October 25th, 2010


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 Is Paranormal Activity 2 actually worth seeing? I saw the first one and didn't think much of it, but everyone said in the scary movie post that it was actually somewhat scary. 

Edit: Another question: Have you heard the song Raise Your Glass by Pink? I think it's a great song, because it's so simple. 

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If you have a drinking problem(or at least pretty sure you do) do you tell your bf/gf before they figure it out on their own? especially if they have been suspicious lately about your drinking?


Do you believe in karma?

Do you purposely try to do things for good karma?

Has it ever paid off?

How do you think it works? Like, how many good/bad things do you have to do to get one big thing...or several small things.

Does it matter how you handle good/bad karma?
Ex.) You are mean to someone...does how bad you actually made them feel count, or just that you were mean in the first place matter?

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Have you ever been to a zombie crawl?  What kind of zombie were you?

Denver, CO. obliterated the world record this year with over 7,300 zombies.  The previous record was 4,200.  I was a newly wedded zombie.   

Oh hay thar

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One of our clients at work owns a stand-up comedy club and gave us tickets for a show next week that headlines...Dustin Diamond. Do I go for the lulz or stay far far away? None of my other coworkers are going.
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I have taken a tablespoon and a half of cough medicine. However, there is a bottle of a Bacardi party mixer waiting to be drunk. Should I drink it or will I risk my own death? ETA: Uh, I won't be drinking it for a while, but if I take more cough medicine...

What else can I do to not feel so sick, or what are your tried and true methods? I have no tea here and I feel too shitty to drive anywhere to get some.

My boyfriend's TV went out due to a storm last night and is not working yet (ETA: it just cameo n, I'm good) I need fun websites to visit (lately I've been addicted to cracked.com and rereading old bad_rpers_suck entries if that helps inspire you to what websites I can visit)
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So I got these masks from New Orleans earlier this year, and I want to put together some quick costume with them for Halloween. Which mask, and any ideas?

If possible, I'd like to just put it together with clothes I already have instead of buying stuff from the costume stores.

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At the beginning of the year, I was given something like $11 000 in Canada/Saskatchewan student loans. The way tuition works here, they pay the school the tuition money in August, and then give me the rest in instalments from Sept-April. However, since August, I've opted out of a few things, which means my tuition is $233 less than what student loans paid the school, and the refund from the school WILL go back to student loans.

Are the student loans going to then turn around and give that money back to me, or will they just keep it and be all 'k, guess you didn't need that bit of loan, thanks!'? I could really use that extra money. :(

Is dealing with government student loans a PITA for everyone, or am I just red-tape challenged?
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I'm baby siting my new 10 year-old twin brother and sister in law tonight. My MIL sent over everything to make a delicious pork roast....and...artichokes. I love eating things with artichokes, but I have absolutely no idea how to cook them, and she made a point of saying the kids really wanted them. Everything I've googled says to steam them, but that seems like it'll be so bland.

So, TQC, what is your favorite way cook/prepare/serve fresh artichokes?

Oh, and could I just trim and separate the leaves, and cook it with the other veggies and pork roast in the crock pot?
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Skin Care: Hormonal Acne = Fun

If/when you get hormonal breakouts, do you feel less attractive than usual? Is it severe or mild?

Whenever I do, it's pretty severe. I'll go from having mild acne to HOLY-SHIT-A-GREMLIN-COULD-LIVE-IN-THIS-PIMPLE acne on the same spots on both sides of my face, I guess to keep the ugly skin symmetrical so it doesn't clash with my outfit. I don't feel less attractive, but I feel like people might think I'm dirty, since to most people acne = dirty.

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First a coughing fit in front of a possible employer, and then another one while on the phone to centrelink(Aus's version of welfare and job network). What do think the universe is trying to tell me?

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Do I work in the library today?

If I do, I will have to pay extra car parking, will probably get slightly more work done, i'd be working in the library which is warm, my laptop is heavy and if I end up staying in uni i'll end up spending lots of money on food.

If I don't I will go to the library quickly and get the books out that I need, come home probably get a bit distracted, not get back ache from carrying round a laptop, go to the gym but get cold in my cold house.

DK/dc How excited do you get when you first start seeing someone? I've only just been asked on a date and i'm silly excited. I hate dates.
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What are you looking forward to this week?
I'm super excited for Fable 3 tomorrow and sushi dinner Friday night for a friend's birthday. Also, Saturday's Halloween festivities are going to be fun.

What are you not looking forward to in the month to come?
Next week when I will be working overtime. Oh well, extra cash for the Holidays, right?

Will you post a picture of your Halloween costume from years past?
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 My friend just got a dehydrator and we don't know what to put in it. My mind immediately went to jerky, but she's a vegetarian. What are your favourite vegetarian friendly dried foods?

We're also thinking about making pickled vegetables. Besides cucumbers, what's your favourite pickled veg?

What's your favourite new show this fall? I'm really loving Raising Hope.

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Have you ever won any kind of contest, from the radio or tv or a sweepstakes or something? Tell us about it!

This morning on my way to work I won tickets to see Metric on Thursday :) WOOOOO
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Hey guys, It's finally Stone Week, I've posted about this event a couple of times, but now it's actually here.

I'm feeling really put out, because my friends on my res floor who said they weren't going to buy the nasty tshirts and were just going to chill upstairs this week are currently downstairs wearing said nasty tshirts and boozing it up like no tomorrow.

I'm annoyed, depressed and disappointed in them at the same time. Now I'm getting targeted by the older residents because I'm not down in the courtyard drinking, or wearing a shirt. I don't want a shirt and I've got assignments and Practicums to attend today.

TQC, do you think I can hold out under the pressure?

Am I justified in being annoyed at my friends?

Can I stay at your place?

Sorry Guys, I'm freaked ETA:
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Do you ever sit down to make an important decision about personal relationships or your plans for the following evening and end it with saying, either out loud or to yourself, 'Naw, bros before hoes, man. Bros before hoes'?

What codes do you live by? Bonus points if they rhyme.
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Hey all...
So I work for a publishing company and one of our branches publishes some manga type books. I got a letter from a prisoner in Oregon asking if I could send books or places he could order directly from publishers. The problem is that I did send him a book and it was sent back to me with a letter saying it wasn't sent directly from the publisher. I don't exactly know what that means since I actually work... for a publishing company.
Has anyone here had experience mailing stuff to prisons? I really just want to help this guy out. He just wants to draw! What have you mailed that has been successful?

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I've been friends with S for going on 15 years now. She's always been on the flaky side, but never this bad. All of a sudden she's making plans with me like once or twice a week just to cancel them or blow them off without a word.

Anyway, she's done this again today, and I'm sick of it.

Should I just cut her out completely, throwing away the longest and closest (until recently) friendship I've ever had?
Should I text her and ask her "Do you actually realize how often you cancel and blow off plans with me?"*

*Does this sound SUPER confrontational?
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So here's the thing. I think some guy might be interested in me...and I am flattered and all, but uh...I don't think I can be in a relationship. Ever. Idk, I just think I'm too fucked up. Anybody dealt with this kind of crap before? Idk, I just fear rejection so much. Plus, my social anxiety makes things difficult for me. I don't wanna be alone forever but I'm terrified of ever getting close to anyone.

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So TQC, I need a job. Badly. My boyfriend and I are trying to move out together but we aren't until both of us are employed.

I would really like to do some type of receptionist work because I can type very quickly, am very efficient with computers and programs, etc. Preferably, it would be in a medical office or hospital because I want to go into that field and it'd look good to have experience with medical related things.

The thing that sucks is that I have zero job experience, except for a week long "job" I had back in 2004 helping organize a big city banquet. I don't have much to put on my resume that is relevant to a receptionist position, besides the fact that I can type/operate computers very well.

Is there any sort of training or certification that I can get that might help me out? 

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This is not another "give me Halloween costume ideas" post. But I need help figuring out how an item I have can be incorporated INTO a costume.

I'm broke and don't have $ to go and buy a costume, but I have a see through lace-print black tank that I usually wear over things, but I was thinking of going the super-slutty-but-not-really-a-slut route by wearing it by itself over a hot pink bra. Maybe with some leggings or a skirt or something.

What can I be besides a tramp? (lol)

I was thinking I could do something 80s-ish and get really gaudy, but I don't know. Any ideas you can think of would be helpful.
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I need to take 12 credits next term (for scholarships/insurance), 8 of the being studio (designing a building around my thesis, which I'm working on this term). What should I take with the other 4 credits? Has to be something very very very easy because studio takes up so so so much time.

This term I took random upper-level seminars in architecture (my field) and I'm learning stuff but it's too time-consuming and I'm like whyyyy am I doing this when I have already taken enough credits to have graduated twice by now (I do not need more credits).

tl;dr - What classes require the minimum effort (time-wise) for the maximum credits? Besides just taking 4 PE classes :/

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Has anybody ever gone through a phase where you pee a lot for a few days and then it "goes away"?  I've been peeing a lot starting yesterday.   This has happened before to me and then in a day or two it slowed down to normal again.     I was just at the doctor recently too!  Timing is everything and my body's timing to do stupid stuff is off!    I will give it a few more days to see if it resolves or gets worse (if it's a UTI), but I hope I've just been drinking too much.  lol  

Should I buy some cranberry juice and drink a ton of it just to be extra thorough? 

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Hey TQC. So my college apparently forgot to charge me for one of my summer classes and sent me a letter about a week ago asking for it by the 31st. I've just started a bunch of new jobs and won't get paid until later on this week. Do you think it'll be okay if my payment (which is going to leech out all my money that I wanted to pay off my credit card with, hmph) is a few days late? I just do NOT have the money for them right now to send it off on time. Also, I just realized that the 31st is a Sunday. How do they expect to have payments on a Sunday if there's no post on Sunday?

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Should I go to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, which would entail being in a really awkward situation involving my best friend and my exboyfriend (they don't get along because of a prior-to-me-dating-him hook up drama. I'm also kind of upset with him right now)... Or should I spend the weekend getting awesome sex with my new boyfriend and going to halloween parties?
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I have had chapped lips my entire life and I'M FUCKING SICK OF IT YOU GUYS. I have tried everything. Can you tell me something I haven't tried and that might work to stop me from looking so parched?
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tl;dr be my academic advisor

So I am thinking about minoring in Spanish
I am in my 3rd year of college but have sophomore standing because I was messing around and did poorly in a lot of classes my freshman year.
I am taking 18 credits a semester for the next 3 semesters and summer courses. I am only 15 credits away from completing my major (psychology)

I would need to take 21 credits to finish a Spanish minor. I loved Spanish in HS and took advanced courses, and took a Spanish class over the summer last year (I did okay, I got a B-. it was more accelerated than a 101 and I think I had a harder time remembering things from HS than I thought I would have)

I have no minor and sort of have room for the credit hrs of a minor, and there isn't many other minor programs in the things I'm interested in.

Should I bother trying for a Spanish minor?

if you have graduated college, did you do it in four years?
graduates/current students, what is your major? how about a minor?

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Which would you prefer to get from your bf for your birthday?

Spa gift certificate for nails, feet & massage.
Dinner, show, hotel in the city overnight.

Do you think tramp stamps are still cool?


Do you work-out?
Do you stretch properly when you do?
As in, short warm-up then stretch, then after you work-out you cool down?
If you don't stretch properly, do you stretch at all?
If you don't stretch at all, do you feel really sore after working out? Do you ever hurt yourself?

I've realized that my dance background makes me stretch religiously any time I work out. But I've talked to a few friends recently and found out they don't really stretch. They might touch their toes and lunge for a quick second, but that's about it.

If you do stretch, find some pictures and post which stretches are your favorite. Or even better, take a picture of yourself stretching.

Also, stretch. Because it needed to be said one more time.

Surprisingly good class?

When was the last time you took a class and were surprised that it was good? [ETA] Why did you think it wouldn't be good when you signed up?

I'm currently taking a federal courts class that was sold to me as CivPro 2.0. Turned out to be a lot more theoretical, but the professor is awesome, and it's all starting to come together and make sense, AND I'm finally seeing the practical applications of everything. I'm really enjoying it.

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What's with the little heads next to people's LJ names being all cool and different now?

Why am I always left out of the LJ trends? *SOB*

Haven't I been here long enough???
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What would your reaction be to someone who has no real friends or social life by choice? Does one need friends in order to achieve happiness?

I went grocery shopping last night, and today while staring at the receipt realized I was ripped off for $10. Should I go back, or let it go?
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I am certain I have bronchitis. I am miserable, and so congested, and I cannot clear my fucking lungs. I have access to a nebulizer, and a rescue inhaler, but I obviously want to get better. I do not have health insurance, and I'm super broke. I'm working every day for the next two weeks, and I'd have to call out to go to urgent care, but how expensive can I expect it to be? What can I take to loosen my chest and be able to breathe? I'm so miserable.

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Does anyone know of any sites with photos of studio spaces? (art studios, not studio apartments)

I've been browsing Apartment Therapy and SaucyDwellings, so sites similar to those would be great!

What are some decent, but cheaper, menthol cigarettes? I smoke Marlboro Menthol Lights, but they're a little pricey at times!
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So, TQC, what should I do? What would you do?

(& yay first post ^_^)
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I need other outlooks

For the past year I have been under a team of doctors care and although I've reacted to their type of treatments, I haven't seen any real improvement. I feel really burnt out and discouraged in that specific area. I want to take a break from it and not continue any sort of treatment from them. I have an appointment tomorrow that was scheduled before I made my decision. Should I call in the morning (my appointment isn't until 730pm) and cancel? Or should I go to the appointment, even though I've made my decision to stop? 

I feel like I'm losing friends haha I've seen these doctors (one specifically) every other week for an entire year! That's what's kind of keeping me from just calling and cancelling. 

What was the last difficult decision you made?
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I read that giving dogs Hydrogen Peroxide to puke is a good idea.
I would never, ever want to give my dog H.P...has anyone ever given their dog Hydrogen Peroxide?

*My dog does not need to puke, for the record.
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For those of you who have taken online only classes- how do you motivate yourself to stay on track? My entire grade is based off of chapter tests, and I have been slacking and only have 4 out of 16 done with a month and a half left in the semester. I also really don't find I'm learning much at all.

DK/DC- how much does your college major apply to your current job or you last job, if you are a college/trade school/whatever grad?
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Do you consider yourself a 'single parent' if your spouse/other parent is out of town? Does it depend on the length of time they are gone?
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Either Google fails at providing answers or I fail at Googling.

I'm trying to find out if I can hook a PC (the actual PC machine/box) up to a macbook, so that I can use the monitor of my macbook for the PC machine. I don't mean that I want to run windows on a Macbook, I mean that I just want to use the monitor of my macbook to view what's going on in my PC. Is this do-able?

Otherwise, I need to find out (and am in the process of googling the answer to) how easy/hard it is to hook my PC up to a TV monitor. Has anyone had similar situations or used a TV monitor (either flatscreen or a big box tv) as a computer screen? I'm bringing my PC (just the box) out on the road with me so that I'll have it at home for the holidays, and then fly back across the country with it when I leave home. I can take the machine fairly easily, but not the machine AND the 22" screen I have for it.
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What makes someone a single parent, in your opinion?

Would you consider a mother who is living with her partner of over three years (not the biological father of the child) a single mother? What if the bulk of the financial responsibility of raising the child is still hers?

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When you get your hair dyed a different color than it was, what do you do with your eyebrows? Do you get them dyed as well (if you go to a salon), pencil them in with a similar color to your hair, or just leave them alone?

I want to get my hair done a really deep brown with a burgundy tint, but I'm afraid my eyebrows won't match.

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if i took a semester off from school do i have to apply again? probably a stupid question but i didn't take any classes this semester and want to in January but I don't know if i just need to register for them or if i need to apply all over again.
Muh Life.
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My (historically very strange) sister informed me today that she's going to "Furfest" this weekend. I have no idea what this is and I'm afraid to Google it- lest I be scarred for life, again. (This would not be the first time in which she could be construed as being responsible for this.)

Should I let curiosity reign or do I really not want to know?

[edit: oh dear jesus I was adopted pleasepleasepleaseplease]

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I just found out that my city has elected a crazy, ultra-conservative, racist, sexist, ranting wingnut as our mayor.

When was the last time you sincerely lost faith in someone/something?

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IDK do you think it will be hard for me to find a job if my id says Female but I have a male name? My mom thinks if I get fired from my current job because of my trans status I won't be able to get other one in this town.

I am FTM
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When you were younger, how old did you think people were when they got married? Do you remember ever saying or thinking, "When I'm (x) years old, I'm gonna be married and have a baby!"

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1)My mother accused me of shopping like a boy. What do you think she means?

2)Would you vote for an amendment on your state constitution for the right to hunt?

I voted no, because I'm against stupid amendments.

3)What films are animation classics?

Naussicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Toroto, the Toy Story trilogy.
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At what point (how many months whatever) do you think it's appropriate to start saying "the 3 little words"?

Does it frustrate/irritate you when people constantly proclaim their love for their SO early in their relationship? Like, they date one person for a week, run around like a chicken screaming "I LOVE HIR, I LOVE HIR," break up, complain zie's a jerk, then next week with another person, "I LOVE HIR, I LOVE HIR!!" I mean, that shit's tolerable in like middle school, but at what age do you start to find it completely unnacceptable?

To how many people have you said "I love you" (in a romantic sense)?How many people have you been ~in love with? Are you still with them?

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1. Is it true that for some people, instead of gaining weight all over, they put it on on one area of their bodies? If someone tends to put on weight mostly on their thigh area but are slim everywhere else, they'd have to do full body workouts to lose the thigh weight, correct?

2. If you pick up calls from numbers you don't recognize, how do you answer the phone? Do you just say, "hello?" or something like, "This is yourname?"
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I designed my friend's wedding invitations several months ago. Her wedding is this weekend. My friends and my parents all agreed that this was "my gift" for the wedding and while I do agree (as it can be costly to have custom invitations done and I did it for free) I feel kind of bad. But would you think it would be okay for me to just get them a card? I don't really have a problem buying a gift but I do feel like I did my part.

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1.if you're really awake but have to get up early the next day, do you force yourself to go to sleep, or stay up?

2.are you a realistic person or unrealistic person? (feel free to elaborate)
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I just bought a pair of white go-go boots, and they keep getting scuff marks all over them. I don't have any shoe polish at this moment. TQC, do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of these marks?
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Would you ever buy something with no intentions of using it anytime soon but you figure you might want/need it down the road? I'm talking about something you can't even use until the right time comes around.

Ex: buying a wedding dress with no wedding or engagement in sight
Ex: buying baby stuff when you're not planning on having a kid anytime soon

Or do you know someone who has done this?

Inspired by an episode of "Say Yes To The Dress" where a girl bought her wedding dress 5 years in advance. I thought that was waaaaay too soon to lay down serious cash on something she might hate the style of (or not even fit into) in 5 years.

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So I am going to student teach next semester and they are starting to think about placements. I really want to student teach at the high school I currently work at (it's a paid internship & I tutor math) but today my boss told me that the department head is hesitant to put me at that school because I already have relationships with a lot of the students. It's a smaller magnet program, but I feel like this shouldn't be a problem! I was so excited to keep my job and teach in an awesome school but now I just feel unwanted :(

Do you think I should contact anyone to see what I can do? I will probably meet with the department head during work on Wednesday, what should I tell her?

Totally unrelated:
How long does swelling from getting tattooed last? My arm looks like a balloon.

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I asked this a couple years ago here but I was in this situation twice yesterday and didn't uh, say anything at all.

When you're in a bathroom stall (and you know the lock is working) and someone knocks on it...uh...how do you respond?

Occupied! Out in a minute! Yes?

I don't uh, say anything, and then they try the handle and see it's locked and then...that's it...

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Last night I took Trazodone and had a weird reaction to it, like I was drunk.  I don't remember much, but I do remember opening a bag of mini-Snickers bars that I purchased a few days ago.  There are a couple of wrappers in the trash that indicate that I managed to eat some.  But now I can't remember where I put the bag.  I've looked everywhere. :'(


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How small town is your area?
What's the latest 'it's a small world' moment you've had?

To continue tonights dating/relationship theme, I just found out my step-uncle taught the guy i'm soon to have a first date with, and that my step-aunt is acquainted with his family.
Do I mention this? Or act surprised when he tells me everything I already know?

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Since March of this year, I've been dealing with something that is very hard for me to deal with. I'd prefer not to get into it, just know that it causes me a great deal of anxiety, hurt, frustration, and upset every single day. Not a day goes by that I do not think about the situation and everything surrounding it. I don't want to sound dramatic and say it's ruining my life, but honestly, it's coming close.

I feel that time will help heal it, but I'm impatient and I need something else to help me in the meantime. Therapy is the last option, because it can get pricey and I have a busy schedule, and honestly, I don't know that talking about it over and over will help. 

What else can help me? Has anyone gone through the same sort of dilemma?
Have you ever written a note to someone, expressing your feelings, but not given it to them? Did it help with any feelings you were struggling with? 


Will you please help me decide which class schedule I should take for Spring Semester '11?

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Alternatively, will you tell me the story of the last time you made a drunken ass of yourself?? Will you post a picture of you in your attire at the last wedding you attended?

Girl questions: Do you like Carlos Santana shoes? If so, which ones do you like the best?
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I just got an e-mail from a sittercity user asking me to call her about math tutoring for a 10th grader. Is this going to make me want to bash my foggy algebraic brain in?

What "feel good" stuff do you do on the side? Volunteering, holding doors open, whatever?


I have leftover veggies from dinner, mostly squash, potatoes, turnips and celery. What kind of soup can I make from them?

*sorry, got excited and hit enter too soon. I fully admit my idiocy.*
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So I recently found out that a friend of mine is a complete liar, almost to the point that it is humorous.  This person has made up children they supposedly have  (even to the point of showing me pictures), infectious diseases and jobs.  Would this be a friendship deal-breaker for you?  What if the lies don't affect your friendship with this person at all?  

Additionally, what is the most rediculous lie you have found yourself telling? 
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Will y'all remind me why pain and blood are a good thing? I swear my uterus saw The Shining and has decided to reenact every scene it can, from the elevator-o-blood to multiple deaths. I soaked through one of those overnight pads in ~4 hours. :(