November 8th, 2010


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One of my flatmates keeps shaving over the sink and then not cleaning the counter afterwards (so it's covered in hair). I don't know who it is, because everyone in my apartment has black hair (except me).

Do I need to have a Very Important And Serious Apartment Meeting about cleaning the bathroom post-shaving?
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1.)  Will you list as many songs as you can with people's names in the title?

2.)  What is your favorite song that is named for a person?

1.)  Whole Lotta Rosie - AC/DC
Help Me Rhonda - Beach Boys
Collapse )

2.)  It's a toss up between "Whole Lotta Rosie" and "Help Me Rhonda".
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Contact juggling... do you know how? How difficult was it to learn? I have been intrigued by it since seeing Labyrinth as a kid, and recently those damn Fushigi commercials have sparked my interest again.
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How do I get my 12 year old cat to stop going to the bathroom on the floor? She has a clean litterbox and she still does it. Also, what's a good way to get old smells (mostly cat urine) out of a carpet? I hadn't realized she was peeing on the floor in the garage until I actually went out there for longer than five seconds. :-/
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do you enjoy any of the real housewives shows on bravo?


which of the following do you like the best?

Orange County
New York
New Jersey
Beverly Hills
I don't like any of them

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my sister lives on the other side of the country than i. yesterday, her husband of 12 years blindsided her and said he wants a divorce. she and their two children are devastated. i want to do something nice for her. any ideas?


Do physically ugly people know they are physically ugly?

How does one know if they are ugly or attractive? Is it a matter of if you're not certain you are ugly then you are probably ok, since ugly people probably know for sure they are ugly? Or is it possible to be totally delusional and not see your lack of attractiveness?

Is it strange to randomly begin to worry that you might be ugly, can't see it yourself, and no one has ever been brave enough to tell you?

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What is an old school or old-fashioned thing you still do on a regular/semi-regular basis? (i.e. write letters (snail mail), dial with a rotary phone, sew your own clothes, preserve foods, use ms-dos, pay your electric bill with a check, etc.)

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Say a member of your preferred gender/sex approaches you and tells you they think you are beautiful/handsome. Based on their body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, etc., you do not feel as though they are being insincere or trying to hit on you; for all intents and purposes, it seems like a genuine compliment.

How would this make you feel? 
Would you be embarrassed? Annoyed? Creeped out? 

Do your feelings change if it is a member of the gender/sex you do not prefer? 

EDIT: Do you ever want to tell someone you think they're beautiful/handsome, but don't because you're afraid of their reaction? Have you ever?

I identify as a heterosexual female, but quite often, I'll be out in public and I'll see a woman who strikes me as stunning, and I'll want to tell her I think she's beautiful. I never have, though, because I don't want it to be taken the wrong way. ): Personally, I would be flattered beyond belief if someone complimented me like that out of the blue.

Most Embarrassing Way to Die?

Most embarrassing way to die?

A truck full of elephant manure unloads its cargo onto you, and you're buried beneath it and suffocate
While sucking on a novelty penis lollypop, someone accidentally pushes you from behind and you end up choking on the candy wiener. You're found dead with a cherry cock in your mouth
While waiting for a light, you notice you're standing next to Justin Bieber. Suddenly, a herd of 100 teenage girls rushes him. You're trampled to death in the act
While undergoing a soft, cleansing colonic, the operator accidentally sets the water pressure much too high. The water pressure rips up your insides. You die on the colonic table with a nozzle up your butthole
While at Disneyland, a fight breaks out between costumed characters dressed as Dopey and Pinnochio. The latter pulls out a knife, misses his target and cuts you. Fatally
While driving home, you suffer a horrible case of diarrhea and crap yourself. You're rushing home to clean up when you crash into another car. You die with your pants full of poop
While in a hurry, you rush towards this long flight of stairs. You trip, land face-first in the trash can adjacent to it, and the trash can and you roll down each and every stair. You die in the process, half in the trash can
While at a sex shop picking out amusing props for a bachelor/bachelorette party, you reach up to grab this big dildo when the whole shelf comes off the wall, crushing you under a landslide of rubber penises
In a car collision, you're thrown from your vehicle through a nearby window. Turns out, there was a NAMBLA meeting happening at the time and that's where you expire
While attending a Tea Party rally for giggles, a horse belonging to 'Paul Revere' rears up and kicks you in the head. Your death makes the paper as 'Teabagger died for his/her beliefs at function'
While cheating on your significant other while he/she was away, you weren't aware there was a carbon monixide leak. The two of you are found dead and naked in your bed
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I know of at least 3 of you who live in Ottawa. Or for anyone that has spent anytime in Ottawa - can I please get the downlow of what it's like living there, good and bad? We're seriously considering a move there but have only spent a weekend in the city several years ago.

dk/dc: do you like where you live? Where are you?
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Which word goes in this blank? "What time are ____ coming to the party?" (when talking to 2 or more people)

you guys
youse guys
you all
something else

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I was involved in a little "thing" with my supervisor at work.  Nothing happened, but there was a lot of flirting, a lot of drunken phone calls, and a lot of things leading up to the big event.  Yesterday I found out he is doing the exact same thing with one of our employees.  He told her to never breathe a word of it to me, etc. etc.  It looks like he was planning on fooling around with her while keeping me hooked until she goes to London in January, at which point he will turn to me.  Smooth move on his part; this girl happens to be a good friend, and we're the same age.

How should we confront him and let him know it's over and done with?  We want to do it together and I don't want to do it at work.

Nerdy Question

I am buying my husband a gift that is a Lord of the Rings etched stein from ThinkGeek. However I am not a huge LotR fan and there's a choice in design.

LotR fans, would you rather have something with the Prancing Pony logo on it or the Green Dragon Inn logo? And why if you don't mind? Which is "cooler?" Thanks!
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-How would you feel if you heard that a man a hundred miles away got sentenced to death over Twitter? What if you kept getting updates for each of the charges, all sentencing him to death. Followed by a tweet that said that a juror was crying?

(Currently getting tweets from the Hayes trial in CT, I am personally kind of unsettled)

-Have you ever had Gumbo? What are your thoughts. My boos brought me a tupperware of some and expects me to eat it, but I'm kind of wary, it looks like messy sloshy of fishy stuff. Will you convince me that it isn't going to kill me?
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If you knew there was a ghost living in your home, would that bother you?

I have one in my house and my friends all think I am nuts because it doesn't bother me at all.
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Question for the ladies who have seen "Kissing Jessica Stein"

'Kissing Jessica Stein' is a cute movie about an otherwise straight, conservative Jewish woman who ends up dating a free-living, artistic, pansexual woman who's looking for a good girl-on-girl relationship. Saw it on cable again last night.


If you were to enter a relationship with a woman, would you be more like Jessica or Helen?

If you are straight, do you think you could date another woman if you guys just 'hit it off?' You enjoy each other's company and she's fun to be around and you have very similar senses of humor AND she's really attractive. However, she's looking for a female lover for a serious or non-serious relationship and seems to be interested in you.

If you were to hook up a woman, which of these qualities would make you the most attracted to her?

She has compelling, mesmerizing bedroom eyes
Great boobs
Really pretty face
Great legs/ass
Her personality
Her fashion sense/wardrobe. She's got magnificent style
Lush, beautiful hair
Sexy, pouty lips
Body type. She's fit or skinny or statuesque, whatever you think is most appealing for a woman
Her accent
Her empathy. She really listens to you and you feel understands your feelings

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How did you meet your s/o?
Or if you don't have one, how did you meet your last one?
I'm recently single and don't plan to look for an s/o for a while. At what age should I start to get worried about being an 'old maid'? (I'm 26)
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!!THIS ISN'T A HOMEWORK QUESTION!! I'm not even in school. I'm just confused as to how to solve this question:

"A baker made 20 pies. A caterer buys one–fourth of his pies, a preschool teacher buys one–third of his pies, and a soccer mom buys one–sixth of his pies. How many pies does the baker have left?"

Do I take 1/3 of what's left after the 1/4? (so 1/3 of 15) and then 1/6 of the remaining pies? (1/6 of 10??) or is it 20 - [1/4 of 20 + 1/3 of 20 + 1/6 of 20] =?

I'm an idiot, sorry.
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What are your religious beliefs?
How often do you pray/go to church/etc. etc.?
How do you feel about religion?
How do you feel about people quoting the bible or other religious books on their facebook status and other places?

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When you first met your S.O. did you think that he or she was physically attractive? In other words, did you say to yourself, "Wow, he/she is cute."?

I was talking to two friends just now, and they said they didn't really think that their S.O.s were particularly attractive when they first met, but over time, they became more and more attractive due to their personalities.

Weight Loss

Has anyone lost a significant amount of weight without running?

I'm trying to get back on my diet so my boyfriend keeps harping on about going running with him. But I HATE running .Every story I've read about weight loss seems to include running though. Along with eating healthy meals and drinking water, I just plan on doing the 30 Day Shred and the other exercise videos I have.  If it gets my heart rate up and makes me sweat, then that's all that matters right?

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Poll #1642280 Would You Rather...

Would you rather be...

incredibly good looking but unbelievably dumb.
horrendously ugly but a brilliant genius.

Will you post another "Would you rather" question for the rest of us to answer?
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Sporty stuff

You are buying a man in your life a wall hanging that has baseball teams on one side and basketball teams on the other, and a chalkboard to keep track of wins/losses/etc for each. On the bottom there's a wood panel with room to have a custom phrase. What do you put on there?

(For a coworker, who has never heard of LJ before! Wowzers.)
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i can't make polls sorry

it's 4pm, i am on campus, i live 20 min (by bike) away, i have class from 6:30pm-10pm and i have no bike lights. should i:

a. go home now while it's light so i can eat dinner at home. will probably procrastinate at home tbh, but might get some necessary cleaning done. then drive back to campus (because i know it will be too cold/i'll be too lazy to bike)


b. stay on campus, try to do homework here (losing motivation though), pick up some food ($$) and then bike home after my evening class in the dark


c. do something else entirely


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I am applying for a teaching program for Sept 2011. Application deadline is January 15th. One of the people I contacted for a reference letter got back to me a while ago but has since just stopped replying. Do you think it is too late for me to ask another professor for a reference letter?

I don't want them to think I left the whole thing to the last minute as I have 2 reference letters already and have been working on this application for MONTHS.

I am also not sure how to ask for it. I haven't talked to the prof I want to ask since about May; but I know she will remember who I am as I was constantly in her office haha. I wanted to ask her to go over my written assignment as well, so should I just email her and say I wanted to go over the introduction to my application with her and then ask her for a reference then or WHAT SHOULD I DO? =[

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Today someone I used to be friends with, but have grown apart from informed me that she's fucking a man who lives with another woman he's been with for 8 years and has a child with. I really don't know anyone involved, except that we went to the same high school. Do I tell the woman who is being cheated on or stay out of it?

edit: I'm not trying to be a nosy nancy guys, I just had to think twice about what to do...I know people who have been cheated on and said they hated that they were the last to know and wish someone had told them.

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I'm going out tonight and I will eventually have a confrontation with a lying sack of shit.  How many whiskey sours should I drink beforehand?

Do you watch NCIS?  I just started and tonight I look just like Abby... wasn't going for it, but it does have a little black widow thing going on.

Would you eat a grilled cheese sandwich with mozarella sticks in it?  Denny's sells one and it is actually pretty good.

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Why is the power constantly surging?
I just have my electric heater, a couple of lights, and my laptop charger on...
It's one of those lasko turning heaters with a humidifier.
Would an electric heater consume so much power that it'll cause the electricity to surge?
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Would you want to know?

Poll #1642292 Cheatin Hearts

Your SO is cheating on you. Someone finds out. Do you want to be told?

Only if they have proof
Depends on the person who knows
Depends on something else.

Your SO is cheating on you. A person knows and decides to tell you. How would you prefer to be told?

Anonymous message
Over the phone
I would prefer not to be told.
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If you're sick and can't breathe through your nose, what's the best way to fix that without going out to buy cold medicine? (And no neti pot ideas! They scare me =X)

How sick do you have to be to avoid going out? For social events? For work/school?

Also, can you recommend a good brand for durable and comfy faux-suede/leather boots?
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From your SO, would you rather:

an hour of really good oral sex OR expensive but not particularly attractive jewellery?

Will you please pose would you rathers in the comments for members to respond to?

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If a male friend posted the following status on Facebook, how (if at all) would you feel and/or react?

It's true: good guys do finish last. No matter what you do to impress, they somehow are never satisfied. The slightest thing you do will make them say no. I don't care anymore--women are fucking bitches. Seriously, straight-up truth.
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The background story is stupid, but I never really learned how to do algebra. How can someone out of school boost their Algebra skills?

(I'd like to think I'm just lacking the skill set, rather than the possibility that I'm hopeless)
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Do you like surprises?

When it comes to birthday/holiday gifts, do you like to get/give hints about your gift(s), or do you prefer for it to remain a mystery until you open/give the gift?

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TQC, should I save up and get a couple of rats? They're so cute and smart, and I have the means to care for them. I have a few bills that need to be taken care of before I can drop the ~$70 for the rats, cage and accessories. Should I get them for myself for Christmas? Have you ever had a rat or mouse?

DK/DC: What are your thoughts on tilapia?

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Does anyone have any experience working in an alternative high school?

Has anyone attended an alternative high school?

Alternative, as in, a public school that is for students with learning disabilities/behavior problems/drug problems/etc.

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can stupid lyrics ruin an otherwise really good song for you?

unless musically a song is genius, if i think the lyrics are dumb i just end up hating it, no matter how much i enjoyed it the first few times around.
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Cold Survival Kit

I'm giving my husband this list of stuff to pick up for me. (I'm a big baby when it comes to being sick, in case you hadn't noticed)

Tylenol multi-symptom cold caplets, day and night
Vick's Vapoinhaler
Dimetapp nighttime cold syrup (I love that stuff, haha)
Puffs plus lotion tissues
Jalapeno kettle chips

What else do I need??

What would be in your cold survival kit?
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nintendo ds lite

Is Goblet of Fire the earliest Harry Potter game that will be compatible with my DS Lite (which is about 3 yrs old)?

Also what SNES games should I buy? Already have Super Mario All Stars & Turtles in Time.
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Hey, my friends and I are planning on going to NY during New Years and we wanna see the ball fall and everything...but we're wondering: how early should we go out to line up out there?


Can we have an entire post (aside from this question) in languages other than English?

Post anything in whatever language you know, reply to others speaking a language you know, post lyrics or even a video from a song in another language, anything goes!

Any language, too. If you wanna get your Patois on, that's cool!

ETA: I'm loving this post right now! :) Thanks for making my night, TQC!

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I have a meeting tomorrow night and it was requested that we bring either a drink or a snack to share.  I bought a big bag of this enough? Is that a snack? I feel like I'll look cheap or something.
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what's something you wish you could do but probably won't ever get to because you lack the mad skillz?

man, i want to start a fucking web comic but i can't fucking draw.

did you watch the X-Men cartoon when you were a kid? yes and i'm watching it now ^________^
zombie baby cede! :D

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How do you train a dog to go downstairs?

He can go upstairs fine, but just stares at them when he has to go down.
ETA: I have two other dogs (one who can go down them, another who wont even go up) who would happily leave eat any treats I leave him.