October 27th, 2010


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do you believe in love?

like love, be together forever, you're the only one for me, marriage/long-term commitment if you're not into the legality of it, children(if you're into it), all that shit?

sometimes i don't think it actually exists, that it's all just attraction that turns into attachment, that just all ends terribly, and that makes me sad :(

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i'm supposed to go somewhere tomorrow but it's going to be storming and i don't drive. should i suck it up and go anyway because i'm getting paid for it, or see if i can reschedule?

what upcoming movies are you excited about?
i really want to see black swan and for colored girls (although early reviews have been negative :\)
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It's 3:30 and I'm about to go make a hot dog because I'm randomly starving. But what I really want is some fuckin' raaaaaamen.

What's your favorite late night nosh?

UPDATE: Guys, I ate potato bread instead.

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What are you worried about, TQC?

I'm worried I'm not going to get this job and then I'll have to move to Seattle and find another job that I don't want away from all the people I care about because there's no work in Portland. Also I'm worried that my entire life is starting to revolve around this guy, and that's not the sort of person I want to be.

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why do professors scale grades when they're below a certain point? does it reflect poorly on them in the class average is below the passing mark? do you think scaling grades is fair?
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I was just hired as a courtesy clerk at Safeway (grocery store) and yesterday I did almost all of my training on the computer except for maybe a 30 minute physical walkthrough. I may have passed all the little quizzes in the computer training but I learn best when physically shown, and for me that takes longer than a quick explanation of how it's done and only doing it once. I'm really nervous about being called into work because I feel like I'm going to make a complete idiot of myself and not know how to do anything. 

Is it okay to royally suck ass at a new job?


Holy shit guys! Holy shit tqc!

Everyone just calm down, I will everyone cups of tea to help people cool it,

How many sugars? Who wants soy milk or no milk?

Or mebbe you prefer coffee?
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If you have a fancy camera, do you carry it with you all the time? How much of the gear do you try and tote along on an average day?

I saw a recipe this morning for 'truffled orzo and asparagus' and it calls for black truffle butter. I've never cooked with any truffle product at all, is the butter good for stuff like this?
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Adding on to this post.

If you had to die in the same way as a character in a movie, which movie, and how did the person die?

And, what's the worst way to die, in a movie? (I'm sure you'll have tons of candidates for this one)

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Inspired by Collapse ) how old do is too old for somebody to trick or treat?    Do you think that the law mentioned in the article is a good idea, a bad idea or is even fair? 
Sorry if anybody posted a similar question recently too.

Um....is the article not working for anybody else and taking you to the comments page or is LJ just being really screwy?  
I'm not very tech savvy, but I'm not THAT clueless!

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I'm going to the AT&T Store today to choose a new phone. What should I get.

I'm going to be a cop for Halloween. Where can I find plastic hand cuffs?

Do Trick-Or-Treaters still collect for UNICEF?

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 TQC, I need interview help!

I have a job interview tomorrow at 7:00PM. The person called while I was in class, so left the room and I scheduled the time without looking at my calendar. As it appears, my high school's play is tomorrow night at 7:00PM, and I really don't want to miss it. 

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much of a no-no would it be for me to call and ask about rescheduling to an earlier time? The guy said the interviews were being conducted from 5:00 to 7:00 and that there were earlier spaces available, but this was also yesterday around 1:30PM. 

What should I do? ):
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Plz identify my bugs

OK, so we have bugs in our house that with no amount of Googling we've been able to identify. They are about 1cm long, are sorta shaped like an elongated tear drop, look like they slither along the floor rather than walk (but that may not be the case) and live under dirty clothes. If our clothes are in the hamper, there is no sight of them.

But when we leave clothes on the floor, as soon as you pick them up, you see these little bugs scatter into the baseboards. This happens in whatever area of the house that clothes are on the floor, and only those areas. We live in a rural area and get spiders, mice and centipedes but have no idea what these are. HALP?


Following from another question that was posted here.

Is it racist when a movie that portrays Japanese character/s but have Chinese actor/s playing the roles?

Vice versa?
What about any Asian character being played by an actor with a different Asian Background?

Examples :"X-men 2"*, "Memoirs of a Geisha"

*In X-men 2 Kelly Hu played Yuriko oyama when originally the character is Japanese and Kelly Hu is Chinese.
(Only asking because I am pretty sure these arguemnt about movie roles and race were not around when these movies were released. Or at least I did not see the arguement)
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What should I be for Halloween?

Tina should be:

Alice in Wonderland (Arthur Rckham version)
Beret-Wearing Existentialist
Intergalatic Hitchhiker
Something That Will Give You An Excuse to Wear That Red Boa
Something Not So Incredibly Geeky, Holy Shit.

An example of the Beret-Wearing Exidtentialist can be found  here  and here,  Arthur Rackham's  Alice looks like this,  and if you don't know what an intergalatic hitchhiker looks like I am ashamed of you.

Also,  what (non-showgirl/stripper, it is cold out and I am modestish) costume would give me an excuse to wear a red boa?

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Do you have any suggestions for cat names for a very, very rough looking female stray cat I will be bringing into my home? She looks like her nose got dipped in acid and she is scarred right the heck up all over.

I was thinking Tramp.

I was thinking I would like something girly because I think she probably looks like a boy just due to the rough appearance.

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TQC, I'm bored and need a new book to read. The library opens at noon and I want to go over there. Can you recommend some good books to me? I like Harry Potter, crime stuff, Tudor era books and history. I'm thinking I want something a bit fluffy, maybe YA material. Can you help?


My roommates fucking blow. They are just OCCUPANTS, not leaseholders. I am the leaseholder. Can I kick them out? I want them out now.

They are planning on moving out in December, which is ALSO not in the plan at all(and havent told me to my face. cowards), but I have someone who can move in Nov. 1st. Id like this person to move in Nov. 1st, and get these fucks out soon.
What can I do?
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how's the weather for you? were you near any of the recent snowfalls or tornadoes?

i'm on the east coast and it's in the 70's and the humidity is out of control. it's almost november, what is going on!?

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Do you think taking five classes is too much to handle while working full-time?

If so, which class should I cut? Sociology, Fundamentals of Human Communication, Fiction [online course], Principles of Food Preparation [considered a lab course], or Biology [hybrid course]?

If you don't care about my life choices, will you tell me about your favorite class you've taken?

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 If you were going to have a whole weekend of watching horror movies for Halloween, what would you include?

Also: my boyfriend was telling me about a movie he watched a while back where a man was being chased by a bunch of hands, and eventually ended up running off of a cliff, and the hands followed him. Both of us googled for a while last night but couldn't find anything. Do any of you know what it is?

Got it! Thank you zevhonith !
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Have any of you ever used that crystal deodorant thing? Or do you know anyone who has (do they smell?)??? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF IT?

My Aunt uses it and recommends it to EVERYONE whenever she has a chance, omg. So, today when I was in the drugstore buying Dr Pepper Lip Smackers, I SAW CRYSTAL DEODORANT and it was ON SALE, so I bought some! I scrubbed out my armpits (because I had regular deodorant on from this morning) and used it about an hour ago, but I have just been sitting here in front of my computer the whole time, so I haven't had an opportunity for potential sweatiness or smelliness or anything yet.

Alternate question: Dr Pepper Lip Smackers = BEST chapstick/lipbalm/whatever EVER, AMIRITE? I also like their Bubble Gum one and the Jelly Bean one (but I haven't seen that one around in ages, so IDK if they make it anymore. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ~FLAVOR~ of chapstick/lipbalm/whatever?
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I'm going to see some friends on Saturday, that I haven't seen in a while.  
We're suppose to bring food/snacks but I don't know what to take, what do you suggest?

What is your favorite baked good?

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What was the last movie you watched that you'd never seen before? How did you like it? 

I just finished watching Pet Semetary for the first time. It was cheesy, but I liked it a lot more than I was anticipating. 

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I loathe square/rectagle shapped prepackaged lunch meat. I prefer the circle shapped.

Am I the only one?

(In reality I don't care much for prepacked at all, but if I have to get it it must be circle.)


I'm running my first 5k on Saturday! I've only trained for 2 months. I'm not sure I'm 100% ready but I ran the course the other day and did it in 47 minutes.. Which for me seems GREAT! Any one have any tips/ideas/things I should think about on the day of the race or prior?
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For some reason my dad wants to go to TGI Fridays for dinner tonight. We have not been there in many years, and I hate it. I know that they used to have at least one vegetarian option, which seems to be gone now. I found some options while googling but they seem to be gone now too. I've looked at their menu and there are a few things on the kids menu that I could eat.

Is it okay to order from the kids menu? What if I ask for an adult portion?

If your a vegetarian who has had the misfortune of going to TGI Fridays recently, what did you get?

I'm tired of ordering chicken salads without the chicken or some gross fried appetizer.

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Are student loans worth it? How much is too much to you?

Are you going to be paying off student loans for a long time?

dk/dc: Is it poor eitquette to chew gum? My ballet teacher certainly thinks so...


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I have three student loans that I have to start paying back. They have sent me two letters with payment plans for one of the loans, and the other two are combined. So i will be having to pay 120 a month. I cannot afford that. Is there someway to get it stretched out or something? My one payment i don't think so since it's over 10 years but the other should only take five years to pay off.

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I'm making chilli tonight for dinner. I was thinking of adding bacon.  Does that sound good or gross?

Were you a really active loud kid or keep to yourself quiet child?

What are your talents?
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Girls, do you find thongs to be every day wear or special occasions (example trying to be sexy, not wanting vpl?

My boyfriend and I argue about it ALL the time. I think they are for special occasions (I don't want to be that damn uncomfortable everyday) but he thinks I should wear them constantly and that all women do.
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I'm in the market for a new glass blown pipe. Should I buy one that is
a) shaped like a cat
b) shaped like a unicorn, but more bulky
c) rainbow colored GAY PRIDE

dk/dc: have you ever banged, or hooked up with, a friend and subsequently developed feelings for them? how'd it turn out? DETAAAAAILS

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There is a philosoraptor image and for the life of me I can't remember exactly what it said. The only way I can describe it is that it's a whole mumbo-jumbo of words.

Can someone please direct me in the right direction?

Collapse )
SPN (gym teacher)

Put yourself in my RL

Our TV on the left hand side has a black line when we turn it on, it disappears after 15 minutes. We called in the warranty, a guy came and today we found out that the company will buy back our TV for $1,250.00 or give us this TV. What would you do?

For reference this is our TV with the black line.

EDIT: We also just found out that if we don't hear from them in a month about who is going to pick up/how to send back the TV we get to keep our "broken" TV.
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If you needed to go some place .7 miles away and it was entirely uphill, would you walk or drive? There's both a safe sidewalk and a parking lot. The weather is pleasant. (I'm feeling too lazy to walk but it seems kind of ridic to drive)

If you have no obligations, do you try to get up and go out and do something, or do you prefer to just sit around all day?
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Would you rather be a stripper, a porn star, or a prostitute?

And why?

None is not an answer.

And let's say you're making good money, not being pimped/forced/etc, and everything is consensual and your own decision, yadda yadda..
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Let's say you're on an online dating site, and you've been corresponding with this totes hot/awesome person. You're all ready for the date, and when you meet this person, you discover they're in a wheelchair. How do you react?
Would you be totally fine?
Would you have a lot of questions?
Would you be kind of peeved that they didn't tell you this before you met?

On the contrary, if someone disclosed to you during the correspondence that they were physically handicapped and wheelchair bound, would it be a deal breaker?

Please be brutally honest. I have a very dear friend who is finally getting himself out into the dating world and would appreciate honest opinions.

Health Insurance and Pre-existing Conditions

I do not have health insurance and I am unfamiliar with how it works.

It is very possible, according to my obgyn and my research, that I have fibromyalgia. I can't currently afford health insurance, but it is probably the cheaper alternative to paying for doctors visits and treatments/medications.

Question: If I pay cash to see a doctor who diagnoses me with fibromyalgia, can I then get health insurance and have my visits and treatments covered by the insurance? Or, would the fibromyalgia be considered a pre-existing condition at that point and related visits/treatments not be covered?

Also, anyone have personal stories about their fibromyalgia?

DK/DC: What was your favorite candy to get from trick or treating when you were a kid?

Mine was kit-kats. Yum.

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Yea, this is a Halloween post.

I have a little tiny suit for my kid. What should he be for Halloween?

Make him a little briefcase? Draw a mustache on his face and get him a little squirt gun and he could be a mobster?
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People who use light boxes to treat seasonal depression:

Would you by any chance (through reading or personal experience- i'm looking around right now) know if using it a few hours off will affect its uh... effectiveness much? My shift at work can start and end anywhere between 8am and 11pm and there's no real predictability to it. Would using it at 9:30 or 10:00am most days, and then 6:30am other days affect things much? 6:30am would be the oddity most of the time, not 9:30. I'd be using it right after waking up every day, it's just that i don't wake up at the same time every day. I've read a lot that it's best to use it at the same time each day, but does anyone know if there might be a really noticeable difference if i don't?

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1.On the weekend do you feel the need to get out and hang out with your friends, or do you like to be alone?
2.If you are unable to attend an awesome event with your friends, do you get upset and feel like you missed something, or do you just say whatever and wait for next time to have a fun time?

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Let's say that i transcribe a modern piece of music that is under copyright.
It's in a totally different key signature, but i had the intentions of preserving the melody.
It is then recorded, and makes way onto local television (throughout the neighborhood)
could i be under any legal trouble if the copyrighter finds out?
keep in mind that it's in a different key

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I'm having a Halloween party this Friday and today I walked in the rain to pick up freakin balloons. The balloons are for a game: guests pop a balloon and inside is a piece of paper with either "punishment" or "reward" written on it (rewards are cheap little prizes, the punishment is to take a shot that combines everything in the liquor cabinet). But I completely forgot we have fucking stucco ceilings, and upon getting them safely home two popped on the stucco. So I moved them into the kitchen and after 5 minutes another one popped out of nowhere- the ceiling is perfectly flat and smooth.

Why did a balloon pop in the kitchen?
If they keep popping, can you think of another fun alternative for people to get papers out of?

ETA: I never knew so many people were so skeeved by balloons popping! Sorry guys :P
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 Favorite Star Trek TNG character?

Who are you rooting for in the World Series? Rangers or Giants?

When did the TV Guide channel shrink the height of the scrolling listings and start showing full movies?

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What do you think of this article? Do you think the nurse should be charged with anything? 

How do you accidentally switch off a ventilator?! 

article tl;dr: A home nurse accidentally switched off her quadriplegic patient's ventilator, causing him to go without air for nearly 40 minutes. She did not know how to correctly resuscitate him. He is now severely brain damaged, and pretty much can't do anything. The nurse has been suspended from her agency, but that's it. 
Kitty Lick
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I found out today that I need to buy business clothes for my job... which for me means I need an entire new wardrobe. I loathe to shop so I really have no idea where to start.

Where can I find nice business clothes for under $20 per item, besides Goodwill if I am lucky?

I'm looking for physical stores, not online. I have to try on clothes before I buy!
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let's say you're overweight and your partner is stick-thin. you're talking to them one day about your preferred body type on people sexually attractive to you. your partner says they generally like people to be a little smaller than you, but you're still hot to them.

are you offended at all?

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One of the 15 year olds that I tutor made a request today - That I help her find books that don't include sex scenes. She said that they make her uncomfortable and that she's had to put down many books because the writing became too descriptive.

TQC, but are some good teen-friendly books that don't include sex?
This girl mentioned that she likes Sarah Dessen, and she just finished The Memory Keeper's Daughter.
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Has anyone ever had Absinthe?
I am 95 lbs, and it normally may take me 3 shots and some beer to get me really wasted. How much Absinthe is equal to all that? :o

I may do half a shot of Absinthe this weekend (I found a bar that sells it..illegally(?)), but I can't hang like I used to D:


What was the most productive thing you did today?

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 Poll #xxxx

How do you pronounce New Orleans?

new orleens
new orlins
new or-lee-ans

How do you pronounce Oregon?

or-uh-gin (that's still a hard "g")

How do you pronounce Louisville?


Caribbean: cuh-rib-ee-un or care-uh-bee-un?

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Does it ever frustrate you when something you love is underrated/not very well known?

Since I hardly pay any attention to mainstream music anymore, i've been actively seeking out music and musicians who aren't receiving any mainstream attention and researching lesser known musicians from the 80's and 90's who only had one or two hits and fell into obscurity after a few years. I've fallen in love with this music, but now it's starting to get on my nerves when I think about all of the garbage that's popular now and can't get over how many people with actual talent have been almost totally ignored over the years.
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i'm going to be Supergirl for Hallooween cuz it's all shit i can pull outta my closet and i'm po'. the only thing is i need a cape but i can't sew, so i can't hem. is there a fabric that won't fray, so i can go get a like a yard of it at the fabric store instead of having to pay for a $20 cape or a pair of sheets?

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TQC halp:

I reset our router and redid all the WPA/WPA-2 stuff and now my wireless internet works but the roommates can't get theirs to. They enter in the security key and everything, it connects for a second and then doesn't work anymore.

WHAT DID I DO WRONG/FORGET THIS TIME TO MAKE IT DO THIS? It worked the last time I set it up. :(
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Have you ever met somebody and thought "wow, this person is a piece of shit and a horrible human being"? If so, what made them so offensive?

Also, how much older than you is the oldest you would consider doing anything sexual with?
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I had a dream last night where all of my school issues were finally solved. Everything in the dream felt completely real and it took a few minutes after waking up for me to realise that it actually was a dream.
What was your last realistic dream?
Were you disappointed when you woke up?

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so i like my old roommate, and i know he likes me. OK, i don't KNOW, but i'm pretty sure, and so is everyone else who knows us. but he's dating this other girl, which is weird because he told his best friend(who told me) that he said he doesn't like her that way. but she's really pushy and he's really nice and a "you don't know until you try" kind of person.

so i thought things might start happening between us. nothing has happened but you know, we're really touchy-feely, we click, when we're together we're the only people we pay attention to(noticeably).

but anyway! so now he's dating this girl! and he never told me! why?! i mean, he acts like nothing changed.

i mean, i guess he could think she told me but me and her never talk or hang out anymore and havene't for a while.


So this is kinda gross but too bad.

I got ridiculously sunburned on Saturday because I forgot my sunscreen and my friends did not have any either. My chest has now turned into several small blisters that basically if I touch, they will pop.

1. Does this warrant staying home from work? (I am perfectly capable of doing my job, just that I will be tending to leaky!chest every 5 seconds and whatnot. I am not trying to get out of work, I just don't know if I should go or not.)
2. How do I treat this? I'm guessing like Solarcaine or something. Would aloe be effective for open blisters?
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My boyfriend lives in an apartment complex. On the floor above him live a man and a woman -- they're not a couple. They drive really shitty cars and bring really, REALLY skanky women back to their place pretty much every day. We've never seen the same woman twice until recently. No men ever come to the house, instead, the man of the couple will drive whatever skank they brought over to another location -- who knows where. What do you think they're doing? Having threesomes? Prostituting the women? Other ideas?

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Hey TQC!

Who did you have a crush on as a child? Do you still like them now?

When I was a kid I wanted to marry Jerry Seinfeld, Paul Reiser, or Will Smith. Still pretty keen on the fresh prince.

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A lot of people ask pronunciation questions. Do any of you know the international phonetic alphabet? If you've been forced to learn it for some reason another, has it ever come in handy? Do you have a favorite phoneme?

Do you have any words anyone has ever made you repeat because you say them "wrong?" 

I learned in my History of the English Language course for my English Lit major. It sometimes helps in choir when we're doing foreign songs and we're working on pronunciation. My favorite phoneme is æ because it's fun to write. 

I really hate IPA but that has nothing to do with anything. 

I'm from north western Indiana and people at my central Indiana school make me say words with a's (or the a sound) in them because I pronounce it longer than they do. Chicago, apple, acorn, crayon... Blech.
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Can you give me a word of advice on looking like a hipster?

Collapse )

Also because I've seen people mention this lately; at what point does wearing something from a different culture simply because you like it turn into cultural appropriation? Is there even a difference between the two?

Is this entry grammatically correct?
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