November 10th, 2010



When a best friend breaks up with you do you normally expect a warning or a "letting you know whats happening", or even jsut quick "why I am doing this"?

What do you think when you don't get one?
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Here's a weird one. . .

I do not plan on getting married any time soon, I'm not even seeing anyone but. . .

Have you ever seen a bride smoking a cigarette?
Would you look down upon a bride if you saw them smoking in their gown?
We're you a smoking bride?

for some reason, i don't think there would be as much backlash for a groom smoking, but maybe that's just me. 

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1. Will you tell me something strange/quirky about yourself?
Sometimes if I have a hot shower my nose hurts uber bad, even if I don't get it under the water. Wtf?

2. Do you remember your dreams?
I remember mine pretty much every morning & I've heard if you remember them then you haven't slept properly.

3. Anyone here take collagen supplements?
I am curious as I've heard they might make my uber fine hair stronger & make it actually grow for once...

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How often do you back up your files?
When was the last time you backed up your files?

Brought to you by my laptop majorly shitting itself so bad that I genuinely thought it had finally died on me. I was so scared cos I haven't backed up since September last year. It's doing ok now but I definitely need to back up my stuff more often.
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Nail clipping

Do you clip your nails outside and leave the nail trimmings on the ground?

Do you know anyone who does this?

Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to why my neighbour is doing this at 730am?

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How fuckin cute is it when dogs curl into a little ball on the couch, bed, etc.? 1=cute like a nasty rabid mutant zombie squirrel that only a mother could love; 10=omg so cute I have to take a picture of the adorableness

Mean: 8.46 Median: 9 Std. Dev 2.30

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i made this big bowl of cereal for breakfast because i have to do a lot of biking today. but i'm fuuulllllllll and i don't want to finish it. but i know there are starving people in China and i'm not exactly rolling in cash and need to be pretty careful with my food.

should i finish it or is it OK to just call it a wash?

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Anybody care to take a guess at what the hell is wrong with my knee?    It's doing this weird popping thing when I straighten my leg out, particulary when I was walking down the hill to the bus stop yesterday and a little bit as I walked back up the hill this morning.   There is no pain if that helps and it's not really audible, I can just feel it.  

Naturally if it does not resolve with some rest or gets worse I'll see my doctor.   For now I'm just looking for similar experiences.

Any answer will do since I know very few of you are likely to be experts if any. 
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I was doing my hair in the bathroom mirror earlier when I felt a hand on my back. Even though it felt like a loving gesture, it startled me enough to make me wiggle and step away.

Please explain this away for me? I'm just crazy right?

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is it wrong if a couple (who has been dating just over a year) hasn't met each others families?
oh excuse me:  she has met his family twice, and he has never met her family.  (she is from a VERY traditonal family, where if you introduce your sig. other to them, they expect you to marry them.  and she is very family oriented) (he is not family oriented at all, he doesn't talk to his dad, or brother, and rarely sees his mom/sister)

edit: okay, maybe not "wrong"  but unusual?  the bf gets really upset/mad that he hasnt met any of her family, but she sticks to her guns and doesn't want to be bombarded with intrusive questions about their relationship from her family.

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Do you often set your Facebook profile picture as ones of you and your S.O.?

And not to read too deep into something like this, but if a person you're dating's past 6 profile pics have all been ones of you together, does it mean he/she is crazy about you?
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So I bought a pair of Converse shoes (not the canvas ones) in February of this year from an actual Converse Outlet store (so I know they're legit).

Now, About 10 months later, they are falling apart, and I have to get new ones. (Half the sole is missing on my right shoe, and it's raining, so my right foot gets really wet). Also the balls of the sole on both are worn down to almost nothing. If I poke the shoe there, my foot can feel it (that's also causing my socks to develop holes, since I'm pretty much walking on concrete with just socks on at this point).

These are the first pair of Converse I have owned. I liked them until recently, when they started falling apart, so I would be willing to but them again, but I dont want to be buying new shoes often.

So, my question is, are Converse shoes known for not being very durable? Or did I just get unlucky with a crappy pair?

What was the worst pair of shoes you've ever gotten? The best?

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You notice that your partner is putting on a bit of weight and it's gotten to the point where their shape is completely different to when you first started going out. Do you say anything?
Reverse the question and their losing weight, do you say anything?

Which situation would bother you more if at all?

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What do you like best about yourself?

Would you change what you find best about yourself for one day? (for example, you like your tan skin and you want to go pale or smurf)

I like my long, virgin hair and my pale skin, but occasionally I want to get a tan and bleach my hair white-blonde like I used to have it.
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Have you ever broken up with your Significant Other while living with them? What did you do? Did you move out right away? Did you still live with them? Do you have any advice? 

I'm in the middle of a breakup and we've lived together for three years now. This really sucks. 
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An LJ friend sent me several VC Andrews books she had laying around because I'd never read them. She didn't even let me pay her for shipping.

What nice thing has someone done for you lately?

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When you get food for take out and there is a spot on the receipt for tip, do you leave anything? I always feel like I should but, then again, they just handed me the food.

Someone insulted my hair yesterday, basically pointing out the fact that I need a dye job asap. How should I have responded? The person in question is a girl at school that I'm pretty friendly with. She also has great hair. I was speechless.

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i want to call the governor elect's office to tell them we want the rail program. but i don't know what to say.

what should i say? how should i word it?

an assistant answers and then i hang up.

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Okay so I just found out that my college has an official Quidditch Team. They're playing for the World Cup this weekend in New York.

I am not sure if this is something awesome or if it is just weird. Has anyone ever observed a Quidditch match, live/online? What was it like? Have you actually played Quidditch? Would you do it if you had the opportunity? Why/why not?

If you had a team, what would it be called?

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How long does a friend need to not contact you/put you off before you assume they just don't want to hear from you?

A friend I really like always puts me off going round (although she does this with a lot of people) and I just found out she's moved out and not told me. Kind of getting the feeling she doesnt want me around.
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I just did a load of dark clothes and when I took it out of the washer there's a weird white residue ALL OVER everything. I tried googling but all it comes up with is stop using powdered soap. Well I'm not using powdered soap I'm already using liquid detergent. I guess another possibility is buildup of soap/lint in the machine but we just bought this machine this year, so idk how so much of it would build up so fast.

I tried putting them through another cycle, different water temperature, running them without soap, etc but nothing works. All my dark shirts are covered, inside and out, with this weird residue.

So my question is: What's the residue and how do I get rid of it?!
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i am confuse
more or less angry

why there are still a lot of people out there who commit suicide as like their life is nothing important when there are tons of people out there who are struggling and hanging on for their dear life fighting cancer?

i wish i could kill them myself really
*caught in emotion*
if only they could switch their life maybe there will be an end to the suffering on both side,

i do feel sad for the people who ends their life, i feel sad because they cannot see the beautiful side of life that make them unable to face the cruelness of life itself,
yes i know that life sometimes can be hard,
feeling caged, insecure, isolated and the endless lists to be mentioned,
simply full of craps,

but don't you think giving up your life for all the bullshits are worthless?

think of the feelings for those out there who had cancer, hanging on to the thin line of their life, uncertainty of their life for tomorrow, if there's still one,
waiting for their expected last day,
oh god. i don't know why they're not thinking of committing suicide right away,
i am not in a position to say out why,
maybe it's true when one says
"when you are about to lose something, till then you realized every little thing that you overlooked before, it makes you appreciate life better"

i don't know for sure
maybe i should go making a research and interviewing people,
i am still learning about the meaning of life for me,

till then,
lets keep this in mind,
i am going to die anyway,
now or sooner or maybe later,
why not enjoy the times while it's still lasts,
may it be bitter or happy life,
let's enjoy to our heart's content!
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What are you favourite pies?

I ask because the chef for my bake theory class wants us to survey 5 people on their favourite pies, but, I though y'all would give me a broader range of pies. 

Edit: Did you know January 23rd is national Pie day? How are you going to celebrate?
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Travel neophyte, here.

I'm going to Mexico next week with my sister for my first real vacation ever (i.e. one that involves a plane)!

What am I going to forget to pack/schedule/do that I would never think of because my only vacations thus far in life have been a few one-day concert road trips from Vancouver to Seattle?

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A question for college/university students: how long do your tutors/professors usually take to reply to your emails?

Is it unreasonable to expect a reply within three or four days?

Sometimes my tutors don't reply at all. So rude. :(

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My friend got a notice on her apartment that they want to exterminate the room for bed bugs "as a precaution", and if she refuses, they'll be billed $100. They apparently exterminated the room twice in October already before she moved in. She's sprayed the entire unit down as precaution already, and they keep saying it's as a "precaution" only (Apparently another room has bed bugs, but not her unit). She doesn't want to have to move everything out when she just moved in last week.

Is it even legal for them to do that?

ETa: Ty guys. I didn't realize how persistent bed bugs are. Neither of us had ever dealt with them or done any research. :\ So guess she'll just have to deal with it.

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Inspired by an earlier post..


Do you agree with tipping? If so, where do you draw the line?

Some people tip their waitress, hairdresser, mailman, and so on.

I personally do not agree with it. They are doing their job, and providing me with a service, yes, but they are already getting paid to do so... And yes, I get that they are most likely getting paid minimum wage,.. But, if the fact that they are getting paid minimum wage is the reason why I *should" tip, then why do I feel obligated to tip other people who are providing me with a service who are being paid much more than minmum wage?
Yes, I do tip (unless the service, or food was terrible), but I cannot stand doing it. I can think of a million other jobs that are a lot more emotionally/mentally/physically demanding, but the people that work those jobs don't expect a tip when they do something for us. The kids at McDonald's are often getting paid even lower than minimum wage, but I don't see any of you tipping them.
Gahhh! It boggles my mind.

EDIT: I live in BC, Canada. and NO ONE here makes $2-something/hour as a waitress. You are started off at MINIMUM WAGE, which is $8.50/hour. Your wage is not supplemented on the fact that you're going to be making tips.

AND YES, I have worked as a waitress, and a slave at McDonald's.
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 So I just broke up with my boyfriend like, an hour ago. It was bad and really emotional and now I feel horrible because I made him cry. 

So because today was so bad, should I go do something reckless tonight, like drink a lot and then potentially hook up with my best friend to rebound? Or should I be good and go sleep on my friend's couch? 

Make my post-breakup decisions for me TQC :( 
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There's a candlelight vigil tonight at my university for the "It Gets Better" campaign.

Those of you who would know, DOES it get better at any point?

If you saw/attended an event like this, would you think it would help?  Even if I don't personally feel like it's making anything better, should I attend in case it does potentially help someone?

combining cells in Excel

Does anyone know Microsoft Excel pretty well??? I thought I did, but I know there's a formula to do this. Column A is firstname. Column B is lastname. I need to make Column C HOW DO I DO THIS?

ETA: lol apparently I don't know shit about Excel. Thanks errbody :)

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Whats your favorite way to bake a pork roast? Seasoning, glaze, etc. I haven't done one in a couple years (Always do chops) and the ones I've done in the past were always already seasoned.

I don't own a crock pot, so it has to be baked.

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how involved are you with your SO's family? as in, how often do you see them? like them? get on with them?
how do you feel about family meeting each other? awkward? okay? when's the best time to introduce them to each other?
when you drink do you like to get tipsy, in the middle, drunk or absolutely wasted?

to waiters/waitresses

When me and my boyfriend order waters and use a buy-one-get-one entree coupon, do waiters and waitresses automatically hate us?

We always tip 20% of whatever would have been the full price of the check without the coupon, and we're very low-maintenance customers in general (order quick, eat, get out). I've always assumed that waiters are just thinking "ugh" as soon as we order waters, and then when we present a coupon I'm sure they're secretly like "fuckkkk". I mean, it sucks that most of the money they make is based on a percentage of how much money customers spend... but sorry guys, I like water and cheap food
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Why did I just get a phone call from the gym I belonged to two years ago? (I didn't pick up, but I googled the number). I haven't heard anything from them since I left.

Do you ever get weirded out thinking about what's inside your body? Like thinking about your bones or whatever.

How likely are you to have no actual food in your refrigerator? (Only condiments, soda, etc)

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tqc, I need some advice. how do I deal with two twelve year olds that won't listen to me? my 'brother' has his friend over and he's staying the night. they're playing video games and all afternoon they've been incredibly loud. my mum is at work and I'm suppose to be in charged but they won't listen to me. I've asked them politely to turn their games down but they won't listen. I have assignments to do and I can't even concentrate with all the noise. I've sent my dad a text message but he hasn't replied... is it pathetic that I'm crying over the fact that I can't control them and am stressed? I feel like such a loser ugh.

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I registered for classes today. One of the classes I want to take is full. The professor said she can take the first two people on the waitlist. I am the fourth. There are two people in the class, already registered, who have taken it before and are just retaking to fill up time / take it with a better teacher.

Does it make sense that people who already took the class should get priority over people who haven't, just because they were able to register earlier?

This class is also only offered every two years, so myself & another person are now unable to take it at all. Should we complain to the registrar / powers that be?

DK/DC: Do you have any registration horror stories? D:

Alien Documentary

For a documentary I am doing on alien life, I am currently looking for someone in Dallas to interview who is either passionate about or believes they've seen aliens.

My team is not intending to make them look crazy, we really do want to get an actual story from them. However, the two connections we had had to cancel, so we're in need of someone to interview.

Where should I look for someone with this kind of experience who would be willing to talk to a camera about it?
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I have five days before it's time for my next shot, which I will have to give myself. I've never given myself a shot before, my friend gave me the first one. Should I just man up and do it myself or should I call the doctor's office and see if they will do it for me?

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TQC, I need to get a second job after the holidays, because one of my retail jobs is going to let me go then (since I'm only a seasonal worker there). I'm planning on moving cities next summer, but in the mean time I'll need a second job. I don't feel like a six-month office job would look good on my resume, though. Am I wrong in thinking this? What other kind of job besides retail could I get into, that would be good for short-term employment?

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So lol, I've spent the past ~hour looking at my facebook friends' friends and photo-stalking people I don't know who I think are pretty. Please tell me I'm not the only creepazoid that does this??

What'd you have for dinner?

What's the last thing you geeked out at/got really excited about?

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Have you seen Shutter Island?
Will you please tell me how you interpreted the ending?
Some friends and I were debating it.
(If you have not seen the film, I suggest not readfing further until you do! Don't ruin it!)

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Favorite Lip Balm

So, with the cold weather supposedly approaching most of the northern hemisphere, I ask -

What's your favorite, absolute must have lip balm for winter?  What can you not go a day without making sure you have a tube of it at hand?

Flavored/unflavored?  Scented vs. unscented? 

I find I can't live w/o my Burt's Bees spearmint lip balm - I lost my last tube of it somewhere on the road this weekend (driving home from Cedar Rapids) and am going nuts since I can't find it.  :-p
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I got a pet rat on Saturday. It's a girl and she looks to be a young adult. My boyfriend and I have been having trouble socializing her (he's been around rats before).

Does anyone have any tips of how I can move this process along easier? I feel like I should have made some progress by now.

I've tried treats (yogies, some fresh fruit) and she hasn't been interested, anything else I should try?

Also she's been sneezing pretty frequently. She has CareFresh bedding and no discharge from her nose or eyes. She also doesn't seem to be lethargic and she eats her food and drinks... when should I start to worry about her sneezing? I read that there is "new home sneezing" but I don't know how long it should last. (No perfumes or smoke is in this room). Oh and also she is in a wire cage so she's ventilated.

If you can't answer any of that, how do you feel about rats?

ETA:I am definitely looking into the process for introducing a friend for her soon! :D

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My partner has just taken recently to having phone calls in another room, he has never done this before, and I have been living with him for over two years.
He is doing it right and he didnt even tell me me he was about to talk on the phone. (He also hardly ever rings someone up)

Its worrying me that he hiding things from me, I dont think he cheating but I am so curious.


EDIT: I found out he was calling up to find someone who had weed. He still thinks he has to hide that from me.

When was the last time your boy/girl was all secretive?
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So I have arranged myself an apartment through the current tenant, and have been told to drop a deposit of an unspecified amount off at at pizza place to the landlord. On a scale of 1 to Sending blank cheques to Nigeria, how dodgy is this?

In the off chance I don't end up living in a cardboard box waiting for that multi-thousand dollar thank you cheque, will you show or tell me of awesome storage solutions? Or just pretty apartment things in general?
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Hey TQC,

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TQC, give me some reasons to love myself/my bewbs?

Want to come dress shopping with me?

DK/DC: Do you like yoghurt? What flavour? (Not completely random, I bought a small tub of passionfruit swirl yoghurt to day, om nom nom)


I need to name a beer I made a few weeks ago and can't come up with anything. Help?

It's based off a Belgian Wit recipe, but didn't really turn out that way.  It's flavored with hibiscus and a little bit of lemon peel. Most importantly, it's pink.

I made it with the intention of it turning out pink since it was brewed during an event for breast cancer awareness.  So far my label is an antique wall paper texture with an image of a dried hibiscus taped to it.  Originally I was going to call it "OH MY GOD IT'S PPPPPIIIIIIIIIINNNNKKK" with an image of Jessica Rabbit screaming, but couldn't get a good screen shot of it.  The label is turning out a bit more serious than anticipated, but I'm really digging it so I don't want to change it.  Now that that was too much information, any suggestions?

Tl dr

I broke up with my ex in the middle of September. We had agreed to break up before he moved away because of all our problems but when I finally did it he was shocked. I had a hard time speaking to him because I found it really upsetting and thought we needed distance. After a couple weeks of that I felt better and we agreed to try to talk as long as we didn't talk about our relationship. He was going to text me to let me know if we would take on a particular day. He never texted me and then deleted me from facebook. We haven't spoken in a month and a half.

I am worried he hates me and I want him to know I do think about him and care even if I did end it. But I also want to give him space and not give false hope or create drama by saying that.
Should I wait for him to contact me?
And if I do contact him, when should I do so?

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There used to be this product by Benefit that was like a concealer stick that had acne fighting properties to it, and it had a picture of a wonder-woman esc character on the packaging. What was it called?

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What was the last cute thing you saw?

Two of my chinchillas are fighting over who gets to drink out of the water bottle at the moment. CUUUTE FLUFFY BALL FIGHT.

What was the last nerdy thing you did?

I just got goosebumps watching the intro to WoW. D:
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my aunt sent me a care package hurrah!  I wasn't home when the postman came and there is no mail tomorrow :(

what dissapointed you today tqc?

also, 3 days in, what do you think of new conan?
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question about a Italian translation...

Anyone here know Italian?

I need the correct Italian translation for the saying " It's always the quiet ones."

My friend says it's È sempre quei calmi and my other friend says it's E' sempre quello calmo and than a electronic translator said it's È sempre la quiete.

What's the correct Italian translation for It's always the quiet ones?
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