October 31st, 2010

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Say you're at a restaurant and there is a couple seated next to you. Throughout their meal, one is almost constantly insulting the other. They're calling them horrible names and telling them they're worthless. The person being insulted is visibly very upset. At some point, the one doing the insulting excuses themselves.

Would you say anything to the upset person? What would you say?
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I will arrive in DC after about 24-26 hours of travelling (from Israel) at 9 or 10 p.m. on Wednesday night. I have a job interview at 11:15 a.m. on Thursday. What are the odds I'll bomb it?

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1. Do you own any soundtracks from movies that you have not seen? 

I just bought a track from 28 Days Later, which I have never seen. But I heard the song in Kick-Ass

2. How many movie soundtracks do you own? 

I counted today and I have 34 soundtracks on my iPod, and five others on CDs, which I haven't put on my iPod yet. 
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My friend just told me that if you buy something unrefrigerated, such as mayo or juice, and you take it home and put it in the fridge, once it's in there you can't take it back out and put it in the pantry or wherever (even though it's unopened) because the differences in temperature will make it grow bacteria. Is this true? How does it work?

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How do react to people who are drunk on facebook and try and chat with you? I haven't talked to this kid since freshman year of HS, and now (6 years later) he's all "I'M SHITFACED BE MY FRIEND?!"

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do you think it is unsanitary if i wear the wig that is part of my costume to work? i am a host in a small restaurant, so i am around food but for the most part don't need to touch food at all. my costume is george washington, so i have a white wig and a tricorn. i was contemplating only wearing the hat and no wig, but it really looks so much better with the wig.

What animes should we watch?

I remember being a fan of Cowboy Bebop in high school, so my boyfriend and I netflixed it and we really enjoyed it. Now we want to watch other animes together. What are good animes that are preferably sci-fi, fantasy, or supernatural? Anything with swords is a plus. Movies or TV shows are fine. :)
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So I ordered food late last night, then promptly fell asleep, meaning that when the delivery guy came, I didn't pick up my food. I ordered online, so my card had already been charged. Did I just pay for food that I didn't get? Or is it customary in this situation for the store to refund me and/or give me credit? Could I ask them tonight to "redeliver" it? NVM GUYS I'M APPARENTLY A LAZY AMERICAN WHO THINKS I DESERVE EVERYTHING AND I SHOULD KILL MYSELF NOW KTHX. 8==========D~~

Under pain of death, you are ordered to stab someone, of your choosing. You can't kill them (so no throat slitting), and you can't call help for them afterwards; they are on their own. Who do you pick, and where do you stab them?

Why am I thinking about killing people as a sort of sick game? I've never seen Saw (I think that's the plot to those movies), so it isn't that.

Where are you? Be as general as you like/can.

Google Docs

For those of you who use Google Docs, are you able to download (to your computer) any of your files right now?
Everytime I try I get redirected to a "This webpage has a redirect loop" page.

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Does it bother you horribly when babies cry in stores, or are you of the "meh, babies cry" way of thinking?

Let's pretend that the parents are doing what they can to distract him and calm him down.


What 1 word would you use to describe

a: your mood right now?
b: how you feel about your weight?
c: your living situation?
d: what you have planned for today?
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Decide my dinner for tonight

Sunday nights, I have a Dexter get together with some friends at my house. We hang out and make dinner and then watch Dexter. We usually have an appetizer, a main course, and dessert. For the appetizer we're having stuffed jalapeños and for dessert one of my friends requested peanut butter cup bars. But I'm out of ideas for what to make for the main course.

In recent weeks we've made sweet and spicy beef over rice, home made pizza and hot wings, chili dogs, roasted chicken with mashed potatoes biscuits and gravy.

My boyfriend suggested making a couple of pizzas, so we got the ingredients for that, but I'm not feeling it. I'd rather make something a little bit fancier. There will be between 3 and 5 people there, and I have a grocery store right down the street so I can get pretty much any ingredients. I'm willing to try anything yummy. Any suggestions?

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It's that time of year again. I'm sick. My nose is running and stuffy. My entire body is aching. I'm freezing and then burning up. I feel a migraine coming on (which will come with vomiting).

I have to work in 3 hours. At a retail place. Dealing with other humans. I've only been working there for like a month, but I can't help that I'm sick. Should I call out? Will they fire me?

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Anyone know what might have caused this/what it is? I just brought this stray cat into my home.  Got all his shots and exams for diseases from a non-profit and am looking to go to a vet to get some of his wounds checked out. The main thing is the wound on his nose. There's no hair there and it gets cut really easily and starts bleeding. I don't have a whole lot of money to invest in this cat, so I am trying to get an idea of what this might be so I am not wallet-raped by a vet.

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woe is me

So my comp crashed last month and I've come to the realization that it will take forever and a day for me to replace all of the music I had on my old hard drive (nothing was backed up). I want to add new music to my ipod but I'm afraid it'll wipe out what's already on there once I connect it to my laptop. Does anyone know a easy way to get all the music from my ipod back onto my computer. HELP PLZ.

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fml I lost a website I needed...can you help?

I need to reinstall windows xp on my netbook but don't have a CD drive.
I know the website is out there I just can't find the right one.

(other info, I have an ASUS eee in case that helps?)

anyone know what site I need?
i'm so screwed. I have a horrible virus that's distroying all my probgrams slowly and AVG didn't catch it.

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Doctor TQC: I have random foot pain, in the ball of my left foot. It hurts to step on the ball, and it only hurts when I step on it. I was thinking it might be a bone spur but bone spurs only occur around joints, apparently. The skin isn't irritated or cut, and it's not a surface kind of pain. What could it be?

DK/DC: Do you like candy corn?
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(If you have facebook)

When it's your birthday and everyone writes "Happy Birthday!" on your facebook wall....do you reply to each person individually, or just say a general "Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone!" ?
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I'm going to the doc tomorrow, but in the meantime I am nursing a pretty crappy sinus infection. Someone is going to make a pharmacy run for me in a minute for some otc stuff, what should I get? My throat is all swollen and I have a headache and dizziness. Sudafed? Theraflu? What do you recommend?
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For those of you who wear braces (for ankles, but knees, etc. are comparable) what brand do you use and do you recommed it? How is the material - soft, confining, constricting? I have a plate in my tibia that runs the extent of my lower leg and my inner ankle on that side is extremely sensitive to the touch (you can feel the outline of the bottom of the plate there).

What's your favorite juice?
What's your favorite toothpaste?
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Do you hand out candy on Halloween? It's my first time living in a real neighborhood without my parents, and I'd feel like a dick if I didn't. However, I'm a broke college student living with two other broke college students. I've tried hinting to my roommates that ~we~ should get candy for the trick-or-treaters, but I was the only one who bought any and I'm sure it's not going to be enough. I was also hoping to have some candy left for myself, since I haven't been able to afford much in the way of snacks lately.

Will my neighbors hate me when we run out of candy an hour or two into the trick-or-treating? They're already predisposed to hating college kids, but I personally haven't done anything to piss them off.

Would I be justified in telling my roommates that the next round of candy, should we decide to restock, is on them? Only one of them is home right now and he's even more broke than I am, but I feel like I've been paying all our shared expenses lately and it's really frustrating.

ETA: Turning off the front lights isn't an option because our landlord has them on a timer. We're not allowed to touch it. I think I'll just stick a note on the door once my stash runs out, and if my roommates want to replenish then that's up to them.
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What do you think of belief? In terms of views on existence, be it explanations or ways of living, or otherwise. I'm not fond of the word "religion," but to be clear, I'm talking about beliefs that religion often deals with, but more vast.

i. Do you have any beliefs regarding existence or life? Is there proof for it? Does it bother you when people don't share your belief (or don't have any beliefs)?

ii. Or if you don't have particular beliefs, does it bother you when people do? What do you think of unprovable beliefs?

iii. Does it bother you if people/someone believes in God/a god? (OR) Does it bother you if people/someone doesn't?

iv. Do you think that religion is the cause of all trouble in the world?

I have a friend who seems to think that people only have beliefs as a way of dealing with an otherwise pointless existence. Which is a point of view that upsets me a little. I'm sure that is true for some people, but I have beliefs because I believe them to be true. What is belief otherwise?

There is no proof of my beliefs. It does not bother me when people don't share my beliefs. It used to when I was younger, but I used to be extremely closed-minded. I don't mind if people don't have beliefs, but it does bother me when people ridicule anyone if they have a certain belief or no belief at all.
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Sometimes I wake up with weird little pink patches on my face. They kinda itch and then disappear the next day. I looked up eczema and it doesn't look like that. They're not that crazy looking. I thought maybe it was the laundry detergent I was using so I quit using that one but today I woke up and half my face is covered by this pink patch. It looks like shit. :( Wtf is this? Is it some kind of allergic reaction or something? It's not itchy unless I start scratching it. Can this be an allergic reaction to the dandruff shampoo I started using? Skin problems never seem to end for me :'(
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Where wolf? There wolf!

You discover that your significant other is secretly a werewolf. With undeniable proof that strangely isn't detailed in this poll, you just know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your sweetie turns into a giant wolf under the full moon and preys on sheep, housepets and the homeless. What do you do?

Shoot him/her with a silver bullet during the night during a waning moon. Try and plead my case to the authorities when they arrest me
Let him/her keep on doing what they're doing. It's not my business
Make an anonymous call to the police, reporting your SO as the culprit behind all those bizarre livestock mutilations, missing pets and dead hobos. Hope there's a reward
Call up the right people and have them set up traps. My SO will be living in a protected wolf habitat by tomorrow morning
Break up with him/her. That's just not cool, man
Buy him/her as much silver jewelry as possible (as gifts) and insist they wear it constantly. Maybe that'll stop the lycanthropy
Buy a fursuit. Just so we can do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel
Nothing. Werewolves don't exist. I convince myself I'm entirely mistaken and ignore all the wolfprints leading from the bed and bloody wool near the pillow the next day
Ask TQC for advice
Nothing. I refuse to control my lover. That's such bitchy behavior and they say you should never do that in a relationship
Give him or her an ultimatum. Stop killing or we're over
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This might be a long shot, but has anyone here participated in the Disney CareerStart Program or the Disney College Program? What was your experience like? Would you recommend either of the programs? Do you have any advice or important information regarding the application, interview, or actual program that you would like to share?

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You get caught in the middle of a super powered battle, there's a flash and you find yourself in an empty uninhabited pristine earth! The climate flora and fauna are what they should be for the area you live in but no people, no signs that there have ever been people. You are stuck there with the superhero or super villain of your choice, who do you chose?

They can have any power except the power to get either of you home!

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Since it's almost Halloween--STOP! Look to your right! Whatever object is there is your designated weapon in the upcoming zombie apocalypse! Now tell me last of humanity, what is your weapon of survival?
Muh Life.
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Happy Halloween

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This little guy made my whole day better. Does anyone know what type of owl he is and whether or not it's legal to keep one in the US??? (I'm kidding.)

What's the cutest thing you've seen today?

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Do you have any gaps in your memory? Any specifics?

As I child I fell through a glass table. I recently realized that I remember sitting on the table, and I remember being pulled up off the floor, but I don't remember actually falling through. Is this weird?

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Whats a really quick halloween costume I can make?
I have a lot of bright clothes, stripey tights, liquid latex and fake blood, but not a lot of time.
I did an amazing zombie costume last night but it took ages.

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I wouldn't be able to hear someone knocking on the door over the sound of the dishwasher (nor would I be able to drag my sick ass off the couch) so that means I get to keep all this Halloween candy, right?

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A friend of a friend just passed away and my friend is going through a really hard time.  I told him to let me know if he needed anything and he called me the night his friend died, completely and utterly wasted.  I talked to him for about forty minutes but I know things aren't better.  I'm super worried about him but he's one of those guys who won't let on that they really do need help so... is there anything else I can do to help him out and/or let him know I'm worried sick and need him to let me know how he's doing?


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In case you're not sick of Halloween questions yet -

I'm passing out candy, and in two of the groups that have come to my door, the adult chaperone for the little kids has had her own bag and taken candy along with the little kids. The woman in the last group told me it's because "They won't share with her."

TQC, just me or is that a little weird? They weren't even in costume!

Edit: Most of the kids coming to my door aren't wearing costumes at all. wtf is that all about?

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Regardless of what the intentions were (dating, FWB), how would you deal with someone who has made it clear that they want you to make the first move, if it is not in your nature to be dominant/make the first move?

What in your opinion does that say about the guy?

How does one send dirty texts without feeling completely ridiculous?


I'm going to be a sailor for Halloween.. Should I straighten my hair or leave it curly?

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Did your elementary school have a kickball team?

Who do you want to win the World Series? Giants or Giants?

Do you like Ritter Sport chocolate? Which flavor? I'm trying the cornflake one right now.

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What are some good nonfiction books?

How do you find out someone's clothing size (mainly shirts) if there's no way you can sneak a peek by looking at one of their clothing items? I have a friend who lives overseas; I want to buy him some shirts as a gift, but since he's far away, I can't somehow look at this clothes for sizing. Also, he's a guy, and since I'm a girl, I have a harder time "guesstimating" guys' sizes. Help!

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How often do you wash your sheets/comforter/other bedding? 

I just washed mine a week ago but the comforter is already dirty/covered in cat hair again. It takes forever to wash and dry so I didn't really want to have to clean it just yet!

How often do you do laundry? 
How often do you pick up your room?

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Do you have requirements (nightlight, curtains drawn, door opened/closed) that need to be met before you can fall asleep?
Do you remember your dreams, and how often? Do you remember them clearly, or does the memory fade once you wake up? Are your dreams usually comforting or disturbing? Do you look forward to dreaming?

I need to have every door and drawer in the room closed or I can't get to sleep. And what few dreams I do remember (usually one every couple of months) always leave me feeling really disturbed in the morning. There's been a few with monsters, a handful where I've been having sex with a randomly selected male friend, and even one where I was raped. Even when the details of the dream weren't necessarily scary or off-putting, the overall tone is really freaky and I end up feeling creeped out for the entire day. Thankfully they start to fade the moment I wake up, but I'm always left with one particular scene, usually the one that woke me up. I don't like my dreams at all.

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Does your home use propane or natural gas?

What are your experiences with propane?

I'm asking because I'm moving to a house that uses propane and I'm not familiar with propane at all. I'm worried it will be more expensive than natural gas. For what it's worth, I'll be living somewhere it's hot and sunny year round (Mojave desert, lol) and won't be using the propane for central heating..there's no point. Just for water heating, dryer, cooking..
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Would you rather work on a group project with a partner who totally slacks off and does none of the work, or with someone who wants to take charge of the project and do a lot of work, but does it all wrong (or not as good as you think it should be)?
oh no!


This is a question for the men-folk out there (or ladies who know their men-folk really well).

What do you think about barbershops vs salons (unisex or men's only)? Is one more masculine than the other? More professional? More comfortable?

What do you prefer, and why?
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I'm tired and want to chill out and go to sleep. However, my roommates decided to have a bunch of people over, so it's kind of loud and I have a feeling sleep won't happen for another couple hours/until they leave.

What movie should I watch until then? I'm feelin' Halloween-y.

How was your Halloween?
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1. How long have you had your current cellphone number? How many have you had?

2. What is one thing you always hear people talking about wanting to do, but you never want to do yourself?

ie: I always hear people saying that they want to go to bed...for some reason I hate going to bed, and procrastinate on it like crazy. I like to stay up.

Delivery People

If you are a delivery person for a food company, it is good practice to have enough money to make change for an order from a $20, right? Y/N?

Inspired by my delivery guy only having $7 to offer me in change for a $9.00 order (including tip) I paid with a $20 bill. He gave me attitude for not accepting just $7 in change. No way am I going to pay $13.00 for an order that was only $7.50! (I called the place and paid with my card, and did not end up tipping the delivery person)

Alternate question:

What was the last food you ordered delivery?

My answer: Jimmy Johns

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I'm kind of a slob in the sense that I can ignore messes for a few days and just to top to bottom cleaning once a week or so. My boyfriend keeps his place completely tidied up everyday and gripes when his roommate ignores a mess for a few days.

We plan to live together and marry in the near future. How do couples compromise on this type of huge personality difference?

In your relationship, are you more of a clean freak or a slob? And your SO?

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Was I in the wrong here?

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So... was I wrong in what I said to the mother? Or are there those of you out there who think I should have "Gently coaxed him out of the way" as his mother clearly expected me to do? How many of you think it's the mother's problem for ignoring him and letting him play somewhere unsafe?

EDIT for clarity - I posted and this and went to bed, and woke up to find all these comments. For the record, I did NOT smash some poor kid in the face with a door. I specifically said I DID NOT open it super fast to TRY to get this kid to fall over. He was standing on the outside of the door, I opened it INWARDS, and he lost his balance. I opened it reasonbly slowly, as it happens - more than enough time for him to realize that the thing he was leaning on was starting to move. Perhaps I should have said that, but I thought "It was an accident, I mean, I didn't open the door super fast to TRY to get this kid to fall over..." said all it needed to say.
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 When you're feeling down or depressed, are there any "traditions" you do?
Idk if that's the right word. But when I'm down, I'll listen to the same songs on repeat for hours. So is there anything like that that you do? Like watch a certain movie, put on your favorite tv show? I've always been curious about this. 
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i didn't get to do anything for halloween because of illness/homework/8am class tomorrow. i want to watch a cute halloween-themed movie while i fall asleep.

do you know of any good non-scary halloween movies (or movies with halloween-esque imagery)? kids movies are okay. maybe something along the lines of coraline or the nightmare before christmas.
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Question club, does tinypic still restrict people outside of north america? i remember there was an uproar over this issue last month and then a rumour they changed their minds.


okay then new question: What book is next on your reading list and why?

I've got 'Eating animals' by Jonathan Safran Foer up next because I've found myself wavering in my vegetarianism and I hope this book will help strengthen my resolve.

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What are some good gifts for women? I have a sister with a new baby, future sister in law and, my mom and mother in law. I was thinking of buying bulk sized amount of bath fizz/ bombs and package them nicely. This would probably be the most affordable I suppose. Any other suggestions?? If I can buy everything for everyone at the same time, bonus points! Trying to eliminate my stress for when the good 'ol holidays come around.
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I want to start a blog for my baking. This means I need a proper camera so my pictures don't look cheap and untrained.

I have a Canon PowerShot A590; which is said to be a great camera for being non-professional. I guess I need to do some research and teach myself about it. (I'm really bad at that.) Any tips? I am jealous of people who take beautiful pictures of food, animals, kids, life, etc. I want to know how to do it! Any ideas? Cameras are such technical little gadgets...all kinds of numbers and letters and terms that I don't really understand.

Do you take pretty good pictures? Are you self-taught?

Do you have a blog? Is it a journal type blog or does it have a specific subject?

How was your Halloween?

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So I'm loving the mixed results from getoffmeplease's post, but comments wont do it for me. Can we have a poll???

Poll #1639042 How do you feel about trying on underwear

People trying on underwear before they buy it is

Gross! That makes me want to vomit
Needed sometimes, but only if your own underwear is still on while trying the pair
Something we should all do just because we have the right
Other, will post in comments

It's almost November here. What does November have in store for you?


What is the worst movie version of a book you have ever seen?

What is the worst movie based on a true story/historical event you have ever seen?

(I mean which ones were the worst b/c of the changes to the story.)

What did the movie change that bothered you?