November 16th, 2010

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To all of you TQC-ers who either lived in/around LA or is familiar with it:

My friend and I are planning on taking a trip down to LA this winter. We're planning to move to California in the spring after I graduate. If possible, we want to live around 30 to 45 minutes away from LA. What are some good places with an affordable rent ($1100 and below) we could move to?
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TQC, I went from being in a stellar mood when I left work to being in a crappy mood now almost five hours later. The reason is that no one was around for me to tell my kind of cool news to, and none of my family had mentioned they were all going to be out for the night so I was sad and lonely. :(

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EDIT: ...I fail at asking a question in that first part. I meant to ask if anyone had given you a compliment during the day, and what did that happen to be?

tl;dr/dk/dc - What is your favorite part about traveling and where was your favorite destination? I'm leaving on a cruise in just over a month! My favorite travel spot is probably New Zealand, but I want to go back to Croatia again because I definitely did not get to see enough of it.

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tqc, i just got my first invitation to a high school reunion (not an official reunion, but i was in a special program so someone invited us all to catch up via facebook). will you tell me about your high school reunions and how awfully awkward they were?
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If you are getting a flu shot this year, are you going to get it at your doctor's office or elsewhere?

I have to get one this year and I can't decide where to get it. I hate going to the doctor but my insurance doesn't cover it if I get it somewhere else.

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Don't you think it's absolutely unacceptable to invite people to your bridal shower that aren't invited to your wedding?

Did you know that lobsters, crabs and scorpions have PINCERS...not pinchers?! I just found this out.

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I started counseling today to work on my anxiety, ocd and possible bipolarism. I made a second appointment after the whole initial intake stuff but I forgot to ask how it works.

Do they kinda bring stuff up that we talked about today or do I lead the discussion? Like, I feel awkward just showing up and being like, yep, I'm still crazy today, sooooo.....

Also, I have an appointment to meet with the doctor at the center to discuss possible medications. Anybody have a positive or negative experience with a medication that I should know about? I know next to nothing about medication for these disorders.

My counselor is also very young (same age as my husband, according to her bachelors and masters on the wall) which I was unsure about at first, but I found her easy to relate to, like confiding in a friend. Would you be comfortable with that or want someone older? I also found myself hoping that I was assigned to a female, which was weir to me since I usually feel more comfortable with male doctors.
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Do you have tattoos?
If so, how many?

If you don't have tattoos, what tattoos do you want?

If you don't want tattoos but were held at gunpoint to get one, what would you get tattooed on you to save your life?

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what pet(s) do you have?

how big is your living space?

do(es) your pet(s) have enough space to move around and be chill?

if this doesn't apply to you how do you feel about NJ? what other US states can you think of that get ripped on as much as nj?

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 I apologize for the homework question. It's early here and I just need help with a question: 

if someone states that he became the most "vilified social scientist in history", what does it mean exactly? I'm thinking it means that he was one of the most disregarded/looked down upon social scientist in history, but I'm horrible with words. 

Thanks guys! :D 


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Dear TQC

Have you ever had an online advertisment (for anything other than adult related goods and services, to keep this worksafe) that directly led to you making a purchase?

If so, what was it?

For me, it was a ticket to the Distant Worlds concert in Sydney in 2011.
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how do you propose i make my way up the line of succession to the throne? who should i kill or fuck first?

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For anyone with experience with piercings:

I got an industrial piercing about three years ago. It caused a pretty big and unsightly bump on my ear. I'm not sure if it's an impact scar or a keloid or what, but I decided today that it's not worth it to keep it. If I take the bar out, will the bump go away on its own? Or am I going to need to have it removed?
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My dog, a 29 pound beagle/beagle mix, has managed to destroy two metal crates now by bashing his big head against them.  What crazy things have your pets managed to accomplish without you being sure how they did it?  (Sorry for poor wording.)

Non-Americans, are you annoyed by the many questioned aimed towards Americans?

Americans, what do you like least about Thanksgiving?

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TQC, can you help me decide when/whether to go home or not?

I will be back for a month on the 17th of december, the middle weekend would be that of the 4th, but i'd have to be back for the sunday. I could go next weekend but my mum visited last weekend so it seems kind of soon, and that's my first proper weekend with the new boy. It's a 3 hour journey, and I could leave on wednesday evening if I moved my seminars. I'm not feeling a dire need to go back but i'm missing the area and my house.

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Last night I was playing on our xbox 360 and i got through a fair bit then i realised i was playing on my partners account, is there any way i can transfer the game/character to My account?

Its on fable 2 if it matters
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What's something you always forget to do?

Every single time I clean I forget to wait to clean the bathtub until after I wash the floors ughhh (I ring the mop out in the tub)

[Also totally unrelated but it's a topic popular here - holy crap tqc! I just noticed I do, in fact, have back dimples. I never noticed them before. My mind is blown.]

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is there a way to copy and paste a power point presentation from adobe? right now it seems i can only copy and paste one slide at a time, and thats a pain in the ass.
i'm lost.  i dont even know if i explained it right.
are you good with computers?

dk/dc: what are you having for lunch?

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Is a pack of 4 crackers enough to take with an antibiotic that specifies to take with food? I do have a sensitive stomach so I'm not sure it's enough. :\

I have to leave for class in like, 5 minutes, and don't have time to stop and eat or grab something until probably 6 or 7 pm, but i need to take my medicine.
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I'm on campus right now and I'm hungry and I only have $1 plus change that I'd be willing to spend. Should I get something from a vending machine or should I just suck it up and wait 2 more hours until I'll be home and eat there?

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How do you go about getting counseling/seeing a psychologist?

I really feel like I need someone to help me sort out some things, but I don't know how to go about finding someone. Money is also a huge concern because I can't afford $$$s extra each month. Does insurance cover that sort of thing usually? What if it doesn't?

Do you or have you seen someone for therapy/counseling? Did it help you?

Thanks so much...
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When you see the Salvation Army bell-ringers @ stores and things, do you try to avoid them if you don't feel like donating/don't have any change?

I never carry cash, so I always feel like they're judging me.
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If someone rejected you and, anywhere from a week to several months later they realized they did really like you would you go out with them? Or would you reject them just like they did you?
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Ok guys,
When you have to call somebody with your cell phone for a phone number, do you  write it down or do you type it in to the phone right then and there when they give it to you?   
Did you know that the person on the other end can hear the beep of the keys when you do that?   Yes, they can and it's loud. 

Just wanted to know what you guys do since this dude who just called me just blew out my ear drum! 

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I've been feeling really bad about myself lately. Feeling like I am a horrible person and just a general crappy attitude toward myself.

I am thinking I want to volunteer to make myself feel better. Where would I go to find a place to volunteer? Just google? Or what? I'm thinking a soup kitchen (with Thanksgiving coming up) or/and an animal shelter.
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I just tried to log into facebook and it said my account has been disabled :(

I haven't violated the TOS or anything. Why would they do this to me, TQC?
I'm appealing, do you think I'll get it back?
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Hello, dear TQCers. For my radio broadcast at school this week, my song theme is "society". Can you share your favorite songs that have to do with society in some way shape or form? Preferably nothing too abstractly connected to the theme...

All I have so far is Perfect System (Oingo Boingo) and Society (Eddie Vedder). I considered Imagine by the Beatles, but I'm wanting to play songs that are less likely to have already been heard by every single person ever. =b

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hi tqc
i interviewed for a job about a week and a half ago. they said that they WILL send me a response whether i got a second interview or not, but they did not give a time frame. i'm assuming they are very busy and have not got around to sending out responses yet. is it inappropriate to call and ask, or maybe email?

dk/dc i'm trying to catch up on season 6 of the office, but not necessarily in order. what episode should i watch now?

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For people with stepparents:

How old were you when your stepparent came into your life?
How well did you adjust to having a new parent in your life?

If you are a stepparent (or if your partner is), how hard was it to adjust to a new family situation?

this question brought to you by the fact that it gets really frustrating to see so many depictions of bad stepparents in books & movies and not enough good ones.

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who was the last person you friend requested on facebook and why did you request them?

did they friend you back?

I friended a fuck buddy from a few years ago to see if we could hook up again.....he friended me and hopefully i'll see him next month
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Recommendations for good / reasonably inexpensive rain boots?

I need some new rain boots, TQC.

In the past, I've bought the ones from Target that look like this a couple of times, and though I thought they were pretty cute, they weren't durable at all -- they leaked after a few months of wear, especially if I wore them on hikes or in other outdoorsy situations. 

Does anyone have any that they love? I'm thinking of buying these, because they got some pretty decent reviews and I don't want to pay more than $35 - $40 for shoes that I'll only wear on my way to work before switching them out for other shoes. Truth be told, I'd rather pay $25 or less, but I also want them to last. So, any recommendations?

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It's cold and rainy and yucky outside and I don't feel like going anywhere. But at the same time, I'll feel like the day was wasted if I spend the entirety of in bed on lj (though I do plan a break to vacuum). Should I continue being lazy or get up and go to Target? (I have $30 store credit and I want to use it to buy jeggings)

Also I never ever remember this. For bust-waist-hip measurements, the bust measurement is over your boobs right? Not under/same as your band size?

Should a properly fitting bra have a band the exact same size as the measurement of your chest under your boobs? Or should it be bigger/smaller to fit correctly? Like if you measure 34" around does that mean you would wear a size 34? Or because of the three adjustment hooks do you go up or down? (I feel like this is something I should know, and I'm pretty sure none of my bras are actually the right size...)
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My husband eats meat. I don't. I sometimes prepare two separate meals because of this.

I had been planning to fry up some ground beef and have a taco night for him. For myself, I was making brinner: curried potatoes with a side of scrambled eggs.

My question: should I stick with the taco idea or do you think meatloaf would go well with curried potatoes?
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Do you think sex addiction is real? How much stigma does it have compared to
other addictions or behaviors? Do you know anyone who claims to have personal
experience with it?
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To those who have multiple tattoos, how long did you wait between getting your first and getting your second?

I just got my first in October and am already saving for my second but I don't want to look like a keener by going back too soon.

Do you think a 'quarter-life crisis' is a real thing? Any experiences?

Because I think I'm having one.

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There so many horrible customer suck stories about this, it makes me wonder.

What makes a person lose all sense of common decency(either with an employee or doing something in the aisles or bathrooms) while out in a public place such as a grocery store, theater or elsewhere?

Have you ever come upon something horribly gross while either working or being in public?
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a pseudo-update to my earlier post. i just found out i'm prince william's 12th cousin, once removed.

how opposed are you to marrying your 'cousin'? if it was arranged, would you go through with it? if there was money or life on the line, would you do it? how about if you were actually physically attracted to this cousin? i know there's been instances of this. srs business

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do you know what trichotillomania is? have you ever experienced it? (no "omgnothat'sgross"-es, please.) if you have, how do you cope with it?

dk/dc how many mirrors do you have hanging in your house? I have about 5, which amounts to half of the rooms in our house having mirrors in them.

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WITHOUT looking it up on the internet first, what do you think the definition of the word "niggardly" is? Where do you think the root of the word is derived from?

Does this word offend you?

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And if you're not a word dork, what season do you hate the most and why?
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Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders!

To the Ladies of TQC:

Do you have a favorite brand of bras that you always go searching for when you need to buy new ones? 

I find myself on a hunt for good, comfortable and supportive bras and am frustrated by stores not having my size in stock, or getting handed 1950's style ones that make me look like I have torpedoes on my chest. :-p (Not to mention, how bloody uncomfortable they tend to be!)

And yes, the topic's a line from a Bette Middler song from the movie Beaches. 
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For the ladies; do you shave before you go to the gyno?

I have my first OB-GYN appointment on Friday. I'm 16. I've shaved in the past, so shaving before Friday wouldn't be a huge deal for me, but I'm concerned the doctor will think it's not good for someone my age to be shaving. So I'm not entirely sure what I should do.

Thoughts? I'm thinking if I don't completely shave I might just... trim.


I'm fed up with vampires and werewolves but i do like urban fantasy YA or otherwise. I just don't know what to read next
 Are there any good urban fantasy books either YA or not that does not involve vampires and/or werewolves? 
thanks! ^_^
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Glasses help!

Ok so as I've said before, often, I hate my glasses and I think I look terrible in them. Plus they don't fit right and they hurt and they told me they can't be adjusted to fit properly >_< But the world is significantly blurry without them and I can't get contacts in. So I really need to just... get new frames.

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MOAR ma'am/sir questions

for those of you who were raised to call people sir or ma'am or mr/mrs/ms lastname, do you think it's always disrespectful for children to call adults by their first names? if an adult prefers to have their first name used, is it disrespectful to call them by an honorific instead?

brought to you by my awkward childhood where calling my friends' parents by their first names was expected but made me SO UNCOMFORTABLE :(
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If you were sick and threw up at work, would you stay at work or go home?
What are some other situations where you would show up at work and later decide you were too sick to stay?

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having my exam cancelled due to a palestinian protest, not very cool.  not at all.

have two hot girls streak in a relatively quiet building on campus, pretty awesome.

have you ever streaked? why? when?

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Should I get the Droid 2 or a new Windows 7 Phone?

Do you think not getting signal at school while I'm a full-time student is a good enough reason to cancel my service without a termination fee?

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When I was a kid, my parents once placed this huuuuuuge frozen meat/foods order that was delivered to our house. I keep trying to remember the name of the company, but am coming up blank. Do you know of any companies that offer catalogs (paper or online) that you can place bulk food orders from? I remember it was mostly frozen meats, but there were other items as well.

Similarly, my boyfriend was trying to explain to me about "Christmas Hampers", which I guess is something his mom was a salesperson for back in Australia. He showed me this sample: and I couldn't for the life of me think of anything similar here in the states. Is there? (To clarify, based on how he explained it, you place an order for whatever hamper(s) you want at the beginning of each calendar year and pay towards it weekly. Its then delivered around this time of year.)

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I just ran out of chamomile tea tonight. I'm really anxious and stressed lately, so tea has really been helping me at night.

When I go to buy more tomorrow, should I just buy more chamomile, or try something else? Anyone know of a tea that's better for relaxation?

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I take an over-the-counter acid reflux medicine twice a day - once before breakfast, and again before I get in bed. I only have one pill left. I have an in-class essay tomorrow in English, and usually need a Coke to keep me awake during those. Coke gives me reflux without this medicine.

So my question is: would it be more effective for me to take the pill now (at 11:27 p.m.), or in the morning (about three hours before I have the Coke)? 

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I'm pretty content with my current job, but there are always other fish in the sea, so Will you help me with my "hay, I'm interested" email for replying to CraigsList job posts? Basically the entire first mini-paragraph needs help, it sounds so awkward and I don't know how to word what I want it to say.

Collapse )Does anyone want to proofread/give me other tips on my resume? lol.

If you are contently employed, do you ever actively look for other jobs? Has that ever worked out for you (what job did you leave, in favor of what other job)?
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Are any of you watching (or watched, whatever) conan tonight. What's your thoughts on Harrison Ford? What the shit is he on?
I looked 20 entries back and didn't see this asked. If there's something about this, please point me in that direction. I'm laughing. And crying lol.

What do you really want?
I want a kitten.

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As you know I've had some problems with my workplace regarding trans issues. Well I'm having another problem. I wasn't too bugged about it but now it's really bothering me. One of the assistant managers informed me, during all the nametag drama, that since they had no family restroom, and I was still legally classified as female on my identification, that I would have to keep using the ladies room. It wasn't bothering me too badly at first because I wasn't on hormones yet, but now that I am and the changes are going pretty fast, I am getting more and more anxious about having to use the ladies room. It's gonna be pretty awkward when I grow a stache and have a deep voice and they are trying to force me into the ladies room.

Can they even do this? I mean, try to police the bathroom that I go into?

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If you have cats, do they wear collars?

What did you do for your 21st birthday?

Can you reccommend me a good book? Preferably something a little 'darker' in terms of subject matter, and bonus points if it's also historical.