever taken a drive with the intention on getting lost? Where'd you end up?
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Is Madison, Wisconsin a cool city? I just got a job interview there for a company. I live in Washington DC and would be sad to move to a less cooler place.

Have you been to Madison TQC? Tell me about your experiences with that city.

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My boss has been a real jerk lately, trying to con me out of my position because i'm that stupid/trusting. I feel he might have noticed I recently caught on. He's now hired a new girl and won't look in my general direction. What? I want to quit ASAP. The extra pocket money just isnt worth it. anyway...I've got the worst cold in atleast 2 years and I went home last night from work b/c of it. I have blank doctors excuses on my computer ^.^ i can print out...and am thinking of calling in for tonight and tomorrow.

So, should I call into work with fake dr.'s excuses?

Fine, you guys win. I'll probably just quit -.-
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How often do you lie or exaggerate the facts of something to make it more compelling, or just for no reason at all?

I’ve noticed I do this a lot more than I probably should and oftentimes, for absolutely no reason or relevance to the story at hand. For example, I was just telling a story about someone who shoplifted in my town. They shoplifted $200 worth of merchandise but I said it was really only like $150 even though I knew that wasn’t true and it really didn’t matter AT ALL to the story. Also, once someone asked me where I got the gum I was chewing and instead of saying I bought it at a particular store (like I really did!) I said I found it in the pocket of my boyfriend’s jeans when I was doing laundry. I seriously do this at least once or twice a day!

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The last couple books I have gotten from my school library have had underlining and notes in the margins written by somebody else.

Do you think it's cool or really annoying when a library book is like this?

Do you ever underline/write margin notes in library books?

Do you do this in books you own?
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How do I make fresh/ home made cream of chicken soup/ broth? Nvm - I actually did not think about googling this, haha.

And more importantly.

My mother and I do not talk - this Christmas season will make it one year. I do not expect to resume contact with her outside of family funerals that will inevitably arise. But I really would be deeply saddened if I didn't nab the family recipes from her. I want to write an email requesting these recipes - and I'm inclined to joke about our extiction. She may or may not find it humorous, so maybe I should just stay safe and keep it super professional...which is so boring but safest. What would you do? How would you phrase?
Jason // Oh Bloody Hell

Bad Days

So far today I've found my bird dead, managed to get a toothpaste stain on my clean, freshly ironed work shirt, gotten a flat tyre on my way to work, arrived at work late, knocked over the sugar container in the staff lunchroom and the milk in my coffee is funky.

How YOU doin'?

Will you tell me about a bad day you've had?
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(If you weren't there for my other post about this the other day,) can you share some songs you know or like about society? I chose "society" as my theme for a broadcast at my school radio which is tonight, and I still need some more song ideas.

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At what age would you leave a kid at home alone during the day while you, say, run up to the grocery store (30 minutes tops). Assume the neighborhood is safe, there are neighbor friends in case something happens, and the kid is reasonably responsible.

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i am about to shut down my computer for the day.
how long do you think it'll last? am i setting myself up for failure by asking a question about it, because then i'll be tormented, wondering what your answers will be?

other than internet, what are some of your non-physical addictions?
i have a book-buying addiction and it's eating away at my money.
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Do you know anything about the dress in this icon?

The only thing I know is that it's Jean Paul Gaultier (even though I'm not 100% sure). I want to see more of it, and I can't find pics for the life of me.
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Ryan Reynolds was declared the sexiest man alive by People magazine. Do you agree with this? If not, who do you think is the sexiest man alive? Who is the sexiest woman alive? (For simplicity's sake let's keep it to celebrities.)
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What do you think about bright chipped nail polish?
I just started doing my nails and I only like crazy bright colors. They always chip immediately because I am not really dainty. I like the look when they are chipped. Does anyone else? I switch it up about once a week.
It's not something I intentionally do, but I have always liked the look of nail polish once it's chipped. But I think I only like bright colors. And I do think it's kind of gross looking when I see nail polish extremely GROWN OUT. That freaks me out.

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TQC, What is something that made you smile today and made your day just a little bit brighter?

A little boy in the kindergarten class I'm observing was playing with legos. He made an airplane out of them and told me he was going to use it to send legos to colleges so the kids there could play with them.

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The last time I was at Costco, I bought my SO this great looking cereal (Organic Flax Plus with dried stawberries--ok its actually a granola). Turns out he doesnt like it. I have a TON of cereal already, so I want to do something else with it.

Any ideas what I can do with it? I was thinking cookies but im not sure if the dried strawberries would work out.

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I've decided to include a variety of homemade cookies in all the Christmas gifts I give out this year. Which cookies should I make? I'm open to all suggestions.

Would you like some?

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If you're reading a book that has an introduction (say Pride and Prejudice or some other work of classic literature), do you read the introduction?

If you had to eliminate one author or book from the literary canon (Western or otherwise), who or what would it be?
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Poll #1646074 How should I spend my allowance?

What shall I spend my budgeted fun-money tomorrow on?

Looking good (Anthropologie sweater-skirt)
Smelling good (BPAL yule update order omg)

*BPAL = Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
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Have you done Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred? How did you like it?
I know I'm late to the party since its pretty old but I remember hearing good things about it.

Do you use any workout videos? Will you recommend some different ones?
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There are three washers in your apartment's laundry room. You go down to put in one load before you go out. One of the washers has a note on it saying it needs a part and it leaks everywhere. You go to put your clothes in another washer, only to find it occupied with dry clothes. Try the second working one and there's dry clothes in that, as well. The machines haven't been paid for yet.

What do you do? Do you wait and see if someone's coming back? If so, how long? Do you remove the clothes and put your own in? Or do you just launder another night?
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i hope the way i worded all of this makes sense:

1. if you know, what is the country of your ethnicity, and how many generations have you and your family been in your the country you're actually from (answer for both sides of your family if you can)?

2. what IS the country you're from?

3. if you grew up with (a) foreign parent(s)/grandparent(s) and they come from a country where another language is spoken, do you speak any of that language? i guess you can answer this even if you're like, five generations removed from the country of your ancestors but still speak the language for whatever reason. although obviously i'm still only referring to languages that are considered foreign in your country, so having english ancestors and living in an english-speaking country and speaking english does not count for this question.

(answer with as much detail as you want since i know this can be pretty complicated in some situations!)
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So I'm getting myself all psyched up to see Deathly Hallows tomorrow afternoon by reading articles about it. I just read one about the box office numbers the experts are predicting, and I read this: "Could Deathly Hallows break the opening-day record of $72.7 million currently held by The Twilight Saga: New Moon? It’s possible, but I think Potter will fly a bit short of that number."

What do you guys think? Is Harry Potter going to destroy Twilight's numbers? I think so. I dunno if they did this for Twilight, but some of the theaters here are doing the midnight showing thing, and they're showing it in EVERY theater, with shows starting every minute between 12 and 12:15, then doing it again at 3. That's gonna be a LOT of Harry Potter going on. :D

Operation Christmas Child

So, I filled two shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child and they're both aimed at young girls around 4~5 years old. I also bought two cards to write to them, but the trouble is I don't know what to write. What should I write in the cards? How should I even start it out? I don't know who will recieve it in the end so I can't be like, "Dear [name]." Help!

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Will you tell me awkward/embarrassing doctor or hospital related stories?

I just got back from going to prompt care. I was prescribed antibiotics for a throat infection, so the doctor and I were talking about the medicine, and I asked if they'd affect my birth control at all. He got really embarrassed and broke eye contact, stared at the wall next to him and kind of stuttered out that they do cause them to be less effective and because of this he advises patients to use condoms. Then he walked out of the room. I was like, "lolwut why so uncomfortable?"
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TQC, what is wrong with the volume on my laptop?
It works when I plug in my usb headset, but not when they're unplugged or when my ipod headphones are plugged in:(

I feel like this is going to be a really dumb question, but i've run out of things to try..
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I get dry hands in the winter. I've never bought hand cream before (I seem to get some as gifts every birthday and Christmas, lol). Some tips for a hand cream newbie?

1. Is there really a difference in the way a "body butter", "body lotion", or "hand cream" would moisturize my hands? I don't have any problem dry spots other than my hands.

2.  Which brands would you reccommend? I have a Lush, Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, and a Fruits and Passion all about ~20 minutes away.
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My friend had a baby this summer who isn't doing well...they are looking at hospice care right now after a lot of back and forth from major hospitals and surgeries, etc.
So, I'm going to make a lasagna and take it to her. Now, do I cook it first and take it? Or make it up and take it over for them to cook fresh? (I do it with dry noodles covered in sauce)
I was planning on taking a tossed salad and bread too.

I'm not one for feelings, and I don't join in on the prayer chains, so this is a way for me to help out.

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What's something those who know you might be surprised to find out about you?

I think people would be very much surprised to find out I loooooove I'm Telling You I'm Not Going from Dreamgirls. Definitely not my typical listening.
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Last picture you took of yourself or had taken of you?
City of residence currently?
Single or taken?
Straight, gay, questioning?
Favorite song currently?
Will you be seeing Harry Potter this weekend?

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Validate me TQC:

Collapse )
tl;dr, SO is being mean and I let my friend down. 
Will you tell me about a fight you've had with your SO?
We've been dating for 9 months and this is our first I guess I shouldn't be that upset but I moreso hate myself for letting my friend down.

3 parter?

1. What is the appropriate emoticon for an unsure smile?

I feel like :/ is too sad, or too cocky. I need like surprise eyebrows with a nervous cheesy smile. :S?

2. What is your favorite or most used emoticon?

3. Do you have an expression in real life that you use a lot that you don't know how to translate into text?

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what was those interviews of lady gaga where you could download the scripts as well? it was a couple of months ago, and she was sat in a black room. anyone know what i'm on about?

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what are some "common" foods that you have never had in your life?  and people are like wtf when you tell them.
-kraft dinner
-meat loaf
-sheppards pie
-sloppy joes
- bologna
-pumpkin pie
-hamburger helper or any sort of helper meal
-chef boyardee
etc etc