November 2nd, 2010

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$ vs happiness

I've been offered 2 jobs.

One is with a company that is very high pressure/stress. I'd be training for a management position. The company is growing quickly so opportunities for advancement are good.

The other is with a much more laid back company with people I feel more comfortable around. I have a friend who already works there who I enjoy working with. Quick advancement isn't as likely as with the first company, however, I'd be getting more hours here.

Both jobs start at the same pay, but I'm assuming potential for raises would be better at the first.

What should I do??? What would YOU do??

ETA: You're all right, I should take the second job. The next problem is that I've actually already started the first job as of 2 weeks ago. What's the protocol for quitting? I don't want to burn any bridges, especially since both stores are in the same mall.
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If I just randomly show up at the Mall tomorrow selling cupcakes will they arrest me for not having a cup-cake-selling permit? Suspect me of being a terrorist, come to sell the president a disease and/or explosive laden cupcakes? Could I bribe these people with additional cupcakes?

Basically how can I have a spur bake sale by the Air and Space Museum?? You guys would know.
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Against my better judgment, I've gotten into an argument with someone about transsexuals and how someone can be a woman who was born a man. I've read a lot of good things on this subject online, but I'm coming up blank trying to remember the exact arguments and facts. Do you guys have links to any good articles or studies on this subject, "gender" vs "sex," or anything else that might help?
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(no subject)

I have the stomach flu, bronchitis, and I'm on my period, all at the same time. Does the universe hate me?

TQC, what do you do to make yourself feel just a little bit better when you have the flu?
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(no subject)

I'm flying from Tel Aviv to Newark tonight/tomorrow morning. I have a layover in Brussels where I switch airlines. Are they going to make me go through customs/claim my luggage in the Brussels airport? Does it make a difference if both airlines are affiliates?
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(no subject)

Who do you have to watch whenever they make a TV or movie appearance?
Nigella Lawson

USians, have you voted today? Do you plan to vote today?
Yes. I got up early just to vote
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Close the deal...or no deal

Poll for the straight ladies. Nothing for the straight guys because, let's face it, we'll put up with a lot with a woman if she's hot enough, and I don't know what are big dealbreakers for lesbians or gay men so I'd only end up making this dumb poll even dumber if I tried to accomodate you. Really, I'm sorry.

Ladies, below are 15 first dates. Which of these guys would you go out with on a second date? Assume they're all nice guys overall except for their individual quirks

Asks you to pick him up at his apartment. Then, he suggests Burger King for dinner because it's within his budget.
Once you climb into his car, his eyes go straight for your tits and he says "There they are!" Sometime during dinner, while you were speaking, he'd look up and say "Sorry, I wasn't listening, I was looking at something"
Going out for 'dinner and a movie' turns out to be drive-thru at McDonalds and whatever DVD you find in the discount bin at Target, which you'll watch at his place
His first date attire is a t-shirt that says 'FUCK YOU, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT?' and sweatpants. Nice guy besides that
Admits that High School Musical is his favorite movie of all time, and if he met Zac Efron he'd probably piss himself he'd be so thrilled
Brings you back to his place,and you find out that he's still living with his ex. Different bedrooms
Has 2 little girls, ages 4 and 6. Didn't tell you about this before. You just happen to notice the pictures when he opened his wallet
It comes up that he's in the Witness Protection Program for ratting on the mob
When asked about his job, he says that he's a DJ at a strip club. But not a shitty one. The best strip club in the city
Doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't curse, doesn't stay up late, doesn't kiss on the first date...and kind of hopes to keep his virginity til marriage, but realizes that it'll be hard
Once joined the Peace Corps and was stationed in Indonesia, but was let go after he knocked up 3 local women. This was like 6 years ago. He kind of wonders how his kids are like now
Picks you up and blares old school Def Leppard on his stereo. It's deafening. Admits that he's got a similar setup in his bedroom when he has sex
You notice a tattoo on his forearm of a pentagram. "Oh, I'm sort of into devil worship. Don't worry, I won't ever bring it up with you. It's just something I do"
Is a hunter. Likes to go hunting at least once per month. He enjoys shooting animals, but never eats them. He's a vegetarian
Didn't know there was trouble in North Korea and frankly didn't know there were 2 Koreas. Thinks Martin Luther King is that actor from Bad Boys. Hates reading

Cell phone trouble

I just got an email from my boss saying he needs to talk to me about my cell phone use at work. Now, I do tend to use my phone to check and answer emails (I have a blackberry) and keep in contact with my mom... I admit that I probably use it a BIT too much... He said all I need to do is stop using it so often and I'll be fine.

On a scale of one (you'll be fine, stop worrying) to ten (start looking for a new job, kid), how worried should I be here? I love my job and don't want to lose it. And frankly, I'm not the only one who uses her phone way too much so I'm feeling a bit singled out.
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Kissing children.

How would you feel if an old lady you didn't know well kissed your toddler-aged children?
What if it was an old man?
Younger people?

At work an old lady kissed the children of a regular volunteer and the mother didn't say anything, but got the children out fairly quickly. I thought it was really rude and inappropriate to get in the children's space like that (the children did not seem delighted to see this lady, more on the slightly scared side).

What do you think of small children kissing each other on the lips? Particularly in a boyfriend/girlfriend way.

A lot of people seem to think it's cute, but I feel it is sexualising young children, as are comments like "is that your boyyyyyfriend?" to a three year old (as well as heteronormative). If they were just kissing on the cheek with their close friends/family, that would be cute and fine.

Do you kiss any of your family members on the lips?

I recall this being more common years ago.
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(no subject)

Are you friends with the people you work with? If so, did you just naturally become friends or did you have to cultivate the relationship?

I just started at a new job a couple weeks ago and it seems like everyone is pretty close there except for me, which makes sense, since I'm still new. There are a couple people who started at the same time as me but they work more hours than me and work during the week sometimes, while I just work on the weekends, and these new people are closer with everyone else too because they're at work more often I guess. Everyone is perfectly nice to me but everyone else kind of jokes around with each other and I don't have that kind of relationship with anyone there. I don't need them all to be my best friends, I just want to have a sense of camaraderie with these people I suppose. It's weird for me because usually I get along really well with people I meet and we become friends pretty much right away. Do you have any advice on how I can start becoming friends with my coworkers? (It's a call centre, so no one really has to interact with each other for work purposes. We can talk between calls but that's about it)
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1. Have you had your tonsils out?

2a.How was it?
b. How much pain were you in afterwards and for how long?
c. Did you spend your time just eating ice-cream?

3.Are there any problems with having no tonsils?
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(no subject)

if you've ever worked somewhere that played the same music over and over again and you now associate a certain song or songs with that place, what is/are the song/s and the place?

if you were locked in a craft store for an undetermined period of time, what crafts would you do first? what crafts would you never do?
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What have you had to eat today?
I've had protein shake w/ WPI, creatine & skim milk.
I'm about to have thinly sliced steak w/ rocket, tomato, mayo and dijon on toasted pide.

Also, anyone here know how to make risotto? I have a couple of recipes but they all call for white wine and I only have stock. Is wine essential?
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(no subject)

Anyone here have rosacea? Idk wtf is going on with my face. I woke up and the red, itchy face is back. It's mostly all the right side of my face. It's not super itchy and it doesn't hurt but wtf. There are no blisters or anything. I made an appointment with the dermatologist tomorrow but by then the rash might disappear again. It keeps coming and going.

I've already tried changing my sheets and cleaning all the dust in my room. Could it by the shampoo I'm using or something? Or the mask I used before? I've never had this type of reaction from the mask though and I can't think of anything else I've tried putting on my face.
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(no subject)

Let's say that, after George Lucas revamps the Star Wars movies and makes them 3D, it becomes en vogue to rerelease older movies in 3D as well. Which of these movies would you most like to see in 3D?

Requiem for a Dream
Basic Instinct
Battlefield Earth
Starship Troopers
The Full Monty
Brokeback Mountain
Lost in Translation
Howard Stern's Private Parts
Citizen Kane
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(no subject)

I'll be in NYC for 2 nights in 2 weeks!

What are some cheapo but good places to eat?
Local places, hole in the wall places, stand foods, etc.

What are some fun things to do, other than the ones below?

Last time we went to NYC (4 years ago), we did most of the touristy stuff (top of the rock, rockefeller center, brooklyn bridge, staten island ferry, times square, museum of sex (which was dinky compared to the European ones), roosevelt island tram, ny public library, grand central station, most of central park [the bottom half]) so we're looking for other things to do. FREE or CHEAP is a big plus.


ETA: we're staying near the midtown area

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Pretend you have a pre-teen. One of your child's teacher recommended them for a gifted arts program at school. Your child was accepted into the program. It is going to be something your child will absolutely love. Is it weird to send a thank you email to the teacher for the recommendation? It should be noted that you haven't met the teacher yet and probably won't meet them until conferences in a month or so.

dk/dc: Do you change your clocks this week?

(no subject)

My office is playing the lottery. Several of us are chipping in for tickets and hoping that we win.

In the very unlikely chance that we do win, obviously that money will be taxed. Then it will be distributed amongst the participants according to how much they contributed.

Do they then have to pay tax on that? I'm not sure how tax on winnings works when it's a pool like this.

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a hypothetical for you folks:

your SO and you both have work the day before halloween and on halloween, you're to be moving out of your apartment.  your SO has informed you that they want to go to a party with some coworkers that night, which you concede to because you're trusting, etc.  at 8:30 the next morning, your SO comes home and is hysterical, saying, "i think something terrible happened" and other things to that effect.  over the next two days you come to find out that a coworker of your SO physically abused them and possibly sexually assaulted them, but your SO can't remember because of intoxication and fear.  there is a large scratch on your SO's back and they are complaining of pain in their back and tailbone.  the last thing that they recall, after several attempts to keep this other person away is being slapped 3 times.  

what would your next move be?  your SO wants to speak to this person to find out what they remember and if they are remorseful.  

my initial reaction is for blood, but i have been informed that this could result in consequences for me. 

also, if this is too long or whatever, i apologize.  i am not an LJ wizard.  
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(no subject)

I'm writing a research paper about an issue that I personally have a lot of experience dealing with-- can I use personal experience as a source? Is it possible to cite that? Should I always write it in third person, or can I refer to something I've done/seen as evidence of _____ in first person?

In my major we don't write papers like ever so I have no idea what's standard :/

ETA: I'm writing about the effects of natural disasters on local community and the impact of grassroots/non-profit rebuilding efforts for a community design class. I have worked for a non-profit doing flood relief and community rebuilding. Like I have a lot of anecdotal stories about what community members experienced but I wasn't conducting formal interviews at the time.

ETA x2: ugh there are no sources for what I want to write about anyway so I'm just gonna write about bioregional planning as a strategy for effective community design. boring/lazy but whatever. thanks everyone

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After eating chilli covered almonds, and then rubbing my nose, I've ended up with chilli powder on the inside of my nose and it burns like the fires of hell.

How do I make this stop!? D: I've tried a wet tissue, but it just seems to be spreading it around :(

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What is something that when you were really young you swore you would or wouldn't do? Have you stayed true to it? 

I always said that I'd never have a baby because I didn't want doctors to see me naked (clearly, I didn't imagine all the times I would be naked before this).

(no subject)

If I told you that not voting makes you 300x more likely to contract an STD (regardless of sexual conduct) and 500x more likely to suffer 'spontaneous human combustion', how would this impact your life?

It won't affect me at all because I already voted
I'll take my chances. I don't plan on voting and not even persistant genital itching can persuade me to get involved in my country
OMG! I have to get to a polling place ASAP! I don't wanna burn!
I was planning on voting after work/school. Your words do nothing for me
I think you're lying, 4C. You plan on 'surprise' sexing anyone who didn't vote and then setting them on fire. Admit it

(no subject)

How do I learn college algebra (finding zeros with synthetic division/long division, polynomial and rational functions) in 5 hours? I'm SO BAD at math and have a test tomorrow over this stuff. I have to do well because I've failed my other two tests in there, badly. :(
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(no subject)

Is your ~*online persona*~ much different from the one you have in real life? Are you more outspoken? More open? Nicer? Cuntier than usual?

If you've met someone who you first knew online, were they different than you expected or much the same?
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(no subject)

We just finished Mad Men season 1 in like 2 nights. I really like it but is it going to get more exciting?

I just got a cheque from Google for $255. Should I put this towards Christmas presents for my kids (we're going to the US to shop for them this weekend), buy myself a nice set of pots and pans (mine were $10 each at Walmart and are 2 years old), or blow it on a hotel room so we can get away for a night?
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(no subject)

I just started volunteering at a daycare/education center that gets a lot of Muslim immigrants. I just found out that at the end of Ramadan it's tradition for little girls to get their hands hennaed, and one of the young women I volunteer with said her little sister waited SEVEN HOURS to get her hands done last year. So I started thinking--I just got a degree in studio art. With a little research and practice, I could totally cover all the little girls in my group with henna designs.

So my question is: Do you think it would be weird or sacrilegious in any way to have a non-Muslim doing henna designs for Ramadan?

I wouldn't charge money for it, and it sounds like the other places have more business than they can handle.

(no subject)

What's the last thing to make you nostalgic? 

Today is my one year anniversary from when I got on the plane to go to India, so I'm drinking an imported Limca! Even the recycled bottle smells like India! *swooon* 

How was your day? What did you do?

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TQC, am I alone in my skepticism of doctors?

Over the past decade or so, it seems like just about every one that I've gone to has either brushed my concerns off, been a creepy pervert, or just plain seemed like they don't know what they're talking about.

Collapse )

tl;dr: I was prescribed a steroid by a doctor I don't particularly like or trust; should I take it on the off-chance it might help whatever the heck is going on with me?

(no subject)

I'm trying to come up with a decent roller derby name, and kind of want it to be related to my actual name because it sort of lends itself to Roller Derby.

My first name is Anna, and for the sake of me being the only one on the planet, my surname has the words 'Kill' and 'cool' in it. Though people sometimes change the 'cool' to 'cookie'.

Any ideas?

(no subject)

TQC, My "IUD 1 Year Anniversary" is coming up in a few weeks. How should I celebrate? (obviously having sex and remaining un-pregnant is #1 on my list)

What are you having/did you have for dinner? Describe it to us in the most flowery prosey way you can.
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(no subject)

I'm in Ben-Gurion airport right now. My flight doesn't leave for 6 hours (i got here early because my friend could only drop me off now or at 10:45 which i think is too late for a 1:20 a.m. flight and i'm too cheap/poor to pay for a cab and i have too much crap to take the bus).

How should I spend the next 6 hours?
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(no subject)

Now that the Republicans control the House, do you think more or less things will get done when Sarah Palin wins the Presidency in 2012?

Would you rather it be President Palin or President Gingritch?

Now that the House is pretty much shut down, what would Obama have to do to avoid any 'lame duck' status the next couple years?
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(no subject)

Every time someone mentions optical frames on here, everyone recommends this ONE FREAKING WEBSITE and for the life of me, I can't remember. Where do you go to get great frames online?
Got it! Zenni Optical. :)

What do your glasses look like?

What about sunglasses?
I really want the Oliver Peoples Zooey sunglasses, but they're $350. Yeeeesh.
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(no subject)

Ok so it seemed like everyone today was wearing jeggings and they didn't look bad. I love skinny jeans but they're not that comfortable when bending knees. I am tempted to cross over.

TQC, should I get jeggings? How bad would it be to wear them without butt-covering shirts? I don't think I have any long enough.

Edit: Can anyone recommend a brand? If you know of a good kids brand that's a plus.

(no subject)

What is it that people say when talking on the radio/walkie talkie and they are like "ok, understood". Tin foil? Ten four? I just can't figure it out, it's driving me nuts. Haha.

10-4, got it, thanks!
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When should I sleep to get back to a normal (Eastern Standard Time) schedule? Here's my itinerary:

1:20 - 5:20 a.m. Tel Aviv -> Brussels
5:20 - 10:20 a.m. Layover in Brussels
10:20 a.m. - 1:40 p.m. Brussels -> Newark
1:40 - 5:30 p.m. Go through customs/passport control in Newark, get to Penn Station
5:30 - 9:30 Bus from Newark -> DC
~10 p.m. arrive at my cousin's apartment in DC.

This is the worst fucking trip ever, but by flying to Newark instead of DC I save $150 that I otherwise couldn't afford to spend.

(no subject)

I'm treating myself on Friday to some dresses. There's 5 I like but I don't really want to get alllll of them this month otherwise that would work out something stupid like £128 (which isn't that bad but heyyy). I'm gonna cut it down to 3.. maybe 4 but I'm stuck on the ones to knock off. So TQC, help a girl out and pick out the dresses you like?

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(no subject)

At what point in your life did you start telling your friends you love them?

(I think I was about twelve or thirteen. At this point I do it effusively...the more the merrier I suppose!)

When was the last time you had an utterly hopeless crush? How/how long did it take you to get over it?

Sorry for my relationship-heavy questions, TQC.

DK/DC Have you ever invented (or thought you invented) an alcoholic beverage? What did it consist of?
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(no subject)

how do/did you address your professors?

i am on first name basis with all of mine and would feel awkward as hell saying 'professor _______' but i understand that in some majors this is not the case. enlighten me?

eta: also how would you address an email? the same way?

eta x2: have you been to your professors houses? i understand this also might not be common. one of my classes is at a professor's house.

(no subject)

I get soooo hungry at work and I'm not sure why.
Before I leave for work I have breakfast and during my eight hour shift I eat two granola bars and a bagel with turkey cheese and mustard.
What should I add to the mix so I last until dinner time without starving?
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(no subject)

TQC, every time I eat, my stomach feels like I'm going to puke for hours afterward.  It's not a pain or a sickness feeling, it's just a really FULL feeling like when you eat waaaay too much and you feel like you're going to puke some up, but I eat pretty small portions.  All Google is telling me is that I have bulimia, which is clearly not the case.  Any idea what's wrong with me?

Have you ever voted for a write-in candidate on a ballot?  If so, who?
Apparently my friend wrote in for Heath Ledger for governor...I guess she doesn't know he's dead.
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(no subject)

Have you ever gotten in trouble for plagiarism?
Do you know anyone who's gotten in trouble for it?

My friend is worried he might have gotten caught for it. Neither of us are entirely sure if what he did actually is plagiarism but our teacher posted on his twitter that someone did and he's worried it's him. I looked over the assignment and some of it is pretty similar. He also thinks it might be him because the teacher posts our marks online and my mark is up but his isn't. It's a small assignment, only worth maybe 2 or 3% of our final grade.

If it was him, how much trouble do you think he will get in?
Should he approach the teacher about it or should he wait and see?

We're in College if it makes a difference
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What song helps you relax and go to sleep? I have many but Pink Floyds Comfortably Numb might be #1. Videos encouraged. Sweet Dreams or terrible nightmares, whichever you prefer♥

(no subject)

i really want a midnight snack. :-( how do i stop myself from caving?

do you believe in astrology?
if not, how do you react to people who do believe in it and tell you things about your sign or want to give you tarot readings, etc.?

i work with a few people who are really into astrology and i always feel weird and just nod when they say stuff like "well, you're a virgo and i'm a taurus, so we're very similar."

ETA: ok, i'm sorry for saying tarot & astrology in the same sentence. clearly i'm not very informed. would it be better if i made them separate questions?

what do you think of tarot cards?
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TV Stuff

Are there any tv shows that are set in your town/area?

What are they?

Do you think they represent what your town is like or what the people are like who live there?

I used to live in the same general area Roseanne was set in, and they had it pretty close!