November 4th, 2010

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Just like a reflection of a friend of mine, I am a
reflection of an enemy, am I a reflection of an enemy,
just like a reflection of a friend of mine?

Do you believe Barbara Streisand to be some form of deity?

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If the police burst into your room right now and claimed you were under arrest for the murder of someone, how do you think you would react? Would you react quietly and cooperatively?

Also, for the sake of the question, assume you haven't murdered anyone.

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Fuck TQC, I can't sleep over this

What do you make of a guy who texts/messages you from about 9am to midnight every day, works overtime when he knows you're working, comes to pick you up at ridiculous times, makes moves on you and flirts constantly...yet refuses any kind of relationship? I just mean I'd understand if he was going for fwb but the constant contact and hanging out and things like that confuse me. I'm kinda dumb about these things and this guy messes me up so much.

And another one: would you feel awkward going to someones birthday dinner if you'd only met them in real life once, but talk online pretty often? I have a mutual friend who'll be going, but I'm just feeling a bit unsure about it.


Do you like moving apartment/ homes? Stressful but happy to live somewhere new/exciting?

My lease ends Jan. 1st and all of the places I want to live, they don't know at least the beginning of December if there will be an apartment ready when I need one. It's REALLY stressing me out!! There's my dream apartment that's available in a few weeks, but finding the money for that would be tough to get so soon.

Should I try asking family for help so I can limit my stress for the holiday season?
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 Have you ever done something that was in direct conflict with your morals, or something you promised yourself never ever to do? 
If so what? Did you regret it or did you just shrug it off and move on? 
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next semester I'm supposed tot ake a course to fulfill my "American pluarlism" gen ed. I was going to take immigration and film but apparently they think it's cool to reserve 20/25 seats for majors so it won't let me register for it. should I see if I can be forced into that or should I register for a later afternoon Tues/Thurs class (that ruins my lovely schedule) about American design & diversity but it sounds like there's a lot of work (like most architecture classes at my school. so what should I do? :(

what was your last decision to make?

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Doctor TQC, I think I lightly pulled a muscle last night. Should I go to the gym today and run on it (it's in my groin of all places) or let it get better?

Any tips for making yourself work harder at the gym?
Getting myself there is no problem but I will rarely make myself work to exhaustion.

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Hey TQC. So I was just offered and I accepted a MUCH BETTER job than my current part time retail position at a women's clothing store. Conveniently the start date for this new job is three days shy of two weeks away, so I can give my notice when I go in this afternoon.

Two questions though:
Will it matter if I just TELL the manager that I'm leaving, instead of giving her a nicely written letter? I have no access to a printer right now or I would write one up.

RetailJob has really been freaking out over the holiday season, and they were depending on me kind of to help get through what will be a 12AM-12AMorlater black Friday. I am excited as hell that I don't have to do that now, but they might be a bit angry at me. Should I tell them that I'm leaving as soon as I get in today, or at the end of my shift?

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Those plastic rainhoods old ladies (or maybe just old ladies in the US) wear. Are they an accessory which has always been in the realm of old ladies? Or are they something which was popular when they were young, (50, 60, 70) years ago and the people who wore them got used to them, and still use them up to this day.

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what are some things that are more awful than writing cover letters?
tell me terrible things so i stop feeling so bad and unmotivated.

in what field was the last job you applied for? did you get it?
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There's a new roller derby team in town. There's a meet-and-greet this Sunday, where they'll give info on competitions and maybe recruit new members to try out.

Should I give it a go?

If so, what should my derby name be? (I'm thinking Wanda Womyn, but I'm open to suggestions.)

DK/DC/LOL roller derby: how long does it take you to get ready to get out of the house? (Work, school, errands, whatever.)

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I have a MacBook Pro that I bought in early 2008 that I want to sell. I have Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Aperture installed in it. For being almost 3 years old, it's in great condition and I have no issues with it. The only reason why I want to sell it is to get the new MacBook Air (more practical for my needs).

How much do you think I can realistically ask for it? $500ish? Or is that too much?
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Video Games/eBay

I want to buy a cheap version of Red Dead Redemption (PS3) for my boyfriend for Christmas. I've seen some really cheap ones, but they're from Hong Kong. It says they're "ASIA VER, REGION FREE (NTSC-J/U/C & PAL OK)" so I'm guessing that means they're originally Chinese but unlocked for American PS3s?

Will these work on our PS3? Will everything be in Chinese? Or should I just buy an American version, which is about $20 more?

Have you ever bought any video games from eBay?

Do you even play video games?
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TQC, I get one day off from work a week and today is that day. Should I...

A. Work out until I kill myself. I've been eating way too much candy since Halloween.
B. Find a new show to watch online. Recommendations?
C. Find and make out with my new boytoy.
or D. Clean all the things.

What are you doing today? What do you WISH you were doing today?

download manager

Anyone know of a good download manager?

I've googled it but I'd like TQC's input as well. I'm looking for something cleanlined; with a netbook I can't offer too much CPU to a DL manager. I don't use torrents, just media sharing sites such as hotfile, mediafire, megaupload, etc.

50 Nifty United States

In your own words, what is th difference between Congress and Senate and House of Reps? (edited)

Are you able to personally like a politician or pundit even if you don't share the same opinions?

Do you know the song (in the title) by heart? If so, do you use it ever?

How do you know if you have a migraine as opposed to a regular headache?
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I just registered for classes for next semester. This is a big deal because it's the first time I've really gotten to choose what to take as a law student (all pre-reqs before now). Have you registered for next semester yet? What are you taking? Are you excited about any class in particular or dreading any class in particular?
Muh Life.
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I'm seriously considering finding a new home for one of my cats.

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I don't know what to do. I'm a full time student now and aside from being broke, I don't have the mental capacity to deal with the unacceptable behavior this cat is exhibiting. The vet hasn't had any bright ideas other than pilling her with amitriptaline every day. That seems to me like it would be bad for her quality of life.

Should I give up and find her a better, single kitty home with a little old lady- or keep her and stop whining?

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If one of the member of TQC invited you personally to go visit them, all expenses paid (or at least provided a place to stay and food to eat) would you go?  Why or Why not?    

Is there anybody in particular on TQC that you would consider inviting to come visit you?  Who might that be?    

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I. Cannot. Take. My. Neighbors. Anymore.

Knocking on their door, asking kindly, screaming through the ceiling at them, glaring at them when I see them outside, hitting the ceiling with a broom, opening the door and yelling at their balcony, NOTHING IS MAKING THEM SHUT THE FUCK UP!

They river dance, they scream, they have a dog, they place the guitar, they speak loudly, they have an annoying laugh, they stomp, they dribble a basketball, they have a child, THEY ARE JUST FUCKING LOUD PEOPLE. They are loud to the point we're no longer considering staying at this complex when our lease is up.

Today I am at my wits end. I'm going to go up there and just bitch slap them.

What can I do to make them STFU that won't land me in jail/with assult charges?

DK/DC: What's the last thing that really irked you?

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Super tl;dr:

Last week, I had an interview with Payless at Location A. During the interview, I was asked if I would be able to work at Location B on occasion, because sometimes Location B calls Location A, needing extra people to work there. I said yes, that would be fine, but I made it clear that I did not want to be permanently employed at Location B because it was too far for me to drive routinely and my class schedule would not allow me to work there regularly due to how late that location closes. The guy said that no, I would not be employed at Location B, I would simply go there if they needed me. I was told I'd be contacted within 2 weeks if they wanted to set up a second interview.

Yesterday, Location B called me, asking if I wanted to set up an interview. I told her I'd already had an interview at Location A; she said she wasn't aware, but asked if I wanted to set one up anyway. I agreed, because I didn't want to hurt my chances of getting a job with Payless by declining an interview, and now I have an interview at Location B tomorrow. And... I don't know what to do. 

I really don't want to work at Location B, but I don't want to cancel my interview, either, because that would reflect poorly on me. I also don't want them to think I wasted their time by showing up and saying, "oh but I really don't want to work HERE." 

What should I do? Should I go to the interview and explain that I sort of misunderstood? D: I think my application may have been forwarded to their store because I said I was willing to work there occasionally. 

I've never had to find my own job, so this is all really stressful. ): 

Also, I have to take a drug test for Location B, but I didn't have to for Location A. Any clue as to why this would be the case? I'm not worried about it, as I don't do drugs, but I was kind of like "wait wut" when the lady told me to be prepared for one.

dk/dc: What's your favorite seasonal (of any season; not just this current one) food? 
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To those of you in restaurant/server jobs...if paying by debit/credit card, would you rather have your tip in cash or written on the tip line? What are the benefits/negatives of either?

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So I just started "running". I always wondered why I couldn't run as far as other people of a similar fitness level, until I jogged with others and realized they were going at a much slower pace than me.

So should I run, or jog? If I start jogging regularly, will it slow me down when I try to actually run? I've heard of that but don't know if it's true.

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Ok on my computer (Mac OS X but I think also on Windows XP), Firefox doesn't open until whatever internet connection is established (but opens fine if wifi's off). I go online fairly often on campus and other places that broadcast wifi but redirect you to enter a password as soon as you try to access any webpage. Firefox doesn't recognize this as a connection so I always have to turn my wifi off to get firefox to open and then back on. My homepage is about:blank so it's not even like it's trying to load anything before it opens.

Does it do this to you? Does it annoy anyone else? Most importantly, is there any way to make firefox just OPEN regardless of the state of my internet connection?
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At what age would you start allowing your kid to travel on their own or with friends?

My friend is 18 and her mother won't let her come to NY with me because she's afraid of her flying on her own.
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For the past few days I've been musically reliving my teen years.

When you were 15, what was your favorite...

musical artist/band?

Do you still like these things?
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What's the last thing that made you rationally or irrationally angry?

I was trying to park in the row of (empty) spots in front of my building just now, and the two cars in front of me just STOPPED right in front of the empty spots. In the middle of the aisle. IT'S A FUCKING PARKING LOT, IF YOU NEED TO PARK, PARK IN A FUCKING PARKING SPACE. WHY DON'T THEY GET IT A;SDFKJAS;DJRA;SOEFJANSKDLFJA;SDKFJ. I gave them dirty looks on my way inside. >:( I am seething even though I know this is a really stupid thing to be angry about.

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Has anyone had luck with any "at home" jobs? Anywhere you'd suggest (besides ChaCha because I already do that and make like no money). I am looking for like data entry.

I've been looking at and most of the "at home" jobs listed there require me to pay them before I make my millions (yes, I know I won't make millions).

DK/DC: Breakfast for dinner or only for breakfast?
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What is it?!

Dr. TQC:

About a week ago I noticed a sharp pain in the heel of my foot when I stepped on it and thought nothing of it.

A few days later the pain had moved to the side of my foot, and I happened to notice a sharp black line on the side of my heel. I immediately thought "splinter", but it looks like a hair...eyebrow hair/cat hair sized. The day I noticed it, it was straight and vertical on the inside of my foot. I couldn't feel anything on the surface (like a splinter would be raised) and figured I'd just keep an eye on it.

Today, two days later, I just saw that it has noticeably changed position. It is higher on the side of my foot, and is curled rather than straight. It hurts about the same amount as before when pressure is applied.


EDIT: It has been removed, and was definitely a hair of some sort. D:
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Does anyone else here really love classic movies? Like, Elizabeth Taylor, Jimmy Stewart, James Dean, type classics. Apparently my boyfriend thinks I'm odd because of how much I love them. He thinks they're boring and had the nerve to say lots of the actors from that time period were horrible. :-/
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Remember yesterday when I was worried about missing a text?
Seems my phone battery was dead and I wasn't going to be getting any textual replies. LOLGASM
What do I do now?
I have a fully charged phone and I'm ready to party
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I'm trying to remember the name of a certain clothing website. It's kind of kitschy, sells a lot of dresses. Younger. I wanted to say it was topshop or modshop at first, but it isn't. Help?

What was the last concert you attended?

???? i forgot the ??? D:

without googling, which of these men would you be able to tell me who they are

Eugene Hutz
Andriy Schevchenko

if you had to look them up, would you recognize either of them?

my native, and only, language is English. why couldn't i figure out a less awkward way to phrase that question?
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When I was staying with my friend's family, her mom kept making this kinda meal where it would be stir-fried tofu with cabbage and noodles and other veggies. Does anyone know if this kinda plate has a name? I remember her mom calling it something but I forgot what :(
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I spent about 30 hours travelling from Tel Aviv to DC over the past couple days. Last night I got in at 9 p.m., went to sleep around 11:30, and woke up at 7:30 this morning. I should be fine, right? But it's 7:11 and I'm totally exhausted. I don't have anything to do tomorrow. Should I just go to sleep now and wake up whenever, or force myself to stay up until at least 10 or 11?
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Has anyone been in the studio audience for any taping for a show?

If so, for which show? And how was your experience? Would you do it again? For the same show or a different show?
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TQC, I've been sick as a dog since last Thursday - I had a doc prescribe me some antibiotics which I started taking Monday. They are twice a day, and while I initially felt much better after the first one as it broke the fever, every time I take one now I get dizzy and nauseous, my heart feels kinda poundy off and on and my mouth tastes like poo. The symptoms last all day and start to wear off right as I'm due the next one. Then I don't sleep well because I feel rubbish all over again. I'm out of town, so can't get my script changed to something else. I really want to stop taking them, as this is just awful, but I know that's not what the doc advises and I'd hate to backslide. Shall I suck it up or would you stop taking them?
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When I was in Israel, I was on a long-term organized group trip. The people on my trip were particularly catty and EVERYBODY was talking shit about others behind their back. After most people had left, I confided in a couple people that I felt uncomfortable in the last couple weeks because these people I didn't particularly like were ALWAYS in my apartment. Apparently one of my confidants told this to my (former) roommate. Yesterday she sent me a nastygram, accusing me of being a horrible, immature person for telling others that she made me stay in my room, and "how dare i talk about her behind her back after she left", yada yada yada. The thing is, I wasn't trying to be a shit-talker, and she's talked about freaking EVERYBODY behind their backs, lied to me on a few occasions when she went out with people that didn't include me, and is blowing this conversation I had with somebody out of proportion. But she already defriended me on facebook, and her email was in a pissed-off tone that suggests that even if I did respond, no good would come out of it. Is it worth responding to?

tl;dr -- a (former) friend sent me a pissed off facebook message accusing me of being a shit-talker and defriended me. should i even bother responding, if she's made her mind up already?

Edit: It's also really tempting to write an equally pissed off response. Still just let it go?
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Where should I study?

Uppsala University - Sweden
Florence, Italy
The UK

For the UK: (which should I choose?) I was thinking Bristol.

Bradford, Bristol, Hull, Kingston, Sheffield, Swansea

For Florence the universities are:

* CSU's Florence Study Center
* Accademia di Belle Arti de Firenze
* Universitá degli di Firenze

I really wanted to study in Rome or London but of course those two are not available.

Should I consider a program that's not from my school? It's almost as expensive for one semester as it is for a year through my school, and financial aid won't cover it. If I go through CSUN it's for a year + I get financial aid, but it's not exactly where I want to go.

i haven't eaten in days, guys, just humor me.

you're conflicted on issues of the ~~heart. you wake up in the morning and your inside voice says you're totally fucked and to just give up. but then 12 hours later you're sitting on the bus thinking about Russ Feingold and the other little voice yells at you that if you just called his ass he'd come running back to you.

which is right?!

say the first voice is right, then you have to move on to someone else or you're just gonna dwell on that and the election. seriously, HOW do you know if a guy likes you? 'cause i like this guy at work but i can't ever tell if they like me or if i'm just nice to smile at. and i like my bartender but IDK about that either except that he's always super chatty with me and bought me a pitcher on my birthday and asks if i'm coming to trivia but that's what they DO and waaaahhhhhhh why did Russ Feingold lose?
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I have a BA in Journalism and have worked a public relations internship and as a reporter at a weekly before falling into advertising, which I enjoy. I'm really thinking I want to get another BA instead of a graduate degree. I'm thinking I want to stay in the media field to at least continue using my first BA but that's not set in stone. I have a major interest in Criminology but wouldn't want to go into law enforcement. Would you ever get a degree purely out of a strong fascination of it? My dream job is as a librarian, so that's another idea I'm throwing around. What should I do?

TLDR . Has anyone here got two unrelated degrees? Do you regret it or feel you wasted time on one or the other?

ING Electric Orange Checking

I fucking hate Wells Fargo. With a burning passion that only grows every time I am forced to talk to one of their unhelpful and usually rude so called "customer service" people. Which, since even before Wachovia was officially kaput, has been an alarming amount of times. And they still don't have my shit together (FTR I have a whopping ONE checking account with online banking with them). So I'm considering switching. Lo and behold, while seething in anger, an ING Electric Orange Checking commercial came on...

Does anyone here have a checking account with them? I've known a handful of people who've had savings with them and said nothing but good things, but I feel like their checking service is relatively new. Please tell me the good, the bad and the ugly about what you know and/or have experienced whilst I do some more research. Thanks guys!
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I know this question has been asked before, but I'm gonna ask it again. Ladies who have/are taking Yaz, what have been your experiences? Positive, negative, and everything in between. I'm currently taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen, but I've heard Yaz treats PMDD, which my doc has suggested I might have. Plus, my prescription for the Ortho will be done in a week. So anything you can tell me, please do.

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Are people more likely to have children of a certain gender, or is it completely random? Say that a woman has 4 sons. Is this because there's something about her genetic makeup that makes her more prone to have sons? Does it also have to do with the chemistry between her and whoever she procreates with?
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I procrastinated myself into a big, big hole and now I can't get out!

So, TQC, when was the last time you put something off and kept putting that something off and then when you finally realized you had to do that same something it was almost too late and you then didn't even want to do it?
Um, about 9 weeks ago I learned that I had to write a research paper. I did well until the part where my rough-draft-to-be-graded was due. I haven't even finished writing the paper and it's due tomorrow. DD:
Will you please tell me how dumb I am and how hard I am going to fail?

Also will you post some funny and/or that fit this situation gifs?

Please and thank you! :D

ETA: I am also an disorganized slob who has lost some of her most important note-cards. I know about bs-ing a paper, but that much? No way Hose! (sp?) Argh! I'm going to fail this class. :(

ETA: Never mind. They were in my bathroom cabinet. :O Go figure. :/

How should I fill my paper besides just writing down my note-cards? I put in a lot of rhetorical questions, but I'm sure that's not enough filler. I'm not good at bs-ing.
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Gay/lesbian/bi/pan/queer folks: how do you feel about straight-people crushes -- are they fun and innocent, or annoying, etc.?

Straight people: who are your [insert same sex here] crush(s) and/or someone you would possibly "go gay for" (celebrity or other)?

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do you think the guy who hosts trivia on Wednesdays will play "Bed Intruder" per my request PER HIS REQUEST FOR REQUESTS(he's always asking for requests for the next week)?

my sister requested "Shot Through the Heart".
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I just applied for an internship I am really not qualified for, but I know I will be able to fulfill the duties required for the work.

Have you ever applied for an internship or a job you definitely didn't meet the requirements for?

Did you get it anyway?

If so, did you figure it out as you went along, or were you hopelessly lost?

dn/dc - tell me a funny work story?

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For those of you who use condoms, what is your favorite brand/style? Is there really any noticeable difference between them?? What is your least favorite/what would you NOT recommend?

**UPDATE: How can you tell/what does it feel like when a condom breaks in medias coitus?

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Have you ever smelled a week old dead body?

This post is inspired by my neighbor across the courtyard who was found dead after a week a couple of hours ago. The stench when the coroner brought out his body was amazing.

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Have you ever wondered what an LJ member's icon image was from and then found out as you went about life? Had the whole 'Oh, so that's it!' moment.

I just realized someone's icon (I think it may be a TQCer) was Ilyria from the tv show Angel. I'd been curious.

RL | Baby Maj is a Star

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 Do you think certain foods taste better prepared a different way? 

Example: I think cheese that is grated tastes better than cheese that is cut into blocks. 

Or am I just weird? 

dk/dc: What would you put on your ideal pizza? 

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Do you think you have a good poker face?

Apparently I don't. I'm in a small 4th year seminar at my university and the professor always calls on me because he says I'm looking "contemplative". And while it's true that when he's called on me I did have something to say, it's incredibly unnerving that he can tell that I have something to say just based on what my face is doing at any given moment, lol.

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So I live in a dorm and my floor has 3 public showers next to each other. I was taking a shower in one, and the other two were empty. I didn't hear anyone come in or start another shower or anything, so I pulled my curtain open carelessly to grab my towel on the outside hanger and a girl was just sitting there, waiting. Yeah, needless to say she saw me naked when I went to grab my towel. Then when I left, she immediately got up and got in the shower I was just using.

Am I the only one who finds that weird that she just sat there and waited (I get that people have favorite showers, but...)?

If you don't, then what was the last weird thing that happened to you?
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TQC, I fell off the Matterhorn at Disneyland yesterday. If I went on it again tomorrow and the same people were working, do you think they would remember me? I wouldn't imagine too many people fall flat on their face getting off of it.
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Sex in a Fishbowl?


On the 9th, my dorm is having an event called "Sex in a Fishbowl". Essentially, the guys will stand/sit in a circle around the girls and listen as our RA reads out questions they've written to the girls about certain things girls do- go in droves to the bathroom, etc- and the girls will answer the questions before things are switched and the girls listen to the boys reply to their own questions. The gender forming the fishbowl isn't allowed to speak at all or comment on the opposite gender's responses.

So, to the heart of the matter: what kind of questions should I write down? I have some half formed ideas, but your questions would be awesome too!!

DN/DC: have you ever played a game set up by a group leader that ended disastrously and/or hilariously? Please explain.
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how can you subtly figure out someone's age (who is just an acquaintance you don't want to offend)? i can't think of a polite way to ask. asking when someone graduated seems less rude but it kind of has to come up organically in conversation to not be weird.