October 30th, 2010

My Fierce Bitch

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I have a lunch date tomorrow at noon. Should I shower tonight or tomorrow?

Pros for showering now:

-All the gunk and lotions I put on my skin will soak up well.
-I don't have to eat breakfast before the lunch date. I can wake up later, get dressed, and go.
-I'll be clean going to bed, which is always a nice feeling.

-It's midnight and I'm really sleepy. Taking a shower will probably wake me up. I also take forty minute showers. They are always that length no matter how hard I try to get my butt out of there earlier.

Edit: I don't actually spend 40 minutes with the water running. But I meant I'm in the bathroom for 40 minutes whenever I take a shower. So stop commenting on it.

Edit: There, I just took a shower. The water was running for 11 minutes and 20 seconds, but I was in the bathroom for actually almost 30 minutes, applying lotion, baby oil, and cream. You can add another 5 - 10 to that since I was super charged by annoyance, and that gives my average time in the shower just about 15 minutes. Jeez, people. I already mentioned I was tired, and it's not like I know exactly how long I'm in the shower every time. I gave you an estimate. Calm down.

Law school = ?

I dunno if Friday night is the best time to post this, but...

If you've graduated law school, when did you graduate and how much debt did you emerge with? How much did you have to pay per month, and how long did it take to pay off/ how long do you expect you'll be paying it? What sort of law-job did you aim for, and what have you ended up with? Are you happy with your decision to go to law school?

Mostly, I get advice from two camps.
Camp 1: Don't let people scare you off!! Sure, there's a lot of debt, but you'll get a job right away that will let you pay it off within a few years! It's completely manageable!
Camp 2: Don't let them trick you into going... you'll hate your job, you'll get paid shit, and you'll have hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt hanging over your head for the rest of your miserable, godforsaken life.

How the hell am I supposed to know which of these groups to listen to?

Relevant: I do NOT want to be a corporate lawyer. EVER. Not even for a few years to pay off debt. I want to do public interest or some such thing. Does this ever turn out well?

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I am having an iPod problem, and I have Googled it to no end, and found no help. 

I have an iPod Touch. I rented a movie (regular, not HD) through iTunes on my computer, and now can't get it to transfer to my iPod. When try to manually move it in iTunes, a window pops up that asks if I'm alright with deleting 17 apps from my iPod, which I am not alright with. Why the hell is it doing this? Is there a way to transfer a rented movie from my computer to my iPod without deleting tons of apps that I've paid for? My Google-fu has told me that this is entirely possible, yet my iPod is saying otherwise. 

Has anyone else had this problem?! 
I <3 TLV

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I have go get up really early tomorrow, like 8am early. I'm expecting a friend to come over at around 2am. I need to paint my nails. Should I: go to sleep now and wake up to let him in, then back to sleep and do my nails in the morning OR just stay awake to let him in and do my nails now? I don't know how long it will take for them to dry.

How do I get my iTunes to figure out all the songs from one cd are from one album? It's written the same for each track but it thinks it's several albums, argh.

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I'm doing some college research and I'm getting a little worried and anxious. The majority of schools I'm looking to apply at in a few years accept people with an average of a 3.8 undergraduate GPA. Right now, my GPA isn't but 2.8 (thanks shitty semester/life), but I'm still at a community college and have 2 or 3 more years to raise my GPA to what it needs to be.

Is it possible to raise it to what it needs to be? Let's say I make A's and/or B's in the rest of my classes from here on out. I'm not sure how to calculate GPA, especially what I"m trying to figure out.

Related: has anyone taken the MCATs? Any details on specifics?
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Will you post videos of songs that are usually heard around Halloween or are just good to listen to because of the creep factor? I want to make a playlist, but all I have right now is the moster mash and the ghost buster's theme. :/
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I got let go from my job on Thursday, and I'm pretty bummed out about it. :(

TQC, can you tell me about a time where something shitty happened to you, and it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened?

DK/DC, can you show me a funny gif, pic or video to cheer me up?
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
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When you have a new crush/love interest, how do you behave? Do you try and talk to them more? Get really shy around them? Write their name all over your stuff with hearts doodled around it? Do you keep it a secret, or do you have to tell someone? Do immediately want to ask them out, or do you wait (maybe for them to ask you out)?

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What do you eat when your stomach has been hurting/giving you issues for 3 days so you haven't really eaten much of anything, but you're so hungry that your head is hurting and your stomach is about to implode? :C

Is anything ailing you right now?

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TQC, I need your help as you seem to be much more health conscious than I am.

My manager and coworkers have been pretty awesome the past year with my whole pregnancy stuff and getting sick and needing a really flexible schedule.

I want to bake them all something to bring in to work tomorrow. Two of them are on Weight Watchers (to maintain, not lose). Peanut butter + chocolate is a favorite all around. What should I make them?

Also, my mom's friend owned a bakery and she just retired and closed up shop. I got one of her super crazy industrial Kitchen Aid mixers. What cookies should I make in my Kitchen Aid first?
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My tiny cat has a tick on the right side of her neck. I've been trying for an hour and I cannot get it off. She is too feisty. If you've successfully removed a tick from a feisty cat, how did you do it?

Can you take a cat to the vet to have a tick removed? I'm going to call about it but I think they will lol forever.

last minute costume need halp


So. I have to work tomorrow, and I really wasn't planning to do anything tonight, but then I realized I REALLY love Halloween, and I want to go out even if it's just for a little while. Can you help me put together a costume?

Among other things, I have (from other costumes):

Shiny/metallic gunmetal colored leggings
Powdered wig
Long blonde wig
Nude colored bustier
Leopard print see thru shirt
Red felt Blossom-type hat
Over the knee boots
Rain boots
Black and white face paints
All my regular clothes
The ability to style my hair in a number of ways
A few hours to buy any easy-to-find missing items


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tqc, i'm really excited!
my brother might propose soon!
he's not great at coming up with original ideas for a proposal.
Google was pretty predictable in giving me the most cliche ways.
Do you have any amazing proposal stories/ideas?
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Hey TQC, how's it goin'? I'm making brownies today and the recipe calls for cake flour, which I do not have. I know you can put a little cornstarch in with AP flour to substitute, but the internet is telling me different things about the ratio. So, can you tell me what the correct AP flour to cornstarch ratio is? Thanks.
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I was walking into my apartment today and there's two doors to get into the building, I was walking towards the one closer to my apartment and this guy sat down near the front of the door, so I walked to the other one because I didn't want to walk around him or talk to him. When he saw me change my path to go to the other door he yelled "that was rude!"

Am I rude or was he creepy? Both?

Do you ever feel uncomfortable around strangers?


I like shows and books and movies with awesome friendship dynamics.
Thinking about your favourite friendship dynamics in fiction, what is the dynamic?

For example: Jeeves and Wooster: Jeeves is a highly intelligent valet who is quite uptight. Bertie Wooster is a rich young man who is rather innocent but very friendly and helpful and has a strong moral code, though always getting himself into trouble. Jeeves helps Bertie out and is clearly quite fond of him, and Bertie pretty much couldn't survive without Jeeves anymore.

So, I guess it's a servant/master relationship, but so much more than that too. Describe your favourite fictional friendship dynamics? More of mine in the comments.
Muh Life.
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You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

I am magnificently irate. To the point where I could snap at any given moment and randomly perform superhuman feats of mayhem; much akin to the Hulk after obtaining a particularly bad Proctological exam.

So not to unleash my pent up rage upon the local population and most probably be held responsible for several deaths and at least one small kitchen fire--- How can I remedy this issue?

Anyone? Anyone?

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I'm having an inner conflict, TQC.

I work at a small movie theater on campus. There's only 2 of us staffed at a time. We're allowed to leave to get food/plug meters/whatever for a short time as long as one of us is still here.

The girl I work with on Saturdays is CONSISTENTLY late. She's been at least 20 minutes late for EVERY shift I've worked with her for the past month. She was an hour and a half late last week (meaning I had to open both box office and concessions by myself and handle the crowd on my own). She was a half hour late today. This already pissed me off and my boss is aware about last week and was quite angry as well.

I walked to the student union a few minutes ago (it's a block away) to get something quick. On my way back (5 minutes later), I see her walking towards me. I ask her if anyone was watching the place and she said no, that she was plugging her meter quick. BITCH LEFT THE PLACE BY ITSELF. I don't care that it was for only a minute, bitch should KNOW NOT TO LEAVE THE PLACE ALONE.

Now, I don't like to rat people out, but is this something I should email/call my boss about? I feel that her actions have been TOTALLY unacceptable. I've confronted her on many occasions (including today).

What should I do?

Tell me stupid co-worker stories?
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Ok, now I'm done with the second part of the statement. Do you think it's a bad idea to write about my depression and anxiety there? They asked to describe something I am proud of and I wrote about how I am proud of overcoming these obstacles while in school.

please help me technically!

dear tqc,

i recently bought a toshiba laptop. i love it except for these two problems which i don't know how to fix. can you help me and/or offer me some advise?

1. sometimes my mouse trackpad acts up and 'zooms in' or 'zooms out' in firefox. this is really annoying and i don't know how to fix it. do you know how i fix this?

2. when i use pandora, the 'frame' only allows me to see 3/4 of the pandora station. so i cannot use any of the functions on the right side of the pandora frame (i.e. "skip" or "like this song" or "pause"). HOW DO I FIX THIS? PLEASE.

if the above is boring.. let's have another halloween question!

what are your plans for the next 48 hours? please describe them in intimate detail.
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My husband took a short jaunt overseas a couple of weeks ago, for work purposes. Not a full-on deployment, just...an adventure in babysitting, shall we say?

Since he got back...he's been growing a beard. At the very least, it's a moustache that desperately wants to be a beard when it grows up. He says he's getting an early start on Movember.

I could get behind that - anything that convinces men to pay a little more attention to their health has to be a good thing - but this is not your standard, slightly weedy Movember effort. It is bad. It is, after three weeks of growth, by far the worst, most feral crop of hairy evil ever to infest a human face. He looks like a deranged serial killer who hasn't slept since at least Tuesday, and that's about as good as it gets.

And he likes it. Says it makes him look distinguished - this might be a joke (it's the sort of thing he'd find hilarious) but he's stroking his chin a lot while he grins about it, so I can't be sure.

I'm seriously contemplating slipping knock-out drops into his coffee and hacking the thing off while he sleeps, because...honestly, maybe it's just me, but 'deranged serial killer who desperately needs more sleep' is not a good look. Waking up unexpectedly at 3 AM is not good when that is two inches away!

Do I
- Persuade him to get rid of it?
- Trick him?
- Go with my gut and knock him out for a painless surgical removal of this hairy parasite?
- Annoy his command structure until they give enough of a shit to make him get rid of it?
- Dye it pink?
- Something else?

How would you deal with this particular Stupid Husband Trick?

ETA: I can't supply pics. His command would be very annoyed if his face got plastered all over the internet!

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You live in an apartment complex with many small children. Sometimes, when driving through the complex, you notice small children (ages ~3-6) playing in the parking lot. Said children have jumped/ran in front of your moving vehicle on more than one occasion. In all instances, they appeared to be unwatched/unsupervised.

How (if at all) do you address the problem?

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i spy animal cruelty and i dont know what to do.
my dad rents a little house on a old farmland that is like has a barn thats pretty beat up and hasnt been used in a long time. its not safe for animals. im not trying to be all peta but the guy who owns the land brought over a bunch of slaughter cows and put them in the run down barn. my dad says it doesnt matter cuz they are going to die anyways, but they are like head locked in metal cages.

is there any one i could call too get this guy for animal cruelty?
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i am severely hung over and i feel like death. i have to go to a party tonight that is exactly 1.3 miles from my apartment. if i walk, as opposed to drive, do you think it will make me feel better or worse? how long should it take me to walk 1.3 miles?

super nintendo or sega genesis? fave games for these systems?

a very good friend of mine has asked to borrow $300 so that she doesn't get evicted when her landlord sells the building. i have the money, but it's very likely that she will not pay me back. do i give it to her anyway? i mean, i don't want her to get kicked out of her place, especially since she has a 4 year old, and i def don't want to put her up at my place lol.
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I've got the house to myself tonight and want to watch a scary movie. :) If you've seen any of them, can you recommend what you think should be scary by one's self?

Halloween 2 (New one)
Diary of the Dead
The Hitcher
The Thing
Last House On The Left (Original)

Or you can recommend anything else. :)


Are adults with braces ridiculous looking? I'm 20 and my aunt offered to pay for braces for me...my teeth aren't that crooked but I sucked my thumb as a child and I have a minor overbite. I feel like if I'm going to get them straightened ever, sooner is better.
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do you use wheresmycellphone.com?

If you do, did the new look throw you off for a minute?

I almost didnt want to put my number in there cause i was worried it was a spoof site trying to steal cell numbers LOL.

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So I decided to bake my SO a cake tonight because he's been sad and tired all day and nothing brings him more joy than cake. I've had it all set up so it'll be coming out the oven as he walks in and I have just gone to add the last ingredients ready to put it in the oven, one of these ingredients being an egg. Apparently I have the planning skills of a rock and have managed to forget to buy eggs, and the local grocery is shut now.

My friend once told me you can use mayonnaise instead of egg in cake and brownie recipes.
How do you feel about this? Have you tried it?
Shall I abandon all hope now, pretend this disaster never happened and burn all the evidence?
Or shall I try it, not tell him and gauge whether it was a success on his reaction?

What car is this?

I saw a really sexy car earlier this month, but I don't know what it was. Does anyone recognise it? Or know somewhere I might be able to look up the badges by shape, or something? I googled a bit, but there are a lot of car sites out there, there's only so many hundred pictures of car badges I can look at before my brains start to leak out of my ears..

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I'm sorry I've been posting here a lot lately, I've been feeling a little lonely. What should I do for Halloween by myself? I don't have any plans for tomorrow night but it's my favorite holiday :(
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is/are your family/families more patriarchal or matriarchal?

if you have dinner, do you eat your favourite things first or last?

For the people who have medication in the form of an ointment, where do you have to smear it and how often?

when people ask questions here do you want them to answer their questions themselves (depending on the question of course) or don't you care? (cause i never know if i should answer my own questions)

clearly these are related questions
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1. I left the much-anticipated Halloween party because I got a bad vibe, and, you know, anxieties. What terrible thing would have happened if I'd stayed, and/or what's going to happen that it's better I miss? Be creative.

2. Now I'm home by myself. Not freaked out anymore, just bored. How should I continue celebrating? I don't like scary movies and I don't want to get any more intoxicated.