October 21st, 2010

Mad Men question

I just stumbled on an episode of Mad Men. I have never watched the show before,but the episode was about Peggy and Don working all night on an ad for suitcases. I really liked their dynamic and I thought the actors had a great chemistry. My question is..

If I were to buy past seasons of the show are those characters and their relationship there from the start or is it a new thing?

this one's for all the harry potter fans out there in tqc

does anyone else get seriously irritated that just about all the hp merch and stuff you see with a ravenclaw crest has a raven on it instead of an eagle?

i'm trying to get a tattoo of the ravenclaw crest, and the only reference photos i can find that don't have "ravenclaw" written across them have fucking ravens as the mascot, not eagles. 

it is immensely annoying. though i'm probably the only person who notices/gives a crap about little things like this.

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(no subject)

If you have any deal breakers for potential romantic partners, do they apply to current SOs? For example, if you wouldn't consider dating a smoker, and then your non-smoker SO picks up the habit. Or if dating someone with radically different religious views is out of the question, and then your SO converts. Would you leave them? Or just deal with it?

(no subject)

Do you sing along at a concert? Do you like it when people do or do you find it annoying?

I don't mean when the band/singer goes "Yeah, you know this one" and invites you to sing along to a chorus or something.

I mean the whole actual song(and everything after that), especially if it's a slow song.

Like this:Collapse )

I like concerts/gis and the vibe of a concert/gig but things like this irks me if it carries on to a whole song. I can't hear her. If I'm in the crowd. all I'll hear is people around me singing unless the sound system is awesome. Guys, should I never go to a gig ever again because I'm boring? :(

/inspired by a debate I have with a girl on ohnotheydidnt who loves to sing along and thinks this is "beautiful".
macaroni murder lady

(no subject)

1. You and a coworker have to sweep and mop after a day of constant, medium to heavy customer foot traffic.

which do you push for?

I would rather sweep
I would rather mop
I would rather do both (why? comments?)
I cannot do either (why? comments?)
I genuinely have no preference

2. I am kind of makeup illiterate - I like to play with fun paint but am ignorant of most of the subtleties of camouflage-style realistic makeup. I have a tinted moisturizer which I like a lot - do I use it like foundation? Should I put lots on, or be very sparing with it? Help?

I'm an idiot.

Okay, so.. this question is about a verizon phone i purchased off craigslist.
i know.. bad idea, haha.

I bought it tonight and it's a LG Voyager, it all seemed legit.
The phone is registered on another account, and i can call and text from it, the person said they'd switch it, but never did. I was scammed.
Is there ANY way of unregistering it so I can register it under my account? I've done a lot of searches and saw where you can clean the esn/meid somehow.. ?
I know I'm stupid for purchasing it off craigslist, I've learned my lesson, but is there any way to fix it? I know verizon couldn't. :\

thank you for your help! :x
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(no subject)

Did you know what a Philosopher's Stone was before you read Harry Potter?

I was listening to radio a while back while they talked about HP... according to the announcer, the 'Sorcerer's Stone' title was the original, and the only reason it was called 'Philosopher's Stone' in Canada is because all of our rabid Christians (????) thought that sorcerers were too evil and scary for our children. I REALLY wanted to call in and call them all idiots, but alas, I was at work and am a pussy in real life anyways. XD

What are some of the dumbest things you've heard radio or tv announcers say?

(no subject)

what are some of your favorite book titles?

regardless of the books themselves. just the titles.

edit: if you're bored, will you help me think of a title for my story? it's due tomorrow and i suck at titles. it's about a kid at a small college who commits suicide, and how everyone else copes with it. mostly his best friend, who writes him letters as a part of the healing process.

(no subject)

I came across a house centipede for the first time irl tonight. What was the last thing you had a first encounter with?

Why do those things even exist? Where did it come from? It was in my bedroom ceiling light cover and I can't figure out how it got there.
Shaun shoot head

(no subject)

TQC, I feel like complete and total crap. I think I'm coming down with the flu. Now here's the problem. I don't have enough PTO to cover a full day off, and I'm dangerously high on my occurrences for the year. In my office, on the 7th one you're fired, and I currently have 5. What should I do?
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Make my decisions for me, TQC!

Poll #1633814 What shall I do?

I spent the night at my boyfriend's place and consequently woke up when he did. It is 7:45 am. Should I...

Force myself to go back to sleep until I have class at five this evening, effectively wasting the day?
Get something to eat, pitter patter around the house, and then go window shopping at the mall?
Comb my house for my PS2 and play Kingdom Hearts II and/or Final Fantasy for nine hours?
Finish re-reading The Deathly Hallows and then go force my errant tattoo artist to touch up my wrist tattoo like he said he would?
Sit around and watch as many movies as I can pack in to today?

Also, what the hell are you doing up so early, North Americans? And everyone else, whatcha dooooin?

(no subject)

So, my roommate and I have been having a few issues. Not huge ones, but issues. The biggest one is as follows.

For the past few months, I'd wake up in the morning a few times a week and be basically in the midst of a light allergic reaction: nose stuffed, sneezing, eyes red and watery, etc. I had no idea why.

This month, I finally figured out what it was: her smoking. She doesn't smoke in the living room or kitchen or anything, but she does in her bedroom. However, it's still very easy to smell the smoke from my room when she's smoking. Each time she smokes, it's like I need to keep a box of tissues with me.

She's doing it in her own room, but I can't keep waking up like this. I feel bad though, because as I said, she's doing it in the privacy of her own room. It does make the whole apartment smell, though. Any idea how to approach this, or what I should say to her? Or should I just let it go and deal with it for the remaining five months of the lease?

crock pot help

I have a gift card for $35 that I want to use on (or toward) a crock pot. I've never had one before and I don't know what features are absolutely necessary. I don't have a large family, but I've also heard that it's okay to cook small dishes in a large (7 quart) crock pot.

Will you please recommend a crock pot to me?
Or, will you please share some crock pot advice?
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(no subject)

Okay, because of all the confusion, I'm rewriting my entry.

My aunt and her husband inherited a lot of money. They are offering to pay for my dad to have gastric bypass surgery even though in all actuality, simple exercise and diet would help him (even his doctor said so because my dad isn't fat). My sister, who is my half-sister and not related to my dad, weighs about 600 pounds and not only does she really want the surgery but it could potentially save her life in so many ways. 

So what I'm asking is if it's wrong for me to ask my dad to talk to his sister about maybe letting my sister have the surgery instead of him. Sorry for any of the confusion. I tend to ramble when I'm emotional.


Is there an option NOT to have IV's when you are in hospital? Are you able to just choose to have needles to administer medication?

I cannot STAND iv's and I am terrified of them.

How guilable are you?

Poll #1634062 How guilable are you?

You step outside to retrieve the mail. You notice a man in a lime green track suit and a baseball hat rummaging through your mail. When he notices you approaching, he says "I'm...um...the mail inspector. I'll just be a minute longer, sir/madam". What do you say?

Bullshit! Get the hell outta here before I call 911
Take your time. I'll go make myself some tea in the meantime

You receive an email from a Prince Brisbane "I had more money than I can count and I want to share some with you specifically. However, I'm too busy to fly out and give you this heaping suitcase of money, so I'd prefer to just send it to you via postal service. I'll need you to get a Post Office Box in order to receive my enormous suitcase of money. I'll happily set up the P.O. box for you, but they will need your credit card number and social security number to open the account. Please email that info back to me and you'll have enough money to roll around in within a week". What do you do?

Delete email
Submit my SSN and credit card number. I start making a list of all the things I want to buy

You're going to a friend's house and about to pull onto the curb. As you approach, a man in jeans and a dirty t-shirt says "It's valet only. Give me your keys". What do you say?

Eff you! Get outta my way, deadbeat, before I call the cops
You got it, sir! Wow, this must be becoming a poshy neighborhood when they start having valet service!

The cops find cocaine in Paris Hilton's purse. Paris denies its hers, that someone else had put the coke in there. What is your opinion?

Lying bitch! It's your coke
Hmmm. This explains a lot. People need to stop preying on Paris' trusting nature

You're walking down the street when you see a quarter. You pick it up and notice another one...and another one. It looks like a trail, leading down this dark alley. You see the trail ending at this wallet, which seems to be overflowing with money. The wallet is lying on top of a giant X. What do you do?

Stay the hell away from that wallet and whatever would come crashing down on me in the alley
OMG! Lookit all the money! It's all mine!
turkey dance


Have you ever bought an "as seen on TV" product?

Was the quality better/worse than you expected?

DK/DC: What is your favorite commercial?

I bought a Buxton bag when they first started selling them a couple years ago. It's not bad, but wasn't worth $20. I'm considering buying one of those Chef Baskets.
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(no subject)

should I have mac and cheese or soup for lunch? (soup choices: italian wedding and meatball or chicken noodle)

what is the last job you applied for? did you get the job?

have you ever worked 2 very part time jobs? like 12 hours a week for each job? how was that?
legs motherfucker
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(no subject)

say you left a shitty job a year or two ago. it was on good terms, you gave a two week notice, your boss tried to get you to stay, and when you declined, he let you know that if you needed a job, to come back. this was a grocery store. as i said, shitty job. something you never wanted to return to.
now you've been jobless for a while and you need money. would you go back to shitty job, and talk to boss to see if you could get shitty job back? or would you keep trying elsewhere for a less-shitty-job, but you don't know if you'll get one any time soon? you really did not want to return to shitty job.

don't care? what kind of food makes for the best left-overs?
i say pizza or chinese food.

Lego Mindstorms

Help me TQC! My boyfriend wants a lego mindstorms set for his birthday. They are horribly expensive, and I have a chance to buy the older v1.5 model from someone on Craigslist. This will cost me about half as much as a new set.

To anyone who owns or knows about mindstorms, is this worth it? What are the differences between the older v1.5 model from around a decade ago and the newer models today?

Help me oh knowledgeable ones!

Hey tqc mamas!

Did you have ultrasounds during your pregnancy/ies? How many?

I'm just curious because I know someone who is 21 weeks pregnant with a seemingly healthy fetus and she has already had 10 ultrasounds. This seems like a lot to me, but I wanted to know what the normal amount is for a low risk pregnancy.

(no subject)

If you were going to eat here, what would you order? There are shakes if you're a vegetarian, if you're a vegan, you're SOL. Hopefully this works, there isn't an html option in mobile posting. ETA: Dk/Dc/Page won't load, what's your favorite snack?

(no subject)

My fiance (of one whole month...) told me he just doesn't want to be with me anymore and had no emotion. :'( He was my first love and were only together for 2 years, should I feel pissed? He's been lying to me this whole time. I moved to GA just to be with him...now I'm stuck being here until Halloween when I move back to Oregon. :(

Please help me feel better. :( He was the love of my life...or should I just forget about him like he did to me?

Dyeing fabric with Rit Dye

I have a body stocking that got dyed blue (from nude) last halloween and ended up a little green. For this halloween, I want it to be sort of tan/brown.

I have a packet of Tan Rit Dye and I've already done the color remover process on it, which has left it a pretty bright yellow color.

My question is: Do you think I can dye over the yellow with the Tan dye and get a reasonably Tanish-brown color? Should I get another packets of color remover and try to get it as white as possible? ALSO, I have White-Wash (which I got on accident instead of color remover)... could that help get it back to its original color at all or would that just be a waste of time and dye?
i ain't into that!

(no subject)

How do you feel about people who pick at or pop their SO's zits, ingrown hairs, etc? 

Does the phrase "in the wash" for laundry sound odd to you? (Example: "I put your sweater in the wash.") Where are you from? 


(no subject)

this is going to be a dumb question but i don't even know how to google it.

so there's this quote:
"As for the dialogue, I have broken with tradition somewhat by not making my characters catechists who ask stupid questions in order to elicit clever replies. I have avoided the symmetrical, mathematical, constructed dialogue of French drama and let characters’ minds function irregularly, as they do in a real-life conversation, where no topic of discussion is exhausted entirely and one mind by chance finds a cog in another mind in which to engage."

but in my paper i only want to use:
"As for the dialogue, I have broken with tradition somewhat by not making my characters catechists who ask stupid questions in order to elicit clever replies. I have avoided the symmetrical, mathematical, constructed dialogue of French drama and let characters’ minds function irregularly, as they do in a real-life conversation, where no topic of discussion is exhausted entirely and one mind by chance finds a cog in another mind in which to engage."
and delete the unbolded part.

so how do i format that properly? i'm pretty sure it has to do with ellipses but i can't remember exactly. thanks tqc.
Muh Life.
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Uhh- help me avoid cleaning my house... yeah!

Have you ever "designed" a room for your home? Did you finish it? Did it come out the way you wanted? How much did you spend? Did it stay the way you pictured for more than one year? [edit:] Oh oh, did you use any nifty websites to help? [/edit]


Last picture you took? (I know I've asked this before but I luff this question)

Collapse )
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Cormac Mccarthy

Did you read The Road? Did you like it?

Did you see/like the movie?

I've read the book twice now and think it is fantastic. Not the content as much as his language.

I don't think it would translate well into a movie.

(no subject)

I'm auditioning for a music minor sometime in the next couple of months. The only guideline they provide for an "appropriate piece" is "anything that would be appropriate for an All-State audition". I've never auditioned for All-State - or anything for that matter, so I have no idea what this means.

I know some of you have gone to music school - help! What should I be playing? What should I expect? I'm a flutist, for the record. The department is being very unhelpful.

& if you have no idea: Do you play an instrument? Which one/ones?
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(no subject)

 For some reason, Virgin mobile broadband does not like google and won't let me access it.  Which search engine is just as good as google?

I saw Paranormal Activity 2 (yay free screening) last night and I still can't shake the creepy feeling it gave me.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the first one.  What horror movie honestly scared you?
i say, old bean


do you remember what the first movie you saw in theaters was?

do you like bright colors?
do you like wearing them?

so how are we feeling about christmas?

(no subject)

1. This summer, I banged my big toe on a rock while camping, and since then the toenail keeps getting ingrown. I can't seem to prevent the ingrown from happening and it's getting really annoying. I've heard before that you can have the whole toenail removed so that it grows back better, but I don't know much about it. Anyone have experience with that? Did it work?

2. If a girl is happily single but still enjoys being sexually active and resorts to friends with benefits, how many different FWBs can she have before she is a big ho bag?
regina happy

(no subject)

 What's your favorite NYC restaurant? If you were having three lunches and three dinners there, where would you choose to go?

If you haven't been to NYC or don't care, what's the best restaurant you've ever been to?

(no subject)

I want to be prepared when I have to go and do this stuff. I COULD call these places, but I'd much rather ask you guys (with hopes someone has had experience).

1.) I moved from Indiana to Missouri. I need to find a Dr. here (I know, go to my insurance company's website and find a Dr. that way). What I want to know is... how do I transfer all my files from one Dr. to another? Do I need to go to office of Dr. A, ask for them, and then bring them back here to Dr. B? Or can I just call Dr. A and tell them to send them to Dr. B? Can they be faxed. I need to go to the Dr. ASAP and the walk in clinic costs me $300 so I can't afford that.

2.) I have a car loan at a Credit Union in Indiana. I have a bank account here in Missouri (I got sick of ATM fees since the other bank doesn't exsist here). What do I need to do to get the loan at the new bank? What sort of information/papers/whatever will I need?

DK/DC: What's your favorite dessert/food in general
scruffy alien

(no subject)

So, I'm thinking of joining the (us) army/military and I'm 4'11", which is one inch over the minimum height for a girl, and the chart says that I can't weigh more than 113 lbs and less than 94: I'm currently at 90 lbs right now. I just had a fitness test at my school a couple weeks ago and they said that for my age/height/whatever I'm about 30% body-fat. My gym teacher said I should lose 5-10lbs. :O
What is wrong with my school? Why are they telling me to be underweight? It just boggles my mind.

ETA: I'm 17. :)
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You guys are always my go-to for snack ideas. I'm going to a fall party tonight, and was thinking gouda and apples sounds like a really yummy snack to bring.

Has anyone ever realllly thinly sliced apples to use as a wrap? I was thinking of just wrapping the cheese up with apple slices for presentation. Think it'll work? Otherwise it'd just be apple wedges with a chunk of cheese. I DUNNO?!

Any better ideas to combine the two that isn't too much fuss?
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(no subject)

I'm hungry.
What should I eat?

I was going to eat a croissant and cheddar, but I don't think that will be enough.

Do you plan what you want to make for dinner?  Like, if you're going to have chicken parm. or something, do you take it out the freezer and put it in the fridge so it'd be ready to cook later?

What are you going to have today?

I'm trying to get into the habit of that because I have plenty of ingredients for a good dinner, but I wait til the last minute and end up eating a hot dog or grilled cheese.
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(no subject)

Dear TQC...

I know you guys get pretty annoyed when I ask you to proofread my shitty essays, so I was wondering if there are any active communities on LJ or active forums online where I could ask the people on there to critic my terrible writing?

Edit - I didn't write anything yet so if you wanna see the essay I have nothing to show.

(no subject)

i know i asked a bajillion questions today, but the teaching question below made me start thinking about how i'd really like to be a special education teacher, versus majoring in business

is this a wise decision? i mean, i dropped the classes i planned to take for business next spring to take some education classes. basically, i need validation lol.
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(no subject)

Does anyone have an InStyler? Do you like it?

I cannot straighten my hair. Don't ask, I just have no talents. I consider straightening my hair to be a talent(to me). Could you use the InStyler just like a basic comb-like combing it through your hair?

Is anyone else talentless?
Clem & Joely

(no subject)

If you have any, can you name some of your favorite songs that were written by or performed by a band, not for their album, but specifically for a movie?

E.g. Love The World You Find (Flaming Lips), You Love Me (Devotchka), Weird Science (Oingo Boingo)
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(no subject)

 If you express that seeing a Muslim on a airplane made you uncomfortable and you were at work or representing your company in some way , do you think that justifies losing your job?

Or is this PC nonsense?  Being punished for having a non-PC opinion?

And yes, I am watching Fox right now.

Be creative, TQC

You're stuck in a garden shed, with a hungry bear waiting for you to get out so he can nom you. In this shed, there are the following

-can of whipped cream
-lifesize cardboard figure of Kristen Stewart
-2 sock puppets: one bunny, one squirrel
-the Bible
-a globe (made of plastic, 12")
-roll of duct tape
-strap-on dildo
-one of those cones they put on dogs so they can't lick themselves
-Yogi Bear mask (rubber)
-inflatable raft
-bear call (device that, when pressed, makes a sound that sounds like a bear)

Using your powers of creativity and your sense of humor (when creativity can't go the distance), can you tell me what you'll do to avoid being bear yumyums?

(no subject)

 For all those that live in the UK/England...

Is it true that EMA's are going to be finished?

Does this affect you if it is true? If yes, how do you feel about it?

DK/DC: How has your day been?
[[shalina nila]]

(no subject)

I have bad credit.
like shot..
due to the fact that i owe money on tickets..
so it messed up my credit.

would getting a credit card & paying off SOME of debt be smart?
Do you own a crdeit card??
Ideas? suggestions?

This a good idea.

(no subject)

Ever had a bad experience with a company?
Tell us about it so we all can avoid them in sweet, sweet protest.

Last year I bought a costume from brandsonsale.com. The first costume was toddler-sized so I returned it. The second costume they sent me was a completely different one shoved into the same packaging. They didn't refund my money, but they did charge my credit card twice and gave me a restocking fee.
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(no subject)

How do you explain the untimely death of a beloved pet cat to a three-year-old who considered this pet to be his "best friend in the whole wide world?"

He hasn't asked about her yet, but they lay down and fall asleep together at night and we have a feeling he's going to ask when she's not there.
Dog Gramaphone

(no subject)

I need some creative help. My daughter is going as a witch for Halloween, but she has this cool wig and face paint, and we're planning on attaching fake spider webbing and spiders to her dress. My question is, does anyone have any suggestions on HOW to attach said spider webbing?

(no subject)

I live around a lot of thrift stores. I also have a baby. I'd like to buy her some books from there, because they've got all these sturdy cardboard baby books for 25 cents. Is there anything bad about that? I mean some other kid likely chewed on them, and my kid will likely chew on them too. There's not really a way to sterilize these. But she's not going to catch some horrible disease as far as I know, right?

I feel like some parents are just too "omg no dirt can touch my child!" but I don't want to be gross either, you know?

(no subject)

I work at an insane asylum based haunted house. Recently a similar house owned by the same company was under fire from different metal illness advocate groups saying that the house was insensitive to the mentally ill and promoted negative ideas of mental illness. What's your opinion on this?
Just a quick fyi, our houses are considered 'pg13' so to speak. Lots of blood and guts but no one is allowed to touch guests and we can't say curse words, sexual stuff, etc.

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Quinn Twin


Is anyone else having trouble with the Fyrinnae site?

It seems like I'm logged in but then it doesn't bring up my wish list and when I try to search for my wishlist, it can't find it (and also tells me to log in, which keeps not really working). :( I really wanted to go on a spree and buy my wishlist and now it's being stupid but I know sometimes their site is buggy and figured I'd ask.

Also, users of Fyrinnae, what's your favourite shade of e/s and favourite product of all?

I really like their lip stuff in Reincarnation and their Dark Magik Arcane shade of e/s out of all I have currently.
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(no subject)

Where are you from?

Where am I from?

I was born in Tulsa, OK. I grew up there until I moved to San Antonio, TX at the age of twelve. I spent the next seventeen years in Texas. Then I moved back to Tulsa for a year (my entire family and all of my friends are there).

So am I from Tulsa or San Antonio? Don't say both.

(no subject)

My friend was super upset that McDonald's didn't have the double fish fillet sandwich anymore so he ordered 2 of them and smooshed them together. What has McDonald's done to piss you off lately?
If you love McD's and harbor no ill will against them, then what has any business done to you that has pissed you off lately?

Ps, I'm bummed that all of the McD's within 10 miles of my house opted out of bringing back the bagel breakfast sandwiches and have instead bought their employees "chef" type uniforms.
Evil Me

(no subject)

Whoa, whoa, whoa... I just had an ad pop up for me on Livejournal that made my screen dark and played me a video. It said "when the ad ends you will be returned to your livejournal experience."

Is this new? Have any of you experienced this? WTF?

(no subject)

1)What frivolous items do you spend your money on?

comic books

2)Would you tell a friend about 'fresh wipes'?

No, baby wipes do not need to be advertised by me.

3)What are you procrastinating on?

selling a lot of extra junk on ebay.
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(no subject)

 Anyone going as a Rocky Horror Picture Show character for Halloween?  I was thinking about going as either Eddie or Brad but I don't know where to get some of the pieces for the costume. Any ideas? I already looked at the local thrift stores and no dice. 

Anyone here take Amitiza? How does it affect you?
SPN: Dean: Dear diary

Srs and non srs welcome

Where should I get my tattoo???????????
I'm trying to think of a small place to get a tattoo that not alot of people will see. Maybe three square inches at the most. I'm planning on getting a short phrase, but no place on my body is speaking to me.
I can't think of the right place to put it so that it will be just for me.
ETA: Sorry TQC, I'm too drunk to remember this is a question club.
roy ten
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(no subject)

 TQC: Decide for me!

So, we've been looking for a "new" dining set for a while now, and I found one that I like for the most part, but I'm not sure if I should buy it or not.

The downside:
Its about an hour drive away from me.  
I don't have a truck (nor friends that have one), so I might have to rent one from Lowe's.
It has a glass top, but it is gorgeous otherwise.
My SO just spent 400 dollars a new fucking phone because he's an idiot, so we're cutting it really close until he gets paid next Friday.

The upside:
It has 8 chairs.  We're a family of 3, but when our families visit, its usually a full house of at least 10 people.
Its only $175.
I LOVE THE CHAIRS (well except the fabric design, but I can change that).

Collapse )

ETA: I know there are a lot of downsides, but the price kind of evens out the downsides. :p

(no subject)

If you were a character in a Friday the 13th movie, what do you think would be the worst way to die? 

The death-by-weedwhacker that just happened sounded pretty painful. 

ETA: I don't mean specific deaths from the movies. I mean, in the style of the movies. Like, what do you think it would be the most painful to be impaled by, et cetera. 

(no subject)

will you tell me about the last time your electricity went out? our whole neighborhood went out tonight and I thought I might get out of work tomorrow for lack of bathing, but then it came back on :(
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(no subject)

This semester, I'm working in a middle-school classroom. Because I'm not going to be with them next weekend (before Halloween), I'm bringing their Halloween goodie bags tomorrow.

The teacher suggested coming up with a game for them to play in order to "win" the bags (though I'll make it clear that everyone gets one), but all I'm coming up with is a sort of quick-draw Jeopardy game with the state capitals, which they're all learning.

Do you have any better ideas?
What was your favorite "game" in school?

(The reason this all feels so last minute is because I forgot that I'm not in the class with them next weekend.)
rainbow bright
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(no subject)

Do you read and enjoy any books that are are cheesy, silly, or poorly written?
Sometimes I like to read themed mystery novels.

Which episode of Spongebob is your favorite?
The one where Squidward breaks into the patty vault and eats all the Krabby Patties.

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So my friends and I decided at the last minute that we wanna be The Beets from Doug on halloween! I can't for the life of me find a cheap neon green trenchcoat anywhere though...everything I've found so far looks fancy and dark green (and is super expensive). Anybody know where I can get something like the guy on the far left?

Also, how the fuck am I supposed to make the little mohawk he has? Kaka.

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Non USA-ians:
Do you learn much about American history in school?

I ask because it occurs to me that we learn a lot of European history here (at least where I went to school) but that's probably because we're pretty deeply tied to European history.

Just curious!
Spencer and Aria Smile

Halloween Drama

My friend is hosting a Halloween party next weekend. He's asked me not to bring my roommate. He and my roommate have a history of arguing with each other, and he has stated before he doesn't like her. I made a mistake and told her she should come with me to this party. In my defense, I've brought her to other parties at his house this year and it's been fine, but he really doesn't want her at his party on Halloween. Since I've already extended the invitation to her, how do I revoke it? Should I just tell her he doesn't want her there (which she knows, but she is incredibly stubborn) or should I make up an elaborate lie? What would you do, TQC?

(Forgive me if this doesn't make sense, I'm drunk.)
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last month the electricity bill was way higher than anyone thought it would end up being. so my SO and I (who are living here with 2 other roommates) bought all new fluorescent bulbs since there were a lot of incandescent bulbs in the house. the house didn't decide to do this, my SO and I just thought it would be the best.
do you think it would be unreasonable to ask everyone to split the cost?

if you could have any car, right now, what would it be?

in the last month, what have you spent the most on?