October 29th, 2010


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How can I tell if a guy with Asperger's likes me?  Would he had trouble expressing how he feels if he did like me? For the record, he does have Asperger's. He has mentioned it and he also has the chracteristics (no eye contact when talking, will talk endlessly about one subject, etc.) that are common in people with Asperger's.

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 My roommate and I just discovered a lubricated female condom on our doorknob. DISGUSTING. We figured out who it was though ;D

So what should we do to get back at them? (They're our friends so we don't want to HURT them, but we want to prank them back. And better.)

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Are Boca burgers any good? I'm hungry and that seems to be the most promising food I can find at the moment

So it turns out the creepy meatless burgers are actually pretty good!

Now, can anyone tell me if Morningstar spicy black bean burgers are good? 'Cause I found a box of those in my freezer too.

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So there's this girl I used to be kind-of friends with on LJ. Her posts were usually interesting, we had a lot in common, and I enjoyed talking with her. Then, suddenly, she just dropped off the face of the planet. She'd been going through a rough patch with friends and school, and I was genuinely concerned for her when she stopped updating her journal. 

So I looked her up just now, and found that she's deleted me as a friend. She's still listed as my friend, but I can't see her journal. We didn't have any sort of falling out; last time we talked it was totally comfortable and friendly. I can't figure out what happened. 

What would you do, TQC? Would you try and get back in touch with the friend, since you genuinely miss talking to them, or would you let it be?

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When you tip at a restaurant, does the tip go to your waiter/waitress directly?

DK/DC: Are you leaving candy out on Halloween/giving candy out?

Worst texture to have in your mouth (let's say it's tasteless, scentless, and completely harmless)?

How many hours have you slept this week? How much do you usually sleep?

What's your favorite cough drop flavor?
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I don't know where else to go for this. This week I went and saw "The Man From Nowhere," an independent film from South Korea. It was really awesome. Problem is, I loved the soundtrack, but I cannot find ANY way of getting it! It doesn't help that the original S.K. title is actually "This Man," so I've been trying various searches with both titles. Have also tried searching with the title in its original Korean-alphabetical form. Does anyone here have any bright ideas as to how to get a hold of this soundtrack? Anyone speak Korean and can figure it out? Any one, any ideas?

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Humour me, if you will. I am British & have never done anything for Halloween - ever. (Except maybe don a pair of horns & red wings at uni.) Hence, I have never carved a pumpkin - or even SEEN a carved pumpkin. Curiousity has got the better of me (plus I'm doing a blog about 1000 new experiences) & I have two pumpkins. My father helped me cut a lid and hollow out one. (Is it meant to smell SO bad inside?! It was just orange & seeds, not rotten..)

Anyway, what do I carve into it? My understanding is that pumpkins are JackO'Lanterns & should be scary faces? Then I could put it on my windowledge and scare all the children who walk by? But I've seen people on my FB with cats, trees, bats, moons carved...so um..?

Not gonna help on that one: Can you recommend me a film? I don't like aliens or sci-fi films. And I have just watched Halloween, Urban Legend, Sweeney Todd, I know what you did last summer, Saw & Mean girls.
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My therapist said that mine is the first generation (I'm 24) that is not pressured to do better than their parents (i.e. better job, better education, better house, hotter wife, chase the American Dream etc.)

What do YOU think?!

Have you 'done better' than your parents?

Pumpkin Carving

Do you have any idea how to go about carving a pumpkin to look like Betty White? Do you know of any way to make your own stencil/pattern, or a site that has a Betty White stencil/patter?

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TQC, what's the average price of renting a room/house-share per month where you live? because I'm in Connecticut and the lowest rent I'm seeing on Craigslist is about $500. For a room. In a house. With other people. It's about $1500 for a whole apartment.

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I am super broke this week and have $40 to buy groceries for the two of us. We are ok on breakfasty stuff, but need lunches, dinners and snacks. What should I buy?

Do you ever shop at Aldi?
Does anything good come out of there?

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Is it cruel of me to keep a newly spayed stray cat in our bathroom for a few days?

I am bringing in an adult stray, and the only room we have in the house where I can guarantee my rambunctious dogs won't be able to get to her would be the bathroom. We have a bedroom which she can't stay in because my boyfriend is allergic, and the den which is where we and the dogs are most of the time. The living room is open and the kitchen is open, so anytime the dogs are out of the den they have access to the area.

I am getting her spayed tomorrow morning. I've never had a newly spayed OR adult cat in my house before, so I am not sure if it would be cruel to keep her in the bathroom to grow accustom to the house a bit, or if she would prefer the smaller area.

My plan is to then build a platform in the living room where she can hang up high where the dogs can't get to her, so the pets can see eachother without hurting each other. My dogs are friendly, but very, very hyper.
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1. What is the best kind of pasta? (Bowtie, penna, angel hair, etc.)

2. Do you have a hard time being serious or reversely, a hard time being not serious?

3a. What words do you think people at work would use to describe you?

3b. What words do you think family would use to describe you?

3c. What words do you think friends would use to describe you?


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This morning I baked some honey wheat bread. After letting it cool for a while I cut into it and realized it's still a bit raw in the middle. Can I fix it by putting it back in the oven or is it too late since the bread isn't hot anymore?
Beast mode!

Half Hypothetical

You work for a small company and your owner is in the process of selling off the division that you work for. It's been up in the air what happens to your job and you when the sale is final. One day you're talking to your boss and the upcoming gubernatorial election comes up. Your boss says "Well I'm voting for Candidate Jim Bob. I know him, and he's promised to finally pass that bill that will let me open that other business I've been trying to open for years. In fact, that's where I'll have you working! But if Candidate Billy Joe gets elected...I just don't know what we'll do."

You were planning on voting for Billy Joe, as his politics are more in line with your own. You don't have major issues with Jim Bob, but you disagree with many of his ideas.

So, do you vote for Jim Bob and attempt to secure your own job, or stick with your principles and vote for Billy Joe?

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Say a friend dies and has three kids under the age of ten that are left behind.  Their mother took off and all they have right now is you and their grandmother.  You knew the guy who died for fifteen years so obviously you're in these kid's lives. 

Would you take them trick or treating on Halloween to retain some sembelance of normalcy, or is it too... morbid, or something like that?

ETA: Their dad died yesterday (Friday) and I'm not sure of what, but I know it wasn't a freak accident.  He's a friend of a friend and I'm trying to help my friend out by seeing what people thought of the idea... so I'm glad to see that a lot of people think it would be good for the kids.  I'll hopefully see my friend tonight, and I think by letting him know it would be a good distraction to take them trick or treating, it will help soothe his worries a little.  I'll probably offer to cancel my plans to go with him, if he wants.

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If your pet(s) were human, would you be friends with them?

I don't think I would be friends with my cat. She's crazy and is extremely needy. And she'd probably party all the time. And probably get into random fights. I'd have to bail her out of jail and/or help bury a body. No, too much drama.

Is your nose big enough to see when you look down?
I <3 TLV

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I just found this in a forum: "In fact, horse jockeys used to have their collarbones surgically removed BEFORE they broke, so they wouldn't break it at an inopportune time."

Does anyone know if that's true? It just seems like... a really bad idea to remove your clavicle just because you're at risk of breaking it. I found this in another article while googling for more info: "Rowe[5] noted that removal of the entire clavicle results in a "surprisingly good functional and cosmetic appearance" but stated that this should be done only after a patient has had several unsuccessful bone-grafting procedures and is "sufficiently" disabled." which makes voluntary removal sound unlikely, but I know nothing about jockeys and the person said "used to" so I have no idea how long ago that would have been taking place.
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Do you subscribe to any magazines? Which ones? I'm looking for some to subscribe to but I don't want to waste my money on a magazine that's no good. I enjoy topics such as cooking, creative writing, photography, various arts (including entertainment), and activism (LGBT, politics, etc...). Any suggestions?

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have you ever been tested for customer service skills on a job interview? what did that entail?
what about word and excel?
what do you think i should prepare, if no specific word/excel tasks are mentioned in the job description?

dk/dc what is your favorite dessert?

edit: lol i just realized i didn't finish the last sentence. i was typing this on my phone oops

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One of my toenails (the one on my big toe, left foot) is fucked up. Story: At the start of the year, it cracked completely in half horizonally. The top half stayed attached to the nail bed for a while, but then the bottom half of the nail kept growing underneath it and eventually the top half fell off. I thought it would be ok but NOW IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN. I would post pics but I hate my feet enough already and this is just making it look worse. It's cracked a bit below halfway down the nail. It doesn't hurt or anything.

Has this happened to any of you guys?
Why is this happening?

Will you please share any gross stuff that's happened to you? Preferably toenail/fingernail related.

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So you downloaded a song off iTunes for 99 cents. For some reason, the song won't download. You find out you can't get a refund. Let it go or go through the grueling process of iTunes support to get it downloaded?

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I am in love with this duvet cover from Crate & Barrel, but ugh it sucks to spend $250 on a blanket cover.

Anyone else know of anywhere to get an amazing white blanket or blanket cover with amazing grey or greyish-cream embroidery? I love that it's embroidered and not just screenprinted. :(

what color granite countertops would you suggest with white cabinets? I'm thinking black and painting the walls yellow, but IDK.

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did Supergirl have every day outfits she'd bust out of, a la Clark Kent to Superman?

i don't have any $$ for a costume but i've got a red skirt, a long sleeved blue shirt and a big, sparkly gold belt, so i'm being Supergirl. but i don't actually know anything about Supergirl and i'm hoping she wore something i could bust out of, like a trench coat, cuz i live in Wisconsin.
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What was the last thng to make you extremely happy when you needed to be cheered up?
My best friend from back home just sent me a package in the mail!  YAY!   :D

What do you think is in it???

DK;DC: When you make canned soup or instant noodle or whatever, do you doctor it up? E.G. put spices and things in it to make it taste less like a tin can or otherwise?

ETA: It was a care package, but not just any care package... It's designed to help me through a day of school, there's an apple for breakfast, instructions on hot to make a tasty pot of coffee, in case I forgot to brush my teeth some gum, a scarf for cold weather, writing utensils, life savers to nosh right before a forgotten test, and a notepad. :D
And I say 'they' b/c TWO of my best friends sent it. :DDD

Also, it took forever to open it. :)
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I hope I worded this right, no intention of offending, Im just curious.

I saw this the other day, and after googling a bit, liked the idea behind it. However, my mother said it was only for homosexuals, as a more subdued way of advertising it instead of a giant rainbow sticker or somesuch. From what I gather, however, its more about equality, no matter what gender/sexuality you identify with, and that you support them all, even if you are straight.

Anyone care to share insight/offer the real explanation?

Damn it, so it was the math club. Thanks for the clarification, that's what I figured <3 going to order mine now~

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Hey TQC. So I'm making chicken for dinner. What should I do with it? Normally I'd just saute it in some olive oil, chicken broth and herbs/spices, but it's breast rather than thigh/leg and I don't want it to be dry. How do you make breasts stay juicy without making them raw?
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I bought a Netbook back in March for around £230($370), but I think I'd like to trade it in for a bigger laptop. I've taken really good care of it it's still in perfect condition not a scratch on it and battery life is still as good as ever. There's nothing wrong with it, I just feel like it's too small, that's all.
My question is, how much do you think I could realistically sell it for? On eBay or similar? Or, how much would you be willing to pay for a 2nd hand (but in perfect nick!) netbook?
Thanks :)
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Question 1: I had to call maintance today to come fix my shower. They ended up having to knock out a piece of the wall and replace some of the pipes. Then they say I won't be able to take a shower until TUESDAY because the rebuilt wall needs time to dry. TQC, can they do that? LUCKILY my neighbors will let us use their shower, but still. I'm absolutely anal about my daily shower, so the thought of not having one for 4 days makes me want to scream.

Question 2: So my boyfriend and I have another couple that we hang out with all the time. We like to play games, but normally just play either Spades or Cribbage. Can you suggest any good games for the 4 of us to play? Versions of Scrabble and Monopoly are out, but anything else we're down to try.
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So, because my friend sent me a package (this post: community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/88976633.html  ) and because I haven't written or talked to her in a while I am writing her a letter. (I would email her often about random stuff, but she has no internet.) Anyway, because I'm just curious, here are a bunch of questions:

Snail mail or email? Snail, most definitely.
If Snail, hand-written or printed out? Idc really. I type and print mine though because my hand writing is ten kinds of awful and my letters tend to be extra-super long. :)
Letters or packages? Both!
Do you write many letters or send many care packages often? No. :( I am a bad friend.

DK;DC:  What is your favorite place to get caffeine? As in, cafe and whatnot. I like FourBucks, aka Starbucks.
What is your favorite substance to get caffeine from? Either strong coffee, Dr. Pepper, or caffeine infused gum/candy. Although I only chew that stuff when I need a jolt.
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More on my non-existant love life

Following this post: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/88929257.html in which boy makes date with me, I try to change meeting time to an hour later, boy does not get back to my text/email and so date does not happen.

I thought 'meh' and got on with stuff. But I updated my facebook status today and he 'liked' it almost immediately. So I facebook messaged him saying something like: 'Hey, what's up? What happened last night? Everything okay?' and he has yet to reply.

What is going on TQC? Why's he liking my status and then ignoring my messages? I'm not terribly into him, but I'm interested in his sudden change in moods.

Also, do you think David Schwimmer will ever be able to play anyone without sounding/acting exactly like Ross Geller?
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What causes global warming??

Carbon Dioxide
the Sun
Hajiomatics 06 Chevy Impala
Its a MYTH !!! hahahahah

Scientists have "discovered" its not CO2 .... but soot from rocket boosters that causes global warming....who knew?? lol
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Anyone have a relative that's mean as hell to his (or her) own kids but super nice to you?

My uncle's always screaming at and cursing out his own kids, just always pissed off. But he's almost always friendly to me. It's awkward.
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Let's have a picture post, shall we? Show us your mug! (and your face, for you smartasses)

Noooo, I'm totally not trying to make a dossier for tomorrow so I can actually recognize you awesome people, don't be silly!

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Do you have any friends or acquaintances who are movie/book/music snobs? What kinds of things do they do or say that irritate you? 

Or, by chance, are you one yourself? 

What (besides "Well, I like it", which does not deter him) would you say to someone who is constantly making bad remarks about the books you read/music you listen to/movies you enjoy? Because when I say, "Well I like it, and that's what matters," he comes right back with something like, "But it's not real music" or "But his books are garbage." 
Autumn Pink

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I have two roasted chickens out of the oven. What the hell do I do now?
Haha, I know I should eat them, but how! Do I rip the thing apart with my hands? Do I make soup with shredded chicken in it? How do I even begin to shred the chicken if I wanted to? 
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If you had to make a list of all the people you hold a resentment towards (covering the span of your life to date) about how many people would you imagine would be on the list?
Scrubs - people are bastards
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If a member of your family used your credit card one time without your knowledge would you file a police report?
What if this person did it more than once?

Do you think if the situation came up you would be able to file a police report on someone in your family?

No this did not happen to me, but some guy I talked to on the phone. He said he couldn't file one, even though there was a lot of fraud going on.

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For those with tattoos: how fast did your tattoo start to scab & peel?
I got my tattoo on Sunday night and it's already peeling pretty heavily. 5 days seems a little fast for it to start healing so well! The parts underneath the scabs seem perfectly fine, I was just wondering if this was normal.

Everyone likes a brag post, so please post your tattoos in here :)
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Did you know Gogurt is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunchtime?

Does Gogurt squick you out a little? Maybe just a little bit?

How do you feel about car dealers or other local businesses using little kids in their commercials? (Four year old says, "My name is Rhea and we wanna see ya in a Kia!")

Is there wormwood oil in 4 Lokos? That's what I've heard. And if not, what is in there to fuck me up so much? It's def not just the combination of energy drink & alcohol.

What if the official national religion just happened to be your religion? Would that be cool with you?