November 13th, 2010

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Are there certain people who, no matter how hard you want and try to like them, you just can't?

Do you know anyone who has kind of an asshole-y sense of humor? How do you respond to it, if you do at all?
My roommate's (who is also a friend) boyfriend is always talking to me in a smartass, extremely sarcastic tone.
I've been suffering from a persistent cough, and he just comes over to pick up my roommate. She tells him that I'm not going out with them tonight because I'm sick. He then turns to me and says, "You're sick? Who knows - it could be something serious like cancer. Those things can start as a simple cough." WTF?! Seriously. Who "jokes" like that?
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Who would win in a fight?

Shrek, Donkey and Puss-in-Boots
Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi (old version), C3PO

Who would win in a fight?

Christian Bale in the Batman costume
Roberty Downey Jr. in the Iron Man costume

Who would win in a fight?

The cast of Sex and the City
The cast of Desperate Housewives

Who would win in a fight?

The White Stripes
The Blue Man Group

Who would win in a fight?

The cast of Jackass
The cast of Jersey Shore

Who would win in a fight?

The Munsters
The Adams' Family

Who would win in a fight?

A belligerent Sean Penn
A belligerent Mel Gibson

Who would win in a fight?

Richard Simmons
Justin Bieber

Who would win in a fight?

Steven Segal (now)
Mike Tyson (now)

Who would win in a fight?

Cesar Milan (the Dog Whisperer) and Snoop Dogg
Dog the Bounty Hunter
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How well should you have to know someone to ask them for a letter of recommendation? Two profs, only had one class with them, but they like me! Is that good enough? ...what if they say no? ;_; Does anyone ever refuse to do a letter? Or would they must be like, oh sure and then never do it? I need letters to be in by Jan 2011 so this is a good time to ask right?? Am I on a good schedule?

Can you tell me I have no reason to worry please?
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What was the last show/movie/book that you finished and were just heartbroken that it was over?

I just finished Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and I'm flailing around because the ending was so perfect, yet I don't want to leave these characters or universe.

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i left my alan wake game at this guys house like 2 months ago. we where really good friends for years but ive stopped talking to him. i really want it back but i dont want to go back over there or really ever talk to him again cuz hes a dick and i dont want to seem like an asshole for being like "hey can i have my video game bye" should i just get over the loss of a cool game that was like $60?
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Dirty Keys

How often do you clean the keys on your keyboard?
Once a year maybe?

When was the last time you cleaned them?
Yesterday. Now they are all shiny

Do you take the keys out and clean them individually, or do you have another way to clean them? If the former, have you ever lost a key?
Yes and Yes. My Help Key on my mac keyboard is now acting as the Z key. Who uses the help key, anyway?
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why can i not seem to NOT embarrass myself wherever i go, no matter what i do, even when i don't try not to?!

me and my sister were drunk at a street corner on our way to Qdoba to sober up and you know, wait a while before she drove us home, and she had said something and i yelled, "SHAHRUKH KHAN DOES NOT APPROVE"(because she's totes in love with him now, too) and OF COURSE an Indian guy was RIGHT NEXT TO US, who i didn't see! and he was all, "WHAT DID YOU SAY HAHAHAAH" and i was all, "WHYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?" in my head. but he was super cute and funny, sooo.

but seriously, TQC, whyyyyyyyyyyy?
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So I've been reading lots of historical fiction recently. Can you point me in the direction of some good Historic fiction?

For some reason you now run all of television. What's the first show you cancel?


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Anyone know what the advantages of the menstrual cycle are in comparison to an estrous cycle? I've read one theory that it's not beneficial in itself but rather, menstruating species require more developed endometrium that can't all be reabsorbed by the body. I'd be curious if anyone knows of any potential advantages though, aside from the shaky 'synchronization' theories.

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Wikipedia users (aka pretty much everybody), you have probably seen the most recent appeal for donations.
Are you going to donate to wikipedia?
What was the last thing you looked up on wikipedia?

I am contemplating donating, since I use it pretty much daily and would really like to keep it ad-free.

The last thing I looked up was Rupert Grint because I wanted to make sure he was older than me so I don't have to feel creepy about thinking he's cute. (he is older, but only by a couple days)
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1: Are you in the military/a veteran?

2: Do you have a close relationship (partner/spouse/gf/bf of, parent of, child of, sibling of) with someone who is or was in the military?

3: If the answer to either of those questions is yes, which country's military are you connected with?

Excuse my random thought. Just curious, since there are roughly 750985895685 American-centric military comms on LJ!
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I had an interview at a swimming school as an instructor on Wednesday. I guess it went well because they wanted me to come back for a swimming interview. I guess I'm supposed to get in the pool and...I dunno, kind of shadow a class or two.

They told me they needed to run a background check, then on Saturday, at 12:15, I can come in for the swimming interview.

Thursday, they called me to ask for my birthday, which they needed for the background check. They told me they hope the background check would clear before Saturday. I can't go into the pool until after they run a background check.

It is now Saturday morning, and I have not heard anything from anyone there. I have called several times and only gotten an answering machine.

In order for me to get there for the interview on time, I need to leave in about an hour. It's an hour and a half long bus ride there.

What should I do if they don't call me back within the next hour? Should I go or not go?

EDIT: Going to go. Thanks, everybody.

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Is there something nice you can do for someone today that you weren't already planning to do?  Just something small like give them a quick call or pick them up a little something at the store? 

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If/when you take a trip somewhere, for whatever reason, do you plan everything you want to do/see down to the last detail beforehand, show up with no idea wtf you are gonna do with your time or something in-between?

Unrelated bonus question, wa-hey: what is your TQC pet peeve?

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TQC, I have grand plans to make chicken ceaser wraps for dinner tonight.


I forgot two things that I consider very important to the chicken ceasar wrap construction:

1. bacon
2. Parmesan cheese

Should I make a special trip to the store today to get these things or will my wraps be delicious enough without them?

What are you making for dinner tonight?

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What's the last thing that tested your patience?

At work I have an old (80 year old) man on the phone because his email isn't working. Before getting to that, he had to tell me his entire life story. Come on man, I am alone and there are other calls in queue.
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large metal hoops?

 hey guys!
i'm looking to buy large flat metal hoops about 3 feet in diamater.  actually, it doesn't matter so much that they are metal that they are sturdy.  they should be flat so that i can drill perpendicular to them...kinda like a very very short tube, if that makes any sense.

does anyone know where i might be able to buy these?

thanks for your help! :)

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The old tenants from my house let themselves in with a key they had hung onto last night.
The letting company have said they have no obligation to change the locks.

Legally, where do we stand here? (I'm in the UK)
ETA: We've told the police who have said they will speak to the letting agency, but haven't had an update.
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  I had a Red Velvet Cheesecake at Magnolia Bakery the other day and it was sooooooooooooooo delicious that I decided to make it as a Xmas gift to my family. I'd probably make 3 to 5 cakes.
Here's a pic of the one I had.

The recipes I found for it either use oreo cookies or chocolate graham crackers as the crust, but I'm not too crazy about oreos and graham crackers.

What can I use to make the chocolate crust?
Can I mix a melted dark chocolate bar in with the crust or will that ruin it?

Also, I'm going to take the pie crust ingredients with me on the plane, do you think TSA will confiscate it?
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does anyone here not like waking people up?
i really do not and as a result, people who stay at my house generally end up sleeping late into the afternoon. this must be remedied!
how can i fix this?

how do you like to be woken up?
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Have you ever bought tickets from a scalper or some sort of secondary, non-official ticket vendor like stubhub or some dude off craigslist?

I just did for the first time and it made me feel dirty and used and nervous but HEY GOING TO A SOLD OUT SHOW TOMORROW WOOO
btvs → back to life


My friend lets me borrow his Costco card sometimes. Do they check your card if you have a return? I need to return a pair of boots I bought a week ago, and I really don't want to make my friend do it for me.
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I am getting ready to buy a new laptop and just looking at Craig's List to put off studying, I see someone selling the same exact laptop I am planning on buying, supposedly a month old, for $1000 less than it is going to cost to buy it new. Should I even bother contacting this person, or should I assume the laptop is stolen?
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are there certain parts of your life that you block out of your mind?
if you do, when you suddenly remember those, does your mood just..drop?

are you a believer of "no regrets"?

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I got bored the other night, so I posted a thing on the "women seeking men" section of craig's list, briefly describing myself and asking where people go to meet each other. I didn't include a picture or any personal info.

Why'd my shit get flagged?

When was the last time you felt like a super pathetic loser?

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Still got the break up blues. It's been a week and I'm in my depression stage. I'm missing his friendship, but he treated me like crap. Rawr.

I can haz encouraging words plz?

What was the last stupid decision you made?
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I just gave you $300. You have to buy stuff with it - can't just save it, and the stuff can't be useful (no housekeeping stuff, clothes/jackets, etc). Entirely frivolous "this looks neat so I want it" purchase.

What do you get, TQC? Pictures welcome.

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I am fascinated by North Korea. My friend isn't the brightest and claims to have never to have heard of it. How would you explain life in North Korea to someone who wanted her scrotum pierced? (She meant her septum. Funniest thing I've heard anyone ever say!)
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Which type of sandwich should I make tonight?

Grilled Cheese
Tuna Melt
Make your own decisions.

Also, are any of you guys getting random adds from empty journals? I just got two in the last few minutes, and I got, like three yesterday.
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I just got a message here on LJ, from someone on facebook.

from Jump Off Tyne Bridge
I was looking for Monty Python fans on LJ
may i talk with you?

Has this happened to anyone else? Should I talk to them?
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I've become intrigued by notebooks and writing in them. A lot of people say Moleskines are like the most awesome notebook ever. Any of you use them, and if so, would you agree with this statement?
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I want to get a Heart Rate Monitor for my workouts.

So, if you have a HRM, what kind do you have, and would you recommend it? Polar seems pretty popular, what about Timex and Garmin?
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Santa's coming, everybody duck

What do you want for Christmas/other winter holiday? Feel free to answer even if you don't celebrate Christmas.

I want a computer that's new enough to let customer service websites and online shopping carts load. Inspired by my inability to reserve a rental truck or pay my cell phone bill online tonight.

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I just posted this in updates, but want to ask the question directly.
An update to this post.

Turns out my very drunk and out of control housemate (and friend) had told loads of people there was a party at our house. They then turned out and DID let themselves in with a key, but are now maintaining that the door was open.
We got the police involved and everything, and it was my poor housemate who got rid of them who had to deal with all of this, not the drunk.
What bothers me most is that she rang me to apologise and the main thread was, 'i'm really sorry but can you not tell anyone the police got involved because i'm worried what they (the old tenants) might do to me', not 'I'm so sorry I jeapordised our safety'.

Does anyone have any advice on trying to stop someone binging so much?
My houstmate drinks about once or twice a week and gets completely out of control. Each time she says 'it'll never happen again' but it inevitably does. I feel like we're just waiting till she irrevocably damges herself, her relationships or our house.

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Does anyone here have experience selling photographs on Etsy? If so, what size prints do you sell, and how do you go about printing them out? (at home, a business, etc) I was considering giving it a shot for some extra cash but I'm not sure about the whole printing process and whether people print out stuff at Walmart or similar places, or go somewhere/make it a little more ~professional~.

Do you sell anything else at all on Etsy? If so, what?
Ever bought anything from Etsy?
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TQC, I want to send a nice, light-hearted ~thinking of you~ card to someone, but I am horrible with words. I CAN DRAW THOUGH! What should I draw to send to this person? Will you suggest something for me? I just want to send her something to maybe brighten her day a little bit.

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How would you react if you were having sex (not were about to have sex, but were actually doin' it) and your partner answered a phone call or text message?

Have you ever answered a phone call or text during sex? How did your partner respond?
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I'm looking for a black v-neck or u-neck short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve dress. Super simple, something like maybe the one under the cut, but do you know of something for ~$30? I couldn't find one in the mall at all today.

If not, where do you buy your basics? Esp. basic cardigans!
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can I bring 1 large shoulder bag, 1 purse and a hanging coat as a carry on a plane?

I am leaving from vacation tomorrow and of course have too much stuff to pack into my carry on bags bleh should have planned better!

do you know how to dance? ballroom type dancing?

when did you start drinking around your family (if you have)?