November 7th, 2010

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So, I want to go into the marines. I just watched Full Metal Jacket with my dad b/c he wanted to scare me out of it. I'm scared but I still want to go into the marines.
Will you tell me something that you were scared to do, but you still did it anyway?

DK;DC: What was the most realistic war movie you've seen? Or just the most realistic movie you've seen in general?
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If you tell someone you are coming into town for an event that is quickly selling out that you will "try" to make it, would you get angry if the person didn't purchase your tickets ahead of time, having neither the money or the desire to be left holding two unused tickets, or would you understand that waiting until the last minute was stupid, and that the person organizing the thing cannot be bothered with your inability to plan ahead?

That is what I am facing right now. They've known for MONTHS about this, and I cannot afford to charge $50+ to my account on the off chance they'll make it. But I know that by hesitating, their opportunity is basically lost. :|

dk/dc What death in Harry Potter upset you the most?

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What's your favorite movie that features a not necessarily realistic portrayal of high school?

I'm torn between Never Been Kissed, Pretty in Pink, and She's All That. I mean Clueless.


Also, do you like guys with painted nails?
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I'm staying at my friend's apartment now and I need to go grocery shopping (eating out is too expensive for me). She doesn't have a microwave or a working oven or stove so I can't heat anything up. What are some cheap things I can buy to make healthy/filling meals? Further difficulty: no meat

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If you could force yourself to practice something to the point that you're exceptionally good at it, what would you practice?

Would your answer change if you could skip the practicing part and just be magically good?

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Does anyone else not like the look of women's office pants? I rock skirts all the way, and now that it's actually getting cold where I am, I am going out to purchase some tights.

My friend at work asked "how do I look?" and I had to say I can't really say as far as the outfit goes because I really don't like office pants.

Am I a weirdo? I didn't really realize I DIDN'T like them until that moment.

decide my classes for me, TQC

Have you ever taken a sociology class? What was it like? I need one more class spring semester, and the only classes that are at the right time are sociology and music appreciation (which I don't want to take because it's taught by a good friend of mine whom I don't see being a very good teacher, tbh).

I had no idea what sociology was, so I Googled it. And I still don't get it. But I have a few friends who are sociology majors, and they say it's interesting. So should I take it? 
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 What color should I dye my hair? Its naturally black. Its been purple, pink and green already.

These are the colors I'm thinking about

DK/DC: What's your natural hair color? Do you like it? Do you ever wish it were something else (Not what color do you want to dye your hair but color you'd wish you'd been born with)?

I sort of alway wanted to be a natural red head, but alas the genes weren't there.

Bollywood style

Ya'll, The Question Club, i turn to you in your infallible wisdom.

What are your favorite Bollywood movies?

Some history: My da's got a birthday coming up, and he's recently become obsessed with Bollywood style dancing (he first got hooked on that scene from Ghost World). I want to get him some Bollywood movies, but i don't have a clue where to start! They'd need to be Region 1 DVD, and in English (or i guess subtitled?) and have some great dance scenes! Anybody got some Bollywood recs for a nice American girl?
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why do people get so concerned with pleasing their parents?

i mean, i'm not out to DISplease my parents, but i have no desire to make them happy beyond my not being dead and 100% miserable.
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I'm currently homeless and have...less than $200 to my name which will have to at least last until the 15th (when I'll only have a little bit more). I'm staying at my friend's apartment for the next few weeks. She has a studio but spends most of her time at her boyfriend's place, so I don't think I'll step on her toes -too- much. I want to do something nice to show I appreciate that she's letting me stay here, but I have no money. What are some good ideas?

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I'm sorry this is a holiday post!

Thanksgiving is at our house this year, and I've never done this before.

Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes are on the list.

What else do I need?

Appetizers to dessert.

This is for about 10 people by the way.
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You'd rather date a ________?


You'd rather visit _____?

Cal Poly
A cow named Polly

Which would you rather have in attendance at your next birthday celebration?

The Dalai Lama
A dolly llama (Beanie Baby)

Which would be more shocking to see making out with your poolboy?

Your bi(sexual) son
A bison

Worse thing to find on your bedsheets?

Moose droppings
Mousse drippings
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Inspired by this post, are you looking forward to thanksgiving this year? Or er, if you're canadian, did you enjoy your thanksgiving in september?

Me and my family LOVE thanksgiving like, a ridiculous amount. It's basically the center of our food-calendar.

What's your favorite thanksgiving food?

For me it's a tie between thanksgiving leftover sandwiches and pie. MMMMMMOHMYGOD.

How intense are you about thanksgiving?

If it isn't obvious, I'm super intense about thanksgiving. We start cooking like three days before and visit all our relatives one after the other to stuff ourselves more.

which holiday is most important to you/your family?

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Should I go charge 20-25 dollars worth of  groceries and a beer or should I tough it out until pay day on Thursday? Sometimes I feel like the now-me is always so sure future-me has more money and future-me does not.

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Can a person potentially pull off colored tights in an office setting?
I grabbed some new tights to wear to work today, and I got some basic black and some black leopard print. one of the packs came with an extra pink one, like this...Collapse )

I wear all black and dark grey, typically. I am thinking maybe with on of my long back skirts I can have just my lower calf showing off some bright pink tights. Maybe? No?

I don't want to look like this...
Collapse )


my mom was going to get me this t-shirt for TEAM USA(it was this hilarious shirt with the quote "don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes" i was so excited to wear it like a badass :\) but they only had extra large so she gave me a gift certificate to the soccer store instead. i got this hat.


how does it look?
should i keep it?
should i have gotten the back pack?

i don't mean to look so sad, btw but i have to go to work in 25 minutes.
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My grandfather died two days ago. I have a huge midterm tomorrow. I can't concentrate, I haven't covered almost any of the material and I'm stressed out beyond belief. Should I apply for compassionate accommodation from my university and try to get the exam postponed a few days?

Have you ever applied for compassionate accommodation? Did you have to supply documentation?
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I was at California Adventure/Disneyland yesterday and there were these two guys and a lot of people (mostly women) were very excited and taking pictures with them. I have no idea who they were, and only managed to get a not-so-great picture of one of them.

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Has anyone here made creative things for Christmas presents? How did they come out? I'm thinking of making collages for each of my relatives/friends/SO, each collage being full of words and pictures of things they like or remind me of. This is a good idea, y/n?

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Anyone on or has been on Loestrin 24 Fe in the past? Care to share your experiences?

I was on Yaz for 4 years, then went off of it this past April (soo 7 months ago) and am about to try out Loestrin 24 Fe. I'm kind of nervous since it's been a while since I've been on BC.

I'm not due to start my period for another 2.5 weeks. Should I wait until then to take it, or should I just go ahead and start taking it tonight?
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Have you ever gone skydiving?

If you're a licensed skydiver, how many jumps do you have under your belt?

How much have you spent in gear (not in jumps, just gear) over the years?
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What is your mp3/CD/cassette player of choice?

What foreign language(s) did you learn in school?

How was your weekend?

ETA: Today is Sunday, and dinner in our schol cafeteria sucks on Sundays with no fail. What should my friends and I do for dinner?
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For those of you who like smelly things, what's your favorite scent when you're sick? (incense, candles, oil, shower gel, etc)

Have you ever used aromatherapy to help with cold symptoms? Did it work?
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I am not trying to be offensive or step on anyone's toes, but I am watching some hair show on Bravo wondering why some gay men speak in that stereotypical "lisp" and some gay men don't. If anyone has some insight, care to share? Is it a learned behavior to sort of "fit in" or be recognizable?

As a gay woman, I feel left out that we don't have a special accent.
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Are your parents capable of changing the time on a digital alarm clock? What about using other electronic devices like DVD/blu-ray players, computers, etc.?

My boyfriend seems to think it's weird that he had to change the clock for his mom and I don't see the big deal. He was surprised he wasn't the only one when I said I do it for my parents (I don't think it's that uncommon...). I mean, I had to write down instructions for them to use the DVD player and the computer because I know it's hard for them to remember since they're getting older.

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How good are you at saving money?

What kind of tools/things do you use/do to help you save?

Are you proud or disappointed with how much you have put away?

What, if any, expensive superfluous (ie. not a house, pay off loans, etc.) thing are you currently saving for?

Help Parents

To the parents in TQC, a bit of a back story :

I'm a nanny of two girls ages 2 and 5. The dad is taking a course right now and the mom travels for work 4 days at a time every other week or so. The mom will be laid off soon and the dad will be going back to work after his course.

The 2 year acts like a typical 2 year old however the 5 year old doesn't behave most of the time I'm here and wont listen to me. She gives me that defiant "I dare you to" look when I try to send her to time outs and laughs at me when I get mad.

How do I tell her parents?
What Should I tell her parents?

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my cat died very suddenly today of what we think was a seizure. he was an 11 year old cat and was healthy as far as we know. he never had problems before. has anyone's pet died like this? it just doesn't sound right to me.

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I am visiting Poland (Wroclaw) for a few days at the end of the month.  Do you have any tips or advice? Do you know if it is possible to hire wheelchairs? And finally, just how cold is it likely to be? (I'm in Scotland so I can handle cold! I'm just wondering if it's going to be much colder)

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How sensitive are you to people?

I'm writing a speech on the little known facts of body decomposition after death. Half way into my research, I remembered that 4 of my classmates 'personal experience' speeches were about a loved one they lost. Now I have no topic...
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TQC, yesterday I had to tell my boyfriend that Yoda is NOT peach-coloured and that he is actually green. He LOVES star wars and has seen it more times than I can count, but he's colour-blind and for some reason never caught on to the fact that Yoda is differently coloured.

Will you tell me about times that you believed something incorrectly way longer than you should have, and how you found out you were wrong?

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1. How do I get on the radar of the cute guy who works at a local cafe? My friends is his workmate's girlfriend - so that's a way in. Been a while since I did this offline...

2. What did you want to be when you were young?
3. What are you now?

2. Journalist/author
3. Researchers/non-paid freelance journalist
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Poll #1641914 Christmas Shopping

How do you pay for presents for Christmas?

I put it on a credit card and pay it off after the new year.
I save up for it and pay cash/check/debit card that comes out of my checking account.
I do layaway.

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There's a documentary about a woman who keeps adopting children with disabilities, and it's something do to with blood is thicker then water. What is the name of the movie? No referrals to another community, please.
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TQC, how do I convince my mom to  let me go on birth control?
I've wanted to for a while, but I'm 17. I want it for period issues, not sex.
ETA: I would have to find a new doctor to talk to about it because I still go to the pediatrician.
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do you know anyone who has winter as their favorite season?

do you like winter? (i'm assuming you get cold weather and snow here)

i think i'm beginning to like it as the years go by

Friendship. Friendship... again?

I met a friend for lunch today -- someone I don't see very often. He said he'd gotten into the work, home, sleep habit and doesn't see his friends as often as he wants. He goes out maybe once a week at most to see his friends. He was wondering how normal this is. So...

How often should a person see their friends?

How often do you see your friends?

Do you wish you could see your friends more often? Do you wish you had more friends?

DK/DC: If you use firefox and have a persona, which one do you have?
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I've been teaching my kitty tricks since she was a kitten.

She knows Sit Down, Lie Down, Shake Hands, Jump!, Fetch, Hi-Five, BANG BANG PLAY DEAD TESSA, and Roll Over. Lately when I say "Hi-Five Tessa!" she rolls over. Then when I say, "Roll-over, Tessa!" she tries to Hi-Five me.

1. Is my brother teaching her the wrong things when he's intoxicated, or to fuck with me?


2. Is my cat just destined to be a failure at trickery?

Non-srs answers welcomed :)

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I have dark brown hair. I would like to try to add some redness to it with henna.

How does that usually turn out? Does it only shine red in the sun? How long does it last? Pics would be cool too

Also, is it really healthy for hair? I am growing my hair out so I need to start taking care of it more so I can get some length.

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I'm having a pre-Thanksgiving potluck and I want to make a drink that's kind of autumn-y. I'm trying to pick something that either has only two kinds of liqour or liqour I already have (Irish whiskey, brandy, and sour mix). Which one do you think I should make?

"A Nice Warm Drink" (water, orange spice tea, light brown sugar, apple cider, rum, cinnamon sticks, & butter)
"Autumn Delight" (whiskey, apple cider, cinnamon sticks)
"Hot Buttered Rum" (dark rum, lemon peel, cinnamon stick, cloves, apple cider, butter, nutmeg)
Other (will leave suggestion in comments)

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I started a running program (C25K) in preparation for my first 5k. I am loving getting into running, BUT I don't want to lose my awesome boobs.

Right now my figure is like a less toned Megan Fox. I think she's natural? I just want to tone up and build my stamina without losing every curve.

Can I train for a marathon and keep my boobs if I just eat and eat and eat? That way I'll tone up but keep some fat, right?

Or should I do this one 5k and then just stick to running a couple times a week for maintenance?
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So all these questions today about living in houses where someone was murdered, etc has got me thinking. You know that on Thursday a week old dead body was discovered in the apartment across the courtyard from mine, and a thought keeps occurring to me.

Eventually they are going to rip out that bathroom, put in all new fixtures and rent that apartment out again. I'm sure they're not going to disclose to potential tenants that a man's corpse was in that bathroom for a week. So they rent it out and you meet your new neighbor.

Do you tell your new neighbor about the corpse? Do you think that's something that they ought to know? What would you do?

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How bothered are you by fussy eaters?

You're on you're first date with someone. You're getting on well enough.
There's 10 things on the menu. How many things on the menu would they have to refuse to eat to not get a second date? (They're don't have any specific dietary requirements, just 'don't like it')

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To anyone who has ever hit on somebody of the same sex:

How did you set about doing it? Did you know beforehand if they would be "interested"? Did they know beforehand that you were "interested"?
Any terribly embarrassing experiences?
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What is something you like in theory but still hate most books/movies/TV shows about it?

For example, I think vampires are awesome but hate the overwhelming majority of vampire media. I also find the history and culture(s) of South Africa really fascinating but think most movies and fiction books about it are completely boring.

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what are your MOST favourite foods and drinks?
do you have any hopes/dreams you are afraid you won't get to complete? if so, what are they?
if you could say one thing to yourself when you were 13, what would you say?
what do you love about where you live?
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Travel questions for a winter adventure trip

Has anyone traveled with REI? If so, what was your experience? Or if you've gone with a similar adventure travel company / tour guide, let me know!

Has anyone been to Baja, Mexico? Bahamas? Will you tell me about it?

Do you have other travel destinations for a winter trip to somewhere warm in North America, that doesn't involve copious amounts of alcohol, meat, golf, or sitting on an all-inclusive resort beach for a week straight? Somewhere with hiking, snorkeling, beautiful scenery, outdoorsy stuff, some sunbathing, etc. We've done Hawaii's Big Island and Puerto Rico.
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Sims questions

- I've got 117 out of 231 GB left on my laptop. Will that be enough to run Sims with all the expansion packs and whatnot without it seriously slowing my computer down or running out of space?

- Should I get Sims 2 or 3?

- Any freebie sites, codes, or w/e you know of?

I've only played Sims on consoles and it's fun but I imagine playing on PC is waaaaay better. Thanks.
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 I've somehow hurt my shoulder and I don't know how.  It hurts when I move it certain ways and it's a very sharp pain. When it does start hurting, the rest of my arm goes numb and weak. I haven't lifted anything heavy recently, and I can't remember banging it on something.

What did I do to my shoulder and what can I do to get it to stop? I've tried a heating pad, but that didn't really help.

What's type of candy do you prefer? Chocolate bars, caramels, hard candy, gummies?

What's your favourite candy? My favourite chocolate bar is tied between Snickers and Skor bars. Right now Haribo Gummy bears are my favourite non-chocolate.

If you have pets, do they sleep on the bed? What about under the covers? My kitties sleep on the bed when they feel like it, and when it gets cold, they like to snuggle under the covers.

ETA: I just remembered this website where people would try to make giant homemade versions of their favourite snacks and candies, like giant Twix bars, Kit Kats, Jaffa Cakes, and Cadbury Creme Eggs, and whatnot. Does anyone know of this website?