November 15th, 2010

what the hell are you talking about?

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I made some mashed potatoes, and they taste sweet.  I didn't use sweet potatoes and I checked all the dairy products I used, and none of them are spoiled.  I assume the sweetness is from the potatoes, but all google is giving me are results for "sweet potatoes", not potatoes that taste weirdly sweet.  Any idea what it could be? (or any other theories as to why they turned out sweet?)

What do you do when you can't sleep?
Do you have any funny videos you watch when sleep just won't come?

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Okay, so, why in The Transformers movies does every electronic that is brought alive by the cube evil? I mean... there are good guys, so why are new robots always decepticons or whatever? Pls keep in mind I'd never heard of Transformers prior to hearing about the movies being made. I am just so confused.

Also, if you could have a sentient car, would you? I think it'd be troublesome.

dk/dc I've decided to quit smoking. I've had a pack or two a day for seven or eight years. Am I naive to think I can just stop without aid? Having never been able to do it before? I can't breathe, TQC. It feels like there is an elephant on my chest.

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Haaaay TQC. I want to take a bath this morning, but the drain stopper thing in my tub doesn't work anymore, and the water just drains straight out. What can I use to stop up the drain just for one bath? I am a shower person, so I don't really care about a permanent fix. Could I use, like...saran wrap over the drain? That's the only thing I could think of. How would I get it to stay in place? Or is there something better you could suggest for me? :/

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I just read that they're starting a 45-year-old civil-rights case today, for a state trooper who shot a black protester in 1965. Do you think justice is more likely to be done now in a more-enlightened age than if they'd tried him at the time? Or do you think it's too late for him to be tried by a jury of his peers, since people can no longer truly remember what the fear of integration was like back then? Is it fair to judge a man by different standards of right and wrong than he knew at the time, or does right and wrong never budge, and we simply see this issue more clearly now? If somebody killed a suspected child-molester today, would it be better to judge them now or in some later age when pedophilia is no longer the big terror?

Disclaimer: No, of course you can't compare a child molester to someone fighting for their basic civil rights. I know this is a sensitive subject, and I'm not trying to start a flame war.

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What little things brighten your days?

BECAUSE OH MY GOD YOU GUYS!!!! I totally just got a message from charmecia5! :D :D :D Collapse )

If you've received a silly message from her will you c/p it here so we can all read it?

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Why do people say "get a job" like it's something that you can do so easily right now?

Why is there so much hate towards people who don't have a job right now?

Why is there so much hate towards people who rely on government assistance?
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I bought a couple things on PayPal on Friday and Saturday. The PayPal site says the payment is "completed," and Etsy says I paid, but the money is still in my bank account. When is PayPal going to take my money, TQC?

Also did anyone get a weird inbox message from charmecia?

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I work in a phone room as a telemarketer, and we (both the individual salespeople and the business itself) are unlicensed. There have been a whole bunch of arrests recently of people working as telemarketers without licenses, so we are shutting down until we get licensed. Does anyone by any chance know how long this process takes?

DK/DC- how much debt do you have?
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 TQC why is it that whenever i go through my study notes on the day of my exam, i tend to forget everything i had studied? Is there an explanation? Is anyone else like this?

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Hi guys!

Does it seem fair to you that one of my co-workers came to work an hour late because it was super foggy here this morning and yet I managed ,with no problem at all, to get here on time in the same exact fog? 

Am I being petty or do I have fair reason to be a little irritated?    Please note that this is a woman who worries about if I'm on time even though she's late nearly every day.  I sort of feel like she thinks she is due a free pass because it's foggy, but I don't.      
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I work as a concession stand worker at a movie theatre that doesn't get very busy during the day. Do you have any suggestions for ways to keep myself mildly entertained in the hours I usually spend watching the same preview reel that shows in the lobby over and over?

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I'm going to my doctor today (normal general practitioner) for a check up and stuff. 

I want to tell him about how much anxiety and stress I have. If I do so, is it more likely that he'll do something himself (in terms of prescribing something if needed) or do you think he'd refer me to a psychiatrist instead? I know it's probably different with all doctors, but yeah.

What have you done for bad anxiety? Are you on any medicines? Do they work?

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I'm not too familiar/experienced with PayPal. I just sold something on eBay, and I got an email from PayPal saying that payment was received from the winning bidder.

I just signed onto my PayPal account, and the amount the buyer paid is not there. Is it normal to not be showing up on my account immediately?

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The community college here offers comptia classes and I was thinking of taking them so I could get a job as a computer tech or do freelance work or something. I'm more knowledgable than your average idiot when it comes to computers but not enough that I could do it for a living so these classes would give me the knowledge/experience I need. My question for those in the field is how important are the actual certifications? I used to work for a computer shop and they didn't require any certifications even though they advertised that everyone was a+ and most were network+ certified so I'm not sure that they're the best example. Also I was just planning on doing a+ (hardware and software) to start with but would networking make a huge difference?
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 If you were working in someone's home or apartment for whatever reason, do you think you have the right to know if there were hidden cameras in the place?

As a Home Healthcare Aide, I think I do have that right and also have the right to refuse to work in the home because of that.
But I don't know what the NY law is on hidden cameras in residences.  And there have been a recent case of a HHA caught on video abusing her patient.

Also, I work Live-In cases, too, where I stay overnight at the client's home and a lot of the time my bed is in the same room as the client's bed.  Wouldn't I have the right to know if there was a hidden camera set up in the same room?

Have you ever been caught on video?  
Have you ever put up hidden cameras?
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Friend got high and told me a bunch of stuff. I've never been high and told him not to tell me things he would regret, not knowing how being high really affects one. He said that he was high and sees things differently but doesn't think differently. So he told me a ton of things that, to say plainly, took some processing over the past couple days. Just saw him today for the first time since and he said, "turns out, I was a LOT more high than I thought I was..." making me question pretty much everything that he shared with me. So I'm here to ask the people who have been high. Are the things he told me likely to be true? But in hindsight he just wishes he hadn't shared them? I'm super confused right now because we weren't even that good of friends yet, but talked about how we're so alike and should be, but now I don't know if it was just the high talking, or if I'm just supposed to act as though everything he said that night wasn't said or doesn't matter.
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have you ever donated blood before? how was your experience?

I did in August. I felt okay until I nearly fainted at the juice and cookies table. what can I do this time around so that doesn't happen?

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Have any of you ever seen 1 Girl 5 Gays on MTV? What do you think?
Personally, if I was a gay man, I think I'd be a little pissed. It seems pretty demeaning

Also, what is the name of the guy who makes songs out of Disney movies clips?

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I feel like something is stuck in my esophagus. Right between my boobs. It's tender but really only hurts when I burp or bend over. But not when I lie down. I've taken tums and Zantac and neither really did anything.

Has this ever happened to you, tqcmd? Should I go to the doctor?

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My boyfriend is out of town until tomorrow night. Mondays and Tuesdays are his usual days off, so I have nothing to do because we usually have family time these days.

I'm bored out of my mind! How should I spend the next 36 hours?
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So guys! I just got fired! I'm applying to jobs right now, but what should I put down when applications ask why you were fired? Terminated, personal, downsizing, etc? I was fired for a pretty bullshit reason, and I want to be able to explain it, but I don't want to be disregarded right off the bat because of it.

Share your job firings and horror stories. I'm numb and I have no idea wtf to do.

EDIT: I was fired for checking my phone to see if I had a message from my mother. The MOD reported that I had my phone out and was texting all night, and the MOD and my manager are BFFs.

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speaking of best friends and weddings,
my best friend is getting married in the dominican in january. 
i am deathly deathly afraid of flying.   she knows this.
i cry just thinking about it.
i am afraid that if i am not completely knocked out or if i know what is going in the slightest i will flip out on the plane.
would it be terrible if i didnt end up going?
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Social Security Card questions!

My social security card lists my name as First Name Father’s Last Name-Mother’s Maiden Name (I don’t have a middle name). I have always gone by First Name Father’s Last Name and my driver’s license, tax documents, credit cards, etc all list me by First Name Father’s Last Name. When I got my current job someone noticed the discrepancy between the name on my license and the name on my social security card and I had to fix it. I obtained a new license but now I’m concerned about all the past few years I’ve filed taxes while using the other name. Is this going to be a problem in the future? Do I need to start using this “new” name in all my future paperwork?

Also, I’m planning on becoming a notary public for the state of Florida and the application states that my name and my signature must match. Will I need to start using this other name since it is technically my legal name? And will I have to create a new signature including it or can I just use my regular signature (which is just a bunch of illegible scribbles anyway!)?


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I'm working on a short story that is basically an office that serves as an allegory for Dante's circles of hell. The lobby is obviously the first circle - limbo - in which the main character meets a modern counterpart of Charon and Minos.

Can you think of any departments in an office that could serve as clever metaphors for the circles of hell? I don't know enough about what goes on in the corporate world for this!

Film photographers?

I've been trying to troubleshoot a problem with a roll of film from one of my students. On three or four random frames on her last roll there is a second image in the corner. I'm uploading a digital example.

Does anyone know why this happened? This is from an old Pentax, not sure of the model, T-Max film. It happened on sporadic frames, like 7, 9, 15, 16, and 17 kind of thing. We've been able to crop it out when printing, but it's frustrating nonetheless. I've never seen anything like it! Figured maybe the mirror was malfunctioning??

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nana smoking

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I feel like there is a bubble under my right knee cap. It's really annoying and uncomfortable and ask_a_nurse is vanished. I have RA and spent Saturday walking the mall with my sister.
It has not gone away since.
Should I get it checked out?
What's wrong with me? Serious and non accepted.

What's currently falling apart on your body?
Sammy doesn't fucking know

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Does anyone know what the chances are for an 11 year old cat to be adopted from a shelter? (it's the Humane Society, if it makes any difference) I've been googling and trying to find statistics for this, but haven't had any luck.

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 Did you see Skyline? What did you think of it? I liked it, on a plot standpoint. However... the acting and the way it came across? Not really -.- It was a fun movie to make fun of :D 

If not: 

Are you an American football fan? If so, which team do you support? 
Do you like ketchup?

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In about half an hour I'll be going to a party where my ex will be. It'll be the first time I've seen him since I tried to persuade him to shag me again (lol desperation) That was about about 4 months ago. I'm over him, but what can I do to make myself super fabulous so he sees what he's missing?

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If fashion police rummaged through your closet, what would they throw way FIRST?

They'd probably throw away 90% of my clothes, because I dress to hide. BUT, the first thing would be this sweater I have on right now. It's huge and old and it's falling apart. And it pretty much makes me look 3 sizes too big and like I'm just a shapeless ball of black wool. But it's the warmest, most awesome sweater ever

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I have this spot on the back of my head that hurts very badly when I press it or put pressure on it (like when laying down or anything). My whole head kind of has a dull ache. I told the doctor this today and he didn't really even examine it too much, just pressed on it himself, and told me it was the mastoid bone and that it was probably infected around there/my ear and prescribed me some antibiotics.

So uh, assuming he's right and the antibiotics work, what is the best thing I can take to ease the pain until then? Just an excedrin-type pill, or is something better for more..bone-type pain? 

What's your favorite tea to drink when you want to relax? I need some badly.

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Say you were kidnapped or something, can rate your chances of you getting away between 1% and 100%?

10% - people who tend to play opossum or flail about

90% - People with a huge background in hand to hand combat

I would rate myself at a 20% chance because I'm a pansy but I can think well in tough situations.

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if you have your drivers license, how old were you when you got it?


if you do not have your drivers license, how old are you right now?


also if you don't have your license, why not? is it particularly burdensome or do you get by fine? are you actively trying to get it or do you just not care?
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what's your favorite mash-up song?

are you bad at calling people back? for some reason i can never muster up the energy to call family members back, friends are fine
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i want to move to a different province/country perhaps (i live in toronto, canada right now btw)
this seems like a huge feat if you're not moving there for a job.
how does someone do this?  do they know ppl in the different place that sets them/helpsthem with jobs/places to live?
do people just go there without any prospects and figure it out there? (im too much of a control freak to do that)
have you ever moved to a completely different country/city?  how did you do it?
someone help me move to a different city.  ok thanks
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Should i start on a new drawing, or just get ready for bed?

Pros for drawing tonight:
- I haven't done a drawing in months, and it's been a couple years since i've REALLY felt like drawing like this
- I won't have a day off till next Sunday, so if i don't start on it tonight i probably won't get around to starting on it for awhile

Cons for drawing tonight:
- I'm a little tired, although i don't have to be into work until 3pm tomorrow
- Starting a drawing is always my least favorite part, it's lengthy and will probably be all i get done tonight, but that means i'll be able to jump right into the actual drawing another time (because all i'd be doing now is the math to draw it all to scale)

EDIT: Well i can't find the yardstick so.... i guess it'll have to wait. Nevermind, found it, it was hidden somewhere.
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 I just rode the bus to my place because I was too lazy to walk 3 blocks.
And I ended up buying dinner from McDonald's.
Now I feel sad and lazy.  I thought chicken nuggets are suppose to make you feel happy?

What was your most recent sad and lazy moment?
How do you exercise when you can't get to a gym or use exercise equipment?

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Who's your favorite female musician? Or female band/group, if you'd prefer.

I am currently listening to Lezzies on X and enjoying it quite a bit, but my all time favorite is probably a three-way tie between Peaches, Janis Joplin, and Aretha Franklin.

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I am going to make some hot chocolate from scratch (with really good chocolate chips) and I want to put either Bailey's or Kahlua in it. Which do you think would be more delicious?

If you were a 22 yr old girl who wears a size XL/16 and loves sparkly things, what would you wear to your corporate xmas party? Links plz!!!!

Super alternatively, do you/would you carry on a telephone conversation while you're pooping? Why or why not?

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My little sister went through her first break up today. I've never been in the situation myself so I'm not sure if my general lines ("There's more fish in the sea" etc) will really cut it and I wanna comfort & encourage her as much as possible, so any advice on what to say/do to make her feel as good as she can right now?

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I am moving house soon :/ Any useful house moving tips?
I just remembered I need news paper to wrap things, but all my friends are hippies who don't read them, so I shall have to go a searchin' for some.

Would you like to tell me your moving horror stories (or alternately, moving awesomeness stories)?