October 28th, 2010


the word "crabs"

Hello TQC
I live in Melbourne, Australia, but I am not a native English speaker.
One guy (although he is not a native English speaker too) recommended me not to use the word "crabs" when I mean the crab shellfish,
he claims that it sounds funny because this word means "crab lice".

So, should I avoid this word? Is it spoiled? Do you use the word "crab" when you speak about shellfish?

(no subject)

So I was online looking at tickets for Wicked when I saw that Spring Awakening is showing in a week. Is it good? Should I go?

ETA: OH NO GUYS it looks like I'd have to skip out early on Algebra class to see it. Still worth it, y/n?
alice in wonderland

(no subject)

Have you ever gone on a train ride?
Do you prefer taking the train to flying? Why or why not?

DK/DC: Do you ever try to haggle prices at stores?
Haggling is usually mentioned in those 'practical ways to save money' articles, but I've never heard any real success stories. To me, it just seems like a sure-fire way to piss off the cashiers or floor salesmen. /:
aww :(

(no subject)

Okay, so it is 3:30am and I should probably try this whole "sleep" thing, considering how tired and drunk I am. I am pretty sure I'd fall asleep the moment my head hit the pillow, but I'd rather be slightly entertained as I fall asleep. What should be the background noise?

Sleep on the couch and watch DVRed episodes of Family Guy
Turn on a white noise machine and put it on "crickets" which puts me to sleep in five minutes.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (or any HP book, please comment about which one) on audiobook
Watch Shaun of the Dead until I pass out (which will be rather quickly).
Other (specify, non srs GREATLY encouraged).
Ticky tick tickerson
Why are there check boxes? You can't really fall asleep to a combo of these
It is not 3:30am here, it is morning/afternoon and I am well rested, and I mock your exhaustion. Mockmockmockmock

(no subject)

TQC, help me decide whether I should go back to classes in person or keep taking them online.
Collapse )

What would you do in this situation? I'm going to meet with my advisor in a little while so I'm trying to figure out what to tell him when we schedule my classes.

DK/DC: What classes are you taking this semester, if you're still in school? Which ones are you excited about?
scruffy alien

(no subject)

Dear TQC, I am a warm-blooded person who has just moved to Indiana and I have been regaled with many stories about how much snow they get up here. As I am recently from Missouri and am used to warm weather or very little snow during the winter this scares me a bit. Right now it's chilly outside and it's kinda freaking me out. Anyway, what I need to ask is this: how should I go about keeping myself warm in the tiny apartment in which I reside? I don't have any of my winter clothes unpacked and I don't want to run the heater all day long. What should i do to keep warm? Srs/non-srs answers please.

DK;DC: What is your favourite hot beverage to drink when it's cold out? Apple cider and homemade hot cocoa.
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halloween cat!


in a fight to the death...who wins?

red vines

in a fight to the death...who wins?

peppermint patty
junior mints

in a fight to the death...who wins?

laffy taffy

in a fight to the death...who wins?

baby ruth

in a fight to the death...who wins?

sweedish fish
gummy bears

in a fight to the death...who wins?

goldfish crackers

Mmmmm, steaky!

i am going to a bacon/meat food party, and i need to bring something ridiculous and preferably bacon-themed.
Bacon cupcakes and bacon ice cream are already being done.

What should i make???
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Hang up the phone!

Is hanging up on someone while they are in the middle of a sentence acceptable? (No fighting going on.) Does this chance depending on whether it's business or personal?

Will you tell me about the worst/most difficult person you've worked with?

What's on your mind?


I have a whole week off in December, so I'm thinking of going to Philadelphia for about 3 days.
What are the things I can't miss? Any off-the-beaten-path suggestions?

(no subject)

TQC, will you help me feel better by sharing stories of being embarrassed in front of someone you were crushing on? 

Today in the language lab at school I was reading a French magazine, when the guy I kind of like walked in and came towards me. At that moment, I realized that the page I had stopped on was a two-page spread of a naked woman on a beach. From the front. He totally saw it. So I quickly turned the page... only to find another naked woman. 

I don't want to imagine what he must have thought of me. I couldn't stop blushing the whole time we were talking. 

ETA: I was not expecting the naked women. It was an entertainment magazine, like Today
Razor Blade Smile

Halloweenie roast

For those of you who are dressing up this year for Halloween: your costume can be described as _____?

Topical/current event-heavy
Tired (I wore this costume for a previous occasion)
Famous (I'll be dressing up as a celebrity or someone famous)
Cinematic (costume idea is from a movie or tv show)

How will you be celebrating Halloween?

Staying in, handing out candy
Watching horror movies
Costume party
Party (which may or may not involve costumes)
Pulling pranks
Egging cars, houses and people
Something spooky, like a seance or ghost hunt
Haunted mazes/haunted theme park
Nothing. They don't celebrate Halloween here
Nothing. I don't like Halloween
Chatting online/Facebooking/something involving my computer (like every night)
Having sex
Eating candy
Muh Life.

Paging Dr. TQC, STAT!

Has anyone ever had Bursitis or a damaged ACL in their knee? What did they do? How painful (1 to 10, 10 being death) was it?

I see a Sports surgeon in a couple hours because my knee has been giving out on me and has been really swollen/painful since mid-September. I'm a little worried about this. Fix me?

(no subject)

So, flying from Australia to the UK (it's like a twenty-three hour flight, which is ridiculous, but it's for Husband's job so we have no choice) on Tuesday afternoon, with a four and a half month old. Clearly, at least one carry-on - probably mine, and I'll put my stuff in with Husband's - is going to have to be All About The Baby.

Remind me, what do I need to put in the Baby Bag?

(At this point 'whiskey' sounds like a legitimate suggestion...)
just a bill

(no subject)

Do you think that donating a scrabble board game (that I can't bring back with me in my suitcase) to an after school program that serves Arab children in Israel who speak practically no english would be useful to them? Maybe it would help with their english skills?

used weights?

Hello gymrat-type TQC'ers:

Can anyone recommend a good place to pick up used free-weight equipment? I need a 45lb olympic bar, various plates, a 40kg and a pair of 25kg kettlebells (they don't have to be metric, but imperial near-equivalents are fine). And I'm not spending $170 for a single kettlebell at f--king Sports Authority.
dorothy's shoes

(no subject)

When will my car be ready to pick up from the window-repair place? One side window replacement if you need more details.

Are you very handy/practical? As in, I would be fucked if I had to fix anything with the car myself, but I can get stains out and put up shelves and organise things, so I'd say I'm average-handy.

Do you have any handicrafts/shelves you made/things you made you're proud of, and can we see pics?

(no subject)

TQC, is it impossible to get a smooth shave on your underarms with a razor, or am I just inept? This is so annoying.

Also, who is your favourite character from a musical? My mum's having a dress up party for her birthday next month and that's the theme, I need some inspiration.
scruffy alien

B/c I am eating it atm and I'm just curious. :D

How do you cook you bacon? Microwave/oven/skillet? Skillet.
Do you like you bacon crunchy or soft? A happy medium.
What part of the bacon is your favorite, the meat or the fatty bits? Today I like the fat, but usually I eat it b/c it's all around om nom nom.
Original, maple or other? If other, what flavor? Original. I have never liked my bacon sweet-ish tasting. :P
Thick or thin cut? Thick.
Do you like being able to taste the meat, or do you like it so dang salty people think you're trying to kill yourself? A happy medium. :)
What is your favorite brand? Oh the brands I have had, Hormel: Black Label. :D

If you don't like/are not allowed to eat bacon for whatever reason, what do you eat instead? Um, salami, or pan-fried chicken breast.

DK;DC: What is your favorite Halloween candy? Candy corn or those peanut butter saltwater taffys. :)
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Lucius Mic

Boxers/Boxer Briefs

To those who wear boxers/boxer briefs or who appreciate men in a good pair of boxers/boxer briefs:

My boyfriend's 22nd birthday is coming up, and I've determined that he's in need of some new undies. He has mostly Izod boxers, many of which have ripped (roofing job over the summer). So I ask you, TQC, what are your favorites? I'm looking to buy maybe 3-5 pairs, perhaps some mixture of "luxury" and everyday.


My office building has a pumpkin carving contest every year, and usually I'm the one who does 75%-100% of the work and brainstorming. This year, I decided to go with carving out a jail cell (bars over the window), with Lindsay Lohan's mug shot on the inside, looking out. Everybody in the office loves it. I want to put some accompanying text above or below it. This is where I came across a roadblock. My first idea was "Not such a Mean Girl anymore, are you, Linds?", but that sounds kind of lame. Someone else suggested "Stay off drugs, kids", but I don't know if I want the pumpkin to be more 'message' or 'comedy'. I kind of want to tie it in with a Mean Girls pun or statement but I can't seem to articulate a decent line.

So, just picture a pumpkin with Lindsay's mug shot inside, peering out angrily in her orange jumpsuit, with pumpkin bars blocking her way out.

What would be a good line?

(no subject)

How would you judge a professor whose powerpoints are always messy, hard to follow,  grammatically incorrect, and incorrectly spelled? What if this professor was also a proclaimed stickler for high presentation quality?

I'm just wondering if anyone else would be as irritated as I am.
[Barry] Maybe this is all I'm good at.

(no subject)

What kind of pet would you want regardless of price, space in your house/apartment, allergies, legal issues etc?

I'd want a black labrador. Or a wolf, but I think it would eat me eventually lolol


My boy comes home for lunch during work but today I have no idea if he has his keys or not. So I am the only one that can let him inside the house. If that happens he will have to buy food and we are pretty broke so we are trying not to do that at the moment.

I need to however do some shopping as we have guests coming over for dinner.

Its getting late, what should I do?...go anyway and get stuff...or wait for him to come and hope he wont be much longer?

Dont know dont care?

Will you please Post some of you fav gifs? Extra points for ones from Sci shows.

(no subject)

What are your thoughts on websites like burnbook.com? It's a site where students can post awful things about each other anonymously. (Think Mean Girls.)

There's a school in my area that is trying to expel the students who have used this website to slander peers. There are things like "After she lost her virginity she became a bottle whore and now thinks she can control the world, and all guys with her saggy boobs. She’s only a booty call," and much worse.

Do you think the school has a right to punish students who are using this to bully people while not on campus? Are they doing the right thing?

(no subject)

If you are engaged or married, how did your fiance propose to you? OR, if you were the one to do it, how did you do it?

Are proposals ever a complete and utter shock, or do couples usually have a feel for an impending engagement (due to conversations, length of time together, etc)?

Retail therapy

What was your last purchase that you were extremely pleased with or just made you really happy?

Post pictures for extra credit.

Today I got the Steelers Silly Bandz and Starry Night phone case I ordered off eBay. It was like Christmas when I got back from class! :D
rabbit, sexy

(no subject)

 I went to an Express store with my SO the other day.  He went downstairs to the male section and I stayed upstairs in the female section.  He needed more business casual clothes and I was just browsing since I only wear scrubs.  So, while I was browsing I kept noticing the security guard was near me.  I didn't think he was following me because it never happened to me before and I'm known for looking "innocent".  But, I decided to do a test.   I walk to one section of the store, leaving the security guard behind.  A few seconds later, he wandered near me.  I went to the back of the store, few seconds later he was there.  I walked in another direction and he followed me.  

He'd glance at me but mainly acted like he was paying attention to everything but me.  Yet, kept following me. 
I told my SO when he came back upstairs which was a bad idea.
He confronted the security guard in a sort of aggressive way.  Like, chest bumping, in your face, "yo, you following my girl?".  I had to drag him out of the store before anything bad happened.

Has anyone here ever been followed in a store?  Either by security or an employee?


Do you have a Smartypig account? Positive/negative experiences? Was it helpful? I already have an online savings account. I'm not saving for anything in particular, just putting money away, but I am wondering if having an additional Smartypig account for bigger purchases is worth having.
Au Natural

this was part of my kindergarteners english lesson today...

When I Grow Up
Marjorie Ann Klepper

When I grow up to be a man,
I think I shall buy some land,
And plant some seeds all in a row,
Sit on a fence and watch them grow.
When I grow up to be great big,
I think I’ll buy a cow and a pig.
When I grow up—as you can see,
A farmer’s what I think I’ll be.

Does anyone else automatically want to add a THAT to the second sentence?

try reading it like this...

When I grow up to be a man,
I think that I shall buy some land,
And plant some seeds all in a row,
Sit on a fence and watch them grow.
When I grow up to be great big,
I think I’ll buy a cow and a pig.
When I grow up—as you can see,
A farmer’s what I think I’ll be.

for all i know that may not be grammatically correct, but it just FEELS better to me.. like the rhythm is better... am I crazy? (about this.. I know a lot of you think I'm crazy for lots of other reasons heh)

(no subject)

Inspired by the fact that I've been sick for over a month now:

How long is the longest you have ever been sick?
What was wrong?
Were you able to function while you were sick?

Too Early for Trans Siberian Orchestra?

So, fellow inmates....

How early is too early to start cranking TSO?  I have tickets for the evening performance when they come to STL at the end of December & I'm already cranking 'em in my car.  ;)  (I love my new Mazda - stereo plays MP3 cds!  *cheers*)

Also, anyone else going & where are your seats?
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(no subject)

I'm supposed to be meeting a guy to go see a movie in about an hour. It's 6.40 here. We originally planned to see the one at 6.40, but I texted him asking if we could see the 7.40 one instead cos I had stuff to do. I emailed him at the same time because my phone has not been working lately and I didn't want him not to get the text and feel stood up. He hasn't replied. Do I still turn up at the cinema at about 7.30 or should I not bother going since he hasn't replied?

eta: I also called him at 6.15 and he didn't pick up.

Where can I buy BUM clothing??

Now that walmart has eliminated the BUM clothing brand at their stores, I have nowhere else to buy it! They are the ONLY jeans that fit my body type right! Ughhh I neeeeeeeed themmmmm I have nowhere else in my city that sells this brand, and I cant find any website online that sells it?? PS I am looking at canadian stores as I live in Ontario.

(no subject)

Can you find the missing two degrees from these six degrees of separation?

1. Alanis Morissette
was in
2. Dogma
3. ______
who was in
4. ______
5. Ingrid Bergman
who was in
6. Casablance

Can you solve this puzzle?  It has to do with the first circle of Dante's Inferno.

(no subject)

Will you wear leggings as pants?
What about with a long shirt?
If no, how much would I have to pay you to wear them for a day (in public)?
Where do people (women) buy good leggings that actually keep your legs warm and fit your butt? I have tried some on at random stores, but they sucked. It might be possible my ass just fails, but I figured an item this trendy must have a go-to brand.
Memetic Hazard

(no subject)

Most(?) people reading this are well-versed in the ways of teh internets, and accept things as normal that many "irl people" would find exceptionally strange.

What are some differences you have noticed between "internet people" and "irl people"?

(Hint: At least one answer should include lolcats.)

I <3 TLV

(no subject)

Which icing would taste best on raspberry cupcakes?


Can sucanat be used 1:1 as a substitute for granulated white sugar? I don't have quite the full cup I need. I also have powdered sugar and agave nectar. What's the best way to make up the rest of the sugar? (this is for the cupcakes not the icing)

(no subject)

what would you do if a parent of yours made posts about you on facebook degrading ones?
im hurt and i dont want that kinda stuff of my personal life out there like that on my dads facebook.
obvs. delete. but that isnt going to stop him and i live with this man and i need OUT
miss a, min

(no subject)

 How annoying is it when people don't take no for an answer?   My cool story: Two friends of mine are double-teaming on me on wanting to go out tonight and I don't want to go.  I told them I had too much of a bottle of wine to drive anywhere (I did) and that I wasn't going out. One of them wrote, "You know you have a problem don't you." and the other wrote, "Stop being an idiot.  We'll come pick you up."  I know they just want to hang out but I'm hormonal as hell and it's my only night off this week.  And it's not like I never hang out with them.  I've seen them both multiple times this week.  
DK/DC: Are you registered to vote?

(no subject)

my friend is being yoshi for halloween and she was gonna get a green zentai suit and sew on some extras (red humps, tail, etc) but it still hasn't even shipped. she is gonna try to find a zentai/leotard at an irl store but we need a backup plan in case she doesn't have any luck.

do you either....
a) know of any stores in los angeles that may carry these things (bonus points for cheap cuz we're both broke as fuck)
or b) have any awesome ideas for what we can use instead?

(no subject)

My professor assigned a short paper this week, due online on Sunday. I currently have a 4.0 in this class. I just looked and the paper is only worth 10 points. The universe wants me to hang out with my friends instead of doing it, y/n?

What's the last thing you procrastinated doing?
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(no subject)

What kind of bag do you use to transport your laptop?

I'm looking for more like a sleeve with a handle, or like a bag that carries mostly my 15" inch and maybe a notebook but not much else. I'd probably have my regular bag with me anyway for carrying other things, and while I love it, it's not wide enough to fit my laptop. Do you have any suggestions?

(no subject)

Will you tell me something you hate about your body that's TMI?

Me: My fingernails and toenails grow too fast. I mostly hate this because i'm terrible at cutting them, I either always cut too close or they come out really uneven.

(no subject)

How does this sound? I think it is ok but kind of choppy.

Dear Management,
It appears that since most of my write ups have been because of me not following procedure 100% I will need to pay closer attention to my actions as an associate. I enjoy my job at WORKPLACE. I like the people I work with, meeting new people, and working together with my fellow associates. I am sorry if the way I went about requesting others call me my preferred name was disruptive to not only the front end but the rest of the store. When I am able to go by my preferred name I will come to you guys first so that we can for a plan on how to go about this. This job has been great to me and I really do love it. In this economy I am grateful to have a job while others cannot.

Clem & Joely

(no subject)

I'm miserably sick and stressed. What kind of alcohol should I get? (Not getting drunk. Thinking more along the lines of a drink or two, by myself, reading, and falling asleep. I haven't had a good night's sleep in a while. D: Alcohol better help, dammit.)
Old Fashioned

(no subject)

Can 1/5 Americans really not locate the US on a map? How did they determine this?

WTF are you guys teaching your kids down there???

ETA: I don't know if that's true or not, I just stumbled back onto the Miss Carolina 'and such as' thing and realized I had no clue how *I* would answer that question other than 'where the fuck are you getting your stats from?'