November 9th, 2010

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What was the last semi-ridiculous thing to happen in your life?

I heard today that my boyfriend and I are the talk of the school (<300 students) because I (17 yo senior girl) am dating a 16 yo sophomore guy. High school's fun xP
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what is your skin type?

what is your skin care regimen?

how much time/money did it take you to find something that works for you?

how about a hair care routine? exercise? tell me your beauty secrets.

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 So, I have spent my whole night working the release of Black Ops and doing an essay due for class today. I have about... 2 hours until I have to wake up to begin my day which consists of classes from 11am to 4pm. After that, I don't have class until Friday.

Should I pull an all nighter, go to class, and come home and crash, or sleep the next two hours? I could sleep, but I fear that I would just be extremely tired as opposed to drinking another NOS in a couple hours and pushing through the day.  
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Will you please describe what you imagine when I say dressing gown? Details!


Have you ever made a religious pilgrimage? Would you like to, and is this a firm plan or an idle fancy? What would be your destination?
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do you have a hard time getting yourself to eat breakfast?
do you smoke cigarettes?
have you ever successfully quit smoking cigarettes?
what was the last nice thing you did for someone?
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Do you want to be immortal? I don't mean an afterlife or reincarnation, but do you want your body to remain permanently young, healthy, and mostly indestructible? Let's say you can kill yourself if you want to but it would take some doing and be extremely unpleasant.
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Are liberal and progressive synonymous* in your mind? If not, what separates them? What do they mean to you?

(I know the dictionary definitions, but I'm curious about perceptions of the words.)

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 I just hopped on Facebook and saw the creepiest thing ever. On my feed, I saw one friend had posted on another's wall. Beside the 'Comment' and 'Like' links, there was 'See Friendship'. When clicked on, it shows everything they've done together. Things they like, people they're both friends with, photos they're both tagged in, what they both went to recently, and every post they've ever made and commented on together.

And I can't figure out how to turn the damn thing off so I don't show up on those stupid ass things! I usually am able to turn off something I don't like or have an issue with, but I can't find this one, and this may be the most disturbing thing I've seen on Facebook so far.

Does anyone know how to turn it off?

Do you find it as fucking creepy as I do?

What's the creepiest thing you've seen on Facebook that your FB friends have done?

ETA: You can also go to someone's profile and under their photo there will be a link that says "You and (Name of Person)" and it'll show the 'Friendship' page for you and them.
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What do you think about someone that you're casually seeing and they specifically tell you that they don't want to be "official" yet but eventually they do however they hound you about people you talk to/new Facebook friends/who you're texting. Thoughts?
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I just sold a Nintendo DSi XL on Amazon. I said that it was used, like new, near mint condition, and came with a hard shell case. It is like new and near mint condition because it was in said shell case, but the shell case itself has definite scratches and wear/tear. Should I message the lady who bought it from me and let her know that I'm dumb and forgot to mention the case was used, or is that obvious?

There's an app for that!

If you had a smartphone would you buy an application which would allow you to test for STIs with just your phone?

Collapse )

For those of you doubting the ability to accurately confirm diseases this way, you may be interested in reading about lab on a chip technology which has been shown to be more accurate at times than traditional methods.
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TQC, I've locked my keys in my car so I'm stuck at the hospital. Should I wait 1.5 hours for my dad to arrive with extra keys or call AAA and hope they arrive sooner?

How should I fill the time while waiting?
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So there are a MILLION covers of "Ain't No Sunshine" but does anyone know who sang it with the female lead very slow? It was more blues-y and I have no idea who sings it, it's just the version I had heard the most and now have no idea where to find it.


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We're having a small pot-luck thing at work today. Here's what other people are bringing:

Veggie and Dip
Potato salad / Corn
Chicken wings
Bread and home made jam ( or just jam?)
Bread and butter
Sausage rolls (chicken?)

If I bring a sandwich press, what will people put in their sandwich?

Why is someone bringing just bread and butter?

Are my co-workers all on crack?
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Are you or anyone you know a member of a religion that different than the one practiced by the majority of people in your area? Is this awkward for you or not really that big of a deal?

This can also be answered by atheists and agnostics of course, but I'm especially interested in the experiences of people who do subscribe to some sort of faith simply because that experience is alien to me.
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Is it true that pet stores sometimes sedate the animals so that potential buyers think they are getting a calmer pet?

Would you rather have diarrhea or puke for a half hour?

Feel dumb,but....

I am living in the UK and I want to take my son to see Harry Potter the day after it comes out,but I am not sure where I can pre-order the tickets. The movie site is confusing.

Do any of you know of a site that is user friendly when it comes to buying movie tickets in the UK?
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So TQC seems to collectively hate people wearing sweatpants in public. But guys, will you validate my desire to wear sweatpants to walk around the corner to the vitamin store? My sweatpants are ugly but I'm sick and I don't feel like wearing real pants.

How much studying would you put in for a test that you pretty much knew none of the material? I have 4 days (It's Friday afternoon) and I'm trying to plan out my study time efficiently. Every waking moment? If this was you, how likely would you be to put it off until the night before?

How often do you vacuum? My upstairs neighbor recently vacuumed 5 times in one day. What sort of mess do you think they were making?

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I need a word that's similar in meaning to rejuvenate/revigorate, but indicates distinct change/improvement to the original, can anyone help? isn't doing the job!

Specifically, it's in discussion of a building that is being taken down (except for the distinctive entry) and replaced with a new building with a different function, but I want to make it sound like the original building is getting turned into something flash rather than just being removed/replaced. It's a very iconic building.

Edit: going with revitalized, so here's a bonus question; it's a newsletter article about redoing a distinctive building that was formerly used for the elephants. I have three words for a headline, got any snappy suggestions? :>
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Do you guys get offended or even embarrassed if you hear a former lj-er (or anyone, really) say things like:

Does livejournal still exist?

LOLLOLSSFAF...remember livejournal?

Do people still use livejournal?


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Ok, I think I screwed up and I want your opinion. If you had an online friend who posted a bunch of vacation pictures that had something weird with the camera (i.e. all of the pictures had a red hue on all of them), and you were bored and sick at home so you downloaded all their pics and fixed the color balance for them, should they get angry at you?

Was that an offensive thing to do? Color correct their pictures? I feel so horrible now that my friend got mad at me. I was just trying to help.

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What is your favorite Disneyland/Disney World ride or attraction? (or one that you wish you could go on, if you've never been)

For those who have never been to or don't like Disney, or don't know much about the parks: What is your favorite amusement park ride?

My favorites are the Haunted Mansion (though I was scared of it for a long time) and Space Mountain. I also love the various stage shows in the parks (especially the Beauty and the Beast and Hunchback of Notre Dame ones) and love anything presented there about Walt Disney and the history of the company.
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It's cold and rainy in Denver.  I want to go out tonight to a sports bar and watch the Nuggets game, but I'm not sure if I can get anyone to go with me because of the weather.  Should I go by myself?  (I don't have television.)

If I end up deciding not to go, what should I do? 

What is the weather like where you are?

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A facebook friend posted that her daughter is in the hospital because she has "ammonia"
Is that a sickness I don't know about or does she mean pneumonia?
If she does mean pneumonia, how tacky would it be to point this out make fun of her in a post about her daughter being sick?
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Here's the thing: I have 0 fashion sense. All I own are shitty band shirts and oldass jeans. I was just asked to come in for an interview with Macys. Wtf should I wear? I have no idea. But I really, really need this job. Halp.

Thanks everyone :D

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Hey TQC. I'm really stressed out about money at the moment. I owe my college $415, which was due on November first. I called and asked for an extension because I'd just started new jobs and none had paid me yet. I got the extension. Now I've gotten pay checks, but one immediately had to pay my therapist, and the other wasn't as high as I'd expected. The second job still owes me $80, but that amount plus the entire check from the second job still only going to get me halfway to the total amount I owe my college. I'm going to mail them about $200 this week, but I'm scared that they're going to report the owed amount to collections of somethi8ng if they have to wait much longer. On the other hand, it took the college over three months to tell me that I owed them for the $415 in the first place. I just want to pay them and get it out of the way, but I only get paid every two weeks for both jobs. How freaked out should I be about this? What would you do in this situation?

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I have decided that I will NOT watch ANY of the new footage OR look at new pictures from 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' (Pt.1) because I want to be as surprised and non-spoiled as possible.

So, TQC, what's the last petty/unimportant yet VERY DIFFICULT decision you made?

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Dear TQC,

How Is your day going?

Mine's swell.
I went to my favorite class, then went the public library and they had 2 shelves of free books. I got 21 hardbacks (in various subjects as the black death, racist/sexist views on god, and 1960's interior decorating) and then an Audoboun Enclcypedia set!

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My AP Literature teacher from my senior year of high school lost her son on Saturday. He was stationed in Afghanistan and was wounded sometime earlier in the week, but he did not make it. 

She is the most remarkable woman I have ever met, and she really made certain that she bonded with us students. Shane joined the military in August of 09, so my class was with her while he was in bootcamp, and he was deployed in December of 09, so we were with her through his deployment as well. She talked about him almost daily, so it feels like I've lost someone I knew myself.

I want to do something special for her, but I have no idea what would be appropriate. I have her phone number and I've called her a few times in the past (once to ask if I could use her as a job reference, and once to invite her to an AP Literature reunion picnic. She was excited to hear from me both times), but I don't want to just call her and express my sympathies. That doesn't seem like it's enough.

TQC, what should I do? I am willing to spend a decent amount of money on a gift of some sort for her and her husband, but I really don't know what would be appropriate. 

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I'm really, really tired. It's only 5:46 pm. I have to go to bed in ~5 hours and get up at 6:40 am. I usually have problems falling asleep/staying asleep.

Should I take a nap right now, or should I just try to tough it out so hopefully I'll be tired enough to sleep tonight?

What time do you have to get up tomorrow?
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So...the cable guy is over. Anyways, I leaned over to help reach the remote and my pants fell down. When was the last time you felt really fucking embarrassed? Holy shit. Untrimmed pubes ftw.

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I made a candle today!  I'm so proud.

To celebrate should I go to the store and get taquitos and a chocolate chip cheesecake?

Does Sara Lee still make chocolate chip cheesecakes?

What crafts have you picked up?

I &lt;3 TLV

Republic of Tea

I've found their teas to be hit or miss - ex, I love the vanilla almond, but the mango chili's flavor wasn't nearly strong enough for me. So, has anyone tried any of these teas? How strong are the flavors? Did you like them?

Dream by the Fire Red Tea
Comfort and Joy Black Tea
Tea of Good Tidings
Plantain Coconut Raw Green Bush Tea (Same collection as the mango, so I don't know what to expect from this one, but it sounds amazing)
Double Dark Chocolate Mate
Coconut Cocoa Herb Tea
Caramel Apple Red Tea
Cinnamon Plum Black Tea

What is your favorite Republic of Tea tea?

Are you a member of any "... of the month" clubs? If yes, which one(s)? How fun are then? I like the idea of the tea of the month club, but it lists what teas come each month and I'd want it to be a surprise.
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Which icecream flavour should I buy for my birthday treat?

+ Mint Choc Chip
+ Cornish Clotted Cream
+ Toffee with fudge pieces
+ Cookie Dough
+ Something else

What are essential toppings for an icecream sundae?

What food would you buy if you were having an excessive feast that satisfies your every whim?
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 Have you ever been raged by someone who just hit on/flirted with you after you decline their invitation to go out or exchanged numbers?
Share your stories?
Why do you think people do that?

This has happened a few times to me.
A guy comes up to me, starts as a nice conversation about random things, then I get asked out/for my number and I decline.  All of a sudden I'm being called a slut, a bitch, a whore, etc.  One guy literally screamed these insults at me in the middle of the library.   And yelled, "Yeah, you better leave you ugly whore" as I rushed out the library.
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I am trying to convince my husband to move...ideally across the country, more logically, across the province. We have both lived here our whole lives, I am ready to move forth to better things, he's very apprehensive to leave. There's nothing tying us down here and truth be told, it's a very poor place to raise our children. There is no future here, it's a shithole. What would you do in this situation? I don't want to keep pressing the issue but the thought of being here in 20 years or even 3 makes me want to die.

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What have been your high points and low points today?

High points: ... I got shrimp for lunch.

Low points: Finding out my wallet was missing, and that the boy I've been crushing on for weeks has a gf.

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What are things that people say that annoy you?
One thing I can't stand is the girl who adamantly claims she's a "guy's girl" and doesn't get along with other girls.
You're a girl, what does that say?
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how do you feel when someone uses your name A LOT?
An ex just got in touch with me through facebook and he sent me message where he used my name in just about every sentence.
(ex - Meghan, it has been too long since I saw you; I miss talking to you, Meghan, etc)

It's kind of weird right?
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i'm stressed out and i really want a beer, but i've been on the verge of a cold lately and have been avoiding alcohol. worth the risk? last time i drank (just one beer) when i was kinda sick i got way sicker the next day so i'm paranoid.

dc, will you post a picture of something cute and/or hilarious?

eta: i've been on the verge of a cold for like 2 weeks and idk if it's gonna happen or not.
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A few months ago my laptop battery stopped holding a charge. If it got unplugged it would shut off immediately. Until today, I turned it on and the batter was showing fully charged. Just now, I unplugged it and my computer is still on!!

What the hell happened to make my computer battery magically heal itself? and by heal itself I mean be able to be unplugged for like 10 minutes at a time because it's rapidly losing a charge, BUT STILL!

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So my roommate plays the saxophone. Badly.  She has been practicing all semester and she has not gotten any better so I dread it when she plays. (This is the same girl that xxtaste_of_ink posted about a few days ago. The one who never cleans up after herself and takes over the kitchen when people are trying to use it.) Today while she was practicing it was particularly bad so I went downstairs to escape the sound.  About two minutes later she randomly comes downstairs and started playing while I was in the kitchen. It was so loud and terrible.  I just stared at her and then busted out giggling.

What was the last inappropriate response you had to an awkward situation?

well-timed spam

I just got this email.

Normally, I would delete without any thought, but I lost my wallet (with my debit card) today and have not canceled it yet, so I second-guessed myself.

Collapse )

This is probably a total scam, I know. As of 5:00 pm today there were no charges to my account, but I'm kind of freaking out, and this was very poorly-timed (or well-timed on their part) spam, and it's causing me to freak out more.

So my point, how many of you have gotten this exact email before?
I just need to know for sure before I can totally dismiss it as spam.

Also, if you've ever lost a credit or debit card, will you tell me about it? This is my first time losing my wallet (actually, I'm pretty sure it was stolen, and I'm pretty sure when), and the stress of getting a new license and school ID and debit card is already eating my life (and I haven't even started working on it yet).

ETA: I know to call my bank. Working on it. 

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I was fixing the cable tv at this chick's house and she leans over to pick up the remote and her pants fall down. I was like whoa but then double whoa she's got this mess of pubic hair coming out her panties. Yo, bitch has got more bush than the white house. You could stuff a pillow with that shit. Scrub all the pots and pans in soup kitchens on the east coast with it. Insulate your attic.

Should I ask her out?

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 I have the next two days off. Should I spend the first one being productive and the second being lazy, or vice-versa? One way will happen, I will assure you that.

What's the longest time you have stayed awake, ever? Why?
Do you like pickles? 


I think I need to do a Real life friends cut/cull

Who has done this before?
How many people did you cut at once?
How did you do it and how well did it work?

DN/DK: Will you share me your cat macros?, I need some SERIOUS cheering up.
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I got a Clarisonic today and I really want to use it, but it says you need to charge it for 24 hours before you use it for the first time. I have no patience. Could I actually damage the battery or something if I don't wait until it is fully charged?
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i come to you drunk, TQC.

WHY does my ex want our first hang since the ~affair to be watching hockey(at a bar, not in person)?

he's not a sports guy, like, at all. but i said "seriously, though, we should hang out." in a text and he was like "let's watch hockey at the bar! i'll teach you the rules!" keep in mind he turned 21 in April so he's still pretty excited about bars. so i said yes cuz i miss the fucker but i'm just sitting here like, "What? Why would I want to watch hockey? It's soccer on ice with sticks." and HE KNOWS how obsessed i am with the footy so he knows there's a sport out there i would so much prefer to view(and could school him on). that was what our first ever conversation was about, me telling him why the Confederation's Cup was such a big fucking deal for the USA.

seriously, HOCKEY?

ALSO, "~affair" was A JOKE. IT WAS JUST A JOKE, DAMN YOU GUYZ CALM DOWN. this whole post is pretty much not of the serious variety.