October 26th, 2010


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My mother thinks my very supportive therapist is a horrible person. I went to this therapist about my gender. My mom said she thought the therapist was going to counsel me and not "encourage me to transcend (what my mom calls transitioning)" What exactly was my mom assuming that my therapist would say/do?
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I heard something sort of like hissing coming from under my couch. It happened about 3 times within 2 minutes. It was not either of my cats or my dog. What could it be?? What should I do?

I'm hiding in my bedroom with my pets.
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 So apparently 'creeped' isn't a word according to the dictionary. I've never thought about it in depth before now, but I know that the past tense of creep is crept, but I can't bring myself to say 'It crept me out' and I can't remember anyone ever having said this around me. I've heard 'crept' before, but meaning movement, like 'the stalker crept along the side of the house'. 

Do you say 'creeped' to mean something spooky or eerie or do you use 'crept' in this way?

What are some incorrect words you, or someone you know, use because it sounds better to you even though you know it's wrong?

We're getting new phones soon and I'm interested in the Samsung Captivate. I've researched it a bit, but haven't found any info on custom message ringtones. My LG Vu doesn't allow custom txt message tones and that bugs the hell out of me.

Does the Captivate allow custom message tones and does it allow specific assigning for message tones?

If anyone here has a Captivate, can you tell me some of your personal likes and dislikes about it?

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I have had a cat now for over six months. All of a sudden, he started peeing in my bed for the last four days. Every day, I come home and he's peed on my bed. His litter box is perfectly clean. He almost peed on my laptop today. How do I stop this from happening? Why is he doing it? Will neutering him help?

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Has hoarding become sensationalized since a&e started their show? Did you think you were going to become a hoarder after watching this show? Do you know somebody who is a hoarder? Are they or do they have the potential to get as bad as the people on these shows?


What did you do or what will you do on your 21st birthday? Mine is on Halloween...so I guess it'll be kind of cool since I get to dress up in a costume, etc. I'm not really into my own birthdays, so what should I do to make it memorable?
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Come to think about it, I don't think I have ever been "dazzled".

Have you?

What dazzled you?

What exactly did it entail?

And if you don't care for that odd question, what sort of music genre that you love that never gets played any more by modern bands? (Think grunge, ska-punk or disco.)

I miss industrial metal like Gravity Kills, Machines of Loving Grace and Course of Empire. No one else does that anymore. (Except for the occasional Killing Joke song.)

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my really good friend who is like me in every way no one else in my life is is joining the Peace Corps in a month, i can't be with the guy i ~~love, i'll be 24 in a week, my internet fucking sucks and i'm reading Christopher Reeve's autobiography.

how the hell am i going to keep myself from committing suicide?

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What, the fuck, does this mean?

"I never done it but one of my best friends is a x banger he and his crew use to get spooky before they would fight other crews."

I am so utterly confused right now by this statement.  What is an "x banger"?  What is getting "spooky"?  Why are these things coming from someone over the age of fifteen?

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what concert/sporting event/show have you recently bought tickets for? what concert/sporting event/show do you WANT to buy tickets for? also, tell us how much the tickets were/are. we'll help you decide if it's worth the money or not.
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Poll #1636506 Wasting Food

You've made something to eat, and it turned out to be too much. There are only a couple bites left but you're full and/or sick of the taste and it's making you nauseous. You:

throw the last two bites out, feeling guilty that you probably could have just eaten them.
eat the last two bites anyway and end up feeling way too full.
find someone else who can eat the rest for you.
were smart and left more than a couple bites so you can save the leftovers.
never make too much food so this wouldn't happen.
never made anything to eat because you spent all your money on hookers and blow instead of groceries.
Other: in comments.

Edit: I guess I could have added one for not feeling guilty, but that just answered another question. Not everyone feels guilty about wasting food I guess. This has only just recently become a concern for me. I feel like I'm throwing money in the garbage, or valuable nutrients, or food that someone else could have enjoyed.

old car, long trip

My car is a 2002 with exactly 100,000 miles on it. I bought new tires 2 summers ago and had them rotated last summer. I need to bring it to a shop to have it checked out and road-ready for a 1,400 mile drive. What should I expect to have done? How much should I expect it all to cost? My car is in pretty good shape, but I'm still nervous about the drive and I just want to know what I'm getting myself into.
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Okay, TQC. Serious relationship advice needed.

My grandma went into the hospital yesterday. It's not terribly serious but she's still there and they're running tests. I was meant to go over my SO's place last night, and I let him know about my grandma and that I'd get back to him about coming over when I knew more. It turned out that I didn't need to go to the hospital, so I got a friend to pick me up. We had dinner and watched some Grey's and I tried calling my SO back. Five texts and three phone calls later, I said, "Fuck it, let's just hang out more and make cookies." I got an email from him this morning saying that his phone had died without him realizing it because he was working on a paper all night.

I'm really upset about this, mostly because if I were in his position, I would have at least called my SO to check on her and see what was going on at some point during the night, especially since I left it up in the air if I was coming over or not. The fact that he didn't call of his own accord is making me really angry.

On a scale of one to ten, one being unruffled and ten being dumping him, how would you react in this situation?

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When you are in a relationship and one of you is sick, do you refrain from smooching to minimize the possible passage of the viral germs?

Do you have sex when you are sick? Do you still kiss?

In general, have you ever had sex without the kissing? (I'm speaking specifically lip-to-lip making out, not like kissing about the body.)
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Good morning! (my timezone anyway)

1) Can you lick your own elbow? Do you just know or did you check before answering this?

2) Do you think Justin Bieber will still be so popular after he gows facial hair, starts smoking/drinking and/or using drugs, and (like so many child stars) begins doing things to establish himself as an adult performer?

3) What did you have for breakfast?
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Last night, my city elected a racist, bigoted, fucktard, alcoholic criminal to be our new mayor.

What is the last thing that really made you want to pack everything up and run away to a new city?
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So my group decided to put together a last-minute Halloween party for tonight. That means a last-minute costume. I'm in Israel so the options for costumey items are limited. If I attached a bunch of balloons to myself, would I actually -look- like a jar of jelly beans? Any other ideas? Bonus, we have a dollar store about a mile away.

Second, and unrelated: I plan on shipping a bunch of luggage from Israel to America (surface mail). Do you think they'll try and charge taxes on my items? It's all clothes that I brought from America to Israel and I now need to send back.
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Do you consider your pet(s) to be a someone or a something?


I feel like my pets are my kids, so they are definitely someones to me.

Edit: (Inspired by my previous poll, where people said there wasn't an option for giving the food to their dog... but I included "giving it to someone else". Does that not count?)

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What are some annoying as hell roommate situations you've encountered?

My examples:

My roommate claimed the room in the apartment that's much bigger than the second room. She volunteered to pay more for it once she got a job (because she got laid-off several months ago). Well, she got hired 3 months ago by a company, so she technically should have started paying more for the bigger room 3 MONTHS AGO. But has she brought this up? Nope. And I don't want to be awkward and demanding by saying, "Look, you said you'd start paying more for the bigger room once you got a full-time job." Can't people stop being flakey and just live up to their word?!

Also, I bought a small bag of baby carrots the other day, and when I look in the fridge last night, they're not there anymore. I ask my roommate if she's seen my carrots, then she says, "Oh, I thought those were mine so I took them to work! I'll buy you a new bag tomorrow after work." Now she tells me that she's working out after work then having dinner with her bf afterwards. Again, I don't want to have to act like her mother and remind her to get me the carrots (she can be kind of spacey and forgetful).

It's just tough because my roommate is also a friend. I guess this is why people say that it's not such a good idea to live with a friend, huh?

Can't wait until I make enough to be able to afford a studio or 1-br. UGH.
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So there's a house in my neighborhood that was just recently decorated for Halloween.  The theme is "Neighborhood Psych Ward".  There are dummies in hospital gowns and straitjackets in various positions of being insane.  This includes two "patients" who are in the process of hanging themselves.

Am I justified in being offended by this depiction of a psych ward?

What is the most tasteless Halloween display you've ever seen?
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no-chunk food suggestions please? i cracked a tooth last night while eating my sliced apples with caramel and heath on top. i can't chew anything at all because it makes the tooth....seperate, i guess. and chunks of the filling come out. i don't want no damn apple sauce, yogurt, broth or tomato soup! unless this tomato soup is somehow amazing.

care to share any bad tooth stories with me so i can stop feeling so sorry for myself?
Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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Have you seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show?


If yes, did you like it?

My feelings on it are neutral

Do you watch Glee?


If yes, are you especially excited about tonight's episode?

My feelings on it are neutral
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what halloween movies should i add to my netflix instant queue? bonus points for zombies, but anything works.

i have a ginormous pumpkin this year, what should i carve into it? (i do the whole 3-d thing, if that might change your answer)

will you post a picture of something halloween related?

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Why is it that people are attracted to shiny objects? What makes shininess and sparkly, twinkly things like glitter, chrome, gems, fireflies, fireworks, etc so beautiful to us?
I don't expect anyone to be able to describe the actual reason, but how about taking a stab at it?
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How do I tell my kitty cat that thunder and lightning are nothing to be afraid of and there's no need to flip the fuck out at 3am?

Why has the English to Cat language converter not been invented yet?

Srs/non-srs welcome.

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TQC, have you ever been let go from a job or not put on a schedule because one of your managers having a hard time working with you? This just seems so unprofessional to me.

The email I just got from the manager at my job read, "The assistant manager is having a difficult time working with you for reasons that I do not understand." The manager went on to say that she thinks I'm great but the assistant manager doesn't want to work with me, and the only days I can work are days that the assistant manager works. I've only worked three shifts there. Has anything like this ever happened to you?
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I have to write a 3-4 page paper (that's due tomorrow) on a woman in publishing/literature, and I don't know who to write about. Who should I write about? I'm between Sylvia Plath, Anna Wintour, and Anais Nin, but I'll take suggestions for... anyone interesting, really.

Do you get even a little bit upset when someone else's birthday is the same week as yours? ETA: For example, say, someone you know or someone who is friends with someone you know has their party on the same fucking Saturday night as you do, so half of your friends can't freaking go to yours because they planned theirs first. I mean, obviously you know my answer. Grumble grumble.
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Do you abide by the widely accepted 3 thousand mile rule when it comes to changing the oil in your car? If not, how often to you get your oil changed? What kind of car do you drive?
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What homework should I take with me to hang out in the grass with?

Physio notes/general studying for a test on Tuesday that I think I'm unprepared for
Reading for an Existentialism paper due Friday afternoon (just to peers that help edit, not the professor)
Physics homework due Friday morning
Nothing. Play the Sims or read a novel instead!

Are you registered to vote?

Yes, and I'll vote in a polling place.
Yes, and I'm a mail-in voter!
Yes, but I don't plan to vote.

Would you rather..

Be on a boat studying whales for the summer.
Study sea lions and seals in an uninhabitable island with 3-5 other people for 2 square miles and no running water for the summer.
Take a semester off and study in a foreign country. (Which?)
Take a semester off and go to India or Japan and live in a Buddhist temple (which does not relate to your major at all but is awesome)
Genghis Kong

Fart and Away

You discover one day that you can fart the National Anthem (of your country). Without an error and in repeated sessions, you can use your gas to sound out this famous melody. Who do you share your butt talent with?

Everybody. I'll serenade people with my ass everywhere I go
Everybody and then some. I'll try and get on tv so more and more people may be enthralled with my anal stylings
Just close friends and family
Just my significant other
Just my best friend
No one must ever know my secret
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A nutella and peanut butter sandwich is the best thing ever for lunch. y/y?
Or just nutella.

What are you avoiding right now? Math homework and an english paper.
What music have you discovered recently? William Control and the Black Veil Brides.
Have you been to any concerts lately? Were they awesome? Who did you see? I went to one Saturday night. Yes! Black Veil Brides was the headliner and William Control was one of the openers.

DK;DC: What are you doing right now? Internetting, eating a sandwich, and getting on my math homework.....now. :)
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Sword man


Why are real estate agents so evil?

How do they keep their evil skillz up so consistently?

What do they do all the time? Because they're not in their fucking offices, and they're not out fixing my shower, either.
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TQC, the vet says my cat really needs to poop.  My cat, however, clearly has no interest in pooping.  How can I convince him that he really needs to poop on his own or the vet will shove a vacuum up his pooper?

When was the last time you pooped?

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How much does this bother you?

I think it's tragic. The biggest animal in the UK, and we don't have a lot of them.
ETA: Also, the quality of deer in the UK is decreasing dramatically because people keep killing the healthiest stags for trophies, so only the less healthy etc ones are left.

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I'm working on cleaning and organizing my room. The thing is I get burned out really quickly, so I get some done but then put everything into neat stacks and wait till later and/or the next day to do more. Am I justified in taking this long? I just really hate cleaning and organizing so can only do it when I get the urge.

Just curious

Poll #1636644 Aggravations

Which of the following personal attributes do you find most annoying?

An inabilty to recognize when something is being said in jest
Lack of self-awareness
An inability to even feign interest in other human beings
Pretentious misuse of words and phrases
Habitual long-windedness/tl;dr-ness
Hatefulness/prejudice towards some entire group of people
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When friends ask you what you want for your birthday/Christmas/Hanukkah, are you modest, or do you tell them what you want?

What was the last gift you received?

What was the last gift you gave?
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Pictures Encouraged!

What is a particularly gaudy item of clothing/jewelry/whatever?

What is a particularly tacky item of clothing/jewelry/whatever?

Is there a difference between things that are gaudy and things that are tacky?


I feel like changing my facebook picture but my current facebook picture is one of me and my close friend who took her own life a couple of weeks ago. Its feels weird but I don't think I am ready to change it just yet.

Am I just being silly or what could me changing it really mean?

When was the last time a tiny decision like that meant so much to you?

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WHO is excited for the one and a half hour SONS OF ANARCHY TONIGHT?

And, yes, I am equally excited for an episode of Glee that actually sounds enjoyable.

What should I make for dessert tonight?!

Bonus points if it's got pumpkin in it!

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i am supposed to go to a two-day music festival with two of my friends. we all have tickets for sunday, but saturday tickets are sold out so we have to get them from stupid scalpers. i was able to buy mine, and one of my friends was going to buy tickets for both of them but now that they're $200+ he can't afford to buy two. he told me to buy one for the friend that he was buying tickets for and he'll just stay home on saturday and he'd pay me back with cash when he saw me. so i did. i and the other friend don't really have any money but i REALLY wanted him to come so i talked to her and we each agreed to split the cost of a third ticket. i told him this and he freaked out on me about how he has no money and just had to pay $1000 in traffic tickets and if we have money we should just pay for her ticket instead and he's definitely not going.

so now i'm worried he's not going to pay me back for the $200 ticket i just bought. i wouldn't have bought her ticket if i knew i was going to have to pay for it, and instead i would have just tried to sell my ticket and skipped that day all together. i know he's broke but i'm fucking broke too, i was going to spend every last dollar i had just so that he could come to this concert with us. he gets paid like $400 a week so i know he'd be able to pay me back within a couple weeks meanwhile i barely make more than that in a month. am i going to be a bitch if i tell him to pay me back for the ticket like he fucking agreed to?

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What are you going as for halloween? Which day are you going out for it as it's a sunday? Is your costume home made?

I think we're pretty crap at Halloween in the UK, so i'm coming to ask at a place with a high concentration of Americans.

I want to go as a pin-up zombie, which would involve being green. I was going to wear green tights, but don't want a green face and body all night - should I just green up scuffed patches on myself?
Also, should I have ripped clothes or just go for greenness and a few bloody bits conveying the effect?
(If you google pin-up zombie you get the idea i'm going for)

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Imagine this scenario:
You are hungry.  You have leftovers that have not yet grown fuzz.  There is only one serving of said un-fuzzy leftovers.

Do you put the food on a plate (or bowl or whatever), or do you eat it out of the container it was stored in the fridge?
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Hey TQC,

So I called this place up because they said they were hiring. The lady, who was pretty rude, told me to go on their website and fill out the application to get hired. I'm looking everywhere, and I cannot find the stupid application. The only thing I could find was "register as a tutor," which costs $25 bucks. Anyways, I called the lady back and she was said, "no that is not the right application. If you wanna work here kiddo you really gotta learn how to read." Then she hung up the phone. Wtf?

Anyways, can anyone find wtf she's talking about? Do you see a link for a job application anywhere on this site? Should I even bother applying? This lady's a real bitch.

eta - nevermind i'm a dumb bitch. the link is right at the top. for some reason i missed it.
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If you got kicked out of your house/apartment/living situation right now, what would you do?

ETA: But seriously this is happening to me right now and I have literally nowhere to go. I have a savings of less than $1000 (my mom steals my money, long story). My partner lives outdoors, I do not know any other family members, all of my friends live at least 20 miles away.

ETA2: Looking up temporary sublets on Criagslist, found a friend to get an apartment with. Perhaps this is not the greatest tragedy.
Em & I

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If you had an older sister who was given up for adoption at birth and has finally contacted you and your family, how long would you wait before asking to meet her?

at 24 my sister finally found my mom and I and we've been messaging for over a week. She seems really excited to get to know us and everything. She only lives a few hours from us and I'm dying to meet her in person. How long would you wait to bring it up? Should we offer to go up to her, or her to us? What's the etiquette here?

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 Today I left someone a mean note on their car, but then it started pouring so I'm pretty sure their note will be unreadable. Karma, y/n?

Is blackface (or painting your face a different color in order to more accurately depict a person) inherently racist, or does it depend on the context/purpose of it? 

For example: In 2nd grade, we had to do a "wax museum" at school where we picked a historical figure and had to dress up as them, write a speech, and we set it up in our auditorium for parents to come around like they were at a wax museum and hear about who we were. I picked Rosa Parks. I was (and still am) a super pale white girl, so I used dark bronzer to make my face dark. Do you think that's racist? 

If a person painted their face because they were going to George Lopez for Halloween, would you find that offensive? 

edit: Thank you guys for not turning this into a huge angry debate. (: I like when TQC is mature!

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 I have 78 photos to download from hotmail (MSN photo center/whatever you want to call it). Is there a way to do more than one at a time? This is getting aggravating. 

What temperature do you set your heater/ac to? Are they different?

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All of a sudden when I try to watch stuff on Hulu it tells me I need to update my Flash player. When I try to update Flash player is says that Mozilla is incompatible. I tried downloading the Flash plugin from the mozilla website, but no go.

What's up here? :/

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 It's schedule time TQC!

I have to fulfill those lovely general education requirements.

I have to take:
-Fine Arts (main option is a 200 person lecture 'Intro to the Theater')
-Natural Science (most likely a Statistics class since all the non-science major classes are yuck)
-Business/Economics (either Intro to Business or Macroeconomics)
-Speech course (speech communication)

Which ones should I take next semester? I really want to get these over with. My schedule would probably look like Intro to Field Production, Media Wriitng, and maybe a politics course to start on my minor or Intro to Media Aesthetics and Analysis)

DK/DC: Does it feel like fall where you are? It is like high 60s here. 

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I'm looking for this game I remember playing, but I don't remember the name. You are given a city and country and have to click on a map, and you're scored by how close to the real place you click. There are multiple rounds, and they get harder and harder to beat. I remember playing it on Kongregate, I think. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

Found it! Thanks everyone <3

DK/DC: What is your favorite online game?
Clem &amp; Joely

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Do you keep a website on any free hosting sites that have an html editor? Can you recommend one?

I use bravenet, which is awesome, and its worked for everything I've needed...except for frames. Looking for a host that is capable of frames. :)

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Do any songs or bands make you feel depressed because they are unbearably peppy/cheerful/optimistic?

The Beach Boys and Phoenix kinda make me feel this way. And Jumper by Third Eye Blind. I fully admit I'm a killjoy.

*Sorry I meant "Jumper" not "Semi-Charmed Life"

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My close friend who lives 2 hours away is in an emotionally abusive relationship. She lives with her boyfriend and is terribly unhappy but can't seem to muster up the strength to leave him.

I talk to her for hours on end, hang out with her when I can, offered her a place to live, but I still feel utterly helpless because she won't leave him.

What can I do to help her? How can I give her the strength to leave her boyfriend? It kills me that she is so unhappy yet feels so trapped.
Old Fashioned
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Do you know what you're giving for Christmas this year yet?

What are some gifts you gave that you're particularly proud of? If it was perfect for the person, or a fantastic deal, or you spent three years knitting it, whatever. I want to hear about it!

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I'm applying for a job as an assistant manager for a gas station. It's asking me to "List any professional certifications, special skills, training, or other qualifications". I have retail management and customer service experience... computer literate, great with people, blah blah blah. what exactly should I put down?
roy ten
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When you wash/replace the sheets on your bed, do you replace them right away or do you wait until the last damn minute when you so badly want to sleep already? lol
for me its the latter...never fails :\

dk/dc/dont have a bed...how often do you say goodnight (or any variation of that)?

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

Clem &amp; Joely

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What are some pleasant, calm songs to wake up to?

I installed an alarm application on my mac, and am looking for songs to wake up to. Don't want to do only the same ones or else I'll get negative associations with them. (Not a morning person.) So far I have Maestro (from The Holiday OST) and Esme (Joanna Newsom).
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You're talking with your partner and during conversation they tell you that before they saw your genitals they thought you could have been a hermaphrodite. Assuming that you are not a hermaphrodite, how do you respond?

(no subject)

is there such a site or fashion-savvy lj community that can help me find the designer or whatever of a specific dress? i have been scouring the internet for a while and was mislead and i'm no gud at the fashions and stuff. it's sad.

don't care/can't help: what albums, movies, games, etc are you excited to come out?
black ops and fable 3 for games and long live by the chariot for albums
Collapse )
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Do you belong here?

Do you read any communities that aren't relevant to your life at all?
What are they?
Why do you like them?

(I read pregnant, I am not pregnant nor do I ever want children.  I have no idea why I find that stuff to be so fascinating!)