October 23rd, 2010


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Do you guys wanna play Never Have I Ever????

All you gotta do is comment with something you have never done, and then other people will comment if they HAVE done that.

I'll start: Never have I ever been stung by a bee

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In honor of the moment of sheer brilliance described in the dirty picture post below, will you share tales of your greatest moments of embarassment? Or times you've felt embarassed for others?
Flaming Sikozu

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My office is having a pre-Halloween dress up day and I'm going as a hipster. What do I need to be the ultimate hipster?
I can probably pick up some glasses/frames at St. Vinnies and a few other bits and pieces, I'm just not sure what little details I can add to make it accurate.

ETA that I'm a girl. Are skinny jeans only for hipsters of the male variety, or do the ladies wear them also?

And where can I get PBR in Sydney? Do they even sell it in Australia? =/
Clearly I don't know this subculture well enough...
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If a man rapes a woman, and the rape conceives a child, should the rapist have any parental claim to the child? Should he be allowed visitation? Required to pay child support?

If a women rapes a man, and becomes pregnant as a result, should the rapist have any parental claim to the child? If not, how soon after giving birth should her baby be taken away? Should she be allowed vistation? Required to pay child support?

Does your answer change if the victimized parent is unfit or does not want to keep or raise the child, and there are no living relatives willing or able to take custody?
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Pretend you can take any famous quote in history and wipe everyone's minds as to the real author, then you get to "write" it and have everyone think you're brilliant. What would you pick?

dk/dc Do you like ice water?
Drunk Again, Lisa Hannigan
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Help Figuring Out a movie title

I've been trying for years to try and remember the title of a movie I saw when I was younger.  If I had to guess, I would think it was filmed (and set) sometime during the 1990's but no later than 2002.

The movie was about a homosexual man who returned to his home town after an extended absence to visit his mother and his younger brother (his father may have died but I'm not completely sure about this fact).  His brother was between the ages of 15 and 17, overweight, awkward and shy with girls (I thought he was cute anyways, but I was maybe 13 when I saw this film).  When in town he discovers two things, the first is that his mother has arranged for his brother to lose his virginity to a local prostitute, just as she had years earlier with him. The second is that he and the prostitute share a child.  For the most part the movie is about the man trying to get his mother to accept him, as well as him bonding with both his son and his brother.

I think it might have been set in Canada, but if it was, I'm not sure what part.  It was definitely a small home town.  I'm pretty sure the movie was in English, but the channel I saw it on showed French Canadian films frequently so it may have been in French. 

I've looked at pretty much every single wikipedia listing to GLBT movies in Canada, and Canadian movies, but I figured I'd ask you awesome people if you knew what I was talking about first!

Any idea what I'm going on about?

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I'm staying in a hotel for a night. I just leaned against what I thought was a wall but it was reallly the shower curtain and I fell flat on my ass in the tub. Now my butt hurts. I fell hard. I broke my tailbone when I was 14 and now I'm 23. What are the chances that I rebroke it?
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Why do your nipples perk when it is cold?

What color frosting makes you want to eat something the most?

What is the most beautiful picture of food you have ever seen?

What are your favorite memes/macros of all time? Of all time!

If there was one song you could play to introduce someone to the world of music, what song would it be?

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After a lot of thinking, I will be getting my tongue pierced in about 14 hours. I am a little nervous because Im going to go to the shop to do it alone without any friends accompanying me, nobody knows I am getting it done except my friend who is in another country at the moment. (Im not piercing my own tongue. Expert piercer doing it )

I have been watching a lot of youtube videos, and researching(so yes I know it can go wrong), and I have 2 questions.

Why is the err, piercing metal so long? Would they change it after the swelling goes down?

Will I talk funny?

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Cheer me up somehow, TQC?

I've gone from a $240+/hr escort to a chick who's boyfriend won't fuck her for free even if I ask. He knocked me back for jacking off to porn in another room instead. So right now it's almost 5am and I have to be up in 2hrs and I am still super upset on my couch while he blissfully snoozes away in the other room. Goodbye self-worth, see you next lifetime.

DC: Will you post your favourite cat macros? It feels like forever since I've seen any of them around.
scruffy alien

For me to come back to after a potentially stressful day. :D

Will you draw a picture showing someone you care about that you love them and post it?
Optional: Will you tell us who it's for?
Are you going to give it to them?
I would, but I don't know how to do html at all. :( Therefore, I will describe mine. :)
In bubbly letters it says 'I <3 U' and it has a few flowers and a tree on it. Oh, also a loaf of bread. I made this for a friend in my hometown and I'm going to mail it to her. :)

What are some things you don't know about your bestie that you really should?
A lot, I don't know any of her favourite things, color, animal, etc. :(
i say, old bean

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do you have any friends with birthday's this weekend?
I have a titload!

what was the last picture you took?

i have formed a crush! who was the last person you were crushing on?

has there been anything recently that has reminded you of another TQCer?
my friend is getting me into Ween. WHERE YOU AT YAHVAH

Technological Singularity

Do you think that at some point the Interwebz itself will actually become an artificial intelligence? Do you think the AI will be helpful to human beings, harmful, or neutral?

Thanks Questionable Content for freaking me out this week...
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What do you think of this?


Basically, Juan Williams of NPR was fired for saying that Muslims dressed in traditional Muslim garb on airplanes made him nervous. He had been previously demoted for taking clear cut positions on other political issues (NPR does not allow punditry or speculation).

Do you agree with his firing?

What do you think of the GOP call to end NPR funding (2% comes from the federal government) as a result of their decision?
panda dance

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I am going to get a suit (probably with pants, rather than one with a skirt) for job interviews. What color should I get? (Black? Grey? Navy?)

I'm an Asian woman if that matters.


As I am getting hitched soon I am going through quite a few hurdles.

One of which is if I want my father to "give me away"

I don't...to me its a bullshit tradition that had no bearing in my my life with how my father treated me while I was i growing up. But I think my father is assuming he still gets to do it.

How would one go about letting him down gently?

DN/DK, Is everyone still getting email/notifications for when someone comments on one of your comments?

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If you could change anything about your SO/bff, what would it be?

Would you ask your SO/bff what he/she would change about you?

On a scale of 1-10, how bad an idea do you think it might be to ask your SO this 3 days before your 3-year anniversary?

Alternatively, what do you do when you have nervous energy to kill? I'm already on my way to the gym, but I'm pretty sure that won't make it go away.

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How do you like your bacon cooked?

What is something you like for breakfast that is not considered a breakfast food?

When you get up in the morning,how soon after that do you normally eat your first meal of the day?

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If you were granted the opportunity, would you participate in a manned space flight?

Edit: Who are some lesser-known actors that you would like to see make it big?
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Do you have any strange/irrational fears? Does anyone you know have a strange/irrational fear? Stories !

> One of my friends is afraid of starfish
> My boyfriend is terrified of cream
> I have a massive paranoia about the implant contraceptive (the one that gets put in your arm)

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 I just did one of my most rigorous workouts in a while and I am incredibly sore already. I have so much else to do today that involves being on my feet - what should I do to ease my fatiguedness?

What was the last thing you said out loud?

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Will you comment with a ridiculously happy-in-love song?

What's the most memorable thing you've ever read on the wall of a bathroom stall?

What color is your underwear currently, if you're wearing any?

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I am in the market for a new smartphone and service provider. I have heard good and bad things about all of the major service providers, and don't know what to trust anymore.

I am mainly looking at Verizon and Sprint. I've heard better things about Verizon overall (customer service, coverage, phone quality, etc), but Verizon is more expensive than Sprint (I think by about $20/month more or so). Which one should I sign up with? Do you have any personal stories to relate to me about either, good or bad? I live in the Los Angeles area if that makes a difference as far as coverage is concerned.

I'm sorry if this question is asked too much, but I have been scouring the internet for reviews and am just at a total loss. It's like picking the lesser of two evils because there are just so many complaints about both providers. Please help!

Thank you!
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Do you have shitty neighbors? Why do they suck?

My neighbor has been blasting his shit music nonstop since Friday morning. It's now Saturday morning. He's also fucking creepy. It's the same guy who left his laptop here & the one that called me at 2AM once to ask me if I wanted to "go to the beach."


My husband and I have a 9 hour layover in Seattle tomorrow. Technically, we only have about 6 hours to explore the city. We will be at Sea-Tac. I would like to see the Fremont Troll. My parents said the Space Needle was overrated, so not planning to go there.

If you had 6 hours to see Seattle, where would you go? Would you use a rental car or taxis?

DK/DC: Favorite superhero?

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Sup ya'll. One more question.

Does this sentence make sense? I think the grammar is wrong but not sure.

Furthermore, Adenauer understood that Germany’s building a stronger alliance with France would help protect Western Europe from the Soviet Union, and that by collaborating with the other Western nations Germany had a greater chance at eliminating the control other nations had over Germany’s domestic and foreign policies.

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this place called Stafan's Soccer is hiring "sales associates". i reeeeaaally want to work there. i shop there enough that some of the guys know me. but don't have any retail experience or knowledge about equipment(boots, shin pads, etc).

but i have ENTHUSIASM! as my sister puts it. i love the sport, i love the store and it'd be nice to have a part time job.

i'm already planning on applying but do you guys think the likelyhood is i'll get hired as opposed to some bratty teenagers who play soccer and need a job after school?

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do you know anybody who is really into scrapbooking?

if you were on a date and got back to the person's apartment and saw that they had a stuffed animal (like the toy, not taxidermy) on their bed, would it affect your decision on whether or not to sleep with them?

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My housemate and good friend is allegedly in love with her best friend.
Over the summer he was texting her 'I love you' (ETA: they also had a drunken kiss and fumble) but since they got back to uni he has said he just wants to be friends. She is still with him 24/7 and stays in his bed a lot.
She's since found out he's been sleeping with some other girl and walked in on him fooling around with his ex.
It's clearly making her none too happy, and she's falling behind with uni work to spend time with him. He also has a host of mental issues, and I think he's being pretty manipulative (she's also acknowledged this).

What's your take on this situation?
Do I tell her what I think as a friend, or leave it to run its course?
I &lt;3 TLV

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How much 'shopping do you think is acceptable when posting photos of yourself online? Like removing one zit vs giving yourself an entirely new complexion.

Any other Pittsburgh TQCers want to join la_fiora and I for Rita's tomorrow??

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Why won't Google phone make outgoing calls for me? It doesn't ring or anything, but it says it's connected.

My phone broke and I need to get ahold of someone I can't reach via internet. Are there any other free internet phone options?

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TQC, have you ever altered a men's dress shirt to fit a female-bodied person? It's not that hard, right?

Are you getting excited for Halloween? I sure as flip am.

If you could live absolutely anywhere in the world, where would you pick?
captive heart

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Will you show me pictures of clothes and shoes you're lusting after?

My husband and I devised a method for our Christmas shopping this year: $200 dollar budget, and we're each going to list a few items that we want that are in the $200, $100, and $50 range. Then we will buy each other some combo of those items that equals around $200. I'm mostly in the market for shoes and dresses, but I want to see anything you like!

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Looks like my son has a dairy allergy, so I'm off everything with cow's milk in it.

I've tried Silk soymilk and now I feel like I'm going to heave.
What's a better brand of soymilk (or almond milk or whatever)?

Can I bake with almond milk?

I've seen some dairy free cheeses at the grocery store, are they any good?
Autumn Pink

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I am carving pumpkins today and baking the seeds. I want to do something with the pumpkin as well but I have no idea where to start. I am going out to get a couple more pumpkins and I want to have my recipes lined up so I can make a run to the store too. Where do I start?
doing flips and shit.

easy mac graphic program?

i need to design a classroom bulletin board on 8x11 piece of paper for a project. what are some free graphic programs that are mac-friendly and super easy to use? something along the lines of microsoft publisher? i'm also familiar with paint shop pro.

or, are there any programs online that i wouldn't have to download? that'd be even better.
Calvin &quot;AAA!&quot;

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Tonight, I want to kick back and watch a college football game. My favorite team is undefeated (so far), and has a major road game this evening.

However, my fiance is part of a Dungeons and Dragons guild, and they'll be stinking up bogarting the front room all evening killing were-bears and zombie griffins or someshit like that.

What should I do?

A) Get some yummy food and beer and go to my mom's house to watch the game

B) Go to a local sports bar/eatery and watch the game with a crowd of relative strangers over a basket of buffalo wings and a cold beer (both overpriced)

C) Straighten my daughter's room a bit and watch it on her TV (She's out of town, but one of the gamers has a five-year-old boy who needs to be "entertained")

D) Something else I haven't thought of yet. (Non-serious suggestions more than welcome here.)

DK/DC/American football sucks eggs: What are your plans for tonight?

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i might have used a stick of my roommate's butter mistaking it for mine and using the battery in the remote we never use to hook up the clock in the bathroom.

do you think that warrants putting up a sign on the fridge that says "don't drink or eat anything that is not yours"?

what should i do?

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did your parents buy you halloween costumes as a kid?

yes. they usually bought me a new one from a store
yes, but I had some hand-me down years
no, but I had allowance or some funds to buy one
they would make me a costume
they helped me make my costumes
they let me scavenge around the house for stuff to make my costume
we didn't dress up for halloween

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What do you like to do to celebrate an anniversary with your SO? Any anniversary dates/celebrations that have been particularly good or memorable?

(My SO and I's 3 year anniversary is on 11/27 so I'm looking for ideas or inspiration so I can plan an awesome day)

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tqc, starting at 8pm tonight, i will have to stay on campus/in my dorm building for the next 36 hours.

since i have 2.5 hours before going on duty...should i go downtown and eat at my favorite place alone and bus/walk through not ideal weather OR should i just bum around?

dc/dk - do you flip your mattress? how often do you change/wash your sheets?

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(Inspired by a paper a friend of mine had to write)
If you could propose a significant piece of legislation to be passed or changed, whether it be a federal, state, or local law, what would you propose?

Whats the most exciting thing you've done lately?
What is your favorite spoting event to watch?
If you could see an artist, dead or alive, in concert who would it be?
What is your favorite desert? *Recipes appreciated*

What are you going to be for halloween?
Any ideas for inexpensive homemade costumes?

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K, so yesterday I was diagnosed with strep. 103 degree fever! My throat wasn't that bad yesterday, but today it is unbearable. Horrible. On top of that, I have started my period just about 30 minutes ago (such a relief since I was 8 days late) and I am expecting cramps of doom that only Vicodin can help.

I've read that some people have been prescribed pain meds for their sore throats when they have strep--so is it okay for me to take a Vicodin later for sore throat + cramps if I need to? 


Did your parents dress you up for school picture day?
How dressed up did they go? (Like fancy dress or suit/tie?)

When you got older and were in charge of dressing yourself for school, did you dress up for your school picture?

When did you stop caring about your school picture?

For your senior year picture did you wear a cap and gown?

Please feel free to share a school picture in this post.

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What do you do when you're feeling restless?

I wanted to go to a local beer festival today. It's 6 and I still haven't been because people keep flaking out, and now I feel is kind of a weird time to be going, but I want to get to it and my housemate is stalling.
françoise laugh

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now that mad men is over i am depressed that i have nothing to look forward to sunday night :C it used to be like 'oh no weekend is ending AT LEAST THERE'S MAD MEN!'

are there any other good shows on sunday night? what can i watch to fill my mad men void???
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How can I afford to study abroad? The program is $22,000 for a year.

I'm going to sell my car - get at least $4,000
$1,000 - personal savings
Around $7,000 in loans
Possibly $2,000 from my mom - she really doesn't want me to go though :(

Are there any scholarships available for students with a 4.0 GPA? Or maybe Jewish students? Idk. I feel like applying for scholarships is such a waste though...like 500 people apply and then one person gets it, and it's only for like 300 bucks. Idk. :(

What do I want to be for Halloween?

I have NO IDEA what my Halloween costume should be this year! Will you help me?

I'm a 20-year-old female college student. Currently I'm studying abroad in London, but the main place I'll be wearing the costume is at a party on Thursday with the other students in my program (all Americans). Don't know if I'll be going to any other parties. I'm pretty poor, so nothing too amazingly expensive. I'm also not very crafty/good at sewing or anything like that, so nothing too complicated to make. I could be a copout and be a "Nudist on Strike" or "Facebook", but I want to actually have a nice costume.
I generally don't want anything that's *too* slutty, but more because it doesn't look good on me than anything else. If I see something that's more revealing but I feel comfortable and look good in it, then I don't mind.

Collapse )
X files

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Will you please attribute some supernatural causes to the events of your week?

There is a weird strip of light outside my window now, spaceships for sure. Or maybe the universe cracking.
pink hair!

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Why would a country want to devalue its currency? I understand that it may make exports more competitive, but isn't the whole point of exports to strengthen your country's economy? so why would you want to devalue it on purpose?
someone explain this to me?

For those of you who looked at my question and immediately wanted to vomit, what are you going to be for Halloween?
default falling
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Help! I have to go short notice to a Halloween party that requires costumes. I am too drunk and poor to go buy one, so I am assembling one at home. I have a ratty, badly repaired floor length bohemian-esque skirt, an ugly peasanty top from the 90s when bits hanging from your sleeves past your fingers was cool, and a scarf. Will this qualify as dirty hippie wear? What if I go barefoot and smoke America Spirits all night?

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Is it plausible that a woman with a hyphenated surname who married would add a second hyphen to add her husband's name? For example Jane Doe-Smith married John Brown and became Jane Doe-Smith-Brown? I mean have you ever known someone with a name like that?

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 So, my boyfriend was in a car accident where he broke his leg and is going to need surgery. He wasn't driving and the driver has car insurance. (but is also in the hospital with a broken back) Neither of us have been in any situation like this, so advice would be so grand.

Does the drivers car insurance cover the medical bills? Does it depend on the insurance company? Have you ever had a broken leg?
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I am having a wine and cheese party tomorrow night. Trying to think of what sorts of things to prepare, the guests are bringing wine and I don't know what kinds.

what is your favorite wine? how about wine and cheese combo?

what other things should I serve with it? (fruit, nuts, crackers/bread stuffs)

when is the last time you entertained? what sort of fiesta was it?

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I got some free furniture from a bf's family friend, one is an old wooden china cabinet that seems to have been stripped of paint. I was worried some greenish white marks on it were mold, but it doesn't seem to clean off and it might just be residue from old paint. Regardless we scrubbed it out with a bleach solution + Pledge.

Should I be okay to store dry foods in it? I dunno why I'm so paranoid about it, I just hate old wood I suppose. Who knows what hidden germy danger lurks. Or something.

What was the last free thing you got?

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Do you like chicken and waffles? If so, do you eat them separately (which is wrong from what i've heard) or by mixing together syrup, gravy and hot sauce on the chicken?

What is the specific neighborhood you live in called? What's in this neighborhood?

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idk if my campus would allow trick or treating, but cvs is having a sale on fun size candy bars... if we're allowed to give away candy, what should i buy?

screw them and eat it all for yourself
I &lt;3 TLV

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Will you comment with something you like, but don't expect anyone to be familiar with, to see if anyone actually is?

I'm curious if anyone else likes the band Stone Edge/Stone Age (French band, Stone Edge is used in the US, Stone Age in Europe), or has even heard of them.
rabbit, sexy

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 Why is there a mirror in the back of my medicine cabinet?
At first, I thought it was some 2 way mirror.  Like my landlord was watching me in it. >[
 But you can't see through the medicine cabinet door. 

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My roommate is at her new boyfriend's house tonight. Looks like I'm spending the night alone again.

What movie should I watch?

I had a white russian earlier with a generous amount of everything alcoholic. Should I make another something alcoholic or make anothing something alcoholic?

What do you like to do when you have the night to yourself?
musical STFU

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What is the politest way to tell somebody to STFU without actually saying "STFU"?

Inspired by my crappy day.

The more creative, the better. Non-serious expected, welcomed, and anticipated.