November 5th, 2010


RV questions

1. It seems like various states have different policies on whether or not one needs a special license for an RV. If you’re planning on crossing various state lines, do you have to conform to the policies of each individual state, or just the one on your driver’s license?

2. What kind of money can you expect to pay for insurance? I haven't settled on a manufacturer or model, but it will be a used Class C motorhome from the 1980s still in pretty good condition. Will more drivers increase the cost? For the year it'll be driven around the country it'd be a primary residence, if that makes any difference.

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Can someone explain to me what it means exactly when someone is arrested for "judgment"? I googled and got this:

"The postponement or stay of an official decision of a court, or the refusal to render such a determination, after a verdict has been reached in an action at law or a criminal prosecution, because some defect appears on the face of the record that, if a decision is made, would make it erroneous or reversible." 

But, I can't exactly wrap my head around exactly what it means.

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I am constantly striving to be a classy woman, of fine taste and posture.  Therefore, I need a liquor cabinet.

Where can I find one that isn't hugely goddamn expensive?  Is there a build it yourself option for these things?

Why does the world want me to keep storing my expensive bottles of liquor on top of the fridge?  So undignified.
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What do you suppose is the best way to tell what your head shape is under all that hair? I maintain that I will one day shave it all off (I've been struggling for 'Good Hair' all my life) but I fear that like my father I have a pin head, plus I'm a tall gangly tomboy who should probably avoid all thoughts of a boyish haircut.

So far I've tried getting a peek at a MRI scan and feeling around with mixed results. What about you? How's your head shape? Assuming it would be kind of a BFG for you, would you/have you ever cut a significant amount?

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Just had a chicken, feta, and baby spinach pizza for the first time. I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite. I was in heaven - but my room mate was horrified just at the sight of it, and my mother had a similar reaction when I mentioned it on the phone.

What's your favorite pizza topping?

Ever had anyone look at your pizza in disgust/hear about your topping and make an "ew" face?
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computer stuff please help

Whenever I type on my Chrome browser, it immediately turns to and it's getting me so annoyed. Do you know how I can fix this? :(

Also, can you recommend good pop-up blockers? I am seeing pop-ups everywhere and I don't know where they're coming from ughhh.

Never mind, got it fixed. Just gotta figure out why firefox is sort of messed up now.

Have you started holiday shopping?

gif/picture quiz!

will you post gifs/pictures in response to these questions? (you can add text to describe if you want)

how was your day?
how are you feeling right now?
how do you feel about your life?
obligatory dance/party gif
anything else you want to post?

thanks for your time

~excuse to test out my tags in photobucket~

edit: omg saving so many gifs right now
cabaret voltaire

(no subject)

Do you or someone you know suffer from OCD?

What is the degree of its severity?

How does it manifest itself?

Do you/who you know take medication for it, or receive therapy for it? If not, have you/who you know taken meds or received therapy in the past? Is/was it helpful?
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Have you ever felt like you were a robot or didn't have a soul?

Sometimes I feel like I'm not real because I've never had the experiences that most of my peers have had. I've never been drunk, and not for lack of trying. I've never been kissed or had sex. I've never been to a party. I have these debilitating fears, like being naked in front of someone, or doing something that others would laugh at me for.

I've never been anywhere on my own. I don't feel most of the time. Sad things happen and I don't react at all. The only real things I feel are anger and that deep unending depression. Sometimes I just want to turn the steering wheel real sharp and go off the road.

Obviously most of you aren't going to care about me not having a soul, so what's your favourite Mexican dish? What about Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese? Indian?

There's a local Mexican place that makes these carne asada fries and they're amazing. Vietnamese is a rice noodle dish with chicken and salad. Chinese would be Cashew Chicken, and Japanese would have to be spicy shrimp ramen. I've only had Indian once, but the chicken curry I had was really good. 
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Good morning, TQC. :) Have any of you tried an E-cigarette? If so, what do you think of them? My boyfriend and I have both fallen in love, but I know some other people who can't stand them.

dk/dc: What's your favorite time of day?
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i just received a message on okcupid:

"the united federation of planets, huh? Prepare for your demise at the hands of the Romulan Star Empire!"

i have nothing on my profile about star trek. i don't even like star trek.

why did i get this message and how should i respond?

i should mention this guy lives in the same city as me and was in my "quiver" so it's not just a random bored person from across the country or something
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Hi. Okay, I am doing a photo shoot involving a nude person (including hair) covered in paint. I was thinking about buying paint samples from Lowes Hardware since it is cheap and enough to cover a body.

Is this a good idea? How would you get out paint, used for rooms, off of skin? Do you guys have any other inexpensive suggestions for a different type of paint to use in this situation?

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What are some ways to practice a foreign language if I don't have the time or money for a class? Do you know of any good books out there? Language I'm learning is French, btw.

Do guys ever joke about marriage just to joke about it with a girlfriend if it's something that hasn't crossed his mind?
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Is anyone besides me willing to admit that they're going to watch "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on TLC?

I can't stand her, but it's one of those train wrecks I just can't look away from.

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Apologies if this has been asked recently. If so, feel free to troll/mock me relentlessly.

At what temperature do you turn your heater on?
AND! Where do you live?

I live in Texas, and its 57 out, and Im debating on whether or not to turn it on. I cant tell if Im that huge of a wuss, or if its because I may be getting sick.
"I will completely X you tonight!!!!"

(no subject)

Do you/have you watched any anime (movies or shows) that you really liked? Can you recommend any titles?

I'm not a big anime fan, but I'm interested enough to pursue it. The thing is, a lot of the hardcore fans will totally love all the well known animes, all the classics or the newer popular ones...a lot of which I don't like. I'm not an anime purist, I won't be as interested in a lot of older animes because I don't like the art/drawing style. I'm looking for interesting series that have a fairly legitimate plot (unlike things like Inuyasha or Bleach where it just goes on and on and is the same thing over and over again.)

I loved Trigun. Trigun was amazing. Love Hina was good. Chobits. I guess I like animes that aren't too long, they tend to be more focused on some sort of plot. Though I started Cowboy Bebop and was not very interested or impressed by it.

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Hey guys!  I am having yet another off day today....that makes a full week now.    It's been one frustration, goof up, and problem after another! 

Why do all of the bad things always happen at the same time?    

Why can't it just be one day rather than a whole week that sucks?  

Why are good weeks so much rarer than bad weeks?  

dk/dc: Do you hate it when you make a post with more than one question (like this one) and only one person answers them all?  

Ok I'm done.

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when was the last time you made a card for somebody?
when was the last time you received a handmade card?
would you think it's cheap or sweet to get a handmade card and a mix cd for your birthday? assuming you and all your friends are pretty broke...
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(no subject)

i think "self" is a very strange word to say out loud. it just never sounds right to me.
do you have any words like that for you?

how about any words that, no matter how many times you spell them, they just never look right so you constantly have to spell-check yourself?


space, fire

(no subject)

TQC, when you have a lot to do, how do you prioritize? Do you use any particular calendar software? Do you use a paper planner or a hand held device? Do you find you're happier when you're busy? I've just had a lot of coffee so I'm not lazy, but I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff.
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(no subject)

I got loans for school next semester and so I can afford my apartment and school and I have money for alcohol! What kind of alcohol should I get? (I like clear rum, whiskey, vodka, 151 rum, and sweet things like baileys, amaretto, and kahlua) eta: this is self-earned work money, not loans.

I just recently got into a House and Supernatural kick, and I have only seen through seasons 3 of both. Are there any places you know of online that don't require surveys or payment to watch them?

How else should I celebrate getting loans?


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Raw cookie dough... yes or no?

Prepackaged raw cookie dough... yes or no?

Homemade raw cookie dough... yes or no?

The raw cookie dough with shapes (like I have pumpkin ones right now)... yes or no?

Pepsi or coke?
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I think i'm gonna bake a pie inside of a cake for my friend's bday tomorrow (a one layer Cherpumple, basically) but i can't decide on the perfect flavour combo. Cherry/chocolate seems good but too black-foresty, apple/spice cake is just meh.
Perhaps strawberry rhubarb + chocolate? Cherry pie + rainbow chip cake? Blueberry pie + ...?


UPDATE: Cherry pie + lemon cake is in the oven!
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Sooooo...I got dumped for the first time ever yesterday. I had been dating this guy for about six months and he broke up with me over e-mail.

This guy is a friend of one of my best friends; that's how we met. My best friend has been there for me through thick and thin for the past eight years that we've been buddies. He's like an older brother to me in a lot of ways.

Collapse )

OK, gonna go sob into my pink satin pillow and write bad poetry now...

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If you're responding to a Craigslist ad about a job and it doesn't specify what to reply with, would you just send your resume, or would you reply back first saying you're interested and wondering if the job was still available, etc?

(no subject)

Im sick of being poor. what can do i do to make extra money? I'm a college student and I have no car and I have nothing valuable to sell online. 

How do second jobs work? Whenever I've applied for any job they want everyday availability. How do people get second jobs? 

I guess I'm just getting desperate and need some useful advice =/
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(no subject)

Well now that Halloween is over, our Christmas tree is going up soon. For the past couple of years, my SO and I have been picking out and chopping down our own tree at a tree farm (we've tried different farms). Problem is, since the tree was outdoors, its always got little critters living in it. The last tree had hundreds, if not thousands, of spider eggs that hatched once they were in the warmth of our home. Hooray. Trees from tree lots (where the tree is already chopped down) don't last as long, and I'm not really into fake Christmas trees. So TQC, tell me, what do I do about my tree this holiday season? Is there a way to de-bug it before bringing it in the house? Where do you get your tree every holiday season and have you had bug problems like this? I don't remember having this problem as a child when we picked out our tree and brought it home. Any other suggestions?

Working it out.

I hate going to the gym without something to do like listen to music/watch movies but I CANNOT find my earphones. But I know if I let something like not being to find my earphones stop me I am going to be really pissed of with myself because I have not gone all week.

Should I go anyway and possibly be bored?
What do you do when you are working put when you are without music/movies?

They do have entertainment but its mostly sport/poker tournaments, mainstreet music channels and the news.

(no subject)

if you were to set up a non-monetary driven charity of your very own.  what kind of charity would you choose? ie: collecting books to give to libraries, collecting clothes for good will, collecting cans for a food drive.

(no subject)

Have you ever gone to a chiropracter? Was it expensive? 

I had a free spinal consultation at my school today. The different people (chiropracter, spinal guy, and massage therapist) said I have hypertonicity in the muscles in my right shoulder blade. I have had problems with my right shoulder blade for years. They told me I should see a chiropracter.

After going to the chiropracter, were you able to fix your issues? 

(no subject)

1. I love getting to see inside other peoples' lives, and my LJ friends fascinate me. But my friends list has been slow lately.. would you like to be friends?

2. What is the last song that really moved you? In what way?

(no subject)

how do you feel right now ?
are you drinking?
are you against drinking
are you smoking weed?
or cigs ?
or are you sober?

will you talk to me ?! :)

i feel great. im drunk . its been a week since my 21st and im still partying on my days off. lol its fun

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A friend asked me, and I didn’t know, so I ask you, TQC:

If a canoe tips over in your front yard, and all four wheels fall off, how long would it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick all the seeds out of a pickle?

(no subject)

as per my previous entry about charities.

if you were to set up a charity that donates baby clothes/ things that woman like or need to womens shelters, what would you call it?
(i swear i'll have more non-charity related questions so enough)

(no subject)

We're having a 65th birthday party for my dad tomorrow.
I made a time line of funny pictures from his entire life..
Will you guys tell me some quotes I could put on it?
Something funny preferably.. about aging or something?

It use d to say "It took him 65 years to look this good" but then his secretary put up a banner saying that haha. And she is coming so that will not work and I need new ideas!

(no subject)

I bought a Droid (Yeah,... whateva) and now I want a silicone case/cover for it. If you have a Droid (or any other phone, really) what's your favorite brand of case/cover?

What are some apps I should download?

(no subject)

When a customer is really rude to you, how long does it take for you to cool off? Do you take it personally?

I'm really bad at this. A guy just said I was terrible at my job, etc and I wanted to cry. I'm still mad and shaky about it 20 minutes later :( People are assholes. I know I'm good at my job and he was being irrational, but I still take it kinda personally. I hate it.
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(no subject)

Do you know what time your local Gap stores open?

They don't have hours listed on their website, and there is no sort of recording when I call the store. There also isn't any hours listed on Yelp.

I'm planning on running errands tomorrow and was hoping to be done early, but I don't know what time they open!

(no subject)

i'm 34 and just found out I need my tonsils removed.

Do you have yours?
if not how old were you when you lost them?

Do tonsils really have a purpose or are they an extra body part like your appendix?
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(no subject)

Ever thought of what you'd want to have posted online if you up'n'died suddenly? Would you have passwords and messages written down somewhere for your family to do it, or would you rather they decide whether to say anything about your death on your LJ, FB, etc or just leave them silent?

(no subject)

1. Does anyone else here look stupid in eyeliner? I have tried eyeliner before and my eyes just look TERRIBLE with it. All of you post these beautiful pics of well-done makeup and I just don't know if it's my really round eyes or what.

2. Would you tell me about your favorite restaurant?

3. I just finished Still Alice, a book about a lady who develops early-onset Alzheimers. If you slowly started to lose your mind and everything you are, what would you miss most about yourself?
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(no subject)

Do you have a green thumb?

Are you a good speller?

What kind of critters are you scared / nervous of?

Do you collect anything? What?

What is something that makes you cringe?

Do you have any weird habits? What?
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Do you have any music you really only listen to so you can sing along? 

Who is it?

Do you sing like that person?

I put on amy winehouse when i want to sing.  i like to think I sound like her, but i'm probably delusional!

(no subject)

What language from the encircled area on the map would you choose to learn if for the rest of your life you were only permitted to speak that language? Would your answer change if you could magically acquire the language without having to learn it?

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(no subject)

I'm 99% sure I have a yeast infection. I have a leftover generic Diflucan from last time I had one. Is it safe to take it without a doctor confirming I have a yeast infection? If I for some odd reason don't, will there be any ill effects?

I'm dying of itchiness and I need to take it NOW D: If I can, of course.