November 11th, 2010

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Do you ever get a recurring zit/pimple anywhere without fail?

Women, do you expect men to pay in general if it is or isn't a date?

Have you ever found out you're on a "date" you didn't know was a date?
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how does this make you feel?

do you think amazon should stop selling this book?

should erotica written about children and hentai with children be illegal? i'm not trying to say child porn that abuses actual children is OK, because it obviously isn't.

i hope there are no pedophiles on here.

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My roommate is playing Black Ops and just yelled, "I don't want to kill you!  I want the four fucking bullets I put in your face to kill you!".  I lol'd so hard he yelled at me too.  When was the last time someone yelled at you for laughing at them?

Saw 3D

I'm wondering what you guys thought of Saw 3D. Disappointing? Better then the others? Explained enough? ect...

I found it so/so. Some of the traps were really cool and the ending was good but it didn't tie in all the lose ends well enough.
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Earlier this evening I was playing with sharp objects and nicked the bridge of my nose. It's not a proper CUT... it's more like I scraped off the top layers of skin. It's no longer bleeding, but it looks... well, it looks like I tried to stick a bindi on my face an inch too low.

I want to do some filming tonight and I don't have any concealer. Would it be Really Bad if I used a little bit of oil pastel to cover the red spot? Do you know of any other ways to conceal an obvious mark like that without potentially contracting some kind of horrible infection?

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What are some good ways to lose weight? I've recently put on some weight since entering college, the dreaded Freshmen 15. I haven't gotten there yet and I don't want to be well on my way so are there any specific diets/work-outs that helped you guys lose weight?

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Can you crack your knuckles? How many of them can you crack?

DK/DC/Does not apply:
-What's the worst customer service you've ever had?
-Would you eat a glazed donut that dropped into the grass?
-Do you like sesame?
-First three words that pop into your head RIGHT NOW?
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Why do I wake up at 3:30am every morning? No matter what time I go to bed I wake up at 3:30am, toss and turn for 20 minutes and then I'm wide awake.

I've given up staying in bed as I just can't get back to sleep until about 6am and I get up at 9am. Normally I'll just snuggle up on the sofa with my cat but I still can't sleep. I'm so tired all the time.

Are you tired? Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel ridiculously hungry?
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I want to learn how to knit, but there are so many sites and videos out there that I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Do you have any suggestions for where I should start?

I'm right handed, if that helps.

DK/DC: I'm going to watch a movie on Netflix tonight. What should it be?
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I've tried googling, but all I'm getting is results on when to send my payroll in if there is a bank holiday. I have no payroll.

If my direct deposit is usually available at 5pm on Thursday (which would be today) will the bank holiday (Veteran's Day) screw that up? Officially, payday is tomorrow, but I need to put gas in my tank and my checking account is looking pretty empty at the moment.

EDIT: NVM It went through after I checked the account this morning.

NEW QUESTION: Do you like sweet potatoes? I am basically in love with them right now. Sweet potato fries, sweet potato casserole. What are some more delicious ways to eat sweet potatoes?
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My friend clogged my toilet to the point where just plunging doesn't do enough last night. Now maintenance has to come in and fix it, and because it's my own bathroom, they are going to think it was me. I should hide in the living room and act nonchalant, yeah?

Are you embarrassed when you have to call maintenance over shit like that?

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I have a lady bits questions.
and its pretty stupid, and I should know this because I am, a female.
as women, do we have in our bodies (somewhere, and if so where?!) all the eggs we are going to have in our fertile lifetime?  or do they develop each month and release?
does this question even make sense?
NB: I do know how the whole menstruating thing works, in terms of what happens each month.
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Have you ever made lasagna with "no cook" or "no boil" noodles? How did it turn out/compare to regular noodles (if you've used both)?

DK/DC Which show do you like more/hate less, Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice. I personally thing PP is a way better show, and I'm looking forward to tonight's episode!

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Have you ever spent a considerable portion of a staff meeting sexually fantasizing about someone else in the meeting? Have you ever wondered if someone else in that meeting can read your dirty thoughts and is so onto you? Did you ever get yourself so worked up you had to go relieve yourself in the bathroom?

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What are some habits and/or clothing/accessory items of whichever gender you're sexually attracted to that you find really sexy?

Me, I'm into men.

For some reason, I find the act of men shaving their beards/shadows so incredibly sexy.
Also, I've lately really been into guys who wear light pink button-up shirts.
AND, guys with hair that's cut pretty short on the sides and back but kept longer at the top and front.

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For my class, I have to write a research paper on the disease of my choice and present it to the class.
What disease would you pick? (And why?)
It can be literally any disease you can think of.

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*People might be offended, I dont know how sensitive people are in here*

When Asians immigrate from an Asian country to an English speaking country, do they randomly pick their "English" name.  Or is their Asian name translatable to English?



I'm trying to find a photographer that one of my students was trying to describe to me. All she could offer was that it was a woman photographer, she photographs in a Pre-Raphaelite style, and that one of the photographs is a woman in a garden with a wreath of strawberries around her head.

Any ideas??
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There's a severely deformed M&M in your batch of chocolate candies, do you eat it?

Halfway through your eating experience, you come across one candy that tastes dreadful.  
Do you abstain from the rest of them, or continue as if nothing has happened?

What is your favorite candy?

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To anyone with iPhones and the facebook app,

Have you tried adding photos or pics with it yet?
Are you have any probs with it?

Mine just will not do it, even saying there is a connection error when there isn't
And it only started happening with the new app update.

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I've been having my hair professionally colored for the past two years. Right now, I'm broke but I have about an inch and a half of obviously and ugly ass root regrowth. I used to do my own color and ruined my hair until I had a pro take over. Do I risk it and do my own color to hold me over until I get money again? My hair is blackish brown s there's not much that I could do to screw it up, like if I decided to bleach it or something.

What do I do?

About to give my car a bath

Poll #1643385 Carwash!

I know it depends on the season and how dirty it is and yadda yadda, but ON AVERAGE, how often do you wash your car?

More than once a month
Every other month
A couple times a year

How do you normally wash your car?

Drive-thru automatic carwash
Coin-Op car wash
Garden Hose in the driveway
I have a maid/servant/slave/child/parent do it for me

Do you use soap?


How dirty does your car need to be before you think "damn I gotta wash this heap"

I'm very particular. If I see dirt, it bothers me
I like it clean but a little dirt's okay.
When it's the dirtiest one around
When the windshield is translucent, save for where the wipers go
No amount of dirt bothers me.

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On October 27, I dropped off a small package to be mailed to Sydney, Australia from New York City. Since shipping things that far away was already expensive enough, I shipped via regular mail. It's now November 11, and my friend still hasn't received the package. I understand that Sydney is really far away from NYC, but doesn't it seem as though it should have gotten there by now? It's been 2 weeks. Since I shipped via regular mail and not priority or express, there's no way of tracking the shipment. Now I'm getting worried that it's gotten lost in transit.

Why could it be taking so long??

Have any of you ever shipped something internationally that has taken over 2 weeks to get delivered?

Too bored and tired to make this more interesting

With the rise in popularity of 'It's on like Donkey Kong', it made me consider that there may be a future for all old 80s video games in contemporary conversation. Which of the following phrases do you think would most catch on?

'I'll see you laters in Space Invaders'
'Talk to the hand like Mrs. Pac Man'
'Hope you get a hemorrhoid the size of Asteroids'
'Eff your mother like Super Mario Brothers'
'You're dumb as dirt with a nose like Q-bert'
'Balls to the wall like we're in Pitfall'
'This is totally sublime like Burgertime'
'Shitty blogger run down like Frogger'

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What do you do when you're really bored with the food you've been eating?

I've lost my appetite for a lot of things and everything seems bland. Going grocery shopping is really boring and going out to eat seems even more boring.

Can TQC suggest something interesting?

I'm on a mostly vegan diet with the occasional sweet treat (pastries, cakes, cupcakes, chocolate, etc.)

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Ugh sorry I know I just asked one but I think it's more than ten down...

Did you ever apply for a job that you weren't really qualified for and get an interview/get the job? Details?

I'm applying for a job and I have the black-and-white type qualifications (I have the proper certifications and such) but I probably don't have the exact experience they're looking for (I've taught English and Phys Ed., I've taught Grades 7-8, but I've never taught Grade 7-8 English and Phys Ed). I want to apply just for the hell of it but don't want to waste my time either.
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There's a webcomic around that has a picture of a pug (maybe Natalie Dee's pug Chester) and he's dressed up like Darth Vader and the text is why he's like Vader - he wheezes, something else, and he uses the dark side of the force to make you carry him up the stairs. That part is for sure. It's adorable and I want to save it! Do you know what I'm talking about/have a link to it?

How do you organize your schoolwork?
Do you keep your work from previous years, or do you throw it out? What do you do with the notebooks for that term, but don't need for that day?

I end up just piling all the shit onto my desk into a pile (notebooks and binders and paper) and then when I get fed up of the pile, move it to the floor next to my desk. I need a better system.
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What kind of silly naturey things do you wonder about?

Like, I always wonder how animals that live primarily on only one type of prey get a balanced diet. Like leopard seals eat mostly just penguins, right? Penguins aren't vegetables, so WHERE DO LEOPARD SEALS GET THEIR GREENS? lol

Pls to be sharing the dumb nature things that you think about. Maybe we can pool our brainpowers and find some answers for each other.

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I got my tongue piercing :) And I can eat :D yay me!

I also got my tattoo yesterday. Its beautiful and classy. I still havent got a picture of it but soon :D my Lion of Judah *love*

Im out ofmovies to watch. I want something light and funny, no love drama though.

Any suggestions?

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TQC, what should my SO and I do this weekend besides eat, watch movies and have sex? I don't have any gaming systems, and we can't leave the house for longer than two hours at a time. I'm going to try and talk him into playing Scrabble at some point, but apart from what, what do you like to do with your SO when you're kind of house-bound?

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If you were going to a taco party and agreed to bring the shredded lettuce and the diced tomatoes for 20 hungry women, how many tomatoes would you dice and how many heads of lettuce would you shred??

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This is an example of a recent e-mail exchange between myself and my landlord:


I'll be by tomorrow to pick up the cheques,


I don't understand why he has reduced my name to a single letter.

Why do people do this?

Is it to look cool and/or important?

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for those of you who live in places where it doesn't really get light out during the day in the fall/winter how do you keep yourself from sleeping all day? 
Even if I went to sleep at a reasonable hour the night before I still don't have energy because there is no sun  :(

dn/dc?  tv character that reminds you most of yourself?

darlene on roseanne (w/o the baby)
*betty draper reading

certified mail surprise

I got a card in my mailbox that says I have a certified letter to pick up at the post office. The square where they were supposed to write the sender's name was left blank.

Should I go get it?

What do you think it is? srs/nonsrs

Have you ever gotten one of these? Was it worth standing in line at the post office?

Update: It turned out to be a letter from a law office looking for someone else with my name. What a waste of time. lol
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Ok, big problem. Reserved a room for 5 people in NY. Ordered plane tickets already. Plane tickets are nonrefundable.

You have to be 21 to check in. All of us are twenty. Apparently this policy is in place in all NY hotels? Idk. But we didn't know about this when we booked it. It doesn't say so anywhere on their site, and we called multiple times with different questions without anyone saying anything. Today, I called to ask about something else and the lady asked me randomly how old I was. I said 20...and then she said this would propose a problem?

Wtf? Does anyone know of any NYC hotels that will let us stay there even though we're under 21? Do you think they'll let us stay since we already booked it? Fuck

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I just got my iphone 4!!
I'm super duper happy, and excited to tear the plastic wrapping apart.
Does anyone know a reliable guide on how to jailbreak an iphone 4?

dk/dc: how old is your current phone?
I <3 TLV

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I'm hungry. I had tacos an hour ago. I don't have anything else to make a meal with. Should I...

Order food? (Probably Indian maybe Korean)
Eat more tacos?
Go to the grocery store for food to make another meal?
Get takeout at some place down the street? (Maybe falafel?)

Is there another option?

I'm supposed to be studying so ordering is the most appealing right now, since it would involve the least amount of time obtaining/preparing food. But it's also the most expensive.

DK/DC What's your favorite flower?

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Will you share any tips you might have for a really shy, NON-pot-stirrer for asking for a raise?

Collapse )

Alternatively, have you (or anyone you know) had any experience with the new TSA body scanner things? Stories plz?
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I've had a major problem with my 8 year old daughter lying to get out of trouble. Problem is, she keeps lying about things she wouldn't have gotten in trouble for, then ends up getting in trouble for lying. I did the grounding thing, which didn't really help. She got a dose of Tabasco sauce on her tongue which helped for about 2 weeks, but she kicked it up again last week. TQC, do you have any suggestions? How do I get it to sink in that she will always get in more trouble for lying?

Edit: For everyone mentioning the Tabasco on her tongue, it's the same idea as washing a kid's mouth out with soap, which isn't a pleasant experience either.

OH! And I forgot to mention, she actually likes Hot sauce mixed in to her food, so it's not as much a punishment as it probably seems.

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If you had 15 letters/numbers to be engraved on a ring, what would you have engraved?


Our favorite lunatic just wrote me:

(no subject)
from [info]charmecia5
you made fun of me and humiliated me and talked shit about me and those who live in flint.
that is not cool and you are not nice.
nor are you even worthy of my friendship.
don't bother coming to flint. white trash people like you are not welcomed here.
stay away from flint and get lost. loser.
besides me and heatherface is better than you and will always be better than you no matter what.
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How offensive do you think this statement is, on a scale from 1-10?:

"i just have to say veterans are over glorified heroes that kill for the machine. that is all"

How stupid do you think this statement is, on a scale from 1-10?:

" Ha ha ha there's a reason why you have the liberty of getting stoned and watch porn… somebody went through hell and then got his or her life taken away! U hit a nerve here boy. I understand ur point but u have to realize freedom needs sacrifice. Today I celebrate the sacrifice soldiers and there family made for what we are today"

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How do you deal with annoying co-workers? There's this one girl at my work who is such a damn hipster and is whiny (she spent half an hour today going, "I wanna go to this show nearby but I don't have my caaaamerraaaa how can I go to a show without my caaaammerrraaa?") and I mostly made sympathetic noises and told her to go anyway, but oh man. Do you just tend to stick your fingers in your ears and hum? Try and deal with them? Will you tell me about your annoying co-workers so that we can commiserate?

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What would you buy a 6 year old girl for a Christmas present for ~$15?

My school is doing a holiday gift drive and that's the gift I need to get.

dk/dc - what do you want for Christmas?
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Advice needed :/

Hi TQC, I need the advice of the masses please. Last year, I loaned a friend $500. We made a written contract which was dated and signed. The contract said he had to return the money by November 9th, 2009. He got royally fucked by a bad business deal, so I gave him some extra time. I've maybe seen him twice in 2010 and he hasn't brought up the loan once. Getting a hold of this guy is pretty hard since he's insanely busy and lives in two countries. I sent him two notifications that I was going to take him small claims court to both of his e-mail addresses, and sent messages that I needed to speak with him ASAP to his name on Gmail Chat, text message, voice mail (+ 3 unanswered calls), and passing a note through a mutual friend. I also mailed him a letter. No replies to anything. I don't really want to take him to court because the fees will mean that I won't get the full $500 which I need. Is there anything else I should do?
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There's this commercial for AT&T (I think) where a woman is at her house on the couch with a bunch of people, watching her TV. Turns out she's on a subway and her stop is here and she gets off exits the subway and she was watching on her phone the whole time etc
Anyway, in the commercial, what is the show or movie she is watching?

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what do you do when your SO really likes some shitty people that are friends with them for the wrong reasons and spread rumors about them and you whenever you express your dislike?

editsss: the shitty people are spreading rumors since i've said i dislike them.
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What did you do on your first date? How'd it go?

What are some things you can do other than eat out or see a movie? I live in LA.

Why the fuck did I agree to go? :/

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sup TQC.

did you ever have braces? what was the worst part about it? was it worth it?

if not,

what is your favourite tv show right now? ive been watching the big bang theory online and i had no idea it existed until a few months ago. i love it.

little edit: anyone have experience with ADULT braces? did it affect your life at all (professionally/personally/whatever?) i feel like no one will take me seriously :(
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I've never bought an audio book but I'd love to get one for the first time. I work at nights and I'm in retail so having to listen to one would definitely make the time go faster. Do y'all have any suggestions? I'm really into YA and fiction and some Harry Potter type stories. Do you have any recommendations for good audio books? Please let me know :)

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What are you thoughts on giving two girls I've babysat since they were 6 used designer bags for their Bat Mitzvah's?

Details: One is a Coach wristlet worth about $20, the other is a Dooney and Bourke bag worth about $40.

*It's either these or a mix CD
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so i'm seeing harry potter on the 20th with a friend. realistically, if i want to still have time for my normal activities, how likely is it that i'll be able to finish the last 2.5 books by then?
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I almost passed out at work today.
Have you ever/nearly passed out at your work place?
Do you know what the cause was?
How did your co-workers/boss treat it?

Do you like liquorice?
Edit: Red liquorice doesn't contain any liquorice so I was more-so leaning towards actual liquorice with this question. Interpret how you will.