November 3rd, 2010

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So, TQC.
It's 22 minutes into my 27th birthday (CST).
Will you post cute animal pictures for me to make me happy and to get my mind off the fact that I managed to drop my cell phone into a cup of soda?
(cute animal posts make me exuberantly happy.)
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Why do so many TQCers dislike Los Angeles?

I have a high fever and some weird facial skin rash. Should I go to class tomorrow? I feel crappy about missing today's lectures, which were really fucking important. Tomorrow I have a stupid quiz and my teacher takes attendance (I've already missed 3 classes). If you miss more than 3 you get a lot of points off your grade.

Why do some professors feel the need to take attendance? If you do well in the class, why should it matter if you come to every class or not? Meh, this is a stupid question but I'm irritated right now.

What did you do today? I spent the last 4 hours watching a longass documentary about the Kievan Rus.

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tqc, do you have advice on how to force yourself to go to sleep earlier than you normally do?

eta: preferably without taking something like advil pm because i don't have anything in my house and i can't go out to get something right now.

meeeeemories... all alone in the moonlight...

will you please tell me about a really vivid memory you have of early childhood, that really wasn't significant in any way and you're not sure why you remember it so well?

for example, in the 2nd grade we were learning to read clocks, and one day my teacher asked "does everyone know what time it is?" and just about every single student shouted back at her "TOOL TIME!" we laughed for hours. i remember this like it was yesterday.
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Will this be this 100% one way?

Poll #1640085 Which would you rather do?

Would you rather bob for _____?

Chocolate-covered apples
Broken glass

Would you rather pet a ______?

Cute bunny
Rabid grizzly bear

You'd rather kiss _____?

A beautiful model (of either gender)
A homeless man, lying in his own bodily fluids

You'd rather have a ______ curl up with you under the covers?

Shivering puppy
Soaking-wet clown, who may or may not be wearing pants

You'd rather eat 5 ounces of _____?

Bull testicles

You'd rather be showered with ______?

Kisses by your favorite celebrity
Rocks by an angry horde of villagers


I want to show people a video from the dance performance I was in this weekend. A girl from the dance club uploaded it to Facebook, and I tried to share it on my own wall, but only some people can see it. I asked the girl who uploaded and she says her privacy settings are so that everybody can see her videos, and so are my own settings. But when my friends go to look for the video that I've now shared twice, the posts aren't there at all. I tried getting the url directly for the video, but it tells my friends that it's been deleted, which it hasn't. And I'm not the only one who's having the same problem with this video so it can't just be Facebook hates me. WHY CAN'T THEY WATCH MY AWESOME THRILLER PERFORMANCE? >:(

What's frustrating you? This is an angry eyebrows post.
I <3 TLV


How do I figure out what this song is that's stuck in my head? I don't know the title or artist or any of the lyrics or where I heard it. But it was probably on the radio. Would those programs that recognize songs be able to know what it is from me humming the tune? Is there a better way?

My mom is sleeping so I had to kind of whisper it, but maybe you can get the general idea?

Also pretend I have talent.

[EDIT AGAIN ohohmeaghan GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!! It's Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man]

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have you ever been in a mansion (define that as you will)? one that people currently live in though, not like an old estate that was converted into a museum or anything.
how many bedrooms did it have?
what was the most impressive thing about it?
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If you like to read biographies, what are some of the best you've ever read?

I'm reading two right now, which pretty much doubles the amount of biographies I've ever read ever. I NEED MOAR.

Also, when reading a biography, do you ever feel a little sad when the person dies at the end, even though you knew it was coming?
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I watched a show on the animal channel today about rodeos gone wrong, & they had a part about bull ring poker.
5 people sit at a table in the bull ring & play poker while a bull is released into it. the last one at the table wins $200.
does anyone else think this is insane?!

would you do it for the $200?
if not, how much?
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I'm going back to work today after being out all week with the stomach flu and bronchitis. I'm still hacking, and I'm far more exhausted than I've ever been in my life, but I can't afford to take any more time off. How can I make sure I'm alert while at work? Normally I'd chug a ton of coffee, but I don't want to re-aggravate my stomach. :-/

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Yesterday in my Health Careers class, my teacher made an announcement about how it was voting day, and how she should all vote. I didn't mind.

It did however, bug me when she began to tell us what we should vote for. She was endorsing that we vote 'no' to a campaign that she felt would take away state-funded jobs, such as the ones we are studying to go into it. So it did have relevance in the class. However, I felt it was wrong for her to tell us exactly what to vote.

Is it even legal for her to tell us what to vote?

I tried to Google it, but the only situations I could find are when the teacher endorses a specific presidential candidate.

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So what's a business degree good for? I'm about to graduate with a philosophy degree and in this economy I'll probably get the same job as you: nothing.
What are some other interesting degrees you people hold/or are in the process of getting?
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Okay. So, you're new to work. Like...any kind of work. You're trained on a computer and go through minimal physical training. They stick you in an eight-hour closing shift for your first week and there's no way you can physically keep up with everything that needs to be done. They are unable to switch you shifts or give you less hours. Do you quit?
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How do you alleviate foot/ankle pain? My ankles are pretty much in constant pain and every time I walk it feels like someone's sticking pins in my heels.

Could it be my shoes (I work retail, in a store with a mostly hardwood floor)? Can I fix this without going to a doctor?
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What is something recently that has restored some of your faith in humanity?

Some guy gave me his weekly ticket to use on the train because it was it's last day, and he was on his way home so wouldn't use it :)
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How do you get over rational fears?

A whole bunch of bars in the area that I work in have been violently robbed recently. There are cameras everywhere in my bar (I don't think there are in the ones that were robbed, but I can't be sure - I spend all my work time in bars, I don't really go to them for fun) but that doesn't calm my nerves very much. I'm absolutely terrified of going into work and being there alone (which happens on weeknights at 1am - not very big drinking times) and being robbed. Like, shaking with fear and getting an upset stomach whenever I think about it level of terrified.

ETAThere was a customer in the bar at the most recent, so having a friend come in isn't something I'm willing to do. If I'm going to be beaten up for being a bartender, I don't want to invite a friend along to be beaten up for being a bar patron

How should I cope with it?

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Say your family is a bunch of meth heroin and other various opiate addicts and you've moved 300 miles away from them and they don't understand why and are begging you to come home for the hoildays but you know if you do you're going to be stuck listening to all their self induced problems and taking care of their children while they continue to do various self harming activities, what do you do? What if you feel bad for telling them all to fuck off, even though you know its best for you.

Edit: What if you know for atleast the little time you're home the children are in safe hands, does that make a difference?
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Is is just me, or did the font on FB get smaller? (no, I did not adjust my browser, but if I do zoom in everything gets huge, not just the text).


Sbuxs switched into Xmas mode yesterday, should I get my first Cranberry Bliss Bar of the season today? What holiday treats have you already indulged in?
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My boyfriend just hung up on me because I said that unless he wanted to talk about something specific instead of the usual "I miss you too" conversations we've been having, I needed to go study. I am now incredibly pissed off.

Has anyone done anything to piss you off yet today? Its only 10:15 am, I've been up since 5, and I already want to yell at people. How do I get rid of this crappy mood?
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so are the potheads of california going to spend the next year complaining that we ruined their chances to freely smoke and dig california out of this debt?

can i smack one of them with a bong?

can you do a handstand?

will you show me a picture of you that you really like?
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I'm having an issue with my laptop. Specifically, the internet connection when it's on battery power. If I simply unplug the computer, it has a heart attack attack and won't detect any wireless signals. If I restart it, regardless of whether I plug it back in, it'll connect happily. If I put it into standby mode before unplugging it, and then turn it back on after I unplug it, there's a fifty-fifty chance whether it will connect happily; or if it will detect the signal, go 'connecting... connecting... connecting...' for five minutes before deciding it really can't find the wireless signal, at which point I have to restart it. Oh, and after it's connected it will only stay connected until the battery power is about half drained, and then it craps out again.

WTF is wrong with my computer? Will buying a new battery help, or is my computer just a jerk? My bf seems to think it's an issue with the power settings, but I've been all over those and changed everything and it still keeps happening, so I don't think so...

Also: It's a Lenovo Thinkpad T60, about 3 1/2 years old. It works fine other than this.

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I just got off my overnight shift. I don't have to work the next four days.
Should I stay up all day and lay around, have a really nice bath in the jacuzzi, sew, read, watch a movie, ect or should I sleep because I'm overtired?!

What are your plans for today?
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Cartography anyone?

I'm writing a Pirate story, and I need a map of a Pirate world that's not so much like Earth.

Is anyone out there really good (or even moderately good) at drawing maps?

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out. I give credit. 

If you are, here's what I need:

It should be a large planet. As large if not larger than Earth. It should have ten major land masses, and nine major oceans. And one of those oceans should be in the middle of the land mass. So like a lake, but a hundred times larger. There should be islands (I imagine all planets that have oceans have islands, except the ones from Star Trek), but you can go ahead and put those as close together or far apart as you want. 

Please and Thank you


Let's play one of those games

Can we play one of those games? Where you leave three statements about yourself

One is completely true
One is an outright lie/untruth
One is a partial truth/half truth

Let others guess which is which

If someone gets it right, you have to clarify the partial truth

I'll go first

I've eaten a burger that contained only meat, cheese and peanut butter
I've had my arms around the 80s singer Tiffany. Twice
Attended clown school for 2 months before dropping out when too many people teased me
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When you put your jeans on after you take them out of the dryer, do you like them to be a little tight or be a little loose? Or do you have magical jeans that always just fit right?

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Okay, I'm fashion-inept - I've spent my life as a jeans, tshirt and sneakers kinda girl. I need some shoe advice;

I need something that will go with light, summary kind of dresses, so I guess nothing too clunky. They need to be able to be worn both with and without stockings. They also need to be fairly practical - I'm not going hiking, but something I can wander around the city in for an hour or two, or wear at work when I need to roam about talking to people.

Can anyone suggest certain styles of shoes that would be worth me keeping an eye out for, as opposed to me staring blankly at walls of random footwear? :> I'll be asking people in the stores as well but it would be nice to have some idea of what I'm looking for.

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Am I a bitch because I told my boyfriend that I hate his cowboy hat, that I'm embarrassed to be seen in public with him when he wears it, and that he looks creepy in it? I posted about it on a parenting website I've been a member of for about 2 years and 11 pages in, they are convinced that I'm a "materialistic bitch".

For those of you with in relationships, is there ONE thing that your SO owns that you are completely embarrassed to be seen in public with?

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Embarassing things which have happened to me in the last 24 hours:

A.) My cat was scooting. He's a big chunk (17 pounds) so he can't lick his own ass. This lead to him having enlarged anal glands. We took him to the vet. They take us back into the room and he's walking around hanging out. Then he jumps in the sink and takes a huge pee. We all just looked at him in shock. My cat.. is just... pissing infront of 4 people... in a sink.

B.) When I'm home alone I shower with the bathroom door open inorder to be able to hear the door, make it not so steamy in the bathrom, and so cat from before can come and go as he pleases (he likes to get into the shower with me...). I hear something in the living room, thinking it's him I get out of the shower shampoo still in my hair and no towel. I walk into the livingroom and guess what?! The FUCKING maitnence man is standing in the living room. He stares at me and I run to the bathroom and shut the door. He appologises and says he'll come back later.

Make me feel better: What's some embarassing things to happen to you?
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That VatiCan-do attitude

You wake up in the morning, and you're not alone. Next to you is...the Pope! You're both naked and it's obvious some sexin happened. You try and recall the night before and yeah, the Pope was in attendance at this gathering you were at and you were drinking. You turn on the tv and the story on the news is how the Pope is missing. He managed to elude his bodyguards with someone who vaguely was described as you. No one knows where he is and kidnapping is suspected, though there's no ransom requested. You look over at the bed and he's still asleep, snoring. What do you do?

He won't remember any of this. I drag him out to the curb and let someone else find him
Take his picture in an incriminating pose. Call the tabloids. Negotiate for top dollar
Call up the Vatican. Make ransom demands, or else you'll force him to commit sin
Hop into bed with him for round 2
Cry rape and take action against the Vatican for sexual misconduct by the Papalcy
Wake him up so he can shuffle out of your place and everybody's life can go back to normal
Same as above, except you blackmail him
Dress up in the pope clothes and take pictures for Facebook. Then wake him up and get him outta there
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Since everyone seems to be having a bad day, can we start thinking some positive thoughts in an attempt to make things better?

What are you excited about? What are you looking forward to? What thought thrills you with joy?

My fiance and I are signing the lease for our FIRST EVER apartment on Friday. I am pretty sure I am going crazy because I cannot stop looking at furniture on Craigslist. So Saturday I'm going to help him start packing up his stuff and taking it over; then Sunday I'm having my FIRST BRIDAL SHOWER OMG.

Also, I registered for classes yesterday, got into everything I wanted/needed, and only have classes 2 days a week next semester. More time to stay home and play house!

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I'm having a rough day today because things in my life are just not working very well.   Collapse )

How is your day going so far?   

Anybody having a shitty day as well?   

If not, can anybody tell me how a plastic ice scraper designed to clean auto glass could scratch a surface that it shouldn't be hard enough to scratch?    (ETA: The surface is my windshield if you didn't read under the cut)

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What annoys you about your SO? If no SO, what annoys you about your parents/bestfriend/siblings/someone else close to you?

My boyfriend refuses to talk on the phone. We'll get into an argument via text message, so I'll call him 1) to make the argument end quicker, and 2) because often times, he's really difficult to read/says things that (perhaps unintentionally) upset me via text. But he doesn't answer, or he'll ignore my call, which just makes me more upset. Honestly, if he just answered his stupid phone the first time I wouldn't get a fraction as mad as I get. >:[

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How would you feel upon learning that your elderly neighbor, whom you were told had died of a heart attack, was actually found beaten and stabbed multiple times, in his apartment, hiding under the bed, with all the windows and doors barricaded with stuff?

I'm confused and sad and never sleeping again. I had to have been here when this occurred, too, and didn't hear a sound. My roommate said she heard him moaning but didn't say/do anything (which boggles my mind, really). I couldn't make this shit up if I wanted to.

Would the media be alerted if something like this happened in your town?
It's been over a week&I still can't even find an obituary.

DID THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY DO IT? Some of my friends are convinced of this, because he told us he followed scientology a few days prior.
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TQC, help me figure out my life. I've asked everyone else in the universe already.

Do any of you have a certificate in TESOL? Or have taught ESL/EFL without certification? I'm in the process of a B.A. in Applied Linguistics with a TESOL certificate, but I'm not sure I want to continue with it.

Collapse )
So should I stick with the TESOL certification program even though I'm hating it? Is it worth it to have a TESOL certificate with a B.A.?
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TQC, would you find it awkward if your neighbor walked up behind you and attempted to tickle you?

should i be weirded out?

what was the last thing you learned how to cook?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Dear TQC,

I want to write a story about a freshwater stingray and a saltwater stingray that meet in an aquarium and fall in love.


What should I name them?

P.S. The saltwater stingray is a boy and the freshwater stingray is a girl.

EDIT: I don't know if this will make a difference, but the bat ray is from California and the freshwater stingray is from Brazil.
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what's a website to send songs to you phone to be used as ringtones? i used to just put songs on my blackberry and set them as ringtones, but i'm not sure i can do this with a droid.

i'm bored and want to set a different ringtone for everyone i know. do you have specific ringtones for specific people on your phone? care to share some and why?

what songs/artists surprise you that they're not more popular?
how about songs/artist that surprise you that they ARE popular?

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Scenario- There is a stray cat that lives outside my house. It looks very beat up, so I feed it some. He keeps showing up with new visable wounds, some are not healing/infected.
When I am able to afford it, I take it to get tested for feline leukemia and aids and get him vaccinations and dewormed.
I bring him home and let him live in my house, feed him good food, and nurse his large amount of wounds to the point where they are all now healing nicely.

He has a small cough. I am on a tight budget right now, and can't at all aford to take him to the vet.

The question: Should I have never taken in this cat due to the whole "If you can't afford the vet, don't have pets" mantra that people have chanted to me?

Sidenotes- there are NO cheap animal care places near me, and I actually traveled 90 minutes to get his vaccines and such done at a cheaper place (that only does vaccines and neuturing/deworming. Luckily, he was already neutured.

Before vets were commonplace, was it a dick move to have a pet?

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Do you ever google/webMD symptoms WAY out of proportion? What's the last illness/ailment you convinced yourself you had?

I have pain in my shoulder and I'm trying to talk myself down from thinking I'm having a heart attack, lol.
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What's your favourite new (new as in came out in the last year) song?

Adam Lambert in the 'If I Had You' video totally looks like Ruffio from Hook, y/y? 

I just found Texts From Last Night last night and I can't stop reading. People are morons. What's your favourite TFLN?
 Collapse )

Have any of your texts ever ended up on there that you know of?

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Went to the store last night and bought some bacon to have BLT's on Thursday for dinner (okay, we went grocery shopping, but the bacon is what is important). It's not frozen, it came out of the fridge section.

I said to my boyfriend, 'Leave this out since we're going to make it soon." When we were putting away groceries. What I meant was put it in the fridge no freezer. What he heard was put it on the counter.

It sat out on the counter in our apartment which is about 70 degrees for around 8 hours. Can I still cook it? Am I going to die?
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Do you think a zombie-focused show has much lasting potential? Do you think it could go for more than one season without becoming desperate, dull, or cliche?

Did you watch The Walking Dead? What did you think?
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Do you put up with homophobia from people you spend time with but aren't especially close to? (coworkers, school friends, etc)

How would you react if you found out a close friend or relative was homophobic? Would you try changing their mind or just ignore it?

I recently found out that one of the boys I spend time with in school is homophobic, he thinks being gay is 'wrong' and 'disgusting'. We asked him what he would do if he found out one of us was gay and he said he would stop talking to that person. He's someone I met recently, we're not especially close, just in the same friend group and I don't particularly like him much anyway.

That said, would you actively cut him out? Would you continue spending spares and whatnot with him (in a group, not one-on-one) or would you avoid him completely? He doesn't mention his opinions unless we ask him but when we do ask he's not shy about expressing them, even when everyone else disagrees strongly.

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So on Saturday I bought 5 lbs of hamburger meat, because I knew we'd be pretty poor this week and I wanted to be able to make a bunch of meals with it.

I used about half in an awesome pot of chili, then a little more in chili cheeseburgers. I still have about 2 lbs left.

I'll be making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight, what else should I make?

I figure after I make the meatballs there should be about 1.5lbs left.
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 Have you or anyone you've known been a clinic escort? Do you have any stories you'd like to share about that?

My friend and I want to volunteer for it at a local abortion clinic and we're just curious about personal experiences.

What kind of other volunteer work do you do?
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mmmmmph. TQC, I have an agonizing headache. I've done everything I can think of, from sleep in a dark room, to drink caffeine, to eat, to drink a bunch of water and take 2 different kinds of headache meds.

IT WON'T GO AWAY. How do I make my headache go away? I want to be, y'anno, productive, not whimpering with my head under the covers.
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TQC, I've been really bummed out lately, and as a result, I have absolutely NO appetite. The only thing I ate yesterday was a small bowl of rice, and BLAH, I've lost a LOT of weight (I just dipped under 100lbs this morning) and I am sort of getting scared, because I DO NOT NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT. Are there any, like, super-charged foods you know of that are packed with nutrition but aren't so bulky? I need to get some goods in my system FAST but I still just don't feel like eating anything. I don't feel weak or tired really, but I know that if this continues, I will.


What weird things are going on with your body right now?

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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I have no experience whatsoever with having teeth removed.

If I have four teeth extracted, how long will it take for me to recover entirely and to be able to eat as I usually do? It's being done under general anesthetic, if that matters.

The closest date available is for the 21st December, and for obvious reasons I really don't want this to affect Christmas at all. The next date is the 17th January -- is this a more sensible choice? I am clueless.

EDIT: Thanks guys! I'll definitely take the later date.
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Did your parents let you have alcohol when you were a kid?
How old were you?
Was it just a sip here and there or did they let you have a good amount?
What is the legal drinking age where you are from?

Inspired by a news story I just read about a mother getting her five year old wasted.

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i was having this conversation today and thought it would be interesting to ask.
are you proud to be an american? if you are one that is
if not in america are you proud to be from your country?

im not at all
Augustus Gloop

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Got a very berry cobbler recipe for me?

We have a large bag of mixed frozen berries. They are blueberries, raspberries, and (God help me) marionberries (which I thought was the ex-mayor of Washington DC, but apparently has more than one meaning.)

My wife has requested a cobbler.

I'd appreciate advice and recipes that have worked for you.

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According to your natural gifts and/or abilities, if you were a superhero, what would you be called?

I would be Procrastination Woman. "Sure lady, I'll save you...Tomorrow."
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my rent is due tomorrow and i was gonna drop it off tonight but i have no checks?! i don't understand because i remember moving them to my new apartment but now they are nowhere to be found.

how can i pay rent? the banks are closed and i have a dumb field trip all day tomorrow :(
Muh Life.
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Wait, what did you call me?

I realized this week for the first time in my life I could be described as a "driven" individual. What/when was the last time you realized something about yourself you had never previously thought about and it totally shocked/surprised/made you go "omg no wai"?

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I am going to try to sell my office furniture on craigslist. I have a desk, file cabinet thing, and 3-shelf bookcase. They're all aluminum/glass. I have NO idea how much I originally bought them for, it was like eight years ago. How much do you think I should ask for the set?
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Geeky Girls
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Streaming Audio Suggestions?

 At work, we can listen to music and such as long as it is streaming in the background (on the PC).  I might invest in an ipod later but for now I have been listening to Pandora.  Really?  There is only so much music *I* can listen to without getting bored with it.

I am at a complete loss.  Do you guys have any suggestions for streaming PC audio (talk shows and the like?). 
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 I just learned I need to have my tonsils out.  The surgery and recovery will suck.  Will you please tell me some news you got recently that sucks?

And, since we're sad about sucky news, will you please post puppy pictures to make us happy?


I'm in search of a spring loaded one hitter online. I've checked all the shops around here and nobody has them. To anyone that smokes, where is a good place online to find one?

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Why is it that so many math and science teachers tend to be pretentious?
I'm in a Basic Astronomy for Non-Majors class right now and the teacher is really getting on my nerves because whenever he asks the class something like "have any of you seen this constellation and/or planet in the sky before?" and when very few people raise their hand (if anyone at all) he treats us like we're morons because we're not as passionate about space/the stars as he is.

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I got asked to step outside for a few moments so that my dog wouldn't "pick up on my hostility" while I was at his vet. 
Tell me about the last time you lost your temper or acted like a brat for the hell of it?  Or have you witnessed someone freaking out about something yourself?  Tell us about!  (Public flip outs are the best).

Collapse )Collapse )


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Okay TQC, I am asking you to be my bug expert for the day... and before you tell me to go to the doctor and get it checked out. been there done that. And as it is my college's health services they are not the most competent people on eath so they don't really have a much better idea than I do.

TL;DR: I am itchy like crazy and have what appears to be mysterious bug bites all over me and I have no idea what they are

Collapse )
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How normal is it to have your Christmas tree up before Halloween? Saturday night I noticed one of my neighbors has theirs up already (with lights on and everything).

I'm eating vanilla ice cream with Reese's peanut butter cups and caramel. What else could I put on it to make it even better?

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What's one thing you loved in your childhood but didn't live up to your memories the last time you tried it?

I used to get a Hershey's Cookies and Cream bar to share with my best friend every weekend. I just ate one and it's not as tasty as I remember. :( 

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Sunday my boyfriend and I cleared out our storage unit, and then Monday* afternoon my back started hurting, and has been ever since.

How long should I wait before seeing the doctor?

just a bill
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I have a job interview tomorrow that I need to prepare for. Can somebody help me out and give me some examples of "tell me about a time when..." questions? Also, if I can't tell the interviewer about a time (due to having never been a position of that much authority), what should I say?
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I'm going to see a concert in the O2 Arena in London for the first time... Are there any possibilities to meet artists?

Is there a general artist exit where fans can wait for them and they can sign stuff for the fans if they're bothered? When I was at the Roundhouse in London, there was no option like this, which kind of bummed me out, haha.

Sooo if you know anything from experience or have a map or something like that, it would be much appreciated!



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I started nanowrimo late and my husband doesn't want me to try at all because I have a lot of schoolwork this month. Should I accept reality and give up?

ETA: I've succeeded 3 years in a row, which makes not playing harder
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Has anyone here ever 'gotten over' the death of a family member/loved one faster than other people in your life have? Or visa-versa? Will you tell Uncle slowboyishsmile all about it?