November 12th, 2010

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I have to listen to some tapes for work. My earphones work fine when I use them with my laptop or my iPod, but when I plug them into the tape player sound only comes out the left earphone.

Does anyone know what's going on? I looked on Google but all I could find were cases in which the earphones were broken )-:

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*What is your opinion of...
I just can't get over the "I haven't ordered anything offline in over 2 years, and certainly not from, etc."

*Are you going Black Friday shopping?
I intend to if I can get a good game plan going. (decide what I want the most and make sure the time the store opens doesn't clash with another deal goin down somewhere else...)
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I have had a nervous tic in my right butt cheek for two days.

What's driving you nuts currently?

On a scale from one to ten, how sexy do you look in a tank top?
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omg yes ticky!!
i love ticky gimme more! :)
mmm ticky me so good
ugh, okay i'll ticky if you want me to... :(
ticky to the rescue in a world of radio buttons!!
what a stupid poll
srsly this is the worst poll ever
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 So I'm applying to this job right? And it says: This is an entry level position; lawyers and individuals with advanced degrees should not apply. 

I don't know if I should apply or not. I have a Masters Degree, which some people consider to be an advanced degree. But I probably qualify for an entry level job. They aren't specific. Also, there is no email they give, just a database to upload my stuff to. 

Should I apply anyways? 

inspired by the dress question

are there any people you share clothes with regularly?
do you take their clothes more or less often than they take yours?

ok, and even though we just had a picture post....will you post a picture of you wearing somebody else's clothes and/or somebody else wearing your clothes?

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Will you tell me/show me your favourite make-up product plz?
Fav brand?
Fav Benefit product?

Personally, I am a huge Urban Decay fan but it has finally occurred to me - at 22 - that I could do with wearing daily make-up in order to look more professional & all my make-up is going out make-up, plus I don't know a thing about foundation, only concealer, and I can't do eyeliner without blinding myself. For the day I just go with ~natural looks, right?
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I just finished a paper and have physics homework due tomorrow at noon. It's 3:30am now and I have to get up around 8:30. What should I do?

stay up now and do all/most of the physics homework
do some now, some tomorrow
do two hours' worth tomorrow before it's due (even it means turning it in incomplete)

Edit: poll-ized

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Tonight I went to a bar and got a glowstick bracelet for every drink I had refilled by the shot girls/shot I got from them.  I ended up with thirteen.  I was very, very drunk.  Why don't my roommates believe I earned my bracelets?  Are they totes jealous?

Will I wake up hungover tomorrow?  What time will I wake up?

gross post

how do you stop dry heaving when you are really sick and you already threw everything up?
also how do i keep water down?
i dont want to dehydrate and die but every time i take a sip i puke.
have you ever puked up cough medicine? its so gross
what is the grossest thing you ever puked up?
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 When writing an English essay, what is the appropriate way to write numbers? Should they always be the digit, or always spelled out, or? 

dk/dc What was the last thing you burned your tongue on?
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A conversation going on in the office today has me wondering...

Non-smokers, do you feel the need to warn smokers of the health risks associated with smoking? Do you try to get the smokers in your life to quit?

Smokers, how do you respond when someone lectures you about the risks associated with smoking? Does it change depending on who it is?

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do any of you have any experiences with ambit energy?
one of my coworkers is a representative for them and has been really pushy about trying to get me as a customer, and that makes me feel like there's something fishy about it.
love me do.
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Can anyone think of any films featuring people with a physical disablilty from 1890 to 1948? Or anyone working in the film industry at that time with a physical disability?
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For those of you who are unemployed and actively looking for a job, for how long have you been in this situation? (aka unemployed and looking)

It's been almost 9 months for me now. Although I did have a volunteer position for 4 months and I was on vacation for 1 month.
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Check out this hilarious message I just got from charmecia5 :

"you get a life and stop hating on me because you'll never be like me you faggy bitch."


Anyone else have any funny or pathetic messages they've received from her?

For long term LJ members...

Hey TQC.
Any of you remember about 8(+?) years ago when there was an option to search for people by like interest? I know you can still search for groups/communities by one similiar interest. The older method I am referring to let you search for people that listed multiple similiar interests as you, starting with the person that had the most at the top of the list, then the second most below that, and so forth, so you may find journals listing many similiar interests as your own. I have not been on lj for quite some time now. Is this option still available and I am just missing it?

If not, does anyone know of any similiar sites/programs/etc (preferably not dating sites) that have an option like this?

I'd like to meet some new people IRL or online, but my interests are so vast, it seems I am having a hard time meeting mutually versatile open-minded people.

What's the worst (paying) job you have ever had?
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What does the "it's complicated" option on facebook mean to you?  As in, what situation would lead you to choose "it's complicated"?

On an unrelated note, it's Friday and we need some macros or .gifs.  What's your favorite?
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What was the best show on Nickelodeon in the 1990s?

ETA: Here are some of my favorites:
All That
The Secret World of Alex Mack
Legends of the Hidden Temple
What Would You Do?

Also I wasn't totally into the show, but I love the Doug theme song.

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Praguers, or people who have traveled to Prague and loved it: besides Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter, and the Communism museum, what is "must-see" in the city? Or, what are little known things to do/see?

DK/DC/Where's Prague: What is something you just "get" completely?

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Doctor TQC, my temperature has been a degree higher than it normally is for the past few days. (98.9-99.3 as opposed to ~97.9F)

I have read/heard that after you ovulate, your temperature can go up, but that has never happened to me before. Could it happen during one cycle and not all? I was supposed to ovulate a few days ago.

What else could cause my temperature to raise a whole degree randomly? I honestly feel fine otherwise.
I probably shouldn't go to the doctor about this, right? I mean, is it a big deal?
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I have to "do something cultural" in relation to an ethnography report I am putting together and am a little stuck on ideas. Brilliant me decided to focus on drug use in the inner-city; I was thinking I could do an interview but short of calling homeless shelters and asking around I don't think I'm going to be very successful (that sounds awfully rude, as well). My other idea was to attend a documentary screening or similar related to my topic but I'm having trouble finding anything in my area. Ideas? You're not doing my homework, by the way.

What was the last great book you read?

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TQC, my cat just stepped onto my keyboard. My screen now consists of my current web page, and that's it. No start bar at all, and just Firefox's URL bar and "back" "forward", "reload", etc. It's not showing the minimize/maximize/close bar at all. How do I fix this?

Edit: Ignore this question. I just figured it out. Win!
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Has anyone joined AmeriCorps specifically to pay off your college loans? How was your experience? How hard or easy was it to join?


thick ranch sauce vs. runny ranch sauce? Choose!
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Why would a guy suddenly stop talking to me after he told me he liked me? Should i say something to him or just leave things alone? (srs/non srs answers)

What video games are you looking forward to?
>> wanderlust
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film questions

What are some good movies set in boarding schools?
For example, Dead Poet's Society or All I Wanna Do.

What are some good movies that were released recently (2009/2010) but went by mostly unnoticed/didn't get the hype they deserved?

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TQC, I made a stirfry for dinner to use up lots of odds and ends that were in the fridge. I put in some chicken that needed to be used, but it turned out to be an awful lot so now my stirfry is mostly chicken. What are some interesting things that I can add (keep in mind I already have noodles, carrot, chicken, asparagus, capsicum, cabbage and ginger in there)?
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 What is your favourite Thanksgiving dish (assuming you celebrate)? IT's really more of a summer dish, but my Aunt Judy's coleslaw is my absolute favourite thing about Thanksgiving. My dad makes a really awesome kicked up StoveTop. And we always have turkey and dumplings with the leftovers.
My great gram usually makes Mississippi Mud for dessert, too. So delicious.

What do you never have at Thanksgiving even though it's a 'traditional' dish? I have never once seen any form of cranberry at any of my family's thanksgiving dinners.


This morning, my boyfriend deployed to Iraq.  He'll be there for 8 to 10 months.  This is my first experience with this type of thing.

Any TQC members out there dealt with a significant other in the military?  How did you deal when they deployed?

I'm feeling lost.
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Customer revenge game?

I'm thinking of this game I used to play sometimes.   It was played (free) on the internet, where you are a guy working in a bookstore.  All these customers keep walking in front of him, and you have to press a button to make them fall down a trap door, which leads to a pit of alligators, as they're walking over it.  You get bonus points if you make them slip in such a way that they hit their head.  If you push it too soon and the customer sees it, you lose.  Periodically, your boss/manager (I think her name is Joanne?) comes in to watch/help you.  There's also a ninja every once in a while, who usually made me lose because I couldn't send him down the trap door before he saw it.

Ugghhh, I remember like everything about it except the name.  I've tried googling various combinations of the descriptors above to no avail.  I posted in whatwasthatone  and no one answered.  Help!
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Hi. So, after six years of obsessive fangirlism, I'm finally bored to tears with Supernatural. I need a new main show. Shows I've been a fan of are: Supernatural, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Veronica Mars, and Dexter, and sometimes House. I'm not very much into comedy, anime, or foreign dramas. It can be a show that's been cancelled or has otherwise been off air for awhile. Any suggestions?

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Whyyyyyyyyyyyy can't I send text messages? The cellphone company called us yesterday with a customer service survey, and in the process, we upgraded to unlimited texting. But now suddenly I can't send or receive text messages. If I try to send texts, I get an error saying "service unavailable" It's the same for every phone on our plan.

I checked our account online, & it says we have unlimited texts.

what the fuck?
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Will you tell me about a POSITIVE Customer service experience you have had?

I just placed an order for my husband on the Metallica merch website for a hoodie he wanted and I got all the way to the end of the order before realizing I placed it for the wrong size. I emailed their info immediately and I got a response within an hour saying they corrected my order!!! (Now lets see if it comes in the correct size, huh)

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Do you enjoy life simulation games such as The Sims or Second Life?
Also, care to recommend any other life simulation games? Those are the only two I really know of(well, I tried Kaneva, and that sucks so).
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let's say you went on a successful date with someone. how soon do you call them again to schedule another date?

dk/dc: what is your favorite element?

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Hey gamers

I'm shopping for a gift certificate for my SO for for Christmas but I don't play video games so I can't get my head in that space -- would you rather have the option of 1 game out at a time for a 3 month trial or 2 games out at a time for a 2 month trial? They are the same price.
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So it's 10:15pm and I really don't want to go outside but I really want to bake a pie. My recipe calls for 3/4 cup of butter, can I substitue that with sunflower oil or absolutely not? If so, how much should I use? Something tells me I can't do that :(
everything is ok with ok ok?!

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do you like Bollywood?
do you have a favorite film?
a favorite song, even(as if you could choose!)?
a favorite actor and actress?

i made my sister Indian food(curry potatoes and peas and chicken with papadums to dip in tamarind chutney sauce) and we're watching Om Shanti Om and it's ahhhhmaaaaazzzziiiiinnnnnng!
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My dad's laptop is infected with Security Tools. It's a trojan that isn't allowing any programs or downloads to run. He didn't have Malwarebytes previously downloaded, and now the trojan/virus/whatever isn't allowing downloads. He's tried to run MWB from a thumbdrive, and it hasn't worked. He's pretty screwed, y/y? Any helpful hints? I've been googling PC Tech forums, but I can't find that one I used last year to remove a fake Anti-Virus program from my laptop. Any words of wisdom?

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 for the last 4 days i have been helping my cousin (who is more like my sister) deal with her friends suicide.  it was completely unexpected (as they are, usually) 
she has not stopped crying for 4 days, and has eaten very very little, cant sleep, and generally wants to be alone.  i know this is common.  and me and her have dealt with death like this before (her sister and my two brothers have died, and we have leaned on each other immensely)
but this is the worst i have ever seen her and im worried sick.  i am crying my eyes out and every inch of my body is aching due to stress and emotion etc.
i am begging her to get off facebook for a while and put her blackberry down for a bit to have a "break" from the rumours and drama and crap people say about things like this. (esp when in highschool)
is that a stupid request?  should i just let her be?
i have even suggested going away for a week somewhere.