October 24th, 2010

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 If you find yourself with a crush on a porn star and you asked him to have sex with you, do you think he'd say yes?

Part of me would think that yeah, it's his job, he's done it with a lot of people and he won't mind fitting you in.

But the other part of me thinks, oh no, that may be his job, but maybe he doesn't want to bring that attitude into his personal life if he's looking for a committed relationship, and possibly he wants to squash the rumors that porn stars are easy.

Question for Irish people

Question for Irish people

Apparently there was a bit of a minor scandal (I didn't see it and I can't find it on YouTube) on GMTV when a British presenter made a potato reference in regards to Irish people and Grainne Seoige (or whichever one of the Seoge sisters is on GMTV) got offended.

So what do you think? Are potato jokes offensive or should Irish people just not give a shit?

Edit: I'm Irish myself btw

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What feelings do you have when you go to the airport?

I'm always happy because I'm going to see someone I haven't seen in a long time or I get to go somewhere different! I'm sad this time because it means I'm accepting the break up of me and my boyfriend... :.(
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How many colleges have you gone to to complete your degree?

I've gone to 4 (transferred from a university to a college, plus picked up other credits at two CCs) and now I'm planning on transferring to another university to finish. It seems excessive, but I think it's for the best. Anyone gone to more than 5?
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Skins poll

Do you like the show Skins?

I've heard of it but I've never watched it before
I've never heard of Skins before.

If you do enjoy the show, which generation do you like more?


Are you looking forward to the 5th season?

Yes, I think it will be good/great and I plan on watching
No, it's going to suck and I won't be watching
I think it'll suck but I'll watch the first few episodes anyway.
I want to watch it but for various reasons I won't be able to watch

Are you looking forward to the premiere of Skins US?

Yes, I think it will be good/great and I plan on watching
No, it's going to suck and I won't be watching
I think it'll suck but I'll watch the first few episodes anyway.
I want to watch it but for various reasons I won't be able to watch

If you hate US Skins, refer yourselves to my icon.

Fuck I should've included a 'not sure' option for the 3rd and 4th questions :'(. my poll fu fails me again.

If you DK/DC about Skins, can you tell the size of a cisman's penis just by looking at him? My friend boasts he can.
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Hey guys! What was that website that laid out all the politicians' stances on different issues and such?

Also, are you voting in the upcoming elections? Why or why not?

If you don't care about politics, what's your favorite thing to drink? I loooove lemonade.

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An acquaintance from college has been updating all of us on facebook about the health of her dad. It's been about a month but he passed away a few days ago. The wake is tonight.

It's weird if I go right?

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Do you care about colour coordination?

I went to work with horrible colour combinations because I had limited clean clothes, and not only did people not seem to care, I don't even think they knew that it was bad!

What colours might you wear together, or how much of them?

What is most important to you, fashion-wise?
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How many bras do you own (that you wear regularly)?

When you get measured/measure yourself for a bra, do you measure the band size above your boobs or below them? I've seen it done both ways. What if the two measurements are different?

I'm 36" above, 33.5" below... so am I a 34 or a 36? I usually go with 36 because when I try on a 34 it seems extremely, uncomfortably tight, but I always wonder if I'm doing it wrong.


I am writing something up and Iw as wondering what the correcct term is


When I say it sounds right but when its writtten obviously its not correct, or is it?


I have a pork butt in the crock pot that's been cooking with peppers and stuff for 18 hours and will soon become tamales.

What do you love to eat that's insanely complicated to make?
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THINK FAST!! In about an hour, I'm meeting my friend vksi who's visiting the USA from Slovenia and staying outside New York City at a hotel in Jersey City. We were thinking of doing stuff on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River today since yesterday he got to do all his shopping and walking around Manhattan. It's a beautiful autumn day today and I have a car. Suggestions of what we can do? Walking around and moving about is preferable, sitting in one place is boring.
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amazon bullshit.

so, i got an e-mail from "amazon" stating that my account information had changed. so i was like wtf and opened it of course. it said my e-mail and password were successfully changed, to xkbohe@store.us. then the next e-mail in my inbox was from amazon again, stating that my account had changed from that e-mail back to my own.

uh... has this happened to anyone else? did you notice any weird activity on your credit card, or is this fake?

edit: so i went into my account and changed my e-mail/password and got an e-mail formatted the exact same way, and obviously that was legit because i authorized the change. weird.


What is best marinade to use with a venison roast. I have garlic and bay leaves at the moment but I can check out the shop if need be.

What would you use?

I ahve never cooked it before.
Also...should I tell my in laws its venison? I mean yes I should but if they object I dont have anything I can cook in time. Because you know...roasts take a while.
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Hollywood auctions

I recently saw the preview for Hollywood Treasures on Syfy and found the website for the company featured on the show, Profiles in History. They deal in movie and television memorabilia (possibly music related items, too, but I didn't see any on their website so far).

If you could purchase anything featured on their website, what would you buy?

I've got my eye on the Back to the Future hoverboard and the Nike shoes with power laces.
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Why does my right arm hurt, TQC?

Silly answers encouraged.

When you don't like the direction a TV show or book series is going in, do you stop watching/reading, or do you keep going and just become angrier and angrier about the direction it's going in? If you do the latter, how come?
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If you buy macaroni and cheese, do you ever buy it in fun shapes just because? (Based on my boyfriend making fun of me for buying Spongebob Kraft Mac & Cheese)

DK/DC: What's the weirdest color you've ever dyed your hair?

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How do I explain to someone that the "It Gets Better" project isn't really prejudiced or unfair or whatever else because it only covers LGBT bullying and not bullying of overweight or short or nerdy etc children?


For some reason, my Firefox has no toolbar whatsoever, just the back and forward buttons, refresh, etc. I just saved a bunch of things for a project into a folder in my bookmarks by right clicking each tab, and now I need to access those bookmarks but have no way of doing so. I'm kind of on a tight deadline to email this (aka within 10 minutes), and my google-ing clearly is not functioning up to par.

How do I get to my bookmarks so I can click on the links I saved? How do I get a frickin' toolbar on my Firefox?

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Me and my boyf are still in the EARLY stages of our relationship. We had been friends for a month and went on 3 dates. However, he said he hadn't felt this way about another girl for a very long time. Are his feelings a bit too intense for the amount of time we've been seeing each other?

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I tried looking this up on Google and on diagnosis websites, but all I found was other people with the same problem looking for a solution.

For the past 3 or so months I've had a recurring rough patch on the left side of my top lip. It doesn't hurt or anything, and it's barely visible (if I get really close to the mirror it looks kind of patchy and discolored), but it's really annoying because it feels weird and rough. After a few days the skin will peel off and the patch will be gone, but then it comes back in a week or two.

Has anyone had a problem like this? Do you know how to fix it? I don't have insurance right now so I'm trying to avoid going to a dermatologist but it's really annoying ):
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Hey guys. I'm feeling a little stressed at the mo, and thought I'd post something here to distract me.

Inspired by the driving question below,

Automatic or manual transmission?

My whole family drives manuals, we have one Auto - an F-250 ute. I panicked a little when I had to drive it, I kept reaching down for the non existent gearstick :P

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 What is the study of the stars? I'm not looking for the word Astronomy, it begins with a "C". The workings of the stars, to be more specific. Anyone? It's driving me insane. 

What is your favorite part of Halloween? I like the Candy Corn and the dress up parties :)

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Do you remember how you learned the following topics?
1. circles, radius, pi, circumference, diameter
2. skew, parallel, perpendicular
3. lines, rays, segments, angles

Would you share how you learned them?

I am creating lesson plans that I will be implementing for the first time ever. I think I've got it for 1 and 2 but I'm not sure about 3 without just giving them a worksheet, which I refuse to do.

(edit: none of you learned them by solving problems & making the meaning yourselves? I didn't either, but I'd hoped some of you had...)

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So I lost my drivers license awhile ago and I have to drive somewhere tonight. If I do get pulled over, will I just get a fine for not having it on me? (I do have my permit and other ID though if that helps :/) 

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if you had a best friend, but aren't friends with them anymore for bad reasons (they stole things from a mutual friend and blamed it on you, made fake screen names pretending to be other people to try and get info about your other friends), but they had a sibling you were always friendly with and seemed to still want to be friends with you, would you continue to be friends with them? How did that work out for you?
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I massively overslept this morning and now I'm feeling really antsy and a bit paranoid, what would you recommend to get out of this funk? I have no money so can't afford to go out or do anything like that.
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Where are your favourite places to visit in London?

ETA: Is it worth going to the tourist attractions like Madame Tussauds?

For those of you who have never been to London where is your favourite place to visit?

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Should I go to my classes tomorrow? They are from 8 am to 12:45 pm, and I have to get up at 6:30 am.

I am recovering from strep. Today is the first day I don't have a fever, and my throat feels much better, but I still feel like shit in general. Should I take a day off to rest, or should I just suck it up and go?

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TQC Please Justify My Love validate me,

I hate maple syrup. Just the smell makes me gag. But I live with two maple syrup lovers so instead of banning it from the house I have no problem with them eating it as long as:

1. Not in the same room as me
2. They rinse the plates and silverware well so the kitchen doesn't smell like maple syrup.

Reasonable y/y?

Earlier when I drag my sick congested self out to the kitchen to get a glass of cider, I am confronted with a big ol' unrinsed sticky maple plate next to the sink and I flip out after I get done tossing my cookies in the garbage can. Threatening to use all the maple syrup bottles as target practice is perfectly acceptable response, y/y?

dk/dc: What everyday food items gross you out to the point you can't be near them?

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What was the last thing to make you go all giggly and childish?

I just got asked out and i've come over all girlish. I was a total drunken mess when I met him too, which makes the ego boost that much more boosty.
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What brand or designer of bra do you swear by? Any recommendations?

What do you normally buy at Target?
What are some of your favorite healthy meals?


We've used a steam vaporizer in the past, and occasionally with it used Vicks Vaposteam or a generic equivalent.

The stuff was oily. In fact, it was mineral oil with menthol or whatever dissolved in it. You poured the stuff into a little well by the steam outlet on the vaporizer, and as the steam passed over the well it picked up the menthol or whatever and brought it into the air. The instructions specifically said you weren't supposed to add the stuff to the vaporizer water. After running a batch, you'd have to get the used-up mineral oil out of the well, because it would still be there but be out of menthol or whatever.

Fast forward to last week. I bought a fresh bottle of Vicks Vaposteam, and the directions said to add one tablespoon to each quart of water in the vaporizer.

Am I dreaming? Have they totally revamped Vaposteam and the usage method? Or was I thinking of some other stuff in the past?

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 So how did your favorite football team do this weekend?

Falcons won, bummed that San Diego didn't beat New England. I hate Tom Brady.

Moving any time recently? How did it go for you?
Moving next month, have not moved since 2007...
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Have you ever written an angry letter about something you read in an article?
I'm tempted to write the superintendent and principal of a high school where a cheerleader was kicked off the squad because she refused to yell out the name of the athlete that raped her.
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For those of you who are first/second generation immigrants:

If you have family still in your motherland (I have no idea how to better phrase that), do they resent you for immigrating?  Do they have misconceptions of the country you currently live in?

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Which class sounds better—Principles of Sociology or Intro to Cultural Anthropology?

Oh goddammit Anthro is at the same time as my English class.

Has anyone else been having a hellish time with class scheduling or is it just me?
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TQC what should my boyfriend and I do? We have access to: a car, a few bucks, a Blockbuster, a supermarket, and...not much else cause it's raining and our town is small. We've already eaten dinner and it's Sunday night. And we're super bored.

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Okay I watched The Strangers, which someone recommended me in my last question about scary movies. It ACTUALLY scared me, to the point where I literally had to pause it to cmpose myself. It was AWESOME - now I have another question.

What are some horror/thriller movies that are similar to The Strangers, in that they don't deal at all with the supernatural?

And by supernatural I am also including the likes of Michael Myers and Jason, in that they JUST DON'T DIE. That stuff doesn't scare me - the real stuff does.

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I have a long white-blonde wig from halloween last year (I was Alice).
I am going to try to find a black wig so I can be Mia Wallace, but if that doesn't work out, can you think of some suggestions as to what costume I can re-use my blonde wig for?

dk/dc: will you post a picture of yourself in a (preferably crazy/weird/colourful) wig?
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I ordered sandwiches and drinks and the guy forgot about half my order, so he said he would have to go back and get the rest and come back. I tipped him a little more than what I normally would have (25% instead of 20%) since he has to make two trips.

Do you tip more/less if delivery people make a mistake?

Movie suggestions?

I'm looking for a sort of specific kind of movie, and I was hoping you could help me with some titles. Do you know of any films out there that cover the following?

-- About at least two girls with a close friendship
-- Ages should be under 18 throughout the majority of the movie
-- In a small town or country area
-- Preferably dramatic or dark (I tried Now and Then, for example, and it didn't work for what I'm doing. I'm willing to bend on this one, though.)

It would also be nice if it:

-- had religion, especially religious oppression, as a theme
-- took place in the 80s or 90s (time period, not when it was filmed), but that is the least necessary aspect of the list

I'm even fine with a movie about a polygamist commune or something like that as long as the focus is on these young girls. I'm also willing to accept a coming of age story in a bigger city as long as the focus is on the girls.
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Has anyone else here seriously considered creating a fake ream of paper out of wood or some other material to force a printer to acknowledge that there are actually ten sheets of paper in the tray?

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I have several cracks in the glass face of my favorite watch. Is there some sort of epoxy or other material that I could paste on top of it to seal the cracks that would still dry clear? I really love the watch, but getting a new glass face for it would cost about ten times more than the actual watch.

I woke up from a smokin' dream about a Lily Labeau (cute porn star) lookalike who totally wanted me. D'you think this is a premonition for the future? *crosses fingers*