November 6th, 2010


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TQCers who smoke or have been smokers in the past: how young were you when you started? Why did you start? If you were under legal age, how did you get them?

My 16-year-old guy friend (the hipster I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, who reads Dostoevsky and little else) bragged to me today about "having a smoke on the way to the theatre". I don't even want to know how he got it. He's like my little brother, so I'm kind of pissed at him.

What are your general opinions on smoking? 

I have asthma, and can't be around smoke. So I, by default, hate it.

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Once I was young and naive, and I took three college courses and stopped showing up without withdrawing. I now attend a different college, since the first college wouldn't give me financial aid because of my unsatisfactory grades. Do you think in a few semesters I could try to get those grades taken off my transcript? I don't really know how common this is, but I figure I should wait a while to prove with my GPA that I am a model student.

If you don't care, does beer ever taste heavily of soap to you?

If it does not, will you show me your absolute favorite cute animal picture/video?

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I'm sure this is an obvious YES, but do they take out taxes from short term disability pay, just like the would a normal paycheck? The pamphlet I got from my employer says that they are not allowed to deduct insurance.
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or to anyone who has visited San Jose,Ca

It's 6am.
ive been under stress. im just wondering where i can go to have some time to myself.
be able to relax, clear my mind & gather thoughts.
Anyone have any suggestions???
Just been stressing this week. family, realtionship, getting over being sick, my grandma is very sick. ugh, i think you kinda understand.

im open to any suggestions!
Anyone have any suggestions to go anywhere to just unwind? Clear my mind.
Doesnt have to be anything big, a walk somewhere, a new store i havent heard of to shop at or check out.
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Has anybody else noticed how all the dragons in "How To Train Your Dragon" are basically cats? (Except for the pudgy, lumpy ones who are obviously dogs and the bad guy dragon who isn't cute at all)

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I have a 60lb pit mix named Harley. She's sweet and clumsy, but good with little dogs. My Grandmother died last month, she and my grandfather had three dachshunds.

My grandfather has decided that he can't handle three dogs, and needs to give one up.

I rent and have a lease that would allow pets, but I need to get her approved with my landlord.

We have a savings set up for Harley that is large enough to cover the other dog as well (for vet care).

Should I take on the second dog?

skin question?

well, I have a bunch of little blackheads on my nose, and they're too small to squeeze away, but just big enough to be embarrassing. I've been washing my face everyday with a blackhead scrub that has salicylic acid, but I just cant seem to get rid of them. Do any of you get/have this problem? If so, do you know how to take care of it/get rid of them? (preferably nothing too expensive,  money is tight right now)
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have you ever had food poisoning? how long did it last?

last night was the worst vomming/diarrhea i have ever had in my life. and i usually never vom unless ive been drinking or something. but the weird thing was, it only lasted around 5 hours before i finally got to sleep and woke up feeling fine. which leads to me thinking that it wasn't food poisoning at all.

what the hell could have caused this shit?

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Omg you guys, I drank way too much beer last night (I don't drink often at all so I'm a total lightweight when it comes to alcohol). I'm in the process of drinking my approximate weight in water, but what medicine can I take to make this headache go away faster???? D:

How was your night? lol
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Help me get dressed!

Dear TQC:

I am going to a 21st birthday party tonight. It will be held in her apartment, surrounded by people we know from Hillel at our university, her cousin and his friends, and some other people. All we're planning to do is drink, smoke, and have a good time. It starts at 8pm and it's hella cold here in Chicago.

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So I have a discipline problem. I was never really taught to have it. If I brought home bad grades (which I always did), my parents would just tell me to do the best I could and that's all that mattered. If I smoked pot, they'd chastise me about becoming a pothead like my sister but then we'd be off to see the new Johnny Depp movie five minutes later, no groundings in place. If I wanted to stop going to school, fine. I can still go to the community college and state colleges with a GED, though a lot of good that does since there's no way to afford it. I'm 20 but I'm still asked to do chores which is understandable, but I rarely do them because I know if I don't then my mom will. No penalty.

Don't get me wrong, I love my parents and they love me, and I'm thankful they're supportive and understanding. But there's a line that should have been drawn somewhere and because it wasn't, whenever I'm in a situation that is out of my comfort zone I quit because that's what I've always done. As you can imagine, working is almost impossible for me because once I get passed the money signs and benefits, I realize that it's actually work and it sucks and it's hard and oh well, I'll just quit and find something else. No problem.

If I don't change this lifelong habit then my life is going nowhere fast. What can I do to change it?
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do you have 'towel time' when you get out of the shower? you know, where you just sit in your towel and wet hair and chill. speaking of towels...

when i first moved into this apartment, i didn't have any towels 'cause i was only half moved, so my roomie lent me one of hers for the next day. i washed it and tried to give it back to her but she just ended up telling me to keep it.


this was last night, hahahaha. seriously, though, 'cause i think she's been mad at me/super stressed with school and taking things around the apartment too seriously, like me leaving my hairdryer on the counter since i use it every day(it's not a small counter).

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my roommate and I went on a mini vacation last week to Indiana and while driving back home we discussed going on some more trips/vacations next year.

Where would you suggest we go and why?

Also planning a cruise for this time next year.
have you ever been on a cruise?
if so to where ?
how long and what was it like?

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My husband and I see each other for about a half an hour a day on weekdays. Weekends are our time together, provided either I have the weekend off or he has an early shift. He's working; I'm off. I need to see a movie for a class I am taking.

What are the odds that they are going to let him out of work early while I am at the movie?

(I'd love to see the movie with him, buuuut it doesn't show very often and also I don't think he wants to see Waiting for Superman at all)
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I have a character that's supposed to be in an important position of power, can you suggest any ideas as to what this position might be? I'm not having many ideas to consider, my mind can be so simple sometimes. D:

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 How much does a McDouble cost where you live (excluding tax)?

My boyfriend and I keep seeing commercials that say $1.39, but the McDonald's I've been to have it for $1.00.

Oh! Also, for those of you curious about my two interviews for one store thing: I went to the interview at Location B and they said they'd treat it like a second interview and call Location A with their opinion of me. Location A called me shortly after and said  that based on what they were told by Location B, they're going to continue on in the process of hiring me (background check, calling references, etc.) and so far, two of my listed references have told me they were contacted. (: So things are looking good! No drug test, btw, so I don't know why the lady told me to be prepared, lol.
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What's your favorite non-traditional sexxytime music?

Personally, I like to put on the afghan whigs or death from above 1979

Additionally, what's the silliest song your itunes shuffle has put on during the deed?

I have the arthur (the cartoon) library episode soundtrack and yeah, giggle fit ensued

paging dr eljay

Does anyone know how long an itchy bug bite can last? Lets say non-poisonous, not infected, probably spider or one of those big black ants. What was the longest a bug bite has lasted for you?
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A Trader Joes just opened up down the street from me last week. Everyone at work raves about it and were so excited for months.  I've never been to one, what types of tasty things should I be sure to try?

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I need a cell phone. Rather than deal with a contract, I'm going with Boost Mobile. And I want data and a qwerty keyboard, so that effects my choice of phone.

From the reviews I've read online, it looks like the best two choices for what I want on Boost for CDMA series are the Samsung Rant and the Sanyo Incognito. But reviews only go so far and people who've actually used them as their primary phone have a different experience from a reviewer who only used the phone long enough to write it up.

So is there anyone who's had either of those two phones? Did you have any problems, and did you like the phone or not?
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QUESTION 1: If you have an mp3 player of some sort, how often do you run out of memory? When it happens, how do you decide what to delete in order to make more room?

The songs and apps on my iDevice are all used/listened to pretty regularly (what's on there now is actually what I was left with when I deleted a bunch of stuff to save memory not too long ago) but I have bunch of new songs I wanna put on it. I can't decide what I should delete. :(

QUESTION 2: Some people are coming over later (in an hour or two) but I'm pretty sure I want to drink the entire 6-pack of Guinness all by myself right now and leave the crap I don't want for everyone else. Good plan, y/y?

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Should we go see Buried or Waiting for Superman? 

I'm a teacher, so Waiting for Superman sounds interesting, but I also need a break from school and Ryan Reynolds is one of my favorite actors.

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I got a filling today and now that the Novocaine is wearing off my face is throbbing. Hot, cold, and Ibuprofen have not helped. What else can I do? This has never happened before!
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What kind of carpet do you think feels the best under bare feet? Or do you prefer the feeling of a wood floor?

Have you eaten all of your recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables today?

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Are you taking or have you taken an online college course before? Was it really intense and hard to stay on track? I'm going to be taking one in between semesters this year and I'm just wondering what to expect (it's a basic 101 course for my major).
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When was the last time you had bad customer service? What happened?

Inspired by both the fact that I will soon be at a very customer-service oriented company and want some 'DON'T DO THIS' tales and the absolute shitfest of poor planning and rudeness at the mall today.
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Drugs + Dentist = ?

I have to get a tooth pulled and I'm dreading it. The dental assistant suggested that I see about getting a prescription for Valium to calm my nerves before the pull because I have SEVERE panic attacks. Have any of you ever taken Valium and if so, what's it like? Have any of you taken it before a medical or dental procedure? Can the dentist also use nitrous if I've already taken Valium?
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What is your opinion?

I already have a son named Tyson and a step-son Jordan, but I really like the name Braydon for a boy, IF I have another boy. Do you think Jordan and Braydon sound to much the same? It seems there is to many on name sounds in my family, but Braydon is the only name I really like.
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Poll #1641516 Let's say you can choose your romantic partner

Would you prefer that he/she was more attractive than you, or less attractive?

Doesn't matter

Would you prefer that he/she was more intelligent than you, or less intelligent?

Doesn't matter

Would you prefer that he/she had more friends/was more popular than you, or less popular?

Doesn't matter

Would you prefer that he/she had more sexual experience than you, or less sexual experience?

Doesn't matter

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My boyfriend's mom is fucking insane. If I got into all the details, I'd be here all night typing. But basically, she hates me for absolutely no reason. She was completely fine with me, nice, etc, until one day, she just randomly decided I was not allowed over at her house (my boyfriend still lives there) anymore. No reason at all. She also didn't tell ME this, she told my boyfriend, and then got mad at him when he told me. Yeah. She has talked a ton of shit about me when I honestly do not deserve it. She's even talked shit about my family.

Yesterday, my boyfriend told me I was invited to Thanksgiving dinner over there. I should uh, not go, right? I don't want to, because every time I'm there everything turns into a screaming match between their family. Not to mention, I know she'd just be being fake nice to me the whole time. Or, should I go to appease her, and be fake nice toward her as well? 

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For those of you who went through or are in higher education of some kind:

Were you ever given the piece of advice "Don't do a paper/presentation/other project on the instructor's area of research, because they'll spot errors more easily, errors will stay in their mind longer, and you may sound like a kissass"?

One of the girls in my lab class did her presentation this week using the TA's research area as a main example, and she MANGLED it. These are freshmen, though.

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My cat just came inside after being out all day and has a bad limp. His leg seems fine (besides the limp), no cuts or blood, but he does appear to have some scratches on his face.

I plan on taking him to the vet first thing in the morning, but for right now, what can I do to make him comfortable and hopefully take some pain off his leg?

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For those of you who live with your SO, do you eat the same kinds of foods? Do you like the same kinds of foods? Is there a big difference with the way the two of you process foods (IE, one has a very "save everything" mentality and the other is content to toss, say, a half gallon of milk away if it's reached the "sell by" date)? If there is a big mismatch in food tastes, how do you deal with that?
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So, I know if you're going to show someone in a military uniform in like a TV show or a movie, you have to have at least one thing wrong with the uniform. (Unless it's an out-of-date period costume.)

Do they have similar rules for other distinctive uniforms/outfits? Is there a rule, say, for dressing up as the Pope?

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Are there any actors besides Hugh Laurie and Julian McMahon who use fake American accents on TV? What do you think about fake accents in TV shows/movies? Do they always pull it off?

[Edit: Wow there are a lot!]
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what do you eat when you're hungry and don't know what you want to eat?

what have you eaten today?
I've had... a couple scrambled eggs and a piece of toast with jam and a few scoops of applesauce. a cup of coffee with 2% milk. rotini & tomato sauce and 3 meatballs, a ginger gold apple, spinach salad & dressing and 2 little reese cups.

what would your dream restaurant have on its menu?
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I just went to my first live performance of the Rocky Horror Show, so I didn't know many of the callbacks. For those of you who know them, what are your favorites?

When was the last time you struck up a great conversation with a complete stranger?
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why won't my dad stop talking?

things i've learned in the last 20 minutes:
-Scott Walker is going to fire everyone in the state of Wisconsin, including dead people.
-Hillary Clinton should be Attoreny General
-teachers are selfish for pushing their pay raise in our "bad economy"
-he's going to move to New Mexico(yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay)

what will i learn next hourrrr.... help me...

10:20 PM: now we're discussing the moral at my work.


10:36 PM: if we'd been alive during Indian times my dad decided we'd be of the Three Streams Clan(we're of Navajo decent idk). god why am i not drunk this would be so much more entertaining.
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what can I wear with this sparkly top?

I just bought this in black, because it actually looked nice and it was on sale and I was all OOOOH SHINY THING.

For orchestra performances I have to dress in all black, so I can wear this top with pants and this cardigan I already have, at least until it gets really cold here. But for me, $35 is a lot to spend on a tank, so I want to wear it more than once a month for shows.

What else can I wear it with? I work in an office, and I rarely go out at night, so I'm looking for ways to fit this into my daytime wardrobe if I can do it without looking too ridiculous.
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 Let's say you were invited to a wedding, and you had a young child (or several, whatever). Let's also say your invitation to this wedding was addressed to you and your significant other only. Let's also say that the couple getting married included their wedding website address in the invitation, and in 3 different places (including the home page) of said website, it very nicely stated that this wedding is adults only.

Would you be offended if someone closely associated with the wedding called or emailed you and kindly thanked you for your RSVP, and reminded you that it was an adults only wedding?

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How many family members (or otherwise) lived in your house growing up?

What were the relations?

Did everybody in your household family growing up have the same last name?

Did you ever have some kind of placard with the family name on it?
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I'm listening to Pandora Radio. I chose the AC/DC station.

It's currently playing The Commodore's "Brick House". Now it's playing "Jessie's Girl".

Does this make sense to you?

(Seeing as I love both songs, IDK, but the rock star in me is WTF-ing all over the place.)

DK/DC/AC/DC: Can I get a nose count of all the NaNoWriMo participants in TQC?

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In March my cousin and I are heading to Charleston, SC for a couple day. What would you do there if you were on this trip or what would you recommend? We both just turned 21 and shes a pansy when it comes to drinking /partying so maybe something we can both enjoy.

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So I was planning to go to an underground hip hop show tonight, I arrive at the venue and there's no one there. Freaking out, I then remember that the event was scheduled for Saturday the 20TH, and not Saturday the 6TH.

What has been your most epic fail as of late?
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What are your thoughts on co-sleeping (sleeping beside a parent/sibling/family-member/friend)? Do you find it uncomfortable when you do it, if you have done it?

Would you find it weird of a teenager or adult occassionally slept beside his/her parents? 
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Has anyone else started Christmas shopping? What have you gotten?

So far I got my husband a jersey of his favourite team, I got my mom personalized stamps with her dogs on them, and various toys for my kids I've found on clearance