November 17th, 2010


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For my college work i have to do a presentation on jobs at a theatre company/stage and just wanted to collect info about peoples opinions :)

Poll #1645361 Stage Job preferences

Which Job would you choose?

Scenic Painter
Front Of House
Other(Please state)

Thanks :)

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when I moved into my apt there was a fridge in the kitchen... it was really old and small so I decided to buy another fridge but kept the other fridge in the basement and used it (since my landlord didn't wanna toss it)

the fridge in the basement recently started leaking onto the floor. I plan on telling my landlord about it tomorrow but do you think he will replace it? I mean the rent we are paying is supposed to be for appliances included (and having 2 fridges is sweet) but since I already have a fridge, do you think he would get another one?

do you use coupons? my mom gave me a bunch of the coupon flyers from the paper and I'm saving a bunch but I feel like coupons always make me buy things I normally wouldn't lol

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Some of you may remember when I bitched about my former upstairs neighbors. Well I have a new question.

I live with my SO in a house that when we moved in, has an upstairs tenet. His exit to his apartment is through our living room, which is a awkward situation in itself, but whateves. Now he pays rent to the landlord, but get this HE PAYS NONE OF THE HOUSE BILLS. I do believe I have seen him wash clothes with the washing machine, which does use water and electricity. He does have a computer that uses electricity and I even bet he poops, but still pays no portion of the bills. We pay everything. We pay the gas, electric, internet and the "garbage/refuse/water" bills. Should we just suck it up or talk to the landlord about this, because we're having a hard time footing the huge gas and electric bills?

*edit* Our leases define that we have to pay the bills, even though we are technically paying for his unit as well. He has a completely different unit upstairs with a separate lease. Before we moved in the landlord lived here and paid the bills, plus received his rent.

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How do you know when you've overstayed your welcome?

How do you let someone else know they've overstayed their welcome (short of flat-out telling them that I'd like them to leave so I can sleep, etc, which is my usual tactic)?

It's past midnight. When will this woman go home?

Edit: She's gone! I think maybe she has x-ray vision and somehow read this post.

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I have 3 roommates. Roommate A is awesome. Roommate B and her boyfriend are currently smoking pot in her room after Roommate A and I have asked her MULTIPLE times to smoke on the balcony (and she said she would).

Roommate C leaves dirty dishes in the sink for days, never cleans her hair off the shower mat, and leaves her chargers and appliances plugged in all the time. All of which are things we agreed we would be careful about when we moved in together.

Also, neither of these girls EVER clean, take out the trash, or sort the recycling.

Roommate A and I rarely see roommates B and C. These issues are starting to annoy the crap out of me and I'm not sure how to approach them without totally antagonizing them/making them feel cornered, especially since they're all issues they KNOW how we feel about since we've discussed them before. How should I resolve this? I'm bad at confronting people without coming off like a bitch.

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Poll #1645456 Do you grow hair everywhere?

Will you check all of the places you grow hair?

Behind knees.
Private parts.
Somewhere else.

Will you check all of the places you shave?

Behind knees.
Private parts.
Somewhere else (clarify?)

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My dish washer generally gets everything clean but somehow there is like this granular sand stuff that adheres itself to my top shelf items and pisses me off. Everything we put in there we rinse off and get as much stuff off as possible so it's not because we stick all the left over in there as well. What is it and how can I get rid of it?
Sue Dummy

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Did you're school ever make the headlines?

-Not really headlines but in HS we had a teacher try and take a student to Europe over the summer alone. Then he got drunk a prom with the student. It's the second time he was fired from a school for inappropriate behavior with students.
-In grade 3 a random man walked into the school and hid in the girls bathroom. Thus the beginning of the buddy system.
- In a rugby game at my HS a guy from the other team got in a fight with someone from my school. The guy from my school was piledriven into the ground and his neck snapped. He died the next day :(

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Will you name some very exciting, completely unrealistic movie/TV cliches?

I love how there is always a parking spot directly in front of where ever the characters are going. Also, how public bathrooms are generally only for having important conversations, doing drugs, having sex or getting killed.

ETA: bonus points if you can name an excellent example or one that specifically does not succumb to the cliche.


A friend and I had something really strange happen to us yesterday. We've decided that either a) we got struck by lightning or b) we had a simultaneous psychic experience.

We were in the car, going over a bridge. I was driving, she was smoking a cigarette with the window down. As we got to the top of the bridge, there was a feeling like the car hit a big bump - like going up on a curb - but there was no bump. I felt like maybe I had blacked out for a second. I bit hard on my tongue, there was a loud WOOSHING noise in my ears, and a weird pain in my head. My friend is all, "What the hell was that!?" and tells me she felt like something had slapped her in the face and thrown sand into her eyes at the same time. Her ears are ringing too, and she describes a similar pain in her head. For a second we thought someone had thrown something into the car that had hit us, or like a bird had flown into the car and freaked us out, but it was obvious neither of those things had happened.

WTF went down last night, TQC?
Oh hay thar

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a/ I finally got a message from charmecia and apparently she can now smell through the internet. Were you aware of this advance in technology?

b/ My brother's GF and I are going to an enormous beauty supply store on Friday, what should we get? What are your favourite beauty products for face or hair?

c/ I purchased something on eBay 11 business days ago. Through Paypal, I accidentally chose to transfer the money from my bank account rather than my Visa. My bank account bounced and I was charged the NSF fee. My Visa has not been charged and I already received my purchase. Visa says there is no pending payments expected to come out. My bank says the same thing and they even reversed the NSF fee when I went in there, which was nice of them considering it was my own fault. The guy has his money, Paypal says the money was successfully transferred. WTF happened here and what would you do?

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Hey TQC.

I woke up today to find that a large section of my inner upper lip was swollen. Yesterday the same area was much less swollen, but more sore and covered in little blisters. I THINK it's caused by lip chewing, but I dunno. What's wrong with me? Srs and nonsrs answers welcome.

DK/DC: Are there appropriate terms for genderqueer parents? Like, mother or father, something like that?



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For those who have tried medication for depression/anxiety;

Have you tried any medications that don't need to be taken on a daily basis for an extended length of time? e.g. your typical antidepressants need to be taken daily for 4-8 weeks to start getting the full effects, and generally can't be stopped suddenly but require weaning off. In contrast, something like seroquel or benzos can be taken on an as-needed basis to have the desired effect.

If so, what medications (aside from the two mentioned there), and did you find them helpful?

Edit for clarification: I'm looking for suggestions aside from benzos and seroquel. The addictive factor of benzos means they aren't an option, and seroquel unfortunately makes me unable to function to the necessary level.
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I bought some adorably tiny appetizer forks for my aunt. We want to incorporate them into as many Thanksgiving appetizers as possible. What Thanksgivingish appetizers would be perfect with tiny forks?
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Yesterday I wasn't able to access LiveJournal after 3pm. I was basically lost and bored out of my mind. And more than once I was like "I know, I'll just ask TQC what I should do instead!" And then I watched 3 movies and a few episodes of "Lie to Me" while doing homework.

So, what would you do if you were suddenly unable to access LJ?
In case this happens again I want to be prepapred.

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My cellphone contract is up soon and I'm so over contracts. Does anyone use those prepaid services (Virgin Mobile, Revol, Boost, Straight Talk)? What do you think about them?

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Is Gmail alive?

It knows I'm having problems with my friend and it's fucking around with glitches only involving that person. If I disappear, it found out that I knew too much, you guys.
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let's say one of your favorite bands was popular in the 60s, and now most of the band (minus a few key people) have reunited for a tour. would you want to go? even though they're old and just doing it for the $$?

(fyi the band in question is os mutantes)

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 Is it awkward to tell a college professor that you had a dream about him?

It wasn't anything weird. He was helping me fight off zombies. I just don't know how i would bring that up without sounding like a creeper. 

filial piety in the news

i'm currently learning about Confucianism's "filial piety" and I was wondering, what do you think about it? does anyone remember that one case of extreme embezzlement and the father's children turned him in? that goes directly against filial piety and I found that really interesting. Do you know of any other cases of filial piety in the news?

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Let's say you really dislike your current job and you're looking for another one. Your current job has given you the most valuable and relevant experience, but you don't want your employer to know you're looking around.

Do you just leave them off of your reference list (assuming the person interviewing you asks for them) and hope your resume speaks for itself?
Agents are Go!

Gender and crafts!

Based on the last "crafts" question:

Define all gender related words as you will.

-Do you think knitting/crocheting is inherently "womanly"?
-Have you ever seen a man knit or crochet?
-What would you think of a man if you saw him sitting in public knitting/crocheting? A woman?
-What are some "manly" arts and crafts?

DK/DC - What is the toy that is closest to you? Define "toy" as you will.
Silly putty

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Will a Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker work as a regular blender? My mom's old blender broke and I was thinking of getting her a margaritaville thing for Christmas.

How often do your contacts get stuck in your eye? My left contact keeps sliding up into my eyelid and it's been doing it for 2 days now. I replaced them on the 1st and they're monthlies, so it should be fine but it's not >:o
What brand contacts do you wear?
Augustus Gloop

Pork Roast

I just put a pork roast in the crockpot. What else should I add to it?

So far I have added:

5 medium potatoes, peeled and quartered
2 medium onions, peeled and quartered
5 lb sirloin pork roast
half-cup water

I haven't seasoned it at all yet.

Part of me thinks I should add something sweet like apples or canned pineapple (I have both), and part of me thinks that the first part of me needs to be told a firm no.

I'm going to give it 8+ hours to cook, so there is plenty of time to add other stuff.

stone eyes

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I seriously think that I have a hot sauce addiction. I've been putting it on EVERYTHING!  Seriously, you guys, I just put it on popcorn.

Is that gross?

What will happen to me if I just keep putting hot sauce on everything?

What were you last 'addicted' to? (Food, songs, people?) 

Cliche Question time!
Do you have off of work for Thanksgiving, and black friday?

Do you go shopping on black friday? If you do you're crazy.

Do you like pie?

OMG another hair question

I'd like some kind of unnatural crazy color in my hair. Right now, my hair is an light brownish red (not orangey, more brassy but not in a bad way). What color should I do?
I have a thing against pink, so not that.

My friend has dark brown thick and curly hair that she wants to dye a dark amethyst purple color. How would we go about doing this for her outside of a salon?
She hasn't dyed her hair in years.

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I tried to apply for a credit card through a store. I have no credit, so I figured I wouldn't get approved.
I got a letter that listed four or five different "factors" as to why I was not approved- One of them was that I had too many accounts opened in the last 12 months and with too many balances close to the limit.

Do you think they just list all of the factors for every letter?

I've called TransUnion and Equifax and both say I have nothing open under my name.

Should I call Experian, too?
Freaks and Geeks - Bill

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How do you feel about a college instructor having a twitter where he pokes fun at his students?

What if he keeps it a secret?
What if he encourages students to follow him?

Since this isn't hypothetical, here are some sample tweets:

"Student paper: "There is a tremendous amount of unknown unknowns..." As opposed to the known unknowns?"

"Student group has "managed to slightly fall behind schedule". Like it's an accomplishment..."

"Uh oh. First case of plagiarism this year."

"Student writes that it's a "doggy dog" world out there."

"I know I shouldn't say this but after one week I can already spot several students that won't last 1 term here."

All in good fun?
Or wildly inappropriate?

Japanese House Soup

There is this little place near me that has Japanese House Soup. Its a sushi place (Miyako's in Smyrna, Ga)

The soup is very delicate and very simple, but I have a taste disorder and I can not duplicate it.

its some sort of broth, and its really just some thin mushrooms, green onions and broth with tempura flakes. It is very, very simple and using seafood stock with mushrooms and green onions isn't doing it. Theres no tofu or anything else obvious in it.

That's it, but I can not for the life of me remake it or find a proper name or recipe for it. And since I can't taste properly, I can't use the my palate to figure it out! Its pretty much the only thing I can eat right now that doesn't taste like oil, so I thought I would try here.

picture here!

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I washed and blow dried my hair and now it's all puffed up like I'm in a lion costume.

How do I fix this without being able to take another shower because baby is awake now?
I have very few hair products.


Will you tell me about your hair disasters?

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I don't know anything about wine but I would like to go to the store and buy some, what kind should I get?

Whats your favorite alcohol and what fun things have you done while intoxicated?
How would you feel if your significant other was a freak in bed but withholding it from you?
Did you know there is no explanation for hallucinating?

BTW I took the eyelashes off because I couldnt get them glued on right so the world may never know if its a good idea or not to trip balls with fake eyelashes!
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

Question for the Ladies

Which pickup line would most likely get you to start talking with the guy/girl and possibly giving your number or leaving the bar with him/her? Assume the guy/girl is good looking and you're single

"Did it hurt? When you fell out of heaven? Cause I swear you're an angel"
"You remind me of my mother. She was a saint and the person I compare all other women to, which puts you in very elite company"
"Fat penguins. (when you say 'WHAT?'), he/she says 'I had to say something that would break the ice"
Dips his finger into his drink and splashes you, and then splashes himself "What do you say we go back to my place and get out of these wet clothes?"
Stares into your eyes and says "She walks in beauty, like the night, Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes"
"Hey. How YOU doing?"
"I don't mean to embarrass you, but you have the most delightful laugh.You seem like a really fun person"
"Nice tits. Are they real? Really? I don't believe you. I'm going to have to give them a feel"
"'re beautiful. Well, so much for my future in the seminary. I'm never going to stop thinking about you now. Wanna get some coffee?"
"That shirt is very becoming on you, but if I were on you I'd be coming too"
"Excuse me, are you any good with riddles? This one's been bugging me all night" (recites riddle, then spends the next 10 minutes flirtatiously discussing the possibilities)
"COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!" (extends hand)
"Knock knock"...(breaks the ice with a knock knock joke)
"I bet I can tell what 'sign' you are. I'll have to ask you a few questions first, but you're about to be very impressed. Or slightly amused."
None. Pickup lines are for losers

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I got an e-mail from a job today being all like "Can we call you around 4 or 4:30 today?" I e-mailed back and said "sure", and they said "okay."

It's now 6:00. They're not going to call, are they?

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Say you had a job interview that went really well, and the interviewer said that they would call you the next evening after checking your references. By 6 PM the next day, the employer still hasn't called.

Would you call them the next morning to ask about the job, or just wait to see if they call the next day instead?
Take a Look

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Any way to convert 3/8 teaspoons into an actually usable number?

I started halving a recipe only to realize that half of 3/4 teaspoon is 3/8. =/

TQC YOU HAVE SAVED MY COOKIES. Would you like some?

ETA: they are chocolate chip cookies! :)
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how often do you have purchase guilt?

my laptop died in a bad way, I want (kinda need) a new one but dipping into my savings for the $500 or so makes me feel bad because I could be, like, saving Haitians from cholera. I've been stealing my SO's work laptop for internets and he's not pleased. anyways I ALWAYS do this, always feel awful about buying anything. Even during years when I've been good at donating there's this voice in my head that's all... "well if you really cared you'd sell your car and walk six miles to work..." Do I have a complex or is this a normal first world problem?

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How frequently do you have casual sex?

Once a year at most
Between 1 and 5 times a year
About once a month
Between 1 and 5 times a month
About once a week
Between 1 and 5 times a week
Almost every day.

My definition of casual sex: Sexual encounters (not necessarily intercourse) with someone you aren't and don't plan on being in a defined relationship with. FWB count.

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Conservative Christians:
Why do you keep saying you're oppressed? What has happened to make you feel that way? I really do want to know, because where I am standing, you guys have more rights then I do.
If you do feel oppressed, should other religions have the same freedoms/rights that you think you're being denied?

If you are not conservative Christian, why do you think they feel oppressed?

(Like there are any on TQC, but hey, here's hoping...)

EDIT: This applies to the United States of America, as that is whose culture/legal system I am looking at. Naturally, things are different elsewhere.
cabaret voltaire

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how do you define "first world problems"?

would you define things like compulsive shopping, the obesity pandemic, or all around extremely humiliating moments to be first world problems?

the reason i ask the second question is because calling something a first world problem trivializes the issue. while there are definitely first world problems that are really not worth a second thought (i went to see lady gaga at madison square garden but i didn't get to be close enough to the stage D;), there are issues that are more prevalent in the first world, i.e. obesity, that aren't so silly due to the impact they have on the individual, their significant others, and sometimes society as a whole.

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In what ways (if any) would you intervene if you thought your kid was in an abusive relationship? At what point would a line be crossed, in your mind, that would drive you to intervene?

Inspired by a friend talking about her daughter's relationship. It's unclear if he's ever actually hit her but the relationship is obviously an abusive one.
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just a bill

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I've been trying to find a job in my field (Criminal Justice - not law enforcement) with no experience and a masters degree, with no luck. Yesterday I got a call asking if I would be able to come in tomorrow at 3:30 or 4:30 (they didn't give me an option for other days) for an interview, which I accepted. Tonight, I got a call from a temp agency offering me a long-term temp job that pays decently well (for a temp job) but they would need me to start tomorrow. I said I have a commitment for tomorrow but could start Friday. They told me they need someone tomorrow, so I had to turn it down (but I did say to call me if they haven't found anybody).

Did I make the wrong decision? And did I resign myself to a life of changing diapers (in the daycare where I'm working p/t while I search for a grownup job)?

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How was your Wednesday?
Mine was ok i've been in upstate ny caring for my aunt who had surgery this week and after er dr appt tomorrow i'm headed back to PA

what does a salamander feel like?
carter arrested

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like a week and a half ago, my two year old nephew bit my chin. really. fucking. hard. it swelled and bruised really badly, and while it's healing, i'm worried about something like nerve damage. i don't know how to begin googling this - is there something i should be looking for, in regards to knowing when to call the doc? it's still quite painful.

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I have two friends that help me a ton on my homework. One I've sat next to for the past two years, and one I just met earlier this school year, but I don't know either of them particularly well because we don't hang out outside of school. If it weren't for them, I'd be failing school right now. What's something small I could get them for Christmas to help me say thank you? We talk about muffins a lot, so I was thinking of just making them muffins with other baked goods.

Don't know/don't care: what's your signature dish that you bring to potlucks?
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so i've been listening to the harry potter audiobooks to make tasks like cleaning and exercising more enjoyable, but i'm almost done with the series.

what audiobooks should i try next? something fun, light and easy to follow (if i get distracted for a few minutes i won't miss anything too essential).

would you be embarrassed if your roommate heard you blasting harry potter audiobooks?

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I'm currently sitting backstage at the dress rehearsal of my dance show. There are like six or seven dances between now and when we all go do the finale. What can I do to keep myself occupied? Online games are a good suggestion, I'm just not in the mood to play something like Robot Unicorn Attack or Pirate Launch.

tqc_psychics- I messed up a little bit in my second dance just now (and by messed up I mean I planted my foot wrong for a second and almost fell over). Is that gonna happen at all in the next three days? :(

Have you ever been in a show like this? Dancing, acting, etc. Anything on stage. How'd that go? Tell me about it.
narry twirl

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For those who have taken/are taking college classes: How long would you wait for a late professor? Did your school have an official policy on that?

What are your plans for the rest of the day/night?

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What's your "type" romantically? Be as simple/stereotypical as possible, like "bad boys" or "preppy girls" or whatever.

What "type" do you consider yourself? same rules.

I guess I'm an ~artsy chick who tends towards nerdy guys and artsy ladies.

The nose knows.

***If you were buying from demeter (a fragrance company that has realistic smelly things) which would you get?

I would probably get dandelion or grass, fresh hay, honeysuckle, playdoh, & thunderstorm.
I think I'll get Sushi for a friend.

***What is the best and fastest way to get rid of a cold?
I'm using Vick's nosespray, which is making my nose run like a faucet.

***Have you decided what you want for christmas yet? What is it?

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In an 'ideal' world, what would your perfect job be?

I love my career, but if I could draw I would love to be a tattoo artist.

If I eat a bowl every morning, how long should it take me to get through a 325g box of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes?

edited: spelling fail

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You're diagnosed with an illness that has no cure. As long as you're on your meds you're capable of living a pretty normal life.
The downside: Certain death at age 48. Not too young, but certainly not old.

How do your live your life? Pretty much unchanged from the way you're living now?
Take more risks or be more careful? Start a family sooner than you had hoped or cut off ties with friends and family so you won't break their hearts?

Continue on to college or even grad school or go straight to work? Burn through your cash or save it for something big later?

Tell me lj, what's a life worth living within 48 years?
Ikuta Toma and puppy

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A professor at my university accidentally showed porn to his class today, instead of... a mini-video which was related to the subject matter.

What's the likelihood of him being dismissed from his position? He has tenure.

What was the greatest fail a teacher/professor did at your school?

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Have you never used a Neti pot or some form of nasal douching?
Did it work well for you? It's supposed to help with my sinus pressure and feelings of blah, but its not. :(

Do you "maintain" your eyebrows? What technique do you use and when was the last time you did? Doesn't it suck?
I'm going to be seeing extended family this weekend and I would rather not look like I was harboring caterpillars on my forehead. This must be remedied tonight!

my eyeball hurts

Ok so I am having some sort of eye irritation.

Collapse )

Will this go away? Do I need to see an eye doctor asap? I recently switched contact brands, is this a result? My contacts are monthlies and I had changed them on the 2nd. I've never had issues before and I never sleep in my lenses and generally change them on time.

Also, do you wear toric lenses? Are any brands better than the others? I have an astigmatism in one eye (not the slipping contact one though) that is getting progressively worse so I think I need to suck it up and get a toric.

dk/dc: Please regale me with your eye horror stories.

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i just had the most heart wrecking experience ever thanks to physics. i wrote about metaphysics and i'm pained, angered, and flushed.
The last concept that made you feel extremities of many emotions is...?

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Last week, my wife's laptop was infected with an aggressive virus, which I've spent the last 6 days trying to clean up. Unfortunately, nothing I've done has worked thus far (and I'm usually pretty good with this stuff).

It's something with a compressed (zip) file, which is password protected, and admin control (including the ability to delete) is totally disabled. The file name is randomly generated, so Google has proved useless. Only two AV programs found it, and neither can remove or quarantine it.

I have no idea how the machine got infected -- she's a bit naive about computers, but she swears it wasn't via e-mail; she thinks it's related to those random pop-ups that pretend to scan your machine and then claim it's infected, instructions you to pay money to purchase their program to fix the problem.

Any ideas what this thing is or how to remove it? Any suggestions where to go to get more info or help? She's running XP on this laptop, if that matters.

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When I was little, we had this book that had 12 stories about Christmas. Sort of like an advent calendar in book form.

In it, there was this story about a little girl who wished it would be Christmas everyday and she got that wish.

Does anyone know what book or story I might be talking about?

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So I have not been to the dentist in years because I have not had the money. I have health insurance, but no money to pay for the visit. I can FEEL that I have at least a couple of cavities, and I just looked in the mirror and I see a black spot on one of my back teeth. AAAHHHHH!!!! I guess I have managed to avoid the visits because the fronts of my teeth are all nice and white and healthy, but I have always been a poor brusher to basically all other areas of my teeth.

So, I am going to go, but I am embarassed and worried.

Can you make me feel better tqc?

German clothing sizes confusion

I recently discovered the German Elbenwald catalogue which features some really good SciFi/Fantasy merchandise, clothing and props.

One of the items was a beautiful replica of one of Arwen's dresses from the LotR trilogy.

The only problem is the sizes were given in small, medium, large and extra large rather than the usual continental European clothing sizes and I can't find any information on converting these sizes into the standard continental sizes which would allow me to convert them to UK sizes (i.e. 4,6,10,12, 14, etc

Potassium perversion

The Kink and I

Poll #1645844 Would you rather have sex with....?

Would you rather have sex with....?

The cutest person on the Biggest Loser from week 1 (when they're the fattest)
The third least attractive person from the Biggest Loser after week 16 (about 100lbs lighter)

Would you rather have sex with....?

Threesome with Ross and Rachel
Threesome with Monica and Chandler

Would you rather have sex with....?

Henry Rollins

Would you rather have sex with....?

Flava Flav
Colin Powell

Would you rather have sex with....?

Threesome with 2 double amputees
Foursome with 3 midgets

Would you rather have sex with....?

Martha Stewart

Would you rather have sex with....?

A furry (you'd have to dress up like a furry and yiff or do what furries do when they 'mate')
A necrophiliac (you'd have to take a cold bath and just lie there when he/she has sex with you)

Would you rather have sex with....?

A reverse mermaid (fish from the waist up)
A minotaur

Would you rather have sex with....?

Jay Leno
David Letterman

Would sex would you rather have....?

Unprotected sex with the cast from Jersey Shore
Protected sex with the lineup on FOX News

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Could you be in a relationship with someone that had very different views about religion? For people with SOs: do you have the similar views or are they completely different?

My boyfriend and I got into a srs religion conversation last night. It was the first time we'd talked about our beliefs together and basically we both agreed that we have different views about it, but we both respect each other's opinions. Although when he busted out the "It's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!" line not once, but TWICE, I was like "NO NO NO D: D:"
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My nephew found a bird in the parking lot that has a broken wing/leg. He took it home and it's in a box in his bathroom with water and bread. I told him we'd find a place to take it tomorrow; what kind of place takes in a bird/who do I call?