October 20th, 2010


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How do you throw stuff away? I'm working on cleaning my room and while I'm getting rid of some stuff I have a hard time throwing out things. I have hoarding tendencies I guess.

When was the last time you cleaned your room? Any tips for organizing? I have a ton of craft stuff.
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I'm heading home on the train and it is after midnight. I'm very hungry and nothing I've got at home appeals to me right now. Should I stop at the diner and get grilled cheese or go in the grocery store in hopes of finding something delicous?

I've never been in a restaurant alone and thinking about it makes me nervous. Would it be weird to eat alone in the diner?
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I have a friend that 99% of the time bails on plans at the last minute for ridiculous reasons. We made plans for Thursday, whats the likelihood they'll actually happen?

Should i wait around for them to call me when they want to hang out, or go about my day with other plans?

Do you ever confront friends that do this to you?

$1 birthday presents

My friend's (who have been married almost a year <3) birthdays are both comming very soon. We're going to dinner to celebrate.
We always have a $5 limit on our gifts, partly because we have found such awesome things at dollar stores before. So, keeping with the tradition, I have no idea what to get the guy! I'm getting the girl some safety pins, thread, etc. to go with her new sewing meachine. Guys are so hard to shop for sometimes!

***What would you get a guy at the dollar store?
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Have you or anyone you know ever worn a bridesmaid dress again? (with or without altering it) What did it look like?

What's the worst bridesmaid dress you've ever seen?
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Dear Dentist TQC,
I went to my dentist about a month ago for a filling in one of my front teeth and he told me that if I had trouble w/ said tooth again I'd need a root canal. Well, lately this tooth is super loose, like, I can wiggle it w/ my tongue and all that. My dentist told me that teeth have ligaments and they act like rubber-bands and they're the reason braces work, etc.
My question is: am I just being paranoid about my teeth or do I have a good reason to think that the root died or something?

Edit: B/c I want to ask moar questions. :D
Where is Haji? Idk.
What is your recent favorite youtube musician? Scotty Vanity.
Why you up right now? Homework.
What do you drink to stay awake? For fun? What's your favorite beverage? Coffee. Dr. Pepper. <--
What time is it where you are? 12:44
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I want to paper mache a mask for Halloween!
I have the plaster mold of my face, I have the clay outline of it, I have the glue and I have the newspaper.

My question is do I add a Vaseline layer to my mold before adding the paper mache or do I just directly apply it to the mold?

This is what my mask looks like so far!
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What are you doing for HALLOWEEEENNNN?
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Obscure television shows ahoy!

Anyone watching "Terriers" on FX? What do you think of it?

Personally, it's my favorite new show of the fall season.

Anyone watching the series "Look" on Showtime? How is it?

I don't have Showtime but I really want to check the show out. There are no torrents of it anywhere. So, I may rent the DVD when it comes out.

Can you post your favorite obscure television show and see if anyone else shares your love for it?

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Favorite scary movie to watch for halloween?

inspired by my irritation that amc is doing a scary movie marathon and neither the scream movies or I know what you did last summer made it on there but they are showing thirteen ghosts and subpar sequals multiple times. Halloween 3? Seriously?
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Funk song

I've Googled to no avail, but I can hardly remember the lyrics, so I come to you guys.

There's a funk song, I think it's a woman singing, and the gist of the song is "you can have other women, but when you're with me, make me believe I'm the only one."

Again, I know those aren't exact lyrics, so Google isn't terribly helpful.

Anyone know what song I'm talking about?
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What is something that you once thought you were good at but later you realized that actually you're not good, even bad at it?

I've been having a lot of these realizing moments lately.
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 Ugh, why am I peeing so freaking much? I usually only pee like 5 times a day, but I've peed five times in the past six hours.
Non srs answers appreciated

Will you post your favourite scary gifs or youtube clips? I'm collecting scary stuff to sneak in between music videos at a Halloween party.

What is your favourite type of Halloween candy? Least favourite? If you don't do Halloween in your neck of the woods, please just list your favourite and least favourite candy.

I don't really have a favourite Halloween candy, but anything with nuts or caramel I'm all over. My least favourite would have to be Mary Janes.

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I want to learn how to play the drums.

Do any of you play the drums? Or any other instrument? 
How difficult is it to learn?
Should I buy a practice pad to see if i'm capable? haha.

mr schadenfreude

splinters :\

Dear TQC,
When I was working yesterday I got a nasty, hair thin 1" splinter in my thumb (it managed to go through my work gloves). I got it out but I didn't see the other sneaky splinter further down.
Today I have woken up to a very swollen, sore thumb and I cannot get this fracking splinter out.
I have tried a pin, tweezers and even sucking it out to no avail.
So, how can I get this painful little thing out of the fleshy pad of my thumb? Is there anything I can use to draw it out?
Yours in pain,
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It's so typical for young people to always be in a state of flux, moving around a lot for school, etc. If you're still in your late teens/early to mid twenties (or late), where do you ultimately want to settle down? And when I say settle down, I mean staying in a city for awhile. If you've already settled down somewhere, where are you and why did you decide on your particular city?

For instance, I'm originally from Atlanta, moved to NY State for college and am now living in NYC. I don't ever want to "settle down" in NYC. I only plan on living here for another 1.5-3 years to gain more work experience in my field and then settle down in a "calmer" place with more nature.
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Blackberry Question

Hey Guys,

So I have a Sprint BB Curve 8530. I updated the software yesterday and now there is no earpiece volume. I did a hard reset on the phone but that didn't work. I can hear on the speakerphone, but thats really inconvenient. I posted on the Crackberry forums, but I haven't gotten a response yet. How can I fix this Can I downgrade from the latest update? Do I have to take the phone to Best Buy?
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Do you have a desktop or a laptop?

I don't own a computer

Do you have an iPad?


If you have one, how much do you love it?

I love it more than anything in the world
I like it a lot and it's great
It's pretty cool
Eh, it's ok I suppose
It was a waste of money
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For those that celebrate Thanksgiving, what is your main course? How it is prepared? (smoked, deep fried, roasted turkey, etc.)

Is this week passing by quickly or slowly for you?

What's the weather like by you? Is it the kind of weather you enjoy?

Are you waiting on anything to come in the mail, by courier, post, whatever method of shipment to you?
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I have a petsitting business and am considering starting an affiliate program.
Not actually hiring people but making business cards for a couple friends and give them some of my overflow business. They're thrilled to get the extra work, and I'm happy to pass on their
info when I am already booked up myself.

My question is: I'm requesting that if I pay for their business cards and give them business, they in turn will give me a cut of what they make (tips excluded)... do you think asking for 5% is a fair amount? Too much? Too little? Thoughts?
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when was the last time you had to wait for something you really needed?

i went in for my paycheck this morning only to be told they wouldn't arrive at the store until 2pm. :/

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Do you start to feel tired when you read?
How do you keep yourself feeling awake?

My eyes start wanting to close and my head feels so tired. Not great when I have to read all the time for my course.

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TQC, I want to cry. I woke up vomiting at 6am and have been vomiting every half an hour or so since. It's now 2pm. I'm exhausted and I feel gross but also I am REALLY COLD and no matter what I drink, I can't quench my thirst. I'm wearing pyjamas, a bathrobe, a blanket and I'm sitting next to a radiator with the heating turned up as high as possible. Do you have any suggestions that will help me stop vomiting, get warm or quench my thirst? I tried to have a hot bath, but I puked.

If you don't care about that, how long and thick is your hair? Do you blowdry it or let it dry naturally? How long does it take for it to dry/for you to dry it?

Edit: Thank you to everyone who replied! I've had a couple of hours sleep and I feel much better. I haven't puked in about three hours now! Also managing to keep at a reasonable temperature now. I'll be taking tomorrow off work (I work with the public and food) to be on the safe side but I'll think I'll be totally better soon.

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In light of all the 'gay, stright, bi' talk, I wanted to discuss something that's been bothering me. I was listening to a radio show the other day. The host asked people to call in and voice their opinion whether or not they would date someone who is bisexual. The talk show host said no way, that many people who claim to be bi turn out to be gay therefore there is only gay or straight people. He wouldn't want to run the risk of their partner suddenly discovering that they prefer only women.

How do you feel about this?
Has it been your experience that many bisexual people inevitably choose one gender or the other?

I have also learned from an anthropology class that in many cultures there is no gay or straight, that men easily go from having sex with men to having sex with women. While it didn't state anything about women engaging in bisexual behavior, it is plausible to think that women are doing this as well.

Does this change your mind?
Perhaps we categorize sexuality too simply?

Or if you really would rather not talk about hot button topics...Do you like Rocky Horror Picture Show? If so, at the end did you get this sneaking feeling that you aren't totally 'getting it'?

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If the thermostat is at its absolute maximum (say its top number is 30 but its turned so far round there are no numbers left/if there were numbers it would be on 40) will this make the bill massively high without heating the house that much if the heating is only on for a couple of hours?
As opposed to having it on, say, 20 degrees.

ETA: To clarify: Does having the thermostat at absolute maximum cause a bigger heating bill than if it were at 20c/68F degrees, even if the temperature never gets above 20c/68F degrees?

ETAA: I'm thinking in Celcius!
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I was a pretty run-of-the-mill undergrad. I got good grades and my professors were fond of me but I never published anything or saved any inner city children. What do you think my chances are of getting into a doctorate program at an Ivy League school?

Also, if the Ivy League school isn't even my first choice, is there any use in applying?

srs/non srs i'm bored right now
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There's a Russian remake of the US show, "Prison Break". (Though in the Russian version there is no T-Bag. Yeah, it's not the same without him.)

Anyway, if you could give any US show the international treatment, that is, have it remade by another country, which show would you do and what country would it be?

I think a Scottish version of Supernatural would be interesting. Two Scottish brothers driving all over Europe (because Scotland isn't that large to begin with.) and doing cases. Cas with a Scottish accent would be adorable.

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Can you give me any tips on dealing with someone that is pissing you off/annoying the crap out of you, but doesn't get it when you talk to them about it, and you can't really get away from them?
I &lt;3 TLV

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Like many (most? haha) people involved in fandom, I tend to forget the rest of the world doesn't know or care as much as I do about my interests. I have some related pins and key chains and I'm wondering how recognizable the imagery is to the general population. The first is a pic of my actual pin that I plan to wear every day on my coat like a huge dork X3 I'm guessing the latter two will only be known by other fans, but I really have no idea how familiar most people are with the first. (And obviously you'd be able to guess where they're from since it's my post, but I'm wondering about if you saw them without any context)

Do you recognize this?

I know where it's from, but not what it is

How about this?

I know where it's from, but not what it is

This one?

I know where it's from, but not what it is
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multi part question

have you ever gotten laser scar removal?

what kinds of scars did you get removed?

how much laser work did you have done?

how much have the appearance of your scars improved since then?

how much did it cost?

was it worth it?

if this doesn't apply to you what are you doing on the halloween weekend?

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I like in Kansas City and right now all the news wants to cover is the story of Sue the chimp.
Here's a news page on it for those not in the know.
TL;DR someone decided it would be a good idea to have a 300 lb. chimp as a pet. :/

The question: Do you think anyone should own 'wild' animals?
Is owning a 300 lb. chimp any different than, say, owning a large python?
What about  'tame' foxes?
Where and how do we draw the line between animals that can be pets and animals that are meant to be wild?
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I can't hear out of my right ear. There's no pain, pressure, or anything like that, it just seems really clogged. Dr. TQC, should I be worried?

Oh, and before anyone says it, I clean my ears every day, so I doubt it's wax.
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I dropped something on my foot around a week ago and it's still hurting. I only think I dropped something, I could have sworn there wasn't a bruise on it a week ago but there's one now. It doesn't hurt when I'm just sitting there, only when I walk on it.

At what point should I see a doctor and be informed that I will probably die soon?
Why was everyone wearing purple today? Did you wear purple today?
Will you tell me your favorite thing about your nose?

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Do you have (or have you ever had) a friend who knowingly and purposely tries to push your buttons and annoy you? (Assume s/he has admitted to it before.)

If so, do you think it's funny to a point, annoying, both, or something else?

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Who is your favorite actor/actress? (or one or more of your top favorites if you can't pick)

What are you listening to right now?

How do you feel about crowds? Do you like them? not mind them? hate them? Like them in some situations but not others?

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my 5 year old daughter loves to listen to justin biebre.
at first i couldn't stand his music but now i think i've given in and im really starting to like it.
have you ever disliked something to begin with but changed your mine after a while?
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How long do you usually wait around for people before deciding they aren't going to show up?

I'm sitting in what's supposed to be a screening for the Honors Film Series, but the people in charge of bringing things like pizza and soda and the actual movie are not here. Three other students and I have been waiting 20 minutes; usually people walk out on actual classes after that amount of time, but we're all still sitting here. We did make up an attendance sheet, though.

The only thing stopping me from walking out is the fact that I need to log a certain number of hours participating in Honors events each semester, or else I lose the concentration that I've spent four years wading through this kind of bullshit for. Predict the future, TQC: Will the fact that I showed up be enough to count tonight as the full two hours I was supposed to be credited for, even if I leave? Or will I have to stay for another hour and a half doing nothing?

ETA: We stayed for half an hour and then walked out. For clarification, it was other Honors students running this, not a professor.

New question: Will you buy me dinner, TQC? I was really counting on that pizza.

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My roommate is helping with a 'How Well Do You Know Your Brother/Sister?' type event for little sibs weekend here at my school. Whoever is hosting it is gonna ask the older siblings (the students here) some questions like favorite color and whatever and the little sibling has to guess what their answer is and if their answers match, they get a point. She has to come up with like 25 questions, and I'm trying to help her come up with some but we're running out of ideas fast. What kind of questions would you suggest?
They just can't be that difficult because some of the siblings registered are pretty young. So far we've got things like 'what does your sibling want to do when he/she grows up?' and 'would your sibling rather go to a zoo or an aquarium?'
ETA: We're trying to stay away from tons of 'favorite' questions lol

ETA2: lmao we just found this one online while looking for ideas so0o0o guys- Would you rather snort black pepper or a live bee?

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If you were going to write a congressional bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, and you wanted to come up with a REALLY great name for it, what would you call it?

I want to go with The DUDES MARRY DUDES, GET OVER IT Act of 2010, but it has to be more professional than that.
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Face painting

I'm thinking of doing some kind of face painting for Halloween, like the ones done in the following Cirque du Soleil Halloween tips video.

Has anyone done face painting? Got suggestions for decent paints/general tips? She also puts a powder over the paint - any idea what that is? Talcum powder maybe? I wish they said what they use!

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Who do you speak to most regularly on the phone to have a proper conversation?

Should I ring my mum or wait till tomorrow so I have more to say? I spoke to her yesterday.
(I'd like to point out i'm perfectly able to make this decision, I just feel it puts theory into practice)
I &lt;3 TLV

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I have a really big test on Friday at 4:30pm and I only know a fraction of the ridiculously huge amount of material that will be on it. I've probably been taking way too many TQC breaks already, but I really want to bake cookies. And cookies can help you study, right?

What should I do?

Bake cookies then go back to studying
Keep studying, no cookie breaks! And get off tqc

Science kids (especially you medical people, I know there are a bunch of you), any tips for studying for a test where spelling counts?? I feel like even if I know all the terms I'm still going to fail because I wont be able to spell them D=

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I keep trying to look at this one person's profile on Twitter (New twitter). I can do it on my iPhone when I've got wi-fi, but not on my computer. I can see everybody else's profile, but I just get a blank page on his. He hasn't blocked me, because I can see his tweets on my timeline and he's tweeted me recently. What's up technologically? *baffled*

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How does it feel to go to a party by yourself?

Why i'm asking: There's this party friday night, and a lot of people I know will be there, but I think it's most likely that I will have to go there by myself and find my acquaintances, which will feel really awkward to me.

Politicians are chasing me

I used to live in California, and am registered to vote there.

I am getting increasing amounts of spam from political candidates and parties. Mostly for Republicans. I am not registered as Republican, have never voted Republican, and more to the point DO NOT LIVE IN CALIFORNIA AND THEREFORE DO NOT CARE WHO IS RUNNING AT ALL.

I'm assuming I've accidently allowed my information to be accessed when I registered to vote or something, but I can't figure what exactly I did.

Can some one help me? How do I stop these candidates from accessing my email address???? Where did I go wrong?

Dont know: Does anyone else get unwanted political spam (featuring REALLY unflattering photos of the opposition?)


TQC, i would like to expand my cheesy horizons.

what are your favorite cheeses?

my favorite cheese is brie. i also like sharp cheddar and recently discovered that blue cheese isn't so bad. i feel like i'm missing so much in the world of cheese.

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Are there any famous people that people have told you you looked like, that you really wish they didn't?

Sometimes I want to tell people they look like so-and-so but I would never act on it because it could go terribly wrong. I, for example, would never want to be told I look like Paula Poundstone.

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Is it really stupid to quit your job before you have another one lined up?

I'm looking online and there are many jobs I am qualified for, but I can't be taking a bunch of time off my current job to go to interviews.

(FYI, i have a few months rent/bills saved up. Also, I'd like to be able to use my last job as a reference and not be sneaking around.)
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Do you use MSN (aka Windows Live Messenger)?

Did you download the new 2011 version?

I did and I wish I hadn't because I HATE IT. With a fiery passion. They took away the option to be seen with a nickname - the only way to not have your real name show up is to go and change the name on your account. And there's this stupid Bing thing built into it too. It's hideous.

What are your opinions on Trillian? Is it a good alternative?

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Does anyone know how to remove the color from clothes?
My friend wants to get the color out of this. He already tried using Rit Laundry Treatment color remover which didn't work, so he just tried a little bit of bleach and that didn't work either.
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Sometimes when I touch the middle of my scalp, a small pain shoots up from behind my left ear towards that area. Whats up with that dr. tqc?

dk/dc: when's the last time you washed/changed your bedsheets?


I kind of want to join the military. I'm a 22 year old white female who just finished up her BA in psychology in May. I can't decide what I want to go to grad school for. Until I do, I am incredibly bored and aching for challenge.

Should I? Y/N? Why/why not? WHICH BRANCH IF Y

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What is the scariest movie you have ever seen? What was it about that movie that scared you so much? And I don't mean "ooh that jumped out and startled me" scared, but real, honest to goodness, "check under the bed before you go to sleep" scared.

I've just watched Halloween (the Rob Zombie version) and it left me feeling sort of empty. Technically it's a okay movie I suppose, but it just didn't scare me.

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Spring 2011 classes!

So, spring semester schedule offerings are posted!
It's a no-go on my beginner's fiddle classes, during spring they only offer 'fiddle 2'. Which makes sense.

HOWEVER! I could take horseback riding as my PE credit! But the stable is an hour away from the college. And the college is already an hour away from my house... and it's a night class from 6pm - 7:40pm

Should I do it anyway? y/y?

What classes are you excited about? :D
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How do you wear your hair?

I scrunch mine and let it air-dry. I have the curly jewfro thing going on, or rather it would be a jewfro if my hair weren't as long as it is.