November 14th, 2010

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If the person you started dating several months ago says to you, "I recently told my parents about you. You're very special to me, so I wanted to tell them."

What would your initial thought be?

a) That's nice.
b) Holy shit. He probably wants to marry me.
c) OK. Whatever.
d) Something else. If so, what?

EDIT: He didn't mention me before since we became really long-distance midway through our relationship. I guess he didn't want to mention anything until he 100% knew our status.

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oo1. what is your favorite graphic novel?
oo2. are you chronically depressed?
oo3. do you enjoy sleeping in late?
oo4. when was the last time you watched television?
oo5. what is one of your favorite stores?

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who here isn't excited for the holidays?

i'm pretty much a grinch. i'm really not excited. they're stressful and serve no purpose other than to remind me how poor, alone and not religious i am. and that i never got a fucking Buzz Lightyear.

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How old were you the first time you got drunk?

Technically I was five, because someone had given my mom those cordial liquor bottles (the ones with the liquor in chocolate) for Christmas and I snuck out of my room at night and stole them all off the counter.  My sister and I ate all of them; there had to have been at least twelve.  The first time I got drunk knowingly I was 15.

I want to read creepy stories but I'm over creepypasta.  Suggestions?

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ahoy TQC

What music gets you really hot and aroused?

For me, NIN's album The Downward Spiral and Liquid's album Recoil do the job.
Specifically the song Closer, and the song Bread Control.
thanksgiving bantha

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Hey, TQC, I have $10 and no ~concrete plans~ tomorrow (er, later this morning, I guess), and so I want to head on over to the Asian grocery market and BUY NEAT FOOD.

What do you suggest I get? I was thinking that I will buy a few coconuts, bamboo shoots, and maybe some candies and incense or something? Everything there is REALLY CHEAP, but I don't know what I should get! Are there any good Asian snack foods I should try to look for? The market I am going to mainly sells Vietnamese and Japanese stuff, but they sell foods from other East Asian countries too.

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I want to get rid of rats without killing them. I used Electronic pest control about two years ago but after a few month's it stop working. Some say it was because the rats get used to the sound the device emits. I was think of plugging a new electronic pest control for a month or two and then unplug it and plug it again when they start to come back. Do you think that could work?  Does any body have an idea how to get rid of them without killing them?


Is QuiBids a big scam? It appears to be and every time I see it in the Woot sidebar I wonder why, if it's a scam, they're advertising it. But maybe it's not?

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How are you at doing things by yourself?

There's this old railway bridge that was converted to a pedestrian bridge that I think probably has some gorgeous views I want to check out. The friend I usually hang with professed to wanting to go but keeps flaking out. I can't find anyone else to go with but I'm getting sick of waiting and the weather is starting to turn cold! :(

Do you think it'll be boring alone?
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Um I just saw a commercial for a Barack Obama Chia Pet and the tag line at the bottom said, "Because you're proud to be an American!" Why does the most ridiculous shit come out every Christmas? What's the last new ridiculous item you've heard of?
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I had weird dreams all night and woke up all morose. I'm going skating at 11 and don't want to be all wah waaaah. Will you post some funnies to cheer me up? I am partial to schadenfreude.
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TQC halp. Which gym would you choose? You want to lap swim as your main form of exercise, but switch it up with machines.
Option 1, a chain. Decidedly cheaper than option two and definitely shoddier, with what seems like big crowds/high school kids/people not so serious and dirty equipment, but still with an indoor pool. Open 24/7
Option 2, a chain. Much more expensive. No annual contract though, every membership is month to month. Ritzier and much nicer, but with that comes a snobby crowd. Dedicated indoor lap pool, as well. A lot of freakin' amenities; worried you may not use them all. Open 24/7
Option 3, local family YMCA. Dealing with families, fewer equipment options, a fucking pool schedule. Obviously the cheapest.
Or Option 4, scrap it and find a lap pool somewhere, then join a local gym without a pool. Possibly expensive, possibly a bit ridiculous since I live in Houston and driving may be demotivational.

Lol. How do you make important decisions? How much of an influence do you allow people's opinions to have?

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1)My knees hurt very often, and there's not a gym with a pool near me. I'd like to take exercise classes, but I can't decide on which sort of class would be best. Do you have any suggestions?

2)Do you ask adults for christmas lists?


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I've moved back in with my parents to save money and I still feel so awkward sleeping over at my boyfriend's house and then coming home...I'm 22...They haven't really said anything...but still...awkward!

Have you ever dealt with something like this before?

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what are some things you see on television documentaries/reality tv that bothers you to no end?

i watch A Baby Story a lot and it drives me nuts when parents turn on all the lights in the middle of the night when their baby wakes up. you're supposed to keep things calm and the lights dim so falling back asleep will come easier to both you and the baby. another thing that bothers me is parents that put their newborns in the nursery for the night. this is creating so much extra work for the new parent!  in the middle of the night, not only does one of the parents have to get up, but they have to go on a fucking walk down the hall multiple times in the night.
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Do you have a closet or room that's so cluttered it's scary? I think something is going to fall on my head every time I open my hall closet. But my boyfriend and I are about 2 minutes away from cleaning the crap out of the thing though! :)
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Muh Life.

Chubba hubba

I get the dreaded "chub rub" and it wears out my jeans. OHNOESS!!1! For those of you ladies that feel my inner pain, does buying higher quality jeans help? Like Old Navy => Seven for All Man Kind, or some shizz.

Barring liposuction and/or starving: Is there anything else that I could do to the jeans I have now to stop them from wearing out that doens't include patches on the outside?? (I'm not really one to draw attention to my crotch region in my daily life.)

That is all.
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Someone's selling me a used Sony A200 for around...$500. It is a good price, isn't it? The camera is in good conditions and it will include everything that it had when it was new.

Also, I know how to use it, at least the basics to do it so, but right now the two cameras I use are a Nikon Coolpix P90 and an old roll camera (Can't really remember the model right now) Do you think the transition will be easy?

Should I get this camera


The price is all wrong. $405 would be more accurate (I suck at converting currency)


What is the age range between your youngest close friend and your oldest?

Why do I have no problem dating/sleeping with people much older than me, but am super creeped out by the thought of me dating/sleeping with someone younger (but above legal age)?

Would you like to attempt to justify your ageism?

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Has anyone you know ever been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? IF so, was it hard to get an actual diagnosis from a doctor, seeing as CFS isn't really recognized as being a "real" disease? My SO suspects that he has it, but says that none of his doctors would listen to him or take him seriously because CFS isn't considered to be a "real" disease.

DK/DC: Do you like Scrabble? What's your favorite word to spell?

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When you start dating someone new, what kind of typical questions do you get from your parents regarding your new beau?

Ie: what religion is he/she? How many siblings? Where is he/she from?

Apparently, my bf was interrogated with questions about me. FYI, it's not like I can meet his parents that conveniently since they live in Europe.

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It seems like I'm allergic to every deodorant on the market. I've tried Secret, Suave, Ban, Degree, Dove, Teen Spirit.... you get the picture. They make my armpits really itchy and red. Recently I've been trying Tom's of Maine and another roll-on kind I bought at Wal-Mart (I can't remember the name) that is hypoallergenic. They both were loads better than the other kinds I've used, but my armpits are still itchy! I was wondering if anyone here has this problem? My grocery store has a pretty good organic section so I was thinking of checking out what deodorants they have, but I don't want to buy anything unless someone else has some feedback. Help?
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How do you think why southern people (from southern Europe, Africa, arab countries) much more emotional than people from northern countries?

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What's been frustrating you lately?

My roommate never helps me clean the apartment because she's always at her boyfriend's place. I'm getting sick of this.

EDIT: I should mention that she still does make messes when she's home. She'll make herself food, and leave dirty dishes on the stove/counters. She stills bathes at our apartment, but never cleans the shower. She has stuff all over the living room that never gets picked up because she'll come home, drop her stuff in the living room, and leave. She also buys food for herself and it ends up going bad because she's never home to eat it :(


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I am really sick of checking the mail and only getting bills. I don't really have the money to pay for a magazine subscription (nor are there any magazines I'd want to get for an entire year). I'm looking for a website which I can sign up to get like 4 or 5 issues of stuff like People, Food Network, Home and Garden... that sutff. And also some good free sample sites.

Any suggestions?

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I have had it with my fucking iphone, after a long post of firmware issues and fixing said issues its started doing something extra to piss me off.

Who wants to join me in the destroying of our iphones?

Yes i am typing this on my i fail
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I got home to find that one of my cats performed a Google document search for "+".

No documents matched their search.

What do you think they were looking for?

dk/dc: What are some strange things your cats do, if you have cats?

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 Inspired by sweetest_sin_78 's post, what kind of magazines do you subscribe to/have you subscribed to in the past and for how long?

Seventeen, lol. For I think 3 years.

After your subscription runs out, do you get harassed to resubscribe? 

For my exboyfriend's birthday last year (In July!) I bought him a 12 month subscription to Wired magazine. They've been sending me renewal notices since like, May. :| I've sent them a few emails and letters but ALAS, they still come. So. annoying.
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Will you please post links or search terms for youtube videos that you think I should watch to stay entertained at work?

(If you post a video embed for the rest of TQC, will you also include the link for me? Embeds don't show up on my BB Storm.)

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I guess this is sort of a homework question, but I hope it's allowed.
Does anyone know how to cite the Convention on the Rights of the Child in MLA format? The MLA doesn't even specifically state how to cite treaties or other agreements of the like and Google isn't helping me.
This is the pdf I found

I assume it will be something like
United Nations General Assembly. Convention on the Rights of the Child. 2 Sep. 1990. 14 Nov. 2010.
but I really don't know?
goonies, hungry

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My husband came home and brought me one of these. It's a triple chocolate doughnut: chocolate custard inside, chocolate icing and chocolate chips on top of that.

Should I eat it now or wait until after dinner?
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When you're cranky, do you take it out on people around you or purposely try to contain all bitchy comments/feelings?

What's your current trivial pet peeve?
Mine is people who confuse 'then/than'. I recently saw it all throughout a project a 4th year university student had made :/

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All my roommates are at work so I'm alone in my house.  I wanted to go to dinner with someone but they're all goooonnneee.  Should I order take out from Macaroni Grill and have a nice dinner with myself?  Now that I think about it I just kind of want some company TBH.

Will you make me feel better?  Today sucks and it's my only day off this week.  I have to work the next seven days in a row.

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Is stuff like this completely ridiculous? Because I'm thinking that most dogs would rip that off in a minute.

If you don't have an opinion on that, will you use this post to talk about whatever you want?

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Will you tell me about your latest First World Problem?
I'm becoming frustrated because I have to pick out all the raisins from my trail mix as I eat it. Raisins are icky! :(

Can you recommend me a good brand of nail polish?
I'm using China Glaze right now but I'm not really liking its consistency and I'm having a hard time getting it to dry even when I only apply one coat. I diluted it a bit with some nail polish remover and it seemed to help with both. I'd just rather not have to do that to other bottles as well. I heard OPI stuff is nice but I have yet to try it. I'll give anything under $10 a try if you have a brand you really love!
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i just came across some really nice things from a wonderful time in my life, and now i feel nostalgic and awful.

can you cheer me up?

or can you commiserate and tell me about a time you often feel sad nostalgia for?

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I need Dr. TQC's help.

I've been getting this tightness in my throat. It kind of feels like when you get a pill stuck, but slightly further down. It hurts, but not in a sore throat sort of way. It feels kind of like if I got a piece of food stuck in there, but it'll go away and come back and I'm not having any problems breathing.

Have you experienced something like this? Is it maybe a thyroid problem that I should go to the doctor and have checked out?
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Do you discuss sex with your siblings? Do you go into a lot of detail?

Inspired by another post and the memory of how I almost puked in my mouth when my sister told me about a guy going down on her.

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I have been applying for jobs I've found on Craigslist. They have been mostly office jobs. Three of the jobs replied to me (with what I assume to be generated e-mails) and asked me to get a copy of my credit score/report to bring to an interview.

One of the websites given was Is this normal or a scam? It doesn't seem normal to me. They all said the same thing along the lines that I would have access to a company credit card.


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Dear TQC,

I'm supposed to write an essay about why I am underrepresented in the US study abroad program. However... I don't know if I am. I'm looking for sources that will help me find out if I am but I'm having a difficult time. I'm white/Jewish and I am also an immigrant from Eastern Europe. Any advice or helpful links? I realize I'm probably not underrepresented though...but idk, I really need this scholarships. :/
I &lt;3 TLV

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Who's going to a midnight showing of HP7? Will you be wearing a costume? (If yes, description/pics plz)

Do you ever dream about discovering doors to other dimensions/places/the past/future? I do every once in a while and they're my favorite dreams. I had one last night and it was awesome.

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i'm looking for an earthy/woodsy fragrance or perfume... what would you recommend?

also: what do you find especially physically attractive in others?

political campaign bumper stickers

So, around here I see a lot of cars with stickers from the recent election campaigns, and quite a few cars with stickers from the election two years ago, and some from elections from way before then. Why do people leave campaign stickers on their car for months or years after the election is over?
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tqc, what do you do when your significant other/best friend buys you something and you don't want it? my boyfriend recently bought me two shirts for no reason at all but i don't see myself wearing them. what's a polite way to say "hey, i'm not going to wear these. let's go and return them to get your money back."?

if you don't care, what was your last crazy outing? yanno, the kind where you were sloppy drunk or your friends were and some crazy shit happened.

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1. If/When you're under a lot of stress, is there a part of day which seems to be the worst? Do you go through phases of calm, or are you just stressed all the time?

When I have something bad happening, I'm the worst at dealing with it very early in the morning, or late at night. And of course it disrupts my sleep. Then I make myself believe it's gonna be OK. Then I'm anxious and stressed again. I can go through the cycle many times a day when I'm super cool and super stressed.

2. Is/was your parents approval important to you?
3. Did you ever have to deal with telling them something that you knew would disappoint or anger them very much? If so, how did you do it?

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 I'm through to the finals of a competition.
The winner is being decided by a poll on the host companies Facebook page, and there are four other competitors.
I'm winning at the moment... JUST.. and the competition doesn't close until next Saturday at midnight.

What are you good ways to get more votes?
Serious/non serious answers please! :)

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i decided that tonight i am going to clean up my music files and make sure everything is tagged correctly. problem is, i got tripped up by a mix cd somebody made for me but didn't include a track list. i was able to figure out most of them by googling lyrics snippets, but there are two instrumental tracks. i would ask the guy who made the mix, but we had a really awkward semi-dating relationship and i haven't talked to him since the spring, plus i lost his phone number.

long story short, can you identify these songs? they are electronic/pop/dance stuff, and most of the other songs on the mix were by artists like the knife, mgmt, lady gaga and justice (none of whom i am really familiar with), if that helps.

ETA: well that was easy, thanks! Anyone want to tackle one more? Different mix cd, not in english. Possibly in Japanese but I don't know for sure. Really happy song.

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I'm looking for a program to volunteer abroad for a few months... perhaps the whole summer.
I'm worried that every program I find is just secretly trying to steal my money. I'm looking for something like the Peace Corps but just not two years long.

Have you had any experience or know any recommendations I could look into?

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I have a necklace from an ex-boyfriend. For our 2nd anniversary, he gave me a very pretty necklace from Tiffany&Co. I still really like it cause it's simple and it's a fucking Tiffany's necklace!

Is it weird to wear ex-boyfriend jewelry? Do any of you wear pieces from lovers past?

Collapse )

Do you think RELATIONSHIP when you see that design?

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TL;DR:  So it just really hit me that I'm spending Thanksgiving alone this year and I'm having mixed feelings about it.  On the one hand, I need the time to study.  But on the other, much larger hand, I do not handle holidays alone very well, based on past experiences.  So I'm trying to focus on what I'm going to make for dinner (which is totally appropriate because I tend to eat my feelings, lol). 

 I'm a vegetarian, so I'm thinking about trying Tofurkey.  But I'm having a hard time deciding what else I want to make.  Can you suggest ideas for a possible side dish or two, plus dessert?  Since I'm cooking only for myself and I love cooking and baking new things, I am open to random, non-traditional suggestions.

dk/dc: What is your favorite way to eat cranberries?  I like frosting them with sugar.