October 22nd, 2010

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have you ever been prescribed ritalin before?
why were you prescribed it? adhd, appetite suppressant, mood booster?
what was your experience with it?

have you taken any other stimulant drug in the past as well as ritalin?
what drug was it and did the two differ?

also why is it whenever i take Lunesta i always want to sing? i also begin to think differently. like i watched the music video for alejandro after i took some and it made perfect sense to me.
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Say you have $850 in your bank account and you need to get from Tel Aviv to DC. A plane ticket to NY is $650 and a plane ticket to DC is $808. It is a $15-20 bus ride from NY to DC that is just over four hours long. You won't make any money until 2-3 weeks from when you arrive back in DC. Which plane ticket do you buy?

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What are some songs you associate with bad memories? Do you ever listen to these songs anymore, or are they completely ruined now?

my friend and i listened to the song "grace cathedral hill" on repeat after a really bad night. i had never heard the song until then, and haven't listened to it since, but kind of feel like hearing it now and i'm not sure why.
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When you watch a movie, do you prefer it to be with an all-star cast, a cast of unknown actors, or a mix?

personally I like all-star casts, but I also like to see how many actors i recognize from other movies/shows. Sometimes I even forget to focus on the story. Please tell me I'm not alone in that?


i suffer from panic attacks and insomnia. so sleep is pretty sparse for me. my question is how do those of you with this same problem (or anyone for that matter) calm yourself to a place where you can sleep or at least relax without the use of meds? (no insurance right now). dk or dc- what are YOU up to at this hour? (regardless of the hour)?

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Stock -- Out on the wiley windy moors

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I accidentally slept with my contacts in last night. Do you think it's ok for me to wear them again today? I have to be able to see the lecture notes for my classes today and my glasses are crooked. :\ My eyesight isn't terrible without my contacts, but not having them in would make things quite a bit blurrier.

dk/dc: How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

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Does anyone know what kind of sicknesses are going around? I guess it would be different everywhere, but uh, what's going around where you're at?

Have you been sick recently? What did you have?

I had a killer headache (one of the worst in a while) last night, then I woke up this morning with a low fever (only 99.2F, but my normal temp is like 97.9F) and the left side of my throat aches a bit. I also feel a little bit nauseous when I stand. :\

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coworkers insist on keeping the paper towels on the toilet tank in the bathroom at work (very small bathroom) instead of putting them closer to the sink. this would be fine IF people put the lid down before they flushed, but since they dont, i never use them. I leave the bathroom with dripping wet hands and refuse to use them.

i've moved the paper towel roll to the sink area countless times but they always end up back on the toilet tank. i put the lid down after i use it but everytime i go in there, the lid is up.

how should i change my coworkers behavior? should i make a poster illustrating that germy toilet water sprays all over the vicinity of the toilet with every flush, subsequently soiling the very thing you touch AFTER washing your hands?? if yes, will you draw me such a poster in MS Paint?

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What are some tasty nonalcoholic drinks I can order in bars and clubs? Like, I want to start going out more during the week, but I need to be at work at 7 a.m. - I'm pretty sure I can function with minimal sleep once in a while as long as I'm not also drinking.

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I'm going to get 2 or 3 free one-hour long hot stone massages because I agreed to be a guinea pig for someone who's learning how to do them.

What was the last awesome thing that happened to you?
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You are stirred awake in the middle of the night by a couple screaming/ fighting outside your window. You peek out of your blinds and it's a young couple (early twenties maybe) and you see him raise his hands to her as if to scare her and then grab her and start shoving her forcefully down the sidewalk several yards until finally shoving her down in a grassy area where she starts to cry and he continues to yell at/ over her.

What do you do?

ETA: Everyone is saying call the cops. But the cops take 10 minutes to get there and by that time, the couple is nowhere to be seen. :/

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generally speaking, what's more dangerous, ignorance or knowledge? why?

i'm going to be a zombie at a party tonight and i want to have one fairly obvious wound (applied with makeup, obv) - where on my body should this wound be?

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When you are at work, do you try to time your visits to the bathroom so that you are in there alone and not when a co-worker is in there?   Do you feel comfortable pooping at work?  Yes I know that sometimes you just have to poop but if you can hold it in, do you? 

dk/dc:  Do you have any spider veins?  Where are they? 
they all just want one thing from a girl
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How much college debt do you have?
If you're done paying for it, how long did it take you?

Dk/dc: What's a place you dream of a lot?

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You're given a postcard and you can write anything you want on it but you don't know who will get it or where it will be sent. What do you write on it? 

What are your weekend plans? 

What's something you're excited about?
What about something you're not looking forward to? 

When was the last time someone was mad at you? Why? 
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I bought this really cute cardigan over a year ago, and I've worn it so much it's getting holes in it under the arms. They can't be repaired. :(

However, the cardigan has the cutest buttons that I've ever seen, and before I toss it, I plan on cutting the buttons off to save for use with another project.

Is that weird?

How should I store the 10 buttons so they don't get lost? I don't have any of those tiny zip top bags to put them in.

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what is your daily makeup/beauty routine?

i don't conciously follow a makeup routine. I don't really wear makeup on a consistent basis and when i do it is just some mascara, eye liner and coloring in of my eyebrows.

other than that i just wash my face and moisturize every morning and at night if i'm not too tired.

prego moods

So im staying with my friend and his pregnant gf. and ive noticed that her moodswings are extremely severe. like dr jekyl-mr hyde severe. i actually feel sorry for him. my question is this: a) if youve had kids did you severe moodswings like this? how did you soothe them? b) if youre the father how did you deal with the mommy to be? btw shes about into her 8th month. does this matter?

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There is going to be a HUGE (10,000+ people) game of zombie-themed tag (Humans vs. Zombies) happening tonight in Norfolk, Va. Here's an article on it.

Any South East Virginian TQCers going?

I used to live in Norfolk. And now I am jealous that I don't. I want to be a zombie!

Would go to this if you could?

What would you rather start out as a zombie or a Human?

Have you ever played zombies vs. Human themed tag?

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I am considering going on medication to treat depression and anxiety. I am concerned that I should make sure to get certain other things fixed before I even attempt to try a new medication. The problems are potential food allergies, I may possibly have some sort of a digestive disorder, and I have poor time management skills. While I plan on adressing all of these problems, they are time consuming and will require visits to specialists and testing different methods for treatment if it is found to be a problem. My symptoms are severe enough that I am scared to wait for that long.

Would having all these 'balls in the air' so to speak negatively effect the strength of the antidepressants? Is it worth it to try the anti depressants anyways if the symptoms are bad?

What do you think of this?

I am aware that they are twenty years old, but considering that the other two mostly keep their clothes on while Lea Michele strips to her skivvies in every picture, the whole thing just seems kind of skanky.
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how are you today?
do you want to complain about anything? do so here. rant your hearts away.

inspired by my day where all I want to do is stay in bed and not do any of the things I'm responsible for today, blah

validate me plz

my parents never give me money, yet they give my younger brother (he's 15, 16 in 2 months) money. I have a job, brother does not. Usually I wouldn't be bothered by this, but I've used my first 3 paychecks on paying people back, etc so I haven't gotten the chance to save yet. My brother spends ALL his money on weed. I ask my parents for 2 dollars for a coffee, or 5 bucks to go out to eat, and they won't give it to me, and instead give it to my brother money to fund for his weed. They have found baggies, his home made bong, etc in his room and disapprove of his smoking, but still give him money. Do I have a right to be mad about this? What should I do?

Don we now our gay apparel

If gay people are allowed to marry it will lead to ______?

More people being happy
More natural disasters throughout the world, culminating with the end of the world
A world with less discrimination
Dogs and cats marrying, and people marrying their dogs and cats in open polygamist unions
A step forward as a species as we move away from archaic religious beliefs
The next phase of the homosexual agenda will then trigger, with all teachers then being replaced with openly gay instructors
More people with health insurance, as you're allowed to put your spouse under your health care plan
The complete dismantling of marriage as an institution

Regarding the first question. In your life, you know more people who would pick ____?

The odd number options
The even number options

Why do you suppose that many male fundamentalist christian types are totally against homosexuality?

They truly believe those few, vague mentions of homosexuality in the Bible ring more true than the multiple passages regarding murder, infidelity and false god worship
They're probably hiding a secret themselves. One that they can't allow to 'walk out of that closet' so to speak
Elton John and Freddie Mercury admitted they were were gay and it truly upset the fundamentalists, for they could no longer tell who was truly straight
Thanks to the gays, moustaches are now only for homosexual men and highway patrol officers
It makes the fundas uncomfortable thinking about people sticking their penises into something that isn't a vagina. They think about this a LOT, probably more than everybody else does
It reminds them of that one night when Uncle Henry had too much to drink and kept showing them his hernia operation scar
The gays also cornered the color pink. It's now acceptable primarily as a color for girls....and the homosexual agenda!
They saw firsthand what homosexuality was as an altar boy
Because straight marriage is that fucking cool. The fundas hate any social demographic that threatens to compromise straight marriage
The fundas are secretly afraid of women. With more men being gay, it may lead to more available women out there dressing sluttier trying to land a man, and the female anataomy confuses the hell out of them
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My family has been living in the same house for 10 years, and we have an outside cat (who came with the house) who my mom would literally die without. We're probably going to be moving out, and we don't know what to do about the cat. Should we take it with us? Do you think she'll freak and go back to the old house or wander off and get lost? Have you had any experiences like this?

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Guys, I just bombed a math test worth 30% of my grade-I literally got the lowest mark in the class :(. The prof said no one was allowed to retake the exam, and with this mark, i probably cant pass and will drag my average way down (Im supposedly graduating in April). I need a class in this field (math) to graduate. For the record, I already have many math classes under my belt, this is just the first of this type i have taken-I have never struggled in math before.

I feel I understand the concepts just swell, but I just made a ton of stupid mistakes involving reading the questions (not the mathematical theory). This prof does not give part marks-so if i did something like write the number down wrong (by switching one with another) and complete a proof correctly, i would get 0 marks out of say, 20.

I have made an appointment with him on Monday to beg him for some sort of salvation. I actually LOVE this class and think its a ton of fun, and while i could just drop it and take another math next term (I have spare time), id actually like to continue this class and learn more. He says the final is going to be about 3x harder then this test.

How do you think I should go about approaching this situation?
1) Beg him to move the weight of the midterm to the final (so my final will be worth 80% of my grade)-this is my number 1 running idea because its not trying to bs him in any way or make excuses for my shitty test writing ability.
2) Ask him his opinion-he is nice but kind of a hard ass, will likely say "you simply dont get it" and not care when i point out my mistakes were just stupid ones.
3) I should not be asking him, and should just try to write the final anyway and hope i can get like 100%
4) I am stupid and should drop the class
5) You tell me!

tl;dr; what food do you like to eat when you are sad?

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My mom is into BDSM and she's kind of open about it. She has handcuffs and ropes and stuff attached to the headboard of her bed, she has switches and collars hanging in her room, etc.

I'm dressing up as a ringmaster for Halloween, and she goes, "Oh! Want a whip?!", goes into her room, and comes out carrying the hugest whip I have ever seen. The part that doesn't bend is literally the size of a fishing pole and the... whippy part is even longer. It's impossible to carry. It's ENORMOUS. What the heck is the purpose of it? You can't even really get the whip to crack because it's so long. 

What are some wtf things your parents have done/said? Have you ever had a parent offer you a sex prop? I was kind of like, "D:" until I saw it. Then I was like, "O:!!!?!?"

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1. I need bangs to go along with my planned Halloween costume, but I don't want to cut my own hair. Do you know if they sell just bangs that I can clip on?

2. Do you or have you had an SO whose parents speak little to no English (and say that they speak a language that you speak little to nothing of)making it very difficult to communicate/get to know one another? If so, how did the whole meet-the-parents thing go?
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I just bought a laptop on Overstock.com yesterday. Today I found an "unactivated" 15% off coupon buried in my inbox. Should I call and ask if they'll take the coupon now?

Update: They said no. :(
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Sorry for a second post!

Will you vent your annoyances about someone's Facebook statuses? Or post some statuses that made you lol or facepalm?

A girl I'm kind of friends with frequently posts about guys hitting on her. Here are some within the past two weeks: 

"Just went through wendys drive thru....and the manager attached his phone number to the bag ugh hes like 40"
"Just got a note left on my car from the guy in the apartment next to where I babysit, suggesting I text him because I'm beautiful, yet he has a gf, who he lives with, creeper!"
"Guy here just told his date with black hair that he wants to join my table because im alone and a hot blonde.. Katlynn needs to get outa the bathroom quick."
" ‎40 year old just tried to convince me to hook up with him... And they made a misake on our pizzas... So i had an extra 20 mins waiting with him.. Great..."

If you don't have a Facebook, be glad. D: 

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I think I'm about to uninvite someone to be my bridesmaid.

She's been my friend since high school and although we don't talk much I've always wanted her my wedding, so although I knew she had just gotten engaged and had already chosen her bridesmaids and I wasn't one of them...I asked her anyway. She said yes. I didn't talk to her after that. She showed up at my engagement party unannounced and I was surprised to see her. She brought a card. I haven't talked to her since. She hasn't offered any help with anything or even asked about getting a dress. My wedding is 1/1. She is planning her own in May and she knows what it entails and hasn't shown any interest in talking about it with me or about mine. Do you think she would be honest enough to say so if I asked her if she was uninterested in being in mine? I'm sure I put her in an awkward situation considering she didn't ask me to be in hers. How would I go about...bringing this up?

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When you call someone and they don't pick up the phone, do you usually leave a voicemail? Why or why not?

I usually leave a message because I get annoyed when people don't leave me messages. I have no idea why it bugs me so much

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Sometime in the past week, a penis carved out of cheese was delivered to our doorstep with a note saying 'dick cheese'.
Yesterday, one/the same one was poked through our letterbox.
Last night, it was replaced with a note saying 'i'll be back'.

Who is doing this and why TQC? non-srs of course. We're pretty much a house of girls.

dk/dc my neck is really aching, what can I do to remedy it?

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Is there someone you're friends with on facebook, that you don't know very well, but you keep them around just to check up on them because they're interesting in some way?  If so, why are they interesting/why do you visit their page?

I think I'm going to the Colbert/Stewart Rally next week. Are any of you going?
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I might be smoking hookah (from a hookah? doing hookah? lolwut) tonight. Have never smoked anything before. I read online that you can get a buzz even if you do not inhale the smoke, but just taste it. Is this true? I would assume, I guess, that it just takes longer that way. But either way, I don't think I'll inhale much. I want to avoid nausea/potential vomiting. How much would it take a first-timer, generally, to get ill-feeling?

What are your interesting hookah stories, if you have any?

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Why do people get upset about shows and/or concerts being 18+? I can understand all ages as kids can be pretty obnoxious, but what's the big difference between the 18-20 range and the 21-24 range?
Besides, aren't you there for the concert, regardless of who's in the audience?

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Do you own any of those inflatable holiday decorations you put out on your lawn? Do you think it's more fun when they're inflating or deflating? Or, do you think they're just annoying as all shit?
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I have worked 2 13-hour days this week, and today is my third (for a total of 52 hours this week since the other days I still worked my regular hours). I am going crazy out of my mind at this desk, and I have 2 more hours to go. I have done my homework, I have written a paper, transcribed an interview for another paper, done my regular job duties and then some, watched a documentary on Hulu, and I've checked all of the blogs and such that I follow.

TQC, what should I do next? What's a good website to visit? I don't know, I'm dyin' here. DK/DC? How much do you typically work per week?
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I was invited to participate in a tour of a buddhist temple tomorrow. My professor told me to bring money for donation. It may be a long shot, but if anyone is well-versed, how much should I bring? Would coins seem rude?

Where do you live?

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1. What have you tried because of TQC?
2. What is something you're into lately that you never used to care about before?


1. There is some beer that has a ridiculously long German name, and hareket talks about it in all the beer posts, and I know that other people in TQC like it too, so last night I was at a beer place and they had it so I tried it. It was good but it's also something I would have to be in the mood for. Interesting aftertaste.
2. Necklaces. I'm on a major necklace kick lately, I really hardly wear jewelry but lately I just love necklaces!

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Suppose you're giving a homeless woman a ride somewhere, and she dies in your car. How long until you mention this to someone in authority, such as a policeman?



COSTA MESA, Calif. -- Police have launched an investigation after discovering that a Southern California woman drove around for months with a homeless woman's mummified body in her passenger seat.

Costa Mesa police said Thursday they discovered the body after receiving a call about a car that was blocking a driveway.

Sgt. Ed Everett says officers noticed a stench from the car and found the body covered in a blanket.

He says the woman who drives the car told police she let the homeless woman sleep in her car and one morning found she had died inside.

The driver was afraid to contact police.

Everett tells The Orange County Register the remains were partially mummified and could have been in the car anywhere from three to 10 months.

There are no signs of foul play.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/10/21/police-calif-woman-drove-mummified-homeless-body-months/?test=latestnews

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Dear fashun experts of TQC, what shoes would you wear and how else would you accessorize if you were planning to wear this dress with this shrug to your corporate xmas party? Links plz! :)

(yes I am aware it's only October... I like playing dress-up OKAY?)

Alternatively, when was the last time you got all gussied up? What for?

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If I had even just a minor surgery around the day I was supposed to ovulate, is it likely that that's why I'm one week late? I was supposed to start the 15th.

I also have been stressed a decent amount and just had a pretty rough month last month.

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i posted a while back that my best friend (who is also my ex and we dated for about a year and a half but we've been broken up for over three years) who had a girlfriend who was super insecure and didn't like him hanging out with me. they have since broke up but now he's got another new girlfriend who i am almost positive hates me. she's never explicitly said anything but the couple times i've hung out with her she stares daggers at me and will say kind of passive aggressive things and i just get an aura of "I HATE YOU" from her. because of this i don't get to spend as much time with my friend as i would like but this is more my fault because she makes me feel super uncomfortable and awkward and i don't want to be around her

guise am i doomed to forever be the hated ex girlfriend and never get to spend any time with my bff?

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I'm on blood thinners. Can I go out and drink booze with my friends or should I stay home and be sober?

I am supposed to go to a friend's house for drinky-drinky, but I am unsure about consuming alcohol, and I also took a 10mg dose of Coumadin at 8pm so I don't know if I should even drink at all because I took the drug so recently.

tl;dr: I want to get drunk but I am unsure if this is wise.
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Do you have any experience with hair masks and other moisture treatments? Did they improve your hair? I'm especially interested in reviews of this one from Lush.

Is it too early to plan for a holiday party in December?

Are you prone to impulse purchasing? What do you tend to get?

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How would you describe to someone the difference between the British and Australian accent?

I can definitely hear the difference, but can't really describe it to someone without actually trying to imitate them...
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You have a mission. You need to assemble a team that can deal with any kind of problem you can think of. You need five people, they all should be able to work together, and they all should be fictional. Problems might be political, medical, supernatural, extra-terrestrial, scientific, or military/physical. Who is your team?

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Time to spoon, TQC.

Do you call big spoon, or little spoon?

I always call dibs on *LITTLE* spoon, because I have a pathological need to sleep on my side and away from the wall/a person. Hurr durr, brain no werk.

Should I finish watching Season 3/4 of Kids in the Hall, or watch The Thing by myself?
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questions, questions

1) Does anyone know of a free ADD/ADHD *test* - not a screening quiz where you answer questions but an actual test - that might be available online or elsewhere, relatively easily?
2) same question as 1) but for OCD?
3) Does anyone know of a free online strictly-10-key test?  I found one once but now when I'm looking all the "10-key" tests I find are actually ten-key plus operators (plus, minus, etc); I am looking for a test of speed using just the numbers 0-9 and enter...
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So would you be willing to go in the bathroom right now, lights off, door closed, and say Bloody Mary three times in the mirror?

I can't do it. I KNOW nothing will happen but.... :\

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What websites do you use to get your ring tones (for free preferably)? Are there any good apps or websites for free ring tones specifically for blackberry users that you know of? Thanks!
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 what touches feel good to you non-sexually?

what touches turn you on that don't normally turn people on?

edit: I forgot one!
Is your ticklishness related to the touches that turn you on? How?